Watch the 2018 CCMA Awards & Red Carpet Show

Watch the 2018 CCMA Awards & Red Carpet Show

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You. Presentation. Viewer. Discretion, is advised. Welcome. To the 2018. Sea CMAs, red carpet, livestream I'm, your host Rayna Duras from CBC music's, mornings, and we are coming to you from Hamilton. Ontario we. Are just one hour away, from the live broadcast, of the sea cma awards show, you, can watch it at 8 p.m. at CBC, music dot CA /cc. Mas, tonight's. Show will, feature the biggest, names in country music, with, performances, from Keith Urban Hall. Brant jess. Moskaluke Brett. Kissel all, hosted. By the queen, of country herself, Shania. Twain, and I'm going to be talking to them all over. This next hour and. We're starting. You. Can hear them, Shania. Hi, how, are you. How. Does it feel to be back in Canada hosting, the CMAs, this year I. Mean. I feel, at home what, can I say I just feel. Comfortable. And happy and so at home, and. You've been such an inspiration to, so many artists, here at home and all over the world tonight you're, receiving the Generation, Award she, goes to somebody who has brought new audiences. To country music why. Do you think so. Many people connect, with country. Well. Countries country, music first of all begins with really great songwriting, and. The. Songs are, about real. Life real. Everyday. Stories. About real everyday people, and I. Think. That the country genre is one, of those, styles. Of music that, resonates, all around the world it is a. It's. A language that everyone understands. You're. Telling real people's stories. Now. Speaking of awards I'd, like to present you with, two awards right now the C CMA Award for top selling album of the year and, top-selling, Canadian. Out here. For your record, now. Let's. Hear it. So. These awards go to the country artist who has sold the most records this past year congratulation. Wow, thank you I wasn't, expecting, this i I've. Been into. The mode of you. Know hosting. And congratulating, other people, so I'm really. Grateful you. Get to see you get to be congratulated yourself. Now, should. I you've been a very private, person, but, this album now was one, of your most personal ever you wrote it entirely on your own why. Was it important to you to do that. Well. I mean you know so I'm writing is all about the voice and. I. Just. Felt I needed just I was already standing alone and, I. Felt like I was for the first time in many many years. You. Know. In. A position to express my independence, so. I was more determined than ever to write, a songs alone, and just. Be alone with my thoughts and, expressed, I didn't share that with the fans, well, thank you so much and, I can't wait to see you out there hosting, the show tonight thank you should I ask. We've. Got Brett Kissel coming, up next but, first let's, get to know him a little bit better I.

Love. Food so much. It. Absolutely deepens. My experience, of every. Province. That I've been to or every city that I've been to, because. I feel I get to know what. Their. Life is like through, the food that they eat and, that. Is one of my favorite things to do and a great way to pass the time when you travel as much as I do. I got. My first guitar when I was about to turn seven some six years old playing guitar now I'm eight now I'm known now I'm ten and I'm playing around locally, everybody. Would come up to me after the show and, they said you have a cassette. Tape so, we made a cassette, tape called. Keeping it country all my favorite traditional, country songs from Johnny Cash Buck. Owens and Charlie pride and, Jim Reeves and then a year goes by and people want something new so, we made another record, and made another record I didn't, think anything on it I was a 12 year old who just happened to play. Music to. Country. Music is about every day and everything. We've got stories of hard work we've, got stories of good times we've got stories of tough times we've, got stories of love and stories of loss, which. Is why I'm really really proud that I get to wave the flag for country music day. In and day out playing. This genre that, tells the stories, of everybody. Who's in the crowd. My. Name is Brett Kissel and I am country. I. Am. Here with the Brett Kissel the. Crowd loves you. Last. Year, I presented, you with the male artist of the Year award and you are up for it again, what. Would it mean to take that award home three. Times to. Be honest I'm not expecting, it I don't know what to think so if that was to happen I just think you could say queue the celebration, and I. Probably, get back with my band as get back with my beautiful wife my daughters hugs and kisses and big celebration, you call it a cowboy hat trick if it happens tell, me about the different influences, on your latest record we were that song which is up for album of the year for, me I just wanted the record to be extremely diverse I wanted to make sure that everything, on that project would also fit in the live show that if I couldn't play it live it had no business being, recorded so getting an opportunity to, collaborate with one of my all-time heroes, in traditional, country, in the great Charlie pride as well as one of the great rockers in Dave Mustaine some, great songwriters, my live band this, was like a real, thing, that we destroyed the box of what was possible in recording music we put it all into one recording, and I'm so proud of how it turned out so, at 16 you, were and you still are the youngest person nominated for a CMA, Award, but. Mason. Ramsey, the yodeling, sensation, think, he's 12 and he's giving you a run, for your money this year do you have any advice for him you know I'm not sure if there's a lot of advice to give to Mason because he's got so many great influencers. And people, who are influencing, him down south in the United States but, Mason, is doing a great job he's got a great brand he's got a very bright spirit I look forward to meeting him and the, biggest thing is that he needs to keep doing what he's doing he's bringing, traditional. Country music back, with, Hank Williams with, yodeling, and all that stuff I love, the kid he actually reminds me of me, when I was 12 years old so I can't wait to meet him give him a hug and tell him he's doing a great job this could be a mentorship opportunity. Or. Some kind of collab I'll do it you're willing do it with him any day thank. You so much bread have. Fun tonight. Keith. Urban Terry Clark and internet yodeling, sensation, Mason Ramsay are still coming up but, first a quick, bit of trivia see, if you can get it right. I'm. Here with the Red Claws let's hear it. So. Years ago you were part of the CCM a discover program and this year you, hosted the CCM a songwriter, series so a lot has changed can.

