Waterspouts and a Dragging Anchor | ⛵ Sailing Britaly ⛵ Ep. 7

Waterspouts and a Dragging Anchor | ⛵ Sailing Britaly ⛵ Ep. 7

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Holy. That friends. In. This episode of sailing bitterly we continue, sailing along, the coast of Liguria, whilst. Anchored we see water spouts, and a dragging anchor and. Crease. Talks about evening -, cutting. Rope and storylines. Neatly in a cockpit Locker. We. Continue, where we left off last time sailing. Towards, rap-a-lot. Maybe. Not. We've. Just hoped. To with the boat so. It's. The test that we're doing basically it's it's a really useful technique for lots of different reasons if you want to make, some food. If. You need a break for whatever reason, perhaps your your new baby needs, some attention and, you both need to be dealing with that rather than being. In charge of the boat so, probably. Most of you know this already but if you don't for the kind of newcomers, to sailing I'm pretty much when you come myself too so I'm not exactly the best instructor, but we've, managed to do this so basically you you. Turn you tack the boat but. You leave, the head sail in its original position so you don't change that to the new tack you even where it is and then. There's a little bit of tweaking to do to. Get things balanced nicely, then. You eventually end up with the tiller hard, over to one side and, the. Boat sits like this it. Kind of Wiggles its way into. And, away from the wind and you, generally travel. Sideways. Or slowly forwards, you just kind of track. Sideways, through the water not very very quickly so, again it settles down the movement on the boat. Everything's. Nice and calm and, nobody. Needs to be in control of the sails or the tiller so it frees everybody up to do whatever you want to do so it's great. Increase. Who are supposed, to share a banana the last banana oh. Yes. Each so. This is well I have. Some. Other nothing, in any case we have other pros why, it's funny because. Sorry. Tommy no yeah that reminds me at the time about ten. Years ago when. We were eating a cherry baked well then. If you know what they are but if not google, it if you're really interested anyway. There was a cherry on top we. Were in Greece okay, we were in Greece apparently, and yeah. I was we're eating that toe baked well and, Ross said oh we were kind of sharing it and Ross seller had put the cherry down. Because. I thought she didn't want it I just picked it up foot in my mouth and then Sean oh no, my, cherry and. Then basically that was ten years ago and she never lets me forget that so this is another cherry moment. With. Bad weather forecasts we wanted to find ourselves a nice secure, Anchorage, and from, the nautical chart of hallo looked like the perfect place, there. Was plenty of room to anchor and that was protection, from waves of all directions, however. Once we got in through the breakwater and had a good look around it. Was evident that the area, that we wanted to anchor in was actually full of boats, on mooring boys so, there was no room for a swank of that there. Was only one thing for it turn. Around and go, and find ourselves another, anchorage. It. Was a similar story in the next two bays, they. Would have made good Anchorage's, but they were full of more invoice. Fortunately. Santa, Margarita has, a very large Bay and even. Though there is a Boyd off area for swimmers a furry. Pontoon, and quite. A large marina. There. Is still plenty of room left for boats to anchor. Yeah. That's properly dug in this time first time, and. Us there's a bit of dodgy weather forecast if. We wanted to be sure about. Here, for. Kid is, the, cortical. See. This, is our a quick lunch that, I've just made as it's, a quarter to four and, so it's a bit late. It's, very easy recipe. Yeah. As you know I three. Quarters of banana during the journey here it, goes forever banana and we've got that Mapple whole ice bleach, so. Yeah this is avocado. Basically. You. Can't really see but basically it's avocados, olive, oil. Some. Salt and some chili, powder. Lemon. Juice two slices and it's yummy did quick and quite, nutritionally. That's. Just just mine and they're also even, tastier, if. You have a lit a few learn add a little bit teak. Makes. It taste nicer I was actually saying, they usually we, put some. Okay. Now we're gonna eat before, you make all. My lunch fall into the seats. You. Good. Morning, breeze. Yeah. Bro. Leave up. Where. What's. Happening then darling. It's. Like to. Be a bit starving, soon. We've. Been in, the, boat. We're. Not going ashore at the moment exists a bit too rough for us to be comfortable. To wear to leave it. Looks as though. There's. So. We're just hanging round on the boat, waiting. For that to pass the. Sailboat, can see just in a distance, they. Were anchored here with us last night. They. Were over. Just. There. Between those sea boats and a. Little while ago. They left us. Out to sea and. Now coming back so we're guessing that they're probably gonna lianca. Again, and. They probably weren't enjoying the conditions up.

