WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for Mar. 8 — Snow Day, UBC Attack, Womens Airline

WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for Mar. 8 — Snow Day, UBC Attack, Womens Airline

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You. You. Tonight, on CBC, Vancouver, news it's. A great that it happened and we do need to, have. A dialogue about it, questions. About campus, security after. A woman, is seriously, injured trying to break up a fight at, UBC, also, tonight the federal court rules against, SNC, lavell on in its efforts to avoid criminal prosecution. And. Women. Are certainly underrepresented in, our industry, it's changing, but very, very slowly, taking. Flight on International. Women's Day a new female, founded, indigenous. Airline, begins service from YVR. This. Is CBC, Vancouver, news. Good. Evening an attack on a woman at UBC, is raging, major questions, tonight about Campus Safety and, security the. Woman was trying to break up a fight in the middle of the afternoon when, she wound, up getting seriously, hurt, Megan Bachelor has more on an incident many students, say they didn't know anything, about it was pretty shocking hearing, that an assault happened, it's surprising, we hadn't heard about it concern, from UBC, students who say they didn't, hear about an assault that was so bad and, left a woman in hospital and RCMP. Searching, for a suspect many. Didn't, know anything about it until CBC, asked, them how, do you. Think. That people should be aware, of campus. Security was, increased after, a woman was injured while trying to break up a fight happening in the basement, of this building between. A man and a woman yesterday afternoon, the, pair left the seriously injured woman the University, says it takes the situation, seriously this, is obviously a concerning, incident. It's always also very, rare so, as soon as we learned about the situation we. Implemented. Our we have a a, protocol. Whereby we share. On social media, and with our community more broadly the, attack happened at 4:00 p.m. a, notification, went, out from UBC's, Twitter hours, later the, school says emails, also went out to forestry, students, and faculty, forestry. Students we spoke to say they didn't get that email that, has some questioning, their safety, on campus I think, definitely since it happened in our bill that we, are both forestry, students, so. Mayn't. Like opening a dialogue and being open about it as opposed, to keeping it like, under.

Is Definitely, think the first step that needs to be taken if something like this happens, so. Close to our classrooms and where we live it's, alarming and this, should probably you know take preventive. Measures and, make. Sure that we all feel safe, police, are now urging students to keep a lookout for a man with scratches on the right side of his face and neck Megan, Batchelor CBC, News UBC. Vancouver. Police are condemning a video that shows a man dangerously. Sliding, down the roof of a downtown, high-rise have, a look, it's, called roof topping, where people climb to the top of buildings, and slide. Down parts. Of them it's unclear when the video was recorded but it made the social media rounds, in January, and was, posted on Reddit this week and well it just may be some heart-stopping, fun and games the. APD says it could lead to serious injury, and criminal, prosecution. VC's, prison guards say something, needs to be done to cut down on the number of salts against them, corrections. Officers, supported, by BC sheriff's rallied, in Surrey this morning urging. The province, to create safer, working conditions in, BC prisons, where, inmate, assaults against staff reached an all-time, high last. Year, the. Number, one thing that I would do I've worked in the system for 31, years I've seen it change over the years is to put two correctional, officers inside, every living unit in this province and not only for the immediate, backup that you would have but for the support, and the, mental health that goes with it, the. Union says the inmate, to officer, ratio, is now as high as 72, to, 1 at some facilities, last, year there were as many as 120. Attacks, against, correctional, staff across. The province. Leaders. Of a Sri Hindu temple are demanding, an apology after, an MLA criticized. Several. Of their members, in an op-ed local. MLA, rockness, Singh accused, the congregation. Of war mongering after, attending. The temples vigil, for 40 Indian, soldiers, killed in a terror attack same. Claim some members were calling for violence against Pakistan. The, temples leader refuted, that idea today saying members don't want war. But they do want justice. She. Should say hopefully. Clearly. Unconditionally. Yes Pakistan. Should stop that and that. Is not acceptable, and, she failed to do that, Singh. Says, he. Has no parents to apologize, but is willing to sit down with the group, the. Semi ammu First Nation broke ground on an important, project today, that could end a 15, year long boil, water advisory. The. Path towards, ending the advisory, starts, with an upgraded, Road once, completed, they will be able to build the infrastructure, for a new water system for many, band members it means they will soon be able to come home, being. On a boil water advisory really, hinders a lot of our our, community our, band membership, my family members I'm, coming home they're. Not going to leave I live. In the Fraser Valley. We're. Not going to leave our homes to come and and deal with a boil, water advisory not, being able to have, those, essential. Services I'm. Waiting for the day to be able to turn on a tap and drink a glass of water that's. Some. Community, members have had to rely on outdated, piping. But in, about a year the new pipes will bring water from the city of Surrey. Being. Stuck in a traffic jam because of a fender-bender can, be frustrating, and time-consuming for. Drivers well, now a change has come that will clear those minor crash scenes faster. Up, until now a police, report, was mandatory, for, accidents. Where damage was over $1000 starting. Today the province has increased. That threshold to. $10,000. Good news for drivers as, police will be able to clear, minor crashes much, faster. West. Vancouver Police say a taxi, driver has been charged, with sexually, assaulting a passenger, the, alleged attack happened, on January 2nd, shortly, before 1:00 a.m. a driver, allegedly, grabbing, the victims genitals and, then taking, the victims hand, placing, it on his exposed, genitals, victim. Contacted. Police when they arrived home that night, after. An investigation 60. Year-old Deepak, Sharma, of abbotsford has been charged with sexual. Assault. Like. Many communities in Metro, Vancouver Port. Moody is facing, difficult, decisions, when it comes to development, growth, as, our, Justin McElroy tells us tonight the concern for many is things, might happen too quickly especially in some areas of the city, the.

