Watters' World 02/03/18 8PM | February 03, 2018 Breaking News

Watters' World 02/03/18 8PM | February 03, 2018 Breaking News

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It's not all about the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, this weekend no no a snowmobile. Superstar. Just pulled off an awesome. Stunt, watch, this. I'm. Sorry I'm just gonna keep watching it. Levi. Lavallee sticks, the landing of an aerial, backflip. Over the Nicollet Mall during, the Twin Cities Super, Bowl week, Lavallee. Is a local celebrity. Gaining. Attention last, year for jumping over landmarks, in st. Paul as part of Red, Bulls crash vice campaign. That, is insane. John's. A huge fan now did you even know this guy existed till tonight, I teach. You so much that's how Fox reports this Saturday February 3rd 2018, happy, Superbowl watching. Welcome. To Watters world I'm Jessie waters the, waiting games over a memo alleging, surveillance, abuses by the FBI the DOJ, against the Trump campaign has finally, been Declassified, and released to the public the, memo alleging, that without, the Trump dossier by fusion GPS, paid for by Hillary the FBI and, DOJ would not have secured. Surveillance. Warrants, on the Trump campaign. Christopher. Steele the foreign agent behind the dossier paid for by Hillary briefed. Several. Liberal, media, outlets including CNN, the. New York Times and The, Washington Post. Is. Includes, with them and he. Continued, to pass information to, the Department, of Justice under, Obama through Bruce or who, was demoted even. After, he was cut off from the FBI. Here. With his reaction, the president's son an executive. Vice president at, the Trump Organization, Donald. Trump jr.. First. Thoughts on the memo pretty, incredible unbelievable. What, I want people to do is really think what, if Bush had, done this to Obama, mm-hmm what would the reaction be I've, never seen the media more. Interested, in not having more information now in my life they're supposed to want information, no because, they're all complicit, in this yeah you know and again I said it on Hannity the other night what's been great about you know the last year of nonsense that I've had to go through is that the only collusion. That's been uncovered is that, of the high-level FBI because we do have to make the distinction between, the guys at the top the, lawyers that run the FBI on the seventh floor and the guys that do the real door kicking in the real work on the bottom we call them the boots and the suits boots and suits it's a big difference so let's, just talk about the conspiracy for, a second, here because it's many layers yeah what. They're alleging, in the memo is that this, guy paid for by Hillary he's a foreign agent he created, all this fake dirt about your father, and then shopped. It to, the Washington, Post CNN. New York Times and then took those reports, the FBI and the DOJ did, and then gave it to the judge to, help bolster, the. Credibility. Credibility of, the application. Exactly, and so the Washington Post the New York Times the whole year, laughs they must have known this. Thing was bogus and that they were in cahoots. With them because they were working with us worked with him that, no one else could get away with this other than the Obama administration. And this is why it's clear they weaponized, the, FBI, and the, DOJ to. Attack, the, duly, elected. President. Of the United States it's unbelievable, if this had happened on the other side if like you said if Bush and McCain, had, conspired to. Give. Fake information, to their, Attorney, General and their FISA judge to, spy on Obama, I mean what if they had a bunch of lies from, from Kenya, or from Hawaii about the president's, nefarious. Background and then, that got into a judges hand and they signed on board four times four, times and. By the way yeah they neglected, to tell the judges where the information was, actually coming from they didn't say Hillary worries they didn't say it was from fusion GPS so, Hillary basically, paid for surveillance. Of her political opponent, with the health of Obama and bolstered. By the Obama administration all stirred by the Obama administration, to. You what does this say now about the entire investigation. Is, it rotten to the core listen, it always has been you're right we always said this I mean it is so, ridiculous. That, let, it go though at, this point let it go give nothing nothing, the real problem, that I've had with it is other than you know millions and legal fees and lots of time wasted and being, smeared throughout, the media for years that, at least they uncover this because what if they wouldn't have hmm, what if they would have just let it go at this point I mean there is a little bit of sweet revenge in it for me and certainly probably the family in the sense that if. They wouldn't have done this this stuff would be going on you're, right this would be going on at the highest levels.

