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all right so all these boats seemed  like they are some kind of pirate theme we are going on the dragon oh good luck all right guys today we're going  in this boat called the dragon   and it looks like a crazy pirate so it's  just good luck next door there's also the   black furrow so let's see what  the dragon has in store for us hello greetings hello how are you all right so  the second floor is definitely the party area all right so this is the top deck the third  floor a little bit more chill that second area is   really loud so i don't know if we're gonna  handle that for that many hours so here we are are we going oh no oh no  what [ __ ] what should we do   so guys it's our first stop i think this might be the butterfly all right so we made it to our first stop  butterfly valley the weird thing is all the boats   like four of them all decided to take the same  path leave at the same time and go to the same   places luckily this was an eye season you could  imagine this would be a nightmare it'd be a mess   come on turkish planners what are  you guys doing and just leave like   30 minutes apart and we're an hour apart or just  go back like go backwards go the other route   but literally every boat is getting  off the same place the exact same time   how crazy is that who planned this but this place  is beautiful butterfly valley you can see it's   kind of literally a valley and this is the place i  wanted to go so i'm glad we're here so we decided   to skip the butterfly exhibit because veronica was  smart enough to ask someone and it's a 30-minute   walk there 30 minutes walk back and there's no  butterflies right now because it was in march   butterflies oh it could be so  we'll enjoy the beach instead three oranges she's smarter okay uh uh i don't know if she just got like a really bad one it's sour but it's not i'm not dying guys so so randomly on this boat we met  someone who watches engine's channel   yeah right we have lada and shirley sorry  it's right ladder yeah right it doesn't matter   and it's funny because you're turkish yes   actually ukrainian so we have another ukrainian  girl to the to the mix that was too many   yeah it's a it's a trend now i don't  know why what's happening all right   let's enjoy the sun nice to meet you  guys nice to meet you too have a good day uh is that your friend behind you all right so it is hose o'clock and bureau clock to butterfly valley so guys we had just an  hour here at butterfly valley but honestly it's   probably enough it's not a big place it kind of  reminds me of kopi have you guys been to thailand   have you i know   kopi like this really famous uh island looks  exactly like this this is like maya bay the   only difference is instead of rocks it's sad but  aside from that it's exactly the same so you can   just take a picture and tell people you went to  kobe all right so our time is up for valley cheers and of course everybody leaves exactly the  same time too which means this beach will   be completely empty in about five minutes i have  no idea why they all come in the exact same time me this may be the most amazing girl  ever i always forget to put some block on   and she just comes at me every time so we finally made it to the top  deck it's definitely a party up here   six all right so here is chris couscous rice you can  either get fish or chicken it looks good now we're taking a little lunch break fish and we  have this beautiful view a sweater view uh it's   like couscous or something that could be like some  kind of some kind of grain salad that's a salad so veronica went to feed the parrot should they come that's a big piece okay all right yocho are they gonna jump or not i don't really care if this guy jumps or not  but either jump or don't jump i don't care but   do it do it sooner or later foreign foreign   oh finally this guy jumps oh yeah it okay yes   oh damn it i missed the film  i missed it you gotta warn us all right so this is the third beach sorry the fish will come divided that's a shower quick oh   you're amazing enjoy your time what are they doing is is   all right so we just got the boat and overall  it's a fun trip pretty good value at like 15   or something but super loud amazing lasting the  whole time so if you're not into uh loud music and   drinking don't get on the boat you  can't get off but this exit is crazy   you guys can see this i don't know what i know  it's like this whole time but this is like   a roller coaster trying to get off oh my god the baby down. aww you're the best you're fixing my shoes oh my god oh my god this is so bad okay that's enough but i could probably stand  here all day and just watch this this is insane   i'm just glad i didn't get my drone or anything  wet but i almost fell in the water as well so   that's it uh pro tip if  you ever want to go on this   pay directly at the boat because it's only like 10  euros or after lira if you go to an agent like a   booking office like we did they charge commissions  that's what everyone does but go fix the boat everybody

2021-06-19 23:28

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