Washoe Nevada map tour 1st look fs19 maps farming simulator 19 ps4

Washoe Nevada map tour 1st look fs19 maps farming simulator 19 ps4

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Hello. And welcome, to farming, simulator 19. Map, tours, and today. We, are at Washoe. Nevada. A. Brand. New map, by alien. Gym. So. Let's have a look at the map. There. Is 17. Fields. Now. The fields on the left hand side of the large ones. See. They are pretty big and. Then. We've got quite, a few different sell points, we got five. Of them scattered, at the top there and, then we got all our animals, in one area. Then. This is the main farm area, where we're at now as the, one field you own and. Then. A couple more fields, would go over day into another. Another. Sell point their Free, lime. Sawmill. Star. Peak restaurant. Livestock. Market, livestock. Market. Barn. Then. A boy's theory of manure and your animal dealer and. Then. You come out spin read transport, company, and the shop and that one there is a fuel boy. Point. So. All in all nice map. Very. Open you can see everything what's going on poison. Wise this, is what you start off with if, you want to sell it this hundred fifty grand and then, that field separate, for thirty one thousand, and, then you come up with this side is 101. 191. Days and, 148. For that bit and. You. Do actually own biogas. So. That is like, it's saddle at the moment you. Cannot sell used too low in place award I haven't got any place balls on that though. It was 58 grand there were this. 58,000, 620, it glitches out a little bit I find, at the moment I'm. Not sure why, so. That's all the places of interest we're gonna have a look, at, today. But. Yeah field why over, on this side you. See there's 789. Thousand, and then you can own the. Bit around the edge of it which is that bit oh. That. Is included, with the field so you can have the field or you can have no that is one big field I thought there was a nother area or. Is it yeah, there it is that. Area. 485,000. And then you've got that. 484. So. Not loads of money but they are a little bit money but if you just want to feel a hundred and thirty-nine grand. That's. What. 106. So they are quite cheap really and then these other bits of land that's, 660. So. Moving over to the prices, of, everything now we've got two hundred thousand. Litres in. Your solos and there's, fifty one of most. Commodities, you've, got. Now. You can see also we've, got extra, we've. Got water there. So. You can actually water, and, all the prices, are there we've got dairy. Factory, livestock, market, and then, root crops, and, star. Peak restaurant, so, you can actually make money from that I'll do a separate video on the, selling the water I think and, also.

The Extra one we got is the fuel we, are area, 51 B diesel. Selling, price and then you've got the quarry diesel, selling. Price and the prices do fluctuate quite a lot and then. You move on over and, we've also got pig food there and. Digestate. Lime. And. Herbicide. I'm they're all available to, store, around, the farm I'll show you those points. Shortly. So. Prices of your normal, main, commodities, not. Bad it's. All set on normal at the moment so there are some, in the twelve hundreds on the sunflowers and the soybeans. And. The biogas. Forgot, to show you the price on the voyage as. There. It is. On. Your side ladies 540. And then you've also got livestock, market barn and. By out there now I think there was a TMR, point to buy it from here I but, I haven't found that yet I could. Be wrong and if, I find that I'll put it in the, comment. So. Yeah we've got quite a few different sour, points and that's, always nice but we have got body points also. Now. There's a vehicle as you start off with I'll, go into the garage and show you that but it's just all brand new and then. We move over to and. There's. Plenty of I've, been into it a few hours now so there's plenty of missions going on prices aren't too bad as well, make. Decent money missions. If you want to do so. So. That is all to do with everything, on the map. And. They cost the boy a gas. So. We start off we've got our farm, lines behind us for, sleeping. And. Let's put their little map on. And, we come over this. Way here and this is our other. Solo. Now. This solo the. Great thing about this map itch it shows you tells. You what, everything is it's called a sign of grass hay hay. Straw, chaff so these forage pig food sugar cane wood chips mean you're storage. Then. We come over here, water. Storage. And. We. Come over we'll. Come back to this bit where. We've got our vehicles. Let's. Go into the garage and we got the 73, old pro case the. Steyr prophy, CVT, and then, TX 32, we've actually got a new pickup and then. We got a trailer header, playing. Cedar. Logic. A pass ship large pink enclosure, large. Sheep pasture large. Horse paddock, large, chicken, coop, large, green so low and easy, sheds then. A couple of floodlights and then we got the the, older farmer, barn which.

