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And. Look. What it's become it's absolutely. Beautiful to see you all here tonight and we really appreciate, you standing out here in the cold, and. I'm hoping that you're all keeping each other warm and. We. Just we want everyone to know that tonight. Everybody. Feels, right. Now a little bit different and of, course, everybody. Is, shocked. And saddened. But. We also want you guys to know that tonight. Is about coming together and. Expressing. Love and happiness. And we, want to celebrate Mike, for. The incredible, man that he was. So. We really appreciate you all being here tonight to, do that with us and please don't. Hold back if you want to cheer and you want to laugh and you want to share memories with friends besides you or you want to hold hands or you, want to shout and scream please, do please, don't feel like you just need to stand in silence because. That's. Not what our band is about and you know that so. We're here tonight to celebrate. So. Without further ado, we are going to get started because we know that you've all been standing. Here and we. Want to get the music started for you guys so we're. Gonna do that so we're. Gonna start with if you yeah thank you, we. Want to thank we. Want to start with our thank yous of course it, took a lot of people to put this event together like, I said it started off with one quick phone call to our tour manager Morley. And it. Became this massive event, so we want to thank the sound of music family, the, City of Burlington. Mayor. Mary Ann need Ward Tim Park and long and McQuaid Burlington, ashen. White. Ward. Pyrotechnics. Eclipse. Imaging, for, these amazing scrims. Bowman. Titus for the poster, artwork. APEC, sounded light Emma's, back porch Mill. Street Brewery for. Providing drinks for the artist Becks. Mariano's. Market, Kelly's bake shop for free hot chocolate and coffee. To. Keep us warm Pat's party, rentals we. Want to thank all the media outlets who have brought awareness to this event by covering it and for helping us give the, world access, to it and. Of. Course all of you for being here tonight. So. We're gonna start off by bringing our friends south saying I'll be out to the stage. Come. On out guys don't, be shy, walk. Off the earth played one of their first shows with sane Elvia in 2005. In Pete's backyard, right. Here in Burlington a lot. Of things have changed since then and it's a pleasure to have you guys again. Joining us tonight, so. Take. It away. It's. An honor to be here. Oh. Can't, control. My. Goodness. Echo. Hearts. May go. Will. It. Ah. Just. Living, there. Whoa. It's. Put, your hands together. This, life. Will. Be things we can't, control. Like. The darkness. And, cold, it, where our hearts may go, who. Love can seen houses, in. The land, we hold so dear. Will. It's not our. World, who, just live in here. But, y'all. Sleep. Don't, wake me. You betrayed. Thank you. Thank. You so much. Sings. Ben, thanks. Guys thank you for have up here. You can use this one we can share we can share thank. You so. We just want to thank you for coming out we, know that we have we have a pretty big history, Ben, and I have been in this Burlington, music scene for, long. Time and, and. We, just wanted to thank you for coming out and playing with us today events, to watch thanks, Betty thanks. Buddy. Okay. So thank. You I, feel. Like I'm talking with the greatest Canadian accent right now.

So. Up. Next we, have the Dare knots, hi, guys. We. Toured with the Dare knots in the spring in the USA, and Europe, they. Followed, our tour bus in a minivan. All. Of them in one minivan. Including. Rev. We. Can't believe they pulled it off there truly some of the best peeps, we've ever been on the road with and. We. Just had such a blast traveling around with them so, I'm, gonna give you guys the stage now this, is the Dara knots ladies and gentlemen. All. Right guys thank you so much for being here this is a really beautiful thing and we, are dare nods from your hometown as well. So. I just like to say a couple words. It. Really takes a special, person to bring this amount of people out to such. A tragic. Event but seeing this is absolutely, beautiful and, we. Were extremely fortunate enough to tour with walk out the earth last spring toward. All of us all, of Europe with, Mike and that was a pretty. Wild experience. Watching. Mike perform every night especially doing his rendition of, Bohemian. Rhapsody which, I hope you guys have checked out it's absolutely beautiful I just, from his crowd control, and everything is that truly inspiring and really really special person, so. In tribute to our man Mike we're gonna be performing in my life by, the Beatles. And. Everybody give it up for our guests Melissa Marchesi. There. Are places all. Remember. The. Some have changed some, forever not. For. Better some. Have. Gone. And, some remain. All, these places. The. Lovers, and friends I, still, can recall, some ID. But. Of all these, friends and. Love, us, there. Is no one. And. When. I think, of. Something. New, although. I know never, lose, affection for. People. And, things. Everybody. Thank you again for coming everybody, has given up to our boy and yours Taytay. For people and face that. Went before, I. Know I'll often, stop and think about that. I love. I. Love. You. Thank. You guys so much. That. Was beautiful. What an amazing song. All. Right thank. You so much okay. Hi, Dan, dan. Is in our crew he's. Making everyone sound great today. USS. Is up next. We played a sold-out tour across, Europe, with USS, back in 2013. And, we. Have so many great memories with them as we were still very green to the touring life and. Jay. Where. Is he, Jay. Also starred in our Christmas movie which I, know, you've, all watched multiple, times this holiday, season. Thank. You hi Jay I. Like. Your shirt. Thanks. For being here today, where's a, shirt. Okay. Perfect. I'm going to give you guys the stage now so. Sarah. Blackwood walk off the earth everybody. Sorry. I was hugging Joel upstairs. Stop. And I can turn into a mannequin, take, a breath, now, begin. Again, open, your eyes please turn, your smile on. -. Now as, well you, stop freaking, out wishing, you're peeking, out okay, take it up and now so. We can out, turn your smile down to, your smile up right. Remember. The days. When. You. Left, out. Remember. The day. Is when, you. Did what she. Said you, count the days till. You. Get high again. Chill. Out. Be. Easy. On yourself. Get. Out. Not. In your jeans so. Remember. The day. Okay. We're. All gonna sing together all right, can. We sing together. Okay. Ready, this is happy sing. Everybody. One. More time. Yourself. Today. Thank. You. Here's. A microphone for ya. Thank. You so much you guys that. Gave you we, just wanted to say thanks and hi, thank. You for coming here tonight, that was beautiful. Thank. You. Okay.

