Watch the 2018 Polaris Music Prize Gala

Watch the 2018 Polaris Music Prize Gala

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You. The, following program may contain coarse, language viewer. Discretion is, advised. Welcome. To the 2018, Polaris. Music Prize gala, featuring. Performances by. Jean. Michel bleh. Jeremy. Dutcher. Pierre. Wenders. Your. Bear lanois. Partner. Snotty-nosed. Rez kicks. Us. Girls and. Weaves. To. Introduce, the first nominee of the night here, is Tanya. - god. The. Way they, completely. Recontextualize. Music. It's a singular. Sound and it's it's, there's, there's playful, elements, they're, so, tight, but so, fluid like it always is that feeling, like there's juice. That's about to spill off the side of the table like. That very, fun feeling, and her lyrics are incredible. They're wonderful. Human beings they treat each other with respect they. Treat music with respect, and I personally, think jasmine, is the type of person who was, born, with, that talent like it wouldn't matter how much. We, practiced, you. Can't be a queen like that on stage without. Just being born into talent and they're just the real deal. It's some of my favorite music that's, be. Produced in Canada, right now and. I just also like them 100%. I got them 100% every, time the rest of our lives I don't care. You. Oh. To. Say. Something. Are. You trying to sell, me something. To. Make my plate. You. Got a request. It's. The time for, requesting. Oh. It's one. What, a way to start, the, show weaves, everybody. Welcome. To the 13th, annual Polaris. Music Prize gala, presented. By CBC, music I'm Reina Duras host, of mornings on CBC. Music. So. Happy. To be here with you tonight this week tacular carlo and Juran oh it's very fancy the one time of year I'm allowed in the building it's, great to be here we've, got so many of Canada's, best, musicians, here I can see so many of you out there tonight and to be honest it's nice to see you on this, side of the bar for once here, in Toronto. We. Are here to honor the, 10 albums shortlisted, for this year's Flair's at Polaris Music Prize at, the end of the night with, the help of last year's winner Leto pimienta, we will announce, rest. We. Will announce the 2018, Polaris, Music Prize winner, who, will be awarded. $50,000. But, first we'd. Like to begin by, acknowledging that, the land on which we gather is a traditional, territory, of the Haudenosaunee, and most, recently the territory, of the Mississauga's, of the new credit First Nation the. Territory, was the subject of the dish with one spoon wampum, belt confident an agreement, between the Iroquois Confederacy and the Ojibwe. And allied, nations to peaceably share and care for the resources, around the Great Lakes this. Territory, is also covered by the Upper Canada treaties, today, the, meeting place of Toronto, from, the Jota Jota nashoni word quran, toe is still. The home to many indigenous, people from across Turtle, Island so thank you we are grateful. We. Are grateful, to have the opportunity, to, work in the community on this, territory. We. Are here tonight to honor this, year's shortlist. Nominees, they. Are. Always. Anti. Socialites. Jean. Michel blade Dom ma. Daniel. Cesar, freudian. Jeremy. Dutcher will last a weak link to okinawa. He. AIRC Wenders, makanda. At the end of space the, beginning of time. You. Bear lenoir, darling. Partner. In, search of lost time. Snotty-nosed. Res kids, the, average, savage. Us. Girls in a poem unlimited. And. Weaves. Wide. Open. Here's. How it's gonna work the, winner will be determined tonight by our grand jury who are deliberating, and voting right now at this very moment they're sequestered away here, in a secret, vault at the carloon, the, artists they select to be awarded, $50,000. All runners-up, will, each receive. $3,000. Courtesy, of slate music. Thank. You slate music. While. The jury battles it out we are going to see in here firsthand what, they are here fighting for tonight eight of the ten shortlist artists are performing they. All have something special, planned just for you we are streaming tonight's entire gala including, every musical performance, live online at, CBC Music CA and via, CBC music on YouTube and Facebook if, you're in the audience here, in the building and you'd rather watch it on your phone that's, where you can find it CBC. Music is proud to partner with the Polaris Music Prize for an exceptional. Night celebrating.

The Best in Canadian, music and if, you are tweeting along here, or at home please. Use a hashtag Polaris, 2018. To, join the conversation. In. A moment we. Have a performance by the incredible, pianist, Jean, Michelle bland but. First. But. First to. Tell us why he loves Daniel, Caesar's Freudians, so damn, much, here. Is Baby. Face. The. Good thing about Daniel, sees is that he is, giving her and be a future you, feel a little bit the old-school part of it but at the same time it was with a new voice a new point of view from, his world and his his, generation. The lyrics are different, in the phrases, are a little different but. The feel is the same which is why so, many people have gravitated to, him if he's speaking to a new generation but he's giving them the feelings of those records that we used to love. It. Caught me by surprise I, hadn't heard anyone that, sounded, like that in a long time and they had so much passion and, pain, in, the voice and just so much emotion, so, I expect for him to, mess. With other genres of music as well because I think he's that kind of writer not just for himself but for others as well so, I look, forward to seeing you grow I think. If you want to feel good if you want to listen, to something that just makes you feel good even even. Though it might be sad music sometimes if you just want to feel good it was - Daniel. How. Cool was that. Baby-faced. Talking. About Daniel Caesar Daniel. Is here tonight he couldn't perform because he just, is getting him from Denver where he played Grand uzi Festival last night so. Please enjoy, this performance, from Daniels appearance on CBC's, q earlier, this year here. Is get. You. Natural. Disasters. My. Baby, has. Been. Those. Are fallen. Angels. Because. None. Of. You're. Crazy. You. Don't. You. Don't. Go. To the. Daniel. Cesar. 20:16. Polaris long Lister Sofia Nolan is a major fan of our next performer, she's. Here to tell us why Joe Michelle Blaise don't, mummy deserves. To win this year's prize. Danka. Dharma, Manish Paul sketchy two clips trick the. Shan Shan Mian song he shows that they. Cry up the cake, shows that care personnel. Keep. All abou Kuja. Sit. On Victor's, who are low, civilian. Are lost our meteorologist. Is Amanda Ripley Jeff, Monson. She. Was. Working locally she, fastest, car in named Sofia pastro Tala, the. Testing. My music people, join. Sticky, SAP. - hello, Priscilla, welcome. Brainy, miss Aleppo, mm, introspective, maple, still, non-professional. MZ can select, et, cetera. You. You. You. You. Absolutely. Unreal. It's. On me so blame. Getting, the first of what might be many standing, ovations, as evening. Now. Let's. Take a look at the first batch of nominees. For the slate family, Polaris, heritage, prize the. Heritage prize honors albums, have were released before Polaris, started in 2006. Divided. Into four different eras, this, is what, you could think of as the Polaris, version, of a Hall of Fame two. Winners are honored for each era with, one selected, by the music critics on the jury and the other is selected, by you you, can cast your vote at Polaris, Music Prize dot, CA let's. Take a look at the first era being honored, 1960. To, 1975. The. Slate family, Polaris, heritage prize is supported, by resound, your. Shortlist, nominees, for, 1960. To, 1975. Are, the. Band music. From big pink, bow. Dommage, bow. Dommage. Robert. Charlevoix, and louise, for SD a, Lindberg. Jean. Pierre fella, jean. Joni. Mitchell Court. And spark. Jackie, me too wishbone. The. Oscar, Peterson trio, night. Train. Buffy. Sainte-marie, it's. My way. Jackie. Shane live. Neil. Young, everybody. Knows this, is nowhere. Vote. For the winners now at Polaris, Music Prize dot, CA /, heritage, - prize. In. Just a moment you'll see an interview with CBC music's, rich stir-fry, and Polaris, shortlist our Jeremy toucher, but first let's, play a round of jam or not a jam a lot of people have come in to CBC music this year to play this game where they decide if a song is a jam, or not. A jam you check it out. Also. These headphones just broke where is this. My. Dad used to play some young all the time because she's amazing I wish, I got to see her in Vegas but, I never.

