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>> It's great that the family can all be together and some of our favorite traditions or you know just eating and drinking way too much staying up too late getting ready for the big meal we make a drunken mashed potatoes with Jim my mom used to make Christmas is a fantastic time of the year. >> Does that not get you ready for the holidays are was all right well this year, the CDC has released a new set of holiday celebration guidelines here with what you need to know is doctor, Natalie Azar good morning doctor Zach thanks for joining us. OK. So break it down for us if we are getting together this year. What are the things we need to keep in mind so Vicki, it's definitely not a one size fits all, but I think that you can break it down into 6 components and if you do a little bit of all of these things are going to keep yourself and your family safe. Number one is vaccine.

Vaccination is still going to be the best protection for the holidays and especially making sure that you're vaccinating all the people around her family for those people in the family who are not yet eligible for vaccination then we talk about asking if you're unvaccinated you're still pretty much masking everywhere you go if you are vaccinated and you're going to an area with substantial and high transmission. We still recommend masking indoors. Remember outside is better than inside. Well, ventilated if you're inside if you're sick you stay home, if you're sick, you don't host and a big part of this Vicki is using testing to your advantage pre and post visit pre and post travel just a kind of cover your bases and keep you and your family safe. Okay, I love that that's really helpful who should be on that actual invite list is it OK this year to have Grandma and Grandpa getting together and then also the kids who are most often not vaccinate or not eligible yet right so again I have to start off by saying that the safest thing to do is to be around folks who you've been in contact with who are in your circle in your household because as soon as you start mixing from other parts of the country from other household, you sort of bring that element of the unknown into the mix but look last year was really hard for everybody was hard for grandparents was hard for families not to see one another I always boil it down to this Vic you have to think about the vulnerable people in your house, maybe you're not worried about getting severely ill, but maybe you're worried about more vulnerable grandparent next to nothing. The good news is is that a lot of these folks grandparents are probably eligible for boosting boosters right been boosted, and we know that after that first 2 weeks when you get your highest level of antibodies. You've got a pretty pretty thick shield an armor for the next couple of weeks to months which beautifully overlaps with the holiday season. So grandparents

really are better protected and I think they should be able to have their break. What about masks because we are kind of in that stage where people are vaccinated they're letting their guards down to one more inside, especially for them you can have your mask on what can we do and not not situation. If you're indoors again lot of lot of the country's going to be indoors for the holidays, keep the windows open and you have space heaters obviously nobody's eating with masks on, but again the good news is that if you look at the map the areas that are substantial and high transmission right now they're getting lower and lower and lower so look realistically there's going to be a mix of folks probably vaccinated and unvaccinated in your household, you keep the meal time to sort of like a smaller, you know period of the East and that's a long leisurely we're gonna pull this out for 3 hours. And they even put the mask back on and that numbers matter right if you have a small dinner party as opposed to a big one, but remember to the degree that you can keep it and elated and keep it outdoors keep the windows open maybe in instruct people to wear layers cause can be a little colder absolutely look space heaters I know patio heaters were a big sell last year. I don't know what their numbers are doing right now

that these are the kinds of things that you can do it just adds that extra layer of reassurance as well as safety and finally just anything you can do to protect the younger kids is there any are there any precautions we should be considering. We know that in all likelihood the vaccine is going to be approved for that younger age group and there will be probably a quarter of the kids are going to be fully vaccinated by the time the holidays, current round in December, but that leaves a significant number who are not obviously if the child is over 2 years old if you're in a crowded indoor space I would still recommend asking for those kids, especially again if you're in that area, a substantial the high transmission. The kids love to be outdoors yes, put them in layers put them in hats and scarves and let them run around outside and play. That's going to be far far better for them mentally and physically than forcing them to stay inside with the mask on that's such a great point they want to be out there running. Doctor is our thank you such great tips for helping us and what we should be thinking about before those holiday get together so much daybreak joint say all right.

>> Well after missing out on the holidays last year some people really are determined to get together and that means they'll be hitting the roads, the rails or even flying joining me now is travel writer Chris Elliott he's going to talk about what you need to know before you make that big trip. Chris, thank you for joining us. So we are traveling with family can be stressful when you had covid to that equation it can be overwhelming what are the specific things folks should be having with them when they're heading out >> This is going to be a really unusual travel season, as you to travel. suggested, and I think people are going to have to as your previous guest, mentioned they're going to have to think about whether they're vaccinated or not and whether they feel safe traveling with their kids that's a big thing and then also the cost of travel we've seen that go up as the pandemic starts to fade we see travel prices going higher and higher. >> We've been hearing about travel bres is speaking of which they're expected to go up is it too late to save money if you're in that time frame after Halloween and you haven't booked yet talk to us about the best states to travel around the holidays and how can you score deal all their last minute deals. >> What I would say is if you see a deal that you can afford it now because what we're really seeing of flights that are much more scarce flights are flying completely fall hotels are filling up really fast and prices are going higher so in terms of where to find those deals you got the usual suspects, you know booking dot com Priceline you have Expedia and then you also asked about when the best days to travel are. You have to avoid the days immediately before and after the holiday. Those are typically the highest

prices that you're going to see and the biggest crowds. If you can fly actually or travel on the holiday itself, I know that sounds really counter Julia. If you can travel on the holiday you're going to go in a lot of the crowds and guess what prices go down as well. The first week of January is just absolutely dead. So if you want to travel then you've got >> O that's good. I hope people have their calendars out so

my blessing. they can write down those dates doctors about the actual travel kick. Chris, what should you have with you when you are traveling. >> Well it all depends on who you're traveling with and a lot of folks are traveling with their kids. So you know you

want to have the sanitizer wipes extra face masks for sure, but then if you are traveling with your kids want to make sure that you're feeding and that is the biggest mistake that people make is not free being bring enough food and then your you get on the plane and they've got by on board and you say not too much and your kids start acting cranky I was just on a flight from Dallas to La X and we had a kid running around the cabin. I think the child was pretty hungry to to don't forget to feed your kids. >> OK we definitely do not want hangry kids that's for sure that makes it even more difficult to travel. Lastly let me talk about the negative covid test or the proof of vaccination that you're required to have when you're traveling in the U.S. or abroad give us kind of a break down what it what do we need to know about testing.