We're. Gonna set up for the next band. Monster. Truck. So. Monster. Truck we were nominated in the same category as, monster, truck a couple years ago at the Junos and. They. Won. And. We had no hard feelings, at all. But. Taylor. Was a really big fan of monster, truck he would play their music on the bus and. We're. Kind of all about the Canadian music scene as you can tell we've. Never left Canada and. And. So. We, just really love the support that's within the musical, community in. Within. Canada, hi guys welcome. To the stage monster, truck ladies and gentlemen. Thank. You for being here tonight hi, Brandon, how are you. Good. Okay. And, take. It away guys. Everybody. Here. It. All, right. Remember. Mike is. Always smiling. In space my song there's a lovely here and. This. Seems real smile there's, a lot of bands but it's a real smile scene and we really care about each other so this is what it's all about thanks for coming. We're. Just gonna be a couple our song says what we use. I'm. Story, of a fan. Who. Mixes, whereas old. Don't. Need no kind of direction. From no one I got myself, a pretty old. Boy. Nobody. Gonna. Tell me. Yara. They're. Here. Around. Me, inhibit. Label. Me. You're, gonna tell, me. Every. Day. Oh. Every, day. Jamie. Everybody. Oh. Oh. We. Don't usually give it COO stick so bear with us. We're. Gonna play one more table and then we're out of here thanks, so much for, setting. Up the life of mine yeah this is awesome this is crazy right look. At how are. You doing with it. Oh. Everybody's sitting with me. Wow. Thank. You so much you guys that was incredible. Thank. You. Thanks. For being here you guys amazing. It's. Not cold up here monster truck everybody, thank you guys. They're. Really good. So. We're gonna have Scott helmet up next. Love. Scotty. We. Toured the u.s. in Europe with Scott we shot a video with Scott while I was in labor with my second, son, and. He was only like 19, at the time and, he, was like what the hell is going on right now. He. Was even more shocked when, I was like oh no we're gonna do the video it's fine, so. Taught. Him a thing or two about that. There's. A big history with us and Scott I remember, him and beard guy jamming, in the green rooms during. Our tours. We'd, have he'd, have the accordion, out there's a real connection that happens when you spend that much time with people on the road. Where's. Scotty there he is Scotty hi. You're. You're. A real part of our family, when we love that you're here today buddy. All. Right. Serenade. The people for us. Hey. You. Guys home. So. Um I had. Such a I'm I'm so blessed to have known Mike and this, is a song that. He. I guess really liked when I played it I think, the best thing about him was that he always took such a deep interest in the lives, of his friends, whether it be professionally. And. Personally, he, always cared and, so he, loved it when I played this song and I'm gonna have James, and the. Helped me out on this tune if that's cool give it up.

This. Song is called wheat kings. Please. Sing along if you know it. Sundown. We. Kings, have. All. The. Treasures, buried. All. You, have are, the, rusty. Breezes. Pushing. Around. Jesus. The. Simple, that, if he sees. The. Killer's, face. Someone. Cutest. Place. 20. Years for, nothing well, that not. Besides. No. One's, interested. In something. It's. Just. There's a dreamy dreams, where their high school. Is, dead and star, it's. A museum. Locked. Up in this after. Dark. Holland. Sinister. With. Pictures. Of. Prime. Minister. We. See. Late-breaking. Story. On. CBC. Nice. And, whispers. We always. Knew that he. Go free. Dad, you can't be fun living. In look bad. If, you are then there's no way that's your brother. Give, it up for these two guys right now I. Think. They not probably should have been on that microphone, what I'm just going to keep rolling with it um. So. Like. Sarah, said I had the pleasure of being able on tour with. The walk off the earth first, through the states and then on, my first European, tour with them so. Just give it up for them for doing that cuz that was pretty cool. Um. And. I've. Opened for a lot, of Acts and I gotta say that, opening. For walk off the earth was. Like, being. A part of a new family and, I. Just. I just. It sucks that I lost my friend and, when. We were in Paris Mike. Came with me we were sitting on the couch and everybody, was running around doing things and he, looked at me and he said hey man let's, go do a video and, that's. The kind of guy he was and. We did a video for. One of my songs which is called machine and. And. We. Went to the Eiffel Tower and we played this song and and. It. Was just such a nice thing and it was such a beautiful day and I, just, want to celebrate that by playing this song so this. Sounds called machine. Your. Heart. Is. More than, no machine. Pumping. Blood through, your, body. Doing. Things you never, see. Thank. You. Their. Words. To. Come. Like arrows. When, they fly, with. Mechanical. Precision. They. Can, cut you up inside. But. You're more, there. In boats. Like. This city's. More than steel, and, stone. Soon. Your heart is. Over. Push. You back down get, our gear. Circuits. Freeze and, androids. Never, cheat. And. You're more than a machine. You're. Like. Oh. Thank, you. Thank. You Scooby. Thank. You so much buddy. That. Was beautiful. Okay. We. Love you too thank you you guys. How's. Everyone doing you guys feeling a little bit warmer, you. Should. Just turn these heaters the other way and let them get. To you. We're. Not gonna keep you guys out here much longer. Unless. You want us to. When. You. Want us to bring them back out. When. We were putting this event together. I'm. Uh I'm, very close friends with with, Taylor's family we all are and and, I.

