WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for March. 4 - ICBC Lawsuit, New Coronavirus Case, Tourism Slump

WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for March. 4 - ICBC Lawsuit, New Coronavirus Case, Tourism Slump

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Tonight. On CBC, Vancouver, News. Thanks. Ripping me off angry. Drivers, and accident, victims hit ICBC. With a billion dollar lawsuit, also. As. You know the risk is changing, day. By day globally, another, case of coronavirus. In BC a woman, in critical, condition. And. Female. Managers, fly to bella bella. For. An indigenous washing. Ceremony after. Mistaken, arrests. This. Is CBC. Vancouver. News. Good. Evening well it's a head-on collision between, angry, drivers, and injury victims, and ICBC. The corporation, and the BC government are, being hit with a 900. Million. Dollar class-action, lawsuit, as Eric Rankin of our CBC, Vancouver impact team reports, the lawsuit, alleges, there was a secret, scheme to take money for my CBC's, coffers. If, you've ever paid compulsory, insurance through ICBC. Like all drivers or been injured in a crash and received compensation. You, could be in line for a share of almost 1 billion dollars, if a proposed class-action, lawsuit, is approved, by BC Supreme Court, and wins, here's. What the lawsuit alleges, that since 1973. Dating, back to an Icee BC was formed there was a secret, agreement to. Raid I CBC's, budget, instead. Of the BC government billing. The provinces, medical, services, plan for doctors fees the, government, had the Insurance, Corporation, pay them as much, as 60 million dollars a year to make, up for that drain, on its budget the Insurance Corporation, allegedly, passed those costs, to you by, underpaying, accident, benefits and hiking, drivers, premiums, a total. Of nine hundred million dollars, that the lawsuit wants, paid back, thanks. For ripping me off the, proposed class action, has to lead plaintiff standing in for all victims, in the alleged unlawful scheme. Twenty, nine-year-old Brayden, met out of Williams Lake represents. Those severely, injured, in motor vehicle accidents. He, was paralyzed, in a rollover outside, Kamloops, in 2014. And says, he now believes ICBC. Secretly. Deducted. Doctors, fees from his accident, benefits it's, just.

Frustrating. To know that they they, can. Just. Just take it take advantage of somebody that's in my in my situation. 70, year old Bob Morrison, represents, the average driver in the proposed class action, he's, had compulsory. Insurance with, ICBC. For 47. Years but, despite an impeccable, driving, record he's, seen his premiums, constantly. Climb I want, my money everybody, in British Columbia deserves, their money back if they purchased, insurance from ICBC, the lawsuit, accuses ICBC. And the BC government of, negligence. Misfeasance. Breach, of trust and breach of contract, reached, by CBC, News both the public corporation, and the government say they've, yet to be served with this claim and will, review it before determining, next, steps the allegations, haven't been proven in court, just, this week BC Attorney General David EB pledged to end the previous government's practice of quote treating, ICBC. Like an ATM, and. Dipping. Into its surpluses, today. He introduced legislation to, move BC, to no-fault, insurance pledged. Improved, care benefits, for crash victims, and address, the latest moneygrab, allegation. So I'm struggling. To see the illegality of that but not. Prejudging the claim at all just. It. Seems, unusual the, lead plaintiffs, say it's not about the nine hundred, million dollars. I just. Want just. Awareness for. Everyone and anybody else that's in my situation I'm here for the moral stance this. Is not right the general public of British Columbia needs to. Trust, the. Government they, need to trust the corporations, within the government that they're doing the right thing and in this case they have not been doing the, right thing and they, need to correct it no. Date has been set for the proposed class-action, lawsuit, Eric, Rankin CBC, News Vancouver. And. That is an original story, brought to us by you our, CBC, viewers listeners and readers now if you have a story you'd like our impact, team to take a look at send us an email, impact at CBC, dot. CA. Well. We have another case of coronavirus. Here in BC it's a woman in her 80s she's, now in critical condition, after recently, returning home from India and Hong Kong we're. Looking at the time period that she. And others. Were we're on a tour group in India and so, who else was on that group what, kind of exposures, they might have had currently, India's not reporting, a lot of cases they're reporting, mostly sporadic, imported. Cases though in the last couple of days there's been a slight increase in that so, that's clearly one thing we're investigating, some, of the other people who are on this tour we're. Friends that are now in other parts of Canada or, in Hong Kong, the. Timing. Of, her symptom, onset is, much, more likely to be related to Hong Kong but, we're looking at that as well, Henry. Says the woman was not sick on her trip but became ill.