>> Yeah, right now if you're flying domestically you do not need a test you do not need to show proof of vaccination unless you're going to hawai for so for why you do need a testing or a vaccine. If you're flying outside of the country most countries, some exceptions as Mexico. There's Columbia that don't require a proven vaccine on but all the others you're going to have to get a negative PCR test. >> All right Chris Elliott travel consumer advocate and expert, thank you so much for your time. I think coming up testing one oh one despite your vaccine status testing still plays a key role in lowering everyone's risk for covid everything for when and how to take the test to which test is right for you we're going to talk about that plus simple ways to take the stress out of the holidays is that possible much more when consumer confidential returns.

Testing still plays a critical role in the fight against covid but there are so many different types from rapid test a PCR even kits that you can do and at home here now is doctor Jake Deutsch to help break it all down for us doctor Deutsch thank you so much for being here. So first question I think a lot of people have is why do we still need to get tested if we're vaccinated right of course. >> You know there's so many factors that are going to conclude whether or not we actually been exposed to covid or test positive and vaccines are one important step to prevent infection, however, they aren't a 100% absolute so getting tested it gives us information whether people have and you know sort of undiagnosed cases is symptomatic cases still a thing. Many people's vaccines by the way have started to wane right so we need to really continue to monitor closely. Get these tests done frequently especially as we head into the holidays. >> And look at traffic and we're getting together know that makes perfect sense. So let's talk about the best

time frame then if you're traveling when should you get a test and should do test when you arrive too. >> It's kind of a factor of many variables particularly what type of test that you need. So for instance international travel you might still need a PCR versus the trouble within the U.S. to get by with an antigen test if you're just going to a family gathering and you're getting an antigen test you know that that might be acceptable. And the timing is a little bit different so at a home test an antigen test you can get the results immediately to where the PCR you might be knowing it back to a facility and that result may take 24 to 48 hours so that for certain depends on where you're getting tested and what to protest are doing. >> Okay, so weak, and they're kind of hard to find too so if you are thinking about right so you might want to get a couple.

>> Just to have them on hand he is being prepared to kind of know what you need to know and getting ahead of it so that you have a good solution when it comes time to do that OK so we have a bunch of tests here in front of us. >> I think these 4 right here these are the basic rapid antigen tests, the ones you take it home to get the results quickly right this guy is the PCR you still take it home. >> But it takes maybe a couple of days to get the results back before the via fedex to that you're going to get a quick return and you're also doing it sometimes supervisor with the camera so that they're verifying that the results for obtained accurately. >> I've heard that it's helpful to take this may be a couple of days before you travel. You get the results back and then maybe when you get somewhere you can also take a rapid test just to confirm once again, I'm still negative. >> Great second layer of you know fish and sea and many times many times people do a rapid test and they may have a positive result and then it's important to follow up with the PCR yes, so you know, there's sort of variables it's good to have multiple options in your armory of what you're going to do to be prepared to shop.

>> It can be confusing I think of the rapid test is like a quick hit tell me, yes or no don't really love the rapid tests as a diagnostic choice you really want to rely still on the PCR because it's much more sensitive OK. So this is good for screening and this is good for diagnostic, okay got so let's talk about how to properly take a swab I'm so excited love to want my nose on TV are. >> Let's let's open up our little swabs I have still very scared of being swabbed and the good news is a lot of these test kits are allowing you to do just a very shallow anterior swath right they're not going to hoping the brain by the way if there's you know if you're going to a place that still doing a deeper never needs a friend just swab make sure that they're going in very horizontal because that way you're going to avoid the sensitive areas. If they're pointing it up towards your eyebrows, yeah, not the best approach, not comfortable, OK, you don't have to do that when you're home but just a shallow approach you said the most important thing to do is make sure you read the instructions all the way through before you do any of these kids every kid is different and order to make sure that you're minimizing that risk of it being an invalid test read the instructions carefully and very basic but everybody skipped that step so take the time to do that you want to know exactly what you're doing so first thing we take the swabs out you've got one from Everly well I have this one from by next, you know these are very calm and you can pick them up at most pharmacies or you can afford online these days so what do I need to know before even stick the swab into my nose was a good protest by pro tip is the make sure that you don't have too much mucus in the nasal passage so we've actually done thousands of rapid tests and saw the most common problem that caused an inconclusive test was that there was too much mucus on the swab sample, so blow your nose first so you want to get rid of the excess mucus make sure that you get a good throw swap in the area and so you just you know got a swab inside going enough to get a good circle, but make sure that it's not heavily saturated with mucus and so that's one tip that really recommend that still 5 times around generally on one side than 5 times on the other that's a good starting point for sure and you don't have to go supervise just just right there just get inside that are said basically the cotton part is no longer visible that that's a sufficient waiters to approach to open at the right way to write you want to touch the handle bar. Yeah, let's minimize touching other things and get it up incorrectly as well great tips. Thank you so much doctor Joyce, we know how

to do it you know, which ones do we know when did you really appreciate your time today my pleasure. >> And all right well still to come on consumer confidential mind your manners everything from her as someone about their vaccination status to talking to your guests to make sure you're all on the same page. Plus how you can find stress relief during the holidays, we're going help you make the season bright or and cheerier with some simple things you can do stay with us. As we approach holiday parties and dinners I think we could all use a little brush up on our manners remember how we navigated the holidays last year with.