You. Know Aryan, and. I was like oh boy were they from are they from Duke last. Ultimate. Stoner. I don't, think I could sit like, a lake on camera so. Because. It's wrong. What. Up dudes I'm. Rich to fry I'm the host to drive on CBC, music, and I'm hanging out in the round room and I'll be chatting with short Lister's all night long while they're. Hanging out in the big room snacking, and whatnot and right now I'm. Chilling with Jeremy, Dutch or congrats on the nomination, well thank you very much I'm very excited I'm very excited to I'm excited to have you here and to be hanging out and. This. By my calculations. Is your first Polaris, nomination, deed it's my first record even. First. Record and so, that's. Something I want to come back to that because I, want. You know it's not, that easy that's not how it's supposed to work but. Do. You remember where you were when you heard the news that it. Was yeah yeah I was coming on, a train, from Montreal to Toronto yeah and I. Got a call from. Some. Good news and some. Bad news oh yeah I was like I want the bad news first, and. Actually forget what it was oh good couldn't, have been that bad exactly, and. Then the good news was was. This all, of this so, I, think my first question was well will I get to meet Buffy sainte-marie, yeah. Turns out, sure. Did did. You yeah yeah I'd be at, the announcement I did, we did it at the drink oh yeah yeah, yeah and yeah she was the one who actually announced, my nomination, so, this is like I'm getting chills. Right now you know about it um. Yeah. She's uh, she's. Everything to me did you have a chance to chat with her we chatted for like 20 minutes yeah I helped, her pronounce the record title yeah because it's a bit of a struggle for people you know, not everyone's a realistic speakers so yeah so, we're, all in it together you know yeah, you were just helping me I must. Say though, you did very well okay it was it, was spot-on let me try to get okay.

Well. Last oeq. Went. To war Noah yeah that's, the one yeah I, actually, you know what's gonna, wah you've worked on this thing for five years years yeah holy. I, mean. What does everyone else doing you. Know not people having kids buy, homes, records. Yeah yeah yeah yeah, it started, what. I will say it took it took so long because I'm, really process oriented in what I do uh-huh and it. All actually started with a conversation between, an elder and me yeah, around her kitchen table and so, she. Knew I was really interested in music, and and our traditional you know song, style and she says you know if you really want to know the old dig the old way. It's. Not around here he actually got to go to the museum so she sort of tipped me off actually right, and. And, so that began this whole journey, about you, know going to Ottawa going to the National Archives and and. Really digging in and getting to hear these old voices and, and, then, the trance like writing, them out transcription, and then arranging. Them touring, them recording them it's it's been a whole thing okay. So that raises, many questions in, my mind where, do I start, okay so you. Hadn't heard, old. Recordings. Like that before, and that for me was the. For. Me I like with this record I like to. There. Was a question that I wanted answered, there was a problem that I wanted to fix I think all art does this you know we see we. See a problem in the world and we see a space in the world and, we, want we, want to contribute we want to answer that so for, me what. The problem was, was that these. You. Know 110, years ago this anthropologist, he goes into my community and. Brings. His phonograph machine, mhm and says, sumir, songs, keep. In mind this isn't a time when cultural. Practices, bands, in Canada right under the Indian Act yeah, meaning. For. Those that don't know that, essentially. The, stories and songs couldn't. Really be shared, in public yeah and so. So. They went underground you know but and all of a sudden is anthropology white. Guy yeah oh yeah yeah and. And, says hey share. With me what you have and. So, he collected you know he collected stories and, and photographs. But most, interestingly to, me of course as a musician um, was, these traditional, songs that he collected yeah and, then yeah. They were sort of taken away and just sort of put in the museum to collect, dust and and, and.

And. So, for me the the problem of this record was the abstraction of that, content, taking, it from a community placing, it in a museum yeah. And then, people. Don't know about it yeah and you know people like the elder and like Maggie, who. Sort of guided me on that path she knew about it but, it wasn't commonly, circulated, and certainly we didn't hear it in the community so, for, me that was the that was the real question that I wanted to answer because I didn't have a relationship with these songs, so. Primarily, you, wanted to take. This and. Circulate. It in the community, you wanted it. To be brought. Back into the community, that's what it all is yeah repatriation. Yeah. Now. I know that, you are a very, trained. Musician. I suppose. You could say that you've. Gone to school in the whole, classical. Music - agreed yeah as an opera singer and then I so trade with with, some song carriers like traditional style yeah, as well so I sort of have a bit of a mixed. Background. In terms of training but okay right so that's what I was wondering about because, you were hearing, these, very old recordings. That I'm assuming. Were. Because. What I gather is there was like a solo, performer. Just singing, kinda in the field, sort. Of thing, maybe. But not necessarily, other. Trained. Musicians. And, so, I was, wondering. The. Question, I guess I had in mind was did. You have to unlearn. Anything. In, order. To make this work where you're taking this old recording. And then trying to apply. Your. Muse. Bring to it your highly-trained, musical. Brain but I guess I mean you already had a you, know already. Some. Background. In education in. The in the music but yeah, so, what. I would say what I would say to that. Question. Was that. Yeah. In. Terms of how. I, was able to sit down and and to, work with these songs see, I would have build oh, yeah. I, wrote all the certain parts over I wrote every. Everything you hear on this record so, for, me it was about. First. And foremost was. Putting. These two styles of music on level playing field for so, long, there's. Been a gaze from above, to. Indigenous music and, for. Me what, this record was a celebration, of. Was. The was, the unabashedly. Jenna. T so, doing it in our language making, sure that it you know it is from that perspective and, so, when I started to arrange. And, to work with these melodies it, was about. Honoring. The. Honoring. That melody and staying faithful to it mm-hmm, and not trying to trying. To put any sort of like you're a Western, yeah, you. Know form, onto it so you can edit those. Were cool so something minimally. Minimally, yeah so in terms of the arrangements, of it yeah okay. Sure, liberties, and made it my own for sure but. But, for me it was always about respecting. That melody and making sure that that leads the that, leads the process and so every, you, know harmonic, shift every, rhythmic, shift in this record is all, based on where.