Explained, To them how. Big. Of, an. Icon, Mike. Was and, I. Said we want to do something and we. Wanted I don't know what it is we want to do something. To. To. Pay tribute to him and. One. Of my best friends Sam is his sister-in-law, and she said. When. I mentioned, oh we might want to put on a little concert, and she said. Okay. Well you have to perform. And. And. So. You know thinking. About performing. Without. Beard, guide. Is. Not, something, that we ever expected. To have to do. But. We're gonna bring our friends, up on the stage right now. Because. Whenever. We would play shows sometimes something. Will go wrong like, a guitar is not plugged in or the. Power goes out and we're stuck, hanging in front of thousands, of people and I, would. Always look back, at. The. Keyboard station. And. I would see beard. Guys blue, eyes staring at me going Sarah. You. Better get out there and talk to this audience because, this awkward silences, is, not good and. So. Into. Some situations, I would have a megaphone, in. Some. Situations, I would be, lucky enough to have a microphone that worked and sometimes, I just had to yell out to the crowd with, my own voice in the middle of the, field. And I. Know. That. Wherever he is now. He's. Looking down at all, of you and, all. Of the artists, and people that were here tonight and came here to, support this event and he's going. SB. You. Did it right. And. I. Think one of the biggest things to us was that we, put. Something together that, was. Big enough. To. Try to express, the, way that we are feeling in this moment and to get to share that with all of you is so. Special, and we. Love you guys so much. And. We want to thank his family. We. Want to thank all the artists, that came out here tonight to support this event and again, sound. Of music and the City of Burlington and everybody, that put in to. Make this event happen it's. Truly, unbelievable. How. Much of an impact he had on this community, and on, the people and to all the people watching at home thank you so much for. Streaming this event. He. Would be so proud and so happy that, you are all here tonight. We're. Gonna do two songs and then we're gonna have a moment of silence and then. We. Are going to play a tribute, video that we put together on this, amazing. Video, wall here and. All. We ask of you guys is, if. You, did bring a little candle please, have. It ready, please. Don't start a fire. If. Not if you have your phones that's great too but most importantly, please, we. Ask that you sing along with us tonight. Because. That's really. Why we're all here. We're. Here to be, together and, to sing and to, honor Mike. Beerguy Taylor for the incredible, and iconic man that. He was. So. Where, are my bandmates. Can. You please come up on the stage now Joel I see you get. Up here. Marshal. Where are you oh, you're. All over there get. Over here guys. Joel. Mercy. Johnny. Leave. All of. Tokyo. The gingerbread, man that lives in my basement. We've. Met a lot of people all. Of these people that you see on this stage with us tonight. You. Want to do a hit we should do a hands in, okay. Let's do a hands in Oh. God. On the count of three you guys it's, yes and no okay. Jamesy. All. Right guys tonight we're gonna give we're gonna bring it down we're gonna go into the third we're, gonna we're gonna hit and we're gonna check all right. When. I say let's get it on let's get it home. People. Are tall. Check. I thought we put it on behind. Ever. Since. All, I wanna do is find. Now, father. Falling, down without you. Calling. You. Got. What, you got me. It's. Bubbly well. Like. That. Like. That I wanna, see the world. Even. When I made mistakes. You. Are always with me. We got caught up in our way. Like, the time we had the bonfire. There. Was no one there. No. One else around to. Some. Common, air. Call. Another find you. You, gotta hold, on to what she, got man. Besides. You. But, rebirth would not be wanna, see the world. Like. That it, ain't always been on the other side you, know come. On looking. Like that we, wanna see the love with your hand. You. Were gonna fast come, I. Got. A plan. Get us out of here. Can I come in. Store. Manager. Saying you just a little bit of money won't, have to try to Far. Cry. Support. You. See you, will not get both get jobs and. Finally no more. Driving. Driving. In your car speed, so. Fast it felt like I was jumping, see. Yeah. I do you know just, how much you love the girl until you're her up my heart destroyed, my world when. We're apart I'm a bum without a girl cause ever since the, start you be no, to my girl you, and I together to turned off its axis we, make it's much sense as in that wing -.

Glasses. Pull. I - what she got back, it ain't always greener on the other side, you, get. Rich but we worth the night pants, wanna see the world with you. Come. On I love you like that you, know is greener on the other side, you, know come. On I love you like that I, wants, you with, your hand in mine you gotta hold, on to why she got me you, know. Satchmo. Come on. Like. That you, know. Sajid, Oh. Wanna. See them with, your hand. I. Love. Like that. To break. Thank. You so much. How. Was that buddy was that okay. All. Right. After. This song we're gonna have a moment of silence I can't remember what I've said tonight I might have said that already but, I, did. Okay perfect. And then please for the last song that plays with the tribute, we really want you guys to sing, along. Sing. Along to this one and to the. Video true. Times. In our lives. We. All have pain. We. All have sorrow. But. If. We. Are wise. We. Know that there's, always. Too. Lean, on me. When. You're not strong. Lobby. Of. Tada. Somebody. To. Please. Swallow. Your, pride. If. You have things, you. Need. To. Know. Those. Of your needs. That. You can. Lead. On. I'll. Be your friend. Daddy. Right. I'll. Share. When. You're not strong. I'll. Be your, friend. I'll. Help you, carry. Somebody. All. My brother when. You need, a hand. We. All need somebody. To. I just, might have a problem. That. A you'd, understand. We. All need somebody. If, I. So. It's. Thank. You so much. Wow. What. A beautiful moment. We're. Gonna ask now, for everybody, to just. Be. Quiet for a second. If you're, on this stage if you don't mind clearing, this. Section, where the keyboards, are. So. We can have a moment of silence for our friend, and. Our, brother and. A. Father and. Just. An amazing human being. Thank. You so much. For. Coming out here tonight you guys thank you for being here. Where. Is Paul. Is. He hiding Paul, put that video together our videographer. So please a round of applause for him. Thank. You again on behalf, of all of us and. Just. Our whole entire community. Thank. You for coming out and thank you for being here with us tonight it means the. World to us. We. Will never forget you buddy and, that's, it thanks. Robin. You. Can all go get warm now thank you. You.