You Tell me about that journey honestly. Is blowing our minds to be here we walked the carpet after Shania Twain so that's the craziest thing but. Yeah I mean we. Were here in 2013 and, now we're on the red carpet up for two awards so I mean I guess dreams happen if you work hard and you believe in them so yeah it's been really awesome and. You got your start performing, live you're. Doing that again tonight what. Is so special about, performing. Live. Performing. Live is everything. For us it's where we started on our farm when we were kids and it's been our favorite thing and our parents taught us how to entertain, a crowd and we had to and honestly. We're hoping to do the same thing and just bring the heat tonight and make everybody in that arena feel or have filler energy I heard. That one of your singles, long, live the night almost, was, not released. What. Happened, that's. True we we were in love with the song we're so excited about in our producer he's gonna be so mad were saying but. He was like I don't think it's a good song and it was like we were like what and but. It ended up being a great song and to this day he's always like I knew it was a great song I knew it was real like you didn't think it was but now he knows. Alright. Well thank you so much have fun out there tonight the wreck laws. Terry. Clark is making her way down the red carpet but before we chat with her the Canadian, country, music legend was down in Nashville, with Tom power and CBC. Radio queue for, a celebration, of Canadian. Country, music at the Grand Ole Opry House, Terry. Took him on an exclusive behind-the-scenes, tour, take, a look. So, this is really cool we are backstage, at. The Opry and here with me is the, only female, Canadian. Member, of the Grand Ole Opry the, great Terry Clark hi Terry hi Tom how's it going it's, great everything's. Great I just love being in this place it's magical, isn't it I. Think. I'm right right there right by Blake Shelton the Martyna they put all is I guess they just they put the newer ones over here I'm just honored to be a part of this wall. Every. Room at the back stage of the Grand Ole Opry every dressing room has a dedicated, theme there, was a flood in Nashville in 2010, and they redecorated the whole place because it was just trashed and this one's welcome to the family which shows people being invited to become members, being inducted, special. Moments, they had my mother staff there's, yeah oh my god they flew my mother down surprised, me with her walking out she said I could hear you talking all backstage and I couldn't say hi. This. Moment that you were gonna be become a member of the Grand Opera know and, I'm doing I look like home alone the khaliqul yeah I. Was, in shock. Tell, me the significance of this dressing room it represents, the women of the Opera Barbara Mandrell and Reba McEntire, were both huge, influences, on me Patsy, Cline is gonna influence female. Country artists, forever. Whether, it's a you know someone like Reba who grew up listening to Patsy Cline and ribbon influenced, me and then now I'm influencing, some younger girls so it carries on and people live on and it's it's that's what this room always, reminds me of is that all of these artists will live on no matter what. This. Is the coolest room for me Terry it was bluegrass, music that kind of captured, my heart when I was a 15 years old I started playing banjo, I did end up doing like a degree, really, grating about the music the other night Terry when I got to go into the bluegrass room I was going like where's the guy who invented this whole thing this is Bill Monroe this is the father of bluegrass, music this is the guy who invented the whole thing once the cameras are off I was gonna walk the door they're gonna have to take me out of here they're gonna have they're gonna have to break down the walls and get me out of here, please. Now if I were you ever do that right now. This. Is it this is the Mother, Church of country, music. It started at the Ryman Auditorium it. Was there till the 1970s then. It moved to. Opryland. Out here went back to the Ryman for a while during the flood I loved, playing the Ryman too it's probably my favorite because it's where it all started and the acoustics, in that building are amazing. This. Is the, circle that came originally from the Ryman Auditorium where. Everybody.

From Patsy Cline to Elvis Presley who was told to go back to driving a truck he's good when they play the Opry so there really is something when you look at that you can imagine there's, not there's not many places like this where all these kind of legends yeahit's dude this is so cool Terry thanks so much for showing us is the Grand Ole Opry well thanks for allowing me to do so long I'm proud to be a part of it and to get to share it with all of you and, someday, I'll leave but it's not gonna be today he'll, be in the bluegrass room I. Am. Joined now by the fantastic. Terry Clark. Terry. We just watched your tour on video of the Grand Ole Opry Tory, took with Tom power can, you tell, me about your performance there for a CBC's queue it. Was kind of surreal being, on the Opry stage doing a Canadian TV show it was a fir for me and, country. Music is super, popular right now and it's. Always great to have you. Know the media at the Opry exposing, people to everything. Wonderful, about the Opera that may not be familiar with it and doing. The tour backstage was, great because a lot of people don't get to see that backstage, stuff unless they're in Nashville sign up for a tour which you can do so. It was a lot of fun to go through a twit song speaking. Of things that might have felt kind of surreal, you were inducted, into the CCM a Hall of Fame this week could. You tell me where were you when you got that news that you were gonna be inducted, what was that moment like when you found out this is a great story are you ready for it I was. Recording a demo with Dean Brody and. We. Had written a song together I was putting a harmony part on his my phone rings he was doing his part and it's. The president of the CC MA and she says where are you right now and I said I am. With Dean Brody she says I need you to get up and walk as far away from Dean Brody as you possibly can leave. The room because. You can't tell anybody, this, we're doing a press release you can't tell you, I'm telling, you seven, times you cannot tell anybody, this, so. I leave, the room and they tell me I'm getting inducted and I can't tell any I can I'm like hi, Dean. How. Are you doing yeah, it, was really tough not being able to just so you didn't you didn't do it you didn't tell him this is in Nashville and I'm with the, reigning fans Choice Award winner from Canada doing a demo I can't tell him I'm going into the Canadian country, well. Here's all you can tell us about. I mean, the timing, your. Your new album raising the bar is due out Friday.

Yes. Yes what, can we expect to hear it's, got all kinds of country music on it our first single young as we are tonight just came out a couple weeks ago and, everybody. At radio seems to really love it which I'm very grateful for and the fans seem to love it but, there's you know it's pretty contemporary track, and mainstream, but. I've also got a lot of traditional, country lots of steel guitars you, know it's, this album is very diverse I, did it in three different increments. So. I keep I called it raising the bar not just cuz there's a lot of drinking songs which there are for anyone here who likes to drink we are in Canada right. But. It's also just about trying to be better as a human being and get better musically. And always. Reaching for that next place in life and doing the best I can what, can we expect from your performance tonight real quick, not, a lot actually um I. Got. It easy Dallas is doing most of the singing on that duet and I'm. Also performing. In. A medley during. The hall of fame section, with some of my good friends Suzy Boggis Megan Patrick and Jessica Mitchell and I just, do a small part of one of my songs there so I'm I'm, actually getting to really, savor, this moment and, not get as many nerves about performing, as usual well we look forward to seeing it all thank you Terry Clark have fun tonight. Madeleine. Marlowe is this year's youngest, nominee for, female, artist, of the year as she makes, her way down the red carpet see, if you could answer this bit of trivia. Madeline. Morello is here with me now. Hi. Madeline, hi, how you doing I'm, good how are you good very good. So. Shania, Twain's, up was. The first album that you ever bought tonight, you are playing a tribute song to, her, how, are you channeling, your inner Shania, tonight to get ready I don't. Even know I'm just like it's, such an incredible moment, and I really there's a lot of pressures a lot of nerves but this is so special, I want to be in the moment I want to enjoy the, moment and so I'm channeling, my inner snare by being a rock star and, by being confident today it's. Not just a tribute that you're doing you're actually, up for a female artist of the year alongside, Jenai, at Duane tell. Me about getting. That called when, you would he found out about that it. Is the craziest thing to see my name in a category next to her she was, my everything, she's my first concert when I was a kid she was my, idol, and, so it really feels like a milestone moment and such a career high this weekend what, will you do if you win that award knowing. Shania is in that category I have, a saying I will reverse Kanye, her and be like she, deserves the 100. Million records sold come on and, what. Is your favorite part just in general but going to the CMAs. Definitely. Just you know seeing your friends and being able to celebrate, you, know we all work so hard and to her so much and and you know see each other quickly backstage, at events but we get to all be together in one place and celebrate the great year that we've all had thank, you so much Madeline, and speaking. Of your friends. Here. Isabella is here. And. You'll be performing that same Shania tribute. Along. With Madeline and jess moskaluke, Shania. Twain has been a huge inspiration to you how. Are you approaching it knowing, that Shania. Will be watching. You. Know she, is amazing, and we actually got to rehearse with her she made a point of coming to rehearsal, and like, grabbing my arm and running through everything with us so she. Was amazing and she definitely helped my nerves by being there and being so sweet that's. So exciting that's got to be good both from confidence from her she, gave, us a little performance coaching so it, was pretty amazing how. Are you incorporating different. Influences, as like a young, artist in country, music here at Canada howdy, how do you work on that I mean. You know I I feel like Nashville there's such a really cool thing going on and and so. Many, Canadian, artists, are are, just, you, know doing the coolest thing and they're spending time down there and bringing the things that they learn they're here, and there's. Just so much talent and I think it's it's a really cool time to be in Canadian country music for sure bringing, that spirit of Nashville up north a little bit all. Right so you took us backstage behind. The scenes on Friday I took over the CBC music Instagram quickly.