That Actual melody goes yeah but it's just about trying. To, translate. It to a. Pop audience for. Somebody that's going or, an audience that is maybe, has no relationship with indigenous music but can still mm-hmm. You, know hopefully, understand, what I'm trying to say here yeah. Which. I think. You're here tonight because that happened, and you were very successful in, that I want to come back to that in a sec because I have a thought I want to share with you but you. Is. Her name Maggie Paul Maggie Paul she was there when this idea. Was. First planted there she was the planter of the idea I should say and and so here tonight as well is she yeah. It. Says she's heard it five years later when it was done yeah you. Played. It before I'm guessing she was maybe one of the first to hear it she was and so what was her reaction like. Almost. It's. Almost hard to every was like. What. She said was. When. I heard these old cylinders, I heard. Symphonies, and, you. Heard that too mm-hmm. You know and so, and, she. Said you're able to take this to a whole nother level that. I couldn't, you, know and she you know she i will, credit with with being one. Of the one of the people, responsible for keeping. Our musical tradition on the east coast alive you know under. The under, the duress. Of of law, and, government. Suppression and so and so she. I. Do. This work because. She, did this work and I'm it's just it's. One layer on top of each other and that's the way it's always been with her with our ways with our tradition you know it's, about the, elders mentoring the young and carrying, on that. Indigenous. Excellence, you know and, so, yeah, when she got to hear it I think she was she, was for it she was like that's exactly, what I wanted to hear is what she said well that must been satisfying, oh yeah, I mean you never know right you know you. Just try to you. Know I had a very clear vision of what I heard when I heard these melodies and. You. Know as a young person especially, as a young indigenous, person it's you. Want to of. Course you want to create stuff that is satisfactory, to tradition and satisfactory, to your elders you know and so but. When you can do that and also. Do. Something that feeds you and and is musically interesting to you and and, also, connects with with other people as well that for, me is like the. Biggest checkmark of all did you have any. Doubts, along. The way it was five years. It's a long time long time yeah were, there any spots along the way where you thought am I doing this right okay Mike yeah, yeah, yeah. You know if. Artists. Are such sensitive, Souls you know and. I think we at, the, end of the day we just want to touch people who want to connect with people and so if there's any way if there's any sort of like moment. When that might not be the case you, know when it's like oh what am I actually doing this for yeah, yeah, it can be scary and throughout.

A Process of five years of course that's gonna happen at least once. And. You just kind of have to you know I push through it by. To. Be honest going back to my territory we engaging my land we engaging my language being. Being. In my community, and and. Being. Guided by yeah, by, those. Who have gone before yeah. So. The. Doubt subsides pretty quick yeah you're supported, in that way and when when. People see the work that you're doing and lift you up in that it's. Hard to doubt yourself right now way because, you know that, even, if it's not a commercial success or, you know you, don't get a Polaris Nam for it it's. Still satisfying, and it's still connecting with people and so for me that's that's. The only goal it was about like you said taking, from the museum placing. In community that happened yeah quite tangibly, that has happened right these songs are being sung again so. That was it huh like that was gonna be one of my other questions how are you gonna measure success, for this long. Labor. Of love, this. Is basically, by completing, it huh yeah, all right I mean for me the the journey, is is not quite complete and it, will be but. What do you what's left what do you still have to do symphonies, I hear. Symphonies. 3. 2019. 2020 yeah, see you there huh. Yeah there's one last thing I wanted to mention of course I you. Know I'm an outsider, I'm you know not from, your community, I'm an East Coaster but not directly from here. And. I'm. You. Know my first love, musically, when I was a kid was hip-hop, and. The. Only other place that I'm used to hearing. Old. Voices. Blending. With new ones was. In. Hip-hop, and sampling, right and, so, when. I would hear, your, beautiful. Voice and, the arrangements, and then hear these old voices. Come in it. Was, I mean I'm getting goosebumps right now just thinking about it a real thrilling, thing for me to. Hear, and it excited, me the same way hearing. Hip-hop. Music excited. Me for the first time and maybe. It's not exactly the same thing but I get the sense that it was a little bit of that for a lot. Of new people to. You know for. Whom this music, was new, sure. You. Don't hear a lot of this sort, of thing it says super, exciting. Sampling, I mean for me yeah it's, totally it definitely coming from the world, of hip-hop I, don't. Know that. It came from me that way right wait for me but what it was was those. Voices, needed to be on this record yeah you know to have them heard you, know it would have been fine just for me to you know take them as. Inspiration. And and and carry them forward but. For me there was in the. Hearing of them not. For me there was something there too you know going going to that archive and being able to sit down put. On you know those headphones and hear it for the first time, profound. I can't, on moment, of connection can't, really imagine you what you understood, what you were yeah. Hearing me was very very fortunate to have a relationship. With my language for. A very young age my mother's a speaker my grandmother's a speaker my aunts a teacher of the language so so, it was around the home, because. Before we came on here we were chatting and. You. Know we were talking about how you live in Toronto now and, so, you don't always have. You. Know people in your new immediate, community now to speak. With and use the language with, so it's in phone calls and and, stuff. When you you know but it's a for, me it's become a personal practice to like, it's it's yes it's language. Of courses of our communication, and and being in relationship, with other but. Yeah. For me it's also because. Maybe through necessity perhaps but it's become a personal journey as well I love of, writing, the language you know it's not until, maybe 20 years ago that we actually keeping have a writing system. So, for me gaining, the the level of like intricate, fluency, with writing is also very important that keeps me engaged with the language and. There's a lot of emergent, resources, as well in the last couple years you know we have a dictionary now, online. Dictionary tons of like videos online we have apps you, know there's that's. Cool yeah it's to give people context. Though you, said there's less than a hundred years. Yeah. So. We're you know for me that is. What. That does is Spurs a sense of urgency yeah.