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Hi Everyone. Thank you so much for watching and sharing your thoughts on this tribute. CBC Music was proud to be part of such a moving evening. A number of you have been asking why both the BNL and Arkells sets are missing from the on-demand video. This is because both BNL and Arkells asked that their performances only be live streamed. We need to honour their requests. Sorry and thanks again for watching. RIP Mike Taylor your music and presence will be missed.

That is too bad they both decided not to share their much appreciated support for Mike and WOTE. They both did an amazing job and it was good to see them share their talents - maybe they will reconsider.

This was sad, I went on youtube and saw this.

What? ?? No- this is not true! You are lieing!

Beauty Lives ~ . . . . BRILLIANCE . . . Faire Ye Well Brother

This is the saddest thing I have ever watch in 2018! Love you, always, Beard Guy!

This is so beautiful ❤️

Sou brasileira, e amei vcs desde a primeira vista, adorava ver o Mike com sua face séria e suas travessuras nos vídeos , e por dentro tendo um coração enorme, vai fazer muita falta com certeza, desejo de todo meu coração a vcs, que Deus esteja confortando seus corações, muito lindooo este tributo,

Awwwww !!!

These talented souls leave at an unexpected time, but we all know his legacy remains. I never thought I'd be crying while on YT today. We'll miss you, Beard Guyyyy. ❤️


Gotta admit that I'm kind of disappointed that the Bare Naked Ladies set was omitted from this video. That was part of the live stream where I was most emotional. Even so, I'm extremely grateful for the live stream last night....and, of course for the amazing gift of talent that Beard Guy gave us all.

Awesome job, awesome tribute.

I'm just sad to hear that we've lost a wonderfull person on earth. Rest in peace Mike.

I love your music, but I must admit that I've never gotten to see you in concert, and I don't know any of you personally. I don't know much about the band, really, but even still this brought tears to my eyes, and my heart is swollen. It's a beautiful tribute.

Dang thats just, well I'll just say he was good at what he did.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his Family!

I never thought I would cry this much

Terrible news! Thoughts to the fam and band .

Tysm for uploading such an amazing video

R.I.P Mike,

What cause his death?

I am so sorry, I loved Mike. Such humor with humility.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Monster Trucks First time hearing you, what a great tribute!!! I've never met WOTE band, love WOTE and Mike Taylor was very intriguing to me. Monster Trucks you made my connection to Mike T. very clear to me

52:21 when Sarah looked at Mike's spot by the keyboards :'((((((

Gut wrenching.


How did he end up passing??

He passed away in his sleep from natural causes. That is all we know at this time. He was 51 years old.

Will miss such an incredibly talented man.

Thanks CBC for sharing this. Wish I had been there. I felt for the band's loss as soon as i heard of Mike's passing. So great that they put this tribute together and trust that it helps to heal the pain they and his family have gone through.

Danke. Einfach Danke.

Thank you for posting this. Although I watched live streaming, I was too emotional at times. Eventually, I will be able to get through the entire tribute.


This is a disgusting mockery of a memorial. Nothing but self promotion and promoting other bands.

WOTE. I love you guys so much. I cannot say enough how much of a shock this is. He was a legend. I am so saddened to hear this and my heart goes out to you all and of course, Mike's family. I saw you all play at the Roundhouse in Camden, London not that long ago and it makes it even more special now that I was lucky enough to see you all together. It was a beautiful tribute, and seeing you all up there, it took real courage and strength.

I can hear the sadness in their voices

What happened to him?

it sucks cuz this is the best thing on the internet right now. :(

Beautiful tribute guys! You can clearly see how much Mike was loved. I would like to ask, if possible to upload the video tribute to Mike on YT. The video was amazing and I would like to see it as many times as possible. Much love from Portugal


How do you die from natural causes at like 33 years old...something isn't right, must be drug OD or something they are keeping extra hush hush...

I can't believe the news today

What a wonderful tribute.

You guys need to make a song called "The Beard Guy". Great tribute

Thanks a lot for this wonderful tribute, for streaming and sharing. So much strength for you guys, maximum respect. You are great! Sarah, Gianni, Joel, Ryan, all: fantastic. Rest in peace Beard Guy. Rest in peace immense Mike, we love you and we will remember you, thanks for everything

He was a great human being and I hope and pray for his safe return to the love that created us all God bless you Mike take care you are loved by so many you are a light in my life even now thank you for all the joy you brought to me and my friends and so many over the world I pray for your family and your friends they love you so much your such a wonderful person and it shows in the lifes you touched with the music you all played together

I love how Canadian all of the vibes were for this whole tribute concert, it feels like a bunch of friends getting together to celebrate the life of another friend.

RIP Mike Taylor . Very talented band he will be missed .

Great show, was blown away by what everyone put together. Thank you so much!

