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Hello. I'm Sally Phillips and it is my very great privilege and indeed, pleasure to welcome you to the orange tree theater of which I am an ambassador and, former. Barmaid the. Orange tree theatre an intimate. In the round theater in Richmond southwest London is renowned, for staging overlooked. Plays from our history and also, putting, on new and exciting, place to challenge us thrill us and entertain, us tonight. Is, no exception you're. About to watch the, orange tree theater actors stirring company in theater or Plymouth's co-production. Of amsterdam. By israeli playwright maya Aradia sue this. Is the UK premiere of the play one, which asks, questions, of our collective history how, our past influences, are present and the, way we treat each other we'd. Love to hear your responses, to the play join, the discussion on social media using the hashtag, Amsterdam. Play. Amsterdam. Will embark on a UK tour opening. At the Theatre Royal Plymouth in February to. Find out where you can experience Amsterdam, live or, for more insight into the play the theatres or the team that made it visit, orange tree theater code, at UK thanks. She. What. Do they call it, she. Took, a bite out of Amsterdam took. A bite out of Amsterdam, right. Like, it was some swim, on. Alert. She. Took, her nice juicy. Bite out of Amsterdam, right. Like, it was some sort of omelet, she'd made without even cracking her eggs she. Couldn't. Crack her eggs. Okay. What like in a glass ceiling kind of way no. She. Couldn't crack your eggs there, was no girls Evie hell that wasn't even any stealing that just thanks Paris, them she literally had in her hands that couldn't crack to make the omelets or okay. Or, whatever it was she was trying to make yes. So, she didn't crack the eggs she didn't crack the eggs no she just let them run in her hands. The, guest was turned off that's it, the, gaps had been turned off because well, here's a thing she, has no idea why, her. Gas had been turned off and she has no idea why, no idea, why the truth is she, has no mind any wiring that girl should have been turned off until all, of a sudden. 8:27. A.m. and, all of a sudden a knock at the door. No. Ever in Amsterdam, the postman never takes the stairs in, Amsterdam, the postman, just pops the envelopes of that flat thingy in the front door that's facing the street flat, thingy right it just pops them through they start piling up on the stairs involved, the residents, get in the stairwell, and because they'd like to avoid having to step on a pile of envelopes they, take more time digging, out the ones that are addressed to them and the rest yeah.

Well The rest they put together in a perfectly neat pile and leave it on the second step could. Be the third step to the faucet. And, this, soap postman, Henri, is called yes, country, he's, not your garden-variety, postman. Or no, he isn't some Joe, Schmoe cycling. Around town in the dark delivering, people their letters just to make ends meet he's not no, man's, a biomechanical. Nearing student, but, this, one's not very, crucial, here is it well that's really all that interested, in the young man lucemon not, really the basement could be a biomedical. Engineering, student you. Can also be a street track for that matter a rockstar, refugee. Can. Be one of the world the point is the postman is just a footnote because, the only thing we really care about are that was enveloped the. Evidence, that he pops through the front, door for Newsday in there that's how it's done in Amsterdam, and they all do it the same way and, Victoria. Always gets them stuck in their heels now it, will have to come back to Victoria. And later because right now we have a, knock, at the door but, they don't knock on doors in Amsterdam, except they're very much is there knock at the door right now and there, is no way it could be anyone else anyone. But, the. Upstairs, neighbor. Because. It's a small building only, two stories and each one's only got one flat only, the one flat that's right and no one well, no one but her and the upstairs neighbor has, the key to the front door that's facing the street well, it must be the able name must, be the neighbor the. One called beyond, must. Be the old upstairs. Neighbor called beyond who's always, smoking, no cigars let's think out the spirit world the narrow winding, stair, well but the old red carpet, II old red, carpet, that spoke dirty and stinking. Yan. Yan. Is that you she, answers, the door and sees no. Young. Yeah. Must have been Yan that he'd slid on the road all that, sick sleep. And. Then just, unless. He didn't, knock on the door but there was a knock on the door because, he doesn't want her seeing him he did not he, doesn't want her smelly, old age on him he doesn't wanna smelling all that cheese on him but he did knock on the door I don't knock on doors and Amsterdam he. Bloody. Knock on doors in Amsterdam, many, those signals, on him that's not it the neighbor, then that's not it's the smell of the cigar that he picked up up the tobacconist on damn rock that's not the, smell of the young Navin are they always buys, at, the fine man's talking distillery. Underneath, the krasnopolskiy, hotel, it down no damn, swear yes the, one sure way cycles through on a way to prosthetic, theater, yes.

