We're gonna get you VERRRYYY DRUUNNKK! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.171

We're gonna get you VERRRYYY DRUUNNKK! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.171

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First. Fellows voiceover. I. Knew you are doing, it I. Remember. My first voiceover, spying, on people do voiceovers, is great. My. My. Previously. On Dallas, we. Arrived in Brazil please, cross the Atlantic guys we've, done it. Get. Checked in and start. Exploring. Okey. It is I, think. Tuesday, morning and. It's. Been about a week since we've been in Brazil and, it's. Been really. Overwhelming. And now we, are going to cruise over to the south side of the island I'm really excited to go over there our SIM, cards aren't gonna work there's gonna be no internet it's, just gonna be us and we can just chill and play in the water and, relax. And do some work for the next, mmm. Five, days six days something like that so. Yeah, here we go. It. Is hot today. Are. You feeling really. Excited about it calm nice Anchorage, like this being outs being to swim every morning, powerboard, like. Island. Hopping. Time. It's, time, are. You gonna go. Screaming. Oh. Exciting, we've gotten so much cool information from, a lot of the local sailors around here we've, got this book from our good friend bit though so this is Bank oh yeah I was pronouncing it all day long you betta. Better. Bad about in Santos we, have three months ago three months three months ago and, he's starting to sail up the coast with your wife yeah, in my dog and your dog yeah my dog collar Google, Google, yeah oh. The new Twitter cool and. Better. Sent us a message, on Facebook they're on email actually elected, and then we connected, and just, sailor, helping, out another sailor so he's got this, it's. A guidebook of the local area we are now and, we're. Just going over some really cool spots that that he's been to and he recommends, and and we, are using useful, formulas. Yeah, I mean. Local knowledge is better, than anything experience, you know yeah, and you guys have a youtube channel too yeah what's, it what's the coffee singing out wrong double sailing, around the world yesterday, and. What. Are your plans for your boat are you gonna go. Sailor on the world we. Are going to hurry first, yeah but stalking all the place in Brazil and. After. We. Pertain. To to, go or to Pacifica. Or to, throw and when, are you doing that when are you leaving to go to the Caribbean, I don't, know you don't the food I don't know how to get. Just. Like us yet and we're. Gonna go around. To the North, corner, of Island come on to the east side and there's, a sweet, sweet Anchorage so. This spot down here it's. Protected from every, window action, except kind of north and northeast. Let's. Go. How's. It looking Bry looks. Pretty sweet we're just trying to get as far as we can in because there's a little bit of swell out there want, the boat to be like, all. Exciting. So, pretty so, pretty oh my gosh oh. What. A perfect, little beach. Dream. Beach. Wow. I'm gonna. Zoom. Over and just check the depth the, shadows the water over here. Okay. Okay. 17. Feet. This. Book looked incredible. Clear, water beautiful. Beach but. Didn't let me know that, we were just about to get eaten alive. There's. Like 10 of my legs already. She's. Straining. Us, beautiful. Anchorage. And. Over a week ago and, festal, each and every one. These. Tiny, little flies locally. Called barracudas. Have. Been biting us over the last week. But. Here was on a different level, they, were swarming. Us I have never experienced. Such intense, itchy bites so. Those are from last week they. Got scratched up but these ones are all new from today are those new ones yeah that's. New that's. Missing. Zipped. Up I'm all covered up putting. Citronella, on everything. Their. Way. How. Is it out there boys we're, not sure yeah I think we're gonna move anyway because, there's a swarm of them. Here. From before or they're. Still out, so. We're, gonna go somewhere we can get a little, further away from land. When. We start going we could use a killing, party, come. Up and kill them all, flag, the admission. Weapon. Of choice, moly. So, no. Increase. You. Know what. All. Right what's up fry what's the plan here. Found, another Anchorage, it's. About four miles later from the other one or, bolt into that one. See. If there's no flies I. Think. If you stay on this course for a while then cover out to port. May. Think Brady. Ever. Seen any demo flies and it's nice and.