Take Us behind the scenes now how do you get ready to go out there on stage what is your pre-show, ritual. Oh, my. Gosh lots of water making, sure I have a good vocal warmup and a really good makeup artist that, is you do you look great thank. You so much Kiera. Isabella, thank you. Jess. Moskaluke is, tied for, the most nominations tonight, at six she, credits her small-town, roots for, a large part of her success she's. Up next but first let's, get to know her a little bit better. Okay, pop that in there yeah girl Saskatchewan. Is made up of mostly. Small towns there's, tons of space lots of farming, communities, great. People this, is your baby from here okay I'm letting go. Small-town. Living is the best we, don't have a Walmart, or a fast-food joint or, a traffic. Light or anything like that but, we've, got a theater and we, have dance clubs and we have like, choirs and, we still have band class in high school which is rare I like, it awesome. Yeah. My. Ultimate goal, has always been to just make music my full-time job I was. Writing for a publishing company in Nashville, and we. Decided that YouTube, would be a really great exposure and I started working with another guy who was in Los Angeles we did a Nicki Minaj song we did a country cover of starships which is nothing like her original and I remember thinking does that say 500,000, views like cuz it's been a couple, months like this is insane, flash-forward. To today I mean music, just took over my life. This. Year for, the first time there are two women in the Apple music fans choice Entertainer. Of the Year category and, Shania. Twain is the, other woman and I guess the, other other one is me, if. You're gonna lose and you get to lose to Shania, that's an honor. We. Don't know each other but she just doesn't know that we're best friends yet. My. Name is jess moskaluke and, I am country. Now. Joining, me jess. Moskaluke. Yes. You're no stranger to the CC mas your up for some of the biggest awards of the year how. Do you stay, calm, how do you maintain composure, and and. If how. Do you have a winning face at a polite. Losing, face what, are those like okay, so first of all I'm gonna say I'm gonna take that as a compliment, and say thank you because I am not. Calm right now at all I am losing my marbles. Honestly. I don't think I have a winning and losing face because we are all such close friends in this industry that no matter what happens it's a win and I'm genuinely so, excited, for whoever that person is, well. I saw you perform for a hometown crowd last, year at the CMAs, how. Will your performance tonight be different you're doing the Shania, tribute, she's, here, how, do you feel I like, I said I feel not calm the, performance, will be different because I'm not performing any of my own original stuff tonight for the first time so. I just want to make sure that we can give a respectful, fun. Exciting, tribute, that Shania will be proud of well. As soon as you stepped out here you heard the cheering fans. Are, a really important part of country music how, what. Does it mean to you to, be nominated, for the fans Choice Award it is literally a dream come true and to be completely honest, with you it blows my mind every, day that.

I Have fans. At all whether it's 1 or 5 or a hundred like this is crazy that people are just excited to be in the room and I, don't take it for granted at all so that is probably one. Of the more special Awards of the night all, right well thank you so much Jess, jess, moskaluke one, more time. James. Barker, band there's a group of best friends that got together to make music and we, spent the day getting, to know them a little bit better take. A look. A. Family, dynamic I, would. Say we're like brothers because you have to be able to, call each other on the ship. But. Then still go back to being like, family because you have to be onstage at the chair hotel room you're in the van you're in the airport but you still have to keep everybody in line. Are, you just gonna keep it light yeah, you have to find the Dutch humor and everything, you. Basically just need that to survive I feel like in what we do like you're serious all the time you would have given up long ago. The. Goal has, always been the same and the goal is that you don't stop, growing until you can't grow anymore as, long as you're improving then you're reaching your goal I think. Because the core group like us for got, to experience, you know the highs and the lows and the you know opportunities, and because, we've, gone through all that we appreciate, it all collectively, we, all know what we're aiming towards, and what we've been working towards a dreaming of our entire life we. Started that process years, ago and we goal is to do it together. But. James. Barker, band are here. You. Guys have had an incredible, year so far you won a Juno, for country, album of the year how, are you feeling going into the sea CMAs tonight, we're. Pretty excited I mean we're just happy to be here we have this, it's an amazing time of year and we're always excited to know obviously I get in the tip of the hat with a bunch of nominations, is uh pretty crazy for us I do, have a question about a pre-show, ritual, I've heard about with you guys instead. Of a fist bump. What. Is that called, we call it feeding the chicken and you see everybody, feeds everyone's chicken and if that doesn't happen then the show is gonna go terrible. Feed, the chicken I hope you guys saw that, do. It, for the crowd behind you. Events. Like tonight remind us that country, music is bigger. Than ever why, do you think that is right, now um, I think you know everybody in the world kind of came to their senses I mean no, it's uh it's. One of those yonder's that just seems to continue growing and it in Conor says it all the time that it's all encompassing and, it's, true it just keeps getting more diverse and bigger and bigger and I think because of that it appeals to more people and like, I said it's it is true people are just getting smarter as time goes on so coming, around some, of the smartest people in the room here tonight James Barker, band everyone thank you so much. Meagan. Patrick is nominated, for an armload, of awards tonight and it's taken, a lot for, her to get here a former. Olympic, snowboarding, hopeful we, caught up with her and she told us about the day that changed her life take.