RIP Beard Guy ❤️

Much love from Belgium. So sorry he’s gone, total shocker.

RIP you will be missed.

The true spirit of Mike Taylor last night . Thanks to @walkofftheearthand @CBC for their efforts in putting this on. Burlington has lost a true citizen and a true artist. Goodbye Mike we ll remember you through everything you did to bring joy to our community and the world. Peace .

the walk of the earth is my favorite band. and beard guy always make me smile. am sad because he is gone love this video !

RIP MIKE TAYLOR Hes still Rocking in Heaven

RIP Mike Taylor

thank u so much for streaming this! i was there at the event but was amazing to rewatch since i got home from a different view! much appreciated

RIP Beard Guy! Your Legend will live on for as long as music can be made and men can grow beards. Rest Easy Mike Taylor

Wait what,? he died ? the hell .....I didn't know that. What happened?!?

Great concert I loved it

Awesome night and tribute, it was great to be there (I wish I would have had my camera though!) I cannot find Max Kerman/BNL's on this feed, I heard them live but cannot find them on here?

Love love love you guys, Sending love from Chile. Hugs by a 60 years old fan of you.

Thank you for posting this


WHAT?! Beard Guy is gone? Oh no... I've been so busy on last months that I've had no time to check my subscriptions and I am subscribed to WOTE and Mike the Beard Guy was my favorite, I absolutely loved him in every song. Don't get me wrong, I love everyone on WOTE, just that the Beard Guy "clicked" with me immediately. Blast it, I can't believe this... My best wishes to everyone in WOTE, stay strong, our best wishes go with you and everyone dear and close to Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor. We will always remember him.

Can’t believe 11 people have disliked this

Thank you for sharing this memorial with us

wow, what an amazing way to honor such an amazing man! I wonder if WOTE will release the tribute video because I would love to see the rest of it! Miss you Beard Guy! Thank you for being such an inspiration to your fans!

When he passed away I'm shocked I really miss mike from this moment RIP mike we all love you

Why are so many great parts of this cut out? Where's the Barenaked Ladies?

Both BNL and Arkells asked that their performances only be live streamed, sorry.

I cannot believe. He cannot be dead. After few months Mike will appear with some funny plot twist like he always did. Right?

Here's a view of just Lean On Me from near the front. Thanks CBC for streaming this live for everyone who couldn't be there!

Oh Beard guy, too soon man.

Thank you, CBC Music. It meant a lot to be able to watch this.

Thank you. It meant a lot for us to be a part of the tribute.

I believe this tribute was truly unique in Canadian music history, for many different reasons. Firstly, many people did not really know Mike that deeply on a musical, professional level. Even if you've only watched one or two WoTE videos, you couldn't help but find a bond with the "silent guy with the beard". Secondly, he certainly wasn't nationally known as a celebrity and outside their videos, I think it's safe to say the majority of people had very little exposure to him or his musical talent. Even in my own case, as a 62 year old guy, my exposure to their music was limited but I've watched enough of their videos to know the immense talent they all possess. What makes them so special is their combined talent and the boundless imagination of their musical styles and video presentation. Regardless of all this, I felt the situation to be so tragic and unexpected that seeing everyone rally around the band made me feel good about being a Canadian and so sad for their loss. My two adult daughters were fortunate enough to have seen the band live on several occasions. I hope the members of WoTE will find the strength and courage to carry on although it will never be quite the same. I'm still amazed how Sarah got through MC'ing this event. Man, I'd be nothing but a blubbering emotional idiot if I were up there. That lady is nothing but a class act through and through. RIP Beard Guy.

Love from Sweden. RiP Beard Guy.

I am reading the comment section and crying at the out pour of love for mike and the huge support that is here. love you all. ❤️❤️❤️

Sarah - you were wonderful throughout the show. You are a sweat person and a great leader especially in times of crisis. We actually met once at before you were in this band. I put my hands on your shoulders and said, "Sarah Blackwood is in the house". Still a fan Sarah!

I dont know why but i cried when i heard this tribute. I have been listening to WOTE for years, but it's not like i knew them personally and i dont usually get emotional when celebrities or people i never met die. And Beard guy never spoke at the beginning but that was ok, that was his thing, that was the running joke at first til he surprised us all when he finally spoke in a video haha. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the fact that beard guy was so calm, maybe his calmness made me feel relaxed, maybe he had the reassurance that a close family member would have when they wanted you to know everything would be ok, maybe it was the cool vibes he gave off, maybe it was his majestic beard, maybe it was his strong protective shadow that hovered over the group, maybe it was the way he could say so much without saying anything at all. Idk why, but i cried, i felt like something was missing in my life just because he passed away. Idk why he has this effect on me but i know i cant be the only one that he affected like that. I miss you already beard guy, and i know you will be missed by many and we love you. You will always be in our hearts Mike Taylor! We witnessed something fantastic, we witnessed a real-life angel, the most charming angel ever. Just wish we got more time with you on earth. Hopefully you can hear the music from up there, i know ill never stop hearing the music. Youll live on in your legend. Thank you for everything you have given us, we love you!

Rest in Peace, Mike; may your memory and journey be blessed.

You took out the tribute by the Barenaked Ladies?

Beautiful tribute. We love you Mike!!

Still can't believe he is really gone. Kept expecting him to show up from most unexpected place and declare this a joke. Would be so like him to jump out of screen...

Mike will be missed,seeing Sarah so sad wasn't something I'm used to seeing. Such a strong woman. Great tribute guys,he will forever live on in your music and videos. W.O.T.E. keep the music playing.

Where are the Arkells and BNL? They cut out a lot.