Looks. Like the fly situation, is, a little bit better here we've only seen like one or two not 200. So that's that's. Pretty nice, what. Do you go. We've. Tied the Oxbow other so if you want to get a video of our tie job we've tied the Osmo on to the bow and. We've. Orientated. Into the Sun to trying in a time lapse so hardly a time lapse is on the book is moving, all the time. But, the real ones they're pretty. Good. If, you choose here working hard. What. Do you learn office, what, are you working on today videos. Yeah. Lots. Of data team yeah, how's. It going it's, kind of good actually. Did more progress, this morning, that I've done in like a rooster. Just. You know waking up early, and you're subbing the time. You. Know yeah it's. Nice to, have a break, from everything and just work it's been so crazy. Do. You ever feel weird editing like, I can see your face on the screen right now is it ever weird for you too that's, actually really fun you stopped. By. Me like, what do you do. Does. It ever like weird you out seeing yourself on camera all the time not. Really, I don't think I think about it in that way like I never really. I. Don't. Know if I understand. That other people are. That. Might sound stupid but I I don't. Know I think you're so into, like yes that experience, that we had at that point and, it's, just us doing everything so I, look, stupid and I don't want to put something in that I don't do it but I like to make myself. Most. Of the time like, that. It it, is tough finding a balance between, you. Know like work like since our. Work is basically, our life and vice, versa, when, we left Ascension, Island, it, was very intense we were doing a lot of diving or getting ready to go and then, we had almost, what, 16 days, over two weeks of sailing, and then we got into Brazil, and then, a month goes by and. You're like oh man, we're. Really. I. Let. You guys get back to it. What, are you working on over here I'm. Answering. Me by, this, so. Grateful. About people. Just. Once. It's. Pretty crazy, so. I like. To read each individual, a math and they leave it on there and I like to respond to each person, and, yeah. I'm just looking for a really cool photo to send, people at, the same time trying to learn French Oh Joseph, up hello. No, what, are you doing. The ending, the wall. Episode how. Do you how do you turn it off and on like when do you when, do you decide to work because ultimately we all get to decide when we want to work so how do you decide. Right, and, not in the morning hours represent. But, I know, what I have to do in, the inverts, time, schedule, and then it must be done but I can. Decide what I want to. Okay, get back to work okay. My. Favorite part about going through this footage or my favorite part about editing in general is that you. Get to relive what you've already done and. I really. Really realize, how much I, forget. Like. How much about what. I've done in life I forget so to be able to go back and watch it oh yeah. We did go there or we did do this that's, my favorite part cuz I get to relive it all over again, this, is your second Delos video third, third, yeah third, what's your are you are you coming like to a process, for making Delos, videos for. Me I like to scrub through a hundred percent of the video because, sometimes we'll just be, shooting cool things but we won't talk about what we're doing and. Then sometimes we talk a lot but we don't really shoot that.

Much Besides that so just kind of seeing where the strongest parts are right where to focus the story because, there's just so, much especially with, all these cameras on board like. We have I'm, shooting, Lisa shooting, we have the 4k with the gh4, multiple. GoPros, the, drone and the Osmo so, that's seven, to eight cameras, going, and, that's so much footage to go through. Yeah. Can be really intense but, once I get through everything, and I see what I have that's, my favorite part, to start mixing, and matching everything, together and putting it together. Excellent. My. Kitchen duties and. Start, with dinner what do you want for dinner tonight I told you. You. Had Mexican food. Good. Thing you picked up some fresh cilantro at the store. Okay. That. Kills I. To, wake up. In. A Cove. In, the middle of nowhere. Somewhere. Off the coast of Brazil so. Peaceful. So. Even though the weather's not the, best today we're gonna go for a little dinghy cruise and go see what's around the area but we all have to wrap. Up because we're itching like crazy. Look. At that green, lush, goodness. No. It's okay. Barracuda. Yeah. Baby baby grouper, and I, don't know what that is a comeback roll or something yeah, obrigado. Everyone. Here's some nights. It's, like we have about one person that's blown. Us off or not want to charge it's. So cool and like they've just caught it only a couple of fish and that poor baby barracuda. It's just tiny. All. Right tonight's a. Night. Where we're not taking things for granted hey Alex mm-hmm. It's. A beautiful, night a. Bottle. Of wine you. Got an assortment wooden. Box filled with I. Don't. Know dominoes, and cards. We're. On Friday. Ask. You, do you ever feel like holy. This is my life or do you feel that you used to do something like that I think. You. Put, somebody in, some place long enough and they become jaded by it to, us. This. Is our world and. We. Don't, necessarily. Appreciate, it, we appreciate it, but we, don't look at it in the same way as, somebody. Who's only doing it for a weekend. It's. Nice to really put in perspective what, we're actually doing and learn this random, bad Brazil on.

