WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for Jan. 3 — Wind Storm, Birth Tourism, U.S.-Iran

WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for Jan. 3 — Wind Storm, Birth Tourism, U.S.-Iran

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You. You. Tonight. On CBC, Vancouver, news. Ferry. Was canceled for 10:40. So we're gonna go to Asin. And try and get this works Bay to get up to Nanaimo another. Winter storm waxed. The south coast with plenty of wind and plenty of travel challenges, also how. Do you see any weights you can be back people birth. Tourism, why, it's rising and what it may be costing, our health care system and, what. The United States did, yesterday, should have been done long ago plus. What's the fallout the US kills Iran's top general, stoking, fears of escalation. This. Is CBC. Vancouver. News. Good. Evening thanks for joining us Mike and Anita our way tonight travel. Plans have been thrown into bit, of chaos due to a winter, storm on BC south coast we're going to have more on the snowfall that's brought to the interior, in just a few moments but first we, join our Mira Baynes live, at, the tossin ferry terminal, tonight mirror Friday night is normally busy what, is happening, there. Well. Dad not much basically, it's relatively, quiet here at the 12th and ferry terminal, it would normally be very, busy on a Friday evening but. Right now it's relatively quiet it basically has a ghost. Town kind, of feel right now and, basically, what's happened, is many of the Cerie ferry sailings, have been cancelled - - Asin -. From, tossin - Schwartz Bay up until, about nine o'clock tonight many, travelers, have, left the terminal tonight rather than wait wind, gusts, here, are just starting to pick up now, this b/c storm hit Vancouver, Island, earlier in the day now, wind gusts of up to 70, km/h some. Casters, say up to 90 kilometers per, hour are, expected to hit the south coast and some, of those winds did hit thank Hoover Island earlier today and many, people were left waiting in line at BC Ferries terminals, waiting. Hoping that maybe they could get onto a sailing, earlier it was very frustrating for, travelers, today on a Friday bc, ferry says it did cancel ceilings, on seven, routes due to excessive, winds, but, many travelers, who are frustrated are, also taking, it in stride take a listen oh with.

The Wind yeah there's nothing much you can do so what. Can you do you just got to hope hope, and pray that winds. Will die down and we can make it what do you have planned for the next four hours. Trying. To occupy the four year old. As. This come to be expected traveling, back and forth in the winter yeah. We. Don't really have the option this weekend so we're gonna wait, so. Hopefully those patient, people do make their ferries, Mira what is the latest on the sailing situation. Well. Right now down the ferry situation, is not looking very good like I mentioned, ferry. Sailings, from, here to shorts. Bay, cancelled up until 9 o'clock tonight, and so, BC, Ferries is telling everyone that the weather could change at any moment and to, check their ferry schedules, and check them online this, is what they had to say earlier today, weather, is dynamic, and it could change at any point in time so we are closely monitoring, the situation and, we do encourage travelers. To check our website before, they travel just, to have the latest up most up-to-date information on. Our sealing schedule. Dan, as I'm speaking to you the winds are picking up and so is the rain before. Before. I started speaking to you we didn't feel any rain and now I can see it starting to come down this, BC storm, is expected to, bring up to, 150. Millimeters of, rain Dan, thank you Mira Mira Baynes live for us tonight as it awasum ferry terminal, let's. Go to the weather expert, meteorologist, Brett saw our home Brett what more can we expect this weekend and into the days ahead right well as Mira was just saying certainly some of the strongest winds are still expected, to be coming if we took a live look right now at our sustained, winds across, the south coast and parts of southern Vancouver, Island and our Gulf Islands you're gonna see these values aren't in themselves very, impressive, but we consider the gusts here add a good solid 20 kilometres an hour to that and that's where we're at now that's, expected to get even more intense, as time goes on take a look at the widespread, nature of these wind warnings this includes the City of Vancouver how, sound into, the Fraser Valley and certainly, all the way across Vancouver. Island and our Gulf Islands we are expecting, gust fairly consistently, at 70, kilometers an hour and that already has been reported, in places like Campbell River which got stood up to about 82 kilometres.