The One she cycles, through on the way home from Central. Station when she's getting a train back from Rotterdam. After a concert yes. Yeah. Well she's catching a plane from, Tel Aviv heading, to Central Station by train but young doesn't young. Doesn't go to Central. Station. My. Name's poppin superior. Your neighbor. He. Cycles, from his Road all, the. Way to don't square right. Into. An alleyway on the krasnopolskiy. Lobster. Bite itself, props, it up against the Amsterdam Oh JA. Mmm. A small. Small post by, the edge of the pavement. And. Heads into the distillery. Hans, is there to welcome. All. Headed Amsterdam, apart who. Looks like a yellow life-sized. Smiling, emoji, like. The, most perfect, hunk, of age Dutch House death like. A radiant, sunshine at, high noon you, guys up to units s EE, yon but, that equal boom. Hello. Mr. young say what can I do for you. Fresh. Bottle of your name. He done, shows up once every six months like clockwork when, he's run out of your neighbor bird, to use man, 14:50. Like it doesn't know yawns about to ask him for a suit. What. Having a bit of a laugh undies and stuff. His. Bicycle. Not, before the German tries to cool off his cheeks, and. He. Would knock on her door because. He doesn't want to. Snore. Thy things that all faiths coming, up in your. Noxious. Some. Houses, tickle face and that, dark unruly. Mop of hair. Comes. Jewish eyes plotting, to take over the world no Jewish gays usurping. His view a Jewish breath stinking. Up his hair. Yeah. That's, right you're the upstairs, neighbor, no. Not. Y'all why, in. Name what do you knock on that door he, doesn't want to inconvenience her, he doesn't, want to inconvenience that, because he knows that she is nine, months, pregnant but the envelope, yes. Kaki. Amador from Israel. Conservatory. Brussels. Philharmonic. Mm-hmm. The amsterdam coat of arms is the official, city symbol and is made up of a red, shield and a black pail three. Silver, st. Andrew's crosses, the, imperial, crown of Austria and. Two golden lines the. Words valiant, steadfast. And compassionate, or in print, at the, bottom. Neiderman. Amsterdam. Amsterdam. Espanol. And the school of the M stood down dance, house for both before. During. The. 1941. February, strike in Amsterdam, for the first time in Europe non-jewish. People protested. Against, the persecution, of the Jews by the Nazi, regime Queen. Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, wanted, to commemorate, the role of the residents of Amsterdam, and coined, the following three word motto valiant. Steadfast. Compassionate. On March the 29th, 1947. Wilhemina presented, the motto as part of the coat of arms of Amsterdam to the city's government the words were. Never. Should, I forget the. Emotional. Overwhelmed, us when. Eyewitnesses. First notified. Us in London how. The entire. Population. Had actually, turned against. The inhumanity. Of, the, cruel tyrant. The. Queen's was delivered, in a stately regal, tone normally. Young that's why yon must, have been something, urgent. Even one of those red carpet sets so urgent, he just had to drag his pair of withered, old legs up two stories slide, it under her door and not they don't knock on doors in Amsterdam it's a letter, from the council, it's a bill a, bill. Right, okay. A bill, oh yes. Gasp. You saw urgent, it adds up to, 1,700. Heroes. 1700. Euros, yeah. What'd you do start our own scuba tank top station. You, brought up genocide, so. You. Gotta have a pull off after genocide come again opposed. You, mean. Afterward, after. The words genocide, you, have a pause and. Another pause. Forgotten. They, call it in music, Martha. Why nice cause, she's. A violinist, she's, well in it she's, a violinist, bad correct we've, neglected to mention that she is in fact a violinist, and a rather successful, one at that she's the one who were composing, that famous and shot Oh what could a violin. Concerto in, A minor the. Starling, paradox, a, paradox. Cassavetes. She. She, composed this concerns. I called the styling paradox, in it cabal, conservatives, the thing that they. Don't, think recognition. It only born a recognition, strictly. On a local scale at this stage with the odd mention, here and there and some random. Nearby European, capital. Right. Come. On it is I suppose. I. Mean definite, pause. Arrest. Yes but I only do a real quick one there's only fair everyone, would need one short, words when. They. Said the word. Genocide. 9:13.

A.m., She's, at, the supermarket, June that little white. Guy right, behind her this before look in his eyes. Critically. Critical, right, judgmental. Because he's probably thinking she's, a little bit he's sizing up this shopping in her basket packing, his spaghetti bottle. Of French wine bag, of Brussels sprouts and, some pastrami. The, only thing he can think of is how she's taking up this place in the cube she's thinking he's thinking about how she's taking up his place in the queue that if she weren't there then the supermarket, cues would be that shorter, excusing, the post office will be that much short, that. If she went there then he might have been the one living in her pieces had flat he, always wanted, to live on a cases had. The. Empress, Canal the second, and widest, of the three canals in Amsterdam city, center. She. Also wants, in it when the crisis, worked she. Also wants, to stand on her parquet, floors in her, sliver. Dutch. The slippers. Is. Up against the central heating and look, at the double glazed window at the ducts in the canal, she, also wants to be looking down at her bicycle that she keeps tied up to this little bridge with two chains and her, grocery, bag she's, left lying on the rack like some saddle, for drugs to dump into Heineken cans inside Perkins. Was a Heineken, into, he thinks she's religious he's noticed. This pastrami, she's buying and not ham and now he's, convinced, she's religious that she's this all the, gods Muslims and. He's seen, her got the pastrami from the, shelf that says how loud. The. Arab, word for the Muslim, equivalent, of kosher, food. He. Thinks she's Muslim and that's such he's sinking that she's taking up his place in the, queue, he's thinking she's taking up two places in a cube he's thinking I've got this parasite, a my, that's going to feed the face faxes, he's thinking is faxes. What else you know about taxes.

His Taxes, just tell him we'll do it he, could be a Jew himself she tells herself, tell him you're from Israel he, might she's got that guest bidding I had that once she got in the post from young she's. Got that gasping in that home then once you got from your. You. Translate. It speak, English but use your American, action so you tell myself let him know that if my masters, she's telling herself that you're this woman of the world that you're from a western country a, secular. Country a, democracy. She's. Thinking he's, thinking that, because she is a dead ringer for her she's thinking he's thinking how, underneath. That hijab is, a girl, who is the spitting, image of her that they both got the same complexion. And the same eyes he's, thinking she's this sekime, a Muslim Moroccan, Turkish, maybe that she must work as I shared with some other supermarket. Chain even cashiers, have to go to the supermarket for their shopping so she's wearing her headphones she's, singing in English she's thinking he's going to think she's Italian he's, thinking she's either this Italian, who's picking up some French wine or, to some secular. Muslim, cashier, feeding, or she's asking the cashier for the total in English. Why English Dutch, speak. Now's. Not the time to be practicing, your Dutch it, moved my neighbor lands open it I. Should. Be practicing my dutch. Nederlands. I, should. Be practicing my, Dutch. She's. Tickling, there every prejudiced, exercising. That every stereotyping. Muscle shuffling. There every national. Hyojong. Be. One of us immigrants, the. Europeans. 2009. Avatar. One. Get one free. Reminding, where it comes from with his local craft beer and those bacon, rashers he's got in his basket per month per month you're gonna let the hearth. Hamas. Hamas. Choose. To the guess tell. Him Lavrov. Miss. Morrow. Yeah. Brenda birth your. Next. Hell. Out pastrami, loaf. Of spelt bread some. Mayonnaise. My. Content, batalla. Can, I pay cash. 11:25. A.m., and. She's, having a transvaginal. Ultrasound. Examination. Transvaginal. Ultrasound. Examination. And there's our pulses, there pause is repulse but she's nothing citizen for a post Oh Jim, for telling she violinist, she wants to tell him she used to play with the Amsterdam Philharmonic. I bet, he goes to concerts I. Bet. His father goes to concerts and the, Opera I bet he is mr. Bob know when he's making dinner conducting. The pots and frying pans with all his ladles, and spoon turning on the flame on the gas home muttering, in German yes, and conspire. She thinks it might be wise to share, something personal with, him just as he's sticking that contraption between, her lips share, something personal like. Living-dead, something. About herself about. Her Dutchman, help, him relate to her whilst he's having all these anti-semitic, thoughts about her jet-black pubes, share something, anything. Something, about that party, in Belgium. And that 16th century, castle its font ass. Right. Castle. In the servants, wing. She. Took methylene dioxide, methamphetamine. Ecstasy. In, Kittleman. Even touch the stars just before midnight the very last 10 seconds during the actual countdown, right, because if New Year's Eve and there were fireworks outside, the castle in the snow and she went outside she. Went outside even, though her dress the dress she bought especially for, that party in spawn town at some tiny vintage, shop on one of the young bands night streets the young the must have come a dress with the red zigzag, patterns. And. Her Dutchman told her off you, have to have a coat on he, was saying either get back in the cars and all go put on a coat. She's, telling him how her Dutchman, said to her. Yes. He's busy assessing, her baby's, body with his ultrasound, stick, that he's shoved right between her thighs he's. Looking, her in the eyes seeing, pink, nipples. He's, looking her in the eye seeing, the nipples of naked, Jewish, women, running, through the ghetto and he can't say whether it wants the shooter, or, up or saber Ameria. Flashing. Neuroscience. Like they have in the cartoons he's, looking her in the eye seeing, her breasts, he's, looking, seeing Christ walk on water he's, looking her in the eye seeing, nothing but I knows he's thinking she hasn't got a Jewish nose actually, actually.