>> Small groups and virtual dinners this year holiday celebrations could be closer to normal. But in some ways they could be a little more complicated a little awkward for families and groups that have to think about people's different health choices. Elaine Swann is the founder of the swan School of protocol, she has advice for helping everyone feel comfortable and have a good time. Elaine joins

us now from her home in San Diego, California, good to see you. Elaine, we'll start with a question. I think that begs to be asked before any gathering these days is there a polite way to ask about someone's vaccine. Status. >> There certainly is a polite way to ask about someone's vaccine status. Normally we would not I think well health issues because of the current pandemic that we're still kind of working through. This is something that's absolutely acceptable. And so the best way to ask a person is to ask them in a way that is not a confrontational season asked and I say you know how do you feel about the vaccine are what are your thoughts on the vaccine. It's way they can

really feel free to share their thoughts with you and that let you know whether or not they're vaccinated if you're inviting someone to bed and this is where you're very direct say have you taken the vaccine. Yes for now my recommendation is to do that before you actually invite them. So this way you're not having an invite thing that you are with that.

>> Oh that's a good point as a host how do you set the health and safety guidelines for your party have you let your guests know what they should be expecting is that something that you put as an addendum in the invite or the eve. I. >> You let your guests know that guidelines before they even get there so now our invitations are going to look like they tell my location and here's how will be handling things and this is where you let folks know whether or not they're requesting need to be tested in advance for your only having folks that are believe that or maybe you are going to have an event and people are not going to the city's social distancing. It will be free flowing, Dolby know best what ever it is standard is for your event but it is the invitations so that this way people have the opportunity to make a decision for them, it's all as to whether or not they're going >> That's good so be upfront be transparent and do it as far in to attend. advance as possible. This year, I'm thinking we're going have a hybrid we're going to see maybe in-person events and virtual events you know people kind of mixing it up how do you help everyone feel included if they're maybe not there physically.

>> If people are not there physically to think that I say that you should do as a perfect post is to make sure that you have be getting and you know it it for your celebrations they can take part in the festivities, they know exactly what's going to happen, you know what it's going to start and where they can go ahead law and keep in mind. The folks that are joining virtually people you can't keep folks online for hours on end, he said today, we are have all of your things set in stone so that there's there's there's a nice low in terms of your timeline. >> I've never really thought about scheduling a party like that, but it makes perfect sense, especially if you have a little virtual component really quickly I do want to ask this question because what if you set your guidelines, you know you have expectations either as a host or as a guest you get there and that's not what's happening like maybe you said everyone should be wearing masks indoors and then they're actually not how do you handle a situation like that.

>> Certainly as your as the host you have all full authority to tell people left now wait a second yeah both listen, we're all tied together let's all make sure that we're following the guidelines party now. But if if you tell me that you start looking around you that people are not following what your what you expected. Vote in the House privately at a cost and you know I noticed that one part that's the only guy like that you set for I feel about that or is that OK with you and let them answer and they answer by say you know what it's OK I don't mind with that I think for all the deal is that when you think that the state know what I'm just got to wait a little bit of time in that I'm going to slide on down and the best way to get out of that old it just look around and once you've made that decision just go to the host and say you know I was going be able to stay a little bit longer but I'm gonna go head to head on out now this is not the time for you to doctors in the Arab should much effort going go into detail as to why just bow out gracefully and Pat fields, definitely >> I love it great tips in lanes one I see why you have your own School of etiquette, those were great, take a ways for us. Thanks so much great to see you and when we come back taking the stress out of the holiday season tips to simplify the holidays.

>> While prepping for the holidays during a pandemic can feel stressful. We have some tips for how to take some of the strain out of that celebration. So you can focus on your family and friends. >> Joining us is Rachel Sylvester, she's the real simple senior editor she has some simple easy ways to keep the stress level low. So you can actually enjoy the get

together Rachel thanks so much for being here for having me so obviously preparation is key. What are your tips on how we should prepare before the actual day of the party. >> Before the preparation is so so crucial to maintaining your sanity so one of my favorite tips is to write out your menu the day before and they don't write down your phone right now on a physical piece of paper taped up to the fridge outline all the meals that are coming into play when they will be served when they need to go into the oven when the need to come out of the oven that when you have kind of a reminder right in front of you and we'll keep you on track in kind of keep that stress level to bare minimum and there's something about pencil and paper my mother-in-law does that she runs a tiller party every year. Yeah. >> Here's another piece of advice that I love you get you say get your guests involved in more than just bringing that bottle of wine what do you mean by that beyond the bottle of wine be on the homemade hot dish like. >> Basically give your guests a role, a very specific role so maybe your mother-in-law is in charge of refilling everybody's white one delegate making yet delegate lead a delegation may be your best friend is like the cookie kind of sorts she make sure everyone has a good holiday cooking in their hand at any given point so.

>> And when you roll that you can give them that upset sense of social miss and ups the fun and it gives them something to do so they're not sitting around feeling for like on the cookie person I got to do this. I love that actually really good okay talk about serving the actual food water ways that we can keep our guests in ourselves safe. >> Well if you're trying to avoid very like high touch food options about Fay go for individual portions, I personally love like an individual desert board you can do kind of custom charcuterie boards, the the individual putting this in real simple magazine individual desserts it gets people involved gets them excited and a good a good tip for this is double the amount that you make the so if you have 6 cuss make 12 because like I'm not just any one of the yeah, I want to have make it feel ample. Yes, I like >> And then the last tip is really kind of the social that. anxiety, you know you might be getting an invite you want to go to this gathering have been out to a big holiday gathering in a while but you're feeling kind of nervous about how do you work through that anxiety.

