Watsky Full VR Concert! Boulder, CO [360 video]

Watsky Full VR Concert! Boulder, CO [360 video]

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So, six. Wonderful. Good. Evening friends today. We have a very. Special. Presentation, for you. Sadly. The complaint tour may now be over, but we, recognize, that for many valid. Reasons some of you may not have had the opportunity, to attend a concert in person, but. We. Believe that the concert, experience, should be available, for. Well. Everyone. We. Hosted this virtual concert once before and it, worked better than we ever could have possibly. Dreamed of so we, wanted the show to live in a permanent. Place so. Here we have in partnership, with next, V are presented. In a full. 300. Series. The, are watski concert, experience, and of, course, it wouldn't be a digital, concert, without a digital, merch, table so while stock last s'. All of, the tour merch is on sale for 33. And I would assume, 0.3. Ad infinitum. 3 s %, off every, order we'll also get a free complimentary, complaint. Tour, poster, such as capitalism. Ok the complaint, era is coming to an end so you. Won't hear from us for a while but we will be back I promise when, we are ready to share the next chapter, with you so without, further ado I am so thrilled to present Watsky and his very talented band, of musicians live, in concert, from Boulder, Colorado strap. Yourselves in get, yourself, a margarita, and enjoy the show. They're. Selling, sex, vinaigrette, should. Be as Internet. Officer. Let you back. The. Different types of people. Can, you send a party result. If I go with the Thomas. I. Am. Shover. The cut. Well. Okay. Well, with jose canseco from, a shotgun a great white up maybe your makeup makeover, without taking over. So. We can wear tonight Colorado. Trees. Four trees probably, the Beasley another like the police. Was. Amazed species, get Amanda play in the bay with. Every. Minute. Deeper. Another. Fantasy. I've. Been. So excited to be here. You. Can help this thank you for asking. I'm gonna point the microphone, at you and I'm gonna start the pointing it directly at you. What's. Your name. And. We are all. When. I pointed at you you're gonna say three words over and over again as loud as you can, and then when I pull it away and. Stop standing which master. Plate. Would you like to tell what those three words are those. Three words empty, and. That's a very plain. Clean. I believe there's a side of him is not polite at all. In. LA. The colors in your pillow. That. Julie. Harland. Mr.. Coach Modi on the face. Make. Some noise for your motherfucking. Cells caller. And. Then we came back and let's, see what came after that, we. Came back and we did. You. Did the black sheet yeah we played a new play. For over. 2016. Fast Ford would be plated. You're. Sure to show your. That. Was crazy we got on stage like literally, five minutes after, the election predictors. And. And. I'm glad to have been there with you guys because it felt like we shared this cathartic. Moment it, was, hard. So. What. I'm saying. Waiting. Into, the next song is I believe, less. About. A place to talk to the part where Castle. Other. Dude got released besides. What. I want to do right now. And. Am, i stretching to say that you guys might come into this room I know you're, beautiful people, with joy and excitement. I. Want to give us a chance just. For a moment don't, let the bullshit because. I. Don't. Want us to fucking blow up into a pile of of, glitter. In flames I don't want that to happen so. This. Is. A primal scream we, all do. I'm. One of the for me personally I'm going to build that 2016. Participate. If you want to participate fucking. Awesome. We. Rock this shit we wrap some weird shit we, rock out together one, more PSA, I would like it if it gets a little bit rowdy in here. Your, neighbors this, shit only happens if, you were expecting other human beings in the room you'll, where the person next to you have. A good. Song. The first one is going to be the loudest scream you can do the second one is going to be twice as loud as then the third screen they are going to hear us a fuckin Nebraska. They. Will hear us in Nebraska, in the year 2035. Without. And. Camilla and I couldn't perform for you it's been on our stuff for years as yours but we're, gonna do it a little. Baby. Leftovers. Sloppy. Seconds. From here. We. Have anybody celebratin.