A Few, days after, getting home she, is being treated, at Vancouver General Hospital, this, is B C's 13, case, four. Of the people diagnosed, have fully recovered, all, of the others are in self. Isolation. At home. Health. Authorities keep warning people to stay home if they have symptoms but for, many workers that is simply, not an option as a UN sent reports, one single, mother says it's a choice between health. And putting, food on the table I've. Had pneumonia and gotten to work, like. On antibiotics. Stay. At home rest. I've, got Newark this. Vancouver, woman says she can't afford to miss even a single day of work she, spoke to CBC News under condition of anonymity due, to fears she could lose work clients, if I miss two contracts, like, a full contract, I would, probably be home I don't. Have you. Know. Sizeable, savings. To live off of if. I got really sick she's, a single mother with two dependent, children to care for more, than 60% of her income goes, towards, paying her rent I don't have, an option, really. It's yet. Right, it has to be paid kids. Have to be fed. Ya. Sick isn't an option health, authorities have warned for weeks that people with symptoms of illness should avoid contact, with others and stay home from work all. To try and contain the spread of kovat, 19 so I'm asking all, British Columbians, if you, are sick stay home stay, away from others, the woman we interviewed, feels that advice is out of touch I feel like they're talking to a, different. Class of people than I am. They're. Talking to people who have. Sick. Leave at work they're, talking to, people who are probably you. Know have rights that have been fought for by a union this, researcher, says millions of Canadians, without sick leave have to choose between working, through illness or, missing, out on a paycheck, the best estimates, from stat scan would be 2 million people which is over 8 percent of the labor force precarious. Work is common, throughout industries, like tourism food service retail filming, and construction, Thompson. Says the number is growing with companies like lyft uber and, fedora hiring people as independent, contractors and, if they're independent, contractors they. Don't even get what the law provides the employer doesn't contribute to the Canada Pension Plan for instance they're, not covered by occupational, health and safety regulations the. Vancouver woman we spoke with knows she could be putting herself and others at risk my, intention, isn't to get, other people sick that's, not. What I want but. It. Has to be weighed against, bills and food and things, like. That but, feels she has no choice with rent to pay and to children to care for FAU. Gwen senge CBC, News Vancouver. NBC's. Tourism, industry, also taking a big hint because of coronavirus. Bookings, from China have dropped substantially John. Hernandez, is finding out resorts, are now banking on Canadian, tourists. To fill that void, today. Nothing happened. Is. It like a Cyril, 2020. Hasn't, been kind to travel, agent Glynnis chan the, corona virus, has wiped out most, of her business nobody, wanted, to have chance to travel. In. Under, this certain condition. For. Weeks people haven't, been booking flights to China even, Europe but now she's noticing, that trips to BC, are also, on, the decline, travelers. That she would usually book tours and, cruise ships for I don't see any tourists. From China or. From Asia to Canada, and last. About. Ten days ago I walked through from Chinatown to Gaston, into the, waterfront I don't. See any trees this. Sunny, Vancouver, afternoon, a reminder that peak tourism, season is just around the corner but bookings, from China one, of the biggest markets are down 70%. Well, from a traveling, tourism perspective, to British Columbia you know it is seeing we are seeing an impact especially. With the long, haul and. International, travelers, to British Columbia we're beginning to see a decrease, in forward. Bookings, the, tourism, sector a major pillar, of BC's economy, today, Premier John Horgan urged travelers, that the province, is safe, on the tourism side I think there's a great opportunity British. Columbia is relatively. Free of. Incidents. Or cases I think that people should be comfortable that they can participate in the community but, the bulk of tourists, who do come to BC, tend, to be domestic. Travelers, the, hope at this tourism, conference in Victoria, is that Canadians, can prop up the industry we were receiving cancellations. From Italy from, the Canary Islands and of course we're letting those people out of the bookings that they don't need to stress about getting a refund or anything but, the magic is we're, starting to see bookings, out of Ontario for, Ontario Spring Break the federal, government said it's keeping an eye on the sector officials, wouldn't, say if there will be any financial, relief for struggling businesses.

Even, Though some are, holding out hope John. Hernandez CBC, News Vancouver. And. School, boards around BC, are taking, the step of cancelling, student, trips, Brod upcoming. Trips this month to Italy, Japan and France have, now been scrapped by school districts in Surrey Vancouver, and the Sunshine Coast great. Eleven point ray secondary, student, Kate horodyski. Had, her trip to Paris and Florence, abruptly, cancelled yesterday by the Vancouver School Board so. With the virus, the vias be cancelled it because they didn't think of a safe enough so. Which, is pretty, relieving, I was, pretty like sad. About it but it's way safer this way we were like kind. Of nervous about the virus because I know that some things are like luck down there we don't wanna be quarantined and we're, also going to homestays so, they would also be nervous for us and they wouldn't, want like tourists coming in school. Staff are said to be working to secure refunds. For students, and families luckily. For horodyski, she, just received news that she'll, be invited, to attend next, year's March trip during her senior year current. Seniors, may have to make alternative plans. Well. They're impossible to miss face, masks, being worn by people all over the, world in an attempt, to control, coronavirus. But as Deborah Goble reports tonight there's concern now those, who really need the, masks, aren't able to find any. With. New cases of the corona virus being diagnosed. Daily, the disposable. Face mask industry. Continues. To boom just, to protect, others because, I'm copying, a little bit so, right, now it's really sensitive so I just want to make sure yeah, just, to protect myself for. Safety, we also avoid the virus, like. Spare to each other as. Soon as stores bring them in they, get snapped, up and they're not only being bought locally to wear here, they're also being sent back to China where. There's a huge demand and, not a lot of supply. This. Despite, medical experts, telling us disposable. Face masks. Offer very, little, protection from, Kovach, 19, they, are really only effective, they say when used by people already. Showing, symptoms, it's, probably not going to help you to wear a mask out in public if you're not sick yourself. It does keep your own droplets, in so, if you have if you have an illness if your have a runny nose a cough put a mask on if you need to be outside to go seek, medical care for example I'm really frustrated by the situation because. It really feels like people, aren't necessarily informing. Themselves properly I'm, not really understanding. The situation the, minute somebody hears that someone's sick they immediately think well a mask will protect me still, you might think well it can't hurt to wear one and maybe, it doesn't but. For people like marina McCaffrey, who have compromised, immune systems, not, having access to a face mask could, be deadly and, sure, enough when I started.