An Hour already, today elsewhere. The weather is not stopping, for this weekend we still have a rainfall warning in effect for Vancouver Island up to a 150, millimeters, of rain, there farther to the north almost two feet of snow 60, centimeters for places like Terrace and kido Mott over, to the peace region, it's another 15, to 20 centimeters, there and perhaps most importantly, for anyone that is considering, traveling, tonight into the interior, I would highly recommend not, taking, the Coquihalla as snowfall warning is in effect here 15. To 30 centimeters, of snow is forecast and, it is expected to be going really, heavily throughout the overnight tonight so maybe post, by a day and in terms of our weekend here it's not looking fantastic but I'm gonna have more on that when I come back all right thanks very much Bret you're welcome. Vancouver. Police are investigating the, city's first homicide of, this year 62, year-old hey-zeus, crystal Bell Esteban, was, attacked on oppenheimer park a New Year's Day and later, died of his injuries as Deborah Goble reports, his death has shaken up those living in the park which, still continues to believe which most, believe, is still, a safe place to live. At. Open himer Park most residents, of this homeless camp know how fragile life can be. But the murder of 62. Year old hey Seuss Christabel. Esteban, is particularly. Disturbing, well. I think. Any time an elder gets beat to death, that's. Pretty bad still. Miles Harper is well aware when addiction, and poverty lives side by side tempers. Can be quick to flare so. When they start on each other depending, on who they ole, it. Can be dealt with fairly harshly, on the streets you. Know but as far as feeling safe in the park as long as you keep your nose clean and you don't go around and you know we're just people, too that's there, have been two shootings, here over the past year, there have been fights and overdoses, police, are a continual.

Presence In the park and now, it, has a new distinction. First. Homicide of 2020s police. Say there were witnesses but there are no suspects, On, January first around, 1 o'clock p.m., Vancouver. Police responded to a call in open heimer Park of a, man who was seriously assaulted, near. The basketball courts in the northeast, corner of the park he. Died the next day as a result of his injuries, his. Friends, are still here I mean we had conversation. This morning about. Supporting. Each other through this. But. People here don't believe his death can be blamed on the tent city it. Could happen anywhere this, stuff you hear in the news it's not always you. Know everything. Things, that happen here we don't always hear about and. A lot of times it's the people that are. From outside the, park don't. Live in here. Still. It did happen in this park and it will become fodder for more, debate or, talk or consultations. On, just what should be done about, those who are living here, Park the parks board has hired a third party, organization. To assess the needs of the homeless and how, to make recommendations, so right now it's in that up to that third party but police. Say the investigation is, still in its very early, stages but they do believe the victim and the suspect knew. Each other Deborah. Goebbels CBC, News Cooper. A, 33. Year old man has been charged, with second, degree murder, after, another man was found dead in the parking lot of a Surrey strip, mall yesterday. Michael. James Petronio has been charged in the death of Jason Stanley, Wells that's the man on the screen officers. Say they were able to catch Petronio because of witness followed, him and led police to his location, Petronio. Appeared in court this afternoon a. Woman. Was rushed to hospital in, serious condition this, morning after she was hit by at least one car in Vancouver, it. Happened just before 7 this morning the 65, year old was sitting near Victoria Drive, and 43rd, Avenue police, say she may have been hit by two vehicles. It's, still not clear whether she was in a crosswalk, both drivers, remained. At the scene. It. Has been a disappointing, start to this new year for Canadian, residents, hoping to reunite their, families, in Canada. The federal government, made a last-minute, announcement. To put a family reunification. Program on hold, our ever, you go and send spoke to a permanent resident, in Burnaby, who's waited almost a year for another shot at bringing his parents to Canada, I was, shocked. Again that, I was not happy while most celebrated. The start of a new year on January 1st. Harmeet, Singh worried, about telling his parents they, wouldn't be joining him in Canada, anytime soon you, plan for it the, whole year you plan for it that okay you're gonna have your family this time here here the permanent resident planned on applying, online to bring his parents here from India through Canada's family, reunification. Program the. Forms were set to become available on January 1st, but, on December 30th, the, federal government announced it was putting the program on hold, the. System is actually keep changing, I don't, know what governments, are doing they, keep they keep playing with us actually Singh. Has lived in Canada for almost ten years, he, tried applying for his parents last January, under a first-come, first-served, online, system, but within minutes the first 27,000.

