We visited LIMA, PERU for a week & this is what happened...

We visited LIMA, PERU for a week & this is what happened...

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What's, the theory news we're standing in front of the audio bus station right now and today we, are going to Peru. So. We decided to save a little bit of money by not checking any bags and, trying to stick to their 10 kilo, weight limit of a bag. And personal. Item and maybe. Even check the weight. Which. Was super surprising, to me we're in basic, economy which is the cheapest, possible and. That. Even includes alcoholic, beverages, so. Aeromexico. Or, aromantic, oh you know Miko. Does. Not try to make one dime here. On, our flight from, Mexico, City to Lima they offered us an upgrade or they offered for, us to pay for an upgrade to first-class so, we bid slightly. Higher than the lowest amount we could and. We got it at the last minute which also gives us access to this first-class, lounge this will be our first time ever, going. Into a lounge or. Flying first-class, butyl. Is to say. And. We're, like 99%, sure it is not allowed to record in there so if you see anything after this point. Might. Be illegal footage. How. You feelin good never. Heard this much room on. You. Know I have to say this is easily, the best airplane, we ever, had. 5:36. And we just arrived at Lima it's. Too early. And we're tired. Or. In South America ah. Smells. Good actually it's, like raining right now like misting. So. We, called, we got on Wi-Fi, on the airport Wi-Fi we call our uber up. Inside, while we had Wi-Fi and then came out to try to find him and we couldn't find the car we were looking for the license plate but, he actually came up to us walking. Just. Now he had to go buy some ticket, I don't know what that's about maybe it's pay for parking so. We're. Just waiting for him to come back. Blow. Tangerines. From, Lima Peru, we, are staying in the neighborhood, called Mita FLOTUS, which is right along the coast here in the, two days that we've been here so far one, of them was spent sleeping, because we had like about a 20, hour travel, day and we were completely exhausted.

For. Soaking, these views here and just, about to get coffee at this really cool cafe with, great views supposedly, and we know that because it's called Buenavista. Cafe. Good. For you cough it right off the bat some things that we're trying to acclimate too quickly, are, the differences in Spanish, from Mexico, to, where. The heck are we Peru. We're. Noticing it a lot in food so obviously there's lots of new dishes that we've never experienced. But even what, food is called like avocado, I walk out they in Mexico, is out. Here. There's so many foods of our different words so it's almost as if we're on another continent, or something. And. The other thing is currency, it is so nice in Peru oh yeah, people. Are gonna price this thing in its pesos don't make that mistake, so. My salad was twenty-two so lights and your breakfast was good -, oh yeah - twenty-three paces and that included espresso, juice. And the, plate and the. Best part of my breakfast, was without. A doubt the, view. Everyone. Raves about the food in Peru. No. Yeah. We. Haven't really had anything that's like original. To Peru, I'm sure the best is you have to go so. To get to know Lima a little better we're going to go with an expert someone is going to take us around on a bike tour of the neighborhoods. Flores and barranco two of the most popular ones and the ones that we wanted to see the most ready, to go. This. Island, right here behind me it's called San Lorenzo, but apparently there's sea lions and penguins there, I honestly. Thought penguins were just like a cold, water ice thing, Antarctica, yeah exactly, but. You, can put, on a wetsuit and jump. In the water and they'll swim up next to you but the water is very cold so that's why you need a wetsuit I imagine probably too cold for me. This. Behind. Me used to be, okay. Wow and they brought it here to be an accent, to this Park that's a long the ocean here and it. Was actually designed by, the same guy who designed, the Eiffel Tower Oh who's that. So. We just came from over, in this direction and, that is where meetup notices, then, we have this brand, new fridge that they're building to.

Basically. Make a friendship, between me and up notice and pattern, and cool neighborhood and the, bridge is going to be called Wednesday, the Lummi stands for. That reason we're, in Barranca right now which totally, reminds me of a lot of cities in Mexico it's. Yeah. Became super colorful office in it and look oh we just had. Our. Guide. Was telling us so the reason that this neighborhood is so much more colorful than the other ones is because in. But, it can often be grey outside, the weather very hazy foggy, so. In this neighborhood, they're, much, more artsy, and they're like we would add some color to our life and we want this to be a happy City. Thanks, all the colorful buildings and murals but its operate all the time in the summer it clears up a lot and. This. Haziness, goes away. We're. Standing in front of this very well-known, fridge called Quincy de los suspiros which. Means the Bridge of Sighs and, basically. What you're supposed to do is make a wish, hold your breath and get all the way across without, breathing without breathing okay let's do it all right, wish. Wish wish I wish. Your. Face is really red so you must have also not been breathing. So. We got this food that's very typical of Peru they're, like Peruvian, doughnuts helping to cut erroneous. And. Is this like honey on top or, syrup. Of something. Okay. Yeah, the syrup, was really, sweet the, outside is a bit crunchy, and like, kind. Of Airy soft, on the inside that's good. We. Had a great time on that bike tour I feel like we covered so, much ground in, Lima in saw, the various neighborhoods but, honestly. We really were just dipping our toes in the water of trying to get out there and explore this mysterious City we don't know much about and, now we were at this Japanese. Sushi. Place called Makoto, we were really wanting to try out something highly Peruvian. But there, is a lot of Japanese, and Chinese influence, within the city. So technically. It's. Unique. To here, in, a small way but our drinks that we got are very unique to here I got. A pisco, sour well like their version of music Oh sour and, you got what was it called the, sad case our so, it's like pisco. Sake, and like the sour the mixer. Someone tell them not a pisco sour pisco. Is made. From grapes, in this region, very, traditional, and it is a distilled. Liquor. Except. My sushi was 37. So lays and it, was excellent, outstanding, like some of the best you have ever had oh yes mister, mine was 49, Zola's for the 12 piece role and it had pretty much everything I did want a sushi shrimp, salmon avocado cucumber, egg, crab. Mix also, some of the best sushi hammerhead. Good. Morning, we are still in the miraflores, district, and we are at parque, del amor right. In front of this statue called, el vaso because, as you can see these two people are kissing so this is a very popular place for lovers to come surrounding. The whole thing are these tiles, that have love, quotes on them inspiration. Like. Yesterday it's much fog, here cloudy or misty, ER here. In Lima and that's pretty typical at this time of the year it's, summer in the northern hemisphere but, winter here, and so it kind of always has this like cloudy, foggy Ness and it, tends, to be about 60, to 70 degrees.