Grow Or not to grow it's the central question in so many municipalities, in Metro Vancouver but particularly ones, that have high Delic waterfronts this week we're in Port Moody where a new mayor is hoping to enact a slow growth agenda. Port. Moody's population, has grown by 20% in the last decade, and there's plenty of concerns, of keeping the traditional, feel of the area, our community is growing and people are worried that we're going to end up in a place that isn't. Conducive. To. Community, connections, a place that's just all towers and no parks and traffic, jams news, Kai train lines usually mean new condos, but Rob back remov defeated the old mayor last October, and you've said you want that field to be something a little different than Metro town yes that's right love Metro town no no offense the Burnaby on that but I definitely do have a, different, vision for a Port Moody than sort of the the. Templates, that have been put out for us as, far as skytrain is concerned skytrain doesn't mean towers, everywhere, but just because you got elected mayor doesn't mean you can do everything you want immediately. One of Accra Mosby promises, was to eliminate a right away through Bert Flynn Park the, problem is not all councillors. Want to remove that option, it did become quite a political issue in which, side you were on Dianne Dilworth was one of four councilors, who defeated bagram Oz pushed last month to fast track getting rid of the right-of-way until, counsel can talk it over more she, expects a number of split votes over the next four years I, think on some of the big issues around development. And growth here you're gonna see that tension, because, there are people that were elected saying you know no to development, here no to development, here and you had other people that said you know what I'm open, I'm open to considering applications. Biggest of those applications, is right on the waterfront at the site of the feybelle mill I don't. Think we thought it would take eight years to, get an OTP change but real, estate development, goes at the base that goes out the. Last council approved changes that would allow up to eleven towers on the site bagram, off wants to take a second look at the official community, plan the, developers, saying they'll keep talking, to the community and saying okay we got this far how can we be better and. Trying to get more input in more changes, in more tweaks, but. The mayor sounds like he's interested in more than just tweaking, no. Plan is going to be perfect for everybody but, what we saw in this election was a fundamental. Change. In values, the, final vote on berkland, Park won't be happening until later this spring and reopening, the OCP, months after that and it could be smooth sailing where it's possible the next thing brewing in this municipality is, a land fused conflict, justin. Macro ICBC news Port. Moody. Well. Another blast of snow in, some parts, of Metro Vancouver, catching some people off-guard, heavy. Wet, powder coated, pockets, of our region overnight making for a slushy, morning, commute, look, at this in Port Moody's Heritage Mountain neighborhood knee-high. Accumulations. Made it hard to drive up the hill I didn't even believe this until I saw the video, a far, cry from Vancouver's. Downtown Korra. Where it, was just a light dusting and that quickly melted. This. It all depended, where you happen to be Johanna, absolutely. But amazingly. Most in Metro Vancouver did, see some, kind of snow yesterday and late in the game I don't remember I don't know if you remember it was about this time last night we were tracking those thunderstorm. Cells crossing, the strait and by the time temperatures. Dropped below zero and those cells got to the Lower Mainland, that, convective, cell changed, things to snow so it was almost thunder storm snow that, we saw last night I digress, I'm standing outside on a beautiful, evening with blue skies things have changed dramatically, in 24, hours let me start you off with your temperatures, a little, warmer than where we were last night to @yv, are but a little warmer out towards the valley pit meadow and abbotsford and hope all a few. Degrees above that freezing mark and we are heading into a warming, trend as we, head into the weekend getting back up to seasonals, after that very cold low pressure system, sat over top of us the past 24, hours high, pressure will be replacing, that that's our new story for the weekend bringing.

