We got ROBBED in Phuket.. ugh || The Jaysian Traveldiary

We got ROBBED in Phuket.. ugh || The Jaysian Traveldiary

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Look, at welcome me with a lot of rain from the airport I had to take a bus to the place and I was heading to which was a phone beach - beach I haven't, heard about it before and I, was kinda excited because I didn't, know what was expected me there I could have taken in text as well but why, I wasn't, in a hurry in my hotel room had to get ready as well and I, didn't want to spend much money on transport, and also by, many people. I was actually the first and, only person to go to the bus and I waited for quite, some time until the other people came and the first one that came was like a cool-looking dude I thought he was a musician or something with his cousin he came to the bus driver directly, and tried to talk to him and be like yo, this is where I need to go can you take me there hello talk to me and he tried to get an answer from him but all the best friend was like was get annoyed and he. Put, him at the very end of the bus and he was not allowed to talk or to get forward, yeah. I don't. Think I need to go back to the old set up like, that yeah. So, one cool thing that happened at the bus parking, lot was that there. Was a traveling group of deaf people who, I already, met in Bangkok. In my super-awesome hostel, L'Amour cuz they were staying there one night I recognized, them they recognized, me we had him a wind-up doll and my heart got all worn and I just saw okay put could you trade me already so far so. Good once. We were full we. Started, heading to our. The, bus stopped, us at a travel agency or something like that because. They all had to ask us a bunch of questions like where, you going. For how long way. From what's. Your name, do you have a boyfriend. Just. Kidding, what's kind of weird you know but but. At least we could talk to each other from the bus right, and that's hamid ting tang and her mom the, two flight attendant, ghosts that, remember. The names off and run, Zi and his cousin and, Dartmouth. Good. Huh it's, not only wasn't the first one to enter the bus but also one of the last ones to leave the bus once I arrived my hotel. Room was still not ready but I met my old friend from elementary school day, yon and we decided to go for a walk.

After. A little walk I met his cousin Rothko. Those. Are the two boys, let, me introduce. When. I arrived. I wasn't, expecting, such an open. And happy, person, I haven't met him in such a long time and, to, see what life is made out of him made me really, happy his, cousin, has a very loving, and kind, personality. In my opinion, but at the same time he was so afraid of things he. Was the one that, was most informed, about the dangers, of traveling and, Phuket and he, kept telling us what not that though but all in all I felt very secure around, the two of them and I feel really safe and I was really, glad I came to cook it to, meet Dan. And slavka and. Then finally at some point my room was ready. It's, a really bad. Oh my. God. I'm. So happy. They. Know. Everything's. Lined, good. There. Was a good. Day I, read my heart out like who, you always ago I had to wait for it to, be ready now, it's ready I'm so proud to. Be. Here oh my god and I found a friend from my elementary school we're. Ready to go swimming, though it's super cloudy, right, now and it's windy, but we going to this man I'm, like I want to get that body wet so. I forgot to check out the bathroom right oh. My. God, it's. So, pretty, if you can smell what, I smell like. Myself. You. Would be. Disgusted. Like. Actually. I want to drop all of that and shower. Before I go until the water that's. Out there in the outfield I don't want the water to get dirty, there we go that's what stop talking this. We. Went to the beach to see the sunset, and headed. Back to the hotel to eat all my food. Obviously. Everything. Here was a little a little bit more expensive than, the street food and lovely, lovely Bangkok, but I will say only two nights and I. Thought. To myself okay, you know what let's celebrate, that you're meeting an old friend from. A very. Long time ago just, to lactate over and enjoy your time. After. We ate we were heading to this super famous street and Papa Pete and you could totally see that yeah people came here to relax sure, but. They definitely came here to have a great party so why not give it a try and you know normally normally, I, don't drink I don't, like to drink it, just doesn't do a lot for me but, we work Carley and the mood and it just happened, there we drink cocktail. After cocktail, drink, after, drink and shot after shot boom. Bangla, walking street babe it. Involves. Our Bangla, Street. Darman. Came over we had a drink together she was she, looks so young but she already like experienced so much more in life than I did such. A strong, and powerful, woman, so inspiring, oh, my we. Had a good time and once she left we wanted to go back to the hotel but then kind of bronzy showed up out of nowhere so, we went for a last drink and that's where you met the super competitive bartenders. And waitresses of the Australian, pub Australian, bar was only. The. Street told us at some point I don't know but we still wanted to hang out so we went in the direction of our hotel where the beach is because, our hotel is directly. At the beats so we just took runs you with us water, so. Warm. Good. That's my. Deal. The. Water also freaking. War, we sit down in front of our hotel lick. The riffling programmer tell. And, then, words to me immediately immediately, he took off his clothes left only his marker for Dawn and in he went into the waters rough who went to buy snacks and drinks, and so we're about to spin an awesome time at the beach you, know what I did I went back to the hotel but, only to get rid, of my stuff that's all I, took, my backpack with my camera with my passport with my money with everything inside and I just put it back into my hotel room because I. Because. Of obvious, reasons right I just took the phone with me and the keycard from a hotel room and I went back to. The boys once, I got back this is what, happened Dan went, swimming again I saw that runs he wanted to swim to traffic, Oh as always, was afraid of anything and warned us off all the things that could go wrong but whatever y'all we're young we a wild, we are free and we wanted to have some fun let's just go drunk, night.