Fahrenheit, During, the day but. That means there are far less tourists. Are less travelers, here, oh and, also. The, plane tickets are cheaper so that's why we ended up here there was like a great. Like flash deal on iro Mexico, so, here we are I'm, really glad we did that biking, to her yesterday because, the. Day we got here the city just felt so, overwhelming. To me and, we were super exhausted from traveling, we didn't know what to do where to go but, one, restaurant, to go to because, it had traditional. Peruvian, barbecue, and then, we're trying to ask about food allergies and getting, blank looks and it was and. We ended up having to leave because there, was stuff with onion and stuff we, went somewhere else and we're, getting more blank looks when we said the Spanish that we're used to in Mexico and must sound pretty odd, here I guess because I don't. Know so yeah it seems really intimidating. But. After, being on the bike tour and seeing a bit. More of miraflores, and the, Barranco, district, it, seems a lot less intimidating today, and we actually have a plan of attack now right. Now we're headed to the third most popular, destination. In all, of Peru number, one being Machu Picchu, number, two the mountain, of seven colors and, three, the shopping mall vodka. Mater which is right, on the ocean, it's this what appears to be kind of a luxury shopping mall I don't know exactly what makes it so special that, it's the third most popular, but good, jada yeah let's go. So. This is my first time trying pisco, by itself apparently, this is a really nice brand Quattro gallos and you're not typically supposed to have it on its own because it's really strong, 45%. Alcohol or depression 40%, 40%, alcohol but just, for funsies. I'm going to have a little sip. So really strong, not. As sweet as I was expecting. Smooth. But. It does dissipate, you saying that it likes dissipates, in the back of your throat as you drink it kind, of warms up definitely, warming up I think I might be able to breathe the fire down so. This is something very traditional of, in Peru it's called chicha Morada it's a drink. Made with some. Berries cooking mostly performed it's, pretty sweet really good I like. It a lot he tried it once before and that was in Merida this is my second time I'll, be getting this every time. Que. Mas. So. One of the typical Peruvian, dishes that we got was called causa which, online is described, kind of like a casserole they, made it look in my opinion like a this big sushi roll kind of a deal and it's coated with this potato mixture really, creamy I honestly don't know what all was in the middle of besides like avocado. Oil. No. Chicken, yeah it was so good I'm definitely gonna try to murder that again it had so much flavor and just kind of a different texture and experience, and I and, you see with with that type of a dish yeah, and then we also got anticuchos. Which. Is, made. Of cow heart and. We've never had anything like that. Listen. As tender as I thought it was. Kind. Of beef, like if you, told me it was just beef meat I would have believed that I don't think I would order that again but, it was interesting to try yeah, I mean. I, said, yesterday that it was kind of underwhelmed, with the Peruvian food so far but, I have to say that after last night and today I. Love. This food. Bitch, or two because you're, like, we. Still have enough time to eat all food I want to eat. Thank. You so much for watching up to this point the video is not quite over yet but don't forget to subscribe to our channel to see our weekly travel, videos that we put out we, also wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much to everyone who went to tangerine, travels calm to, purchase some of our new, merchandise. I hate saying March, this. Is just one of the designs that are available and, it has made a smile ear to ear, to, see the pictures you guys have shared with us on social media of your shirts if you're interested in getting a shirt do not worry about the shipping pretty much anywhere, in the world it's gonna be about three dollars to ship it to you so can't get any better than that the thing I think is super cool about the Miraflores district, is, overlooking. These cliffs here they have this black netting that's, to cover up the rocks because. The rocks are falling on cars but, on top of the netting they have these vines growing into it some locations, are just totally. Covered fun, fact, Lima is actually, a desert, so all of these plants including, the, grass and probably, everything except, for native desert plants are all placed, here and they tried to pick low water plants so that they have drip. Systems, and they're not having to use the valuable, resource of water which is, very limited so with this cloudy weather this cloudy fogginess, I find myself being super, tired while we're here because it's just kind of like not, sunny, it hasn't been sunny this whole time so, we stopped in to a coffee shop called chefs cafe which is very close to Kennedy, Park another big attraction, here is that I got a double espresso with, whipped cream which is either going to be 9:00 or 10:00 it's fun every chair here, they, have like a lock, which, I imagine is too it's, not a lock this is like a buckle, to put your bag on so if you go can't steal it as easily something, people, said when we were coming here with us be careful watch your stuff all the time but.

I've, Accidentally. Left Germans, backpack open twice and both, times someone. Within seconds. Was like. Amigo. Tsumuji, de esta abierto like, your backpack is open so maybe, that is the case, closer to Centro that you have to be worried about that type of stuff or in other neighborhoods but. So, far it does seem like people are pretty helpful, and honest maybe trying to help that prevent. That from happening. Eat. My tiny cookie. We're. In this cool place right, in the middle of merida flores right now it's called Kennedy pardon, and one, thing that's super interesting about this part is there's stray. Cats all over the place. Today. So, perfect, de presa visit, it's literally hunting, right now. Oh it's. Gonna get it oh. My. Gosh. Every. Seeing count on to anything. Something. That seems very very, prevalent in, video, the, Lima is pocket. And traffic. And we've. Noticed this especially when we're trying to sleep, there's, tons of honking when, we're trying to walk when. We're just standing there when we're eating it's, all the time. So. It's really cool in, Miraflores. I think specifically, they have these middle. Median. Walking. Streets kind of deal but a particular. Reason why these walking streets are so incredibly, nice or on the malecon as well is because cars here do not stop. For you they will not stop for you you have to make eye contact you throw your hands up and do a little dance or something I would here on the tour though I swear. Our tour guides Ana's magic you would like hold it off. And. They stop but but. For, the impatient, drivers. They, will lay on, their, horn at you you, probably hear in the background right now like drivers just honk at everything including. You if you're even if you're running across the street but they want you to not be there it's like I don't. Know it's scary I wouldn't, want to drive here that's for sure over, from the airport. The. Attacks watching, this guy drive and he knew what he was doing. Today. We're headed from our Airbnb, in, miraflores, to the Barranco, district but we're gonna be walking around exploring, some of the colorful buildings and grabbing. Some lunch that. Was supposed to be a really, great restaurant there, we're, in our uber right now and, we picked Cooper X which was significantly. More expensive than goober pool it was two. Dollars and 70 cents for, what. I think is a 10-minute, ride so pretty. Affordable, lubbers, here. Teach, him what other. Que. NOS recomienda inference. Which a classical, is ceviche. Gravity. Arrow amino, Padron awesomest, in a pastel Cambodia to, each other Colorama, within. Each other. Okay. So. Everyone, raves, about the ceviche, and Lima, and this. Ceviche. That we got it looks like some. Fish and popcorn kernels. This. Is actually a popular snack as, like toasted, corn.