Like. I. Think. It blew in on my life I. Dream. Of you and I'm all like whatever. I got, to do, whatever. I got, to do. Every. Pain. Whatever. I got, the. Same. In. A moment a cyclist. Hello Jeremiah. Hanoch. Economic. Confidence. Of the pool of water Brasilia, were but not for style it's so, what could reach in and pick slap a reflected. Child. You. Guys are fucking. Okay. If. You know this song. Keep. It to yourself quietly. This. Song is for anyone who's got a dream of any kind I don't. Care if you make a single fucking cent off it it's you're passionate about something put, your hands in the sky. This, is the only Horus. No matter what you're performing this race fix every, single person is from, this. Or, something I love. What, you, got over, there. They. To. The Buy. Which one would expect this life you've got you, need to buy your skin. Protestant. You. Shantanu. Oh. Have. You thought of faucet of flow when, I handle this along, shit. But it hasn't occurred, I mean the stamina, keep it like a grandma. My. God. Oh George, George kissed her levator class again, season later Raja to stay as three strangers never, Christmas, tell you how the city. Grew. Promise, if I'm sure she said that our Roman, soup artistry, and act like an apron over Kate the bracelet. Chiana. However. What. You see on. Stage is just a small fraction of our touring operation, so, I need you to make some noise also. For, at the exit and Michelle Christie armor. We. Also have. Mr. Mike Squires. Also. Gotta show my love for the venue staff here at the Fox Theater they are fucking awesome please. Do a second, set it up with everyone on the tech crew your security, bars the, box office folks. Thank. You for showing, up. Is. Anybody here from the galaxy. This motherfucker. Why. Oh. Wow. Oh, daddy. When you stand out. This. You're the wounded, healer, and. You're supposed. Sea. Dragon, snails I don't see positive things hope, looking at his arms at home grounds. That understand, when, she pulls those eyes or final time. Diapers. We, got is one of them no, God that I'm freaking 20. Don't say call this boss. Boss. What. Don't. Forget. Before. Our. Galaxy. Wage. A bloody civil wars. The. Missiles, whistled from me and. The Breville pistols, floor, and. This moment is already home. So Colorado, when I say thank you you say you're welcome thank, you. You. Know thank. You guys so fucking, much. I say, over, over now we're gonna need every time these, concerts, playing, live music is, the. First. Show seen is live or business. 7 or 10 of them thank. You. Amazing. Evening two. Pieces of bad news that I have to share with you, unfortunately. One she. Was almost over. What. Pretty. Mean Los Angeles, like about this looks in the corners of my mouth when I'm celebrating, on meetings, because there are. You. Won't. Burn. Your clothes. Over. The line.

2019-05-31 10:23

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U not die :D

You've changed so much since the stage dive incident


Watsky got it

Been to many concerts in my lifetime, and Watsky really does a great job. I feel ashamed I haven't seen him live yet. Next tour I'll be there. I can't wait to see what the next thing you release will be. I'm always pleasantly surprised. I know artists never read these things, but I hope he picks up on the good vibes. Much respect


Absolutely Stunning!!

21:55 HOLY SHIT I WAS AT THAT SHOW. OGDEN THEATRE 2018 ON 4/20 WAS THE SHIT. First time I saw Watsky in concert and I'm so stoked I went. That shit was so hype.

i wanted to go to the philly show but i wasn't able to make it, i'm so blessed on this day

This is so lit. forreal. but out of 100% love I think Watsky could benefit from a singing coach or better singing coach. It really sounds like he might be doing damage to his vocal chords that is unnecessary.

Setlist: It feels a little immoral to make one of these, because everything Watsky and the others say or do should be experienced fully and genuinely with the flow of the concert. This is for the people that just want to know what's expected.

Damn, good shit, and a great crowd.

When was this concert?

this is amazing, I made the mistake of not realizing you had merch, of course you do, and seeing that matchstick sweater... I ordered that - against my better (financial) judgement - right away.

Just me or does the video not play?

umm hello THANK YOU!!

Watching this with my 8 year that was devastated she couldn’t go cuz the show is our town was 18+. Shes loving it almost as much as me.


28:10 deep breath out indeed

what the fuck, i love watsky

Man having this concert archived for someone like me its a blessing considering i would have to try real hard to actually see watsky live living in the caribbean. Much love for everyone

Amazing... I have every one of your albums and have introduced so many of my friends to your musical genius and they all love you like I do. But seriously... you look like an angry mop!! WTF is going on with your hair?? I am bald so it's partial jealousy so who knows where this is coming from but that is just too much hair for one poet!!

Aww man, this is freakin awsome! I'll make sure to make it a priority to take off from work with no exeption the next time you have a concert in Sweden! Much love and respect!

getting vr back in 2 day....will be watching all of it

Please make another stop in Ohio!

Thank god, I got to hear this majesty. Can't wait to see if this comes out on Spotify as well.

Bro please go back to the rapping, i came here for your rapping and i can tell you are straying from that and with auto-tune i just hope his next album will go back to what made Watsky *Watsky*

Watsky you’re a fucking nerd

Literally the only artist I know to throw out A Virtual experience to fans that Wernt able to see his shows, this is amazing watsky thank you

Wow I miss the old watsky

Hello hello hello hello It's a mother fuckin pleasure

It's really a 180 video, but awesome concept anyhow!

This is the first time I've seriously considered getting a headset. Watsky was my first concert

Having had my ACL surgery three days prior to your gig in Oslo, I can not stress how much I've been looking forward to this vid. Thanks, George! Catch you next tour!

watsky your transformation from wigger to dirty hippy hasn't been fun to watch

So fucking rad!