>> That is a justified reaction. I think you just have to be transparent with with the host and reach out to them and say hey do you want me to get tested before handling my backs nation status. What can I bring how can I help so those are kind of the the easy questions to ask ahead of time be proactive very much so I love that Rachel Sylvester with real simple. Thank you so much for these great tips. >> For more we have a lot more for you on today dot com slash holiday handbook for Rachel Simpson everything else you've seen plus other extra tax that is all that we have the time for today, but cheers to a safe and fun social season, join us again in 2 weeks for another edition of consumer confidential and they do it. >> Thank you for doing this Diane great to see you thank you for having me think I will let me do this with yeah I was just telling that just got finished with that so to hawai the last man it's a great premise to begin with your fantastic in it. You and I'm curious what you thought when this sort of idea came to just the concept and we're going to a series about it. Immediately interested you need some explaining.

Well, I hot. >> You're asking me to. And now for something completely different you know, which is sort of fun because that's what I do I get to try on different ideas and that was what attracted me was the was the amount of ZAJAC iced tea controversial global world building world for covering issues and who knew how much life was going to be sort of brushing up very closely against our or maybe the other direction are against life. >> Is putting about the First Amendment and Conforti yes, let's all join hands with a psychotic of America. >> And what with the expectations be placed upon a different gender of leadership, so it's almost like I think he put it maybe was triggered by 70 say off if the well were all led by women right and then you think well let's let's stick into that a little bit what would it be like so that's the the journey we taken a Cohen for women only world. After the demise of 50% of the population, the Y chromosome you're doing everything we can.

>> For everyone you can but man. There is no future. I hear you. We're just trying to survive the present. >> You know we call it men and the title of course is why the last minute so it's not a big surprise said spoiler alert. But some

double entendre even on the title. Why what does that mean a wise first letter of the of my son's name also your son survive so not every man and what is by the way. what we delineate but how would a woman behave in a leadership role which should be up to the task but I wanted to be part of the world building show and see where it was going to leave because they're so so much great source material in the graphic novels. >> Like I said 2 episodes and isaf so many questions I know you're not going to give away today, what is this thing.

What exactly happened how did your son survived so much in the air still that will carry through the length of the series. I was interested to read that this was your first series. As a series regular and we're leading the show which I thought she's she's done much TV and watch them. But you've never done this was there some appeal to doing OK the streaming thing that everyone's on the lead and we can see this through a bunch of episodes to tell a story much different than making a film obviously. >> Well, I'm a sucker for dare eye on that and and I want it that the experience of to doing something completely different in my craft which a lot of people have become extremely comfortable with and that is not knowing what the writing is that you're setting yourself up to fulfill one of the things that I love to do is to look at work in terms of the conversations. Out of what were you thinking when you took this role.

Why this why now. And this was it so complicated to answer this question. But it's also very timely because of the many things that have occurred in the world. I mean when I read this originally. Well first of all I have googled how many women have portrayed.

The U.S. president I had to do it and so apparently number 18 okay, haha you know I think the president we're going to have to keep making hard choices. To try to help deal with that and outrage. I mean yeah and I have some very dear friends who have already portray this character of the whatever we have in our mind's eye of the leader of the most important leader of the free world and all of those you know self self-aggrandizing and rightfully so the role of president of the United States is in a very big trigger point for a lot of people for a long time. And I

suffice it to say that when I was describing to people and we were shut down in the pandemic and we were dealing with. So many changes in the world. What global and and yet also very sort of tethered to who is president and what that looks like. And what does that say about our country.

>> Yeah, I mean this was as you say written these are based on books for people who don't know after 9.11, I think the first one came out in 2002 and there are more after that. But my gosh it's about a pandemic there are echoes of what happened in this country on January 6 of civil society integrating before. >> And the rain changes that art always put a piece of art or what even if it's not art if you frame it.

In a certain way people say well that's our easier sometimes to portray somebody who's really existed in history, then you can see what she did I'm I'm I'm right I'm portraying something that really happen. And the seem so farfetched so to play the president confronting it was the repressions varies I guy says even more than I bargained for when I signed on. >> What did you want to bring to a representation of a woman being president. >> Because this is there she is a hatred of color. Yeah, very nice of course the humanity of it shared experience of it.

This the line of succession was decimated by amount of death and the amount of grieving that she has in order to be a good leader you have to be the best follower in a way that she wasn't chosen. She was voted in. inheriting the job that she wasn't voted for you know, so hey that's pressure to this year. Voting became very important and the controversy around our votes. Considered authentic.

The process once you begin to have doubt enter into that conversation now you've tilted conversation into what is reality the inner journey of this woman who is struggling to lead while she knows. She's violated her ethics in order to do what's right for the world, which is if you have a survivor, don't you want to try to make it possible for there to be more than just one survivor. activist are talking about that in just a moment to a bunch.

But yes, I have been to the House cutting yes, you have haha yeah. In my day job I cover politics and just the way Sir Terry, yourselves Nancy Pelosi in the way was down all these are on staffing orders. Did you your relationships with people who serve that could bring some of that to understand what it means to be in a position of power. >> Politically I haven't flood asked me to to to to bring the little things that I believed in to to the the Congress people who are willing to meet with me and talk about the issues and those were conservation issues about about the health of our oceans.

At that point there's always some legislation right that needs that needs help. Get the ear of the people who actually turn these things into law that was my secret ambition was a child was to become a a lawyer who could help. They clause we need laws to catch up to the reality of our of our of our planet. >> We only have one when you do go to Capitol Hill and you knock on the door of Congress people you find there at least more aware of the problem the more receptive to it doesn't feel like some, radical tree hugging idea anymore that like the middle of the country understands that this is a problem because it's happening in front of our eyes, the science and this is real and people need to survive and live. And people are scared of the conversations so you've got you've got a lot of fans listen to it, what would you say to them.

What we need to do different day today forget the big macro but how do we how do we make a dent in this. As we go about our lives. Well, I mean I didn't bring my Brooke I was I was going to bring it show to call what can we do. Actually what can I do. >> And it's a fun, his book and it's all about her experiences going out of her comfort zone and allowing her fame to mean something on this planet.