Of Government they'd. Be continuing, to do it to my father trying to undermine his actions, imagine, how effective, he can be given the year he's had without, this, cloud over his head so, I want them to come but come to a conclusion already because you've been looking for two years you've, come up with nothing, other than their own nefarious. Actions. And their own collusions. They come up with nothing so. At this point you, kind of come to something like just. Come to something because if they, try to drag it out for a year they try to drag it so that you the Democrats have their talking points i watch it right now you, see the Democratic senators this is McCarthyism. I'm like what you. Have a guy that's been screaming Russia Russia Russia with no, evidence obvious, collusion, all this shade for. 18 months screaming about McCarthyism. I mean the irony is ridiculous, at this point one, of the people that's been giving you a hard time is, Schiff, one, of the I think House Intelligence, Committee, minority. Leaders Democrat. What. Would you like to say to Adam Schiff right now well I listen hi I think, he's got some soul-searching to do, he's. Been out there you know obviously, oh 99%. Of intelligent. People believe he's the person leaking, this when I did my testimony, to his committee it, was supposed to be behind closed doors it was supposed to be secret we get done at seven o'clock at night I go and starting, at 12 o'clock in my Twitter feed I'm reading about verbatim, what's going on in the room so as people are taking bathroom breaks this, is being leaked from, the House Intelligence. Committee think, about that but, that's what's going on in our government these, guys and I can see the response, that he's had with he's. Scared, because. He's had the media in their back pockets, as we see from all of this these guys are working together with the radical, left and. They're. Getting whatever they want done the, problem is they. Used to have some credibility so people still believe that so they're able to sell that narrative that's why you could see them, ramping, up so effectively, to, try to say oh this isn't really a big deal oh this is made-up oh this is gonna be a big dud by, the way I guarantee, you after we leave this that's what we're gonna be reading about from, all of the major sources because they're all complicity, for saving their souls if it was such a big dud they wouldn't have cared if it got out but obviously they are panicking, because they have something to hide I want to show the audience what your father said when he was asked about the memo let's hear it I. Think. You know I think it's terrible, you want another truth I think it's a disgrace what's, going on in this country I think it's a disgrace the. Memo was sent to Congress. Who was Declassified Congress. Will do whatever they're. Going to do but. I think it's a disgrace what's happening, in our country and. When you look at that and. You see that and some of the other things what's going on. A lot, of people should be ashamed of, themselves and, much, worse than that so. I sent it over to Congress and they will do what they're going to do whatever they do is find. It was Declassified. And. Let's, see what happens but a lot of people should be ashamed thank you very much, so you've had two competing, narratives that, have gone on for the last year you have on the one side in the media on the left that Donald. Trump is a collude er he's, an obstructive, justice, and he was in cahoots with the Russians in order to help win the presidency. On the other hand you've had people reporting, a lot of this on our network it turns out to be true now that the.

