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good morning guys our stay here has been  awesome but it's time to move on we are   currently on our brazil road trip so we're gonna  get in the car and we're going to the next place okay we're on our way to itacare  we decided to stop right here   and try to look at this lagoon that's nearby so we're gonna try that cacao juice a fruit we're unfamiliar with we might  get some juice so we're near by grande   still we're doing something a little different  today this is not a beach this is a lagoon here   thought we would stop by on the way to  our next destination and see this lagoon so this is the juice of cacao a fruit we  have never tried before not sure what it is   pretty sweet a little sour and it almost seems  like it has like a syrupy consistency to it   it's different than anything we've had  before and here's our view of the lagoon right across from the lagoon you  can pretty much see the beach   so let's go to the beach as well while we're at it now this is really a private beach   nobody out here i don't think people  come here to go to the beach so for miles this is one of the most beautiful drives there  are palm trees all around us we're just on this   narrow little sandy road it's kind of hard  to drive through because it's almost all sand   we think it's meant for the quads the atvs so  hopefully we get through it without getting stuck so good morning guys from our pousada in  itacare we're about to get breakfast in here pousadas usually come with breakfast  so we're excited to see what it's like   my wrist is possibly broken i haven't really  been able to use it the last few days and   don't don't know why so we might  have to look for a doctor here   this actually looks pretty good and  we get a view we're the only ones here   wow this is beautiful i like it beautiful  setting so what do we have they made sure   to put the bug netting over it which is nice eggs  some sort of chocolate bread cocinia mini cochinia   sausage cheese and meat red  watermelon melon coffee and milk   liaba juice which is guava  juice i think and casual juice good spread and where do you want to sit any place is awesome  like that up there that would be cool but no table and then this juice which we think is a guava  juice and then some eggs and cheese pretty basic   probably get some fruit soon that's a good start  we just finished our breakfast we had a full   awesome day planned but unfortunately alex is  having some wrist issues and we don't know why   sorry i'm ruining all ruining all the fun for  you guys we're gonna show you some awesome stuff   today uh we asked you guys on instagram to help us  out to find a doctor or see what we should do go   to a pharmacy some people say some have given us  addresses for a doctor so we have an address here   one of you guys sent us so i think we're gonna  try going to the doctor and see what they say   and hopefully figure this out because alex  can't really use his right hand right now at all   like he can't lift a cup of coffee you can't open  a sugar packet he can't edit he can't film yeah so this is not good at all and figuring this out  in a foreign country is probably not going to be   very easy not a lot of people in this town speak  english and we don't speak very good portuguese so   wish us luck this should be an experience if you didn't know i edit  all these videos every day   and so if we can't figure out how to fix  it it could be the end of the channel can't really type anymore or i'm gonna have  to learn how to do this so sadly our first   full day in ithaca is gonna be spent trying to  figure out what's going on with alex's wrist   things work a little bit differently here i  guess here in brazil you can go to pharmacies   and the pharmacist can help you figure out if  you need to go to a doctor or what's wrong so   that would be pretty nice if we can do that first  and figure out the next steps so pharmacy it is so we were gonna go to some beaches and do some  really amazing things that we've heard of around   here but because of this we're just gonna go  through the town go to the pharmacy and probably   spend some of the day in the town so we  thought today we'll just show you the town   it is pretty cool it has like this hippie beach  vibe very colorful it's different than anywhere   we've been in brazil so far so it's a sunday  and apparently this place is normally packed   full of people especially on this main strip  where we're walking but right now it's pretty   dead there's like no one around as you can  see probably but we really like it here this   is a beautiful town it has such a good vibe this  might be one of my favorite towns in brazil so far   i wish we could just hang out for a week or  two and just just chill that's kind of a vibe   here it's like beach chill out but we have a ton  to see in brazil so we won't be here that long   we are moving at a fast pace so in each  place we're going we only have a few days   unfortunately i'm sure there's a lot to  do here you could easily spend a week   look this is carved out of a tree like a palm  tree that is like the roots the bottom of   the palm tree i think and they made it into  his hair that's pretty cool all right there we have arrived with the persona said pharmacia for doesn't know english i don't know can we go right now and they will see him is there anything open right now today no not now this is oh no what is  the name of the place we will go tomorrow since all the clinics are closed  on sundays we've made the decision to go to   a hospital we think he might need an x-ray so  we'd probably have to go to the hospital anyway   