She Hasn't got a Jewish nose actually she's, thinking that if she tells him she lives on the kaisers what then he won't think that, she's. Some piss-poor immigrant, living in some neighborhood, no one has the guts to separate nor even the police then, she tells him she lives on the kaisers raft right by the photography, resume now if she. Was here if she wanted, to be that if he knew she was here because she could be now if he knew she was here because a whole life is an adventure if she told him about her places right if, she told him about the looks in the wall she doesn't know bit about the nooks in the woods so that she told him about the nooks and the, burrows that if she told him are Bellbird gas-filled. She. Needs to tell him about, she. Knows she needs to tell him about the gas-filled she knows she wants to show him the gas bill and have him explain what it says and how she ended, up with that bill why. She of all people should, end up getting such a crazy, high gas bill and if, there is a, 1700. Euro gas leak on her hands then how was she not dead yet, she. Knows he can translate for us but instead she just stopped snowing on about a flat on the cases grass the, canal facing, window that the top tree with a baby shoes hanging from it and instead of telling him just how much she adores that view from that window instead, of telling him just how incredibly, fortunate she feels having found a flat on the clay that's grass instead. She comes out with these, views don't look anything like the landscapes, of my childhood. Pulse. Is dropping it's, a fetus in distress pulse is dropping. She. Could also tell, him she wrote the Starling, peridot, represented. The Netherlands, with pride. Dutch. For, I am of German, blood line a line from the Dutch national anthem. When asked to write to sing, the, national anthem she, rewrites, the lyrics to say Ben, Nick Van, Dusen blood I am. Of Jewish. Bloodline. Well. Maybe kids every, Saturday we tried to make more at Beach and on our way back in the evening just as he was starting to get dark we, would see all the flocks of starlings through, the car window he'd like to give, them his childhood, landscape. Signs, all, sigh in unison, in the same direction and then all, the ones in pitch, perfect synchronicity. They'll change direction, and, they. Do not entertain. The humans, oh no, it's, not some perfectly. Timed flawlessly. Choreographed. Performance delivered. By transient. Guests no, sir because, this. Is not the answer, only, I'm not the audience no. No no they don't know we're watching and not only do they not realize we are watching they couldn't tell us about any one of us hmm it's how, they defend themselves.

It Opens my craziness. Backdraft, let's mix that ready to write on it back Wow. When we enter she's from Israel, these smiles that's right wicked, smiles he, loves, her militant, streak. Could. Be the army all the kibbutz of this, collective, sense of paranoia is, fantasizing. About her. M16. Israelis. Have got a bit of a starling. Mentality, happening that word darling, it's that word right, because, in Amsterdam. She, can be the starting she is without having to follow the flocs rules timing, or direction, she herself is a bit of a paradox that needs resolve things no it's not paradox, it's Apple if aeneas what it is every. Voice its own, independent. Rhythmic. Entity. With no voice play, second, fiddle. She. Is a she. Is the, Starling, paradox. Tell, him how yon tipped, the envelope under your door tell, him you open that letter and found that Cassville ask, him to translate explain. It to you don't what to do he's having a peek inside her. Vagina thinking. To himself so, this is what a Jewish come to us like he's up on a snippet of Aegina thinking, to himself so, this is what I do is plant smells like she's, showing him the bill saying. Yes. She said no yeah bill. Thousand. Seven hundred euros. We've, got pulse. Park. 1:00 in, the afternoon and, she's. Sir, in front of her agent, her, agent yeah who is in charge of, representing. The most promising talent of Canada Europe's conservatories. In recent years she sat in front of her thinking. Seriously. Are. You seriously, asking me, this, she is seriously asking, of this looking at dead straight in the eye ask you know without even flinching. Yeah, she's. Asking, her the question that's rendered her frozen, as if. It was January again and the council, was still busy cooking the last remaining shards of broken shock bubbles left over from New Year's on the side of the road in the snow she's asking, a question, that's rendered her tongue paralysed as if everyone all at once forgot, that they ever spoke English, and now making, her yes literally. Making her that is if she'd like to be understood, making, them say all in Dutch no mistakes, are not a hint of an accent she to. Compose a requiem. For. 551. Dead, children, excuse. Me in. Gaza that's. What she's asking her why. Don't you compose, an eye cream for. 551. Dead children, and Hausa why, should she composer their commune for 551. Children. Because, they. Like it political, is why well, they all think she's all whoa yeah, proper. Westerner, but there are others like having, that slaughterhouse. She comes from fancy, her beacon, of light in the great darkness. When. Everyone. Knows all, of them herself included, even she knows that when all said and done she is nothing more than a fig leaf hiding. The very thing that everyone else would be that much happier and they're now having to look at why, should I carry this giant, flag around with me everywhere I go she's asked if she's asking even, though she knows too well what the answer is she. Knows that at the end of the day she is now months pregnant, and that, even though it is recommended, that during, this ninth month one doesn't lift or carry any heavy loads say, like a flag this. Final, ultimate, month symbolizes. That at last after all these years she's, finally going. To have a child and, that is not to say oh no in no way shape or form it's not to say that even if there are. 551. Dead, children, that, even if one woman across the border has had three of no children died on her after a 250. Kilogram, bomb fell, right next door to them none, of that's to say that she isn't allowed her own baby and after war it's not as if she has to write a requiem, for 551. Beds children, she barely even had a mother and father herself, and who's only ever wanted a small family. She, ever, seen everyone else pretty much give up on the prospect of her ever having children she of all people but. They don't care about that do they no, sir when, she's not schooling. A concern - about love or, painting, it's still life or writing, a story about a girl from whatever country why, do they keep smearing, me with all this blood she wonders she wanders because she is also a human, being and, she is, also a woman, and, she, also gets a little damp between her legs with a strange man's lips brush, against, her ear monoplane asking, if he could possibly get through. Because. After all she, hasn't killed anyone has she and it's, true it would be highly unfair, to argue otherwise that, she didn't push that button and it's true that it's nobody's damn business who, she voted for in the general, election, because she doesn't have to answer to anyone about a reason for serving, in the army why so put on a uniform what sir I should salute, some pot-bellied. Bearded, man with all his ranks, auntie why, she, I've seen your officers, while they were waiting on updates, in the field as this swarm of planes made, in one country drop.