Descending. But warming, and drying air, so blue skies for pretty much the whole province notice. That line of cloud draped, just off our coast in the Pacific that will be our next weather story but not until. Monday afternoon. So let's enjoy the next couple of days until then minus one tonight so chillier start to your Saturday, overnight. Seasonals. Though our one for this time of the year so we're getting there and that ate only a degree below seasonal for tomorrow I think we could be hitting the double digits in the next few days so I'll take you through that much, deserved warming trend and melting. Trend coming up see, you in a bit thanks for all you're welcome this. Weather update, is brought to you by Remax. What's your home worth find. Out with our instant, valuation. Tool at Remax, dot CA. Well. It's a landmark, day for aviation. In this country, the first airline owned, and operated by, an indigenous, woman launched, in Vancouver today as, the CBC's Miki Cowan tells us it happened on International. Women's Day for. A reason both. I feel a lot of pride and. Excitement and, I also feel a lot of responsibility. And. To. To. Do this in a really good way tiara, Fraser is the CEO of escuela. Air it's, launched today the, first airline in the country, founded, by an indigenous woman and pilot. It's very name is Kwai, OH meaning, woman, in Cree. I chose. That, name very. Mindfully. As an, act of, reclamation. Reclamation. Of womanhood. Reclamation. Of matriarchal, leadership, and reclamation. Of language. Fraser, says the plane named sweetgrass warrior will fly charter, at times, servicing, remote communities. And partnering. With indigenous, tourism. Organisations. Getting. More women interested, in flying is something Fraser is passionate. About in Canada. Fewer than six percent of pilots are, women, we, need more women everywhere. Every. Industry will. Thrive in, a different, way at a higher level when. We have diversity. Of thought. Diversity. Of, leadership and. Perspective. The, first time she got into a small plane 17. Years ago she says her heart came to life and, I, wanted to touch every single button inside, the aircraft, I wanted to know what. Everything did, and you. Know I felt, a an. Inspiration. And. My. Heart came to life in. That flight, many. In the industry say, representation. Is getting, better but, more still needs to be done, that. I long. For the day when. We don't feel the need to celebrate this gender difference when. We no longer separately. Celebrate, the accomplishments, of women indigenous. People or people of color when. We celebrate, our accomplishments together. Indistinctly. It. Starts, with Fraser's, own crew, these, aircraft, maintenance engineers. All women, she's, also partnering, with give, them wings it's an initiative aiming to inspire, indigenous.

Youth Boys and girls to careers in aviation in, the hopes the next generation, can take flight Miki, Cowan CBC News Richmond. And. Another event happening on this International. Women's Day the business in Vancouver, influential. Women in business, luncheon. The. Event honoring bc's most outstanding, business, women in private or public sector companies. Jews have risen through the ranks to, become senior, executives, or entrepreneurs. C.b.c. Vancouver, is a sponsor, and Anita. There. You are yes hosted. The event today and Jody Wilson Raybould MP, right there in the front is Alicia, lots of inspirational, stories I almost felt a little bit lazy. Listening. To how hard these women work it was amazing. Good. And if you want to watch any of today's stories again you can find this newscast online, visit us on, slash, BC where you can also go more. In depth and find analysis. On our reports and you can join in the conversation, and share your thoughts with us on Facebook, and YouTube by, searching, CBC. Vancouver. Tune in to the live stream for a commercial free show and, exclusive. Content. Well. For children a visit to the ER is, never fun coming up how a group of Metro Vancouver doctors, is trying to make it a little, less painful. Well. To Montreal, errs leave today, to represent Canada on an international. Stage the, athletes, are among some, 7,000. Heading to Abu Dhabi to, compete, in the world Special, Olympics valaria. Corre Manocchio, met, with them as they were getting ready. Sarah. Dae-ho is ready to make a splash the, 41, year old has accumulated quite, the hardware collection, competing, in a variety of sports since she was eight this. Is her second, time competing, in the world games in 2005. She took home two silver and one gold medal for snowshoeing. But. This time around Daigle will be chasing her medal in the pool I just, really want her to enjoy, the experience that have a good time and of, course we'd love her to come back with some medals, I'm. Just very proud that she's, representing. Canada once again her. Coach says she may not be the fastest, but, she never slows, down if, she swims a 1,500, you, know show, some of the same speed in the, 15. She. Really she's really consistent, all throughout and I feel like the last couple of years she's really picked. Up she's kind of hit her stride I could thank Nancy for, this one in NDG, another, athlete, is preparing to make her mark two years after surviving, cancer it. Was, difficult. It was like that. Challenge. Was like. Been. Hard. On me, Lisa McDermott, is competing, in ten pin bowling at.