Department. Of Justice and the FBI under. President Obama rigged the. Investigation. For, Hillary and then really, turned the screws to Trump, and, now it looks like in a corrupt and illegal, way and the. Facts are out now and the facts, belong. On this. Side 100%, and by. The way this, has been a much more recent narrative, frankly. Than the other I mean they've been looking at the other one for over two, years you're right okay when they found I took a meeting 20-minute meeting big, but, they needed it too so much like your death I took a committee that's a committee but, they. Needed it to be true because they staked their entire credibility, their, whole narrative that, was oh now, we can keep going now we can keep on the heat because they all knew so what does this do to the media's, credibility, which wasn't high to begin with now after this this whole hoax exposed. What, does it do I just think it gets rid of the notion that there's any objectivity, left and I can say that for both sides but, there's, no except, Waters world not obviously, well that's you know you're the exception there imbalance, there. Is none anymore and as long as people understand, that when they're watching that you can it's, really news entertainment, that's. Why you're say to fill a 24-hour, news cycle you have to do this people are giving their opinions they're no longer relaying, news they're, relaying news with their preferred, choice. Of spin, and that's, a shame because you're doing a disservice to other people who actually really want to get real news alright so in conclusion you, have the dossier I paid for by Hilary used to wiretap. The Trump campaign, you have these really salacious, texts the FBI the. Fix was in for Hillary and they, hated, Donald. Trump and you. Know the whole investigation now is questionable, and you have Steele who's actually in the memo here this, paid-for guy from the Hillary campaign quote. Was desperate. That Donald Trump not get, elected and was, passionate about him. Not. Being, president. That goes to, motive right there now I want to talk to you about the State of the Union we were down there together and. You. Know the president made a lot of great points about unemployment, black, unemployment yet. Despite. Those, things being good for America many, people on the Democratic side of the aisle did, not applaud or stand let's see that after, years and years of, wage, stagnation. We, are finally, seeing rising. Wages. African-american, unemployment stands. At, the lowest rate ever recorded. I halted. Government, mandates, that, crippled, America's, great. Beautiful. Auto, Workers so. That we. Can get Motor. City, revving. Its engines, again and that's what's happening. You. Know what it reminds me of it's like not rooting. For America, during the Olympics, because you don't like the president I, said. It in tweets a while ago they would rather see America, fail then, succeed, would Donald trum at the helm if Donald, Trump came, out and said, he's all for oxygen, they would stop breathing, they. Should do that. Liberals. The derangement, is real, mm-hmm, I mean for, the Congressional, Black Caucus to not stand, up. For. All time low. African-american. Unemployment that's. Crazy i with pastor Daryl Scott who's a friend of ours I mean he literally said it wait a sec yes would, you rather, see high numbers, so, you can continue, to peddle the hate against Trump continue. To do this who. Wins, like we should all be rooting for success. For our people, and I think real Americans are starting to see that Jessie I think they are too because it's just plain as day on the screen it's almost reminds me of the daca deal your father's putting out a very generous, offer about, a pathway to citizenship, in, conjunction with wall funding, three times more than the past President did very generous, yet I don't, believe they want to solve the dreamer thing I think deep down they. Want to force someone. To start deporting, people they like the issue that campaigned on because they exploit, it for votes it's all they have they, do if they don't have that to complain about what are they going to complain about all-time.

High Stock, market all-time, low unemployment all. Sorts, of minority, unemployment, bonuses, being paid by companies, hundreds. Of billions, of dollars hundreds. Of billions of dollars already, coming back in because of tax reform what's. Their platform, for 18 we, want to make America worse again I don't, understand. What are they going to do in the midterms because a lot of Democrats, are going to be running in districts. That it was close with Hillary and Trump so you know they're gonna have to try to play to the middle are they going to say we're. Against, bonuses, are they going to say we're against, low, unemployment, are they going to were against, rising, paychecks. And go. Along with Pelosi, and Schumer, are they gonna say yeah, we recognize, the economy's, good here's, how the Democratic, Party can make it better you know I think they're gonna go with the former only because they can't help themselves at this point I mean they've but they're gonna lose if they do that that's great I, agree. But, I think the, problem is rather than being reasonable and coming to the table they forced themselves further, and further, and further left, I mean they're left of Qaumi right now and, that's a real problem for them because I don't think that's where America was I think that's the lesson they learned from the election is wait a minute we need to be further radical, left and, I don't think that's true I think people want some. Moderation, in their thought and from their leaders and the, Democratic, brains. Have come to the conclusion that this is going to be a wave election in the midterms, and they've, been basically. Thinking, it's been a lock and they don't really have to do much and just run on Trump hatred but some new polls have come out now, look at this Donald. Trump's approval, rating, skyrocketing. Okay. He's now up, at 42%, it's, a 10-point jump, since, the last poll and I think we have another poll - I believe, the tracking poll Rasmussen. Very trustworthy guy has, a bit 49%. There's, another poll that shows I think a tie, in the generic congressional, ballot head-to-head between Republicans, Democrats it's. Not a lock that the Democrats, are going to take back the house and by the way don't kid yourself some of those polls are also understating. As they always do with Trump they did during their last election, because there are people not willing to take, the heat they'll say you know what it's easier for them to say no no no I'm not for Trump we'd had that with our own polling we, would call people no, no I'm not voting for Trump so we started asking who's. Your neighbor voting for oh that guy's voting for Trump you. Know they. Wouldn't admit it because of the fictitious narrative, put out there by the media I saw one of the polls I said basically Trump's tied with Obama's approval rating at the same time in their presidencies, now imagine, you. Had the media basically being your biggest cheerleader like Obama did versus. Your biggest detractor I mean, think about the difference there and what, that would mean in terms of those numbers but again because. Of all of this stuff coming out because of all of the disinformation. That's been propagated, people, are starting to finally see the truth and the one thing that I'll say about my father he's got a big soapbox and he's not afraid to use it that's he's afraid he's willing, to fight, back and that's the first time Republicans have ever done that I had more people last week say wait, a minute what happens the Republicans didn't just arbitrarily cave for no reason whatsoever like this, is new Republicans. Are actually getting used to being able to win again and, that's a big deal all. Right well your, father's definitely, taken, a lot of heat and Hillary. Had the memo on her side she, had the media on her side she had the money on her side she, had an incumbent president on, her side and she still, lost, Don Junior it's uh it's, amazing.