Applications, Have been filed and, the system closed his. Wife has been living with his mother and father because, he doesn't want them to be alone in India you're just losing the touch as well of the family and what. You gonna teach you like, coming generation, that. How they're gonna live right and how how, the children is gonna learn. That you're, about your community, last. Year more than a hundred, thousand, people tried to apply to sponsor, parents or grandparents, we, have a overall. Cap of how many immigrants, we take and so, if we were to take up to say, a hundred thousand, parents, and, grandparents, it, would mean we'd have to make cuts in the other categories, the issue is top of mind for local MPs, and immigrant rich writings, like Surrey Center probably, one of the most vital issues for a new family is, to have their families, reunified. So I want. To get this right and my colleagues, especially. Those in Surrey, also. Want to get this right so they're working very hard to make sure the. Government has a good system. Singh. Is thinking about bringing his parents to Canada, from India on a long term visitor, visa a risk, because, they wouldn't be covered by provincial health care I'm scared, about it right. And. But. I have to do it now I cannot, just keep living separate from my family the, government hasn't said when it'll roll out a new system for reunification. And while, Singh says he's disappointed he, hopes the delay means the governor is committed, to finding a better way to reunite, families, here in Canada FAU, Gwen senge CBC, News Vancouver. Almost. 1/4, of the babies delivered at Richmond Hospital last year were born to non Canadian. Residents, that's the finding of a new fifths estate investigation. Into, what's called birth, tourism, and involves, mothers traveling, to Canada to give birth guaranteeing. Citizenship. For their child and as Erica Johnson, learned the practice, isn't just controversial it, may be straining, our health care system Kathy. She has flown here from China to give birth. It. Will cost over fifty five thousand, dollars Canadian she, says but, worth, it Canadian. Citizenship, means easier, access to Canadian, universities, down the road no, international, tuition. Fees access. To publicly funded services, like health care and, families. Can be sponsored, v the state has compiled, figures, learned, the number of babies born to non-residents of, Canada is higher, than ever almost, 5000. In 2018. Up fifteen, percent from the year before and. Richmond. Hospital in BC, is a kind of ground zero last. Year nearly one-quarter. Of all births here more than, 450. Babies were born to non-residents, most. From, China. Online. We find websites promoting. Birth tourism in Canada some, recommending. Richmond hospital. Nurses. We talked to their don't want to be identified but tell us the, influx, is adding to their workload. Compromising. Care there. Are times when the people living here don't, get the service that they need one, nurse told us another. Said it's all about the money if there was no financial income, for the hospital, the private, pain would have been out the door a long time ago I certainly. Think that you. Know adding, additional patients. Into a healthcare system that. Isn't staffed, appropriately isn't. Funded appropriately is. Causing, strain non-residents. At Richmond Hospital pay a deposit of, ten thousand, for a vaginal delivery. 16,000. For a cesarean, but, since 2017. More than two million in related, health care expenses hasn't.

Been Paid that affects the health, system. We. Need equipments, we need to hire staff, the. Specialist, works at another Vancouver. Area Hospital he says birth tourists, can rack up unexpected. Bills of ten thousand, dollars a day when, a baby needs acute, care sometimes. Parents, don't have it and leave, without paying, they, can't just come. Spend, the time and intensive. Care take. The passport and, then off you go without, paying other. Hospitals, are out money too but, the Fifth Estate has found no, one is adding up just how much is owed across, the country, Erika. Doesn't seem clear what told birth tourism may be having on our healthcare system, what does the province have to say about your findings well then I interviewed, the BC Minister of Health Adrienne Dix and he said birth, tourism is a concern, and the province is doing a better job of trying to collect on those outstanding, debts but we, asked how much money is the province owed province-wide and, we never got that information, we, also asked, the federal immigration, minister for an interview and that request was declined, but his, department, said the, government, is studying, this practice, of birth tourism and is, conducting, more research all right Erika Johnson thanks very much thank you a. Presidential. Election in Taiwan. Is just days away and. Citizens, watching from afar say the fate of that country's democracy is on, the line their fears mainland, China could exert more control on, the region depending on the result as John, Hernandez tells us that's why one Taiwanese, Canadian living here in Vancouver, is flying overseas to vote the, most important, thing is the votes, you know everybody, actually counts, for Ruby hua spending. More than a thousand, dollars on a plane ticket is worth exercising. Her democratic, right a lot, of people or especially the activists, have fought. For our freedom, to be able to vote freely.

The. 34, year old Vancouver, teacher was born in Taiwan and, still holds citizenship, there with, a presidential, election, just days, away she's. Getting ready to, fly home one, of the most important reason why I decided to go. To Taiwan to vote is because I feel, that this is a very crucial year, and, to. To, show my support, of. The current president. Saying one there's a high possibility that, her. Opponent nightwing, president. Chiming, when is seeking re-election, she's, Pro Taiwan, independence, running. Against her honk, whoa you of the Nationalist, Party who's, been criticized, for his ties to Beijing, he is a bit. More. Evasive, and, the, issue of Taiwan, sovereignty, and. Taiwan's. Democracy. Against. China's. Intention. To road I want. As. Pro-democracy. Protesters. In Hong Kong continue. To rally against, Chinese, control, many, voters in Taiwan, are fearful, a similar, fight could soon be on their hands China, has never given up its intention, to take back Taiwan, this. Year's a presidential. Election in Taiwan has, come down to a choice, between who. Can sort of a preserve. Tywanza. Sovereignty. Officials. Say this election, has drawn crowds of Taiwanese, canadians traveling, overseas to, vote flights. From Vancouver, are in high demand so, very easy to go back to Thailand vote but not easy to get a ticket, yeah. That's, that's, the problem for, some choosing, the right candidate, will be a no-brainer but, even in Waze family, not everyone, agrees, her parents are, Pro China the future of Taiwan does. Not belong to my parents, generation he'd be lost the future generation, alongside, the, rest of the country, wha will cast her ballots on January. 11th, John, Hernandez CBC, News Vancouver. Tina. Lundgren joins us now you're hosting the Late Show for, us tonight at 11:00 what are you watching for well we're watching this windstorm, that Mira reported on earlier in this show now we're expecting winds to pick up and reach about 70 kilometers, an hour we've, already seen ferry cancellations. And we've seen BC Hydro crews busy trying to repair down power lines so we will be watching that and bringing you the latest at 11:00 excellent, that's great so, do you pay off the mortgage buy a new car or take, that trip around the world what would you do if you won the, lottery well. Tonight Canada's, biggest ever, jackpot, is up for grabs.