Her First world games she's, hoping to make some lasting, memories. Athletes. See. The. Sightseeing. And. Hibou. Dhabi it's, not often two athletes from the same region get to attend the World Games in the 15. Years Louise, Fletcher's volunteered. This, is only the second, time she's seen it pleasure, says the chance to compete is what the games are all about. Pride. There's so because. They they. Get to be. Recognized. For what they can do they get to be proud of what they can do Daigle, and McDermott, head to Abu Dhabi this week the, games kick off March 14th, valaria. Cory Manocchio, CBC, News Montreal. Yeah. Very cool and Sarah, previously. Won medals, in snowshoeing. At the 2005. World Special. Olympics, now, she's on to swimming so real talent, block very good and, for more stories be sure to check our website CBC. Dot BC, /ca. And we will be back. You. The. Company in the middle of a political, firestorm in, Ottawa is one step closer to facing, a criminal trial, today SNC, Levana losing, its latest, bid to avoid criminal, prosecution. Katie Simpson now on where this leaves the company and the embattled, Liberal, government. SNC. Lavell ins push to get out of criminal charges suffered. A fresh setback the, engineering, giant will not get a formal, judicial review, meaning, the corruption, case against, the company will go ahead the, federal court said in its ruling today the review had no reasonable, prospect of success because. This kind of decision clearly falls within prosecutorial. Discretion, the, company says it's disappointed. And will vigorously defend itself, against, the charges in court it. Is not up to the prime minister of Canada to intervene, in a criminal court case and start deciding what prosecutors do. And do not offer the, opposition, is urging, the government to back off but the Prime Minister won't rule out a deferred, prosecution agreement. Ad EPA, would allow SNC. Lavin to pay a fine rather than go to court in the specific. Case of a DPA and lavell, a as I've said from the very beginning, that is a decision for the Attorney General to make alone even in a calorie Justin, Trudeau was unable to escape repeated. Questions, on the story that has upended, his inner circle with, the resignation of two cabinet. Ministers Trudeau. Says he's not yet made any decisions, on whether, Jodie wilson Raybould or Jane, Philpott, should, remain members of the liberal caucus but I will remind. People that we. Are a party that values. Diversity. Of opinions, and perspectives could you explain why it was untenable, to stay in cabinets. Philpot, showed no desire to address, her political, future at least for now and, if you've come here today hoping that you're going to hear me directly comment, on the, political. Events of the past weeks, you're. Going to be disappointed I'm, here today because it's International, Women's Day she dismissed reporter questions, a move that will drag this story out even, further. Parliament. Is in the middle of a break but the SNC, lavell an affair returns, to Ottawa next week the Justice Committee meets on Wednesday to. Discuss bringing. Jodie wilson Raybould back for more testimony, Katie, Simpson CBC News Ottawa. Doctors. Here in Metro Vancouver is trying to make emergency, room visits easier for, children they're. Taking the kids attention off the pain and unfamiliar, surroundings using. Virtual, reality goggles, and, as the CBC's Breyer Stewart reports, the approach is, working. Thanks. Hello. I'm. Dr., babudi who won a position, here you could describe it as a typical, start to an ER visit what's going on. But. At the peace arch hospital in White Rock BC, do you have any pain here dr.. Amir babudi has a few extra tools to help his pediatric. Patients, and they range from the traditional to, the high-tech. So. Megan, here gonna put a boot on you and, you're gonna be yeah, on a rollercoaster ride okay. Part. Of the goal is to make patients like 10 year old Amy woo more comfortable, you, ready there. You go you got your ponytail, they're taking. Her away from what's going on in the hospital and, transporting. Her somewhere. Else. In. This case onboard a roller coaster where, she can look all around. Look. To the left is, it fun yeah good, she. Can ride over, and over again that, feel okay yeah. Well the health care team does what they need to do in moves case she kept the goggles on okay, bye, bye guys, long after the doctors, were finished, treating her broken toe her, mother Nancy dan appreciated.