Bombs Made in another country, on the buildings, of a third country. The. National, anthem. And. Keep her chin up with conviction, in a convergent, harmony, of rising Chin's mailed, fascism. Flags flying at full mast, that's her tune. Linda. And that baby it has and it, would have be you citizenship, yes it will because he came into the world in Europe one might say it. Came to you. The. Rules you, do so love your rules. It's. Aryan. Sperm insider, with, his one, meter non T of pure, muscle high, IQ. And blue eyed promises, of genetic, supremacy. Are complemented, by an affinity for bureaucracy. And Dennison port. Fella, matter. But, why, would she talk, to her about her music now where the stolen paradox. They instead, of talking to her about their starting paradox instead. Of talking to her about the music, instead. Of. Whether. She does not compose the Rick we have a 551. Day or much like a children instead instead she, gets the bailout that bill. She couldn't talk up the courage to show that guy at the supermarket or, the doctor. Who would stop that sound wave erupting, between her sides that. Bill she's been shaking around in her bag all day that, her neighbor young, had slipped under her door that. 1700. Euro gas bill that's. What she gets. When. She's wearing her shoes. When. He. Into. The. Building. Overshot. Your SS. Cars in Bob hours. The. SD, officer, who was in charge of the squad that had stormed, the Franks hide out over, on 263. Prinsengracht. Whose. Echo, cuts through the envelope in the bag the, letter inside, the envelope in the bag the number on the letter inside, the envelope in the bag yes. 8:07. In, the evening she's, circling, a glass of red wine with those violinists. Fingers of hers and having, a conversation with. The. Guy or the girl behind the. Victoria. Who she meant a Dutch person and dragged her all the, way across town to someplace in the East where everyone, was into, freestyle. Storytelling. All, that, Club over at the ER baton where they're always shown the old Hollywood, classics, down in a basement all the foreigners, all. The furnace, hang out there because that's the only place that's, right, among all the outcasts. They feel themselves part, of some cats Victoria. Was born in Belgrade. Born. In Belgrade right, but studied, in Madrid, but studied, in Madrid right but then emigrated, to me that emigrated, to Milan between in India set, up shop in Amsterdam right. Because, she fell in love with that Nigel fella, that was actually, all you if she takes her show all over, the world that feminist, show of hers right with, that big old skirt that's rules out what to see but not like a wavy, if not stormy, sea when it brushes up against seagull, Island on tents you're a beach Jia more. Like the highways, that slam, into the Black Sea coastline, when, Victoria, is doing. When. Victoria, is on her bike cycling. Through, the streets, of Calvinists, and, yes, in her Russian fur hat or even, a fishnet stockings, on the rational Shores yes. She. Trains with Soviet, like devotion, spinning, around around, the world, oh yeah. She. Is oh yeah. Feminism. Is verging on man-hating.

Man. Yeah. Yeah, exact sometimes. She has to do your belly dancing, stint at some Lebanese restaurant. But. The Sheik and up in arms about Muslim. Women in their burgers of war she's packing some Preity Zinta for big sounding opinions she's making some pretty misogynistic, sounding, opinions she's packing some pretty Islamophobic. Sounding opinions. Because. She's a woman because, she's a foreigner, because she's half Muslim, herself. So. Victoria. Matt, say Victoria, she's, asking, her what's. In the envelope she grabs the envelope yeah asking, her what is this bill Jesus, getting what another means she lands it over to the bartender get, him to close wait for she, hands it over to the hot Dutch bartender. At the Stanislavski, to translate for her she's telling the whole dock bartender. At the Spaniards Lab scheme she's, too embarrassed to ask her silver that she's way too embarrassed. To ask herself that she's been carrying this bill around, with her or days even though she has shown that what she absolutely has. Showing. That built in that agent of hers from the contemporary, classical, music record label and my agents, are the same agent he'd suggested, she composed right we enter. 551. Dead children, could only have struck her shoulders, and mutter. I. Haven't. The foggiest idea. Victoria. Snickers and starts telling him about India, he's got the gas bill in his hand tried to figure it out but he can't Tammy because he's got Victoria, with atomic water standing, there right in front of him banging, on and, on. About. The war about. That Bosnia fella her father was hiding in their home about, that Bosnian fella her father was hiding in a home at. Night but that father you'd kicked her out for trash-talking, that Bosnian, soldier, he'll finally. Yes finally at last, Victoria. Pauses, she comes up on merciful, that's, right she's, taking a pause with a pause yet rather and it's true that pause that that that bartender, says your. Landlords, not paid her bill he's saying this is a gas bill from. 1944. And mumbling, something about how this, sum total, also includes fines Maria's, interest, -, 819. This house that. You address. I. Could. Try and do some digging for you he tells her because he's got this brother-in-law. Napal. Childhood, friend whatever it's much manner he's squashed father that's a good one he, works at a council, archives and he might stay in her address -, eight nine kosis, walked on a beer, coaster, and he writes down her landlady, staying on top of the address Ingrid. Von hooked up and the, big poster he folds up twice then stuffs inside his coat pocket that's right at the barman and he promises he'll see what you can do I remembered tourist I was telling him about it Shell's D'Antoni, only movie she was in as an extra, in some Italian. Whorehouse, scene and I'm Tony Iommi better keep the corset, she's telling him about that time she sat nude who's your PA as yet and how he had a massive, hard-on, in his bag he's the whole time the waves of the air yeah.