Looking For it and it was actually my doctor they said don't bother cuz they're all sold out so I started, looking around and sure enough they are long, before anyone had ever heard of the corona virus, McCaffrey was wearing disposable, masks, whenever, she'd go somewhere, germs, might linger so, not having access to that basic PPE for just general safety has actually been concerned and it's not just people who get sick easily that depends, on the masks, construction. Workers dealing, with dust particles, chemicals, and even asbestos. Often. Need them to do their job safely, it's. Been said many times in, recent weeks the best thing you can do is wash, your hands, often with soap and water use, alcohol-based. Hand. Sanitizers. Avoid. Touching your eyes nose and, mouth and disinfect. Objects, and surfaces frequently. Do that and your odds of becoming infected, go, way down Deborah. Gopal CBC, News Vancouver. And. We'll have more on corona, virus, including, what the federal government, is doing to speed up response, time and how to reduce the, risk of spreading code, 19, in the community that's all coming up later, in the program. Of. Post-secondary, students, across the province joined, a nationwide, walkout, today, in support, of Wetzel and hereditary, choose. Students. At SFU, UBC, Langara, capilano, ufv. And UVic scheduled, walk outs a face, to face book, group rather called Langara, student, walkout for wet suet and confirmed. They were blocking the intersection of cam B and 49th. In Vancouver, was to Capilano University North. Vancouver RCMP. Say a protest, held, up traffic around Mountain Highway and Keith, Road. Earlier. In the day more than a hundred students, made their way from the University of Victoria to. The BC Legislature, the national. Student walkout, for what so it is organized, by a group of BC students, according, to social media posts.

They Want RCMP, and coastal, gas link to withdraw from what so and territory, a, 50. Year old man has been charged with manslaughter, for a death that took place in oppenheimer Park on New Year's Day, Glen. Dominic, Morton was arrested, in Vancouver, on Thursday, and remains in custody the, victim has us Cristobal. Esteban, had a bad head injury after. A fight near the parks basketball. Court he, died the next day in hospital, Marcin, had been last convicted, in 2018. Of possessing, a weapon for, a dangerous purpose. About. 500, people are set to lose their jobs with cannabis, producer, canopy, growth today, the company announced plans to close greenhouses, in Aldergrove, and Delta, the, facilities opened in 2018. And anticipation. Of a growing marijuana market, in BC and Canada, but, now canopy says the recreational, market has, been slow to develop, causing. Working capital, and profitability, challenges. Across the industry it, plans to lose eight million, dollars this quarter, due, in part to the, closures. We. Now know the cause of a fiery pipeline. Explosion. Near Prince George the, explosion, happened after the lines operator, improperly. Delayed a scheduled, hazard, management inspection. The, 2018 blast, led to evacuations. And choked natural, gas supply across BC, for months the, Transportation. Safety Board sent, Enbridge, pipeline Safety, Advisory last year during the investigation, according. To the TSB reports, the company has, since changed how, it assesses, the amount of time it can go between. Inspections. Meteorologist. Brad Sowder home is here our first check of the forecast pretty, wonderful Wednesday as, you said it would be nothing to complain about I hope you had your sunglasses with you and I know we talked about this frequently especially when I'm on with Anita but walking around and seeing people just smiling where the Sun is always a beautiful thing to see indeed. And now, well it was a good day but we are gonna be transitioning, as we do back into a bit of a showery pattern, and it's all thanks to this big system right now that's just spinning, off the coast of Haida, Gwaii and as that, happens. We are expecting, some very strong, winds not only for Haida Gwaii but for Prince Rupert and northern portions of Vancouver, Island there's, the possibility there that Gus could locally, reach a hundred kilometers or even a little bit higher than that now, closer to home we are gonna just be dealing with a few showers not really starting, in the near future but you can see these on the radar right now for, southwestern, portions, of Vancouver, Island and that eventually, is gonna be our weather story by the time that tomorrow rolls around temperature-wise. Today nothing, to complain about here as well we got up to about 10 degrees at the airport and temperatures. At Vancouver International Airport, right now I've only cooled down by a couple of degrees but all in all pretty well right where they should be so in terms of a look ahead we had a really nice and sunny day can you be expecting, another one of those tomorrow no. It's not gonna be sunny at all in fact we're gonna be dealing with spotty showers, first thing in the morning likely, lasting. And really picking up an intensity by the afternoon, and even carrying, on into, tomorrow but it is going to be going up and down and I'm gonna have that full forecast for you when I come back all right thanks Brett, and. A quick reminder you can watch this newscast live on CBC, Jim the free app is, also where you can find other CBC, programs, CBC Vancouver also on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Well. Unlike Washington, State there has been no evidence of community. Transmission. Of coronavirus. Here yet, that is coming, up how some aren't waiting for it doing what they can to. Try to stop the spread of the virus. You. And. Thanks for tuning into our livestream tonight ad free, during the three and a half minute commercial break on TV, well. Macadam New Brunswick, is a small town in the midst of a trend, of Vancouverites. Are all too familiar with, a red-hot housing, market yes the town of just more, than one thousand, is on, the, growth thanks, to some unconventional moves, by, City Council but, I CBC's Henry Forrestal, found out macadam is welcoming. The kind of market shift Vancouver, has been fighting against, for the past several years. Rhonda. Cole has never been so busy risking. The ice in high heels for a real estate market that's red-hot drawing. Buyers from far and wide since. January first I think I did the count this morning and I think there's nine, that I've sold to since then last. Year the numbers were up significantly. This is my newest listing in macadam people, are coming from Ontario. I've sold, to Vancouver.