While she's here. And she wants a stall wake up and do what we can and people panicked, we don't say what can I do. So she literally goes through. She's so

practical support among many things a little bit so sure I went and got arrested. The cause of is manifold it's not just recycle the plastic set of the ocean or we have species that are leaving and everybody gets a scare that heightened the table have cocktail so I is it going to be our children so I want just to wake up together and hold hands and make it a positive. >> Movement that's my tree I think one reason for optimism is that I have a 12 year-old a 14 year-old who are born into and are growing up in a world where to them climate change is a fact it's not a theory, yeah, and it's what they're taught. Yeah, I see more on the news and certainly sized right politicize so yes, this is happening here is what what needs to happen. So maybe that's one reason for optimism is the generational turnover. Yeah, they have to be convinced of it right most of the money >> One thing Jane pointed out and it's been it's true is that right.

they make the individual feel bad. But they're supplying us with plastic everything so we have to revisit and make things so they can to be usable and share more including people in our family I think. >> Now I'm going to run for office in. Haha. surrounded right now by Diane Lane memories.

>> I mean where should we begin to integrate raised in the midtown I went to yes 50 I which is on 57th Street, the heart of midtown to me and of course it's a whole foods now. There's so much I can say about that. But anyway. Yeah, it's so that's the building where I had my first edition was the gulf and Western building. I say first edition of a job, I got there were plenty of additions that I had that I completely blocked out because who wants remember cow. >> This is a little romance. Yet due to die for a spot

about. The the top of the diplomatic could love that it's fantastic. What an incredible life you miss Japan, miss you >> For people don't know you've been acting you're 1314 years old you very active since you're like 6 years old that's true. What were the roles like leading up to okay this movie is my big moment, I break, you know. It sounds. >> It sounds like a joke when I say that I peaked when I was 10 but in some ways I did because I had been traveling the world with the La Mama experimental theater group and it was the 70's and it was a very early 70's, 72 was the first tour and so I I mean I wasn't as a kid and so I was 7 the parents and go.

And my first passport I had no front teeth and is considered very cute and it was it's it's it's strange to grow up in the adult world when you're the kid in the room. Because if you know too much you're consider precocious but they expect you to know a lot in order to fulfill the task and be a team player irresponsible and don't screw up and make the plane don't lose your party. It was like joining the service, it was like running away and and touring the world with with young people in the 70's and it wasn't much more innocent time so my dad and mom let me have that experience. I wouldn't have the courage as a parent. To let my very young kid have that I don't know they they were extraordinary people honestly to trust the universe as much as they did it was a wonderful experience life by living life by doing life by traveling to see so many different culture I was thinking about you because I have 14 year-old daughter. >> After a little romance to it you're 14 for the cover of Time magazine Laurence Olivier saying or the next Grace Kelly.

What it all that feel like to a 14 year-old. >> Well I remember approaching the newsstand we have new stance kiosks in the street in space to have what so many magazines them so one magazine you have 10 of them at a at a row. I guess the 78, I mean you have to list the magazines. But Time magazine always had the upper right hand corner as if it were dire and I see a photograph some were later in my case.

It was Henry Kissinger and I thought this is a really bizarre. I this is a very surreal experience. I'm clearly having an out of body experience and this too shall pass night and I and I thought about bird Cage liner and I thought. I thought it's just paper it's not going to don't allow this to anything to me because I knew it wasn't about marriage.

I could trace back. How it was that I wound up on the cover of Time magazine. It wasn't because I have done anything it was because I was an anomaly and it was a curiosity to have people that young in the film industry has a new a wave of culture and cinema. And interesting but I knew that wasn't going to be we were still dining out on the story literally because Time magazine usually is about a very meritorious percent sure right and I felt a little embarrassed honestly because I was playing handball over 100 59th Street bridge thinking. >> I have no. I'm sure, but my dad was thrilled to know that my kid of course they're going to please don't ask me to live up to that.

>> But where did you get the wisdom to have that perspective. But 14 years old because it's eating up around adults from right right. >> No no filter from people around these but the tempered innocence, you lose innocence as as you grow, and then you start to value, innocence and that was working with George Roy Hill that's what he said about his knees that they're always about innocence that the loss of innocence of the main character so he saw the theme in his own work. That's that's really when you when you're not he didn't have to audition for his jobs you can create your own job cuts to actress you started to this is going to be the low and I feel like I want to do this is different then writing it and having a vision for the end product, I'm sorry the tapestry Fred know and how they edit and put the music and the credits and how they promote it. So my hands and I like it that way if I were in control and I have to take all the blame.

You know it's not worth the credits to bigger risk. Hunter say yeah, because you could say well. What's the next one right that's right. >> Okay, I mean it feels like watching your career even tonight you do have this perspective on what it means to be a movie star trio like that term or a celebrity and that it doesn't really interest you that much. >> Well it does in terms of what people like Jane Fonda have done with the right to live a long time right can add.

You know something to humanity in terms of what you've done with your family right that I think is. >> But the things you went through as a child becoming a child star can run people obviously and then your in a couple of movies like you they push it through. And you have this incredible young career. But you survive it and then some. >> And you're being not trusting that they use words to 5 yeah will because there's because it is a dog lead of the essentials bad choices that you're not even supposed to be aware enough to make good or better is all look or or some person in the background is area and you're the puppet and in their strings being pulled that allow you to have.

Good fortune compared to somebody else. One of the things my dad said to me. As as he knew he was dying, he said, you know, is it enough, Diane, don't you think it's somebody else's turn.