You Can get rid of that if you want to that's only minus one slot there, is no storage or you can't do anything, with. That so. It's just there to look pretty if, you want to get rid of that you can now, with this main. Farmyard area is a nice flat area you can do a lot with this it, is like a blank canvas at, the end of the day now. This silo, over here is full your all your other main commodities, is what you normally can. Put in. Under. Us. There's. We've got more I'll. Show, you the other storage. Areas. Which is just up here. So. We've got the water and, the grass and the straw and those, commodities over, there and. Then. You come over to. This, one here, and. Seeds. Seed. Storage. Got. A little wooden turbine. Going, on and. If he generate, money from that there. Is a align, station, just, there. I'm. Not sure if that was free but. The one Dane, at the quarry that one is free what, it says it's free anyway. Then. We come on over and. We. Come around here, slowly. Digestate. Storage. All. New stuff we haven't seen any of this before and. We, come right this way and you've got potato, storage. Sugar. B storage. And. Come around to, this side we. Have our fuel. Storage. So. Lots of different storages. Then we also got here, liquid. Fertilizer, storage. And. Herbicide. Storage. So, you've got different storage, areas, for different. Commodities. Where's. My car gone as. A pickup. Right, so we had a eighth of the farm. We, would go up to where, the animals, are and they're. Up this track this way. I'll. Zoom right so, we can have a good, look around. See. The mountains, it looks awesome. Love it. So. We've got a storage shed on the left hand side there and then we got our chickens. Less. You mean boy for. Buying your chickens and then your food and. Then your eggs in just a year. For. Those who don't know. Then. We got more easy sheds, there is five all in all. Then. We got our pink enclosure. It's. Yet the same sort of standard thing where food. Trough. No. That's water trough that's the food at trough there. The. Food trough for those who don't know. You. Can see it sleeps, down in. Words. The. Water trough. It. Doesn't, slow down because the water will, spill, light. So. For those who don't know that is how you tell the difference. Let's aim again with all this area there's a lot of flat, ground ready, for you to play, with. So. That is the. Which. One is that that is the Sheep. Yeah. Cause is. And, then over the back is the. Horses. Which. We got another shared setup they. Said we do own all this area but there isn't a field, you can see we don't own any. Fields, at the moment. Apart. From them nine, but. Not around at this area so, here's the, horses. Unless. You mean. Buy-in. For your horses if you, don't want to bring them in on a on, a, trailer. So. We were headed, back down. Safe. And. There's. Quite a lot of trees going on but you see it's used and still see, what, he's going on although. I didn't, see that tree. You. Could see it the trees everywhere I passed on that one. Lots. Of terrain, on this map. Loving. The terrain. And, we are gonna head 8 which. Way was it it was down this, way wasn't it yeah. She's our left. We've. Got the other boy, point I think that was the barn, one wasn't it, where. Are ya this, is where you couldn't boy, is well. Now. You see they've got a a. Spraying. Going on, well. For, water. Now. That is some some little water in the kit I. Call. Is that I'm not sure if it works or not. Would. Be nice if it did. So. Here, we have a spider coming out what's all that about because. This is we've actually got a body point here, so. That is the. There's. Normally the black, chevrons. Yeah. Blacking there's a bucking yellow ones there, so. That is this our point for, the loose, straw, barn. So. The boy point is rain there than the. Other, boy points they were they, did have the black, black. And gray Chevron's, I can't. See them there, but. That's the only spike, there so it that's got to be it for. Buying, a straw, was, it a straw. Straw. Grass hay yeah. Baby, killer that word a, certain. Time of day I. Would. Be surprised, that's not switch or anything there is it no.