Seventy. Million, dollars, is the lotto Max draw prize this evening there are some people lined up for it in Vancouver. For their chance to win that huge, amount, of moolah, and with that much at stake there's no shortage of people trying to beat the almost impossible, odds across, Canada, Gregg Ross caught up with a few of them. Long. Before the draw people were already dreaming, about what they could buy if they won the jackpot, maybe. A boat I've. Never, had a boat before I, think I would take a trip to Romania, well. You. Get yourself a lawyer and the good accountants, that's the first thing you do. People. Lined up to get in on this record-breaking, Lotto, Max draw, we. Definitely, see an increase in ticket sales once, we hit a 50 million dollar jackpot, and. With. The jackpot hitting 70, million for the first time ever, we. Could see record-breaking, ticket, sales as well this, man had a good feeling after getting his let, me see those the winning numbers right there. This. Man hoping to increase his odds by buying more tickets I got $50. Worth of lotta Max but, University. Of Toronto statistics professor Jeffrey Rosenthal, says it, won't help much you. Are about five times more likely to, die in a car crash on your way to the store if you're driving to buy a ticket, that's. A winner in the. Odds of winning the lotto max are one in thirty three point two million odds, so, bad that well. You're. About eight times more likely that, if you pick someone at random that. They will one day be the Prime Minister of Canada if you pick an Adele woman at random the chance of winning the jackpot is the same as the chance that this random woman will, give birth in the next 40 seconds, the list goes on and on do, you think it'd be better for people to just put that money into a bank and save it well I do in terms of maximizing, your profit the smartest thing to do is not to vial otteri tickets about but, where's the funny Matt, besides, if your numbers do come up think, of all the people you could help with, my children, adult, children and I, would help my nieces and nephews with, their mortgages, what, about your local TV reporter would, you help him. You know a coffee. Maybe. Even lunch, that's. Better nothing I guess Greg, Ross CBC. News Toronto. Obviously. And probably Seahawks. Seasons tickets so it's still of about 20 million left I feel like you do something sensible like invest it oh yes, that's right because I'm the geek mark what. Would you do Oh buy. A house buy a house in Vancouver, there, you go you'd have about five million left there you go not. Bad a reminder, you can watch this newscast live, on CBC Jim the free app is also where you can find our other CBC, programs CBC, Vancouver is also on Facebook YouTube and Instagram. What. Happens now, concerns about retaliation, after the u.s. kills Iran's, top, military commander. More, on the potential fallout after. The break. Thanks. For joining us on our live stream where we're always ad free, during a regular TV commercial, break tonight, we have a very impressive tale, to share with you boxing, one of the most demanding sports. Don't you know going, toe-to-toe with any opponent takes a lot, of training and conditioning not.