It Too I think, is very very, good, for. Kids, and maybe, she, will not to feel scared, when, she's, in hospital, how much did having the goggles on help keep, your mind off of that I. Just. Like. So. This is the headset looks, like this. Is twenty dollars the booty started playing around with the technology, three years ago he, bought a couple, of headsets, and installed a free app on his cell phone. He. Was interested, in finding new ways of distracting, children, during painful. Procedures, when, we see kids in actually severe pain it sort of breaks, our heart you know and then changing. That from. The crying child to a child that smiling, for. Us is magical. I think. There's one gonna jump pretty soon he started, using the VR goggles with, patients, as young as six and filmed, the result trying, to stay nice and still for me okay oh, gee, that's. The worst part. As, his team injected. Needles and stitched up cuts the, children, stayed, calm yeah what's the roller coaster, new Hey. Show. Me another way of doing this I don't know without, medication. This. Is where magic is my, booty was convinced, but what he really wanted, was evidence, which is why in 2017. He partnered, with BC Children's Hospital, in Vancouver, and dr., Ron Goldman, who runs a pain lab we thought, that it would be incredible. To take this very, accessible. Technology. Nowadays and bring. VR to the bedside all, right they, started, doing randomized. Controlled, trials, I'll give you a hand because your one hand is not active. What I'm going to give you is a VR system, with with a roller coaster. Half. Of the patients use the VR and half didn't afterwards. They were asked to rate their level of pain they experienced, during the procedures, their, studies coupled, with research, done by other institutions. Found the same results, virtual, reality is extremely. Beneficial to, patients especially. Children, they get distracted, and it reduces, their level of anxiety as. Well as pain you look all the way up to, the sky see this spaceship. More than 500, kids have used the goggles, at DC Children's, Hospital, and this month the technology, will be rolled out to every, department ok, so is it distracting, enough. It, will be the first hospital, across the country to be using it in every unit. Behind. You. That's. Why teams of Child Life specialists. Are now being trained, on the VR goggles the healthcare professionals, work with children and families and help, them prepare for and cope, with medical, procedures, now. Testing, out apps and goggles to figure out which ones would work best for different patients, just, like personalized, medicine, fit the right VR to the right patient you're, gonna figure out faster, than me so here's the remote and you're a good hand Goldman. Says they have a model they can use with children as young as two years old once, the goggles are deployed in every department his, team will be able to do more research and help advise other hospitals. About how to use, the VR we don't always want, children to be fully, technology. Immersed, but, I think this is a type, of technology that children, really endorse, and love okay, nice let's tell while you watch the roller coaster their set point. Particularly. Because, it helps to distract them during, and often painful, and unpleasant time, Breyer, Stewart CBC News Vancouver. Okay. So I guess VR, is apparently a thing it's it's, being used all throughout, the medical field yesterday patients. Know and yesterday. As he told us doctors yes to trained surgeons, I'm not sure if I was a patient I'd want to watch myself, going in a roller coaster or coaster maybe something a little more subdued yeah, maybe a nice little ocean breeze sure. It. Is of course International. Women's Day and coming, up we're taking you alive to, an event right here in Vancouver, we, will look at some more inspiring, stories. You. You. Here. Are some of the stories we're following tonight on CBC, Vancouver news. BBC. Is a really safe. Place and, when something like this happens it's certainly concerning for everyone, involved that's been impacted a woman. Is seriously hurt, after trying to break up a fight between a man and another woman at UBC, last night when, officers arrived they weren't able to find the pair involved, in the fight but saw two, people running away from the area separately. For a full description of the man police are looking for you can go, to our website. The. Federal court has ruled against, SNC, lavell and in its effort to avoid, criminal prosecution. The, montreal based engineering, and building firm is at the center of political controversy, engulfing. The federal Liberals right now it's, accused of paying bribes to obtain government business in Libya. And. West Vancouver Police say a taxi, driver has been charged, with sexually, assaulting a passenger. The alleged, attack happened, on January 2nd, shortly before 1:00 a.m. the, driver allegedly, grabbing, the victims genitals and, then, taking, the victims hand and placing it on his exposed.