Well. Listen I don't think it is because I saw the, enthusiasm gap yeah but I mean what a headwind it had. A but you know what when. You look at the way she worked if she did one maybe two events a day it was a miracle. He, was out there speaking to real people he can do that he could have conversations, with people even from a stump where. She was lecturing people this is what you have to do I mean there were times on the campaign trail where, I'd be in the same market that she or Tim Kaine had been in the last couple days and I'm drawing 10x. What the actual guy was like do you sure they know is jr. so I don't wanna get sued for misrepresentation yeah, you, know and there, was just such an enthusiasm, gap people needed, someone who could actually relate, and the irony of all ironies is then it took the. Billionaire, from New York to, be able to relate, to middle-class blue-collar, America, but. That's what he did and that's what's so incredible about it all right Don jr. thanks for coming into waters world thanks a lot man good to see you all right we'll be right back. More. Insight coming out from the newly released memo alleging widespread abuses. By the FBI, and, the Department of Justice here. With a reaction, the host of Michelle Malkin investigates. On CR, tv.com, Michelle. Malkin, alright so what's your quick take, on the memo well before, it came out I said that what we were seeing was indications. Not, only of a corruption of our core intelligence, infrastructure, but, of fundamental. Corruption, of our media. Establishment. And this, confirms, it if you look at the way that, this memo, highlights, how, the, DNC. And fusion GPS, were. Manipulating. This, sacred, process as President Trump, put it of. Approving. These FISA, warrants, and handling. Very, sensitive, classified, information. And, then using, the media, to corroborate, what the DNC, said even, though there was collusion between, fusion, GPS and these very immediate very, media sources who were being used to, confirm. This, phony evidence so you. Know Hillary's foreign agent Steele who hated Donald Trump and said that we see in the memo he, was peddling this, fake, news to the press and then the, Department, of Justice was using that fake news to, bolster.