A Sailboat. Anchored. Where these. Mandating. Flies are. We. Need to get out and let me see it. So. Today. Has been a bit, of a failure. So. We first woke, up it, was a little bit sunny we're gonna do the intro. And. Right as we were kind of ready. To do it all this rain clouds rolled in. We. Changed our plans and. Yeah. We, moved Anchorage, or we're trying to find Anchorage, and how is that going right it's even worse over, here and what was it came from. This. Beautiful waterfall, but, it's like a freakin, big, easterly, swell and the. Rain clouds have moved in and it's cold, yeah. You know and we food enough there's kind of no in the whole of a no in a full can. You push so much for something is just like I think. We just go and everybody's, like watching movies anyway. What. Is everybody to film I was Liz, and Alex. Is, fixing, their blogs. Is. Watching, movies. I. Don't. Know okay, just what we turned away from that Beach so we're, gonna go this way she's gonna go we're gonna go just, gonna go and look for something that's good. What. Are you gonna make how you guys feel about turkey sandwiches, I feel great about a turkey sandwich I love turkey sandwiches, yeah. Well. Our huge. Six. Meters. That's, crazy, ladies. Just. Goes from 20, to 26. Whoa. That, was a big one. Wow. Like. Disappeared, Island almost is smashing. Against us. Donn's, time. Gotten. A bit, further. Around the island. And. It's definitely, getting better. So. Hopefully, we can just go around the corner a little bit more and, then. Try to find a really nice little spot. Welcome. To our new home. We. Can work on our intro, here. Begin. Yeah. Okay. We are gonna. Attempt, to film our intro for the season so, we have, Brady. On, the paddle board out here okay. Start. Out there and then we have the rest of the crew in the thingy that's, going to be filming and holding on to Brady and, doing. All these things so. Wish. Us luck hopefully, we don't drop any cameras in the water and it. All goes according to plan. How's. That. Let's. Try it again. See, what, do you say there director, I'm. Happy. It's. A Spielberg today. Personally. I like my job I just hang out and watch the, carnage from my. Little vantage point which is out of the shot. It's. Always fun pushing your limits and, trying different things but. Making this intro, made me realize, that I'm happy, that we film in the moment, and not buy a script. So. Some actually quite a horrible, actress and I found myself getting a wee bit frustrated. Taking, the same shots over, and over, and over. It. Would actually take a few more hours and a completely, different Anchorage, all together to, nail this intro. Reward. You have your phone yeah. Let's pull out something I want to see one of those videos even talking about yeah, show. Me the first video you sent. I. Think. It's ribs or it's rough sake. But. It looks delicious, yeah this. Is just a shopping. Cart phone I don't know how many people are expecting, but there's there's like 15. Cases. Of beer. Game. On today brother yeah so, we are all, smelling. Good your. Vote smells so good. Well. Spiffed ourselves, up I even put a little bit of makeup on and. All. Dressed. In our finest. We. Just arrived, at the party and, there's. Looks like this already a lot of people here and there's music and, lots. Of loud voices, so, we'll see what happens, nice. Nice. To meet you of. He's. The one that we saw the, video of the other self away yes yes. He's kindly opened up his house for us to have a Tarasco, Shiraz.

And Katerina, has a Prius thank, you so much. For. Me. I've. Been. Trying. To learn how to make a proper, -. Yeah. Step. One kill the lot that are chop it up a little bit smaller pieces. Alive. In there. Oh yeah then you push it you get this good lime, sugar goodness. Resilient. Sugar is still perfect. And. Then you taste. It's. Pretty good boy. Tapasya, I Love You Man. You, describe the Brazilian, spirits. And. Just willing. To give. There. Immediately, it's. Really cool actually. Everybody. In. This way. Well. As. You can tell the party was a success. So. Yeah we almost, forgot to sleep about 2:00, a.m.. We. Had a great time you know what the Brazilian hospitality. Is, crazy. Everyone. Has such amazing. Energy. It's. So amazing, that these. Random people that that kind of know us but we don't know are, inviting, us into their homes that they're like friend group to, show us their way of life and, we've, definitely seen, that the Brazilian culture is like this that. Everybody. We meet that's Brazilian, it's, just incredibly. Welcoming and, like ready to do. Everything for us that show us a good time ah. Next. We. Go on an adventure to. The other side of the island, say. To north and, say. A sad, goodbye to, our list. You. Dip their Dookie, on something. Like. It I gotta. Go. Like I always wanted to be a rapper I don't know we're not really but to, live the life is like a pretty. Bitches. Oh boats gold money you. Know so he's, gonna he's, gonna give me a retainer, put. In that covers, these teeth that's gonna mean, diamond plated aside you fellows yeah that way I can sit with my scissors. Back. In England I did think I was a hot cook I did think I was good but when, I came here I realized I I, wasn't. A hot I just knew all. Rain. Came into my office that's the happy, rain. You get destroy dude. Brady, Just Peachy. Get. Out of my face. Yeah. Nikki just woke up do, it work from bed that's how it works. Obviously. The. Office I have Brede yeah. It's. 100%. Vegan. With, cheese, and chicken. I think. Alex taking a. Still. Feeling fine what the hell why is she flashing, what. Is she flushing. That's. A triple flushes. Man. She's like. Lisa's, on a deep conversation about life no faster than the Bible and the Blues like curl them one out. Murder. And the brown snake I. Think. I have to retake. This, again. You. Pass. That's. A good, idea. So, basically. I'm. Not my period of quite a wife and. Everyone keeps joking that. I'm pregnant and, it's become, Abeba everyone, in joke town there's me and Brady we're just having a discussion last, night and we're like yeah you know it'd, be great if Phyllis is pregnant, I think that'd be pretty cool yeah justjust, a fun, conversation I mean, either I've got to start going to the gym or something or.