Just Physically, but mentally of, course as Phillip, Lee Shannon tells us one Toronto boxer has already overcome, many of those hurdles in childhood. He's. Preparing, for his first licensed. Amateur bout his, trainer and sparring, partner put him through the paces. But. Seemingly insurmountable, challenges. Are not new for this fighter Zeus Sequeira was born with quadriplegic. Cerebral palsy. I think. I've always sort of had that fighting. Mindset, or like the mindset of a fighter, he didn't sit up until he was 3 years old doctor, said he wouldn't be able to stand and would walk with difficulty, growing, up he was always reminded. That he was different, yes I remember when I was in the third. Grade one of the teachers to a little-ass that if they misbehave God, would make them like me you know like as if it was a punishment or something but now he's not only standing. But hitting and getting, hit. It. Felt like a huge victory because, I had. An initial, diagnosis, in 88 saying that you know I wouldn't be able to stand and I would be I wouldn't have any mobility below the neck and then I'm now I'm like since to fight you know. Extensive. Surgery, when he was a teen and his tenacity, helped, to get him where he is now at 31, he's cleared to fight in just, a few months. His. Trainer says he deserves, his shots he's, a fighter he's a fighter inside and, and. When. You have discouraged. And and, you, willing, to give so much the. Results, are there the. Owner of the club trainset. Says he's an example to anyone who wants to lace up the gloves and go a few rounds, yes, something to fight for so. You, know I think only good can come from that and it can inspire a lot of people as well Zeus, says he gets nervous every, time he steps into the ring but that's nothing compared to the courage it took, to step into a boxing club for, the first time his, message just. Take that first step you, know if you have a vision for yourself make a beginning no matter how small it is and you'll. Be fighting so others can shoot he's, hoping to raise, $10,000. For Holland Bloorview kids rehabilitation. Hospital. Built, the Shattuck CBC News Toronto. Good. For him. Absolutely. Absolutely, you ever tried boxing I have and. It's. I love it it's very hard I, think it's it's tiring there's super time you know everyone, just wants to hit stuff yes. Those. Are fun yeah have a good trainer you'll be all right stay, with us we'll have the latest on heightened tensions between the u.s. and Iran next. You. There. Has been another airstrike, inside, Iraq, tonight, this one targeting, iran-backed, militia. It comes just a day after a US air strike killed Iran's most powerful, general hassan Soleimani, now, around his promising, retaliation. And the rest of the world is waiting. Paul hunter has reaction for the man who ordered the airstrike Donald. Trump what. The United States did yesterday, should have been done long ago Donald. Trump today on the stunning killing, of Qasem Soleimani we. Took action last night to stop a, war. We. Did not take. Action to start a war already called one of the most consequential acts, of his presidency, the strike, against, Soleimani was today defended, as necessary. After, intelligence, deemed by the u.s. to, be urgent, he was actively, plotting in the region to, take actions a big action as he described, it that would have put dozens if not hundreds, of American lives at risk we. Know it was imminent Trump critics worried, war may, now loom today. Underlined their view sulemani was a terrorist, and a killer but. That lawmakers have seen no details, on why this hat to happen now after. All said one it's, hardly the first time the US had considered, killing, him we've, had this chance before Republican.

And Democratic, administrations has. Always, pondered. The question is, the, value of taking out Soleimani greater than the retaliation. And the potential, for a protracted, conflict, now that this administration, decided. To take, out Soleimani they have to come to us and tell us first of all what were the facts but, with the threat from Iran of, retaliation. The Pentagon also announced today a dramatic. Boost to, u.s. military strength. In the region sending. Some 3,500. More US, troops to the Middle East on top, of the 700. Sent earlier this week. Meanwhile. From Trump this week at his mar-a-lago resort. A warning, indeed, it could very well escalate. If Iran. Now, tries anything I am ready. And prepared. To take whatever action. Is necessary and. That, in particular refers, to Iran. This as word tonight of another strike, within Iraq targeting, members of militia, backed by Iran coming, as the. U.s. urges, all Americans. In Iraq to now exit, immediately. Paul. Hunter CBC News Washington. Canada. Has hundreds of troops, stationed, in Iraq as part of a NATO mission their foreign affairs minister, of francois philippe sham banya issued a statement after the air strike he, said in part the safety and well-being of Canadians in Iraq and the region is our paramount, concern he. Says we call on all sides to exercise restraint, and pursue, de-escalation. The, minister also stated, the Revolutionary, Guards with Soleimani at the helm had carried out aggressive. Actions, that have had a destabilizing. Effect in the region and Beyond for. Years. Soleimani criss crossed the Middle East shaping, it through violence, a Carolyn, Dunn looks into the legacy, he leaves behind. Outrage. Exploded. On the streets of Tehran. Death. To the u.s. they shout. All. Of their leaders should be killed too this protester, says. General. Qasem Soleimani was, a leader of towering, stature, in Iran powerful. Respected. And feared, considered. Second, only to supreme. Leader Ayatollah, Ali Kamini, who today met personally with Sola Monte's Widow vowing. Harsh retaliation. For his death it. Was a message repeated, across Iran. We. Will take revenge so, harsh says this cleric, their break day will turn into a dark night. General. Soleimani, 'he's influence, reached far beyond iran as the, head of an elite arm of the Revolutionary. Guard. A power. That didn't always sit well where he wielded, it so, some. Celebrated. His death. We. Have not wanted Iran's, influence in Iraq from the beginning, she says the. U.s. considered, soleimani personally. Responsible, for attacks, on their forces in the region for, some 20 years the. Army he led was designated a, foreign, terror organization. By the u.s. things. Are gonna get much. Uglier, in the next few days and the next few weeks regardless. Of what you think of Iran and general, Soleimani and there, is much blood on his hand but, this is the attack on the nerve center. In. Recent, days tensions, between the u.s. and Iran had, escalated, over militant, activities, in Iraq. Now. Martyring, the hero of Iranian, hardliners may. Spiral, the proxy, war between Iran, and the u.s. out of control. One. Islamic Guard commander, warned the Americans, should prepare, themselves because. Of their crimes he says there, is no peace anywhere. Carolyn, towns CBC, News London. Back. In this country federal, conservatives, are set to choose their new leader on June, 27th. Current. Leader Andrew Shearer announced, last month he would be stepping down after failing to beat the Liberals in the October federal election but, a liberal minority, government, raises the prospects, of a sudden election, call the, Tories want to be ready they'll choose their new leader at a convention, in Toronto, among those said to be interested, in the job former, MPs and conservative. Cabinet ministers Peter, MacKay and Josh RA as well, as current Ontario, MP Aaron, O'Toole. Where. Is, he the father of four sent to a remote BC, Island to find balance, vanished. By something he's still alive more, than a year later stick.