Their, Argument, to get the wiretap. Approval. By the judge yeah it's like a circular. Confirmation. It is it, is the textbook definition, of an echo chamber and there are at least two, media names in here that, were named checked Michael, Isikoff formerly. Of Newsweek, and then apparently, at Yahoo News by the time he. Was working on this as well, as David, corn and. So, these. Are very left-wing reporters, court. A little bit more so but, izikoff good investigative, reporter but does not like Republicans, yeah that's right and so clearly, the media, bias that was involved here heaped. On top of the, vial, bias, of these, Democratic. Operatives. Really. It. Shakes. The trust, of the American public to its core, and if I were a judge on the, FISA Court I'd be, questioning, the. Veracity and the integrity, of so many of these applications. Which have may have may have rested. On the same kind of. Democratic. Opposition research, because. The judge in a lot of these applications, was not told the truth it looks like according to the memo which we have right here, they. Hid, the, Hillary financial. Connection, from the judge they hid the, fuge and GPS, connection, from the judge so, the judge is signing off on things that he doesn't really understand, the basis of because, he's being lied to by, federal. Officials in the Obama administration. That's just corrupt, at its core now I am. Sure that, I think it's Comey who's, signing off on this, Rosenstein. And, the cabe they, must have known where. This phony, dossier, came from they must have known it was financed, by Hillary Clinton they must have known that this guy was not a straight-shooter, chrissteele. And they hid that information, from the judge that. Really implicates, them doesn't it it does and essentially, what they were doing was signing off on the. Fruits of a poison, tree, and, the. The fact that we could have these high-level judges. On the FISA Court being, left in the dark when they are making these grave, decisions. About classified. Information some, of this on the judges that I mean shouldn't the judges, be, a little bit more aggressive, and kind of poking holes and you know is this established. Where did this come from are they just blindly signing, off that's a good question I think these are great questions that really need to be laid, bare in congressional. Investigations. Because I'm not gonna make an assumption one way or the other of, what they should have known if these. High-level FBI. Officials. Were doing everything they could to keep them in the dark about it so the big picture now this, is determined, through the memo that Hillary, paid, for the, spying on the Trump campaign and was. In cahoots with the Obama administration. And the media on gaining. This type of surveillance power, what. Does this say now about the Muller investigation. Is it based on a lie as, you said is it poisoned, from the core what. Does this tell us about the larger, Russia investigation. In your opinion well I think, there's a cancer that, metastasize, here of this twin corruption, as I said between our core intelligence, agencies, the trust that we have and Muller to lead an investigation like, this and of course the mainstream media to cover it they're supposed to be investigative. Lap dog, watchdogs, when they are in fact acting. As lap dogs in, and, shopping around all of this faulty information, I think another fundamental question, that has to be raised and answered is how many, other FISA. Warrants, an application. Right we're based on this, kind they we're, hearing from congressional. Sources that this is just the tip of the iceberg, no, question okay and I believe you know people said you know the memo was just hyped up it was a little hyped up but, I believe. It was hyped. Up for a reason because this is very very serious, stuff now Michelle, we. Love having you want to talk about immigration because it's something you're so passionate about the president, brought up something. At the State, of the Union where. He. Talked, about these ms-13. Murders. Some, teenagers, were killed in Long Island and he had the parents there as guests, the Democrats were kind of uneasy when, he talked about this. According. To joy read though who reacted, to this this. Is what she said, roll it. She. Makes it sound like the, biggest, issue in the United States the biggest threat is ms-13, a gang no, buddy, that doesn't watch Fox News has ever heard of so it makes it sound like they are the biggest one, okay.

So MSNBC. Doesn't think ms-13, is a big deal they think ms-13 is only covered on Fox and the. Family members who were at the State of the Union were, very, upset by, the Democrats, who were groaning and very upset at MSNBC. For downplaying. The, threat they had their daughters killed yeah that's right I think this is a shining example, of liberal, media privilege, MSNBC. Privilege, I've been covering the, spread. Of ms-13. And 18th Street, Berio and, all of these illegal alien gangs the violence, that they have brought not, just against, Fox, News viewers as. If it's some sort of fantasy, but, like the families, that Donald. Trump honored these, are minority, families they're black they're brown they're, yellow and black laws matter right if black lives matter the, people, on the Democrat side should, be outraged. And clapping, and standing, and supporting, these black, parents, who you know lost, their daughters at the hands of these gang, members but you know one of the things that the State of the Union address. Did was exposed, the true colors of so many of these monstrous. Progressives. Not only did they attack, the. Families, of, the victims. Of ms-13. Crime, but, the way they belittled, the North Korean, defector. Do you know that there was a progressive writer, who, likened, him to North, Korea's quote Tiny, Tim. What, planet. Do these people live, on where. Along, the way did they delete their souls I don't, know and I was saying the other day on the five the guy that defected, that's real resistance real. Resistance, is not wearing a funny hat or sitting, on your hands and not clapping that guy's a real hero all, right Michelle thank you very much. Diamond. And silk, are back stay. Tuned. Like film America's News headquarters good, evening I'm Juli Banderas drama in the skies over Syria. After, rebels. Their shoot down a Russian, fighter jet and killed the pilot in the northwest part of the country that Russian, pilot reportedly opened fire on the fighters who were trying, to capture him before he was gunned down, that's according to several sources including the Russian military and rebels, in the area the Russian, military has since been, in Syria, since 2015. In, support of President, Bashar al-assad, well. The Superbowl is just one day away and fans gathering, in Minneapolis, to enjoy the pregame, festivities meanwhile. The NFL, inducted, eight new players into. The prestigious Pro, Football Hall of Fame the.