It's, My new favorite snack. Cheetos. Cheetos. Trying, to explain what keys are when you jet OSes not understood. Yeah. Many, words are different here especially in terms of food. The. Lemony sauce part, of this is awesome. All. Right that are try your new favorite snack oh. That. Is really good as expecting, over you're harder than that. There's. A crunch but it seems it's soft let's try some fish a little. Bit of it McPhee oh. Wow. That's. Really good, always, aborted ceviche, that. Was. People. Have told us that's the ceviche, and Purdue is like a must try and it's way different than you will probably ever tried and, I concur that was way different than any ceviche, ever like it doesn't have the. Cilantro and some, other like, tomato and they're things that we, typically find in a ceviche, in Mexico, but I'd eat that for every meal. Corn. That crunchy corn to. Get more of that somewhere, somehow this, place was called la. And. Five stars for me yeah, absolutely, now we are going deeper into the barranco neighborhood, to see with this bohemian artsy. Neighborhood is, all about. The. Neighborhood. All I, see here is Puebla. Mexico so, if we have any folk Lagos watching, what do you guys think does, this remind you of the city as well because the, architecture. The, building facades the colorful, buildings. And even some murals it just says revelatory, files on buildings buildings. Oh yeah, and, that ceviche was really good but I'm still hungry are you yeah. We wanted to share two plates there we ended up only sharing one because, everything. Was prepared with her allergy, or so. - so now, we're heading somewhere else to find some more clips. And grab. We. Are now here in a restaurant called Muyo beatnik displaced fish it has a lot of very traditional Peruvian. Dishes and, of course we're trying again a pisco, sour because that's another very, typical. Drink, from this area, they're, super good this time I'm very curious to see how the Kudus could be I got salsa they boil or in Manado I believe it was called sorry imagine causa and it comes to maria the avocado, usually, potato, mixture with egg and in this case chicken and lots of other ingredients but, it's almost, too beautiful to eat. Okay. That food was so good well, I got a fish fillet there and I my honestly didn't really like such, bad luck with, food here bad Jordan. I'm. So sorry I'm sorry. So. We are now here in this handicraft. Extravaganza. Called Inka market where there's lots of local Peruvian, crafts. Rose. Fabrics. Clothing. Which. Is like heaven for me because I love looking at the stuff in Mexico in here notice a lot of similarities, but not exactly, the same different, styles. Lots. Of numbness and I'll, focus super. Cute and lots. And lots of color. So. I got two of these very colorful, poufy ball things, which seem to be goofy ball things. Missing. Very typical, of Peru dough so we wanted something that reminds us of our trip here and this is what we picked because it's nice and light and five, surveys, each so, tend to so, we found this other Inca, market to walk around and we ended up buying a few things here we're, talking with the shop owner and as, time, has gone on during this week we find it easier and easier to talk with people and understand, them but, we do tend, to give ourselves away by, saying things like Monday, like what you didn't understand what he said she said Monday.

Which Is said, of Mexico hard to break you, know other places they might say something like coal but. I'm sure, people could tell right away because, so, many words are different here we've. Noticed though especially. With food food, ingredients, are called just totally different stuff. It. Is now Sunday, and we're in centro, historico. We're, getting. Some breakfast here before the changing, of the guards which is like a daily, tradition, they have it noon but. Every. Time we go to a restaurant just, because the food has been so so good here, we're. Like okay what other Peruvian, dishes, can we get so. I forgot, to record before I started digging in but I got trout with garlic, and yellow pepper sauce the, yellow pepper sauce you see a lot here and truck you see pretty commonly and you got it something. What's. It taste like, tangy, lime, salt, the, fishes like the super tender I'm not, used to that with ceviche like sometimes it can be kind of tough all. The fish we've tried even the shrimp is like super, soft I don't actually know what all is in the sauce but it's very similar to the tangy. Citrusy. Ceviche, sauce this. Particular, one has, some. Type of trout. I'm. Shrimp. The. Very large corn. Explosion. Of flavor every. New dish I like. Because. It. Looks like the central square of Peru has the, same design, that many, of the squares in Mexico have right, here you have the government's Palace right. Here's the cathedral and if, I had to guess either, this or this. Is. The house of the founders and that would make a lot of sense considering, there is a lot of Spanish influence here just like Mexico, so they would have designed this Emperor plazas the, same way so. In past videos if you've been following along you may, have noticed that around my eyes have been red and like maybe. Looking, tired looking and I've gotten a thousand, comments on this and, no. I'm not high no I'm not sick you, know I don't have allergies it's, just something, that's been going on with me as a skin condition I have that, gets worse when I eat more sugar and. I yeah. And I've been having more of that on this trip and it's gotten really bad in the last day so, if you're wondering what that is that's. What it is. Every. Single, day and it's not quite noon yet so they might do it earlier the matter. So. The band started playing at 11:30, and, it's. Like, 11:55. Right now and they're just finishing up it looks like so. We. Heard changing, of the gaurd happens at noon every day I don't, know for sure if this concert, happens every day but it seems like it. So. That was less, of a shift change in, more of an hour-long precession, involving a hundred people with music and choreography. Huge. Interesting. And. Crazy that that's every, day. And. We're, just walking around this the, downtown. Area, of Lima, and the architecture, is absolutely. Stunning. Just the detail, on the buildings. And you look down every, street and it's kind of like got a flat, facade, with, building after building after building err. Reminds me so much of downtown water and. Puebla but, obviously just, Spanish. Influence, this side, of the world this part of the world so, beautiful security. Came up to us and I thought they were going to tell us we couldn't film or something but, then they were just like welcoming, us saying, this is plaza, san martín and it's, named after don, jose san martín, who liberated Peru, in 1821. Take, a picture, like I don't know we, don't endorse this porridge, if you see these pictures. Thank. You guys so much for watching we, had such, an incredible time here in Lima honestly, I can't wait to come back again if. You did enjoy this video give it a thumbs up maybe share with a friend if you think they might like it as well subscribe. To our channel to see more travel vlogs we have coming up and, what. Were they. Oh. So. You were the first to be notified when we put out a new video and we will see you soon.

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I’m not sure. Did you hear us say that during this video?