Swimming. In. Thailand. I knew that runs E&A and we're about to throw me into water so I didn't even try to prevent, it I like to do anything against it I just had the right amount of time to throw my phone into the sand and then they grabbed me by the limbs it literally, carried me fully dressed into, the Black Sea the, both. Boys and boxers. It. Was so much fun it was. It. Honestly, felt like the best time of our lives swimming diving, trying, to run and water and trying. To think of a way to get stuff go into the water as well. Oops. In fact it was actually easier than if we said because he's just really all kind whenever he, felt and he saw how much fun we had and then he was like out dressing, you put all of their stuff into a. Plastic bag and then he just came to the water as, well the water was, so warm in the air was, so warm and the ways, were and, sometimes the wastes were even super high and it was just so, much fun so. Much fun and then I look back right to the shore to the beach giraffe could look back as well and I just had this feeling off well whoa, well. We're. Pretty far away from the beach, so I, said this feeling of let's, slowly go back because we're like let's be. There as smoothly as possible because there, could be so much that could happen right and then, I started running. Lolled. Running. Try, running in water I'm, gonna try my best obviously, ain't a lot of stuff go find his best to like you know slow-motion, doing that I just, wanted to get there very quickly so I can take care of the stuff and just sit there and chill and yeah I saw a woman like if this, is the where our stuff was I saw like a woman walking there and I thought to myself she, could do literally, anything and, we won't be able to do anything against it and then like you should just pass our things right and I was very thankful for that but, still I thought okay, as fast as we can let's go quickly back because uh-huh, there could be so, many things are good app so we've still fight the water right and in the corners of my eyes like from this side I see like a motorcycle, driving on the beach I thought to myself okay that seems like a lot of fun while running great and obviously I didn't film anything because how. And we're running right and they're like super slowly two people are the helmets what. The, you know super. Slowly and they stopped at the spot where our, stuff, I think, it was okay that's awkward, I run we, fight the water one, person, jumps, up and I'm like what the I start screaming Joe, he runs around motorcycle. Grabs her stuff no stop. Rothko is running - hey we're. Running we're finding the water he just grabs, it in a blink of an eye drums back on the motorcycle and off they went we ride the water we run to our stuff we come to the stuff and I'm like what the what the and he this is roughly the screams I. Suspect. Lisa V Alice no. Dan. Came out of the Menace to get out of the water she came to herself was like what happened was like they took all of her stuff we tried running after the motorcycle because we wanted to see what they can't. Act English, caught on point today whatever sir running came back he was like obviously, they don't have the same alphabet as we do. Then. You know we now can laugh about it but at that time it was really frustrating and it was so. The. Animal was so angry that he just punched, the CF and. Screamed. Runs it was the only one that didn't understand what was happening he came out of water was like dude, what's up what happened, boy, who came didn't you see what the. Dude no. And. Then I realized, my fault, my. Phone was still in the sand apparently, they didn't have enough time to grab everything, that was there because there was still like Dan had a super, expensive watch I believe that was still laying in the sand and his. Phone was there in the sand - so both of us who had our phones everything else was taken and see, we just started thinking where they watching. Us or do they do this often I wasn't sure about that and they. Were smart enough to know that guys, put everything in their clothes that's why they took the bag with the clothes and that means think again where they really watching us with really just very lucky looking. At the at, the beach and they, took the bag with the clothes meaning, the trousers and a shirt yeah so there we were with two phones and me with three guys and boxers. Locals. Saw what happened right but the thing is they couldn't have done anything, as well and everything, happened in a blink of an eye so. Frustrating, and also what is the traffic Oh didn't come into the water with us what if they would, have been armed, what if they would have attacked him or like you know uh so.