Tom Pierre she's calling him the way he committed her breasts, to canvas, with broiled, nostalgic. Brushstrokes, and then, sold, them off for nine hundred thousand, dollars in an auction of some hot market, New York City gallery, but, Victoria, Oh Victoria. All that work. Shaco. Dollar-euro. Goddamn. Frank even to show for it but she will be Oh rest. Assured yes she will that is by far the most important. Thing that, Victoria. Me forever enshrined. If. She moves back home it wouldn't necessarily mean. That she end up busking, on a stool I didn't love square with her violin no there, are other sweaters, if she moves back home is ribbon entrenching and walking down the road and some Rando, would just come up to her violin. Classical music record yes, he. Would start raving there, is a chance for all his slim one when, she goes for a swim in Amsterdam's. Public, swimming pool she, feels like an 11 year old again standing. In front of the mirror at the gala Gill swimming pool in Ramat Gan parting. Her hair with a comb her. Hair is all wet it's, 9 degrees, outside I really. Could do with a former, show colada milk. Hot. Chocolate. Good. Job. Well. Done. What. Do the people eat in your home country. Hummus. And a chicken. But. You don't have European, hair, she. Loves walking along the axle and just, sit there and watch that clunky. Gargantuan. Roof split, into as if it were the Red Sea rising. Into the air with a pair of black. Monster. Prints just, to let the one boat through the road she, goes if I have a people. How. About, young gods. No surprise John says he knows with. A bill in his hand and he's telling her that, he'll, ever. Win. By 10 why won't he Oscar in 6:00 p.m. right. Yawns, back yawns, coming back and he's handing, her a. Parcel. A bunch of yellowing papers, tied together with what is that someone's, these. Come every few months he says. The. Envelopes the bills that he has in his hands the ones tied together with some ether ansible women, that he fetched from the next room you're gonna baby one baby easy set know what her doctor baby's. This. Dates, back to. 1944. And all, this time no one's been willing to settle the bill no one because, no one can bring themselves to morally. That is none, of the parties involved possess, the sense of justice, that would allow them to reach into them wallets, or purse isn't just pay up because.

Because She wasn't home in those months, Ethel. How annoyed one half dome is not, during those months when her gas was being used. Was, she a bloody Riviera, he snaps. And. He stabs the dog because. She wasn't in those months those wretched, months back in 44. Dog months back in 44. Shaft. The. Deep dark shaft. That was 1944. Port. I didn't, say genocide. I. Call, genocide, I absolutely did, she, was there then I'm lady McCloud Ingrid got hooked if she was down that not shocked all those months she. Would that she, would know where, was she just that she, was bad she, was there that's what she losses back dude that she. Was noble. She was no more she, was nearly no more she, was. In. Great van rook tell her my lady, she. Made it back. Yeah. She made it back from the shaft and she wouldn't pay that bill. I'll. Just go ahead and pay it she says one of us up you well, yeah it's pretty straightforward it, suddenly dawns on her I'll just pay it and that'll be that and yon says you can't pay this. Yon. Replied why should you have to pay and she says I'll get my mom to pay it why should you mother earth to pay, why. Should your grandmother have to pay I'll just pay it yeah I'm going to pay it in a snap she tells him and with that we, have our sell to verdict, with that she says this debt will be settled once a broad enough already over my dead body over, our six million, dead bodies, I'm. On loss yeah I call pause cuz, cuz if she wasn't there, and then. Who. Was using the cats. It's. Horrifying that the symbolism cuz. It's maths and, you just keep on saying that way yes yes, yes just to the world but at the end of the day it's already take really. Amsterdam's. Post or city clubs were no anti-semite. No. More than this one is it's, not as if they, all hated. This. Saw her as an equal and as, such, insisted. That she to paid, her bills just. Like everyone. Else. Mentality. Let, them call it co-op mentality. I call, it a mentality, the game the Nazis, free rein to just swoop, in and murder, 75, percent of the Netherlands, Jewish population, she wasn't even a Jew. Yes. She wasn't she wasn't you he was not a Jew. I. Hope, there's not a Jewish name she was sweet. She was a Jew pause and hooked a Jew seriously. Maiden. Name was coming Oh Marcus. Or whatever but she married some Dutch Aryan, fellow right, yeah, yeah, she, married, this Dutch Aryan, fella named, Maria van Costa know what. She wasn't a Jew. 4:55. P.m., cycling. On route to a town hall meeting at, Waterloo, plane right, right, okay okay. So she. Was married, to a Dutchman. This Munir van Horten was what. Did he do I can't manager at some steel factory was, an account manager he was. Representing. Jews, we would love their home in the world he was, a lawyer and, he they, had their homes taken away the war he represented. Them he. Defended, them in these big public, trials, that never, did go their way India and, he also represented. Some, resistance. Resistance. Quite, back, in the early days of the woman there was still at least some semblance, of a balanced. Justice, system he was standing up for all of those political ethnic. Up cast a minority. Even. Married, them. Meow. Ingrid, von hosta who needed him Makaurau Ingrid, von Luther whose, name is on this scaffold, to, medical. Or Esther so she was disabled, she was not disabled, she was in no deformed, schizophrenic. None, of those things she had this skin condition these. Lesions all. Over, her. She. Was, beautiful and, regal, and strong. And she had a. Cojones. Spanish. For balls. Italian. For balls go, go Kurdish. For balls. Like. Better bother a. Meaty. Dutch snack containing a mix of cow and veal mints but, as. Well-off. Educated. Held, the prominent, position, which she was stripped of the moment war broke out, except. She wasn't a Jew she was a Jew, that's why she was sent to Auschwitz, because she. Was as she held a prominent position she was strict up just when the war began but, she wasn't Jewish, and outfits. Because. She was Jewish. Jews. Anymore. It's. Been rehashed, we. Played, regurgitate. It, Jews. Are. Put. It jews. Are. 2006. Twos are passe, and, outfits. Outfits, sure it wasn't because she was Jewish. She. Was a she. Was a, lesbian gypsy, with communist beliefs no. She. Was a painter. She. Wasn't a Jew no she doing the resistance, did. Indeed that's, her story in, fact she was a very dominant figure, in the resistance I see Heidi, doesn't solve them in that knock in the wall, other nukes to do or not and boroughs other, nukes and boroughs whole thyroids inside those walls boroughs. Are seafarers right but, surely there had to be at, least one, Jew in one of those bubbles okay fine so maybe that was one June 10, even, hiding. In burrows right here in the walls of your study. The. Walls of the room where you practice, your music in, the walls of the room where you practice your victory in the world that the room where your Dutchman, practice, his finger, in the walls of the room where you conceived, that child of yours in the walls of the room where you plan on having that child, of yours.