Beautiful vid. Thank you. so cool

Leche de Tigre looked SO good! Too bad I’m allergic to seafood :-(

Go to colombia visit bogota,melgar,la casita de alpina is nice and cheap

I recommend you guys going to Eco Truly Park Awesome yoga monastery. With eco buildings and organic farm ....

Do you have a income from a job or inherited money. If you work what do you do. You get an income from You Tube but that changes too much to count on it every month. Enjoy your Video

Great video, I have been wanting to visit there! Keep posting!

Sugar (any type) = inflammation (eye tissue) Corn = sugar

por que el cielo es grissss??

The skies clear up in the summer

It’s like that all winter in Lima from what we’re told.

Omgosh the architecture!!! I can see how you could feel so tired with all the fog and rain our sunny days in Puerto Morelos need to be apreciated! I swear I take it for granted!! Great video guys!! Laska says bring her some food from Peru! Love you guys and cant wait to see the Mexico City video!

We totally take our PM sunny days for granted! I mean, the humidity can suck sometimes but at least we can stay awake lol. Oh and I bet Laska is saying bring back some Peruvian food haha. She probably wants one of those Kennedy Park cats too haha. Miss you guys!!

You might be allergic to dairy. Water fasting heals everything.

okay awesome trip, so im bummed about the weather, when does all that go away? no wonder the trip we looked at in july was cheap, i dont want to leave here to foggy and cold, everything look beautiful and prices seem to be equal to mexico atleast for food..i have to rewatch and take notes of the names of food, im really nervous about going since you all speak way more spanish than my hubby and you found it difficult, we would be totally lost..we are looking at 3 weeks there. i would gain 10 pounds in that time with all the different foods to try...good job on video everything, thank you

We’re told it’s like that all winter in Lima and the skies clear up in the Peruvian summers (summer is opposite of the northern hemisphere)

Pisco sour: dangerous!

Best place to eat in South America.

hey you guys, are you aware, Trump Nazis are buying ads on your channel.

Robert Wright see you're brainwashed by the mainstream

Peru did not catch my eye at all but I love the Mexico blogs hopefully we can see a blog soon of colombia or brazil

Jessika Cardenas Brazil yes!. Colombia and Mexico both dangerous poor and violent countries. No thanks.

I'm jealous of all of y'alls travel, but what about traveling to London or Australia or Singapore? I'm glad Jordan is ok! I was also concerned about him. Safe travels and be careful out there!!! Don't just go anywhere. Not all spots are safe for tourists or Americans.

Thanks for a look at Peru. You two are really adventurous. We spent the weekend in North Chicago at our favorite place (Bob Chin's Crab house) where we ate all the Copper River Salmon we could. Soooooooooo good. Just love your videos.

28:56 the same thing happens to me sometimes, but with me remembering the word in English and striving to remember the Spanish word, haha.

Your Spanish is amazing! But what impresses me the most is how you guys escaped the rat race lifestyle and are living and working doing what you love. It is not easy to pack up and leave your country to start all over again somewhere else. Hats off to you Tangerine Travels ! :-)

Great content as always!

Did love the cats!

Something very oppressive about that place. Don't know if it's because it's overcast. Saw no liveliness or joy in community, minimal creativity or art and sorry food did not look appealing. Some of marketplace was colorful. Have no desire to go there

@patricia ramos ty Patricia

Di Garcia It is winter. But Lima is much fun .Lots to see and much safer than Mexico city.

oh my... Lima is so beautiful

Thank you! Curious about your Airbnb and cost...

Allergies - You should have pictures of the food you are allergic to on your phone to show people!!!

I think the coffee would be the best there and where I would spend my time when not walking around, I love the kitty park, the shops, the marching band,changing of the guard and the city scenery. I hope that Jordan gets better, Maddie please take care of him, I want to see more of your adventures. = )

Did he say “Chichi morada"

@Tangerine Travels I had to Google it, you know what chichi means in Mexico right? Now chicha changes everything.

If I did, I meant to say chicha morada

pronóstico del clima en Lima Perú para esta semana: Lunes: nublado Martes: nublado Miércoles: nublado Jue.....you got the picture LOL



It would make your videos more interesting if you videoed your interaction with the locals. Also, interesting that video shot on an overcast day makes everything somber instead of fun. I've noticed that Rick Steve's seldom ever films or visits anything on an overcast day, except maybe in Ireland (Of course Steve's budget is way higher). Where I'm living on the coast just south of San Diego the weather pattern is described as May Gray and June Gloom. The gray overcast sky just kills the fun level at the beach. Come this time next month in July when the sun is always out they'll be ten times the crowd and ten times as happy. And twenty time as good of footage.

Just saying, video shot on sunny days are better. And more than just that colors pop in sunlight and everybody is in a happier mood. Yeah, I know you got a deal on the flight. By the way how much did you pay versus high season (sunny) for the flight?

We were told that pretty much every day is like this in Peruvian winters and that you have to go during the summer if you want clear skies (winter in the northern hemisphere)

You got to remember mexico has many indigenous words

A really fascinating thing I would recommend is at some point to check out Spain. I've been to a few countries in Latin America and when I went to Spain it was fascinating to see the stark similarities but to specifically see where the style and architecture originated. I suggest this because you mentioned a few times in the video the similarities and differences between Mexico and Peru. (and if you do go to Spain I highly recommend the south of Spain (Andalusia) and the medium sized cities like Sevilla, Cordoba, Malaga, Grandad, etc). Also prepare to feel like you don't know a single bit of Spanish bc it's crazy different over there

Matthew is right on. During the colonial period cities in the Spanish part of the New World had to be designed like cities in Spain - the Spanish Crown required this. It was called the "Laws of the Indies".

Ceviche in Peru is waaay different then Mexican ceviche

It is! And personally...we prefer it. SO flavorful and tasty :)

And a Gong made on Peru yeah!! One for the book

Absolutely! Can't wait until we can add some more countries to our GONG list :) haha

Lucuma ice cream is real good. Taste wise like nothing else you have ever tried in your life no comparison.

Lol! “Es peor ahora porque estamos casados” (the guy was like, wow that bad?) lol

Tangerine Travels very true!!

“It’s worse now ‘cause we’re married... I mean, tired!”

At least I corrected myself. 20 hours of travel =

Love you guys!!!

Wait!! I thought you guys were moving to Peru

@Tangerine Travels yeah. I followed you in every video...i remember that..thank you for sharing this flash trip to Peru

We never meant for it to come across like that! In fact, in a recent video we mentioned that we signed a year lease in Mexico. It’ll be our home for a long time :)

Too bad you only scratched the surface of Peruvian food because it is so diverse and delicious. There are now many 5-star restaurants in the city (most require reservations way in advance)

One week was definitely not enough to try all the Peruvian food we wanted to!