A Look I. Don't. Hide any aspect, of my, lifestyle, I like to fish I like to hunt I love being outdoors I don't. Hide that for my fans because I want them to know who I really am and I want them to feel like they, can relate to me. Near. The end of high school I, was competitive snowboarder, for, a long time the Olympics was my dream when I was 18 I fell, during a competition and, I broke my back I realized. How everything. Can change and, be taken away from you in a second, in. My recovery I really, found a lot of healing and music I think that was when I really was like I'm gonna give this a real shot I, went. To university and I studied music opera. Jazz, everything. But, I never, was. Passionate, about those, particular, genres, of music I kind of got to a point where I was like you know what I I don't, think this program is for me I think at the end of the day I just really didn't want to be school. So. I kind of started going back to my roots you know Hank Williams. Waylon, Jennings and stuff I started listening more to country radio and, seeing how can I create something, that, feels real to me and honest to me that's, you, know viable I remember. I was driving into the city the day I was signing the papers for my record deal I had two dollars and 83 cents in my bank account and I pulled into the. Warrior parking lot and my truck died in the parking lot. Literally. Just died and so I walked in and that day just changed my whole life. My. Name is Megan Patrick and I am country. Here. On the czma is a red carpet, Megan, Patrick. Megan. How, has country music changed, your life how is it a turning point for you, um. You, know what I mean music has always been a big part of my life but I think when I started and. I've loved, so many styles of music over the years and I've sang different styles but when. I started singing country music it just felt like natural. And it felt like this is what I'm supposed to do I'm supposed, to sing country music and everything, about. The way the songs are written and the, the content, of it is just is just me. So I love, country music and it's changed, my life in, every way possible well. You played a a beautiful tribute to your grandfather, at the Music in the fields festival this summer how. Important, is family, in your journey. Family. Is extremely, important, and probably, one of the hardest parts of what I do just, being, away you, know I I missed. My grandfather's, funeral last, year and. I missed him passing, when I was at that festival I was on the road I miss, my niece being born this year also. On the road I was stuck in an airport crying. So, that's a really tough part about it and luckily I have an amazing family that understands. That this is my dream and that, you know I'm just doing what, I have to do but it doesn't make it any easier I do I do miss my family a lot. Well. You are here this week it's a very busy week at the C CMA Awards what. Has been your favorite part of the week so, far before we even go into the big, broadcast. I mean. I've been lucky to do a couple really great events this week I mean honestly the fans are always my favorite part just, getting it be able to play for you guys and. We. Played yesterday out on the fanfara stage and it was amazing I love, you guys.

So. Yeah I mean it there. Are so many things that are great about what I do but I mean if it wasn't for my fans I wouldn't have a job, so that's, much definitely my favorite part thank, you so much Megan Megan. Patrick. Dallas. Smith, is coming up next but first we, got to know him a bit better take, a look. My. Dad's always golf and when. I started touring it's my early 20s when. I would come home and you. Know just want to hang out with my old man it was what was this. Is a good time really good way to get out of my head and just get up and just do something smack a ball around the. Elementary, school in high school I would fail classes because, I didn't want to give the presentation then you'd have to give at the end of the semester or whatever it was right I could, not get in front of anybody I knew. That if I didn't take that leap and just get, over the fear just do it I never would and, I'd regret it and I get playing a couple cover songs with the guys that ended up being most the band that I was individual the, bolster. There's. So many different topics you can cover in, country music it's real, life Luke all their stories for me I think there's no other genre that connects a story, and a, voice to, a fan, it's. A really cool thing to have a platform to be able to bring positivity. To people's lives. The. Legacy I want to leave is I followed, my passion, I did, what I loved fought, long and hard for it I gave it back as much as I possibly could and create, some do it in a world that's not always good. My. Name is Dallas Smith and, I am country. Dallas. Smith is right here, to. Tear it. Tonight. You, are performing one more drink with Terry Clark at the award show tell me about working with her working together on the single and what we can expect from, tonight's performance, yeah. I picked a good year to do a duet with Terry Clark didn't I getting inducted into the Hall of Fame deservingly. And yeah. You know what Terry and I are just gonna go up there and, just. Try to perform the song the best we can have a good moment and we got our booking agent being the other bartender, on that's a really great moment he's the guy you introduce Terry a knife so be, a great moment looking. Forward to it and speaking of performances. You were down in Nashville, for a special, song writers circle performance, for CBC, Radio's q, what. Was it like playing the Grand Ole Opry stage. It's. It's always amazing I mean that was one of the benefits of me being able to do a song with Terry is that she, invited me down in June to come down and play the Opry for the first, time so he played with her amazing band so that was actually like the second or third time I'd been there and it was really great to do that in that environment all around the circle with, all the other Canadian artists that were down there with us and I get an interview by Tom he's great so yeah, I had a great time yeah, can you feel the history there when you're when you're there you.

Know On stage especially but even backstage that the dressing rooms are all full of people that have actually been in there and there were their homes and yeah. It's an amazing experience how. Will tonight's performance. Be different, than the one you did in Nashville what's the big considerations. There we're. Standing up. We. Had. Nothing really we're just gonna get and have fun with the crowd yeah it's really great - the crowds down on the floor this year so we're not staring at the industry people that's kind of judging we're gonna have fans out in front of us within arm's reach so that's that's really the biggest thing I'm looking forward to with this performance that's. The thing fans will dance and get excited, right. Yeah. A little, less dry than staring at label heads for sure yeah Thank. You Dallas Smith thank you so much how about today. We've. Got Keith Urban coming up but first. They're. Excited, he's, at down with Tom Power the host of CBC's radio cue to. Talk about how his latest album a graffiti u explores. The fusion, between country, music and pop take. A look the. Contrast for me is that you have one. Of the most iconic country. Songs of all time mama. Tried and then you have Jillian Michaels who, I'll say is one of my favorite, songwriters right, now and she's, writing for Selena Gomez, she's waiting for Justin Bieber. Why, was that song the. First song in the record why, was it the first thing you wanted us to hear because of the fusion yeah I think for me the. Sentiment, felt. Right. But. I think I liked, the stylistic, fusion of everything, I felt like it sent set the template for the rest of the record when you see style it's a fusion what do you mean well. When you're gonna get a haggard riff from Julian Michael's all on the same record you know for, me that the fact that those will flow together so so well from me at least anyway. Felt, like. The. Sort of sonic opening, of what, was to follow with everything else coming after it I'm seeing a lot of press.