since we haven't really explained it yet my hand  doesn't really move suddenly it's kind of hard to   close my fingers and i can't really move it from  side to side it hurts a lot when i do anything   with it can't really sleep can't do anything so we  gotta address it and the weird thing is we don't   know how it happened there was no sudden accident  or anything it just happened over time so we gotta   figure this out hospital experience in brazil  here we come never thought we'd be doing this just parked and now it's raining so i guess  this is a good day to go to the hospital   since the weather is not great anyway it's  getting worse by the second now it hurts just just to have it down like a regular human it  hurts so everyone keeps telling us that the   healthcare in brazil is free obviously for  the citizens it's free but i don't know if   it's free for tourists luckily we have travel  insurance but we've never used it before so we   don't know how it works really so wish us  luck we have no idea how this is gonna go so we haven't had much luck with english yet  but we're checking in kind of told her by   hand signals that's what's really  good what's going on so she asked   for the document and now she's filling  out a form and then i'm guessing we wait   fingers crossed so i ended up needing an x-ray but they didn't  have an x-ray because it's a very small town   so we have to make a drive for about an hour 20  minutes to go to a hospital that has an x-ray   almost everything closes on sundays  so this is the wrong day for this   we just stopped at an acai place along the  way there's always room for acai we're just   on the side of the road like off the side  of the highway i don't even know if we can   park here look at how we're parked traveling  down this road and we saw this so we parked is now we can start our hospital road trip right   here with mango and banana that  mango looks amazing two dollars now this is the waiting room so here we are in  the waiting room we don't know how long this is   going to take they made us take off our masks  and put these on instead that they provided alex has no words he's in pain my mind isn't  working right now i just want to get this fixed it was a long drive to get here we drove to  ilias and it took it seemed like about two hours   but it was a gorgeous drive and we saw that  there's a lot of cool things to see on the   way here so maybe we'll stop on the way back  hopefully if this doesn't take too long we don't   know how long this is going to take because this  is a public hospital it's official he's a patient   we stopped really quickly at a churrascaria  where we've been trying to come for a while   they have a bunch of different kinds of meats  it's basically a brazilian barbecue and we're   getting something to go so we're not having a  full experience of it but we're getting some   picanha some rice some fries some salad  and we're bringing it back to the hospital   so it's gonna be probably about a two hour wait to  be seen it looks like there's about five people at   the whole hospital like waiting to be seen but  still it's taking two hours i don't know why but   we're just gonna eat really quickly  but take it there to make sure that we   are there when they call my name  so for a 65 rail or about 12   we got all this food there are six of these  pots of food salad these beans which are really   good we've never had those before fries  meat must have been what's at the bottom oh there's something oh i don't know  what that is and then rice at the bottom and we wait making the best of it we decided  to make ourselves a bowl with all those things   so there's rice the picana and beans there's some  salad that we have to add on there that's really   good and we figured out what this is it's actually  super good it's plantains cooked plantains   or banana it's very sweet and then it has furofa  on it we think it's pretty good how was it very good actually this is enough to feed a  whole family of four probably   so we've tried to make the best of this boring day  it's turned out all right it's not over yet though   yeah we'll see when we get the news he's gonna be  getting an x-ray and that'll give us some answers all right it's been about an hour and a half i've  been waiting in the waiting room this whole time   i decided to come up to the car and we'll see  how long this takes here he comes hello finally let's see what he says i'm nervous he's got  x-ray pictures all right what's the news oh well hopefully they're right they said it's not broken or fractured  or any of that this is my hand okay and it says nothing's wrong  it's just a muscle thing they   they don't see anything so they  don't really know but it's not   the bone it's probably just a muscle a tendon  something like that so they gave me some meds   for the inflammation and he said keep it in  a uh what i've been keeping it in like a cast   not a cat or whatever it's called embrace and  it should be better in a in a week he says   if i use these medications that it's just like a  muscle or tendon thing but i can barely move it so   so let's hope that's right wow this  whole day just to figure that out huh   i mean it's good news that it's not  broken it's good to rule things out   it's good that i could be  back to normal in a week maybe   something we have to go get these meds tonight  or do they have them here uh they don't have them   here so if we see a pharmacy open we'll get them  tonight these and then anything else so i'm gonna   well that's it just some kind of they wanted  to give me a shot in my butt i was like no you

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