Many Things we're just thankful that none, of us got hurt it's, uh. Allah. But. They told us to call the police and that's what we did I don't want to get into detail what I think of the police there, but, I'm gonna say that much that we had funny moments, but a lot of frustrating. Moments, as well the, police came asked, us a bunch of question, I then ran up to my room I just put down because I was still fully dressed but everything was wet so I put down all the wet clothes on the floor I didn't even think of putting them in the sink or in the shower I just didn't care I was in such a hurry I was like in shock and everything and I was so scared just going out alone but whatever and I just grabbed my elephant, pens to give them to run Z because I was like okay he's not with us in the same hotel so I was like okay he can't he doesn't have a chance to get clothing right because I assumed Dan's life would get to the hotel room to dress up but the. Hotel room card, got stolen as well and they. Were just in boxers all the time we, went to the police station, the receptionist, took is there and we didn't like they didn't even investigate, anything at the place or do anything add the place they just were like okay come to the police station so we did and we went there no one was there we waited for such a long time didn't. Do anything then they took us off the dude said no he's not now and he went then we went downstairs again waited some more and, it just was this ongoing game like what are we supposed to do and at some point someone came and they filled out some forums and answered a bunch of questions and, we're tired and, we just didn't wanna be there anymore it, was a frustrating. Everything and just. Remember, that a friend and we're still in their. Underwear Oh frustrating. Just frustrating, really at some point in the morning we were done we said goodbye to Rosie, we dropped him off at the hotel room the police took us back to our hotel it was like 7:00. A.m. or, ready or something then first guests reading breakfast, and stuff in there and we just didn't. Care they went past all those, guests, that we're eating and got, some really weird looks, obviously, and the flight attendant, girls were. Sitting there as well and their lay tough, night huh once I told them what happens, they got a little, shocked because. Who would expect that to happen yo my voice is so low today I decided to breakfast, as well before I go to sleep and I tried. To contact all my friends but I really liked I didn't know who to contact what. To say like, I didn't. Even want it was it was, really it was a weird situation because. You're in the sea and you're so powerless, you watch a crime happen, and you can't do anything against, it and it, was one of the weirdest. And toughest, situation, to be in you see something happening all you can do is scream you're like helpless powerless, there's nothing you can do it's. Once I got back into crew. It's. I'm. So tired I, don't even know who to talk to, I could. Call so many but I don't want to call anybody, I don't. Want to like. I feel so sorry for them. There. Could've been so many more things that could have happened it'd be. Just, took the things oh good look. It. Was just a shock we, weren't all sleeping, I don't even know how long I was asleep for and, then, we met up at some point everything was good so far they contacted, the banks immediately, after the incident happened and, their families, and, everything was good I felt so bad for them because I didn't, lose anything, and, it, was me that invited, run Z to, the group and I. Don't know I felt so bad for him especially, for all of them I felt so bad for them. It's. Something like that had happened that, had to happen I don't know it was, it. Was not good but. They were finally, they all continued, their holiday, vacation. Journey, whatever, the travel experience yeah and like. Dan and stuff we even got money. From the bank which was awesome you know they even located. Their phones at some point and the police still said we, can't we can't do anything I was like hmm. Stupid, luckily, they put the passports in the inn and they're safe because they got wallets, you know they got almost everything everything. Bought the passport, huh. Frustrating. So the next day we, wanted to eat and get, a massage. They were like we need a, massage, we, need to relax meeting get like those bad lobs and thoughts out of our hands and buddies with y'all ah first. Off the wind was so strong and. Nasty. We needed to turn away from it because all the dirt got into the eyes and hair and the mouth. Mm-hm, and then it started pouring water, not, raining, no no no pouring, water we got wet, in a second, so no massage obviously.