And. It. Tells me that this work needs to happen right now and that, and, that's, kind of why you. Know I could have written obscure. Classical. Pieces around these melodies and made them really sort of like you. Know maybe hard to listen to you for most but. I wanted to write pop songs yeah, that people could, listen to and could love and could could. Embody, and and make part of their everyday because. It has to be with the people well. We, love it I get. The sense that you. Know the folks back, at home really, love it I'd love to talk with you all night about this but I know you got a good brother form here in a bit so. Thanks. Congrats. Again good. Luck and I. Should say now that there's a lot more great stuff coming up we're going to be hanging, out with Wiis and jean michel bleh, there's, a special tribute to always, coming, up performances. From us, girls and my man Jeremy Dutch are here but right now we're going to head back inside because I think about, Lanois is standing by for his performance. Seriously. I had gravely Cochran. Welcome back to the Polaris, Music Prize gala, live from the car loo in Toronto, I'm Rayna Duras tonight's. Event is brought to you in part by the financial, support of factor, the Government of Canada through. The Department, of Canadian, Heritage's. Canada, music fund and Canada's. Private, radio broadcasters. Coming. Up we, have performances, from partner. Snotty-nosed. Res kids us. Girls, jeremy, Dutcher and pierre. Quinn ders. We're. About to hear you bear lanois performing. The opening, suite from his album darlin. And 2010. Polaris winner Louise, Jacques Cormier, from car qua will, explain a little more about why this record. Deserves, to win. Lavalla, premiere, is you in, Berlin was it. Hussein. The, seasons. General. Sophie counselor. Additional, people upon the F word synergy. Fair. Elections. Yes, remark. Shows the up and. Shout, sandwich, women like, a music detainee the. Glam rock jazz. The main the rock is a little. Superior. American proposition. The glam rock. Sitapur. Fundamental. Man in. Banchon song, que. Quieras. Sarcopolo. The. Disc remains. Prakash. Wine. Pooja. Geneva so the minimum. A. Terrace, in, Hua. Named okay Becca valid knowledge Wendy, Dupree. Not. Elementary, and samovar a kill point so. This really loud. Laughing. You. Please. Everything. America. Dream. Well, that was awesome. That. Rule you bear lanois. Well. The crew is busy getting ready for your next performer, the host of drive on CBC music rich stir-fries standing, by with Pierre Gwen ders before. We go there let's, look at the nominees for the slate family, Polaris, heritage prize for, the year's, 1976. To. 1985. The. Slate family, Polaris, heritage prize is supported, by resound, your. Shortlist, nominees, for, 1976. To, 1985. Are Bruce. Coburn, stealing. Fire. Do. A, hardcore. 81. Fifth. Column, to, serve with hate. Gowan. Strange. Animal. Martha. And the muffins this, is the ice age. Jackie. Me to showcase. Volume, three. Stan. Rogers. Fogarty's. Cove. Rough. Trade, avoid. Freud. Rush. 2112. Leroy's. Sybil's on, top. Vote. For the winners now at Polaris, Music Prize dot, CA slash, heritage. - prize. Shout-out. To Fifth, Column yeah-oh. Fifth Column hello yes yes y'all I'm, rich turf Rai I'm, in the round room and I'm hanging out with the superstar, PR, Quinn ders right. Here. Good, to see you look like a million bucks I mean I'm trying. You're. Nailing it man so. Congrats on the nomination. Thank you I wish, you the best of luck - you were on the long list before, right for a, previous. Album yes, so you're not completely, new to this you've. Been down. At least part of this road before a little bit man I'm still new to this you know this is a show place you know it's yeah it gets shorter and it gets more intense the stakes are higher, so. The six oh yeah, so you know yeah, it's. Fun it's exciting it's, very excited, very excited it's, very exciting, yeah so. Where were you when you got the news done that you made the shortlist, I was. I, was driving actually and my, best. Friend was my manager called me it was like oh I just got a call and I think you probably on that show please. Okay. That. Was like my reaction yeah. I was like another kind of person who will jump on the sofa you know I'm not Tom Cruise. Well. Feel free of the feeling the, feeling strikes, you at any point here, but I was excited and you know it's. One. Of those. It's. A very select, group yeah, so. I want to give people just a little bit of context, real, quick I think. A lot of people watching probably.

Remember. Diggable planets, yeah, where am I here assist. Me I'm here diggable. Planets you remember diggable planets, right they had a couple of huge albums, in the 90s, there was reaching, there, was the, underrated. Classic. Blow out comb and sort. Of the frontman for. Diggable planets, in those days was referred to as butterfly, yeah, guy, named Ishmael. And. He's. Originally from Seattle in the days of diggable planets he was living in Brooklyn I think we can yeah. And, then. He moved back to. Seattle and started a new. Operation. Called. Shabazz Palaces, yeah. And he started working with a very talented musician, that they called Baba. And. You're. Working with this guy as well on this album yes you're nominated, for I'd love me know how. That came together. I mean that was just I didn't, even know about dig up a planet to be honest you know I was a fan of Shabazz, Palaces you. Know I was like growing up in cat like being Canada, and. Discovering. New music and Arab responses one of those you know from, North America and. After. My first half of it was like her I want to work with these guys okay, yeah and we, got in touch with Tendai, and it was like yeah I want to work with you too you know let's, see. What huh. What whatever, well, it's. Gonna come out of it so, so you just reached out I wished our social, media styles Oh kind, of kind of like an internet or not emails though yeah yeah and. It. Just happened, and. Invited. Us to Seattle, we got. To see ro and, I was, like well you know I want you to be in one of my song for my next album I don't really know what it's gonna be and. It was like oh yeah well I have a few tracks that I think that you might like so let's try, to work and see what what, would come out and. He. Gave. Me a free tracks that he pre, produced before, I got there and I, just fell in love and then we got to studio and. The. Inspiration was just there and then the, chemistry, was, just. Happening. Automatically. And, you know so did you go out to see I don't think I did I did and then I go out to see Aaron and. After. That day we were we look at each other we were like you know what let's just, make. An album and see what, it's gonna happen huh and, McCann dies was born you know a couple. Years after that yeah, so, do you think you'll do more with I. Think. There's a there's, something good that is happening there and we. Both ten days from, Zimbabwe, yep and I'm. From Congo and, we both like from African, descent so. There's. Something going on there and we think that we need to to. Build a bridge between Africa. And the rest of the world because sometimes, there's a lot of stereotypes about, Africa, and we try to kill, that so that's, that's, our mission, I like.