Texas. As you've probably heard, okay. It is in Toronto or Vancouver. This, is macadam, a once vibrant rail town turned, into a rural dead end or at least it was the, Masonic, Hall was purchased, by. A fellow, that's going to come in and put some businesses, in there Mayor, Ken statics, is running a village that is suddenly growing, again capturing. The interest of property, buyers and people looking for a less complicated, life, we figured by the end of next summer we. Should be looking at about thirteen. Hundred and fifty people really, Wow. It's. Really as, I grown, by I want. To say two hundred people over the last it'll. Be four years the turnaround began when council, tackled, a persistent, problem the, growing number of old abandoned. Homes Mayor, Stanek send his councilors put their heads together and came up with an idea what. If they tore down those abandoned, homes and sold the Lots for a dollar apiece. Well. The response was immediate and overwhelming. We just got floored because we had no idea we, would have so many people calling. Us and trying to get a hold of a lot in. Adam. And Jess Bronson, heard about macadam while living in Montreal running. Their vintage patch, business, they, sold up and moved east in November. Impressed not just by the affordable, properties but, by McAdams, rural, charm there was a-there older fellow on the other side of town and we met him one, night there wouldn't they have the Christmas tree. Night here, and there was it, was around Christmas but, he said need any tools need, to borrow my truck just. Knock on my door I'll give you a beer and we'll, get you set up this is refreshing this is what life, should be there's, still a lot to do a Texas, businessman, has already, spoken for this lot and there, are rumors that rail traffic may increase again as CP. Rail renews, the freight connection, to Saint John a promising. Future for, a village with a colorful, past, Harry. Foristell CBC, News macadam, New Brunswick. You. A. Coronavirus, is not only having an impact on the health of Canadians, it's also affecting. Our economy Prime, Minister Trudeau has formed a special committee today, with eight cabinet, ministers, it'll.