Around. You. Here. Are some of the stories we're following tonight for you on CBC, Vancouver news it's. Great rough for about the last half-hour a less, than Pleasant day on the sea and on parts of the land is another winter storm bears, down on our south coast BC, Ferries had to cancel numerous, sailings between Vancouver and the island, today while hydro, has been warning customers to be prepared for more altitudes. Investigators. Are in the park canvassing, for witnesses a 62. Year old man has died after Bank of her police say he was assaulted, in oppenheimer Park the, forces hey Seuss Christabel, Esteban died after someone attacked, him near the basketball, courts on New, Year's Day his, death is Vancouver's, first homicide of 2020, I was. Not happy and, a Burnaby man has begun this year very frustrated, last-minute, changes, mean he still cannot bring his parents from India to Canada through a family reunification. Program. Well. He is the father of four children a star basketball player, and coach in, the isolated, community, of a howzit north of Tofino but, Travis Thomas was also tackling, substance, abuse community leaders say he was on a downward spiral he. Was sent to an island nearby, to clear his head and find balance then. He disappeared, but his Greg Rasmussen, Reports over, a year later the, community thinks he is alive and still. On that island. Almost. Daily Louie Frank makes this bone-jarring, journey, in the waters off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Yeah, three outs all the way along he's, brought us along on the increasingly, desperate, search, for his nephew now, missing, for, nearly 500. Days. All, right up here it's way, first. Foot Travis, for, the first six, days he was here. Members. Of the community decided, to send 39, year-old Travis Thomas, to uninhabited. Bartlett island to, help him recover from, his struggles, with alcohol, triggered, by the death of his wife. It's. A traditional, practice to reconnect, people to the land. For. Us it's a place of healing. Where. We put our people out there that. Are struggling in their life to heal. But. When it was time to leave Thomas. Couldn't, be found. So. There are no trails here he first started search no. For. Nearly a year and a half his family, has searched. Finding. Hints he's alive. No. Like, this cross found, a few months ago in this cave alongside pictures, of his family that's. What I hold on do is that, one days when they come to me or to somebody that's out here see. I'm ready to come home. Take. Me home and that's that's, when I wake. Up to every day that, maybe. Today is today. -. Klein Nate would you come here. They've. Set up this camp with, clothes. For. Street food. Even, a place to shave, and clean up all because, Frank and others say they have repeatedly, spotted, Thomas on the island, but, you've personally seen him yeah I've seen him a few times yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He tears really long. He. Believes Thomas, watches from afar convinced. Everyone he sees is an enemy. Since. He's gone missing, hundreds, of people have carried out several major, searches. Left. Behind photos, of family and pleas, for, a safe return, do. You have his one. Word he's the raffling with Allen in the isolated. Village of a howzit relatives, gathered to share memories and watch videos, just. To hear him. Talk. Guys. Can all go in take the winter John Thomas. Stood out. First. As a star basketball player and. Later. As a coach. His. Aunt Lisa, sabes clings to hope it's. Emotional. Very. Emotional. Makes. You cry there, days you wonder. So. They search. Even. Managing, a laugh as they brave high seeds, battling, the waves in a winter storm, she says they, don't have a choice well. What would you do if it was your child what would you do what would you be, doing if that was your child out there hardest, hit Thomas's for children, and grandchild. They. Miss. Their dead blocks. So. Much. It's. Images, like this that give the family hope captured. At night on a robotic trail camera, this, video shows a figure, on the island which helped convince Alfred, dick to continue. Searching after. 8 months I was ready. To call it quits and then they start seeing them again or they start getting signs. That he was there. Spite. Their hardship, the family is reluctant, to criticize the, decision, to put Thomas on the island houses. Chief says no one else will be placed there without a thorough, mental, health screening, as, for the ongoing, search they say the RCMP.