Around That this is Keith Urban's. Crossover. Pop record, do you do understand, why people would come to that conclusion well. Sure yeah but. I mean as far as making. Music for me I just, make, it I mean it's gonna draw. From all kinds of places and I, don't. Think about it while I'm making it it's really what the name graffiti you, and the title came from was just artistic. Expression, with, no boundaries no no nothing, I wasn't critiquing. Anything, as I was making it I mean you know pop. And country alone has such a long, long history since, the late 50s of, crossing over constantly. Brothers. Still standing, and Murdoch mysteries, Johnny. Harris is with me. It's. Real rough light pop uh you. Know what they're really excited to see Keith Urban but hey I'll, do for now on. Your show still standing you perform stand-up for communities, across Canada it's back next Tuesday 8 o'clock on CBC television tell. Me about some of your favorite moments from the show, yeah. The. Greatest part has been seeing, this vast vast, country, from from. Newfoundland. To BC, to, dune of it I've gotten to do some amazing, things one. Of the most memorable ones is I did a fertility, test on a bull, in Alberta, which, involves, putting on a plastic, glove that comes up to your shoulder, and going. Up well, we'll leave it at that you like I think we could picture what you're saying unfortunately. Having. Seen more. Of Canada, than most of us can. You tell me about a must-visit place that surprised you like I feel like you would have great restaurant, recommendations. Places. In this country that maybe people don't know it's, a great place to go yeah, I've gotten to see some real gems some places that that you. Would never get to see otherwise I'm. So lucky to have my job one, thing that I have found, across. The country is that in small town small, towns remind, me of new, flame growing up in Newfoundland you, grow up with new features and you get to an age say mom why do people tell Newfie jokes and my, mom would always put it to me as a point of pride she would say we're confident, enough in ourselves we, don't mind having a laugh at ourselves and I find people in small-town Canada. Are proud, without. Being precious, they're up for a joke they're not waiting to be offended, they're pretty laid-back and, everybody's. Been so from, coast to coast so gracious, to us I love, that so much really really quick what are you most excited to see at night, you. Know I was on the red carpet I was between Terry Clark and Shania Twain I've never been so humbled in my life but. I'm looking forward to seeing both of them obviously so, and, Keith, as well of course so. Are we so are you. Johnny Harris thank you so much. We. Are about 30 minutes away from the CMA, Awards where you will see performances, from Keith Urban Serina. Ride our Brett, Kissel and so, many more of course, all hosted, by Shania, Twain, Lindsey, Ella is next, but first a quick bit of trivia. I'm. Back with Jessica Mitchell, on the CMAs, red, carpet, now, Jessica, last year you performed at the gala dinner it happens on the Saturday night the CMAs, this, year you're playing the broadcast, Awards right here how, does your approach change, I. I'm. Trying to just look at it as just another, show, and, just play. For them so, that's. All I want to do I didn't mean to psych you out there it's a lot bigger here. You. See, so much though the lights are pretty blinding, so it kind of takes you're like this is my area and I'm staying in it so it's great now I hear that you are a big, Radiohead. Fan how. Does your person, oh you have a tattoo can you show the camera. Everything. In its right place is, what it says. How. Does your personal tastes intersect, with the songs that you write I.

Try To use, influences. From all, the, genres like, many many genres and, kind of listening to the way that Tom writes in that cryptic, way, versus. Kind of the simple, ways, of writing those, are two things that I like to fuse. Together so, I was very influenced. By Thom Yorke growing up and quickly, you know you're about to go out on your first headlining tour in November you've. Toured with a lot of pretty, legendary people Terry Clark Johnny Reed Kiefer Sutherland, what, have you learned from them that you're gonna take out on your own. Just. How the energy, just how to bring energy and how to create moments it's. All I think a show is all about creating special, moments, and if, I can create as many intimate. Moments as I can for the crowd and for whoever shows up and I feel like I've done a good job so alright, looking forward to seeing you out there tonight, Jessica Mitchell thank you. Up. Next. We've. Got the hunter brothers all. Five. Of them. Let's. See if you fit up here. So. You guys performed, last night at the gala awards but. Tonight is your, first time performing for the CCM a broadcast, of what is going through your head or. Heads, right, now, there's. A few of us I think it's just excitement, you know it's such a blessing and a privilege to be able to do this especially, with our good friends, high Valley with Paul brand jess moskaluke who. We've known for a long time and we're just so thrilled to be sharing the stage with them here on this great, event you. Were also you were up for interactive, group of the year best of the Internet, you guys are really good at being, extremely, online, and now you have a great, story you, posted a video of your version of Garth, Brooks as I've got friends in low places, he. Saw it can. You tell me about. What happened oh man. We were all in different places at the time but we all started, getting text messages from, all sorts of people saying have, you seen this have you seen what's happening and so we all freaked out there was a lot of excitement amongst, all of us and you, know we really look up to Garth so the fact that t saw it was just a very humbling, experience so, we were very grateful. So. Exciting, thank you guys so much have, fun tonight. Thank. You. It's. No secret musicians, spend a lot of time on the road, Lindsay L tells, us how she keeps it together on tour you, could take a look.