Gather Health safety and finance portfolios, to help deal with any, fallout, if the, Opera gets worse as David Cochrane reports this information, will allow the government, to act fast, if needed. During. This outbreak Justin. Trudeau's government, has had a sharp focus on the health of Canadians, but, now an urgent, focus, on the health of the Canadian, economy we, need to keep alert. But, we need to keep moving forward in a way that keeps Canadians, safe and keeps our economy rolling, the promise, of coming government, action, back stopped by immediate, action, from the Bank of Canada, which, cut its key interest rate by half a, percentage, point calling. Kovat, 19, a, material-. Shock, to the Canadian and global, economies, that, will likely get, worse this. Is not a situation that Canada, created, but, it is a situation that we are going through the, viral slump, is another drag on an economy already slowed, by rail blockades, teachers, strikes and snowstorms. So. A new cabinet, committee chaired, by the Deputy, Prime Minister, to deal with the economic and health fallout, our first, priority, is to keep Canadians. Safe, to, do that they are working with provinces, to make sure hospitals, have what they need and relying. On existing, plans, for an influenza. Pandemic to. Deal with kovat 19 there, are enough similarities, for, this plan to, pry this with a solid, foundation and, an advanced starting, point for a comprehensive, response, and, while, the country, is anxious. The number of cases in Canada remains, less than one, in a million I think it's important. For us to, seek, a sort, of you know I would call it the Goldilocks, response. Not. Too hot not. Too cold it's. Important, for our response, to be adequate. And, they stress the adequate, response from Kenny ian's to keep themselves safe is really quite simple, wash your hands cover, your coughs and sneezes and, stay, at home if you're sick David. Cochran CBC News Ottawa, and. Local. Health officials are, carefully, keeping an eye out for signs, of community, spread of kovat 19 signs, that the virus is being spread between people who have not traveled, to any outbreak, areas, well that's already happened, in the u.s. it hasn't, in BC, and as Vika doppio tells us moves, are underway to reduce, that risk. Cleaning. Up after little, fingers, everything, gets an extra wife at this Vancouver, Mall we've been sort. Of ramping, it up we thought we would get ahead of it rather than waiting the. Same goes for the real thing trains, and buses are now sanitized. Daily, instead, of weekly, or longer, some, tourist attractions, in Vancouver, and Toronto are, also being disinfected, more frequently, to reduce, the risk of spreading the corona virus, but not everyone sold these. Clothes this cover is not, plastic. And, nobody can. I'm. Worried about yeah disinfection. Is all part of Canada's planning, for a pandemic more, cleaning of common surfaces, reducing. Public gatherings, self-isolation, for, the sick and testing, sick people who haven't traveled. There's. Also social, distancing. Which some are already doing I mean I try to let go sit, at the end of the subway whoever's. Sitting right now it's pretty empty like. Here's someone coughing like, on public transportation I'll move to the other side honestly. We're right at the very beginning of this this, infectious, disease specialist, says that extra, vigilance, might help reduce the spread of kovat, 19, which. Is already passing, between people, with no travel history, known as community spread, why. Look to Iran and Italy when you can look right next-door where we have so much communication, back and forth as, soon as you see community, spread in the United States that pretty much guarantees we have community, spread here in Canada we may just not know it yet and. Unlike flu pandemics, no one has an immunity to Cove it 19, that means this outbreak, could be long this. Could be over eight to twelve months and so. That's, the hard part to wrap our heads around which. Is why health officials, say it's so important, for people to protect themselves as it may no longer be a matter of if more cases appear, but, when take.

Adobea CBC, News Toronto. And. Outside, of Canada the virus continues to have an impact in many places the, US has recorded. Its first coronavirus. Fatality. Outside, Washington, State the. Governor of California has, declared a state of emergency but. Washington. Remains hardest. Hit with 39. Known cases that's 12 more than yesterday, one, more death brings its total to 10 today, the US Congress, voted to spend eight point three billion dollars on measures like testing, and developing vaccines in. Italy, the government announced, a ban on fans, attending, sports, events, more, than 3,000, people are infected there but, one country's, official, number under, suspicion. Iran has reported, 92, deaths and nearly 3,000. Cases Rene, Philip oniel Oak said a country, where trust is in short supply. Getting. A first-hand look at the situation, in Iran. World. Health Organization. Staff are now on the ground and careful. Not to criticize we, are not here to evaluate the, response by the Iranian, government, we, are still all learning about the disease, there. Are things every, country, in the world can. Do better right now but. The government does face serious, criticism. And open, suspicion, that things may be worse than, Iran admits. This. Tehran based journalist, says he thinks the number of cases is higher than reported, and the government doesn't want to appear weak. Yes. This is the serious problem, because each, and every country on on this planet of ours is has, been affected a piece the Iranian president blames, US sanctions for, keeping medical supplies out of reach the. Regime is now taking drastic measures, making, the rare decision to cancel Friday, prayers, even, releasing more than 50,000. Prisoners to, stop the spread in jails a coordination. That's, very much not under, control Massa, Alomar Donny studies, Iran for a human rights group she, says getting people to take steps to fight the virus is hard when, they simply don't trust the government in some ways is justified, but in other ways is adds to, the furthering, of this kind of crisis. In. People you know not following, orders. Medical. Workers in defiance, of the government's, response. Share. Videos on social media, an. Effort, to find some light amid. The dark reality that, Iran is now in Brunei. Phillip oniy CBC, News London. Coming. Up BMO executives, had North to take part in an indigenous washing. Ceremony after, mistaken, arrests, why the event was so healing for all parties. To. Stay in step with today's high fashion, parade you must have granny boots but, your granny's boots were never like this more, than $200.