My father is Peruvian and he was raised in Lima so I'm familiar with the city because we traveled there three times. The city has indeed progressed as has Peru as a whole but it is still decades behind Mexico in almost every aspect. Lima is chaotic and dusty and as far as I'm concerned also not very lively. Peru in general and Lima are very conservative, staid societies. As for the food, I love Peruvian food because I was raised on it in California, especially homemade anticuchos but Peruvian food in general lacks the variety of Mexican cuisine due to a much smaller and less diverse geography. I enjoyed this video because it brought back many memories!


@patricia ramos ​ I've tried peruvian food as well. But mexico isnt just tacos, but if you didnt like the food then thats a different story lol. In every state of Mexico they have their own dish. You just need to travel more lol. You probably went to olvera street in L.A lol. Greetings

@patricia ramos calmada patricia México tiene miles de variedades de comidas, postres, dulces y antojitos. Y cada estado varía de varias comidas, es como si fuera un país cada estado. Por miles de variedades de comidas. La gente de latinoamérica, sólo conoce lo más común, que son tacos, y por supuesto quesadillas, pero no ardas en celos, nuestra gastronomía es más variada que cualquier país del mundo. Y no es presunción es definición.

I"m half Perruvian and we eat polladas everyday....Que paaaaaase el desgarciadooo!!

uzarate I am sorry to hear you are from the left coast. California is ruled by a non tolerant mob who tell you diversity is good except for diversity of thoughts. Drones!

uzarate Your Father is a famous Rapist.......Right?

@patricia ramos

@patricia ramos You need to travel more, Mexico is good food too, but unfortunately Peru is behind of everything, Mexico has a lot diversity of food that you don't know, it's not only tacos o quesadillas?

@patricia ramos What are you talking about? Probably you need to travel more instead of writing comments like this

ABEL OROZCO Much better than eating tacos every day?

@patricia ramos much much much than Polladas & Arroz caucho??

@patricia ramos with that kind of commentary I highly doubt you've traveled far from your comfort zone

uzarate You are completely wrong . Peru is much much much more diverse than Mexico so its food too that's why it's considered the best in LATAM. Mexicsn food is tacos quesadillas? similar things and some other. While visiting CDMX we couldn't even eat. The food was awful.

Amigos,I love your videos all the time,I love you guys so much,see you soon in Mexico

My partner and I really enjoy your energy!! So happy with your success on monetizing your your adventures, you have such wonderful things ahead!! Love

We just learned that food in different Spanish speaking countries has different names as well. We lived in Argentina and when we were in Mexico City last week we tried to order french fries the Argentine way "papas fritas" and they looked at us like we were crazy (apparently it's "papas francés") and "agua con gas" is agua minerales", and I'm sure there's more we will learn when we move down to Mazatlán next December.

A big part of the vocabulary differences between the different Latin American countries has to do with the original languages spoken in those regions before colonization. In Mexico the dominant language was Nahuatl and to a lesser extent in the south Mayan. So most words for foods, plants and animals endemic to the New World come from those languages in Mexico save for a few words that are really local and come from one of the lesser known local languages. In Peru the dominant language was Quechua if I'm not mistaken, so their words for some of the same things probably come from that language. The core Spanish is the same but eventually the differences really begin to standout. And that's not taking into account the regionalisms and popular sayings. A general rule of thumb is that as long as you stick to formal or proper textbook Spanish and avoid slang you should be fine.

@Kasia Kochanowska How do i buy property in playa del carmen? Tired of the states as well...all work 24 7....

@Tangerine Travels Again, MANY thanks for this helpful reply. Yes, it is the same here in Seattle. Public Transit buses do not have potties, but inter-city transport can and will.

@Tangerine Travels Thank you very kindly for this helpful reply to my query. SO few people reply here on YT. It can be rather frustrating.


@Brian Tracy Soft was the wrong word to describe it.

@Pandora Sullivan No, that happened a week or 2 before we got there and it happened in northern Peru so Lima wasn't affected.

For detail on temples and lovely carvings, go here in India: https://brewminate.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/072618-24-Medieval-Middle-Ages-India-Architecture-Art-History-Religion.jpg

@RedSpiralHand I had coca leaf tea on our final night but we didn't film that dinner. ~Jordan

@If I want your opinion, I will give it to you! On buses from one city to another with a bus company, yes they typically do. Public transport buses won't have bathrooms.

@If I want your opinion, I will give it to you! I think the first flight was 2.5 hours and the 2nd was about 5.5.

About your skin, I was going to say that those marks on your neck look like bed bug bites!

Here is when our Andrew Zimmern filmed in Lima for his foods show(s): https://www.livinginperu.com/andrew-zimmern-of-bizarre-foods-filming-in-lima-peru-102035-2/

Despite the fog, it is still quite temperate there, with highs in the 70'sF. Not too shabby for the dead of winter, down there.

How long was your flight from Cancun to mexico City? Then, how long was your flight from Mexico City to Lima, please?

Question: Do the buses in Mexico, have bathrooms on them?

Glad you enjoyed your trip :') My boyfriend actually lives in CDMX, and I should be going there soon(Coyoacán, can't wait) I love your videos, and I hope you have fun with your trip a la Ciudad de México

Leche de Tigre the shrimp is marinated like ceviche prior to preparing the final plate. The shrimp turns tender in about four ours of marination.

Mexico is a very Americanized country. Peru, on the other hand, is one of the real deals if you want the hispanic experience. The language is very similar between all South American countries, even Panama and Costa Rica. I am saying language, not accents. Nicaragua is where everything changes, and parts of Nicaragua, Honduras, Salvador, and Guatemala are pretty much the same regarding language and culture. Again, I am saying language, not accent. Mexico and Peru are very different, I am glad you made a video on that. By the way, pea in South America is alverja.

Why go to expensive Europe when there's a world to explore in South America for less money...

This is an example when people don’t know what to eat or how to eat in Perú. They did not try lomo saltado Cau cau. Seco de res estofado erc etc etc I am Peruvian and not will eat on this places the portions are microscopic and not the real food super scammers sorry

Miraflores is the best place to stay in Lima because it was always an upper class neighborhood, and it has developed to a place to welcome foreigners. Be very careful with the food outside of Miraflores because their standards are not as high. Peruanos are wonderful and friendly people and their food is up and coming; they are really trying hard to be one of the best food destinations in the world, but be wary of food places outside of the touristy areas.