My, Life is, all. About, country. Music we're, on the road five. Or six days a week I don't. See my home, my. Home is really a suitcase but I don't see home very often and so I need, to find certain things that, that, ground me on the road and working. Out makes, me feel grounded, and, reminds, me why, I'm so lucky to be able to wake up and do what I love every. Single, day. Music. Has been a part of my life ever, since I was little I would run, around my, house with a plastic microphone, and knowing my elder brother and, then. I picked up the guitar when, I was paint because, it was a lot cooler to play Shania, Twain songs on the guitar then. Classical. Concerto, number whatever. My. Dad played guitar, the first song he he. Taught me was stairway to heaven and ever since I haven't put it down there's a curiosity, I have with. Holding a guitar, that. I hope I will never answer. I get. Inspired a lot by being on the road one, of my favorite, things is, it. Sounds so cheesy but, sitting on a plane because around a lot of places these days on. Takeoff, or as you're touching. Down you can see people, living in different houses and cities and it's like you can you, can watch so many different lives slash in front, of you it's. So inspiring to me. My. Name is Lindsey L. Lindsey. L is right here with me right now, Lindsey. You're about to go on tour opening. For Keith, Urban including. In your own hometown of Calgary how. Are you feeling about it all are you ready, I'm. So, ready I'm so excited, keith has been a role model of mine ever since I was a little girl and so and to, be able to have a song on his record this year I'm graffiti you it's just gonna be so, much fun being able to be on to her and we can't wait to kick it off in Moncton on Wednesday, you. Were. Nominated for female artist, of the year in the same category, as Shania. Twain who's also hosting the show tell. Me about seeing your name alongside, her, as a legend, what does that mean to you, Shania. Was the reason why I picked up a guitar when I was 8 years old and was. Such a role model to me growing up and so the fact that I get to be nominated in the same category as. Her tonight feels completely, surreal I'm so excited that she's hosting the show I've actually never gotten, to meet her myself so, I'm, very. Excited to cross that off my bucket list tonight as well it's gonna be a really special name speaking. Of inspiring women your single criminal recently, became the first number-one, single at, Canadian, country radio by a woman, in more, than a decade. Huge. So. First of all congratulations. But, second. What. Other women out there in country music do, you want to give a shout out to well. First off I need to say thank you to each and every one of these people standing behind me because, none. Of us would be here tonight without each and every one of them I'm just so proud for women. In country music I feel that we. Have, a lot to say and we have strong voices and the, females who are all, playing. Tonight, and a part of these categories, have. Something to say they're so talented they're my friends, and I'm honored to be able to share the stage with them and to be able to help. Forward. This charge with, women in country music beautiful. Thank You Lindsay have a great night. Donavan. Woods is, now making his way onto. The, red carpet, over here give my hand on it woods. Hi. How are you I'm, really good thank you how are you doing I'm doing well thank you you, know you're. Such a talented, songwriter you've. Worked with Tim, McGraw Lady, Antebellum Charles. Kelley I need, to know how did these collaborations. Happen, tell us about that community, that you that you're a part of it Nashville well. Yeah look you just as, you hang out a lot of it is hanging out a lot of the job is hanging out so as you hang out you meet people and then like, Lindsey who was just up here we, know each other quite, well just, because. We're both Canadian and Nashville and that's just, how it happens eventually you just meet people yeah. Friends. And it's fun to work with friends you know I like that as a piece of career advice you just hang out just hang out it's, true though like just hang out late and you'll get places for sure yeah how, does writing for other people, help you write your own music. It. Helps me focus more, on. When. You write with an artist they keep up their feedback is always related to the concerts, they always go we need something that we, need something here that the, crowd can really dig their teeth into singing and I sometimes forget about that I'm thinking only about myself. It, helps me remember the concert, management helps me remember that these songs are to be played live, thank.

You So much Donovan, have a great night. We. Are almost 10 minutes away from the CMAs, hosted, by Shania Twain I'm talking to more of the best in Canadian country as the red carpet continues, but first another, round of trivia. Earlier. We watched Terry Clarke's behind-the-scenes. Tour of the grand ole opry, house but she was down there with CBC Radio One's cue it was a beautiful, celebration of, Canadian, country music filled, with special performances. From Terry Clark Dallas. Smith Brett, Kissel and Macon Patrick, take, a look. I'm, even nervous now I mean just being, at the Opera every time I perform I can't even describe it and that, circle means so much that's the magical spot and and it's it's a tremendous, honor and a, highlight of my career so. Far is, becoming a member so, we say good night at IHOP a mess, until, I see, you again. This, is the, mecca of all things country music the, nerves, and the excitement. And the anxiousness that you feel stepping, into the circle and just everything. Leading up to the day it's, kind of like leading up to your wedding day all these jitters it's like the biggest day of your life right for a country singer it's exactly, how it felt a few years ago. It's. Just a huge milestone I, think for any country, singer and especially more. So now that I'm living down here and really trying to make. A name for myself here, as well and I just feel like it'll be a big part of feeling like I've become accepted, from the community down here which is a big deal. One of the benefits of doing a duet with Terry Clark was she invited me up and I remember that first time very very well and I get up and feeling pretty good first, first and I mess up the lyrics well I'm looking I'm looking at the line I messed it up and, the look that Terry Clark gave me was like I'm. Bringing you up and. You're gonna do that to me shock daggers. Right. Terry invited me back again we did second third time and I was actually able to enjoy it on. A personal, level you know and just be relaxed, and know what I was getting into and just enjoy the moment. Okay. I'm gonna admit I am feeling a little bit starstruck. Right now I'm joined by Mason, Ramsey, you. May know him as a young man whose video went viral after he was yodeling in a Walmart, give him a hand Mason, Ramsey everybody. Now. Mason this. Has been a big year for you you performed, for 40,000. People at Coachella, a hundred. Thousand people at stagecoach, you were on Ellen, you're at the Grand Ole Opry stage, which. Of those was, the most fun. Was. On the Grand Ole Opry, because. They invited, me for my third time and I. Really appreciate, everything. That. They you know. You're. Like a legitimately. Successful. Musician, now and things usually take a little bit longer for people to achieve their, dreams was, being a musician always, a dream of yours. But. You, know everybody's. Got to tell it and they. Have to use it so you, know, I. Was. In a Walmart one day and. This. Lady heard, me singing and middle. Of an aisle of the Walmart store and she recorded me and it went viral and then I got the phone call for Ellen and that's, all kinda got started, I love, it everyone's got a talent and you have to use it Thank You Mason Ramsey give my hand one more time.

