We visited BODRUM TURKEY was it really worth it? The TRUTH

We visited BODRUM TURKEY was it really worth it? The TRUTH

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Lets run away ! Really not what I expected! Would I live in Turkey? Oh my god! Look at this ! We're Marianne and Chris and we've been  traveling full-time since May 2018. Whilst attempting to drive around the world  in Trudy our home on wheels this happened ... The coronavirus is the biggest threat  this country has faced for decades. As borders closed around us, we  decided to wait it out in Turkey   until we were able to continue our adventure East. Before we start today's video we want  to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We want to thank you all for your  support this year, yes we do! A little bit crazy, it's still a little bit crazy! Chris has got his balls but they  do light up, oh hello! there   a little bit of light on the occasion.  I think the battery's low already! Uh it's a couple of days before Christmas,   when we're filming this, we  hope you all have a good time.

We know it's a difficult situation out there  in the World, yeah this is our last video   before Christmas so we thought we'd take  this opportunity to say Merry Christmas, try and have a good one, it's tough we know but  we're sending lots of love from Turkey aren't we. Exactly just make the best of  it, have a couple of mince pies,   a few glasses of wine, watch something  good on the tv, that's what we plan to do. We have no idea where we are  going to be on Christmas day!   That's a whole another story for a future  video, which you'll have to look forward to.

It's a good one! Oh yeah thanks to Sue for  sending me a Christmas tree that's amazing, that's about as big as we can get in Trudy, and  to let you all know we're going to be doing a live   chat on the 27th of December at 17.00 p.m  UK time yep that's 20.00 p.m Turkey time. We'd like to share festive period  with you, hear what you've been up to   and just hang out and share some  Christmas cheer with you all. 27th of December! Have a fab Christmas! yeah and let's  start the video .... bye for now ! This isn't our normal place to work ...

You'll notice that we're not in Trudy,   we we woke up near near the town  of Bodrum in our parking spot and the weather on Friday was so terrible,   it was raining so we said look we'll  we won't film over the weekend, we'll stop and we will come into a campsite for  the curfew and then we'll film again next week. So we found this really cool little campsite  here at the end of the Bodrum peninsula, in fact i'm just writing the newsletter about  the experience, I do a weekly newsletter and I've just written that this  is probably my favourite place,   not necessarily Chris's because there's chickens, I absolutely love them! yeah  we'll go and have a walk around   you, You see! the cockeral on  cue! did you hear the cockeral? The gentleman that owns the campsite just gave us   some chestnuts that he roasted on his  campfire last night so that's lovely. Please introduce the dog this is the campsite dog and he's gorgeous  look at that face, he is so lovely! So currently at the moment the  campsite is pretty well closed, they let us stay here for the weekend and  there's one other couple in the caravan.  

Normally this area would be filled with tents,  you've got views over the hills at the back here,   lovely blue sky they've got all these   mandarins here growing on the trees look  they've got this lovely little orchard here. And they said we can just help ourselves to as  many mandarins as we want, just come and pick them   how lovely is that! So one of the things we take advantage of  in campsites is getting the washing done   i just love the decor of the shower block, little toilets here which are really lovely in  this little porta-cabin, a couple of toilets there   for all of you caravaners, you'll  appreciate the fact that you   have a proper toilet and a shower where  you can have more than just a wash, you can have a proper shower, so in this little  porta-cabin here they've got a couple of showers   which is great and i had one last  night, nice hot water and a good power. There's a little kitchen area here with a  sink and a cooker, fridge if we want it. We do the cooking in Trudy  because we're used to it, but it was it's handy coming to, it's easier to do  the washing up in a bigger sink than Trudys sink, and then here they got all these funky lights  hanging across the grass area here and normally   there'd be other tables and chairs and things  sat out here but it's really peaceful, isn't it? It's lovely here, there's more  more fruit trees down here and then there's chickens! they offered  us, we got some fresh eggs yesterday!   and they've got this wonderful  naughty huge cockerel   which which launched at Marianne to protect  his hens when she went up to say hi yesterday! So this is where we've been parked up under  the olive trees here, one other caravan.