Class Was led by three first. Hall. Of Famers linebackers, Ray Lewis Brian, Urlacher and receiver, Randy Moss were all inducted, this year their first year eligible, I'm Juli Banderas now back to Watters world. Alright. More on the memo here we are we're. Gonna have our, video bloggers, and outspoken Trump, supporters diamond. And silk. Respond. All, right so ladies this, memo came out they've bastardized. The Department of Justice and the FBI to. Help Hillary and, to hurt Trump, a lot of illegal spying going, on all based on a lie what. Do you guys think, you. Know the fairy the, very fake news yeah I have some explaining, to do that's right the fact that they took this dossier, put this stuff in the media to spread fake news even, took this dossier, and they, took this here as a basis. To spy on the. Now President, of the United States somebody. Need to be held accountable and when I say if they don't need to pass go don't, collect $200. So people need to go to jail, for it yeah, yeah I mean it's funny but it's not funny because you know the axe is gonna fall and I think people are gonna get locked up and I. Don't believe it's going to be Donald Trump I believe, it's going to be people on the, other side now this week Maxine, Waters issued. One of the five Democratic. Responses. To the president's, State of the Union in which, the president, called for unity but in. Her own rhetoric and actions those are the real ones Fanning, the flames of device, in the country, let's. Hear, what she had to say. One. Speech. Cannot. And does, not make Donald Trump presidential. He is a dangerous. Unprincipled. Divisive. And shameful. Racist. By. Millennials, and they referred. To me as Auntie Maxine, and I, want to be an enabler, with this kind of inspiration. I will. Go and take Trump out tonight, a lady. So mad Maxine, wants to take Trump out she's. Saying the Russians are, conspiring. Against her what, do you think about that. Maxine, I, think. That she has a serious, problem that's right you know for. Her to be a representative. Of people it seemed like that she's only representing, her own agenda to, bash someone. That, she should be bashing, herself, she, is the one that lives in a 4.6, million dollar mansion, on the 174. Thousand dollar salary she, hasn't done anything for, her district, she had those people riding dirty while she's living high off the hog that's right that's what she should have been talking about and then I heard that she mentioned something about censoring, our president, she need to be censor because we need to put a message up there to vote her out because, why, is she even in office but she ain't, nothing for her district, you know Steve Scalise, was, there he took a bullet he bounced back and he was able to stand there to represent his, district, shame, on Maxine, whore that's right nothing is wrong with you but she wasn't even there for the people you supposed to rub there it is black people so-called black leaders like Maxine, Waters that keep black people segregated.