I Have, a pregnant energy, I'm, Rachel are you talking about a baby bump. I. Don't. Have a baby bump. I. Gonna pay five g's. Boom, Brady, no well you're a bit bloated you're drinking, a lot and you just ate that's. All. I'm. Just kidding those he didn't miss you dig you just admitted it I thought it would be on the stick I want to see the results. Jesus. How. Many lines on that thing one negative, are. You sure he's. So. Once. A. Negative, result one it's. Pretty early though you, do sit a lot you should, weigh. More though shall. I, try I have little, Pete like, a bunny rabbit, you're like a moose your peers, are like this piece you never see my. Everything, my I know yours are quite sufficient, just, watch shitty going on in those boots.

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Hi Brian, do you maintain your sexy body just by sailing,or do you have any other training secrets?

Karin, you are so beautiful , you don't need any makeup!

24.09 Brian, you love your job and caressing you mustache with you're under lip! It's cool. I also do it! Hahaha! love you Bro!

The baby bump was just to much guys I couldn't handle it! Hahahaha

You are all such nice people! I'm sure that you all have a special place in God's heart!


So awesome to see Tafel lager from Nam in Brazil!

I have never seen a bug killing suit before. Nice edit on those scenes. Very funny!

We'd like to think we're a step ahead of Vogue! Haha!

I laughed the shit out of me..... :) To much shitting on this boat... Classic XXX

You guys are really living the dream!

Poor Brady. He’s constantly scratching himself because of the fly bites. Glad to see your all doing well. And that Delos is on the hard. You guys need a break. I can’t wait to see all the videos about the work that’s going to get done.

Thanks man! It's nice to have a bit of chill time with the family!

I love this episode! I loved seeing the "behind the scenes" footage of you guys making the intro. It's like you're actors AND directors at the same time. Super cool stuff! I also love it when you guys meet up with fans of Delos. I bet you never thought when you made your first few videos that people would be watching and dreaming of meeting you. I have watched every Delos video like twice! I almost feel like I know you guys! I think of all your videos, the ones that I like the most is when y'all were in Chagos, and the underwater photography when y'all were in Madagascar is phenomenal! When you start to get tired of making videos, just think that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people that love you guys, and we live vicariously through your amazing Delos adventure. I hope to meet you guys one day. Until then, fair winds!

Ok that was the best ending credits ever.

one note to you laptop users. If you want to use your laptop for a long time, is suggest not placing it on a bed,cushion or mattress, or any thing that can disrupt the air flow. The bottom of the laptop and on the side have air intakes or air output, putting it on (see above) you overheat the laptop and it's hardware decreasing the life expectancy due to heat that cannot escape or overheating the internal components. Just a hint guys, place it on a hard flat surface when using your laptop, and make sure all air intakes and output are not blocked in any way.

I love your videos. Keep up the great work.

I'm glad I hung around for the out takes ..best part of the video

I really appreciated your showing some of what went in tho your "Intro". Another great video on so many levels. You may have heard the phrase "Life happens'; but with you guys . . . Wow. You (your entire crew) elicit such kindness and openness from people you meet in such a short time . . . I am approaching envy. Thank you for sharing.