That And. It makes me think of a few different questions I want to ask you but. You know a few. Minutes ago yeah I was speaking to, one of the other nominees, Jeremy. Dutcher and. He. Was talking, about how. He. Really made, his record. For, his community. Yeah, you know, and. As almost like a gift that he wanted to bring back to his community and, then. You, are almost. Thinking. In the other looking in the other direction like let's build a bridge and reach out and now, you end up here in the same place yeah. Two. Different approaches yeah same similar. Result. That's a beautiful thing it is a beautiful, thing but you know we, I. Was. Born in Africa I Movida when I was 16, yeah, and Jeremy, probably was born here you know obviously. Yes yes. I think you know and moving. Here you know I have, a story to tell right, you know and I have a lot of story, to tell and I love it out of chapters. You know if you want to know something about me you know just you just have to listen to my music but, but, you, know there's a lot of thing to say and I've. Learned a lot of things moving, here in Canada you know living here in Canada, so I think, the, only the, best way of sharing. That the best way of telling those stories through. My music and that's what I'm trying to do, so. I was gonna ask you like what sort of things you learned but it seems to me maybe I should just you know spend, all the time with, the music and I'll find all the area, maybe. Know the answer about a lot, of them yeah but I've learned a lot of things you know I mean, I. Was. So young when I moved here I was a I was a teenager, you know I didn't, know I didn't really much I didn't know what I was gonna do with my life I didn't, know, we. Were already into music no, no, absolutely not, you know I've, finished. High school year, and I. Started accounting, at university, accounting, accounting, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Kind of thing yeah I mean yeah which is a good thing you know that helps. A lot especially in this view in this business you know so you have example, you have your business take yeah yeah. But, uh yeah. It's. I've. Learned a lot you know and I'm. Grateful to, just. Being to, be sitting, here and talking to you about, my music you know I've never expected to be here so it is just amazing I love it and one. Thing I know because. I've been reading. A little bit about your. Record I mean I had to prepare. For our time. Together is that. Family. Yeah. Played a big part in this, as well. Yeah maybe, in particular some. Women in your family, yeah. Mostly women this, is not a women in my fam I have. To be honest I think there's like 80% of women in my family oh yeah percent of man yeah yeah, there's. A lot of women, influence in my family and. Growing. Up you know I've I've, been raised birthed by a single, mother and, my. Grandmother raised its, children. By herself after the death of my grandfather, in, the 70s, and you. Know. I've. Just been, inspired by this woman just from woman's and all of the things that. I've. Learned from them you know being responsible. Being, disciplined. And and. Following. My dream and respecting, people and, you know I. Felt. That I, needed to pay homage to those, women because when, I started my career I choose the name of my grandfather we. Who. Had a very. Big legacy that I've learned growing, up when I was younger but. That. Legacy was, tauba, taught, to me by those, women you know and I. Really, feel that those women either very, big, influence, in the way that my grandfather, used to think and and, in. The way that everybody. In my family thinks right now so, it. Was really. Important, for me to to. Honor those women, because, without. Them I wouldn't be here sitting, here with ya front of you and your grandmother is still with you know, unfortunately, she died us, 18. Years ago okay. Yeah 18 years ago my. Mom still alive, my. Auntie, or shim bob has to wake up four years back but. She's the reason why I'm in Canada because she was the first of the family to move to Canada okay and she convinced, my mom to move to Canada so if I'm years doing. This music here in Canada, it's basically. Because of her mm-hmm. Yeah well that's a beautiful thing I wish your. Grandmother. Could still be around to hear this beautiful album well. They're both out there you know watching from, above well. Of course I, read. A beautiful quote, from. You, recently and you were talking about this, idea of building bridges, mm-hmm and you. Talked about I'm. Gonna paraphrase a little bit but the quote was something like you. Know it's important to me to. Promote, my. African. Roots. Or heritage, so, I can live peacefully, in Canada. Do you member saying something like that I do I, do. Because, you. Can never be. Comfortable. Where, whatever you are without, knowing where you come from you.

Know So. I, know, that I come from Africa and you know there's a lot of heritage. And, not a baggage, that comes to. What. I am you. Know and the color of my skin and. It's. Important, for me to share that with the people and it's. Important, for me to talk about it in my music, and, it's important, for me to. To. Make people, interested. About, it and to learn about it, you know and I'm also grateful to be living in Canada, because this is like a welcoming, country I decided. To take me you know as one. Of their kids you know yeah, so, and, and so. Having. Done that you're, having promoted, your. Culture, and your heritage so beautifully, in this album thank you would you say that it has given you some sense of peace. Yeah. Yeah, yeah I would say that I would say that but, you know piece is a. It's. A very complicated, things you know you can find peace in too many different. Different. Stages, of your life and right. Now I feel grateful. For. Everything that have happened in, the past few years I think there's many more things that will happen and, I. Cannot. Predict, the future you. Know I can, only hope for. Better. Things or, greater things and if ever there is a. Obstacle. You know, I'm. Gonna do my best to to try the best that I can and. Stay. True to myself and, be, Who, I am I. I. Wish. I could. Speak, to you all night I have all. These questions and we're not gonna be able to get to them all but one, thing I definitely wanted, to ask you about yes, is the fact that you. Sing. On this album in. I've. Heard three or four three. Or four different languages, yeah. And. So. I'm fascinated by that like I want, to know for example like. How do you decide if there's something you want, to express which language, to, use and how. You know the different languages you use the different roles maybe that they play on an, album I definitely, do neither side you. Know it's mostly, about the. Term. That is planted in the studio in a lab that's. And. It's. About the inspiration you know when I hear a sound and. Whatever. That sound inspired, me and if it comes out in French I was, taught in French and, and sometimes. I was taught in French and it can take me somewhere else and in other languages, and what. I really like is to do. To. Take. People on a journey and you know I like people, to travel with me doing doing, a song or doing an album whatever it is and. Switching. From one language to another it's, a it's a way for me to you. Know to. To. Take, people on that journey with me and travel, with those people and, take, them to different feelings, it's like a roller coaster of feelings, yeah, even even though I'm probably saying, the same thing, in different languages, right but you you can fill it in different ways and, in, in different. Magnitude, so, that's. The fun of it and that's the, most amazing thing and so you'll be having fun on stage here definitely shortly. And so I guess that's the name of the game you get up there you're gonna try to convey, some. Feelings. And. Yeah. And. So what do you have in store, for us can you kind of give us a little hint of oh I mean people always expect me to be crazy and stuff I, mean will be crazy, I'm. A little surprises, oh yeah stay, tuned. Okay. Well I can't wait I was gonna ask you a. Little. Bit about Henry, Miller because I think it's so interesting that your worlds, collided, maybe we'll have to hang out, tomorrow. And we'll talk about Henry Miller a little bit yeah but I, want, to congratulate you again thank, you and I want to wish you the best of luck and. Hopefully. We'll talk to you back here a little later on and, I. Should, tell you that I'm going to be chatting, with uber Lanois next, yeah but right now we're gonna head back inside see what's happening in the gala. Welcome. Back to the Polaris, Music Prize gala, presented. By CBC, music. We. At CBC Music are so proud, to support Canadian, talent tonight we're, excited to partner with Polaris. For. Us it's. More than just the $50,000. Prize it's. A chance to discuss and celebrate. Canadian, music regardless, of commercial, recognition. We're. Here to celebrate the artistry, and get, everyone, talking about Canadian, culture and it's. Not just about the music each, of tonight's shortlisted, nominees, will receive a one-of-a-kind, limited. Edition, print created. Specifically, for each album by, Canadian designers. A limited. Number of these posters are available, at Polaris, Music Prize dot, CA. Always. Have. Made the shortlist for the second time for their album antisocial. Lights they. Played in LA last night and they. Couldn't make it in time for the gala tonight but they've got a very special guest to perform in their stead we. Will get to that but. First let's. Hear from the director of the band's dreams, tonight video, as well, as the film's the dirties, operation.