The. Last time it was in it was in for about, 150, years. Feels. Nice on the foot it's flattering, to the ankle. She. Likes to keep the money. These. Are the newest in Peter Fox's line the Camelot, look a hundred and twenty five to one hundred and sixty dollars the medieval look says peter fox's fashions, newest, step because. If you look at any of the comic books any, of the science fiction movies they're all the space people addressed, in medieval costume, and. Our next collection is. Medieval. Knight. Armor. But, it's called space. No. This is not the return of the giant red ant crushers they, call it the glam rock look 95. Bucks a pop. Absolutely. Marvelous it's beautiful, the colors of shapes who, is a piece of artwork just wonderful, would you wear shoes like that I do. Love the colors, I just. Have a passion for red and he showed my number nice red shoes. Peter, Fox shoes have a lot of fans after starting, with Fox and Fluevog in Vancouver, he moved to New York City in 1981. Now his shoes sell in 200 US stores and more, than a dozen high-fashion, places, in Europe he, and his wife Linda design and make the shoes in Italy where they live for six months a year, but. Will this cobbler, last are his, creations comfortable. Very. Comfortable, so. You can. Ours. These. Are not shoes just for anyone, Peter, Fox says they're for women 16, to 60 that. Is 16. To 60 with lots of money even. These modest little flatty's are, a hundred and fifty dollars a pair. Some. Of the stories were following tonight, on CBC, Vancouver news. I'm. Already overwhelmed with with. The injury and all that knowing, that they they, take advantage of somebody that's in my situation, the, BC government and, I CBC hit with a nine hundred million dollar proposed, class-action, lawsuits, drivers. Alleged they've been overcharged, for insurance, and accident. Victims say they've, been under compensated. A. New. Case of covin nineteen so, this will be a total of thirteen, NB. C--'s thirteenth case of coronavirus, is a woman in her 80s who. Recently traveled. To India, and Hong Kong she, is in critical condition, tonight at, Vancouver, General, Hospital. Aim. Was to repair the damage, caused when, an indigenous man and his granddaughter, were arrested, as they, tried to open a bank account as Robert E Baker reports, bosses, from the Bank of Montreal went.

To Bella Bella recently, and took part in a special ceremony. Emotions. Run high as, 56, year-old Maxwell Johnson. Speaks directly to BMO, representatives. In front of the help set community, in Bella Bella Johnson. And his 12 year old granddaughter, were arrested, and handcuffed, at a BMO branch in Vancouver, more than two months ago they, were trying to open an account for. Many the, incident, served as an example of racism and a lack of cultural competency. Part. Of BMO's response, to the incident was. Accepting, this invitation, the. Bank chartered two planes to, fly a group of 15 people to balla balla a small, hard-to-reach, community, on Campbell Island on BC, Central, Coast the, bank didn't send the tellers or front line staff that deal with customers. It was mostly upper management. The. Delegation, was given blankets and took, part in a ceremony, that saw them circle a fire before, the community. BMO. Staff said they were just there to listen and, that it wouldn't be appropriate to, comment Debra. Baker was part of the delegation she. Doesn't work for the bank but takes part in the indigenous advisory, council that was created, after the incident, in Vancouver, as one of our are, one of the hereditary chief, said here tonight is. Not to let it ever happen again and. I think that's what the focus is going to be there, was strong word said that. Probably had to be said and. I'm. Really hoping that. The. People from the Bank of Montreal had. Heard. It and. Learned. From it. The. Day after the ceremony, Johnson, had processed his, experience, I didn't, realize how much, how. Angry I was about it and how. Much I hate I had towards the Bank of Montreal I feel. So much lighter today like it's like time, has been lifted off me Johnson, says he still doesn't want to continue as a BMO customer, and there, still may be legal, action following his arrest but. He says speaking. His piece helps, put it behind him and he's, glad the BMO, reps were blanketed, in the ceremony, hope it opens their eyes to, First. Nations people and their culture and it's alive and it's. Strong. Rafferty, Baker CBC, News Vancouver. 6:37. And there's a live shot of downtown vancouver, tonight the. Risk of showers increases. After a pretty nice day on the south coast and it's likely to stick around throughout tomorrow, when. Will we catch a break Brett's, gonna tell us coming, up. You. Work. Crews in Ohio are putting the finishing touches on, a new type of roller coaster, you look, very excited. It. Aims to be among the tallest fastest. And longest, in the world. Check. Out this drone footage at the steel coaster, at the Kings Island amusement park, yeah yeah.