But We ain't Ango sticking bread it was so delicious. Oh. Why. Don't we were in. A spot, where we were and got rough you know so, the police oppressors are in it like asking. Us questions. What. Happened. So it's like a motorcycle claim, color. We, said yeah like orange or red something that. Person. How many and, we said to to. These. Like, super, serious. Woman. Or ladyboy. Yes. Jennifer. Jareau Beach. And. Then. As if the day is in, Phuket, were in problematic. Enough already. But. She know what happened as well somewhere from Bangkok, came to. Visit who wait let me get it do I have it here Wow. Cool. Huh, it was rainy but, at the same time as I was it was so crazy he came to our hotel chilled, with us and the dart restaurant, area uh uh, you. Know we're all in shitty, mood so the voice went sleeping, and I went to my room and I invited. Him I told him he can come on so we can talk nothing, happened, get your nasty thoughts how do you hate I was packing he was playing with my camera that's where that Polaroid is coming from and then at some point I told him to leave, because I was tired and. That. Wasn't the only thing that happened to the hotel okay we, don't have any electricity okay they can't do anything against it but my room all /, first. Of all Wi-Fi. I'm, sitting, right. This. Is my hotel this, is my bed I should. Love. It I should be laying her instead, I meant that door because this is the way the Wi-Fi was working then, when I came I wanted to shower remember, and it didn't go because water, was operating I was like what the you, know I was like naked I let our nothing's coming up so went like this to the telephone. Like how all the water, is not rubbing oh sorry means this is because we are renovating and, there's no water from 2 to 3 p.m.. Whatever. Next day I. Had to leave in the morning it felt super weird because I didn't feel like I have done anything in Phuket all, I did was swim one, time and I went one time we got robbed and I. Don't know I didn't see anything and, it felt really weird but at least I met awesome people I said goodbye today, on cuz his graphical was still sleeping and then I went off to the airport this time with the text because I was in the hurry tada that. Was not put good adventure, not what I expected, but thinking back we, have great, memories, right next, up their, hometowns, of team Harper, as Malaysia. Baby. To say something else I don't think so oh good good.

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So sorry to hear that happened to you and your friends. What a traumatic experience especially while on holiday. The part about your friends in their boxers the whole time was pretty funny though. I’m looking forward to watching some happier moments!

sokay la. we didn't get hurt, I've experienced worse things in vienna, the safest place on earth. thank you for stopping by again :)  yeah right! the boys in boxers, haha. I think my friend Dejan even took a video at the police station.  remembering now, we had a great night before our stuff got stolen and laughed the day after. so... memories made :) we good hope you have a great day

I feel bad you got robbed in the place I call my second home and that you never got to explore the island or just patong(that takes a good 3 days itself).I'm back there in 3 weeks to get some winter sun as we say in the UK haha,hmm I only got back from there 4 weeks ago anyway.lolz Just a thought,as you love to travel,go check out PsychoTraveller if you don't already. Looking forward to the next episode of your travel adventure :)

Thank you so much even if I don't tan,I just burn haha but Kamala beach will be amazing again I am sure of that as will my fave bars,Dannys Place,White Sun Bar and Phanama Bar x

Thank you for your comment. :))  I believe the island is incredibly beautiful. The two guys went on an exploring adventure because they were staying a lot longer than me. So at least they experienced more than I did, haha.  But you know, I talked to Zdravko today and he said, that this night was probably one of the best nights of his life. It was such an adventure. So it sucked to be so helpless. But thinking back, we had a really fun night before the incident :)  Enjoy your time at the lovely beaches of Phuket :DD hope you get yo winter tan~ And thank you for your recommendation! will immediately check him out! lots of love

I'm sorry to hear that bad thing happened to you during traveling in my country. hope you'll be lucky and have a nice trip for the remaining time.

suk meenuch thank you for stopping by! :) it's okay! I remember the times really really really good! I really want to come back to thailand! This was only one and incident that happened :) Thailand is wonderful!

All I know if I was that upset....I wouldn't record myself.

Bill Asberry oh hi! Thanks for stopping by! :) Really? That's so interesting!! Because I often record myself during different moods... For example I send a lot of video messages to friends who are not living where I live and who I therefore can't meet~ This in particular... did you watch the whole video? I literally burst into tears after everything was over, basically. I was indeed upset and felt bad for the guys :/ Have an awesome day~

moral of d story, nvr go on beach v late nts, stay in public, nv get drunk that much, infact fuck hard,get naked, enjoy but all inside he room...

Rockstar 007 hahaha kinda

Super sad :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

I'd tongue punch your butthole so hard!