Avalanche And the, series Nirvana, the van the show one of my favorite filmmakers, in the country right now here is Matt Johnson. Alik, or. Molly I don't remember which they, had said hey do, you want to listen to our new record and maybe we can talk about making a video and we put it in this, rental, van and listen to it on the way to Kingston where every single song that played it was like oh I feel like I know this song like it was always a memory that you didn't know that you had that's, the feeling that I get with almost every new always, song it seems like their music has, existed, through, way longer than they've been alive which, is a real which is a real gift and Testaments in them as a bands. Always. Has, this incredible, gift of knowing exactly what, their taste is and if. Something. Comes up or that they're presented with an idea like. It like any great artist they know if it's in their voice or not immediately. It has that tone that. Is. Addictive. And so when you hear, her, sing the hooks of these songs you just it. Is almost like a strange drug I would love to know how they can get something so complex, and rich, it's down to these, simple sentences, that. When. Always realized, they couldn't perform tonight they, had to get someone special to take their place so, they, looked to the girls Rock Camp Toronto. Girls. Rock camp Toronto is an inclusive musical. Community, empowering, girls and, gender non-binary, and trans, identified, youth and here. To rep the camp and always. Performing. In undertow, give, it up for deep, waters. Amazing. Deep, waters. From. Drills rock pant how great was that deep, water is, another. Standing, ovation. My. Friend mr. fry is with shortlist arewe berlin wha right now before, we go there let's, look at the nominees for the slate family, Polaris, heritage, fries for, the era of 1986. To. 1995. The. Slate family, Polaris, heritage prize is supported. By resound, your. Shortlist, nominees, for, 1986. To, 1995. Are. Daniel. Ben oj they suits on the XM, news. Dream. Warriors, and now, the legacy, begins, KD. Lang aunjanue. Daniel. Lanois Hadid. Maestro. Fresh Wes Symphony, in effect. Main. Source, breaking. Atoms. Sarah. McLaughlin, fumbling. Towards ecstasy. Alanis. Morissette's, Jagged Little. Pill. John. Oswald, blunder, phonic. Voivod. Nothingface. Both. For the winners now at Polaris, Music Prize dot, CA /, heritage, - prize. Main. Source breaking Adams masterpiece. How you doing I'm rich and, we're hanging out here in the round room chatting, with short Lister's all night and right. Now it's. The, man you just some on tables. In the next room Ubah Lin hua, nice to see you thanks for being here thank you thank you I I, was watching that performance. And. I, was amazed and, I, was thinking you, know, you were on stage. For such a short period of time and, it, seems normally. For. You know when I see concerts it seems like it takes a performer. 15. Minutes or so before they really, start you. Know getting into it you. Immediately. Were in your, zone and. And. Now you're here are, you are you still kind of feeling up here a little bit are you able to. Kind. Of bring it back down and kind of calm yourself, after a performance like that fairly quickly, yeah, I'm. Calm right now but, it you know it's, it. Depends it doesn't take me that much time. To get in my zone on stage or whenever I'm singing in the studio, because, I like. Music so much that music. Moves me all the time and I always I always surprised, myself how sometimes. Tired. I can be before going on stage or. Hungover. Whatever, yes ice or being just like not in my like being depressed before going on stage is still kind of do. It cuz like whenever I hear like the first note of key a know or, whatever, like first drumbeat I just yeah. Yeah well I think you're a professional, as well that probably has a little something to do with it I. Haven't. Played, music, for that long so I don't believe I'm that professional. Oh well you. Look good to me and by the way I want to say thank you speaking of which, your. Outfit. Tonight is, my. Favorite look of the night thing I just noticed your socks. Which. I love I love everything I'm seeing here tonight. So, hey I want to congratulate you, this, is a this, is a preteen play, she. Made this outfit, oh yeah yeah just for tonight or, it, was like it's like one of her yeah. Creation. Okay it was not like for tonight I saw you earlier as soon as you arrived here and immediately thought wow that's incredible, I mean us yeah so shout out to her so, this is your, first. Nomination. For the Polaris yeah it's my first album yeah, so it makes sense and, I want to talk to, you later about the, fact that it's your first album because I think there's something really interesting.

About That and the fact that you're here now and we'll, get into that later but first. Thing I want to ask you the same thing I'm asking everybody else when. You got the news, where. Were you how did you feel you know tell me about that moment the, news of being shorter on the show yes I, was. Right, before a concert. And. She, could see me thank, you yeah, and, I was glad. But I, couldn't. Tell. Wait. Cuz I I knew it like I, knew. It like a little I don't. Know if I'm supposed to do with know that but I can do it like a few days before for, some reasons okay, but but when I when it got out I was. After. A concert, like. It the day after uh-huh. Very hard, very bad hangover, yeah, and. But. Still very glad I puked, a little bit but, had, to drive like eight hours to go but yeah it was a, nice day yeah, I was just glad because you know it's it's I. Expected. Not. That much from this album like being. Multidisciplinary. Project, with a book you're and a record, and like. Being just like this concept album of instrumental. Songs still. There are some pop songs in there but like I was. Just, amazed. Of because I. Was. So caught up in, finishing. This project. That. I was. Only thinking about like releasing. It and you're just like send. It to the mastering loosely because it was like so, hard. And with such a hard. Process and everything. Was it seemed to be against me that. Just like wanted to just take it out and then go do something else I actually didn't, want to do any any show with this and my, book, her right now convinced, us to to. Play shows but, at first I was like no I'm not playing in because I, was, like oh it's you know it's true mental songs will be too complicated to play live you, know. And. I. Did like I need a lot of musicians I just wanted to go and do something else but, then he convinced, us to to, us so shout out to we and, so when you say us you're referring, to knowing, me yeah cuz she's my. Manager. Yeah. We just do it yeah yeah, and she I'm not gonna sing laughing she's my manager but we just do like that. It's just finally the term yeah. But. We just do everything together, so yeah so, and she wrote the book that you, referred, to and so, just, so I have, it straight and so everyone who's watching has it straight, were, these created at the same time or did the book come first, it, was created, at the same time in the same, maybe.