That's. Why in the walls of the room where you fancy yourself part of a long line of Europeans. Just. More sophisticated, more. Yes. More cultured, than your high, society television. Who likes to hold her red wine by the stem, the, glasses down that is a glass. That may look like it's crystal but isn't really Crystal, Palace in this room that, note in this room Jews, hiding, in the burrows that both veneer and the blob on Dokdo had dug up in the wall and one. G West in particular is, that so wondrous, yes once. Us in particular who's. Been hiding, in. The boughs, this. G West was. She cool what he fell in love with mummy. Ah always. Kissing, her whatever his wife Wow I'm left it goes up on one of those covert resistance, operations. It's a Jew in Hongdae, yes, married. To Ingrid, von hooked up a brave fighter with the resistance, he. Idolizes. Her but his heart belongs to another and Jew X whose baby is what. Is it go. Bertie. Yes. Bastien. Jewish. Girl. 5:25. P.m. an. Appointment. At the Town Hall in. The Apple mentioned time period, no cloud in width and hearthstone was being held in outfit deaf man and someone, else it was not Jewish could be doubts or even German for that matter a Nazi. Soldier half some Nazi, bureaucrat, even worse a nearly getting in her plaques using. Her utility we, have actually seen the gas the. Gas machine. Whilst, she was in Auschwitz, in, the gas chambers, I am. Aware of that Miss. Because. The build is yet to be settled but, I'm not paying this bill if Hitler, himself comes, knocking on my door, yes if we could please leave her. Out of this and focus on the matter at. This. Absolutely, the matter at hand the council, as well within its rights to expect, full compensation, for. All outstanding. Bills and penalties, to which it, is in time towards what. Well, within its rights is it and I'm trying to say is that whatever excuses. One might come up with this way of avoiding pain. Was. The. Argument that one's own property, was seized, by the Nazis. Is invalid. Bills. And, all, subsequent, penalties, for failure to settle the long time, must, be paid, regardless, of, whether a third party. Have been occupying. The property legally, or otherwise. Missing the point here could. Be about your young. Or maybe, you, don't know your history all, that well the, brown one hostel was in Auschwitz, during those months. She. Was on her way to the gas chamber someone else was in her flat using, her gas. Someone's. Got a page yes, but. Who it. Doesn't matter to me miss one way or the other whoever, pays this building, just so long as it's paid already, too. Many years has, been dragging on. 103. Am, a. Dream. In, which. Soldier. Is taking. A under a cherry tree I. Am. Standing. Right, under a, cherry. Tree I am growing. Right. Under, a cherry tree and eating. Cherries, of the tree at the, same time I, am. Simultaneously. In. Two young. Limping. And. Covered. In black soot where are, you, soldier. Looks up to the sky. Of. Stories. A. Shadow. Suddenly, constantly. Those. Are phantoms. There. Are no, real you can tell by the Star of David on, the side of the planes neither the, Phantom.

The. Phantom Pain's start, dropping bombs. What. Are, you doing. Mommy. What. Are you doing, it's, a fan, yeah I. Love. You. They're. One of us. Soldier. Hold. Your. Fire. I. Given. Birth to a soldier I've given, birth to a soldier, he won't be a soldier he, will go to the University, of Amsterdam and, study. All about ancient, China human. Rights classical. Studies musicology. He will be a soldier he will not be a soldier yeah what are they a soldier. Mr.. Engineer, don't you, want to be in uniform over my dead body wrap, himself in, the flag over, our six million, dead bodies, 2:30. A.m. a, sleepless, night, they. Took her to Auschwitz, whoo, buddy. Yeah. My team they. Took her - out of it took, her to Auschwitz and he lost the plot whoo they went crazy missing her went crazy with guilty so crazy from all the sneaking around on his wife resistance. Fighter Ingrid, von putin but, that Juber team, she, was his everything. Fine. That. Gos she. Meant everything to him did she did, she. Was pregnant by. Him, she, was pregnant in. Auschwitz, right, she went to Auschwitz pregnant, and he was going crazy with worry with anxiety, desperate. To save her in the baby because he had no children by her, Ingrid. Von hase that is her. Landlady, yes his wife he had no children by her, and he, wanted children, especially. During the war life. Is, precious and people realize they do actually want, children, and his wife she didn't. I found. This stuff. In one of the books in a Wars what's this, Eric. The. Nazis, used to type on these. Not. Like mortal you won't see her stripping around here she. Doesn't walk these streets showing, out stuff in year this team, the, Holocaust over here she floats well, the thin and translucent, like. The Train, rival, down or available, floats were like some sort of milk crossed over the canals more like an inflamed. Tear, duct I can, hear her laugh. Feminine. Woman laughter. A woman who knows how beautiful, she was beautiful the Holocaust I can feel her know, that my toaster I can feel a sweat, that Tara it's a. Hiding. Place I. Become. One with her. With. The building. The. City, the. Whole world. You. Know, who you are, come, on ask him, you. Think you really know who you are hmm, really. Improving. Genetically. Biblically. Step. Right you come, inside, it's. Like wax inside my burger in here come inside. Beyal. Filo, semi, the way he's got his hand right over your bed. And. His gypsies, too loves. His blacks and people who skin reeks with bold, colored, spices. He loves. He. Loves how that palms perspired. He. Loves. It when it's done for, EM, inside. The Burrow. Here. In, the Burrow where I'll sit outside on. The canals in the streets the flowers, at, museums square like everyone else some. Paper cone stuffed with chips or super, stuff it's only the epidermis, the Burrow. It's, the call where our DNA lies the, borrower this is where the maggots form. A. Small door just like this one takes a Weber walks through it right inside their own head you get inside, your head your seed your semen, their seed of creation, he wants to go in, not. Now it's, already in. Avon. He's. A turncoat. Haunted. A turncoat, turncoat, right he walks into the bar, the. Local bar is swimming, with Gestapo. Officers. All. The stopper offices, and on this folding up their coats that he writes down to, eight nine cases raft Amsterdam. Two eight nine cases, garage, and underneath. Acts the name Ingrid. Von ha. Yes. Cuz, he's, been thinking about it for week for, weeks now he's been driving himself crazy, trying to figure out a way to get her back from there 13. He's, setting, out. He's writing his wife's name down Ingrid, von hooker and their address two, eight nine cases rocked Amsterdam, on his, beer poster, and pops, it in yeah he. Stuffs it into Buddhists our offices black firming coat pocket at the local bar and whispers resistance. When hiding out there he's giving, us the, address. She's at two eight nine poisonous today, right right on. The condition they locate his little Jewish piglet, and deliver, them right back into his arms precisely, and that is the condition that is the condition well he himself just takes off.

