We Spent $1 | Another Day In The City

We Spent $1 | Another Day In The City

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It's time to go to the city. I remember it  looking nicer. We went for a bike ride today And here we are at our final destination, IKEA. So  we decided we are going to treat ourselves. Hi guys! Today we are starting our video where we normally  end our videos because soon we will have to leave our country house and head back to the city. Yeah  we are going to harvest a few things before we go There are some interesting fruits and vegetables  and unknown, so we are going to show you that and then we plan to go to Brno and continue our video  there. Yeah, so that's interesting, right? Should be So let's take a look at what we have to  harvest and then we'll see what happens. Okay

I'm picking blackberries. We have quite  a few of them here which is great and Tommy cleared out this area because it was  full of nettles and now it's more accessible I'm glad to hear that. Yeah, there are a  lot of them so that's great of course We haven't had many blackberries this year yet. No We are right next to the rooster. He loves us. Uh-huh I'm sure that's why he's doing  that. Yeah, he's greeting us

In the end the bowl is almost full. Wow. Yeah, so this  is amazing. So many, I didn't expect that. And there are still a lot of them there. They are getting  ripe gradually so ta-da. That's awesome. Yeah We've been harvesting our potatoes for some  time now and we're going to continue so look. Ooh, I see potatoes. Who would have thought?  Nice. Okay, this one is rotten. I guess that's the original one. Okay. That's the mother. But they  look great. Perfect size and everything

We are harvesting our poppy seeds, looks like  they are ripe as well. And what we love about it is that it was quite effortless. We didn't have to  do anything, we just planted it and we let it grow here, we let the weeds overgrow it but we still  have a harvest. Yeah, the heads are not very big They would be bigger if we took care of them but there are poppy seeds inside so better than nothing. This was just a fun experiment so  we'll see how much we are going to harvest of this

It should be more than we planted so that's  the main thing, I think. Okay, so these are white poppy seeds, not so many of them but  we have a lot of blue poppy seeds. Nice Looks great. So we'll see how it goes pouring out  the seeds because we've never done that before This is completely new to us. It sounds like  a boring activity but we'll have to do it But we can do that later, maybe not  today because we have to leave soon so I don't know if we have enough time. We are going  to try to get the white poppy seeds out of the

poppy seed head or what's the terminology. We don't  have that many of them so there is time for us to try this It feels like adding salt to a meal. Yeah  It's making the sound as well. Now the biggest one This was so much fun, right? And this is the  amount we harvested from two meters squared of planted area. But it was just an empty area  which we wanted to use for something. I don't

think we're going to plant poppy seeds again next year  because if we wanted to plant the amount we eat every year then we would probably have to  plant poppy seeds in the whole field. Yeah But it looks very pretty, I like these decorations It's time to go to the city so we'll see you  there. Yeah, it's dark outside as always. It's almost nine o'clock, this is the usual  time we are leaving but it's getting dark sooner of course, so sad. The summer is  progressing fast. So yeah, see you in the city Our balcony is so green, I love it. We already  harvested a lot of strawberries and blueberries and now it's tomatoes' time  to shine. So many of them. Yeah They're doing really well here, much better than  at the country home because it's warmer here and it doesn't rain directly on them but they get  a lot of sunshine and I water them regularly so we stopped buying tomatoes and we will start  eating our own now. And basil is huge as well

now. I tried planting basil at the country home and  it didn't grow up at all. Yeah, it's impossible to grow basil at the country house, I don't know why. Something's eating it, I guess. Yeah, probably And here more tomatoes as well. Tomatoes everywhere We went for a bike ride today. It's quite hot, about  30 degrees Celsius so not the ideal conditions

but since we're here already, we can  show you some places along the way This is a gardening colony or that's what we call  it, it's like a community for people with gardens and they are in every city or town in the Czech  Republic. It's for people who don't have houses so even if you live in an apartment, you can still  have your own garden and do the gardening here and grow your own veggies. When I was a kid or a  teenager, we had one in my hometown as well and I went there with my mom and we did gardening together and I quite enjoyed it And you can rent a garden or you  can buy it if it's possible, right? Usually you rent it from the city council, I guess But gardening is very popular in our country, a lot  of people do it. Yeah, okay, so let's continue

Our next stop is here at this beautiful old villa  We are not going inside for the tour because we did that already a few years  ago but there is also a nice garden This is an interesting fruit, I've  never seen something like that before Yes, definitely a fruit. You should try it out. It  is, it was a flower before and now it's a fruit But the villa is not very visible because  there is a lot of greenery. Nice tree. Maybe from here Okay guys, I remember it looking nicer. I  don't know, this is not what I remember Anyway, this old villa was built in 1906 so  more than 115 years ago. So it's almost as

old as our country home. Yes it is, look at that  And it's built by a famous architect. There are very nice interiors inside, wooden structures  and everything. He also built other buildings for example in other part of our country  a nice observation tower and we were there I don't know, five years ago in winter and it  was very fairy-tale-ish, I would say. It looks

very colorful and very beautiful. Yeah and he  also built that memorial in Slovakia, right? Yeah, there was this very important Slovak general  that was one of the founders of Czechoslovakia He died very abruptly because there was  an accident, airplane accident and this architect built this big memorial for him. Which  we visited as well. Yeah, we visited everything And that's it, I guess so we can continue. Okay