Like Six months so, I, start, from scratch I had like a lot of songs like being a songwriter I was like so many like songs. Ideas. In my head all the time but, I just wanted to start from scratch, because, I wanted to do this kind of concept thing and she was, writing a book at the same time but at first, I had this idea of doing something conceptual. And then, she was writing a novel and. Like. In the first weeks. Like, we. We. Realized, that we were kind of talking about the same thing, being. Auto biographical. We. Realized. We were kind of telling the same story or at least we're going to the kind of same place, so, we just decided I'd like to combine each, other and then, like the, process. Was just she, was writing. Chapters. Me she, would make me read the chapters, I would make her listen to my song. Ideas, like play them and. Then. We just kind of give ideas to each other and then, until. And. It was about a six-month process, you were saying yeah maybe like a little, more than that writing. Not not recording, okay writing six months and so you think for the net when you sit down to work on another realm you think you'll do a similar thing I, heard, you referred, to the. Work as. Postmodern. Opera do you think that's basically going to be your, style. Oh no. No, I, think. That this record that's like we had this term, in mind for. A long time postmodern, opera, I think, I'm no, I I want. To. Write. In a different, way. And this was like a project, but, I just want to do something else after that but I don't know if I'm still, gonna be like that conceptual, I don't know if I want to write another concept, album. But I always. Have this. I'm. Not, into, you, know, a lot of people, artists, are releasing. Music for just like the sake of their career plan like like. Let's try, to hit this single to get get it big in the States or just. Like maybe. I'm gonna try to get a EP, out but. I'm. I'm, not against, this but I'm just not just not my thing I'm I think I will always be. Writing. And recording. In a way that I want, to, do something that matters and something that's gonna be you, know there's gonna be relevant in like decades, yeah, you know that's that's, the way I see it I'm a tie for record like that and I I don't care like how big it gets and how, it sells but maybe like in the, I just want like him to be like in a few years. Or like 10 years like. Kids are still gonna enjoy it sometimes well, I think you accomplished something very special with this album that we're celebrating here tonight I wish you the best of luck congratulations, again, hey we got a lot more coming. Up we're going to be chatting with snotty-nosed, res kids here soon but we're gonna head back inside for another performance right now. From the beautiful Carlo. This, is the 2080s malarious, music prize gala. I'm. Reina Duras before, we get to our next performer, we, would like to acknowledge the continued support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

Polaris. Looks forward to continuing this work together and future, works on initiatives, to strengthen Ontario's. Music industry, now. We. Have a guy that you all probably know, George. Stroumboulopoulos. He. Wants to tell you about our next performer, snotty-nosed. Res kids. Da. Quan dancers, from the Yukon to, perform a song from the average savage here, is George. Depending. On who's listening to it can, be an unpleasant, set. Of realities to have to experience and I think it ought to be unpleasant, there, are very few records that actually reach an audience that. Have this kind of force, behind, it I think that makes it really special and I think it makes it really relevant I think you need Punk voices, I do you need hip hop-eration rebel, voices I think, you need power. To come from those who, haven't. Been listening to have. Anything I've heard and, I think that it's. Not even those red kids are part of that conversation. It. Is necessary, for an artist, to. Be brave, and it's, challenging. Only. If you haven't been paying attention I, think. Even paying attention to what's going on it. Underscores. More. Than it challenges, and if it challenges, your perceptions, you, ought to do some thinking about your world we. Celebrate. People who are about something because they're the ones trying to move the needle Ford. I, know. You, heard it in, ready. In Brenham, intersection. See, this. You. Might have been told from the grandparents. The. Sandwiches. Untamed. Uncivilized. Ill-mannered. Folder. Havens. In. The corner in the final but lies where we gotta push forward. The, snotty-nosed, res gays everyone. Still. To come performances. From Jeremy, Tucker or us girls and partner. Who are standing by for an interview with the CBC music's rich turf ride before. We do that let's. Take a look at the final error of her consideration. For the slate family, heritage fries.

1996. To. 2005. The. Slate, family Polaris, Heritage Prize is supported, by resound, your. Shortlist, nominees, for 1996. To 2005. Are. Bran. Van 3000. Glee. Broken. Social Scene you forgot, it in people. Constantine's. Shine, a light. The. Dears no. Cities left. Destroyer. Street. Huh a seduction. As. Sterile, breath. From another. Sarah. Harmer, we're, here. Kid. Koala, carpal. Tunnel syndrome. The. New Pornographers, Mass, romantic. The. Weaker Vance left. And leaving. Vote, for the winners now at Polaris, Music Prize dot, CA /, heritage. - prize. Are. You ready to rock I am, here with partner. Lucy. And Josie hey guys good. To see you how are you doing good, Congrats, on the. Shortlisting. Thank, you and all the exciting things that, are, happening I, guess the first thing I'll ask you, was the southern ask you the same thing I've been asking everyone all night, wait you know where were you what was happening when you got the news that you're on the short list you. Know what happened, what was your reaction that, hole yeah so we were on the Neil Young concert, and come back oh, really yeah yeah. Huh, yeah well okay so Josie, is looking for her bracelet, and, so, she like texted her manager, or something you can never say yeah. And then she has the big news and I was like holy crap and like we. Were. You. Know we were at a pretty low point, and I. Would say I lost all hope at. That point we, short, us of, anything of. Life really. I just. Remember, being at me. And. I. Was. Pumped yeah, yeah. I, bet. That had a way of making the. Show even, more awesome, that, night how how was Neil how is it a good show oh yeah, yeah me, also got it yeah. Was. He playing the hits that night um. Only, the hits he wanted to find like. An 18-minute cut off a trans oh, yeah. Yeah. Wow. That's that was how we started definitely. There for a heritage prize one of these oh yeah, one of these days I'm thinkin so, yeah and then he played like, yeah. Some some real extended, dreams it was awesome, I said some, a couple times now and the first time was in Halifax, at the Forum no not the forum the Metro Center and. He. Started with. You, know rock. And roll never die what's called nun, yeah. Yeah oh my god it was unbelievable. Okay I want to talk a little I want, to get the timeline, straight. Sure, with you guys that. Will guide me through these next few questions, so. Okay. So the first thing that came on my radar and I think the same for a lot of people, with, that Ellen. Page song, you, guys could have been around for a bit at that point. Maybe. About a year probably. Yeah. And then. The. Album, followed. How, long. After that. Um. Maybe. Like a year and a half, yep. It. Was mostly alright not that one yeah. Right. Okay okay so. I. Guess. What I was kind of getting at with that is, that. You know this first.