What we got? We're looking at the viewing point you know,   is this the paradise one? yeah, no, it's  the viewing point over Rabbit island, Rabbit island yeah, does the water go up and down?  or is it about the same thing? its okay, shorts   shorts are swimming, we got water shoes. We've been invited to go and pick some  mandarins to take home with us as well. The guys here are just picking  the mandarins on the trees,   loads and loads and loads!  Look at all these mandarins, Well what a fabulous time we've been having,  we've had a lovely little look around the   campsite to show you. But if you're in the area  you should really pop in to Bodrum Masali Camping, you will get a fantastic  welcome and these are our hosts! So definitely come on down, meet the family and  become part of Bodrum Masali Camping family!! So we've arrived in the town of Yalikavak,  i think that is pronounced correctly? We thought we would show you a bit of the  Bodrum Peninsula because we've heard there's   so much more to Bodrum than just the city. So we've headed up to Yalikavak which is on the  

North Western corner of the  Peninsula and it started raining, so we're just going to shelter  under here for a couple of minutes.   I can see blue sky in the distance, our timing is bad today the forecast  is actually terrible this afternoon. So we got up early and drove up here  hoping that we can film this morning.   With the weekend curfews obviously we can't  film at weekends, so we're trying to cram in   all of the filming and everything during the week.

And it's a real pain when the weather forecast   doesn't want to play ball, it doesn't  rain that often here in Turkey here, We haven't had very many rainy  days at all we haven't we haven't,   What a beautiful peninsula though, it's  stunning isn't it ? Even in the rain! Yeah it looks good doesn't it, even in  the rain it's looking pretty beautiful. So we just ordered some takeout breakfast  from the cafe behind me, because we just   thought we'd have a quick snack in Trudy just  wait it out for the sun to break through, and it's looking pretty hopeful, fingers crossed!! So we'll just give it another half  hour, this is brightening up so fingers   fingers crossed for that one and we get to  have some nice breakfast while we're waiting. What did we order? we ordered Ayvalik toast   for those of you that saw the video when  we were in Ayvalik toast is really good! We've come back into Trudy Ayvalik toast time!   How's it looking? it's looking good, it's  looking good! Oh yeah i don't know if it's   as good, i've got to be honest, no but  it still looks nice, still looks nice! Mmm crunchy! Okay so we've had our  breakfast, the rain has stopped,   so we're going to go and have a little walk  around the harbour and marina of this town. This particular town we were told has a  really famous marina for yachts and boats.

We were actually approached by a gentleman called  Captain Mehmet and he has some villa and a boat   that does charters and he said "is there anything  you need? can i can i give you an apartment?   if you need help we are here" So nice, that's  so lovely, Thank you so much Captain Mehmet. Got a funny little statue here,  not sure what that's all about   looks like a soldier actually with his wife maybe? So we tried to google translate the sign about the   statue behind us and we get the gist  that it's some kind of love story. About running away together, there you  go! Oh you want to run away? let's go! They've got this dry dock area here   and we just saw they brought one  of these yachts in for dry docking. And the water, the whole coast  here is just, look how clear it is! Apparently the guys at the campsite said,   that you can actually swim in  Bodrum even this time of year, but they recommended that we do it sort of between  noon and 2 p.m when the sun is out so it's warmer   and there's no wind, because i think it would be  a bit cold wouldn't it. Do it! should we do it?

Maybe we're going to try and go and  do it in Rabbit Island aren't we? We're going to try and cross the  water there, we will get our knees in. So this town here in Bodrum is one of the more  affluent areas, you can see by the boats and   the signs here, just the adverts here kind of  give that real luxury beach town kind of vibe. And there's lots of real estate companies,  so these ones are all land for sale,   they're not in British pounds a lot  of the ones we've seen have been in   in pound sterling haven't they,  because the British come in. I'm thinking the peninsula, maybe this is more  where Turkish tourism is happening, I know in   the Centre of Bodrum, we've been told that it is  absolutely flooded with British people and British   apartments, but this I don't know is this where  the Turkish or where the Brits come? I don't know. It's got a very nice public toilet too!   Look, posh toilets! Poshest toilets  I've seen! It's very nice isn't it? Okay Christmas is here! That's  the first Christmas tree, it's funny because we're, what  are we? the 7th of December   and normally back home the Christmas  stuff is up way earlier than this.