And he has his brutal my dad was famously brutal has an acting teacher right cuts you asunder right in a way that nobody else can or you wouldn't allow anybody else too. And it was almost like saying are you going to keep going. He was daring keep to keep keep after he wanted me to have. One of those life or type careers and yet. Right. So what's the secret of some of these watch or not to

keep that ball in the air the way you have to have had all these phases where you going open to change really I think so being open to change, I mean the human body is very humbling and if you're a woman you certainly are aware of the way change is part of because there's only a window of time within which you can procreate and that is such a blessing and it was also a measure of work that men don't experience. And it's also a tremendous gift because in some ways yet to be born. Fresh and watch my terms as my grandmother was a Pentecostal preacher against trouble. But you can be born freshly in your own self understanding but not internalizing any longer the male gaze.

Unless you want to let you know that was fun for you now, and you can do it your way on your terms and so I'm watching women these days and I'm very heartened by the diversity of representation that is accessible to young people today but see it takes strength, you have to be able to come up against all these things that wants you to internalize them make you an insecure person, so every little less than that you get and be able to change an adaption not let it define us as the goal for women, I think. >> You've been consistent wasn't gratifying in that run sort of perfect storm unfaithful under the Tuscan sun to just have this people knew you're from a little romance. And then here she is again, you know. >> John key second, I made a film together and we sat in the trailer, one point and he said something I'm going to quote an ice cap to forgive me because maybe he would disagree with himself at this point.

And there are these that's on the table he says I think with the coffee table book actors we make everybody feel super comfy cozy we've been there since they were 12. They are now whatever age they are and what we're still here and they know they're OK because we're still here and I thought I work with that my question to that at all. I bring it because we want to see what else what else what else you got and and that's part of the reason we chose this this show is because it's so completely fresh and different for me as a show even if I were just watching it so to think of myself in it. Get a little squirrelly but that's the fun of it are you supposed to do the work that scares you.

>> It's funny when I interviewed him for this show a couple of months ago, he was saying sometimes will be watching TV and come across move in cable is it's like looking year old yearbook photos go who is that guy. What is up with your hair who with that yeah but do you ever come across your old stuff when you're watching TV or the. >> I'm sure I do and I I always want to break the mold and when you're an actor you want to be able to disappear to something as much as or have the courage or can pull off. I think it's an incredibly noble profession. I did not used to think that I used to believe who put mine profession because I grew up in you know went where you grow up you have to leave.

This pandemic actors got me through it. And of course the crew and everybody that makes actors shine but they're the ones on camera. Everything that makes that moment possible. Yes.

But the actors get us through it. And the comfort that the comfort we have taken from watching the shows but I my hats off to to the profession because we were able to increase our compassion and have diverse experiences vicariously and expand our imagination and our sense of what's possible for ourselves. We feel seen. They're championing something that we wish we could champions so we have champions nil it's it's an amazing crash. I see why so many people want to want to break in and and glad my daughter because there's a lot lot more a lot more access. She's into it right and courage. Her, you know I discouraged her you did.

I think most people in my profession described their offspring. Because you know too much I know too much and she has seen behind the curtain, not as I call it and and after graduating Goleta and why you after her journalist. Education. This is the real story telling and away and it away and I think I have the sense that she's going to morph into it writing things that might every parent has affected the project on to their kids so forge me, Eleanor but I think she's gotten her to be sort of that. I would say you can replace. The most replaceable thing in a way. But you can't replace the

writing. That is if it's not on the page, how you expect that to get to the stage where it's got to be in the writing. I think she's incredibly gifted and of course she can act she's beautiful that's fine. But I still think that write something for actors to do forever, you know then that to me that's the highest. >> Highs type well congratulations on the series since and then that just funded walk through your career because the Ecstasy.

>> This is cooking up a storm. I'm our oquirrh today we are turning to will move revered chefs of our time to tackle one of the most popular side dishes of the Thanksgiving meal. Joining us. The one the only Ina Garten don't know a lot of folks as the barefoot contessa she so incredibly popular mainly because she makes great cooking accessible. For so many of us over popular food Network show barefoot contessa to her I think 300 cookbook I remind us all that big a good cook is within our reach, especially if you follow suit day, we're going to hone in on a recipe of hers, a truly shines her Parmesan smashed potatoes, I thanks for joining us. On the podcast I'm very flattered and actually this recipe is my really is is Thanksgiving urt favorite holiday. Absolutely

>> It's just to me and my Christmas which has so much why. going on yeah, it's just your favorite people are invited for dinner and everything is absolutely delicious to old fashion but kind of updated in a nice way the way that you know it's that potatoes but they're done a little better than you expect them to be when they were. >> Coming up with the ideas for what recipes we could get the what some of your favorite and after around off the bench.

When my producer said what what what about match potatoes. I'm not a big fan of the mashed potato because I'm sure you've tried a number of that you've probably not had great mashed potatoes in your time. >> Well, I just think the key to mashed potaes is what you add to them to make them have great flavor. So it's about the flavor the texture and I think some 2 things people really miss a lot in almost every recipe is the salt it needs a lot of salt give a flavor but also it needs something with an edge very often it's like lemon zest or something like that in this one is Parmesan cheese, it's something that's a little sharp that kind of wakes up your taste buds but usually expert is potatoes cream butter and not enough salt and it's boring so the partisan specially his have texture the flavor the sour cream has kind of a you know a tangy edge to it so it's really what you bring to it that makes all the difference in a sense.