Genitals The, victim contacted, police when they arrived home that night. All. Right and we are going to go now I believe, live to Danbury who is at, a women's. Event in Vancouver. The art gallery what's going on there tonight down. Mike. Anita this is a global day for women International, Women's Day and this is a global gathering out here on the south. Side of the art gallery indigenous. Speakers supporters, of women, activists, in Iran and pro-choice. Advocates for. Argentina, they may have different focuses, but the messages, are the same to empower and support fellow, women around, the world one organizer told us progress for women is very different. Around the globe is, what she had to say there. Are different realities, here in Canada, we have a whole bunch of Rights that. People are respectful, they're. There. It's a very society. That works but we, come. From a place where there's more chaos, and and, it's beautiful. It's a beautiful place to live but it's also it hurts to see those realities. Now. Speakers here say Canadians. Have a responsibility, to help the help, less fortunate women. In this country indigenous, women migrant, workers and sex. Workers as we said different focuses, but the messages of empowerment. And support, for women are the same Anita Mike Dan Barret live at the art gallery tonight, thanks. Well. This next story comes to us courtesy of the CBC creator, network it's about Amanda, Murray an indigenous. Woman who struggled for years to, come to terms with a traumatic, and abusive childhood. Eventually. She found a way to heal, she took up boxing, and. Now she's using her sport to inspire and support people close to her here's a portion of the short film blue rose I. Was. Sort of like a stepmom. Figure, to my. Ex's little girl for several. Years and. When. She was. Sexually. Assaulted I. It, definitely, broke my heart but what really hurt was that she wanted to commit suicide. The, only thing that I can do is, to, be a better, role model. Show. Her that she has, to fight for her life and this, therefore I need to fight for my life. It's. Not just like trauma, that gets me through my workout sometimes it's really like uplifting and empowering thoughts. Sometimes. I'll imagine, that I'm I'm dancing, in my regalia and I'm praying for. The. Women, or people that I care about and then it. Gives me energy and it sends her to shivers, through. My body while I'm working out. So. It's more than just the, physical, stuff. With, the fitness I. Really. Try to be healthy, all-around. Spiritually. Mentally physically. So. It's, it. Takes. More. Than one type, of out what I guess to. To accomplish, that. Some. Familiar local. Scenes there nicely shot, beautiful. And very empowering, yeah tough inside the ring and out and if you want to watch blue rose in its entirety you can find it on the CBC Vancouver, youtube channel along with the other stories, from the, CBC, creator Network. 636, Friday, evening, a live look at BC Place getting ready for the rugby sevens this weekend. I'm. Going to have Joanna is gonna be here next you're going right. Yes. The weekend is here johannah's can have the forecast next we think you'll like it if, you like sunshine and stay with us. You. This, weather update is brought to you by your local Remax. Agent the, experience, the tools the, know-how, that's, the sign of a Remax agent. All. Right Joanna's here, now for another look at the weather and I, think everybody's hoping, for those Dedes the double-digit double, digits, I think we. Just, might get there someday, yeah it'll be a bit of a you know struggle, between the 9 and the 10 but I promise, you'll like it either, way let, me take you through the time-lapse we, did have some, lingering, moisture this morning just a few showers, clouds. Building. On the North Shore we did sort of left with a bit of convection hence, the cumulus, but there we go a touch of the blue sky already, by, mid morning hours and clearing as he moved into the afternoon a nice, break after, what, was a very, intense. Thursday. Right across the south coast big, picture as far as temperatures go that arctic air has now retreated, it's sort of hanging on in through Iqaluit, that was dealing with blizzard.

Conditions Day. Before yesterday starting. To see those, winds and snow descend. On Labrador, but everyone else a calmer, day we're, sort of sharing in winter weather for most of the month but at least things. Are a bit calmer for most of the country for most of the weekend high pressure building. In as I mentioned earlier this, is the next system that, will hit, northern coastal, sections Sunday. Night and then, slowly make its way down to the south coast for, Monday, afternoon but we get by with a few decent days until then and and even when we do get it at this point it does look like a rain event so, taking you through the overnight just a few clouds to kick off your Saturday calm, winds temperatures, just below the freezing mark but we'll warm up what quite quickly in that sunshine, by, the afternoon. Blue, skies getting, back to the high single, digits just watching, for some, Fairweather cumulus building. On the North Shore some of Mike's favorite clouds and then clearing right back out towards, the afternoon nothing, that should, interrupt. Any weekend, plans whether you're just. Say inside, watching. Some sports or outside. Enjoying the weather high pressure descending. Across the province so, everyone, really sharing in a pretty decent forecast, we are finally, getting into some seasonal. Temperatures, and through the door north DS Lake Fort, Nelson down towards the peace region, your overnight lows are still around minus 15 but believe it or not that is seasonal for this time of year that's the first time you've hit it in quite, some time there's, the cold front that approaches, Sunday, night for northern coastal sections, I should mention bulk Lee Valley and North Coast under. A special weather statement for poor air quality that's. Sinking air around this high is locking, in some fine particulates, for the weekend that, cold front should sweep things out but at court of course it will come with some rain and snow, and that's what's headed our way Monday. Afternoon just in the form of rain I'll show you that in a quick moment long, range temperature trend again, watch the greens that's the seasonal, temperatures, and you can see the diurnal, effects as they head through the weekend seen, above, seasonal, temperatures, for most of Western Canada as we, head into early, next week and beyond. So a good stretch of seasonal weather for, most of the country it's always nice we can share. In a taste of the next season of course, we do have to get, through an hour, less sleep on Sunday let me take you through the, full forecast that does mean, as u.s. set your clocks forward into, Sunday morning that, we, will get an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day but you're not fooling me it means we will all be very tired, Monday, morning watching, for those showers Monday night into, Tuesday morning temperatures. Coming down a little bit but look at that I need a double. Digits love it. If. Only it comes a little sooner fingers, crossed figures, I'm not ruling it out on Sunday all, right. The dragon has landed, yes a capsule, from Elon Musk's, space X splashdown.