And Start, in the pains of their ancestors. Just, to control them so they can have control over them, and not allow them to have this opportunity, of, being part of the American, dream shame. On Maxine, and other black individuals. That call themselves, leaders, I just, can't believe she's got a 4.6, million dollar mansion I mean I got a I, do what Maxine's doin I'm in the wrong line of work. Let, me ask you this was really offensive. Ladies, Melania. Came out at the State of the Union she. Looked as beautiful as, she always loved, she was wearing a gorgeous white outfit, but over at CNN. The. President likes to call fake, news here, was their analysis roll, it, is. There anything you. Want to tell us about her outfit you. Know she's wearing a cream colored suit there which I find, interesting, member, last year, the female, Democratic, senators all wore white, a bunch, of them to protest Trump's. Policies. Against, women so if there was even a hashtag, women wear white listen, it could be a total coincidence but, I just find a lot, of the stuff she does these days to look at it twice all. Right you have about 30 seconds, left ladies they're basically saying at CNN, Melania. Is part of the me to movement and she's protesting her, own, husband, who's president, good, Melania. Our first lady was wearing something beautiful because she have class and, she know how how to wear it that's right. Make. America, great again movement. That's what she's part of all, right well you guys would look great in that white suit but you guys look great as always and it. Was great seeing you down there at the State of the Union and. And. Keep going with what you're doing in the tour is hot and. Everybody's. Everybody's signing up for the tour that's right go check it out all. Right diamond and silk everybody, we'll, be right back. And. We're gonna let. A, renewed. Cry to lock her up coming, from president Trump pointing, out a double standard in the government's treatment of Hillary Clinton, for her reckless handling. Of classified materials. While. Others have paid dearly for what they say are similar, even lesser, offenses, the, president, recently tweeting. Crooked. Hillary Clinton's, top aide whom Abidine has been accused of disregarding, basic, security, protocols. She, put classified, passwords, into the hands of foreign agents remember. Sailors pictures, on submarine, jail, deep, State Justice, Department, must finally act also. On Comey and others joining. Me now a Fox. News exclusive. The sailor the, president, was referring to a former, Navy machinist, Christian. Saucy, air alright, so Christian you. Took some photographs of, a. Submarine, and then, just threw them out and they. Were deemed, I believe. Confidential. Which is the lowest level of classification, yet, you. Were prosecuted. And ended. Up going to prison how do you feel about Hillary, not. Well. I think it's a blatant. Proof of the double Terra justice, within this country and how the, FBI. And the Department of Justice were weaponized. Under the Obama administration, go after, conservatives. Like myself and general.

Flynn, While letting you, know unpatriotic, liberals. Like Hillary Clinton in her eighties gate and. It's just very upset, yeah I think it should be upsetting, for all American people that were held to a different standard than, crooked. Politicians, okay, so, you. Are, actually, not in a studio right now because. Your. Parole. Or probation officer. Says you can't go to a studio and you're wearing an ankle bracelet, that's how serious, they're. Taking, this yet Hillary Clinton. I. Think, had. Top. Secret. Classification. On, her. Materials. Yet. Comey. Came out and said that no reasonable prosecutor. Would, bring a case but they brought a case against, you how, do you feel about that it's. Very true you know I watched all those speeches. That Comey gave and it was while I was through, my legal. Battles and, said well I know a prosecutor, that bring it against, somebody for far lesser, you, know mine was confidential, it was there was never any argument, that I had nefarious, intent, or, that I had intent to cause national, harm that's not a requirement, for the law that they prosecuted, it under so. It's not the requirement for Hiller and gross. Negligence is enough, to break, that law I basically, possessed, classified, images on an unsecured, device my cell phone and that was breaking. The law by unlawful. Retention. Of National, Defense Information which is exactly, what Hillary Clinton did on a much larger scale with, much more secure information and nothing, happened, to her all, right so when you hear reports. About. These text messages going, on between FBI, agents, and the, memo, that we're seeing come out that, shows that Department. Of Justice officials FBI, officials. Had. Worked, to let. Hillary skate, while at the same time, going. Very hard against Donald Trump and using. Lies. To, justify, that investigation. What. Do you think as a, guy it's, just a machinist, working on a submarine, how does that make you feel, well. I think it's very upsetting that somebody. Like myself who, served you know two deployments in the Middle East who proudly, gave 11 years of their life and service to the country to, have their life destroyed. For. Something so minor while, Hillary. Clearly. Broke the law that was what the law was written to prosecute, people and it was for people like her not for people like me and lied. To the FBI lied, to the American people and absolutely, nothing's happening to her, Coughlin's. Made, a mistake, and his. Life was destroyed as well and three otic American who served our country what does Hillary Clinton ever done but you know deal, from the American people in lie to us but. She's given the benefit of the doubt because, Andrew McCabe's wife you know as a friend of hers and, took, money from her you know it's it's very upsetting the more I read about it and the more I see while. Through, mine and I saw the tarmac, meeting between the head of the Department of Justice and targeted. Investigation, spouse that. Should have said, all the American people you, know it's very upsetting the way that, justice. Is doled, out in this country, right well you know if you do the crime you got, to do the time it's just there's a double standard for justice. In this country and perhaps, the president will commute your sentence or give you some sort of pardon situation, and he watches waters world so you, know that could be an opportunity, to make, things right but, Kristin thank you very much for your service and. Hopefully. Everything works out in your favor in the long run all right well.