Palarie Dumapias It's okay~ everyone is okay. They only stole our things, but we didn't get hurt :) Thank you for stopping by!!! :)))

What thai police doing then

we asked locals what to do, they gave us the number to the police. the locals helped us to find out where exactly we were and talked to the police on the phone. once they came on motorcycles, they started asking questions about the incident. "how many motorcycles? what type of motorcycle? which color? how many people? where did they come from? where did they go?" Locals explained to them what happened as well. they took us to the police station to fill out forms and answer some more questions. they tried to locate the phone but it was switched off. they guys stayed with them and one of the police officers took me to the beach again so I can show them the exact spot, where everything happened. once they reported everything, they drove us back home. One of the guys located his phone back in the hotel. and went back to the police to tell them the next day. But they said that they can't do anything about it. I guess they did all they could do.

Very sorry you got robbed, but in the larger scheme of things, you came out OK. Just as a side note, I liked watching your story, but it's a little thick on the perpetual comic routine being woven into the story telling. Anyway, best of luck on your next travel adventures . . .

OMG Are you 12?

Wow, these German millennial twits are just as bad as the rest of the West. Bitch stay the fuck away from me because I will bitch slap an annoying cunt like you should I see you, hear you in a coffee shop or in the midst of the market, etc. Go back home to mommy's basement.

live and learn. your bad for leaving valuables unattended. assume your stuff will be stolen if there is a chance it can be stolen.

1MinuteFlipDoc exactly! Totally right! Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day!


Discovering Parallel whoooo? XD

are you a ladyboy tranny ?? im looking at you and i think your a guy lol ??

ok lol stop smoking :)

padraic hi! No I'm not :) I'm a woman and always have been! Just a very very deep voice haha Greetings~

I stopped watching 5 minutes in she was so fucking annoying, did she really get robbed? No chance she'd be kidnapped thet'd soon return her.

ha ha

Jay Chuchu I feel bad now most people on YouTube just respond with fuck off. I’m old and grumpy you’re high energy I shouldn’t have been rude. Sorry

capio78 hiii~ ^_^ Thank you for stopping by! Sorry you didn't like my style, haha. Yeah, my friends got robbed. We were at the police station and all that jazz. Now we can laugh about it. But at that time it was really bothering. Bye~

You're lucky they didn't rape your tight white ass.....

wetluv4 almost!

Umlah Pachtu hiii thank you for stopping by! Alright! I will take that consideration! :) glad you left a comment! Have a nice day!!

cops are corrupt

Steffan they stole three cell phones and two wallets. And clothing.

What did they actually steal? I jumped throu the video because I found it annoying with the clips keep jumping.

hormones a ladyboy :)

They have cctv ewerywhere there....

Mr. X oh hi there! Well, I'm not German. None of us were. But I don't think Germans are bad either. :) I'm sorry you feel that way about me! I am actually back with my momma, so good guess!! :) I hope you have a good day! Bye bye~

Discovering Parallel noooope ^_^

Jay Chuchu Yoooou!

Take nothing to the beach, or leave 2 people to watch, while you swim.

yup yup! moral f the story. don't be stupid like us. :) have a nice day, thank's for stopping by!

henrik453 the police didn't check. they didn't do anything like this. i don't know why. have you ever dealt with things like that? cause that would be interesting to know! greetings, have a nice day!

Why are you so beautiful?

Phiromphorn k oh hi! You think So? I really appreciate that comment!! Thank you! :) Hope you liked the video! Hope you have a great day! :D lots of love, Jay!

Discovering Parallel ok wait let me check again ...

Jay Chuchu Suuuure!?

what's with those eyebrows

I got Robbed too,a load of Sexy Thai ladies stole my SPUNK,i was VIOLATED every night. I'm so Distraught I'm going back in DEC to complain .

Time to grow up and stop being a bum.Get a job.

Fucking moron!

Whoever named that place was just like hmmm what should I name this place. Ah, Phuket.

cash me outside howw bout dat

This why I only take minimal stuff to the Beach if I am alone. I don't take my phone. Just a reduced Plasticized Copy of my Passport and enough money to last the day. I put the money into a plastic waterproof bag & zip that into my swimsuit pocket. I leave the room Key or card with the Hotel Desk.I never take a credit card to a beach.

just make photocopies of your passport and leave your real passport in the hotel.