In The Atlantic, right on time today. The. Return of the crew, Dragon, capsule ends, a seven-day, mission to the International. Space Station a SpaceX, rocket launched. The capsule last Saturday, the, crew, dragon spent five days at the International, Space Station dropping. Off a hundred and eighty kilograms of test equipment before, flying, itself back to earth the, only passenger, was. A dummy covered in sensors and, a stuffed toy of the earth which is still, up there SpaceX. Is planning a crewed spaceflight, in June. Never. Gets tired of it never gets awesome. Stuff yeah, every, time I love it the. Dummy's name by the way was Ripley, I know. The story unfolding Ripley, from the alien movies oh yeah. So she was sitting there with all her sensors, and she made it and looking. Forward to the real humans in the summer absolutely. All right thanks. Joe the. Prime Minister is apologizing. Over the federal government's, treatment of Inuit, tuberculosis. Patients, more on that after the break. You. You. Yeah. It's really relevant here at Metro Vancouver. There. Are so many stories in the city to tell and to explore. Our. Listeners, deserve. An, explanation. That's. Just anecdotal, it's really, the, perfect place to live the fact, that people come from all, over and, want to make a home here that says a lot about the city. Hi. I'm Amy Val and here's what's in your CBC Vancouver, inbox, if. You've ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes here at CBC Vancouver, here's your chance go online and book a date to come in for a tour of our integrated, newsroom, and, our home can be your home from concerts, to gallows to bar mitzvahs our studio space can be transformed, for any occasion, and is available for rent for more from CBC vancouver check us out online at,, /. Bc. Prime. Minister Trudeau, is apologizing. Over the federal government's, treatment of Inuit tuberculosis. Patients, for decades Inuit who contracted. The disease were. Forced, to go south, for treatment, often with, devastating, consequences. The CBC's David Kamen has the story. Inu, EES in Canada's vast North have waited, decades for this moment this. Was a shameful. Chapter. In, Canada's, history, culture. And language. Eroded. Families. Would. Never again be whole. Lives. Were. Shattered beyond. Repair. Because. Language was, eroded, denied it was critically. Important, that today any we hear that apology, in, their, language but. An apology, alone is. Not enough. In. The room in a weed who experienced. The trauma firsthand, in the 40s, 50s and 60s pulled, off the land away from their food sources and pushed. Into communities, the, air borne disease tuberculosis was. Imported, too and those, with it were shipped south for treatment, it's believed, 900. Died but, often, their families, were not told I would, like to take this moment and. Ask for a moment of silence, for, all of, those. Who are not here with us today if, we could please just. Have a moment of silence to think, about all. Of those affected by, this. Apology, today. Along. With the apology, a commitment, to help those still seeking, the graves of relatives, in southern cities, money. To help locate, them and visit. I'm feeling, that it's. Good for the elders, and those who survived, the TB, era. And especially, for. The the. People that lost loved one in, southern. Sanatoriums. An. Apology. Was given to, them. To. This day though the legacy, of parents, taken, from children, and children, from parents, transported. Far from home in the name of help, continues. To reverberate, the. Trauma known throughout. The North, David. Coleman CBC, News Toronto. Opposition. Leader and Russia are facing, criticism today, over an exchange, at an Ontario, Town Hall asked, about a widely, debunked, conspiracy. Theory, Shearer said nothing, to dispute, the idea the. CBC's Salima shiv ji on this latest battle in the war on fake news a. Busy. Town hall for Andrew Shearer with an unexpected, question full, of false information, Trudeau. Gave six hundred million dollars to the Clinton Foundation the. Clinton Foundation, is part of child, trafficking and child sacrifice, if you if, you study it missing a pizza gate, how, do we get that money back Pizza, Gate a conspiracy, theory that accused former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton of running, a child sex ring at this pizza shop the, fake story was widely debunked and still, someone, who believed the tale fired, shots there appreciate your concern last, night Andrew Shearer didn't challenge the man who asked the question, you mentioned the Clinton.