Thank. You very much. We. Are minutes away from the biggest night in Canadian, country music we've got Paul Brant and Keith Urban coming, up on the red carpet, but one more quick round of trivia. I am. Now joined by Paul Brandt while you're, performing tonight tell me about who you'll be playing with and what we can look forward to I'm. So excited to be here at the Canadian Country Music Awards and I get to perform with high Valley jess, moskaluke the, hunter brothers all of us will be on stage together and then we're taking off on tour early next year on the journey tour so it's going to be a really, fun night you. Were inducted into the CCM a Hall of Fame last, year you've had a career spanning over two decades what. Is it like seeing it evolve and seeing cut your music evolve. Right. Wait, like on your forehead, right here get. Their forehead signed by Paul Brant hang, on these, guys have been like just like stalking, me all day I just can't grip you guys you guys know hi Valley come, on now. We're. Just pumped to get on the road together we're gonna have a lot of fun I was, hoping you were actually gonna autograph. It. Was almost like a flash forward, to seeing them on the Grand Ole Opry stage they have incredible, talent they, work harder, than anybody that I know and they're killing it internationally, all around the world it's been amazing, I'm we're. Just pumped is nine years ago the first time we ever played because Paul got us on this award show and now today's a full-circle moment so we're gonna be we, didn't buy hats in time but we're gonna do our best to hang with Paul on that stage, I. Got. You guys up here high, Valley are here any way you guys describe your music as pop grass so, what if you clarify. What that means for us well. We, we're. Pretty blue dress inspired, guys like Ricky Skaggs is one of our hugest idols, other than this, man right here and. You. Know and we got like with this young, hip producer. And he kind of brought the pop elements and we brought the banjos and mandolins, and all that kind of stuff, so that's that's what that is you've, got this stacked lineup going on tour, but, you guys are, brothers, high. Valley and and does that is. There sibling rivalry, ever or does it make it easier to work together honestly. What we try and do is get separate dressing rooms so Curtis and I don't have to be together all the time but we got here today and Paul had us all in his dressing room yeah so on two hopefully I don't know if you'd be okay with us having separate dressing rooms that would be fine I don't want to see any you know sibling, you know rivalry, type stuff crop up while we're out on the road would be a bad thing well, I feel like you're gonna be adopted, into, a like. As an honorary brother, in high Valley I'm pretty afraid of Brad actually he could benchpress all of us so I don't think anything I don't think anything's gonna happen it'll, be fine if, you want to become our legal brother all we need is a urine, sample. And. Then I think we can move forward no I don't think that's gonna happen either this. Is gonna be a crazy, tour, tonight. It's gonna be kind of a crazy night what are each of you the most excited, to see tonight I'll start over here oh man, 100 brothers are gonna rock the stage it's at a first CC ma award, show performance. And we're. So pumped to see them and everybody here is as well I you. Know for me jiving, jess moskaluke is the best singing singer in country music today she's just absolutely incredible, she's, gonna get up there and blow people's minds with every single thing that she does and I I'm, pretty stoked it's gonna be great I got. To go with Shania Twain I'm sorry but growing up in Alberta we play floor hockey and we'd crank up any man of mine as the pump up music for the hockey game so it's gonna be good tonight that's. So good. You. This question sort of when everybody ran up here but, what has it been like watching country. Music sort. Of evolve over the over the last couple decades it sort of seems like it's bigger than it's ever been, yeah I think so you know I don't think I remember a cc ma that has had this many artists, involved let alone Canadian. Country music artists that are killing it all over the globe and it's an exciting time to be a part of country music and I just think that this is going to be incredible family celebration, tonight you know in the past I've noticed that there's always been more of a competition element.

It's Not here tonight everyone is excited to be here and support each other and that's wonderful. I've. Noticed, also. Fans, are, a very, very. Big, part, of this, is there anything you'd like to say to, the fans who are here tonight oh. I'll. Say you know I know, we not would not be able to make music without the fans you guys are absolutely amazing we love you so much thank you for letting us make music we love you guys appreciate, it thank. You so much Paul Branch high. Valley have. A great night guys thank, you okay. Coming. Up next Keith. Urban. Is making his way over here. Makes. Noise I don't even need to tell you. Good. To see you do our. Cameras over there and the, vans are over here. Let's. Just jump right in your your. Album, graffiti you has collaborations, with some of the biggest names in pop music so ed Sheeran Julia, Michaels you. Were always sort of discovering, it listening to new music I saw a photo of you recently you, had a sleeper, @mods shirt, then a UK, electro, punk duo maybe. Not what you would associate, with somebody who's closely, aligned with the country music scene where. What are you into, right now where do you find these artists, that you, find inspiration from everywhere. I find them everywhere I just I just like i heard sleeping mods and love them right away the. Documentary is fantastic. Hobo, johnson and the love makers right now I love. Lisa. Kara huge fan. Canadian. I love it everyone's. Excited to see you perform tonight who, are you excited, to see tonight there's, so many on tonight I mean. Lindsay, L who's gonna be coming on tour with us very soon I'm looking forward to that I think she's you're not gonna play she, gonna sing ah. You. Know you got a sink come on come. On I don't know I'm not allowed to say she might sorry. Website. Alright, thank you so much Keith we got to wrap it up I'm being told but thank you so much for coming up here one, more time everybody. This. Is it see CMAs are about to start, live, from Hamilton, Ontario the, biggest, night in Canadian. Country hosted by the one and only Shania. Twain you don't want to miss it so here's how you can watch if you're watching on CBC, or on YouTube sit tight for a full stream of the awards show on facebook, go to CBC music da /c, CMAs, from, all of us here the. Two Hyundai. Red. Carpet, live stream I'm, Rayna Durin's and thank you for watching enjoy the show. This. Original, CVC music presentation. Is available, in described video viewer. Discretion, is advised. Yeah. I'm. Going. Out tonight I feel it. Let. It all hang. Makes. Boys here. Is, my boys yeah. Screaming. No. Condition. Gonna, add to it. I. Feel. Who. Likes about joy. About, pain. Got about forgetting. Then the will to walk away, I'm. Ready, to be loved, the. Way I should. About. To get good. Basket. Honey I'm home and I had a hard day. You're. A model. Man. It feels so, good to be home. And. Even. Better to be coming to you live from Hamilton.

Coast-to-coast, On, the, CBC. Where. We are so, blessed, to be on the traditional, territories. Of the Hoda, nashoni, and Mississauga, nations. And. With. The lands protected, by the dish, with one spoon, wampum, agreements. When. They asked me to host this show I, said of course, on. Two. Conditions. First. That. I can show you the same love you've shown me over all these years. That. We do it in Hamilton. Because. This is a country, town. It's. Got the. Hurt it's, got the grips and, judging. From that opening, just now it's definitely. Got the fans. You. Know I won, my very first C CMA, Award. 23. Years ago right here in Hamilton. My. Musical, influences, have always been diverse, but. Country music gave me a home, a, place. Where. A fast-talking. Girl, from Northern Ontario, who. Jumped to bigger things for her and her family could be heard. Tonight. Here, at the Canadian, Country Music, Association Awards, I'm. Thrilled, to see women in country dominating, the album of the Year category. And. This. Past spring Lindsey. L a girl. From Alberta, who shreds, on her guitar got. The first number, one on the, charts, by a Canadian, female, in ten years. And. Tonight. We induct the incomparable, Terry, Clark into the Canadian country. These. Are all great achievements, but. We can go further by. Recognizing. A place for diversity, and country music by, being inclusive, and by. Really respecting. What women of country have always been able to deliver, heart. Soul. And, a. Kick-ass, guitar, riff. So. I'm thrilled, to be here with you tonight in Canada, because we've got a great show for you. We've. Got Lindsey out here. Keith. Urban is here. Jessica. Mitchell. Cat. Kisser. Dallas. Smith and so. Many more. Now, here, to present the, award for signal, of the year is Chad. Brownlee, and your very own Hamilton's. I got. How. We doing Hamilton. What. Is shown and it's only just begun, we can all thank our pm magazine, Stan Cleese and Walt, Gorillaz for, tonight the. Canadian Country Music Association, Awards were, created, by them and their, pioneering, efforts, in our industry, so, these, guys are like the original, league commissioner as a country music huh exactly. Football, reference I like, it right, country. Music and, football. Does, it get any better. You. Know dad actually I was gonna say winning, a country music single of the year sounds pretty nice well.