I visited Lima/Peru a few times 25 years ago. Lovely to see how it has evolved, the foggy weather is not nice, but despite that your video had great energy. I had some weird, yet unforgettable experiences in Miraflores, different times in those days

In.peru they eat cats

Mr Uzarate this video shows a visit to Lima Peru. What does mexico have to do here?? Before your comment a peruvian hadn't mentioned anything about peruvian gastronomy. Peruvian people don't comment videos about your country. THE BIG PROBLEM WITH SOME MEXICANS IS THAT YOU FEEL YOU ARE THE BEST IN LATIN AMERICA AND WHENEVER YOU FEEL THAN IN SOME AREAS YOU ARE NOT YOU START BEHAVING THIS WAY. AN ADVICE : Your country has serious problems to solve instead of arguing with Argentinos about football with Peruvians about food or Brazilians if your cities are better. You are ridiculous losing time defending a stupid chauvinism.

I was in Lima (Miraflores) 6 months ago & also had a meal at Mangos restaurant among others at Larcomar. When we saw the change of the palace guard it was played to Ravel's Bolero which was amazing, very emotive...

In peru eating cats and big rats .

There’s nothing quite like the aroma at the Lima airport

WHAT ARE THOSE 3 LIGHTS AT min, 1:20 ???

Jordan is so ridiculous lol. Those are some lights reflecting from the inside of the airport.

The Earth's 3 moons. Lol

The causa that's not the real way it should be serve.... Hopefully the flavor was the same.

@Tangerine Travels la causa. Typically it's one layer of the "mashed potatoes" one layer on the chicken or fish. Which ever u wanna use and then another layer of the mashed potatoes again. And u can pour Mayo or the olive sauce. http://blog.redbus.pe/gastronomia/origen-causa-limena-plato-tipico-peruano/amp/

Which time that we are it was it not the typical way?

Excellent information,

Thank you. Now I don't want or need to go to Lima.


Here about skin and sugar! Dr Ron https://stackedskincare.com/blogs/news/how-sugar-affects-your-skin/

Finally, you went to another country. Perú is what i expected. I liked the food in there :) Hope you visit other places of South America

We hope so too! Thanks for watching

Welcome back to Mexico, Güeritos.

What happened to your skin? Allergies from the peruvian food?

I talk about it toward the end of the video.

That crunchy corn is called Canchas and you can buy it in any Latino grocery store in the US. I have not seen it here in Mexico, but I have not really been looking for it. Take a big, heavy pan that distributes heat well. Add oil, heat until the oil is moving. Dump the canchas in the pan (You might want to blow some of the chaff off first), and shake the pan almost continuously. When the popping slows down to like one or two pops every ten seconds, it's done.

So cool!!

A bike tour is honestly one of the best things you can do in any new city. We ALWAYS do one anywhere its offered.

Uuuuyyyy que ganas de visitar Perú otra vez !!! Saludos a los hermanos peruanos desde

Good clip - thanks for the heads up on sugar, something I need to watch.

Nice too see you guys in Peru. Wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing

I love the video of your trip to Peru. The flavors of Peruvian cuisine are delicious to me.

Thanks Anna! We love love love the food we tried there

The food looked so good! They do have the best ceviche there for sure.

Nice video. I really enjoyed it. The cities in Latin America were built and organized according to the Castilian model (Spain). The streets were laid out according to a perpendicular layout and in the center stood the Plaza de Armas or Plaza Mayor, which consisted of an open space where urban life developed and social, official and religious activities were manifested. On its sides were the administrative or official buildings and the Cathedral or church of the town. That is why you will find a lot of similarities in all colonial cities in Latin America (big plazas, big churches, big buildings, incredible architecture). Actually the architecture is very similar to any city in the south of Spain (Seville, for example). The good thing about all these colonial cities in Latin America is that they have been preserved and mantained throught the years. Greetings from Barcelona, Spain.

I love tangerine. Ty both of you are great

Watching your video reminds me the Tijuana-Ensenada Pacific coast line. Scenic Road specifically. Also it looks like Lima has the same mild weather of the coast line corridor Southern California - Ensenada. Peruvian cuisine is very famous. With its Chinese-Japanese-Native influence.

Wow! I think this is one of my favorite videos you have done. Corn has one of the highest sugar contents of any fruit (the seed of any plant is fruit) so stay away from it since you are sensetive to sugar. You might be diabetic. Have you been to Colombia yet? I think you would like it.

@Tangerine Travels no problemo. You're welcome.

@Tangerine Travels so he's a grape and will turn into a fine wine eventually. Sorry, don't know what got into me. Anyway, I remember they use sulfa drugs for candida. I hope you two both stay healthy and happy. I will keep an eye out for your trip to Colombia. I have been watching a lot of vids on houses there. Love them and the country is absolutely gorgeous.

P.S. thank you! Where are my manners, I forgot to say that

Jordan was recently tested for many things, including diabetes and that’s not an issue right now. We think it’s due to candida overgrowth, which is a yeast that feeds on sugar. In any case, carbs and sugar are definitely something we’ll be keeping in moderation for a while. So far, haven’t been to Columbia but it’s high on our list of countries to visit next!

When you were asked, while in Peru, where you were from, as I expect it happened all the time, did you say Mexico or the US? Just curious.

We said we’ve been living in Mexico for over a year but we’re from the US

Please JORDAN try their LOMILLO SALTEADO (BEEF). It's amazing!!!

We tried that off camera one day and it was so flavorful! Loved it

CHICHAROS ARE green peas!

Exactly! Always an adventure :)

So funny... culture... culture... culture... glad you had so much fun!

Yes they are. That’s just not the word they use for peas in Peru ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PLEASE PLEASELEASE, be VERY VERY VERY careful with pickpockets specially in Centro histórico. Business owners are very concerned and they keep telling their customers. Never ever keep your bags opened like that.

Thanks for visiting my Perou!!!!! I love Allacas they are so fancy looking aren't they?

It looks all rainy, Foggy, it looks beautiful just a little depressing for my taste. It’s winter time in South America right now.

It was a bit on the gloomy/depressing side but we still had a great time :)

They use formal Spanish in S America.