I just wish the audio capture was a little better. Still rocking this in the background while working.

You need to come to PA on your next tour. I want to see you so badly!

Love this

So glad I got to see you live! Even managed to meet you after the show and give you a love confession

couldn't shave 2 seconds off the video?

YOU are the real MVP Watsky!

You were so close. I'm slipping.

If you've ever looked like a hipster, it's now. Prepare to DIE!

Very cool! Thanks so much for sharing this with your fans!!

Wait so watsky has another album being released in January??

Dope! I actually did feel like I was there :) awesome show!

I am so back and forth about how I feel about people singing along with the artist at a concert. On one hand, if I'm there, I paid to hear the artist perform their songs - not you. On the other hand, you're there cause you, also, love the artist - so you should be able to enjoy it how you want to.


I remember this concert like is was yesterday! Love you watsky!

WATSKY! You're the man!

This is dopr thank you

This is trash

Its soo good I felt like I was there It even included the annoying ppl ❤

okay what the fuck, this is perfect. was just coming down from How to Ruin Everything all over again, needed this

Nice VR


cold pizza, tie dye shirts, 360 watsky videos, give'm here give'm here

It’s not loading I’m going to cry

He sound hella gay

Pretty sure he's going for a Steve Jobs vibe or somethin'.


Im about to dance around my apartment with VR goggles on

Solid unit

1:2:50 как же это ахеренно


This is a fantastic idea

Watching at work, but could definitely go for a margarita right now. Super hype for this


Hell yeah! whoa whoa whoa @ 1:00:29

Nice. I was at this show and it was a blast!

Its cool

Someone wanna upload what time each song starts at?

you do it

Dreams come true, i wish go to a concert and now i stay ..... thx dude

And yeah i like your style

Dope style bro

I'm gonna buy a VR headset _just_ to watch this I swear to god oml

Watsky uploaded a video and now my heart is full.

Thanks George, very fun

Watskyyyyy you're the best

I am here now


Ok, this is epic. It feels like I'm really their, considering I've been to a watsky concert before.

Just got my oculus rift s. How fortuitous


Watsky never stops being amazing does he

Thank You

Amazing, so glad this got archived. I tried watching live but the stream kept stuttering and cutting out.


VR? 360? A little late to the party there Watsky lol This is still fucking awesome though!!! P.S. Your San Francisco show was absolutely amazing!!

Hey george! I love you! This is amazing

Hell yeah, brother. Love you George



Watsky and dope concepts, name a more iconic duo.

Watsky concerts and emergency room visits

Awesome!!! Let me get my VR headset on!



Good shit boi.


What a nice video I'll wait till it's loaded though

Roman Andrew White and what a face at that xD

Aidan Carr SAME


Oh damn mine isn't loading either

same, I need some patience

Seriously? That's fucking awesome!

#early squad ❤

Please please oh please come back to Vancouver or Washington

Not gunna lie... This made me feel something, I don't feel this way near often enough. Thank you, Watsky!

Wtf I was not expecting this at all.. This concert looked amazing


This mans is a gift. Glad I got to see him in NYC.

saw you live in Germany like 2 years ago, and it was amazing. Hope you come to Germany again sometime

Thank you for this vr experience, watched it on NextVr with my playstation vr. Would love to see you live some day but it's just not that easy for me due to personal issues, huge fan here and this was great!

Wtf you lied at the start its not 360...

I went to this! Now I can relive this night forever

Couldnt go 25 seconds without throwing up the 666. Sell out. Smh

Complaint was such a gift to this world. I'm so fortunate i was able to attend a show live. No matter what mood i'm in that album always makes me feel better. Thank you watsky.

Dude thank you


The coolest think ever!!! Thank You man, You're a legend!!

Watsky your unbridled love of music never ceases to impress me. You will never sing for a profit, and you consistently drop money for the sake of giving your entire audience something to listen to, no matter what they can or can’t afford. You don’t care about sales, you want to give music. And that impresses me more than anything. Thank you for everything - a fan for life

Got to see you in Dublin, but this is dope!!

That girl smashed the Moral of the Story chorus. Musta been /power/ being in that room.

I was there!!

Watsky concerts are A beautiful thing. Lucky to have been to one.

thank you so much for this!

Too bad I can only like once


Good luck!!

Its working for me.


Had to buy VR glasses just to watch that

Hell yeah Watsky. Mad respect for you as an artist and a poet. Can't wait for your new album. I hope to see you on the east coast for the tour!

Man love your music send regards from Mexico

who the fuck is george watsky

I’m legit in the video

Yo why’s Watsky looking like Edward Nygma from Batman Forever?

honestly im almost in tears watching this

Watsky is just sooo lit.

thank u father

Awesome! I was at this show and weird seeing myself the entire time!