Whats going on over here guys, La vegabonde about to hit 400k subs...dam. They passed you guys up standing still. I don't get it. Delos is by far the #1 sailing channel. I love vega also, but dam.

P.S. with Love to You From me......sallyhero.....sallymum.....Playa Del Carmen....Mexico....Q.Roo....

Time to retire.....you guys.....all of you....are starting to look.....old....I have very much enjoyed your journey....Just Sail....and be happy and enjoy....do yourself a favorite.......get rid of the stressful cameras in your life!...

so cedar oil is great for you and is also a very good insect repellant, much more effective, and healthfull than citronella, jus sayin, thx for the content, you guys are the best, have fun...

Loved all the behind the scenes stuff in this one to show all the work and thought that goes into producing your mini masterpieces. Also appreciated the stuff about the flies - it's not all paradisiacal in Paradise! Great job yet again crew - thanks!!

It sounds like the 'Se Vive Egual' track actually starts at 4:16 and not at 9:34 as listed. Pretty cool tune! Sadly, I can't find the full track anywhere :(

When I get out of school I wanna do what you guys do have fun and travel the world! With good friends keep up the good videos

I don't know why exactly, but this was one of my favorite videos you've ever made, and I've​ watched them all. Love it!

Curious, I see a ring on Brady's wedding finger. Did we miss something?

Borrachudos! Citronela neles!!!!

I'm already missing Liz.

Have you considered using a gyroscope for filming your time-lapses?

Nice to see Lisa is still there! You make my day Babe! Little Gem!

By far one of the BEST EPISODES! It's such a pleasure and technical treat to see some of the behind the scenes life of this extraordinary effort! The most beautiful thing is that you all truly live the life you depict and you are who you are! And, among all the new places, people, and adventures you remain passionate, professional, and full of Joie de vivre and your unique and precious personalities! Thanks Again!! PS- I love all the current Delos gear but have you considered a simple "Like it?I like it a lot!" Bumper Sticker or T-Shirt?? This is certainly a strong and identifiable catch-phrase and insider branding opportunity!!

One of the best videos you posted lately. Nice camera and editing work! Watching you follow a script was fun(ny). :-) Enjoy Brazil!


16:17 Brady you are a good man. I respect that.

One of my favorite Captn Breeyan quotes, "There's too much shitting going on, on this boat"

I have always wanted to ask this. Where was Elizabeth at the end of the video?

Hey David! We filmed that part (and the drone fly away scene in the intro) just after she left. So that's why she wasn't in it.

Parabéns Vela Delos! boa musica boas fotos e tomadas em navegação... muito bom astral e é claro para os trópicos algumas coceirinhas...)))

sweet ukulele pic on the wall guys!

Hahahahaha! Nothing like some good shit talk! Hysterical over here watching this !!

You almost there

I mean... there IS a lot of shitting going on on this boat!


The girls no longer have bubbles, but have progressed or digressed into a shitty situation ... FYI, TMI, Lizbeth needs exposure for a positive test.... Oops! The night on Ascension Island. Hmmm? Oh well. You guys take care in your drunken stuppor... Love y'all Godspeed, May the Peace of the Lord be always with you and your family in your travels. #MontyPython #Scripting #Great

Blue’s poos

You deserve the cold one today! Talk about brotherly love!

The Delos Pirates at 8:26

Check out sick Russian girl Vlog! There are not many views but it is a pretty good channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CSRWhTd-NE&t=6s

Haha....great video

Another great video guys. Hoping to get our stuff up to your standards before too long

You guys are fucking royal rock stars ... the best, hands down

Just something i found for boat maintenance in future... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcp3gK7dK4Q

Hi Delos Sad to see Liz leave, she was a great guest. Will follow her on her own story, do you think you will ever get to sail the west coast of Scotland. Would love to see that some day. Cheers Craig

Alex is a journalist!! Love her thoughtful questions!

advice: Delos as air conditioning, so crank it up to the max and you will see that at least inside the boat you will have a safe haven from mosquitoes. They don´t like the cold, so if inside is colder than outside they will always stay out.

No video today?... :(

Great video guys. Enjoyed watching it. I've been to Brasil for a month and experienced the same hospitality all over the country. Enjoy!!

Hi Deloes crew from Nova Scotia. I was visiting my friend Dennis who is a lobster fisherman, living on Big Island ( 45°38'59.56"N ; 62°25'56.81"W) last week, he was interested in your travels, so I think the whole island will be watching you soon. The best part of my visit was an invitation to go lobster fishing with him anytime, I am on next week. I have not gone lobster fishing since I was 21. Cheers, Frank

awesome guys!!!!