>> It seems to me that this recipe is actually easier. >> So much easier to get for student appeal them secondly could very quickly because they're small potatoes and and then you just make some of them in a mixer but just as easy as it gets when I'm thinking about a recipe. I always have an exact thing in my head when I'm looking for and I just keep going until I get there, I don't have something that I'm going for it never ends I just never I never get this you could actually cut up other potatoes you can take Yukon gold potatoes which have a very creamy texture I wouldn't peel them and I but I would cut them in in small sizes. So you know like a large dice and so they cook really

quickly and then you drain and put them in the next everything else you kind of. >> Ad lib about this you kind of play with it until you get it right and it seems like to me cooking, lends itself more to that ad lib baking. bo >> Absolutely because baking n you put it in the en any hope it's going to work, but cooking you can kind of add something re at something there kind of ay around with that along the way from any resident, whaI'm doing is I'm taking the intrinsic ingredies and figuring how to make them tast bett isolationist than we saw I was it's a little more and more like themselves aually so my favorite sweet poto recipe is I feel I actually bake sweep. It airs scoop them out put them ao in the mix are and add butter and to pull a powder and maple sup so they're sweet and spicy and I think they rlly complement the sweet potoes which are totally different. So you know, they smash Lee petions what they are there she met this man smashedt because it because it's got texture.

I love that yeah tt pretty good I love to make instead of stuffing for the cercana make a sary bread pudding which instead kind of you kw kind of like went in. I mean stuff is dicious yes, but when you make a bread dding ansaid it's creamy on the bottom and crispon the top so d so I'm NicolI'm Ali conmocion bread pudding or a o an apple ierbred putting so it's got lots of flars and textures and it just goewith everythi else. >> Here's my thingn this nothg yeah. Again that I'm going talk to Alexaer Smalls. He's making oyster

dressing he's from t South. I ew up in the northern tier of the New York City we waysgos essi that people sak of I don't know. >> Ihink it's something yeah I think 's jt what they refer it because Southern expression iis sessing man in the North we call it stfd witut the turkey. like the turkey too make the stufngn but I also do d another big batch of it. Like bakinin the oven and then mix the 2Ohhat's inreing wet and dry the time, the average it out it sh encyf the rkey is because in oerto gk I d eif a chickewi herbs and lemonand y 2 and a half hoursnd so theat r f itn der to get the sffing coedll the way throu and you needo do that to be safe feel like the turkey ercooked right sthat's what I like to t stuffing serately as a brd pudding, I' ner heard oanyby dying fromrom.

to put down death duto stop hahaversck yeah haha hdly >>i,y een country. quit, lade as host yone to be cognizant when it mes to your dierI thin >> Parcular for Thanging but for evy nner, what evyby likes to eat becau you know evebyhe people, l n hey i makeure everyby'well taken care owithout them feeling, sgledut as liketh isf andhat's whatoue going to have d so I think tt's ally true friend in a particula you'reheost the scamsgivingf ve want them to be hap beuseI t only time itut so that evytng comes out at the ghtime together I litelly d n something and want to go into the oven when shco out and then I know atverything is donet 7.31 everybo rise. So and Thanksgivg is actually u camake the turkey rlyou can make theegetables very while thturkey is restg ovennd reheat to be heedr so there's the's a timing thinth works really well and then everying goes on that on e ble, I'd ke to face time cae I think that everybody gets and gets wt ey like and they couldn't pass up at they don't like and then they can comeack and they cano ve happened he would have you hade ything go wronmayb Thangivi something go wrong. Yeah, neverave those

now that I knothatther people that thanks hahaha a that every catered was hers and itas in us in suin leding October and she called me in November a said you know I want to make Thanksgiving d, but I just I don I've never cooked like that so I said to r OK says we don't think of a turkey alike a large ccken same way you could che in se just for a lite longer so Schroder told her exactly w to make itnd she put tha Turkey in the oven and she said rner has let'so for a walk, it's going to be an hournd th I'll come back and based couldn't open e oven door and it turns out shead set thoven on clean all know not not on the temperature I told the Senate oso her husband had to and I actually literally unrew the oven door to get the turkey out and it walike what did you do and she said was very clean. So I tnk wet everybody has a anksgiving disaster story. Haha but you know you just get through it yodid do the best you can. >> When diyou realize you had that knack that certain something that you know to to enrtain to to nourish people to give them something besides play Neal that tt there was something else attached to it. >> We know wn I was growing up I wasn't allowed to cook, you know what I was allowed to come it was on the kitchen, mother just one of me iny y room and she wanted the kitchen to herself. d so she said what's your joto cut it to study it's my job to cook and just get outf the kitchen. So I kind of always wanted to

do it and I got married when I was 20nd I think that's when I started to think this is what I'd like to I ve cooking, I taught myself how to cook with as as you know the critically points mastering in a Creek they bring some New York Times cookbook and then later Julia child's mastering the art of French cooking and I just started you know I was always working when I was working washing come home at night and Coke. And I just loved it. And some point I thought I want to do this for my work, not just for fun. I think what I was craving as a child is connecting with people and I felt that if you feed them they always show up and have a good time together and that was the connection, I love so I kept doing it over and over again.

>> So the dinners over you've got you know couple where containers of stuff than foil wrapped packages in your in your fridge, what do you like to do Thanksgiving leftover >> Well actually I have a thing about Thanksgiving. Leftovers I was. think the guests one have leftovers to. So I mean I've

literally on occasion done a second Thanksgiving dinner where they have a whole Turkey to take home. An extra stuffing an extra because everybody wants sandwiches the next you're right so that's actually one here we all decided we were going I was going to Thanksgiving dinner at the day before and we're going to have Thanksgiving dinner was going to be actually turkey sandwich haha just really fun. So where do you stand on the turkey sandwich leftover construction. What's the best way to maximum in this this is the flavor profile. Yes, a turkey. Sandwich yes, good question. I don't think I've ever really

sunny that I just put everything on the table and everybody makes their own sandwiches. So what you do what you're from labor profile. I I like. >> I start with the good crusty bread, yeah. The turkey. Some stuffing yeah.

Some cranberry sauce exactly it's just a little more Mayo, yeah and then cut that sounds great. Yes, that sounds really good to slightly salty I'm not so well like a little. 2 policemen sweet potatoes and there. >> That might be good right to use somebody. >> Came on the show and I think using leftover mashed sweet potatoes made waffles I was I could see that yeah, yeah off a liar and closed it up.