Our. Friends over there have. Just. Set their anchor. Back. On it check it was set and it dragged so. I'm presuming okay, let's review. Before. It's actually hit over. In that direction hasn't, come here however winter. Started gusting to about 30 knots. Ah I could, yet. They're dragging, towards the beach if. You have fingers crossed for me. Ladies. Just jumping in coconut, see, how they gets on this time. You. This. Isn't going to be easy to film it is one and moving boats however in, the, distance there Center. Screen long, way away there's. A water spout. Just. Maybe I'll set the screen there, hopefully. You can see that way, off in the distance. There's. A mountain. Actually, there's another one just to the left. Where. Their land meets the sea. You. Know what if you like to sail, next. To one or in one that might not be so cool but from a nice distance, like this, interesting. Statement. Oh. Good. Morning. How. Are you today. Good. And what, you're looking forward to. Going. Ashore, we're. Gonna. Be able to go show today so. Looking forward to that coffee, on now and, then. Shortly. We'll get our little tender out. Right. Then let's get this tinder out. It's. Time for us to have a shower and, before we do that I'm going to have a quick bath in the sea. So. They don't where we are. We've. Got lots of privacy you can do this out swing. Platform in this case a bit. More people around so we're gonna lock up the towels up and then basically you. Just use, very. Little water, and. Have a shower room in the cockpit I forgot, to mention you can use biodegradable, soap doing this then you're not hurting, the environment around you. We. Found this vendor in the sea a few months ago and its. Really useful it's good for the tender. The. The rope on it that was a little bit short so I'm just gonna put a new rope on that now and I just thought I'd show you something while I'm doing that I'll. Show you how I cut the rope and also. Line. If you want to be really, particular. About how you name things but and one. Thing I do is. Inside. The locker here I've. Got some sticks of wood some. Battens which run across, sideways and then all I do is I tie, the, rope on like that for. Line and, then it's very easily accessible another. Thing I do is I've measured this in the past it's 35 meters and I've just got a bit of tape on there that says 35, meters on it so, I know exactly how much rope I've got there without having to count it out again next time and, I'm cutting up a couple of meters so I've measured it 1. 2. Meters plus 2 meters and, then I'm gonna cut it where I was using a hot. Knife, which. Is just a, blow torch a handy tool to have on board anyway. Lots. Of different reasons an, old mine. Nice, and hot without saying fire to the boat. And, then, you can just cut straight through the rope and. The. Hot knife. Seals. It at the same time. Today. Done and then when I put this back in the locker, it's, got 35 beaters written on it and I know next time exactly how much rope I've got and I can just continue to do that anyway something, simple but might, be handy for somebody. I've. Been traveling a few days now on this tank and you can see we've. Not used particularly. Very much, however. As we're going ashore we're, gonna take the. Jerrican. With us. There's. An emergency. Underway. At the moment inside, the boat Rossella. Has lost the back of one of her earrings so it might have been me that lost it alright as I was blaming me for it because I took. A glasses case out, before and some beers dropped out see. How it's probably me anyway so we're, frantically, searching, for the back of an earring in the boat anyway so, we're gonna be taking the jellyfish or just thought I'd show you there's, that little repair I made, it on the start, of the trip and it's held out really well so that's a useful thing to. Know if you ever get a little. Hole in your water. Jerrycan. So. Looking forward to getting ashore, be. Leaving shortly. Quite. Exciting, place. For first-time. I. Think. I got at, least half of that in there anyway. We. Are doing a different meal for today it's our past 11. Ashore. So. We're. Just doing a big, big bowl wait. Mosley. Crunching, muesli Greek. Yogurt melon. And. How. A college grad, C cream. I'm. Gonna put the cream on because we're selling always exaggerates and puts too much. Delicious. Season. That's. A definitely yes. Got to. Join. Us next time as we explore Santa Margherita and then continue, our journey along the coast of Italy.