I Was gonna say winning the great Cup but. Take that to actually yeah sure let's, go to single of the year a single. Is one of the most effective, ways for an artist to connect, with, an audience all. Of tonight's nominees connected. With their hit singles, here, are the nominees. Single. Of the year. Chills. James. Barker, ban country. Music made me do it Megan. Patrick. Drive. Me away jess. Moskaluke. Lonely, drum Erin, good vin and, side. Effects Dallas. Smith. And. The. C CMA. Award, for single of the year goes to. James. Barker, bad shot. Oh. My. Goodness. Boys. We won one, well. Thank. You guys so much this. Is this is absolutely amazing, I mean first, and foremost we got to thank our, amazing significant. Others our girlfriends, our fiance's. We got to thank our parents who I believe, are all here tonight, we. Got to thank I mean everyone, at contra radio our amazing team at Universal, Jeffrey Dana, Shannon, everyone. At star seed Don Mike. Moxie, our, tour manager we, got to thank Michael Eckert for having long hair and making us look amazing, and. You. Guys the fans thanks so much we want to thank. And. I better say that guys who helped. Us write the most amazing songs that, we can imagine in this our good friend Donovan woods Travis. Wood Todd Clarke and Gavin slate you guys make it sound damn. Good so thank you so much thank you to the CMAs. Please. Welcome from, still standing, and Murdoch, mysteries Johnny. Harris. The, great thing about country. Music in Canada is how diverse, and proud the fans. Wow. I mean, if you're talking from the eastbound hoedown, a new flying boots and herds in Ontario, or Sunfest, out on Vancouver, Island it's, the music that unites, us now our next performer. Is a certain, Albertan who has won multiple C CMAs. He's from flat Lake he's, up for the Apple music fans Choice Award by the way voting, is still going on for that award go on to CCM a fan vote calm, and put your vote in for Bret or whoever, your favorite artist is give, it up for Brett, Kissel. In, your heart even use my suit tonight there. You bring me to my feet the minute you are. Shipping. Their lips in skinny jeans. You don't get me hi. Like. You. It's. My honor to introduce to you a, Canadian, treasure, the, great Serena, Ryder. If. You, look back - he says, you. Know I picked, them up, there. Are so, many reasons. I'm. Never gonna get it. If. You should leave this country, you. Know, come. To you, because. You. Always love. Me. We. Can, dance no. One else is watching take. My, head and, put it on your heart see. I'm. Doing. Gets, me rocking, like. Coming. Up performances. By the. Urban. Lindsay. L high. Valley James. Parker band Jessica. Mitchell and Dallas. Smith and. Still to come the Apple music bands Choice Award. Check out the nominees at Apple music calm. /c. CMA. Awards. Beep. This. Is a live program, viewer. Discretion. Is advised.

Welcome. Back to the C CMA, Awards, please. Welcome from, Frankie Drake mysteries, Lauren. Lee Smith and Chantal. Riley. It's. So great to celebrate an industry, that's dominated, by women. Here. To perform the title track for her debut album heart of glass please welcome a singer at the grassroots, of the women in country movement, Jessica. Mitchell. So. I couldn't, follow. Not. Have, to, stand up, on, my own. Which. My, feet, were made, of, stone. Smile. I wish. Every. Time, you sang about. Cookie. The. But, if my. Only. Break, it, won't. Miss. Your words, were, made, of, smoke. And. Maybe every. Line, you, ever. Spoke. Oh. I wish. You. Made. Of, smoke. And. I wish my heart. But. It. I. Wish. Every. Time. Hey. Give. It up for two times C CMA, Award winner Kiera, Isabella, and Hamilton. Tiger-cats, Simoni. Lawrence. We. Present. The Sirius, XM Rising, Star Award it, is an award that I had the honor of winning in 2012, and, it's an award that I should, have won that same year. The. Rising Star Award for. Canadian, country music that's right. Do. You play country music no. Never. I'm sorry I'm super competitive I'm a tiger cat, let's. Just get to the nominees. Sir-sir. I should have been on the list. Sirius. XM, rising. Star, Dan. Davidson. Erin. Good fin hunter. Brothers, leaving. Thomas, and the. Wreck laws. And. The. SiriusXM, rising. Star award goes to. Oh. My. Gosh I don't even know what to say this. Was crazy um, seven. Years ago we came to Hamilton, to the see CMAs, we. Played a dive bar at the casbah, bar downtown, Hamilton, yes, and. Ten. People were there, honestly. Dreams come true you guys thank you for this we're. Gonna thank Jeffrey. From the universal, Shannon Universal and our, entire management team and our families here tonight so thank you guys so much we're, Cambridge Ontario thank, you guys. Give. It up for Tim, Hicks Madeline. The road and Toby. It. Better make your thing. Don't. Give to silly Billy. We. Had Vettel mega drain. You, tortured. Rat, crap. Big. Feet. News, better. Gets bad. Or break, your heart too that's. What songs do. It's. Big oh hell yeah. To. Yeah, that's. What a song do. It's. Big. What, cons and the truth. Soundtrack. It's, been go hell yeah. That's, what a songs do. Oh dude. You should meet. What. Puts that clicker in your plane. When. You can't parse, out. What. Song. What, song ain't gonna play. It's. Bingo. That's what a sauce do. Spanked, me. For cards, and the truth. I'll. Meet. You that's, what a song should do. Congratulations. To the wreck laws for winning the Sirius XM, rising, star award, coming up next the performance, by Keith, Urban. Frankie. Drake mysteries new season, returns September, 24th, on CBC. This. Is a live program, viewer. Discretion. Is advised. Ladies. And gentlemen, Dallas. Smith. Two, years ago our next performer was gracious, enough to invite a Canadian myself on his leg of, the ripcord tour couple years ago he didn't have to do that it was an amazing experience and, this year on his graffiti you tour he's invited another Canadian Lyndsey, a lot with him, no. Matter the location whether, it's Assisi Mason Hamilton, or the start of his Kapiti you tour on, Wednesday, in Moncton he always plays, for, Canada like it's his hometown crowd, ladies, and gentlemen singing his new single never coming down. See. Here's, a school. Oh. See. Our, next presenters, will be hitting the road together soon on their honky-tonks. And dive bars tour. Please, welcome Gord Bamford, and Jojo, Mason. Put. That, was. A good idea so this, year's female our nominees. Are stellar, well. I couldn't, agree more

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