Propria, Named Orion, the. Ride takes passengers to, extreme Heights followed, by massive drops starts, out with a 90, meter fall, and riders. Hit seven more hills traveling, at speeds of up to 146. Kilometres, an hour, thrill-seekers. Will be able to ride the 1600. Meter long coaster. This. Spring. So. Are you gonna be first in line for that no my problem is right now maybe they're gonna add more suspension, yeah looks very flimsy it does that does not look like something that I want to get on anytime soon exposed. I. Was. Gonna do an ice roller coaster Segway I guess in terms of the ups and downs not, nearly a 90 meter freefall. But. We have had a nice day it's gonna get a little showery tomorrow and we're gonna have a nice day I'm just gonna just keep it going like that I think this is a roller coaster that is one, that we're just gonna have to get through. Emotions. All. Right let's get that but take a look first thing though this morning at a beautiful, looking, time lapse across our North Shore mountains today something. We certainly have not seen in the past little while lots, of sunshine for everyone, those nice bubbling clouds coming up off of the mountains, as well it, was a great day all in all for those who love the sunshine and I mean really who didn't at this point lovely, day for that now in terms of what we've got coming it's, gonna be kind of the exact opposite, of what we saw there there are showers in the forecast the, risk for that is going to be there throughout the overnight tonight but it largely is gonna be increasing. Through at late morning and into the early afternoon tomorrow. So, by about say 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock that's when I would expect it to be at least showery, and then probably going into a period of slightly heavier rain but all in all we're only talking about 10 millimeters, or so at, this point in time I mentioned, earlier how this storm that's brewing right now that's what we'll be bringing all of our rain that's bringing very strong winds to our North Coast and that's of course can be bringing some snow into some higher elevations. There's the risk for that down toward the Okanagan, and parts of the Kootenays but tomorrow it's still likely that places, say like Nelson or Castle you are could be seeing 14, degrees by the afternoon, now our temperatures, are not going to be anywhere close to that we're in fact /. - we're looking at highs of maybe 7 or 8 degrees because we do have those showers to be dealing with but, as I mentioned into, the interior it is going to be feeling quite a lot warmer now, here's the thing the weekend is upon us we traditionally, know that this may mean some unsettled, weather for Vancouver especially, on Saturday, but it's extra, special this Saturday, because if you're paying attention to the colors here this is blue and pink that means, realistically. There is a slight chance of a rain/snow, mix first, thing on Saturday morning and yes it's March but, this is how it is going to be going clearing, it throughout the day so when you look at the five-day forecast hopefully. You're not taking buy too much of a surprise here is that roller coaster trend, I mentioned, Friday, is gonna be a nice day Saturday, rain/snow, mix Sunday nice and then starting into next week we'll have that Sun come back and temperature, should be right where they should be all right o'clock so had an hour on Saturday night with very good reminder thank you all right thanks Brad the. Weather update is brought to you by the body shop that always takes you back to your happy place PCs favorite, Craftsman, collision, air miles and bigger smiles. Coming. Up why Tim Hortons is apologizing. To nearly. 20,000. Customers. You. Super. Tuesday lived. Up to its, billing the, Democratic, Party's field of candidates, in the primaries, shrinking, to to frontrunner, as the CBC's Paul hunter reports, support. Is consolidating. Behind Joe Biden and Bernie, Sanders and, we're, finding out what that means. First. Signal, today that all of a sudden in the US it's a changed, political, landscape, one of the many Mike, Bloomberg offices. In Virginia this morning locked. Tight, emptied, closed, after, winning, not a single, state Super, Tuesday he's, now the latest Democrat. To quit this contest, and the. Latest to, do this I endorse Joe Biden, and I hope you will join me in working to make him the next president. Of the United States, the. Path toward, that for Joe Biden last. Night took a giant step forward. Such. A big deal today even, Donald Trump, acknowledged.

It I, think Joe actually would have the advantage in. Essence, the Super Tuesday results give, Democrats, finally. A clear. Choice on how to best take on Trump the, Democratic Socialist politics, of Bernie Sanders or Joe, Biden's, push for simply a so-called, return, to normal with voters, last night for the most part choosing, the latter today, a seemingly. Frustrated. Bernie Sanders, painted, himself as, victim. There has been. Never. A campaign. In recent, history which. Has taken on the entire political. Establishment. And, that. Is an establishment, which is working frantically, or. To try to, defeat. Us still. Back, in Charlotte's, burg Virginia, a state that strongly backed, by daniil assed night the, broad feelings, seem to be if this, is about defeating Donald, Trump maybe Democrat, voters are finally, figuring it out if you're looking at what's good for the entire country, you have, to look at Biden, we might be just rolling in right direction I think, that the path is getting clearer. CBC's. Paul hunter reporting, tonight well. Desperate migrants trying, to make their way to Europe are facing, an uneasy night at the border between Turkey, and Greece, millions. Displaced by, war and conflict, were taken in by Turkey but, turkey, says it can no longer keep, them and has opened its borders to neighboring European, countries, as, Margaret Evans reports political, uncertainty, is taking, its toll. Gathering. Your children, that's, what these women are doing along turkeys northern, border with Greece night. Approaching. No shelter in sight. The. People here took the Turkish president at his word when, he said he, would send thousands, of migrants, pouring, into Europe. But. The door is not his to open, and this, morning Greek police repelled, those trying to cross in, chaotic, scenes. Eighteen-year-old. Ibrahim, gazelle, says the Greek police beat those trying, to cross using, batons. Athens. And Ankara, traded, allegations. Greece, saying, Turkish soldiers, fired tear gas across. The border to clear passage, for the migrants, turkey, accused Greece of, firing, at people we're. About six kilometers from, the Greek border here but the Turkish police aren't letting us go any further they're also stopping, the people around us from, going any further but, this river behind me does lead to Greece and we're hearing that people are now moving along it in the hopes of finding a place to cross. The. Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will meet with Vladimir, Putin in Moscow, tomorrow. I, expect. To achieve an, enduring, ceasefire, in the region he says that, is our main topic. With. Turkey on the brink of a much larger conflict. With Syria and its Russian backers, the, people here, find themselves pawns in, a much larger game and they, are asking, for mercy for. Someone to see them in the dark, Margaret. Evans CBC News northern, Turkey.