My. Brow bone hooked up she gets hauled off to Auschwitz, where is his Jewish authorities but, teeth they let go in exchange for what, was it four five six members, of the resistance so-called. Piece of scum Righteous. Among the Nations my, arse. I. Do. The, front door of our home the, door you open to God to work the door you open to go to the market for some fresh salmon from the North Sea and some, asparagus stalks paying. In Euros and saying don't we eat to the stall owners in the sweetest, little foreign, girls touch the door you wrote here live on induction your own handwriting, how, do you, spell, wounded. Dutch. For live way. The, door you open, to go down the stairs with your bin liner and the, envelope, that's for your nieces and dishonor to the word Israel written, all in caps where you stuff this little, food and now tiny dutch cow me from big, fee more you picked up from this small, shop on the bar to the plane they have an exact address and, they know what they're after they're kicking the door and then heading straight for this roof magrav. Unhooked her in three other resistance, men sleeping here here in our, bedrooms well, we put up those Kandinsky, prints we picked up at the Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik, yeah in our bedroom when we have that photo of us kissing on a boat on a canal. Here. In our bedroom, where we did poppers, the moment before the mother of all climaxes. How. Many runs after he's. Not here. He's. Now it. So happens, that he isn't around tonight it, so happens that tonight he won't be sleeping at home he's, telling his wife he's got to go up somewhere. 200. Whichever. One it is he's. Going away on business, that's, what he's telling her and she's staying here. Sleeping. In. Our bed. There. Are two the rats. Waiting. Their note sticks about all, in love the remote Proctor and charging into this room right here kicking. The door in and discovering the first poem, they. Take the people away someday shoot right. In the head so whether they feel like yeah, that's, right what. Do you mean that face that's it they, don't destroy the other notes and Marie's know what they do that well, to keep others from using them. Bother. They just spend, a flat and live there, your. Flat, the. Flat you. Chose out of order flat you've been to see in all of Amsterdam's, poorest neighborhoods. Now. Because, you love the echoing of you wouldn't Hills don't you sing. Along the canal sidewall, the, flat where you keep your granny bike locked right by the front door with this lock you've learned to improve with just the one hand even, when you've got gloves on whose. Rooms you went in and out of blacktop in hand giving, your friends back in his fire last, night all black. Maybe you learned to bake Dutch speculaas.

With, Cinnamon, cardamon, in clothes and paint, knocking on your neighbour old man, yawns door tray of cookies in hand but you, wouldn't answer the door oh no, he wouldn't answer the door even when he was sat in his living room playing, Jack Brown's Greatest Hits on. Your. Flat has been claimed by the regime, they work there and eat, there and sleep, there. Using. The gas using. The gas to boil their. Water using. The gas to. Using. The gas to fry up their even, pork chops. Let. Go. Dutch. Be, yummy. In. Your own home those hunting. In. Your own home where you've always thought, what. If Jews used to hide. 325. Million going, into labor in the bedroom, and then what, then, the dress but, he is home from Auschwitz, and by the looks of her. You. Can see. She's. Due any day now having, their baby right, here right, here in, this room on this bed there. Were Nazis still, living in this mess true, but, during, the day when the Nazis, are off nothing. Enough then she let that belt back in the plan she, 13. And minimum has to let themselves back in so they can grab some of this stuff, grab her clothes that she'd stuffed in the wall her, papers. Cameras. She's. Documenting. Everything, they're not the borough's and they come back to get the cameras and then I'm just going to sit down on this bed for a second, she says. Okay. It's time it's, time she, says that. Was me. Me. Meaning. It's. Time it's. Time. Six. Your press. For. 22 a.m. hospital. Monitor. Hebrew. For enough. To. Baby. Many vines. Oh. They take back townhouse it sounds up baby, they leave behind that's, right the baby they just leave on the bed in the flat in that. Room in the flat in that room in your flat, where you change your spotless, spec this baby's, pastel, tetra not leaves you've picked up for him at some baby where shop over on deep eye, they. Leave her alone on that bed because they know she'll die they, know she'll die in a way we can't even bring ourselves to imagine no, we, can't even bring ourselves to imagine that baby. For. The natsu she wasn't a baby. She. Would the maggot a. Maggot she, was no more than a maggot and maggots you can squash with the heel of your shoe. Maggots. You can gas with, insecticide. Isis. The. World is Isis got to do with anything. Do. It my. Mind just suddenly when Isis. 457. Am at, home cradling. Baby, in arms. Walls. Oma just in time in time just, in time because magrav on hook day still alive the, war is about to be over and she's still alive, the Nazis have left half lats a story drop like a pack of rats, bottom. Feeders. Scurried. Off like a pack of degenerates, in my father who has made it back from, Auschwitz, back here to this room this door this floor, she's. Come back here to your flat yeah she's back let herself in and what she doing there Oh is she reaching out to those three four five resistance. Meant her husband, had ratted out yes she's reaching out to them and she's, reaching out to him to her. Husband, she's reaching up she's, telling him she's forgiven him. Because. She's. Forgiven him for she's. Forgiven him pal no she hasn't forgiven him she, hasn't forgiven him at all not, in the slightest, she's, only telling, him she's forgiven him and now she's asking him to come home and anyway, it's not as if he's forgiven himself he's come back to tell her that but he doesn't tell her that was he he. Comes home and doesn't tell her that at all he comes home and she's not even there instead.