Album First. Shortlist. Nomination. Which, is very exciting normally it doesn't happen that way you. Know you got to put out a whole bunch of records and slug it out and pray for a long time and then you know but, first crack, and then here you are. So. What. Occurred to me is that when. A band is kind of starting out and making a first record. If. You haven't really established a, fanbase yet right, right so you're not exactly making, a record for the fans, because they're not quite there is still good it's still gotta go find him right, but. Then certainly with the Ellen Page song and then and. Then crazy with this record. Do. A lot of fans a whole bunch of fans like all over the place I was watching this interview with. You guys recently where you're talking about finding fans and Russia and all these places around the world oh yeah so. Now there's that happening. Right so like I'm wondering if that equates, to I. Don't, does that change anything do, you think there's gonna be like expectations. Or do, you just say guy you know you just do your thing and don't even really worry about that so much I think. Like. Like. The. Fan like people. Who are our fans are ready for anything. Yeah, like, honestly. They're. The best and they're ready for like. For. Anything yeah so like it takes us so long musica, I think we don't stress, about like. What we're writing about in the moment because it's gonna be like two, years before it comes out perfect, we can always just bail on a pizza. That's. True you. Know mommy, no you know so. Earlier, this year you, won, the so, can thing right it's like 10 grand yeah, yeah no matter what happens, tonight you get three yeah, Paul. Goes really well. 50/50, plus 10 is 60. What. Will be like a couple things that come to mind right away that, you could do with you know you add it up I mean, if you still have a few bucks left from the SOCAN thing that you could do with like that kind of dough. Yeah. It was like by an actual jet ski or like you, know I in return yeah. Yeah well by just evil tested it take about honestly. If we actually ever in the Polly responds like I think when you buy some breakfast stuff yeah. So, much please give. Some to charity yeah. And. I've heard you say before you want to make a million, dollar record, one day right I mean you can't like you know throw, it in the budget well, I can't, wait to, hear. What's next and especially the performance, that's coming up later on tonight so. You know give, them heck out there let, it rip have fun congrats best of luck for you you, know tonight, and I. Can't. Wait I know, that coming. Up we're. Gonna be hanging out with jean-michel bleh. Snotty-nosed. Rez kids as well and I think up next out there us. Girls is going to perform let's check that out. This, is a 2018, Polaris, Music Prize gala, presented, by CBC, music just. Want to say a special hello to the folks at home watching at CBC music, dot CA I assume, you were sitting there on your couch in your ball gown and tux eating cheese just. Like everyone in this room by, the way I ran a pause with the cheesie's, I, was. Here yesterday for rehearsals, it was an actual line item on the schedule, cheesy, delivery. CBC. Music is proud to bring you tonight to bed and live stream if you missed anything tonight we'll have highlights and individual, performances, up at CBC music dot CA after, the gala, up. Next is, second, times short, Lister's us, girls. They. Put together something amazing, for us tonight. To. Talk about their nominated, album in a poem unlimited. From. Gang Gang Dance here. Is lizziboo, got souls. The. Thing I like about Mike the Moses is really. Her instrumentation. I mean she has so much, happening. In, the actual, composition, of the song, that. It, makes me excited about me sick again she's. She's definitely, an old soul I feel like she's like a sixties, child like, pearly, gates. You. Know like, there, was a lot of soul in, in the, album. Through. The lyrics of the atmosphere, that she's creating, a sort of like being, stuck in an after-hours, joint. Where. Everything's. A little bit frayed and, there's, sense, of disarray, and she's, bold it's relevant and it. Questions. What's. Happening, right now at, this, time and, a. Lot of artists, are afraid to take that on and I don't think she's afraid of it. No. Ladies. And gentlemen. Nuez. Girls. That was incredible. I was, just standing off to the side of the stage like this. For. That entire thing. Here. Quinn ders partner, and Jeremy dutcher are coming up but, first let's, catch up with weaves who are sitting down for an interview with, host, of CBC's dr rich. Stir-fry. Yeah. Thanks, Rana you're right I'm hanging out here with what.

Half Of weaves yeah, and. We're chilling we're chilling we're chilling on the couch and I. Want, to congratulate you on a, couple things the nomination, of course. Two, in a row which is something come. Back to that I want, to congratulate you on your performance earlier, because that was bonkers, and. Well. You, know just everything I mean I think it seems like you know things are really going your way these, days where were you when you got the news about this shortlisting. Remember. The moment you're. On the road do you say I would say, yeah. We've been doing a lot of summer festival yeah this, summer. In. America so, in short you know it's like a general feeling, of pride rather than knowing that exact, moment, oh it's somewhere in the USA, sure, yeah. Sanok, damn sure. Right, before we came up over the border and heard you on. The radio oh right well. I'm. Happy to welcome, you back, and, you. Know I'm sure someone has mentioned this to you that there's, this two short listings in back-to-back years never happened before right history. Well with Drake, I think Oh dude, were told that Drake is the only one who's had back-to-back maybe, head back to back maybe I treated. Polaris, and they said drink sealing the only one I do seem to remember that he's been on the short list a couple but. Anyway. It's super also he was at my semi-formal. So. We're the same age and he, was at. My semi-formal. But he wasn't Drake, yet and, he. Was dating my friend Malena and I was like man, Drake's, here so like we have a lot of things, he's from Weston, oh she's, also where I'm from so we have like a lot of tattoos yeah this tattoo is a Western. To the westin thing my brows strain why. Is it it was something because they made bikes there so they made penny farthings, in Weston, and like Drake is also from Weston and Raine maida is also from Weston where if Drake has ever ridden one of those things I would hope yeah I mean, it makes sense to me it, makes perfect I mean have you know. I'm, not from West you say. Yes. Yes, avidly yeah. Everyday - where do you live in the NX, oh so. It's a 20-minute bike ride to work every day oh this beautiful, it's downhill down. Here all the way getting back home uphill, all the way you guys always that pill in the way I don't know if this weird, abadeer of kids no, no no, okay, cuz it was like I always wondered like I don't have kids dude but like having. The kids on the back yeah it's, a thing right like I see, that I wonder, would I be the guy with the kids, on the boat is, you're too cautious and I am too it freaks me out it frankly, it's our style with the kids it's a pocket on the front don't. You like anal, to, like ever have a kid in the back just right on the side roads just. Buy a car I got get. Rich by a car and, it is so. I. Want. To talk a little bit about everything. But your performance, tonight. Look. Too baggy I know we're like. Look, good. Looked. A bit baggy. Yeah. Your performance, tonight was. Great. And. Very exciting. I'm amazed, at how quickly, it seems you're able to let go there you know what I'm saying, I.

Don't Know how I, mean, were you warming up backstage I mean you set the show off did you have to kind of get yourself into the zone first, um. I warmed, up my ears a big thing for me now is like I massage, my ears really, yeah, huh, because, I was. Looking up. Yeah, like vocal coaches and they said like to relax your jaw, it's really good. So. I really. Try to relax my jaw and also, I've been like following on if like angels, spiritual, people and they say like to. Massage your neck and, say I am changing, I am, changing. I am chang

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