No. So, we will head on safe thing to the, sawmill I. Think. It was this week yeah it's this for you. But. Check out the heart so arraigned why. Look at that. So, the sawmills, up on the top there, so. Be nice to put a roading. That doesn't look like. Or. Did I miss it you might be hearing that so I, said but the entrance is down here. We've. Got a road going round so, yeah we. Have got it is lit up, we. Have street lights. And. Here. We go into the, sawmill. Nice looking sawmill and there's, our drop-off. Did. I hit the switch well go over to the icon. That's. For selling wood and then we caught your wood chips, over. This side. And. See I bet this looked quite good at night we. Will have a look at that surely he. Says something else I got to show you at night. Right look at all. Pretty, awesome. It. Looks like the maps never ended. Right, so we're gonna swing a right down to, this location, now. This is a location, where. When. You first start the map you come here and then next time you come in you will be at your farm. Then. You come into here. And. There's, gold. But. We're not allowed F gold. In FS 19. So. It's just there to look pretty, you can't pick it up you. Haven't won the lottery you always, send them and got any money why. They have not had gold in FS 19 I don't know, it. Was always a good cool, way of making, you first million, pained and, you. Get to see rain. Them out. But, also at, night we. Have certain, goings-on, around, here. Right. Then moving on now. We're going to go down to, our next. This, is a diesel. Or a. Fuel a selling point which. I'll do a separate video on the, see. What sort of money we can make all fuel. Because, we did that on that's. Where I started, my videos, at, Sussex, farm. For. Alien gym and, I just loved all the different body points made, it a little bit different. So. Here we have this is the quarry. The. Quarry diesel. And free. Line, so. That must be your, free line there. Quite. A big area. Nice. We had a trailer. And, then we come over to our diesel, sow, point, this is. So. That's all they're gonna buy in, the quarry is diesel. Fuel. Right. Then we will work our way. To. The left I think and head our way down that way. So. I will see you there. In. A moment. So. Here we are at, the, restaurant. And. Thus our drop-off. We. Can also sell, water I think it was on this one as well you. Have, the star peak restaurant. Truly. Awesome, loving. That. They. They are huge fields over there that's the biggest one and that one at the top they're huge. Nice field. Awesome. Looking back really is lighting, is. Fantastic. Proper. Proper, job, so. We have got a locate area there. No. Don't, get stuck or. Well, I suppose that many trees are there and it's not zooming, in a night. Not. Zoom in loading a night where, you see a lot of time you look across the landscape and you see the trees, they're, not there and then get a little bit closer and they get a little bit closer so. There's. Another bit of the restaurant here. The. Windmill going on. And. Some. Ramblers, out for a head, for a walk. Right. So we want to head ourselves, over this. Way. And, we. Get on the main road. And. You see we're coming up to we. Have a couple of boy points, and. Sour. Points. So, this is the animal, dealer. It says horse dealer, but, you can get, whatever. You want from here. If. You want to do it that way load it up in the trucks but the same thing again these. Signs. What. Is it oh, it's. A horse dealer. But, over here we have exactly, the same again animal. Pens and. It does the same. So, it's just to, look a bit, different because they've got exactly the same four different, Ben's. Nice. Then, we come over over. To this point here and you. See these Chevron's, here, are like, the gray and the black now. This is boy point so. You can buy up in your and you, can buy slurry. Easy. As, that and. Then. We have the sound, point there, and I can't remember which with it livestock, market barn. Well. We've got a couple here. This. Is the livestock, market. And. The other one is the, livestock, market, barn. Well. So this one I'm wearing at the moment is the market, and then. The barn one is, just. There. However. Done so that is for your straw and your. Grass bales. They. This this, over here I wasn't sure I thought well perhaps this is oh it. Is is grass. So. That's for you loose the. Grass straw, and whatever you. And soy, Lydia. And, then we carry on up the road. And. We've got this large field on the left-hand side the number three it's huge. There's. A bigger field that one and the, one above, it the top left-hand, corner of, the biggest, fields on this map. Loads, of street lighting. And, we got pumping, oil going on. And, when coming up to the, shop, area. The. Quite a bit of a are you loads, of people, walk around. All. Right. He, seemed to follow your eyes slightly he's weird. They. Probably don't. Weird. Cashpoint. Workshop. Trigger. And, then for buying is over here last. Year shot Boyd Boyd. More, lighting. Going on. Big. Old floodlights. So, we won't go over that way we just got the basketball court over there and then a little.