Foundation, You mentioned there, are other examples, where Justin. Trudeau's government, has given grants to hire people for groups. That are you. Know advocating. For their. Own particular, ideology. Today, Shearer says he didn't hear the word pizza, gate I heard the Clinton Foundation part I heard some of the other points the gentleman was making but that that. Was not something that. Shears. Office says he didn't know what pizza gate was until, today but, now that he does he believes conspiracies. Like it have no place in political, debate it's, not always easy for politicians to, call up fake information on, the fly the, Prime Minister has several, times when attacked over his policies, that, is, false. Quebec. Actually. Gets its oil from, the United States and. From. Western, Canada even, harder perhaps challenging. Supporters. Like, the late US Senator, John McCain did when, faced with a lie about his opponent, Barack Obama he's. An Arab no, no. Ma'am no ma'am he said he's, he's, a decent family. Man citizen. Making, things more difficult for sheer Maxim Bernie as New People's Party, threatens to split the conservative vote in the fall election, shear and and and Bernie are gonna be fighting over the same kind of group of voters and this might be something that he's thinking about that would, help him in the, election, and in October, it's, a new reality, with fake news swirling, around elections, politicians, are increasingly, faced with a choice call, it out or risk being called out themselves. Sylia chef G CBC News Ottawa. Coming. Up our review of Marvel's, new superhero, movie, Captain, Marvel, which, seems tailor-made, for, International. Women's Day. You. Monday. On the early edition we, we clone series, looking at the unique neighborhoods, of Surrey and the residents, who live there Jessie Johnson brings us why we live here that's, Monday on the early, edition of CBC Radio One. Talk. About timing marvel's, new superhero, movie Captain, Marvel seems, tailor-made for International. Women's Day Academy. Award, winner brie Larson, stars as Captain, Marvel, and in another rare move for a superhero, action film one, of the directors is also a woman, here's, CY, CBC's, film critic we've all been waiting for, Eli Glasser, when. We first meet her brie Larson, is veers a proud, cree member of the elite combat, unit, star, force the, cree are an advanced civilization and, they've been locked in a war with the shape-shifting race, known as the Skrulls. But, Viers has visions, of another, life and, keep having these. I see, flashes. I think I have a life here on, the run from the Strela she crashes into a Blockbuster. Video store. Welcome. To Earth circa. 1995. The radio is blasting, TLC, and no, doubts and grunge is high-fashion, fans. Of a certain age like me will enjoy the totally awesome 90s, references, but most convincing. Of all surprisingly, is a young SHIELD agent named, Nick Fury with. The health of the visual effects company, lola samuel. L.jackson looked, 24. Years younger been riding a desk for the past six years trying to figure out where future enemies are coming from never occurred to me they would be coming from above, bringing.

As A rebellious. Smirk to the character while fury does, adapt, to the presence of aliens, on earth rather quickly. Sam Jackson gets, to have a little more fun with the younger, model of a character. That. Goofs the cat you're, gonna love it okay so, as Marvel's. First female. Led movie with a female co-director. Screenwriters, and composer, does, Marvel, do it right well, Captain Marvel doesn't make it easy for the audience at the beginning relying. On the old amnesia. Cliches, as beards or Carol. Danvers, slowly, pieces, together just who she was you, were reborn. In my past is, the key to all of this where, the film's does Excel is showing how she depends, on her friends the camaraderie between her and her friends Maria a fellow, test pilot, is effortless, about. To show these boys how we do it you ready. Therefore, the faster babies but, as for brie Larson's, captain marvel having, to introduce a character and tie, into the upcoming finale, is a lot may, not be Marvel's best but it's a good start for a hero I think we're gonna be seeing a lot more up pretty, soon. Not going to fight your war. I'm. Gonna end it three, and a half stars out of five you. Like laughter CBC News Toronto. I'll. Probably try and see it what do you guys think I'm. Not a big superhero movie, tape, it down as, well yeah and I like a brie Larson character. Too so, three. And a half it's not bad good point I will keep you posted okay finally. Tonight's video. Of a small but, fierce looking, killer whale is causing major excitement, in scientific. Circles you'll. Hear, the cheering just before you see the whale. Marine. Biologists. Are thrilled, at discovering, a new species of orca, whales this, video taken off the coast of Chile confirms. What fishermen, have been saying for years there, is a killer, whale here, that just doesn't look like the rest of them this, fish has a small, white, eyepatch a round head and a thin sharper. Dorsal. Fin at. 8 meters long it's also smaller, than typical, killer whales biologists. Say these whales remained, a mystery. Because they live in the most inhospitable, waters. On, the planet they. Call it a stunning, and welcome discovery, as killer, whales are increasingly, a threatened, species and fun, fact one, of the scientists, on the team is from British Columbia Jared, towers is with Fisheries, and Oceans Canada and, works out of Nanaimo, and Alert Bay. It's, pretty cool very cool everybody, loves a good whale I know what a beauty, - you can you know what if you watch it long enough there are some subtle differences yeah. I'll, have to watch again. You. Know that's. It for us you can find our newscast online at /bc, dan is here at 11:00 have, a good week.

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