This is my reply to a patricia ramos and her comment substantiates what my Peruvian father would always say. I truly like Peru and I grew up eating Peruvian food and it is delicious and it is half of my heritage but the one thing I truly dislike about Peruvians is this obsession that they have regarding their food...they have convinced themselves that it is unquestionably the best thing on the planet and do not like to be questioned on it especially when it comes to Mexican cuisine which has been deemed a world heritage cuisine by UNESCO: I was born and raised in southern California. My deceased father was Peruvian and my mother is Mexican. My father served in the Peruvian military and if you wish to see a picture of him look up a picture of President Nixon's visit to Peru and you will see my father in uniform as a guardian of the presidential palace when Nixon was received in Lima. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American Studies and political science from the University of California and a Master's degree in Latin American history from the University of Texas here in Austin. I have been to Peru three times, including Lima, Cuzco and Iquitos. I was raised eating Peruvian food including anticuchos, ceviche, chupe, lomo saltado, papas a la huancaina because my Mexican mother learned how to cook them from my father and his family so I am very familiar with Peruvian food. Now, the reason my father left Peru and married a Mexican is because he would always say that Peru was a very closed and extremely nationalistic society and always bantering that everything Peruvian was always the best. He dreamed of marrying a Mexican due to growing up watching Mexican cinema as an adolescent. He admired how much more cosmopolitan and open Mexican society was and is, it's huge geography with coasts on the Pacific, the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Sea of Cortez. My father was a proud Peruvian but had the humility and the travel experience to say that no, Peruvian food is not the best in the world just because he was from Peru. Finally, as for your supposed trip to Mexico City where the only thing that you found to eat were tacos and quesadillas then either you didn't really travel to CDMX or you couldn't afford to eat anything else. Also Mexico City is not all of Mexico. Take a look at a map and compare the geographic size of Peru compared to Mexico and explain to us all how Peru is "much more diverse than Mexico" and please provide substantiation. Si deseas que que te traduzca mi comentario al castellano adelante patricia ramos pero no te recomiendo alegar con alguien con muchos mayores conocimientos y experiencias que la tuya.

uzarate You are the one who started mentioning peruvian gastronomy. Nobody from Peru had mentioned it here. You are a coward running away from Longo??? jajaja. Any complex with Americans?. Don't be stubborn. We don't consider anything about our food It is simply that peruvian food is recognized as the best in Latam. What is your problem with that? . Something important to mention is that the oldest civilization in America is Caral in Peru and with that comes more experience and knowledge too. Any complain about that?? . Your civilizations came later. Mexicans like you show real problems to assume you are just another country. YOU DON'T ACCEPT BRAZIL HAS BETTER CITIES THAN MEXICO OR THAT ARGENTINA'S cities are like Europe in South America. Sorry but your chauvinism blinds you. Your reality is sad. Instead of wasting time arguing with other countries. DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR COUNTRY. It is serious the problem you have there . Mexico has a lot of poverty. It is a country ruled by the narcos where violence. is something common. Corruption is part of the government. It is a narco country. Even in your famous beaches people are killed. How can you even mention Peru . Here we don't. have that terrible situation. I suppose you live in the USA and not in mexico where hell is part of every day life.

I give This video 5 little orange cars... I ejoy your video a lot... excelent

i was in Lima a few months ago and all i did was eat!

@Tangerine Travels did you know that Lima is the only city with 2 of the top 10 restaurants in the world??....next time ...

That’s all we wanted to do lol

You did no get it: Why Larco Mar "is so special"??? : because it is built IN THE CLIFF, the 3 levels in the rock towards the ocean.... How many of this kind you have visited in the world??

We said that before we went inside and checked it out. How can one know what makes anything special before actually experiencing it?

Thanks for another great video guys! Now I feel like I need to go to Peru. Anyone have suggestions for cheap flights, and good accommodation?

P.S. If you are new to Airbnb, you can get $40 off your first trip with our link https://www.airbnb.com/c/jordanr13785

AeroMexico had the cheap tickets for us this time and we found a great rental on Airbnb

very nice! you guys are usually more obsessive (in a cute way) about where you're staying...I'll just assume it was pleasing, and not worth documenting.

Jordan, have you had lyme test?

I held my breath with you. Hope that helped make your wishes come true.

We talked about going to Peru in a few videos leading up to our trip and posted tons of updates on Instagram and Facebook. :) We weren’t trying to keep it a secret. We LOVED the Peruvian food during our trip. Only wish we could have had the stomach space to eat more lol

@Tangerine Travels I HATE Google Translate. I've found a free app for a Spanish/English dictionary called Span!shD!ct (their website is www.spanishdict.com ). It is fantastic for providing and identifying words according to where they are used.

Tangerine Travels

Because its on the coast

@patricia ramos what an absolutely pointless comment.

Lima perú

You guys should should visit Parras De la Fuente is a very beautiful place

Estan bellos todos los lugares y comida de peru,thank

My daughter has been in Lima for two weeks now. She went to a dozen museums. The Metropolitan, and Art museum have 3D displays. The catacombs are also cool. She also went to the Grand National Theater of Lima to see the national ballet. Oh, she went paragliding by the Park of Love. Now, she is resting before going to Cusco, and Machu Picchu to see the Inti Raymi festivities. ... Sadly, she didn't have time to go to the Ballestas islands (AKA poor-man Galapagos). .. And yes, she complained about traffic.

I love this video. You both are wonderful. My girlfriend was born in Lima, Peru and grew up in Santiago Chile. The food is amazing. I'm Mexican American and never had Peruvian food until I got with her. I'm hooked Especially on the Ceviche. We both live in Las Vegas now.

lol if the first thing you eat in Perú are scrambled eggs and a salad of course it's going to be underwelming. Go to a food tour next time so you can try proper local food instead of jumping straight to beef heart.

It’s a wonder y’all ain’t going fat as a good sized pig

That was supposed to say biking. And Said with love. I really love and enjoy watching your videos.

Thanks for the great surprise, Lima?, I never knew it was so beautiful, food does look great. Now I want to go too.

You kids are total dorks... but in the best way. Great video! I'm headed to Peru next week but I feel like I'm already there.

AWESOME Upload my dear Maddie and Jordan, if ya guys didn't tell us that Lima is situated in desert land, we viewers wouldn't know that, with the fog and the vivid, vibrant green of the plants. And yeah, it makes total sense that ceviche would be better in Peru than over here, crunchy corn so yummy served with the ceviche, but do they have corn tortillas? And so COOL ya guys got fly in the lounge, first class all the way and jetsettin' it up! :D

Joe, you always make our day with your comments! ☺️ to answer your question about tortillas, were not sure actually! We didn’t have a single tortilla or tortilla chip while in Lima, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist of course. We hardly scratched the surface of typical Peruvian food in our week there—not enough stomach space lol!