Has Fallen short they've. Made their appearances. They've. You. Know to, say that we went out there do. You know. While. We were on the island this RCMP. Helicopter, appeared a spokesperson. Said it was part of their ongoing efforts, which, have included, using tracking dogs and, bringing, in specialized, search and rescue experts, so. You see in footprint stone that you think might be his circle. Isn't between you know for, now the family, continues, the search largely, on its own my. Heart is I know he's here because I seen Travis, I heard. Travis, I know. He's, alive I know. He did but. After. Nearly five, hundred days. Louis Frank had to turn for home once. Again without. Answers, Craig. Rasmussen CBC, News Bartlett. Island BC. Is, alive and very windy shot, of the ferry terminal into, wasa not a pleasant, day to travel on the water with, another winter storm bearing, down on us but Sutter home will help your full provincial, forecast after this. You. Spear. Is right Brett's at our home here with a full provincial, forecast, yes. They. Are going to be continuing, that for at least the next couple of hours we've been talking a lot about the brain and off the wind something, we haven't talked about yet it's actually how mild it was today in Vancouver, 12, degrees or so it wasn't the warmest spot in the country what was Brett well we're gonna show you in just one second but I'm gonna give that tease because I want to get over to the monitor I'll show you a time lapse from, this morning to see what it looked like really. Can't, really tell a whole lot those are some fast moving clouds if I do say so myself and, that definitely is indicative of, the strong winds that we've been seeing throughout, the province today and that trend of course continuing, for the next little while but yeah if you want to play along here if you could maybe guess the warmest spot not only derson BC but in the country today gonna, have to go a little bit inland we're talking about Lillooet. 16.5. Degrees. There normal temperature, for today would be about minus, one and their previous, record set back in 2001. Was, 11, so considered, this record just absolutely, shattered and places, like Litton not too far behind now I wish I could promise you temperatures, like that this weekend here, in Vancouver, or in the metro region but it's not gonna happen instead, you're, gonna have to be content with roughly seven degrees on each day tonight. We are gonna be dealing with a few showers these could be falling heavy at times throughout, Saturday expect, that to be continuing, much of the day and it will be largely cloudy, but come Sunday I think we're gonna get a little bit of a break it's gonna start off as being a rainy day but by the afternoon we should be able to get into some clearing, that said all of this rain all of the snow and even these winds have been destabilizing. Our snow, packs across the problems you're just gonna see how pervasive these high avalanche. Danger ratings, are so please do not be going outside to, play in the backcountry and I was not the time instead. Go, somewhere that's much safer like Cyprus or grouse or anywhere, nearby that has a controlled, area to ski or snowboard on throughout, Saturday and Sunday we are looking, at a good amount of snow falling on both days 5 to 10 centimeters or snow however, come Monday and Tuesday, those freezing levels are be rising once again and that's gonna make for a little bit of some dicey conditions, now in terms of our five-day forecast. Try not to despair, too much when you're looking at this you're not gonna see a lot of sunshine in the forecast at, all but you will notice that temperatures, at least are not changing, all that much so we can be expecting temperatures near seasonal, that's seven degrees for the weekend and then, we are expecting, yet another round of heavy rain come, Monday okay.

Thanks, Very much breath you're welcome. Mass. Evacuations. Amid, mass devastation the, latest on the wildfires eating. Australia, after, the break. You. Right. Now one of the largest evacuations. In Australia's. History is, underway, they already devastating. Wildfires, are getting worse as, temperatures spike into the 40s, with, high winds Salima chef g has the emphatic warning. From authorities. As. A steady stream of people rushed to get out of harm's way with, the navy's help some, try to block out what they saw earlier, this week when, stuck on the beach with, the flames fast, approaching. When the fire started. And the embers were flying everywhere we just wanted, to stay together and it was scary I'm haven't been out of processor no no. Well. Down at the foreshore, and it's something. That I want to forget. That. Might not be so easy with the situation, worsening, the fires are not just along the eastern, coast on. Kangaroo island in South Australia, the heat is so intense the. Flames are morphing, into twisters. A. Now. Deadly, fire the mayor says is just, impossible. To stop. Else. Where people are trying desperately to, protect, their homes as they wait for more, extreme, heat that's, what we're worried about far, as catch, you starting around the house so. We're gonna stay and defend and put, those out best we can others. Are camping out not far from their homes still in the danger zone so hopefully there's, enough cleared space and, worst comes to worst we've got the water there to retreat, to not, wanting to get trapped on the highway in a fire we've decided to stay but, from officials, a stern warning we've. Been very honest with people about the risk but, if people choose to do it to stay then, that's on them I guess what they have to do is they have to understand, that if they to choose, to do that do not expect that this is gonna be a fire truck there if you read he says don't wait until the last minute to escape, in your car it's too dangerous, and the window to leave is closing. Quickly if, you can leave you must leave as, the whole country, braces, for what's to come so, the omission of G CBC News Vancouver. Meanwhile. New Year's flooding, linked to extreme rainfall, and, an adequate infrastructure, has left at least 43, people dead around, the capital of Indonesia now, people are pulling together to clean up before more, heavy rain moves in. Local. Villagers, were offered food, packets, as people tried to resume some, semblance of normalcy at least. 180,000. Residents, have been displaced, by rising, river levels that, submerged nearly 200. Neighbourhoods, landslides. Have buried a dozen, people others, were electrocuted, or died of hypothermia many. Bodies were only found once the waters receded, Jakarta, is prone to flooding and is sinking, because of uncontrolled, extraction, of groundwater.