How much ticket


I really hope we get HD audio from one of the shows. The songs are so beautiful as in, and just a next level when he performs them live.

A true legend

Watsky lookin like Geddy Lee

You're my favorite artist. Missed you this year super bummed I did. But you never let us down. Even if we can make it. You still make it possible to see. Much love

Brooooooooo the song list is beautiful

I was as well - so weird seeing myself throughout the entire video up on the first balcony!

I just clicked on this randomly having no idea what it was but holy shit is this crazy!

I am rocking the fuck out in my living room like I was there. THANK you for sharing

You've completed your Anders to Blake transition nicely.

Glad to have been able to attend the concert in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! I look forward to next one, you were great homeskillet!

I've got a 360 video on my channel! A high school party experience for everyone!

yeah, i had 360 vr video, this is only 180

+lynne large that's what I though but I couldn't remember when complaint came out thanks broskie

Braden Doran I don’t think so this is from the Welcome to the Family tour I believe he was talking about Complaint when he said that

Saw you guys in Philly earlier this year. Awesome show. Loved the energy.

long hair legends

Love u bae

who else is jumping up and down with the mouse lol

It's Drake Henderson, Blake Henderson's cousin lol

Same! It was so much fun to be there

I am so glad you did this, I always wanted to go to a watzky concert but I have had cancer each time he comes anywhere, ‘this is just awesome... thank you

Crazy how far you've come so far Watsky! Please keep making music!

Its wild being able to relive such a wonderful event. Cant wait until you're back in Colorado!

My sister went to one of your concerts in NC right before she passed away om April 11th this year at 25 years old. You might have noticed her because she looks a bit different due to her muscular dystrophy but her name was Lillith Black and she loved you

Wtf i didnt even know you were here wtf!!!

I love this so much the sense of fun.

Saw and met everybody at tower thiter i love you guys so much and loved the show y'all are amazing and so nice

Love you man, this was awesome. Also, apparently I look exactly like you.

I skipped to moral of the story because I had to see how that worked live.

the best concert I've never been to, thank you so much for uploading this. I'd be immensely grateful if you ever decide to play Melbourne in the future

Are you roccin camilas glasses in the intro?

Watsky seems like hes gone crazy now

This is why George is one of the greatest out there today. He brings it, for the fans. Even those of us who can't make it to his concerts, greatly appreciate his talent, showmanship, and drive.

I think my parents signed the "put up for adoption" papers once they saw me screaming and dancing around in a vr headset

This experience was so many things at once. My heart will skip a beat if i can afford to go to the actual concert

You know it’s a good concert when people who have already seen the concert come watch it online again

I think my mom was there, you and her dad took a picture before the concert

Sonofabitch. I was three miles away in the county jail... So that explains the night I was so restless and didn't know why. The energy found me.

Lol just kitten

I just stomped my kittins head

Thats fuckin nuts

Dude this is maddddddddd

I was there for that concert now I'm seeing it again, nice

Considering this is your show, your content and your crew recording this....there is really no excuse not to record your audio straight from the source. This would be so sweet if we could hear you and not the audience. Nice thought though, hope to catch you live soon!

16:45 best song ever

0:01-1:30 is his real voice?

It works

Watsky you should hop on that wave shit going on in the VR world right now, some big DJ's are already starting to get into it and doing Live VR Festival Experience type shit. Its very prototype beta right now, but with what you did here I think you may be interested to see this! PS: Super cool band dude! Looks like everyone was having a blast, thats definitely the best part about this!

He has a knack for making me take a deep breath....

good shit my man. love the concept but before your time cuz mainstream will make profit now. KEEP UP THE GREAT ART... THANKS

1:00:29 middle finger in the Sky xD

crying cause i was at this show!

Welcome to the family edit and whoawhoawhoa

Shout out to the person who yelled 'I'm proud of you!' Wholesome fan

25 people are bitter they couldn't make it

I don't know why but I feel like you'll fit very well in middle between Hobo Johnson and Oliver Tree's sprinkled with Childish Gambino type of Music Genre. Besides, it bothers me to see a talented artiest like yourself this under-rated when clearly you have unique creativity with music. Take advantage and put yourself more out there to the newer generation.

Hey FPS "shit content creator" diesel (patches)

You used to be way more badass you can say what you want about my comment but before you do look at your views on YouTube lately just saying

Yea it is dumbass

The CardBoard Castles ALBUM is not on Spotify anymore, anyone know why? That was my favorite Album and I am sad to see that it is gone.

'Tears to Diamonds' has disappeared from both YouTube and Spotify. What happened? I love that song and now can't I listen to it?

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