That Pond. Area with, the dolphin. Let's. Just jump straight across here a minute. Because. This is the. Body. Point, you. See we've got these same Chevron. Markers. Again and this is your body point for your fuel tankers. Only, fuel, by point. And. Then we come over this way. To. Cozy, wall. For. Your cotton and your bales of, wool and, that's, the sale point just there. But, new all, new buildings is it I'm seeing any of this stuff apart. From the farm ace a. Lot. Of it is pretty new, haven't. Seen I didn't notice the ball of wool on the top spin around a lot. So, next sour, point, and. This. One was the transport. Company. And. There's. The drop off point through there there's. Nothing, else here, apart from that, but. You. But. You can't drive in. Probably. The other side, drive. In Roy right. And. Then all the detailing on these houses. Loving. It. On, the cars, it's. All pretty nice little stuff right. So, we head on way around to, the main this is where most of the other cell points are condensed. That. Will go up the hill. That, into, biogas. And. This one's got a drop-off Bend and, it's also got a ramp, if. You want to reverse up. And. Then also our, slurry. Digestate. Sorry that's where you pick up your digest, state after you've processed. You. I. Think. That was all for. Going. On right here wasn't it I didn't go over the back but, no. It's just the back of. Boil. Gas. Then, we got the three for. Solos, and, these are quite a bigger size. All, throws at vehicles only. And. This. Is the dairy, station. And. We got a drop-off just here. And. It wasn't any other no. It wasn't just a dairy station. And, my head on back hey you probably go at the other end, I didn't. See no. You can't one. Way in one way out. You. This. Is she, old shanty, grains. Lighting. Is brilliant. Even. In the shadows. It's pretty. Cool right. Now, which way we had him yeah we're heading straight over to the next one which, was the root crops. And. This. Is another one of the water, ones I think or, you could sell the water a. Nice. To drop off for it there. And. Then. We head out over that way, Burleigh look you look back onto the landscape and that behind you is high while. Right. We're coming into restricted. Air, area. Authorized. Vehicles, only. All, throws vehicles, only. Okay. It does, open I was, thinking I bet, it doesn't open unless you bring fuel. To sow. So. This is where you can sell your fuel. We've. Got a bunker, going on obviously, we can't get in there will. Be nice it's. At the edge of the map there's a little bit there. No. So. That's the area 51. Diesel. Point. Was. It was it these all fuel they said call, it. Area. 51, be, diesel. So, you can see there's loads of trees but you can still see a cross it looks pretty, nice I do. Like this map then, again I am a big fan of alien. Gym lovers maps that's where I started. My. Youtube in. Videos. Was, at Sussex farm. Right. Well that's about a lot for. What. Ho Nevada, now there are quite a few other things to see but I'm not gonna show you them or you, can have a look at them for yourself. Because. There's quite a few interesting. Things like horse up. And. Especially. With the crop circles, going on well now look at that right. Oh. So if you've enjoyed this, map tour and find it helpful then don't forget to smash. That like button for. Me and if, you're new to the channel and, like. What you see why not hit that comment why. Not hit that subscribe button and, then you can never. Miss, my latest videos. Now. I've got quite a fair, there's, over 300, videos uploaded. At the moment and, if. You haven't seen them doing Chatham, a there's loes to choose one, right. Now well thanks for watching till the next time, goodbye.

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The trigger points are truly just “storage.” Not sure what the point is but you need to go and purchase seed, fertilizer, etc and unload at the storage trigger points. Seems it would be simpler to just use silo sell points on the farm but perhaps the aim is for realism. Other than that, great and unique map!

I did nt find a seed or tmr buy point and I forgot to check what the main silo holds but like this map thanks for your feedback

Great Map Tour..very informative :)

Cheers Thankyou for your feedback

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