Wow that was intense. I have been a fan for a long time and loved his image. All my respect to Sarah, whom did most of the hard work in this one. And a shoutout to Joel, whom I know just lost his momma...

The took out like 30 mins, come on cbc

What a amazing tribute to bears guy. I bet he was there jamming with you all. May he rest well and be in all the hearts of his fans, family and band mate! Rip mike

Thank you for making this possible and sharing it with the world. Mike was a really great, entertaining man. Regards to his family and kids! RIP MIKE "BEARD GUY"

It must have been so hard for you guys to get up there and perform for the first time without Mike. But what better place to start than at this beautiful celebration of his life, and in an atmosphere of so much love, togetherness and support. Thank you so much for sharing this.

It was a great memorial. Thank you for sharing!!! Rest in Peace, Beard Guy!! You are an inspiration!!!

it touched me so much and it also moved me very much in peace and quiet Mike

1:00:43 I'm crying and you're crying RIP Mike

Rest in peace Mike Taylor.

RIP Mike! We will miss you! You were my lil girl favorite bit of WOTE. She is only 4 and when I told her she fell and start crying. we will all miss you mate. S Family Poland

Beautiful, just beautiful. what a lovely tribute. rest in peace man xx

Much RESPECT. He's always been that mysterious one in their videos. RIP.

How did he di

What happened to him? Rest in peace /:

Scary to think that he died from natural causes at his age.

the only time i actually cry

CBC Music who had the bright idea to focus on fireworks instead of the tribute video? Thank God the band decided to put it on their channel cause we can literally google search any fireworks video online if we get the urge (which we won’t) to watch some fireworks online.

We will miss you Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor



Rock on Mike 'beard guy' Taylor

This was so moving I cried for the entire concert. I’m not a man who’s afraid to cry but don’t dry often. Very touching. Duh love to my musical family on the other side of the mega city of TORONTO.

52:12 looks beard guy in spirit in the back :(

I am waiting, and waiting, and waiting, hoping that Mike will appear in some point, somewhere on the stage like he used to do. But .....

Surreal and so tragic. I fully felt mikes presence there and still practically expected him to walk out on stage multiple times. You will be missed Beardman

Beautiful tribute! He will be missed! You honored him in the best way possible!

Awesome work guys. A wonderful tribute. WOTE won't be the same without Mike. Sending love and hugs to you all

Terima kasi mike tylor dgan smua karya mu, smoga tenang d sana.

Love from Syracuse, NY! I'm regrowing my beard right now in Mike's honer!! Love and compassion to Mike's family also.

Much love guys.

Thanks for sharing this with us guys. It was really nice to be part of it, and to share it with yous.

Rest in Peace, Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor. My heart broke when I heard. My thoughts go out to his family and the band. Grief can be such a complex emotion

Amazing tribute for an amazing musician. RIP Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor.

Watching this I've laughed and I've cried. Such a touching tribute to a truly talented and selfless guy. Hard to watch without choking up. Especially at the end. I've been a fan of WOTE for a good few years now and am truly sorry for your loss. Rest in piece Mike, you may be gone from this world but you will definitely not be forgotten ❤

Thank you for a beautiful show!

Who are the 21 IDIOTS who did like this amazing tribute concert??? Thank you CBC, and everyone who participated in this heartfelt tribute!

Thanks, we're glad we were able to do this for the fans of WOTE.

Love you Mike 'Beard Guy'❤

My condolences to all the grieving fans. This isn't the first time that a well-loved band that has a knack for putting their own spin on songs, consisting of four guys and one girl, loses their bearded guy who often wears beanie hats, much to the sorrow of the fans. Nothing will ever be the same again, but I hope you can all find comfort in knowing that all the work the band did together will never be lost or forgotten, and their influence and people's lives being touched by all their work together can and will live on.

Rest in Peace, Mike!  I still can't wrap my mind around it... your tribute for him is so beautiful! I don't know, whether somebody pointed it out already, but at around 52:38, it looks as if he's standing in the back, watching over you all

I am devastated :( was a fan of Bearded Guy, I didn't even know he had passed. Sad sad - RIP

Apenas hace poco conocí el grupo walk of the Earth y Me encantó.. Mis condolencias.. por esta gran pérdida..

thank you for this video.... beard guy will be missed.... much love....❤️

What an amazing thing to do. Thanks for the support, and for supporting great Canadian bands, CBC.

R.I.P Mike Beard Guy Taylor you always made me smile. Gone but Never Forgotten.

Put tears in my eyes.

Rip bro

"Death don't have no mercy on this land" (Rev. Gary Davis)


Thanks for sharing this with us. Seeing you guys performing without him has made it all seems so much more real. He will be missed and I am sure I am not alone in sending prayers to you all and his family.

Ending with Bohemian Rhapsody was a great way to showcase Mike "The Beard Guy"'s talents as a keyboardist. R.I.P.

Eternal rest grant unto Him, O Lord, and let the perpetual light shine upon him, and let his soul be at peace. I mourn and am thankful for a man I have only known from your songs. I wish you all love and peace.

forever will be in our hearts ,and truely never forgotten , sending love and prayers to all who knew him specially to his family and friends

You're always my Idol MT "Beard Guy" ❤️

For those who wanted to view the full tribute video at the end, Walk Off the Earth has posted it on their channel:

As much as we would have loved to include all of the performances, due to a rights agreement, we are not able to.

Thanks, Elena!

The true spirit of Mike Taylor last night . Thanks to @walkofftheearth and @CBC for their efforts in putting this on. Burlington has lost a true citizen and a true artist. Goodbye Mike we ll remember you through everything you did to bring joy to our community and the world. Peace .