Instead There were two men there two. Resistance. Men, and, they. Haven't sit down, right. Here on this chair he, sits in the chair so. He. Owns, it. No. Bargaining. -. Three minutes - two minutes and that's that that's that just the way they like to do things over here clean, quick. Clean. The. End. No. That's. Not the end because, he's not that man even Houghton, isn't dead, even. After. He sold out his own, wife to the Nazis, even, after, he showed. Up three, resistance, fighters to the Nazis even, after, he sawed up all these people, to the Nazis, still, no. One would look at him as this, base. Load. Some. Emotional. Man because, he happened to see the woman he loved and that woman, saw happened to be a Jew oh hell all the Righteous among the Nations, he's. Not dead because he knew, that's. What he knew she would forgive her because he knows his wife he knew they'd be waiting, he, knew the resistance, came but he wrote to the resistance playbook, he believed, in, the resistance peak he knew. Sodium. Thiopental that, caronian bromine, potassium. Chloride and he dammed it like a man, downed it like a man's. Man. Like. He was owning up to all of this the deception. That love the betrayal what, he. Wouldn't die, 43, whole minutes and he wouldn't die 43. Hollow minutes, during which he was what. Convulsing. To death yeah 552. P.m. he started to convulse all, the, way until 6:35. P.m., 4300. Minutes during, which he was twitching, and ripen, moaning. And groaning room get room including, foaming. Yes. For, me get him up and and with all that foam all that foam he had gotten, out of his mouth somehow, he still managed to talk he did talk that's right talked, about his childhood, how no one ever really saw him never saw his pain never saw his loneliness, his loneliness, his other Ness and he was because of that because of all of that that he developed, this strong, sense, of identification. With, all those minorities, so, strong was his sense of identification with, all of those minorities. That he went ahead and studied law so that he could represent all, those subhuman, fuckwits, and degenerates, because. That he ended up. Saving. Her he, was vomiting to, vomiting. And drooling and also lost control of all his bodily future, lost all control of all his bodily functions. Even. Though that was the case you. Still tried to get off too right he did try to get up several times. 3/4. Time, 14, 14, times, he tried to get out. He. Did not apologize no. Routine. Himself. 14 times 43, minutes straight but there was no apology, there, was a lot of explaining. And, describing a demoting. But. No apologies. He's, not, the apologizing. Kind he's. More of a drink, for machi and even your serve like a man who can own up to his decisions, kind he's, the kind to town his drink like the man who knows how to own up to his decisions, and converts, to death until, his muscles, are all atrophy, ceased, all motor functions, antenna, coming until, his heart it comes to all the boxing, nobody.

Yeah. They don't the body don't get wet. Here. Yeah. Right, here and out the window of your cases hats flat look turnout facing, window the, window facing the canal you like to watch through the strands, of rain was, mulling over your party sure let's do the following week through the window, yes, the. One framing everything that's, nothing to do with your own childhood, that's, one. Canal. Your, favorite, canal out of all of them the. Canal with the little bridge over it where you fit enough back, canal, right which. Will be the very first thing your child sees, that first time they come out to the house which will walk over every, rain free morning, I spa, I mean your Hebrew Nursery. Rhymes. Behcet's. A bird's nest, amidst the trees. Unlike. You now the. Kaisers, canal just. Under, the bridge I'm, gonna bridge anything. The brainchild that's, the way it happened they, dumped, his body under, the bridge. Under. Our break under our bridge on. The cases were I. Am. A common. Starving, right. Here. An. Exclamation one, makes when something, bad or annoying happened, eg damn. Cut. The. Ends not, the end it, isn't the end because, he isn't dead he. Isn't. Dead. He's, not the dying, kind. He. Only played dead he. Only plays dead, and he made shortly he injected, himself with the antidote to whatever concoction, with inside that stone, cold glass of Geneva he knew they'd have ready for him he injected. Himself but he answered that's right because he, knew exactly the, type of compound, that was going to be in there because he, wrote their playbook he, came up with the resistance, code he came up with the punishment, for, traitors he, came up with everything. Everything, goes against them everything. Who was forced. To turn against all of, it was his brainchild so, he. Made, sure he injected, himself ahead, of time and played dead when they dumped, him in a canal. Went. Under and waited. We, waited that's, right he waited, went, under, and waited. When. Under the man died under, two blocks worth of, just, like that, with all that sodium, thiopental vecuronium. Bromide, and, potassium, chloride, coursing, through his system just like that dived, I'm run across the canals and when he got to the lorry a cravat yeah, was at the lorry graft he finally stuck his head out of the water, waited in the dark under a small bridge, he was waiting famous, waiting for them his. Executioner's. To leave to, get out of the flat and then. He went back back. Back to the flat, he's not the, one a book the one above yours his flat. Yama's. Yours. And yawns used, to be the one flat original, so yeah he, went back to his and improv importance, plant and the, one downstairs Houston, is he rented, out and upset, yes, upset, the flat upstairs. That's. What he lives, to. This day. Young. Von. Wächter. Yum-yum. Vom. Living. Up fed to this very day, sipping. His your neighbor as we speak. Watching. Some spelling me on the television and playing. His Jacques Brel records. Yes. Yes. He, absolutely. Is, not, paying that bill. He's. Not paying that bill. You.

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