Thank You thank you for having me on all. Right another Tom Brady controversy. On the eve of the, Superbowl, that's, next. Super. Bowl 52 Eagles, vs. Patriots, Tom Brady in the news for something that has nothing to do with football here's. Video of him and his son. What. Do I get. Every. No Jack everything comes at a cost. Joining. Me now is diehard Patriots, fan Dave Portnoy, also, the founder of barstool, sports which. Is taken over the universe all right Dave listen that's obviously, a very loving, family you, know I'm not gonna judge anybody's, you know family, situation. Everybody, that saw the video it just things to kiss lingered a little long what do you think about it. Well. Deflategate. Spygate. Whenever the suit walls are on the corner people look for controversies. You. Know Parisian, culture you kiss each other in the cheek my. Family we call each other cousins, it's just a loving family a lot of people don't even have dads and we're worried about a dad that shows too much love I think is garbage okay, so he's. Married to Gisele she's, Brazilian you, think it might be a cultural situation. Absolutely. This is just a family showing love I mean I there's, no story here again it's a distraction okay. So obviously, you're. Not paying any mind to it and I don't think Tom is either I want to show a map of the country all, right everybody. Take a look at this I think the entire country. Is, pulling for the Philadelphia, Eagles here except. Some states, in New England and, North Dakota now North Dakota Dave I don't understand, because Carson, Wentz the injured Eagles, quarterback went, to school there what's, it like to just have, everybody rooting, against you guys, we're. Used to it I mean they hate us cause they ain't us I think it's sad I think it's a sad state for America I think the Patriots should, be the model franchise, for everybody they work hard they never, take anything for granted they show up day in day out and also, I know there's. A lot of Eagle fans that won't like this but I mean Philly fans are trash so I think it's really sad, that this this amount of people will be rooting for Philadelphia well I'm a Philly fan I grew up in Philly so I'm, gonna try to ignore that, I'm not trash but I was down at the NFC Championship, game I definitely, saw some ugly things but you know what I call, it passion, let. Me talk to you about something, I caught, about. I think someone put a Tom Brady Jersey, on the, rocky statue, let's. See if we could get a look at that now if you're, a Philly fan I mean. I mean. There's gonna be blood in the streets you, guys really think that that was a good idea poking, the bear like that. Well. Where the bear so I mean if. Anybody's, getting poked if we would be the bear. In. The situation, okay no, I mean no I mean poking, the bear you'd have to wake the Giant where the giant I liked. It it's a little gamesmanship, whatever. You gonna do about it I won't put it on there maybe. You're provoking the bear in the sense that you may get punched in the face by a Philly trash but. Done. It but I still think it was funny Dave I just hope you have a lot of security when you're out at the Super Bowl I just, I just think you better just keep, maybe two three, security, guards to watch your back now here's what I think the keys of the game are you. Know obviously you want to keep Brady off the field Eagles have to dominate time, of possession make. Sure they win the turnover battle. Listen. Foles, has to have a great game that's clear but if they can run the ball against, the Patriots defense Patriots. Defense hasn't had a great time stopping the run and then on our side of the ball you want to hit Brady as hard as you can our front four is pretty good and our linebackers, have to cover your guys out of the backfield you know he's going to dink and dump what. Do you think I. Mean. I think it's gonna be a good game I think. The Eagles are pretty good I actually. Predicted, these two teams would meet one win so it's still healthy so, I think foals has to play well but in the, end we. Have Brady we have Belichick, and it generally ends up in our favor so barring some sort of up. Like. Travesty, like an earthquake or something I just don't know how the Patriots lose this game I will listen a lot of people said Trump, wasn't going to be elected president and, that. Was trigger shattering, so anything. Could happen Dave and I wish you luck out there try not to get punched okay. Thank. You I'll watch my back all right last. Call.

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Available on YouTube, a movie called "The Enemy Within"!  If you haven't seen it, it's about the very scenario we see happening now, displacing a sitting president... I think you will like it, it is a well done movie...

PS:  It actually seems, that the deep state swamp actually took some of their planning and plots from the above mentioned movie...

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