Norman McKinnon Nice!! Really good advice! We didn't even plan on going into the water. That s the thing! But yeah, you're right. It's better to he prepared and careful than regretful in the end. Did anything similar happen to you? Cause I didn't take anything to the beach except my phone. The other guys had everything in their trousers... And it's their trousers that got stolen. .____. Thank you for the comment! Lots of love!

fcking idiots

Douglas R you mean us? XDD

Really annoying to hear a grown woman speak English like a ghetto resident....

No you don't, you sound fine and have perfect English. Steven hates all women cos he has a 1 centimetre dick.lol

Steven Sager hahaha, never heard that before. Well, I'm sorry I'm annoying you! I'm not from an English speaking country and learned english mainly on YouTube. Maybe that's why? :D but ive never heard that I sound like a ghetto resident, really! Cheers, hope you have a good day~

you really need to grow up . you dragged that story out so long . sorry you got robbed robbe

Jay Chuchu. All the best to you, at least you have a good sense of humour. Take care on your travels, don't trust anyone, don't get paralytic drunk and never let pricks in your room or anywhere else! Safe

ok good girl :)

padraic haha, thank you for the advice, but I don't smoke! :) byyyeee~

wtf bro /sis , shes 13

it takes bravery to do what you did and people respect that..

Is this what we call snowflakes?

glad you`re ok..i see you got a bunch of trolls in comments..i`m gonna subscribe and then watch and like all your videos..fuck them negative assholes!..hehehe

most of them are only subscribed to male channels..maybe that's it..or they are 10 years old

grouchyoldguy fawks thank you very much, I appreciate that :D Yeah kinda, but it's only this video, I don't know where they're all coming from! Some of them don't even make sense ._. And they don't respond, which I think is a bummer. Thank you for your comment and for subscribing!! :D And yes, we are all fine ^_^ Lots of love, Jay

Are you on drugs?

Darry WHAT! Oh no! That's horrible! how did that happen???

haha, alright then, thank you! literally never heard someone say something like that! both of you are very amusing. Thank you for that! Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB I hope you have a great day! :D

Gary O Shea helloooo! you think it was too long? all of my videos are that style. I just tell the whole story. but i'm aware that not everybody likes that style :) hey, we're all fine now! it was just a huge shock when it happened. the bank at home helped my friends out with money and we all were able to continue our trip! thank you for stopping by! have a great day

Discovering Parallel haaaa, thanks! all the best to you too! :)

capio78 that's totally fine. i'm aware that I put out these videos on youtube for everybody to see and that not everybody will be pleased with my style. no worries! thank you for responding :) have a nice day!

Is that an Adams apple? Not that I care, but it would explain the voice and commentary.

leave her alone ya boring mug

Why not bury the plastic bag of belongings in the sand! Then mark it’s place with something recognisable. You can’t trust anyone anywhere.

What got robbed in Thailand? Whatever it was did you get it back from those stupid robbers?

Russell Lam hellooooo! they took two wallets and three cellphones. or two cellphones? and the guys' clothing. And no, we didn't get it back unfortunately. we tried to locate the iPhones, successfully showed the police, that we know where one of the phones is. But they told us, there's nothing they could do. hope you're having a good day! Jay

Every where same problem

oh my god, you got robbed then you put it on you tube so you could cry your eyes out in front of millions of faceless people.sad.

The drummerboy 121 aah! You were on the other video too! :) hello there! Well...it was sad, yeah. Now we can laugh about it. I do think that YouTube's a great platform to express, tell stories, entertain and create. Looks like, my style is not your taste, sorry for that! Thank you for stopping by anyways and sharing your thoughts! :)

lucianfraser well hello there! Yeah that certainly is a good idea! Not sure if it works! Maybe someone on youtube has already tried it out? Or do you always do that? :o We weren't really thinking anything would happen. The evening was way too cool ^_^ and it all happened in a blink of an eye. :o Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it!!

thanks, your right.

Love your voice and your speak

You make awesome videos.

I like your videos... let the negative comments pile up so you can reach the top !!

Jay Chuchu anyway just a thought never mind still enjoyed Your efforts making videos of trip adventures. Very outgoing of you! Nice one thanks!

Please learn from this..... leaving your stuff on a beach then going waaaay out with no one left behind.... not so smart... But, you are so young and this will be an experience you can tell your friends and kids later on... and laugh and enjoy life....

I like your style and great editing. Haters are always going to hate ignore them. It is your channel and you do what you want if people don't like it well there is a place they can go. Keep traveling and keep vlogging.

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