We Have A BIG Surprise!!!(Russian Airport) What Is It???

We Have A BIG Surprise!!!(Russian Airport) What Is It???

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We Have A BIG Surprise!!!(Russian Airport) What Is It??? Hello guys welcome back to the Russia guy channel. Today we have a little surprise for you guys, so come along and see what it is. So here we are, we are at the Novosibirsk airport.

So what's the big surprise? No we're not leaving Russia, no our parents have finally gotten a visa to come to Russia and we're picking them up from the airport. Hey guys so we're at the arrival gate now, I thought I'd give you a bit of history about our parents and them trying to get back into Russia. In July of 2019 they left to go back to Australia to sell our farm and they sold it about a year later and then right at that time, it was already coronavirus and all the borders had closed, so they flew out to Switzerland for a few months to try again to Russia but they couldn't, then they heard that they could get to Russia through Belarus. They flew to Belarus and got student visas there and lived there for a couple of months and got residency there, applied for a business visa and they got the business visa then they flew to Moscow and when they got to the airport they said you can't come in because you're Australian citizen and we're not letting Australian citizens in. So they couldn't come in, so then they had to fly to turkey, they tried to get a visa there but then turkey closes borders to Russia and then they threw to Armenia and they spent a few weeks there and they finally got a visa and then they got approval also to enter Russia, so they flew out yesterday and now they're arriving in a few minutes. So I'm really excited to see them it's been over a year and a half since I've seen them, it's just too long.

As a family we always like to do things together, to be together as a family and being a part of so long has just been really, it's been more of a difficult time for the family, being so far apart between countries and only being able to talk to each other over the internet, so it's going to be great to finally be able to be together again. So here we are with my brother-in-law Justin from "Backyard Russia" and his sister, and my sister Anita. So after a little mass break yeah. So we're all here together to come and pick up our parents, it's been a long time since we've seen them last.

It's crazy, it's hard to believe that we're even able to be here right now, it's been such a long time, I was like as we were driving over, I was like this is just unreal, it's hard to believe that it's finally today we're going to pick them up from the airport. Yeah it's been too long over a year and a half. So now we're just waiting, there flight landed around nine o'clock, it's now a quarter past nine so they could be walking though these doors any time.

so we are waiting anxiously. Man you must feel your memory card that fast. You can't use what you haven't recorded.

Let's go. Let's go. O so scary.

Finally outside. Oh wow! Yeah they're building a new construction here. That's why we had to park so far away. Classy We're in Novosibirsk now, we're going to go to a restaurant a little bit later on but it's closed at the moment, it opens at 12.

So we've decided to go to the central park here in Novosibirsk. Justin and Anita are here as well, we're just going to meet them now and let's do a little swing around. So here's the park, it's nice and beautiful now, I guess we might as well cross it's green, and so I'll show you around the park when we get there.

Get some footage of the feet walking along doing the trip. So here we are in the park, we've met up with Justin and Anita and we're just gonna have a nice walk through the park and just spend some time together after all this time being apart. They're very cute aren't they.

Oh what about now? Can you climb over that? Can you climb over this one? No okay hold on, you ready? So guys, we finished up at the park now and we're heading to the restaurant, because it's just about to open soon and right behind me, we've got the theater that we went to not too long ago and we're just admiring how the parks in Novosibirsk are just really beautiful. When I came like eight years ago, the grass would always be long and it would always look like it was still what they'd put in in like 1980 or 90, but now they're really putting in a lot of effort to make Novosibirsk look a lot prettier and it's just really, you can see it everywhere. So here we are, we're just at a little park. Lenin squares just down there where the opera theater is. They have a nice waterfall here. There's a little church there.

They have as you can see, little horse rides, and you can also rent out little cars for your children. It really feels like summer. We just finished up at the restaurant.

We had a lovely lunch there. Now we're gonna head home and relax a bit because my parents had a long flight and I hope you guys enjoyed the video and please feel free to like and subscribe to my channel if you like this content and also leave me a comment down below of what you think, it's really great to hear from you guys and until next time I'll catch you later. In 2019 they left to go back to Australia to sell our farm. Someone is calling me. so we are rely exited, it's been over a year and a half since I have seen them and the airport lady is talking.

Our parents have finally gotten a visa to come to Russia and we're picking them up from the airport. and I don't really know what to say after that.

2021-06-23 08:54

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