It seems like it's starting to  rain. What say you, mister weatherman? Yeah, there are thunderstorms developing above us  and everywhere around us. How did you plan this trip? This is very greatly planned, it's  almost 30 degrees Celsius. Ah, so it was a planned refreshment along the way? Yes  that's exactly what I planned. I thought so We are faster than the rain shower so it wasn't  able to catch us. And here we are, this is called the Red Hill because rocks here are a bit pinkish  and there are very nice views from here. This

is Brno exhibition center so what's happening  there usually? Exhibitions. Exhibitions, yes And we went to get vaccinated there as well  Oh yeah, that's true. There is a big vaccination center so we got our both doses there. We are here  at the vaccination center and we are gonna get vaccinated in half an hour. Yeah, we've just  arrived with enough time to get ready but we're

gonna go inside in a while to fill in the forms  and everything. We are at the exhibition center in Brno, for example this big building but parts of  it were converted into a big vaccination center so we are going to stand there and wait  for our turn. That's our queue there. Yeah Okay, so it's done. Our first dose  Look at this. It was quite chaotic I would say because, not chaotic but overwhelming  because there were a lot of people but it was well organized. What I didn't like was that we  were separated because it was organized according

to your last name. If you got my last name when we  registered, we would be together. Yeah, but oh well So we were sitting there separately and we were  texting each other. WhatsApp-ing. And yeah, we are waiting for our second dose in six weeks. Seven  No six. Oh yeah, six by seven, six. Six, yeah, and there was a gay flag there. Did you see that? I  had one as well. Because it's pride month and I was quite surprised because it's not a thing  here, like it's not big so it was a nice surprise Okay, so six weeks later we got our  second dose. Yay, so long face mask Not really. But yeah, we are really glad that it's  done and it's raining, there are thunderstorms. You

can't see but yeah. Yawn. It's different. Okay  let's go home. It's evening, I'm a bit tired so we decided we are going to treat ourselves. Yay. So we  ordered pizza which is an exception because that doesn't happen very often. We decided I'm not going  to prepare dinner but instead we'll have pizza and that's great. Yeah, it only happens a few  times per year. Yeah and we deserve it. We do

And it was over two weeks ago so we are fully  covered now. Yeah, we are, it was almost a month ago now so we are fully vaccinated. So Brno exhibition  center, there you can see the city center There is a castle in the city center, the Špilberk  castle and here you can see the cathedral So we are not far from the city center. And this  cute little village here, it's a part of the city of course and it's very cute little houses, not  much space there, it's called a stony colony or a stone colony because this is a former  quarry and workers that worked in the quarry built houses here later? I don't know  it was for poor laborers, right? Yeah But now it looks very cute and you can  visit even a small restaurant there, I think so it's nice. And those buildings on  the hill, that's still Brno as well

just another neighborhood. Yeah, up on the  hill and behind those hills there are also parts of Brno. Yeah, it's huge. Yeah  it is. Second biggest city in the country Look at this big mulberry tree  We will have something like that in our garden. In just a few years. Ours  is still quite small but it's growing And there are fruits here. Are they ripe? These  ones are black, look. So these are the fruits Can you see it? They look similar to blackberries  which is quite interesting but they grow on a tree Yum, they are very sweet and very yum. Delicious  Let me find some for you honey as well

Oh thank you. Here you are. What am I, a dog? Just be grateful. Thank you Yeah, it's very delicious. Yeah This is quite a nice area, very modern These are offices and hotels and  fake lake we have here as well Have you seen some fish? No, but  there's a lotus flower here. Oh

Yay. There's another one there. So pretty This already appeared in one of our videos  but it's still relevant and I really like it It's still true so we have to put  it here again. Yeah, this is nice This is a great biking trail  It is, totally best for bicycles These houses are very interesting to  me, like something from Scandinavia Nordic looking houses. It's a Nordic delight And here we are at our final destination, IKEA So why are we here, Peter? There is a reason of  course. I got this email from IKEA that said

Peter, we haven't seen you for a long time  Come visit us, here is a voucher for like eleven dollars. Wow. And go wild. So that's why we  are here. To go wild. Yeah and this is a trap of course on their side but we are not going  to buy anything because we are going for lunch So we're gonna spend whole eleven dollars  on food. Yes, because the voucher is valid at the IKEA restaurant as well. Wow, we're  gonna be so full. Absolutely. Okay, let's go And here we are. Here we  are. So what do we have here?

IKEA meatballs but these ones are  without meat. So just balls. Yeah, balls And almond cake. Looks delicious. And my darling has  the same but he has French fries. Yes, and you have mashed potatoes? Mashed potatoes, yes. But it was  twelve dollars guys so we had to pay one dollar from our own pocket. Yeah, so we lost but not really  This is a success. This is how you shop. Ok, so enjoy Okay, guys. We are stuffed so we can head back  home now. Yeah, we are so full that we can say this was a successful mission. So we one, IKEA zero  Do you agree, honey? Definitely. Yes. Losers. Okay, so

that's it for today's video. Don't forget to give  us a thumbs up and see you guys next time. Bye! Bye!

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