You're welcome :) Glad to be able to do this for WOTE fans.


no way. just no. impossible

Why did they cut out the Barenaked Ladies on this video?

That is so touching...keep on doing great music

I miss mike be brave you gys are the best singers that I no the best cep it up mike beard gye Taylor i loved him so much i am sorry for you gys

I didn't know Mike personal but I know he was a great guy .I wish WOTE and Mike's family the best

My life won't be the same anymore

Everyone did an amazing job on this wonderful tribute....Beard Guy would be so proud!

God comfort you all..especially Mike's children.

That was beautiful. Mike seemed like an amazing man. I'm so sorry for your loss. Move forward, but always remember Mike.

Im so heart broken over this loss. I couldnt even begin to imagine how it feels to the people close to him. To see this and all the strength you guys exhibit is so inspiring. I will miss his face dearly.

We will miss him! Russia is grieving together with you...

An awesome tribute guys very emotional x

Qué en paz descanse...

I am so out of the loop.....he was my fave in the entire band.....they are all awesome.....but I liked him

Walk off The Earth was the first albulm i ever purchased. Thank you for the music

Condolence Guys You will Be miss Mike Taylor My Fav Person on Walk of Earth

Enjoy your walk to heaven Beard Guy... You will surely be missed... WOTE music videos will never be the same without you...

Our thoughts are with you all on the loss of Mike. We sure will miss his style in your music and videos. Let the music live on in his memory.

So terribly saddened. My heart is

That tribute video ended me. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Sending light and love to his family and friends.

soooooo talented. what a waste


Just learned of this sad thing. A nice tribute to your friend and bandmate. Yup, one never knows the time or place.

sara you did an amazing job

so so sad

what an awesome tribute, so emotional

This is so sad...

love you scott you are sooooo talented. at such a young age. awesome

love you tooo bits sweetie

love all of my canadian bands. So talented xoxoxoox so many of them

scott hellman awesome

wheat kings, the hip. love

such a strong woman, so proud of her, I would never be able to do what she did

canada is totally awesome. Talent etc.

love uss

the canadian bands seem to have much more of a family connection than american bands, might be wrong, but that is my true thought

fell in love with this band the first minute I saw them, true canadian talent. Walk of the earth is true canadian talent, now missing a very big part.

burlington sound of music ontario.

he started to play Machine and i just fucking lost it. i’m so sad. i will miss Mike. i will miss watching him play. RIP Taylor (we miss you).

As much as we would have loved to include all of the performances, due to a rights agreement, we were not able to keep the Barenaked Ladies' and Arkells' performances.

+CBC Music Thank you.

That's a really nice way to honour Mike.

This just breaks my heart! I just can't find the words! An empty place so big it is just sucking out everything like a Black hole.

You make me crying

41:00 name of the artist?

Who the heck down thumb this?!?!

What an amazing tribute... the loss of beard guy was an incredible shock. You are all amazing.

Nderek Belasungkawa

that must have been so hard to do but it will help them heal


WOTE, can't hug y'all right now, so I'm singing with you with all my heart ❤

Also, please release this as a record, and donate the profits to Sound of Music.

Someone is cutting onions at work. Rude.

I'm not sure how we missed the performance and I'm saddened we did. This was well organized and so comforting to see the communities of support for Walk off the Earth. We've enjoyed your music through the years and now will have just that little more appreciation of what was, what is and what will soon be. Condolences to the Walk off the Earth Band "mates" family and extended family and of course Mike's family.

thank you for posting this.

You bet! :)

Life is great. Life is sad. Life is unpredictable. Life is a lesson. Just, love.

What a beautiful tribute to a great man, seeing you all stand together reminds me of why I love WOTE music so much, you guys play for the music and to bring people joy and I feel happy every time I listen to your music or see you play on YouTube and in concert. Thank you so very much.

who the fuck disliked this

The people disliking this video have no hearts who do they even dislike this video. Condolence to Mike Rest in Peace

Thanks, Robyn!

i am glad i wasnt there i heard it was too cold so to end it early. i was going to go but for it to end so early since it couldnt go on til 7:30. but when my boss showed me #WalkOffTheEarth playing somebody i used to know which was uploaded few days after my 23rd birthday and i loved it. i understand music now as i am here for the group as you cant stop playing as Walk Off the Earth has a Guardian Angel now #RIP Mike now and Forever as hes with my friend Christina Grimmie and Elvis and Michael Jackson playing with the other musicians of history

Oh my ! Be strong ! God bless you

RIP Mike ‘Beard Guy’ Taylor. He Walked off the Earth and is now walking with Jesus in Heaven. He’s doing is Beard Thing in paradise. Gone way too soon brother. My condolences to WOTE and Mike’s family.

Didn't mean to post twice

OMG ... I am so sorry to hear about the your fellow bandsman. My thoughts and love for your band is with you and Beard Guy will be truly missed. I admire your strength to continue with a show after such a happening. His spirit will be with us all. Thank you for all of you.

So moving. Sarah is strong lady for sure! She made me water my eyes, this was amazing. Canada has such a chance to have such a community. RIP Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor With love from Normandy, France

from Hungary to send my best.... keep on,rest in piece Mike! :(

R.i.P mike beard iloveyou bro...

RIP Mike

Scott Helman

Sarah you’re gorgeous, god bless y’all

I've only heard of Mike Taylor "Beard Guy" for the last 15 minutes. Heaven wanted his talent, and soul. Rest peacefully Beard Guy! The rest of my day is dedicated to you. What a profound loss.....

It is sad to see the news of Mike's death, and to know that we can see him again at least in the videos. Rest in peace, fellow Mike Taylor.