Jeffrey a look it's no secret the 2 of you are I mean you guys are what I think all of us try to aspire to and that's not to say to you you know you guys have a perfect marriage you like Andrew great have a great marriage, pretty I'm sure people ask you what's the secret. >> Nora Ephron used to say when people asked her about her marriage. She say it's 3 words, she's she Saint Mary in Italian and I would say it's 2 words, merry Jeffrey, I mean his just a sweetheart this is kind funny smart generous. He just wants me to be happy and I want the same thing for him it's really not complicated. And yet you say he's not your best sounding board when it comes to I ask him to be like something was this is the most delicious thing you've ever made it's I don't trust us tickets. But as a husband his perfect yeah, too so you guys have a what what are your Thanksgiving traditions. You know us for a long time

when there was a family, we're very close to and and they I would invite them and the kids and the grandkids and we would all have a wonderful time but because of covid we couldn't do that anymore. And so it was you know, it's just the 2 of us were some close friends that were in a pod with us. But we keep that I mean I kind of like a nice Thanksgiving for 2 frankly when when Jeff and I live in Washington in the 70's. And you know we had to work on Friday. You can go home to our families his family lived in Florida, my family lived in Connecticut can go home for a day so we would have Thanksgiving just to ourselves and we would just walk all over it was like a tradition would walk all over Washington was that was it gorgeous crisp fall day. And we would end up it's

Tavern somewhere and have Thanksgiving dinner and it was I just remember those is really special days what you thankful for this Thanksgiving so much. I mean people had such a hard time and we were very fortunate that we could keep ourselves safe. I mean my life has changed dramatically because Jeffrey is to leave East Hampton on Monday and come back on Friday and he's been there the entire time and I was kind of wondered what it would be like when he moves home because we've done this for 40 years. It's been haven't I mean I just have my buddy around all the time which is just wonderful, we've been really fortunate and that we've both been able to work with really been incredibly lucky. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish.

It's not the turkey also I make a pretty good turkey. I think I'm thinking probably Lincoln mushroom bread puddings right up there and the 2 police mashed sweet potatoes and roasted Brussel sprouts. I'd say those 3 things together or just say Thanksgiving to me. What are your favorites, you know, I would say my mother made this dish. >> Everybody laughed about it this year because the name it was based across la sweet potato pie but it was called, it's called sweet potato. And you know, it's got crushed pineapple in the cement and and you could serve it either as a side dish or like a dessert, yeah, but it always had a a slightly broiled marshmallows on top and as kids we always thought it was funny to distract my mom when she put the food under the broiler, so that we can learn.

>> Haha catch me also Larry. Him because we still for haha. >> Here's what you need from a Parmesan smashed potatoes. 3 pounds, small red potatoes unpeeled one tablespoon plus 2 teens, fresh or salt, one-half cups to happen to him. We're going to have to do something better that's one stick.

Have a cup of sour cream. With a cup of freshly grated Parmesan cheese actually ground fun time too. And half a teaspoon freshly ground black pepper. >> So how did you couple that with cream, I don't know I just I couldn't make potato is better so it's got great texture. It's got great flavor understand well that schools and then if you hate them will make sometimes House that I'm fairly confident they're going to be fantastic. So what I

started want to start with this 3 pounds of these little I think they're called read the potatoes small potatoes become like the red version of like Newport and then you get a either call new potatoes, but officially it's already the small red potatoes now if you could you use a different potato could. But the red potato has like a very since and so and we're not dealing with only the skin whole interests that which makes it so much easier than actually more delicious haha need salt all tables from Celtic. Okay so much to bring that to a boil and let it cook for like 2535 minutes, although it's a really tense been boiling and I just I tested with a skewer or a little sharp knife or something like that. Since that time. Yeah, perfect each other all the way through a screen. >> Can you her potatoes Yahoo if you listen closely haha.

>> To the okay so I'm just I'm drained so while you train them, I'm going to combine one half cups of half and half a stick of butter or almond butter. I mean after all that we're going to listen to this drain okay. Well into the column there. Some point and the same. And they go right into that bowl. OK now you've got you've

got a make the really difficult part wrecked it. I've got a a kitchenaid mixer OK and we're going to put a. Well that's a little attack paddle attachment on it exactly just like that. And in the meantime to heat up one half cups of half and half. Tires to the proper because you can't because you can. Now when you're you know, you say no to a child's that when she says she said when people say to me I don't want to use better watch tell you she says with just scream.

>> It's so I'll turn this on doing to do that so that just until it gets hot. As you know with with cold cream butter into the potatoes, one potatoes because it will congeal thing. So so this is why do you just put the paddle attachment down. And just very slowly just mix them up so just so they break up a lot. So that's why they're called smash have to cure a vote so they have lots of texture the skins are an ash and then as soon as it's kind of mash-up like that.

I'm very low speed. And this is high. When the core that into this. So the better, they don't think people really left to guess it's got some texture it's got texture to it. Yes that does mean sometimes you want something it's really so Kim curing but sometimes you want something for texture sure that since this is Thanksgiving. We're looking for text yes,

okay. So now let's see if we can get this all over so cagr haha and then going for 3 quarters of them okay just really slowly. >> His and then I'm going to fold more enough it if I need to know what's the difference between pouring in all Boeing is I'm going to take it off the Knicks are unfolded in with a with a you know like a a So OK, so that's that.

>> That's it that's in half and then we'll show you when to fold the rest of the ingredients in the same type of special that whatever you want to get all of them. And can take this off from mixing. >> Could you make this ahead of time and I actually you can know what it is is there a couple things you can do to put the baking dish. Cover with a little sprinkle it was a little

line from some cheese and bread in the

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