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Enjoying your vids, good to see real people, battlers that is, doing it on a budget. Keep up the great work, fair winds

Thank you! Fair winds, Chris & Rossella

With about 1.2 Meters of pipe you can easily syphon off the contents of your water jug , Just put one end of the pipe to the bottom of the jug and the other end in your deck filler , you insert another short length of pipe alongside the first in the neck of the jug and then block off the space around the pipes with rags or paper towel or whatever . Blow into the short pipe and the pressure caused in the jug will start the syphon . This also works for diesel , just don't use the same pipe !

Hi Fraser, yes you are absolutely correct and that would have been a far better way to transfer the water! In all honesty I've never made such a mess of spilling the water whilst putting it in the deck fill but the one time I filmed me doing it I made myself look utterly useless!

Great video. thank you for sharing :)

Thank you Jeffrey! Fair winds, Chris & Rossella

bellissimo video ragazzi! it was great, it looked like to be there on the boat. Our boat is still far from be ready but your video make me want to finish all the works as soon as possible. how is your little baby? I am sure she will enjoy sailing too at some point. buon vento e a presto. Alberto

Ciao Alberto! Thank you very much :-) All your hard work will be well worth it in the end, and we are very glad that our videos help to motivate you! Emma is great thanks, 5 month old now, which has gone in a blink. We post snippets of her nearly every day on instagram if you have an account. Buon vento e buon lavoro! Chris & Rossella

Rocky night.. Explains the anchorage vacancies. Beautiful views, though. Thx guys.

A wonderful idea!

P.S. Lynn & Hans, the three of us are coming to visit NYC in August - if you guys are around maybe we cold meet up for a coffee!

We have redefined our definition of rocky after our trip to Corsica (the B&W footage in this video): this wasn't too bad at all! Cheers! Chris & Rossella

nice video guys

Thank you Alsino!

Great filming thanks for sharing.

Thank you Barry

It feels like we are going fast ..... or maybe not! :p Heaving to, Nice. Something everyone should practice so they have exp when the time comes.

Saw this video earlier this week on pateron : ] you three are awesome!

Thank you very much, you are awesome too!

Storm force winds from seaward, not a place to be. (been there). Not sure if you did it but a second anchor is to be recommended. I carried 100 yards of rode with 10 yards of chain with a heavy second anchor that I could dinghy out, drop and set then back to the boat laying out the rest of the rode on the way back. If you were side on to the swell set a stern anchor. All the best and thanks for posting your adventures.

The rough weather in Corsica (The b&w footage in this video) was pretty hairy for us as that was our most challenging time to date on the boat. The Bruce anchor we have did a sterling job though, and we were anchored very securely off that lee shore. The good thing about that experience is that when we are anchored in 30 knots like in Santa Margherita, it feels like a light breeze in comparison! We have 3 anchors on board (4 if you include the dinghy anchor) and have set more than one anchor in the past. Fair winds, Chris & Rossella

We stayed a night or two in Santa Margherita during our honeymoon ("luna di miele") in Italy in 1996. We liked it a lot. Curious what your impression was, so looking forward to your next video even more than usual. And I hope you stopped in San Fruttuoso just west of there. We had a nice swim and the best, simple seafood lunch at Da Giorgio there.

Hi David, we really enjoyed Santa Margherita and there will be plenty of shots of the town in the next episode. San Fruttuoso is now out of bounds for anchoring unfortunately so we didn't get to see there. The whole area is gorgeous though, we loved it! Fair winds, Chris & Rossella

Hi guys! Love your videos!! You look so happy mate!!¨ You inspired my honeymoon!! lookign forward to the next one! Davide

Ciao Davide! Thank you! :-) I am always happy when we're on the boat! Going on honeymooni on a small boat, staying at anchor like we did is the best kind of honeymoon I can imagine. You have your own little private island and it is a fabulous experience to share together. Fair winds! Chris (& Rossella)

All the best guys,thanks for sharing

Thank you Wayne! Fair winds, Chris & Rossella

Great Video! The Med looks amazing! Can't wait to go this summer for a week!!!!