I've always loved what the band represented, very creative, talented, unique perfomances. I would only hope that when it's my time to go, I could leave such a positive impression on people to deserve such a wonderful tribute.


Touching. Deepest condolences.

Ah just sad too...

Watching from Egypt. Love you Mike.

I do not believe it's a big deal for the whole world, my heartfelt condolences, the memory and the great person that Mike has been forever in our memories and lives

What a wonderful event. Much love to Mikes family and ofc to all the band members. We can only imagine how great of a friend he was to all of you guys. Much love!

still waiting the beard guy to pop up.. but unfortunately it'll never again, and never be the same again

Tellement triste. Mike (Beard Guy) était un artiste fantastique. Force à tous ses proches. Rip

Mike you are loved. ♥️ Peace and love for you W.O.T.E !

Apreciei esse cara como músico e pessoa. Hoje vejo que meu desejo de ver todos que queria de uma banda que admiro se foi. Eu, como brasileiro, representando como todos outros que tinham esse mesmo desejo, mando pêsames à todos e um eterno abraço no Mike. R.I.P. brother, you're forever in our hearts ❤️

I wish all the best of lucks to your band and your families. You guys make great music for all of us and we feel very sorry for your loss. Please keep on making great music. We will miss Mike. We love you!

I lost it when Sarah cried:( Love you guys so sorry

God love!

What a precious moment, thank you for sharing that with people that couldn't come. What an incredible musician, we will always love him, Rest In Peace Mr Taylor

Beautifully said!

RIP Mike ‘Beard Guy’ Taylor. He Walked off the Earth and is now walking with Jesus in Heaven. He’s doing his Beard Thing in paradise. Gone way too soon brother. My condolences to WOTE and Mike’s family.

I'm sorry

great tribute sad and joyous

God bless Mike’s family and band mates

My sincerest condolences to all who suffer the pain of losing a loved one. Thank you Beard Man for sharing your talent, kindness and beauty with the world. Thank you Walk Off the Earth.

This was so sad and happy at the same time. Rest in Peace Beard guy. Hugs and prayers to Mike's family and WOTE.

What a beautiful and touching tribute y'all put together for The Beard Man. As I wipe the tears from my eyes, I know Mr. Mike is sooooo proud of all of y'all. You could just feel his spirit there with you! Blessings of peace, love, and comfort be upon his family and friends. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I'm so sad

Mike will pop-up in.........3....2...1... . . . . . . . . . . HEAVEN #RIP #WotE #5-1

I Acually cried when sarah cried..

Beard Guy forever a Legend. Epic always and forevermore.

this was beautiful

Sorry for your loss.


CBC Music that's too bad, it would have been great exposure for them.

Nie mogę uwierzyć, jest mi ogromnie przykro, trzymajcie się kochani, robicie fantastyczną robotę.. Keep strong guys. RIP Mike.

Also for Italian guys like me who knows the magnificent music of WOTE... RIP Beard Guy .. we miss you so much.. Riposa in pace amico mio, ci mancherai tantissimo ❤️


MechaJoezilla maybe they thumbs down the fact that he's dead?

My heart breaks for you guys. It’s so obvious how close you all are and how hard it was to be up on that stage without Mike. And Sarah is such a Mama Bear ❤️

Que tristeza

R.I.P Beard guy :(

Sad news indeed I only recently found you guys, it was always the highlight of the video to see what Mike's role was going to be. Sorry for your loss.

I'm just glad Mike didn't suffer. He passed in his sleep, in peace. For as many smiles as he brought to people through his work, I'm glad for that one thing out of this horrible mess. RIP Beard Guy.

Even though we watched this at home it felt like we were there... But not freezing.

You are a Great band!!!.. be strong and good energy for you!!! RIP Mike a true star with music soul!!!. (Shangahi - China)

You know what would be crazy? If he was actually not dead, and this was an elaborate plan for him to make his surprise appearance in their next show or something... At least I wish that was true

This made me cry so much

I admire Sarah so much for being so strong — comforting the boys even though she's also grieving. Seeing you guys holding back your tears while singing just hurts soooo much. :'( I've been a WOTE fan since then and I always look forward to seeing Beard Guy in every videos you have. Now, it wouldn't be the same again.

I am from the UK I have been watching WOTE since they did the 02 ad Little Boxes . You have helped keep my young daughter clam and distracted when watching your videos when her little brother was really ill and we almost lost him. Thank you god bless we will never forget mike

Well shit...this sucks. R.I.P. Mr. Beard man sir. I'll see you somewhere in the middle of judgment day. Beautiful tribute guys.

Please try to play at Joshua Tree Music Festival (JTMF).

Beautiful and I’m crying.

god bless beard guy and his FAMILY

Just knew this and it was truly a shocking new. RIP Beard Guy.

Gord and Mike are jamming up above. Canadian Heaven!!


Love this

How could someone dislike this...


Good by "beard guy" you'r the best and see you again...

Such an emotional roller coaster. Beautiful tribute ☺️

+CBC Music No trouble

Thank you for watching.

@CBC Music No trouble

damn these onion cutting ninjas .... RIP Mike"Bearded Guy" Taylor... we will miss you :'(

make me cry now

I've got no words, as beautiful as sad ... RIP Mike

Seeing Sarah hugging everyone made me sad shes trying to stay strong

que mal, recién me esoty enterando de tan terrible noticia, a los amigos de la banda todo mi aprecio! me uno al sentimiento de perdida! lo lamento ene! gran tipo gran persona, alla arriba cantará junto a otros grandes mas...! slds desde chile

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