Okay. Plenty, of Canadians, love Tim Hortons but may are not in love with the chains new. Mobile, app especially. After money uploaded, to it disappeared, from the screen for thousands, as Yvonne, Colbert reports, the company admits there was a glitch and it's now apologizing. To customers. Fredericton. Resident, Jerry Clark makes his Tim Hortons coffee at home these days he. Was a loyal, Tim's, customer, and liked the convenience, of using the app until. He got the latest version and it didn't work then, he lost the money he'd loaded, that, was early January, at, this point in time they still had over. 20 dollars of my money locked, into this app that they weren't allowing me to access Clark. Was equally, frustrated. Trying to get the company to respond, to his inquiries, but I would like to have an explanation as. To what. Happened and, why and I. Think, it's unconscionable, on, Tim Hortons part to continue to promote an app that, they blatantly know, is, not working, properly is. Taking, people's money and is, not giving them the rewards, that they're anticipating, Tim Hortons maintains, Clark used the money but he's not the only one with this problem the, company, confirmed that between December, and February, approximately. 20,000, customers have complained about the new app it's, apologized. For the lack of response, our, job is customer. Service and. He. Did fall down there, and for that we we, do apologize, to our guests, who did call back and it. Was not a level of service that better, guests deserve, Tim Hortons says those balances, that disappeared, were really always there op users, just couldn't see them it says, it's now transferred, those balances, from the old app to the new app and people, can now access their, funds this, just, as they get ready for next week's launch of roll up the rim to win which, will rely heavily on the app Yvonne. Kolbert CBC, News Halifax. Ah he's. Been a fixture at a downtown park aid for decades, but now Bhupinder, bob dhaliwal, is retiring. After, the break the heartwarming, send-off. You. You. I'm, Michelle Elliott coming up on the early edition parkland, rising is a documentary. About high school students, who have become prominent, gun reform advocates, in the United States it's screening in Vancouver, and the director will join us on the show. Ok. Winnipeg parking attendant, whose been a fixture at. A downtown, park aid for decades is retiring, for 33, years Bhupinder, Bagh Dhaliwal, has been greeting drivers, and doing a job he says he loves CBC News Marjorie Dow house was with Bob on his last day on the job. Today. Is a special day for Bhupinder. Dollywood, Bob. As he is known to the drivers who park in his Park Kade is retiring. From the job he enjoyed every day for, 33, years. I'm. Happy I sought customer, no complaint although years. Dhaliwal. Has worked at the same City Place parkade near Portage Avenue and Hargrave, Street since. 1987. He's. Retiring, after in park installed, self-serve, machines at the park cave where customers, can pay using a mobile app or a card. Customer. Got a mode off chance to. Be a credit card, and. It's I know tank they have to improve right. Bob. Wasn't your average parking. Attendant, he became a fixture he, greeted drivers, every, morning, and asked them how their day was when they left for the night the 66, year old says he would care for the people in his lot clearing. Their windows of snow and constantly. Maintaining, the parkade, it's, not like a dog with a job no no it's more than no I did it I did.

All Kind outdoor dogs, here cleaning. Car. Windows yeah. Para, pagar was Sandy's, parking, lots and, those things there was no ball care to do the, snow. Cleaning so. Crystal. Brown parked, at dolly walls loft for over a year before she moved to another lot she, found out that today was his last day on the job she. Brought him coffee and treats, and said, goodbye, every. Time I would come in park like he was so helpful and like so friendly, and like I was new to Winnipeg, so it, was just like a friendly face like at the beginning of work and end of work so, it breaks my heart he's leaving. Dhaliwal, also got a pair of tickets to a Jets game from the employees, at true north who often park at the parkade, Bob, got to know so many people even befriending, those who didn't park at the lot like, people who lived or worked nearby. So. Many years right. No. Complaint kind of better time anywhere is the best time best, time of her life I spend, it here, Dhaliwal, says he will now enjoy a retirement, and maybe stop by the area, again and see, some old friends he, says he, may also work at his son's restaurant. If his. Son will let him Marjorie. Dau house CBC, News Winnipeg. Heartwarming. I love it pretty amazing yeah 1987. But to have that much effect on all the people, coming through it's really nice a hockey, game and drink a lot of coffee open, up all the stores in a retirement lane and it just I mean you there's, still around but. You really wonders the last time you saw parking attendants yeah quite, a while I know, graduations. On retirement. Bob. That's. Fantastic, that's it for our program tonight you can always find more at, /bc. And dan, is here at 11:00 yes, right after the national thanks, for watching we'll see you again tomorrow.

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