I'm going to order some. i just love filming days  because we just get to overeat i love filming days too! The town has definitely got an up market vibe  isn't it, we've just walked through into this   shopping centre by the marina and we  actually got asked us for our HES Code, Yeah anyone traveling in Turkey, you have  to have an HES Code during the pandemic. Wow this looks beautiful look at that! Wow wow and wow! We said that at the same  time! Wow! we couldn't film after the we went   to the cash point because the security guard  told us there was no filming in the marina. But all i can say is wow, it is immaculate,  nice gardens, sculptures, beautiful walkways   obviously lots of very expensive  boats, boutique shops, cafes. It's like high end! In fact i said  to Chris as we were walking around,   if anyone's had the privilege of walking  in Monaco through all the yachts there,   the super yachts there, yeah it's the  same it is beautiful immensely up market.

I wasn't expecting it, you walked  through that little shopping   centre which I thought was a shopping  centre and we came out in the marina. Yeah wow, I would like to add that you know the  walkways, you know when you paint your garage   floor with like that grey shiny paint,  oh yeah the walkways were immaculate! There you go, you can see it, you can see it  through the hedge, it's immaculately clean, that's   uh you know like the kind of walkways, but they're  all swept and mopped and absolutely immaculate! You can see some of the shops and boutiques  through the through the fence here look,   you know that gives you that gives you an idea of   what it looked like you know looking through.  I feel like we are looking at celebrity homes! Yeah I suppose it's for the  security of the boats and things,   they don't want people just going in and filming,   so sorry we couldn't share that with you, but  if you do come to this town I would definitely   recommend having a walk around there, maybe a  coffee or something, because it's beautiful. Yeah there's lots of car parks, Otoparks  down here so parking isn't a problem   and the town is overlooked by  these hills with the wind turbines. Really not what I expected  from the Bodrum peninsula,   it just shows you, you know you hear people  talking about going on holiday to Bodrum and   you know going on a party boat, getting  cheap beer and enjoying themselves. Wow there's so much more to it than you think.

So that gives you an idea of what  it looked like in the marina,   lots of people have said to  us "would you live in Turkey?"   So we went past one of the estate agents,  so I thought i would check out the prices. A two-bedroom duplex villa with a swimming pool  in this area €350,000 euros - it's expensive   this area, is obviously very exclusive!  So yeah, would I live in Turkey? yeah,   but I probably wouldn't live anywhere, because  I live in Trudy, she has wheels and she moves! But it is a lovely exclusive area. We've jumped back into Trudy  and we are going to head   down the coastline at the end  of the Bodrum peninsula here.

We're going to go and try and find  Rabbit Island, the weather is holding up,   fingers crossed it stays nice  for another couple of hours. It's a really pretty winding road, steep  corners aren't there Marianne? almost! Ha Ha Wonderful views down over the sea. It's not what I expected at all! Very  ... it's got a real mediterranean feel,   wouldn't you say? maybe like Italy or somewhere, yeah it really does, quite often some of  these built up areas are very box-like   buildings, all the same, all the way up, just  literally yeah loads of villas exactly the same,   just covering the landscape.  But these are all individual,  

quite quirky, in different colours and  different tones, very pretty, yes lovely. We've arrived in the town of Gumusluk,   and apparently there is a little island here  called Rabbit island that you can walk out to. We've got our shorts on and our water  shoes and a waterproof bag but apparently   it's not very deep but we'll see, it's an  experience and one that I think we should do! It's going to be cold, cold! I can see the sea, most  people have got jumpers on, shorts and lovely blue shoes Marianne! Thank you, Hey that looks nice doesn't it, lovely!  That's like an upside down cheesecake,   we could maybe get one on the  way home, oh wow look at that! This is a lovely little town this  has got a bit of a Caribbean feel?   doesn't it feel a bit like Caribbean, island  style! it feels a bit like island style. Apparently it's this way, which is  logical because it's towards the water. I don't know that you can walk across, in the  summer this place would be packed! We say it   all the time but there's all these  restaurants and places down here   and this is one of the main attractions  outside of Bodrum city on the peninsula,   so apparently, look, there's the island, and  you could just walk across, i'm not convinced! I'm not sure at all! Is that  possible? it looks deep! We're not convinced, so we're going to go and ask  somebody, well they put fencing there's a fence   around the island so i'm not sure whether it's  okay to walk across so we'll go and ask somebody   um but we're all geared up for it oh So it's not possible, so let's  just go back and we'll show you.