Dudes, what brand are those sun glasses??

You are very welcome Brian. I finished a bunch of yard work at the house this morning so I am off fly fishing for sea trout this afternoon on the rising tide. Cheers, Frank.

Hey Frank! Oh man that sounds very cool :) . Hope you catch a few big ones, and thanks so much for passing us along to your friend Dennis. That makes a huge difference to us! Fair Winds- Brian

29:08 , the fact the dog was in the saúde proves the point of their hospitality

uh I think thats not the best way to do a Caipirinha. Normally it is not made with a shaker. Really easy put the Lime and Sugar in the glass and squeeze it. Put in the Ice and fill up with teh alcohol. Then its a strong but very deliscious drink! ;)

Damn, they look worse than our Maine mosquitos. My Brazilian friends from Rio never mentioned those bugs. Lol. Great teamwork kill. Haha

That video was one for the books! Thanks so much for showing how much trouble you guys go through to make your videos. Very much appreciated and loved. :-)

Awesome SV Delos family, awesome people of Brazil and their beautiful country. Thanks so much. PS. British, Liz go well you are awesome.

Ohøj on insekt bite cool it ! Eucalyptusoiel in vater ma work to keep them away ( not pure oiel it will make bad skin ) ! good side up !

I saw Delos' sister Amel yacht attached to a mooring in Charleston, SC Harbor on 5-12-18. It still looked new.

Another great adventure. A BIG thumbs up to El Gordon, Marcello, Vanessa and Beto for being so so so hospitable.

Damn, Brady the type of brother to give you the cold one. Great vid as always, keep em coming!

It is such honor having people like u guyz enjoying our country in a nice way and living the experience of being in Brazil

Your Brazilian experience closely matches my own. I am an American, with permanent resident status, married to a Braziliera. We hop back and forth but spend most of our Brazil time in the big city of Sao Paulo. I have found the Brazilians to be overwhelmingly friendly and fun! They also tend to be very inclusive. So, one can easily find new friends everywhere one goes in Brazil! I love the culture & people of Brazil!

True dat!

love the small bit on video editing, the Delos crew thru the years have set the bar on editing.

Outstanding episode!

New bloode!!! Welcome to Ilha Bela....cherrs

Where are you guys right now? Hollywood Marina? We have our boat in Palm Beach but, we came down to close up our house for good. Sorry we missed your shindig. We'd like to meet up before going back to the boat if it's at all possible.

Awesome cruising scene at the 4 min mark y'all

Back to your hippy roots. This is the most boring of all the videos you have produced. I hope the next one is better.

you guys are truly just so damn dear!

Hello people! I ´d enjoy the video ! Very good! I would like to ask you if may enjoy with some day for a sailing trip? Can I?

So you take a shit like a moose that’s fucking

Sailing SV Delos Fantastic, beautiful Delos-crew! ..-->'Documenting the documentary' (in this episode). You are very-good-at-editing-videoes and putting telling-voice to them, and also varying the overall themes in them. Thanks so much for videoes. Safe journey! br, Rolf

4:14 to 6:16 is one of the best music montages I've seen you guys make! Really awesome stuff that put a broad smile on my face

That part where Alex and Brady are on the bow got me I would so love be be sitting there with a woman I love enjoying the sounds and the sky damn that would be so beautiful.

Okay, the clips at the end are some of the funniest you have assembled to date. I will truly miss our Lizbef, you folks have given live to these people through your editing and it is as we are a part of the crew.

I have watched every single video. My favorite comment ? Brian stating "there is to much shitting going on On this boat" lmao

F****** hilarious 100% vegan with cheese and chicken. Keep up the good work guys. Just a little less nudity from f****** Brady

You guys are amazing. I really wish I could do this on my book someday I have a 45 foot trimaran that I'd like to get Blue Water ready. Time for a little difficult right now I'm going through a divorce but I'm going to do it I'm going to travel even if it's up and down North Central and South American Coast thanks guys if you're ever in Miami see if you can get in touch with me I'll make sure you have an amazing time


Brazilians are a lot like people from Mississippi.

29:23 QUAL e nome dessa música?

Brian and Brady lookin like Mario and Luigi @ 8:35 lol

At 5:34 spanish music on a portughese country. Nice music thou.

Ehe past 2 videos were amazing!! Such great ladies!!

This team is the best.

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