Thank you Patrick! We love the Med and we hope you have a great trip in the summer. Fair winds, Chris & Rossella

Thanks for uploading this - always enjoy your video. Good tip with the hot knife when cutting ropes. That technique does come in useful when you have to amputate a limb too - not a lot of people know that. now the - where is the refit update? :-)

Yes lets hope so: I epoxied our Keel in February and I had to make a 'tarp tent' around the keel then use an electric heater and vacuum cleaner to recirculate the air inside while it dried in sub-zero temperatures! Fortunately it set... as I'd have been pretty annoyed if I'd have had to strip and scrape it for the second time in a week!

All very good to hear - lets hope the weather has improved when you get back in April - it has being pretty dang cold! ;-)

Hi Norman, thanks! If I ever have to amputate a finger I have everything I need

Great video, as always. A little curious: what is happening with your new boat?

Thank you! We have a foot on each boat at the moment! We are part way through the refit on our 35 ft boat in the UK and are still selling our 30 ft boat in Italy. We intend to have her sold soon so we can put all our efforts into the new boat!

Another fun & entertaining video. Thank you. For future reference: if you happen to have a hot-glue gun on board, a thin slice off the end of a glue stick makes a good temporary back of an earring thingummy-whotsit

Hi Trevor, thank you very much! A glue gun is a useful tool to have on board and losing those back of earring thingymajiggywhatsits seems to be a regular occurrence so this is a very useful tip! Fair winds, Chris & Rossella

Your wife's accent is so cute! Really enjoying your videos.

Hi Deric, I think so too!

Get the girl a jar of cherries you scrimshanker

Hi Sean, I could buy Rossella 1000 jars of cherries but she still wouldn't let me forget about that one I ate in 2007!

thats the pirate way of life

why do you not have a ripp tide electrical motor on ur boat?

In a word: cost! We bought our outboard engine for €50. A lot of the time we will row ashore, but if it is a long way, or if we are uncertain regarding the weather conditions (especially on the way back if there is a rising forecast) then we use the outboard engine. Fair winds, Chris & Rossella

Is this from last year or recently. Lucky you escaping the weather if its recent. Hows the new boat coming along.

Hi Barnie, this was filmed last summer not long before Emma was born. (Finding the time to edit is extremely difficult these days - this video took over 30 hours to edit, and finding 30 hours of 'spare' time when you have a young baby is very challenging!) The new boat has had 2 weeks work on it so far and we have just under two weeks time left to work on it in April before we splash. There will still be a lot more to do after that but we can do the other work in the water. Fingers crossed! Fair winds, Chris & Rossella

Great video! Keep up the good work!( Also is it just me or is the song at 8:27 Drunken Sailor?)

Hi there, thanks! Yes it is, Drunken Sailor by the Midshipman Glee Club - courtesy of the YouTube audio library. FAir winds! Chris & Rossella

Well done guys

Great episode guys. Hopefully that stormy anchorage wasn’t too uncomfortable for Rossella. It still amazes us that you can launch your dinghy single-handed. We need all hands on deck to launch and haul out ours. And the music at night...

Thank you Gus! Fair winds, Chris & Rossella

Sailing Britaly thanks ever so much. And to you!

Hi guys, thank you! Rossella didn't enjoy the anchorage in Corsica (The B&W footage) but we hope that that was a one-off experience. After that, the slightly lumpy anchorage in Santa Margherita was no problem - having said that, being heavily pregnant makes rocking around in bed much more of a pain (you rock around in the boat and the baby rocks around in you!) so again Rossella suffered more than I did. Our tender is very handy for launching and recovering and we love the way it stows away so small. (Although the tender is under offer with the boat

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