Indonesia's. President blames, delays, in flood control canal, construction because of land acquisition troubles. Pumps, are sucking water out of the worst flooded, areas. Frances. Finance minister toured a normally busy shopping district, in central Paris today he's, pledging to help business owners hurt by a prolonged transport. Strike. This. Fishmonger, says his earnings have been cut in half because, fewer customers are there the strike has also disrupted, deliveries, to shops and is making it harder for workers at those stores to get to work the, strike began nearly a month ago to protest, the government's plan to overhaul public, sector pensions, shopkeepers. Say they're sympathetic to the plight and fight for pensions but don't, think their businesses, ought to suffer as a result. Well. Heal I couldn't, just pick one coming. Up they've three movies, our film critic said were the best of 2019. Stick, around. You. You. Hi. I'm Amy belt and here's a senior CBC thank you very much, CBC. Vancouver, is a proud sponsor of the push International, Performing, Arts Festival, expand. Your horizons, and catch ground, breaking performances, January, 21st, to February, 9th and get your tickets and celebrate, the city's brightest, talent at the Biv top 40 under 40 Awards, on January 30th. CBC, Vancouver's, Anita bath in Denver returned as co-host, for this inspiring, event and, for more check us out online. Whether. You were a fan of the drama comedy, or action, movies 20:19, certainly had it all so that made it a challenge for a CBC film critic to pick his favorite so. Instead here at the Eli Glasner with his top three. Miss, yeah I missed you I missed. You so much Finn one night it. Probably won't surprise you to hear that John Hughes movies were a big part of my upbringing and me ducky we, all loved ducky right okay I love ducky and you, could see book-smart, is kind, of a modern update, of that high school team, for me love. But. There's so, much more going on, with this film this is about, two friends who've judged the high school crowd around them until one night they, start to see who they truly are and, the beating, heart of this film is that friendship. Between, those two women and one heck of a first feature from, Olivia Wilde. Have a show place. Give. Any moving violations. No. Do you drink on the job. Job. Yeah I. Don't. Think so all right let's get this out of the way the Irishman, is long, it's supposed to be long because it forces, you to spend, that time with Frank Sheeran as he, navigates his. Way in this world of gangsters, and Teamsters. And after, all the blood and talk, is done what it's about his, time time, ticking, away as this hit man who took so much from others finally. Makes. His peace. I'm trying to give you the tools to succeed, in, this world is not easy out there. Everything. From. Joker to, parasite. Hustlers. Knives. Out, and motherless, Brooklyn again. And again for me the theme of 2019. Was, the, various, ways we divide ourselves whether, it's shattered, societies. Or souls, and that theme. Is present, in my number, one film of the year waves but here, the, trauma is personal. It begins, with a family. Brimming. With potential. The father-son. Bond is strong, but too. Much is, left, unsaid. And in those spaces, that crack, widens. Until. Utter, destruction. A roving. Camera. A blistering. Soundtrack. And actors at the peak, of their emotional, range wave, shows, us a family, torn, apart, but. Then the, next step the hard part the, healing, it's, been hard. The. End it's something, the dad says all, we heard was all. We have is. Love that's. What it's about the, love and that's what, I loved in 2019. You. Like Lassner CBC News Toronto. I've. Got some catching up to do have you seen any boobs I haven't but I've heard great things about the Irishman yes if you have a weekend to watch it this is that I know it'll be raining that's true reasons. Why thank. You for joining us this evening you can always will find our news programmes online at, slash, BC and I'll have your neck Sokol news right here at 11:00 after the National good, night then.

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