Oh i'm going to put my feet in the water,  now it's called rabbit island because   there are rabbits on the island,  they're still there to this day. They've been there for centuries,  there's also a wonderful hill here   which you can climb and get an  aerial view over Rabbit island. Marianne's going in the water anyway!  why not, it's freezing! it's freezing! Too deep it would probably go up to about there   should we see if we could climb the hill? i know  that it's an excuse to come back, there you go. I don't know whether it's closed because it's low   season or whether it's because  it's covid days, do let us know.

I think it's probably low season, it's actually  cold feel my legs, i'm in the water love, oh yeah,   but it's very pretty look, look at  this little harbour here with the tree, Some more boats moored up there, and then  looking across to some more islands here. Okay we've gone back to Trudy got changed,  put our long trousers and shoes on and we're   going to try and walk to the top of the  hill for an aerial view of the island. There is a very large amount of very beautiful  dogs here, in this area and they've all got like   these big like bulldoggy heads, look  at them, they're lovely reminds me of   a dog that we had many years ago. A big  rescue dog, a boxer cross staffy called Bella. We're just walking along the seafront here,  how lovely are these little houses here.  

Look at that, wouldn't that be a great  little holiday home, looking over that. Yes and we're trying to go up there,   so we're thinking we can walk round this  way, so we're going to give it a bash. so this gentleman's just leading us around we should have kept our  waterproof shoes on, oh my god. So we're just walking up from the town up here   and uh the guys that we met that are  showing us the way are coming with us Wow how pleased are we that we've walked to  the end of this peninsula, look at that view! We've literally walked round there's  the flag we're on the opposite side   of this little peninsula here and you  you just get these breathtaking views. If you do come here literally just follow  the water round there's quite a clear pathway   that takes you all the way around.

Stop catch your breath, and take in  the view, it's beautiful, it's amazing. It's getting a little bit  steep just at the end here, When we were at Bodrum Masali  camping Hacer was saying to me   that when you get up to the top of  the hill you can pick tea, it's sage! This is it, you can put it with hot boiling  water and it makes a really good tea   to settle your tummy, hanks Hacer! Yeah it's growing everywhere and it  smells beautiful, sage and onion stuffing. That's exactly what it smells like. We made it to the top, the flag is there and   let's see, we should get a nice aerial  view of Rabbit island and the town below.

So that's the town we walked around  and then we walked around the bay. It's very windy, it's always very windy,  when we come to these lovely places. Wow look at it, but how amazing is that view. From up here it's actually easier to see  rabbit island where it's been closed off   and you can actually see where  we were hoping to walk across, but they put barriers just at one end to  stop you being able to get onto the island,   it's obviously an out of season thing. So we couldn't resist coming and  stopping to get some ice cream   on the way, because it looks so  good! Can I have the caramel and   the Nutella, maybe that's a big  pot of ice cream! I can handle it! Oh that's really lovely, all right  how good does that look? caramella That's really good, i'm a happy man! I think we deserve this treat, we've done a lot  of walking, i think it would be rude not to. To we've jumped back in Trudy and  we're now going to head back towards   Bodrum city to the little wild camping spot that  we found last time, so we're in a good position   walking distance to go and explore Bodrum city  tomorrow or Wednesday subject to the weather.

I think we were very lucky with that weather  because now we've come over the hill it's black! Hey what do you think? yeah the sky  has gone really dark and menacing, I think there might be a storm coming looking  at that, you come to Bodrum I would definitely   say it's well worth exploring and  getting out and about if you can. My new friend, it's not just me that gets  love from the animals this dog has literally   pounced on Chris, what are you doing? I think you should always support  your local economy, eat cake! It's recording, oh okay. Baby is Santa  Claus going to be able to find us   because we haven't got a chimney?  hey that's a good point isn't it? Cut! Oh hang on a minute, how is Father Christmas  going to find us? we haven't got a chimney!   That is a good point, I'll open the window,  if I open the roof Santa can still come in! Oh you're still there!   It's the end of the show, I've got to get  this open so Santa can come in tonight, we hope you've enjoyed this edition and we hope  that you can see us on the 27th for the live chat, thanks to everyone for your support and we will  see you next time, don't forget to subscribe!

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