I like miradlores peru,,,es bello , thank or showing peru

Check out Panchita and try the Cuyo (Guinea Pig)! You will not be disappointed. I travel to Peru extensively and I make a point to go at least once. Also, eat at the local market. Have fun!!

We went to Panchita (off camera) and it was amazing!!

Amazing video . Thanks you for visit Peru I am Peruvian from Australia

Do you know mancora beachs( North of PERÚ) Arequipa city ( South of PERÚ) Cusco city ( sacsayhuaman, machupicchu), Iquitos city ( It is next to Amazonas river ,forest) PERÚ

Ah man..u guys didn't try the comida chifa..one of the best tasting Chinese food this side of the world.

I know! We’re so sad we didn’t get to eat all the food we wanted to this week. Not enough stomach space lol

I love Peru, hate Lima. Also love aeromexico

Out of curiosity, why do you hate Lima?

Thanks, guys! Your video from Lima brought back many memories. I spent there two months exactly twenty years ago. I lived in Miraflores, and Barranco, Larcomar and parque Kennedy were my hangouts. They really spruced the city up. The whole country was awakening from a decades long economic doldrum and urban terrorism. Some places like Larcomar were very nice already, but barranco was pretty beaten up, although both were hives of activity. Once again... Thanks for the memories!


you're correct, we didn't have ceviche until our 2nd or 3rd day there.

Yeah your both lookin pretty rough


Another good one as usual amigos, a real adventure, almost looked like you were on another continent!

Wow! After the exchanges on here I can truly now appreciate my deceased father's perspective on his homeland Peru and I gotta say he was so right! God bless. : )

It took me around two months to acclimatise to the weather and atmosphere - before that I was feeling out of sorts and shitty, so I think it's a common ailment if you're not used to how it is in Peru. Ceviche y causa for the win!

Glad this video randomly came up in my feed as I'm doing 2 days in Lima on my way from Costa Rica to Bolivia!

Excellent video guys, one of your best I think !!! I'm surprised the Anticuchos were tough, I've prepared them myself here in the States and the meat is so so soft almost filet mignon soft, weird..

Maybe we got a bad batch?

I know, "mande" threw me off the first time I heard it. We say: como? perdon? que?.....no mandes lol.

And for us speaking English and learning Spanish, mande makes no sense either lol

green peas are arvejas. nice trip a little upscale for my taste, try next time to go more into not so fancy but really good places to eat.

Never leave your pocketbook or backpack open or unattended... because it will be gone within seconds! That’s why the local guy was informing you that your bag was open. Heed his warning. Also .. never ride in a car with the windows wide open... the thieves look for cars with tourists and will cross parkways and reach in through the window to steal your pocket book , backpack..anything m... even if there’s a window opening of 3 inches! If you do go back to Perú .. visit Ayacucho or Cusco ... that’s where you’ll see the real beauty of Peru .. its Andean people and the pre-Incan stonework, as in Cusco.

Thanks for the heads up!

I never heard of MITAflores... it’s called MiRAflores.

At least in Mexican Spanish, the R typically has a bit of a D sound which might make it sound like mita or mida

That was a great video! Back at home how much crime do you notice? How many Americans or English speaking people do you come across daily

Tangerine Travels do you miss living in Guadalajara compared to where you are now?

Tangerine Travels thank you for time responding

Thank you! We haven’t personally witnessed any crimes or been the victim of any but we do hear the occasional story of an attempted pickpocket or someone cutting the screen and snatching someone’s phone from their home. As for the number of English-speaking foreigners - there’s a lot where we currently live. When we lived in Guadalajara before this, English speaking foreigners weren’t too common but there were many English-speaking Mexicans.

Great video, thanks!!

Thanks for watching, Andrei!

A great video. We live in Phoenix, and Lima is on our list of summer escapes that are cooler. You guys are the best. Next YT channel: world food critics.

It definitely checks off the boxes for cooler and less sun! We never had to worry about getting burned, which is not the case in Phoenix during the summer lol. ;)

The way to enjoy Peru it is through markets fairs and those little restaurants that have and keep Peruvian food respectfully real. I’m as Peruvian never ever would eat on any of those restaurants in your video I consider them fake but it is my opinion

I wouldn’t try guinea pig because I had some as pets growing up. We did try lomo saltado just not on camera. Other than that, we tried at least a half dozen typical Peruvian dishes so I’d say we did a pretty good job finding what to eat in Peru. And maybe the potions were small that we tried but they sure were delicious!

Thanks for the heads up on that! We were very careful to only eat at established restaurants since the chance of getting sick in a foreign country is very high.

@Tangerine Travels

Once a month, I think the last Sunday of each month, the changing of the guard is done on horse. Even the band is on horses. And sometimes, they have dancers on horses.

@Tangerine Travels Yes, limeños complain it is extreme cold at 15 °C (60 °F).

@Longo I spent 18 winters in MN and that was 18 too many.

DEN T Try to spend a winter in Minnesota, you'll find out the meaning of misery.

Lies, aeromexico wanted to charge me extra for luggage... hated it. Worse experience flying.

We live in America Philadelphia to be exact.. if there was one place in Mexico or South America that you would move to for the rest of your life where would it be... we definitely would like the ocean and not too secluded..Three places You would recommend would be awesome

Lima is so beautiful

Wowee! I'd no idea Lima was so developed. The architecture of the old buildings is stunning, and quite a surprise, to me. And to see the pace of daily life, another revelation. But, the food adventures you took us on... amazing! Made me hungry & envious. A lovely tour you provided. Thanks a bunch for taking us along! Thumbs up!

I'm a full Mexican, born and raised. I love my country like no other...but Peru and their beautiful people are simply amazing. We are so similar and in my time there 6 months ago, I fell in love with such a beautiful and amazing land. Perú es increíble!

Glad you visit my country. Just a piece of advice about food, don't come here to try a american breakfast that you can find anywhere, just don't be afraid to try new things!

That was really the only “american” food we tried during our trip. We hoped to enjoy a more Peruvian breakfast that day, but Buena Vista Cafe just didn’t have the greatest food. Stellar view though!


I want to go to Peru!!!

I want to travel!

22:25. that roasted corn is "cancha" o "canchita". although Peru and Mexico are both cultures built on the corn diet, I feel the second took corn further, to the next level: the tortilla! :)

bad idea visit peru in winter XD , you must come to Peru when is summer

What are the best months to visit?

Subtítulos por favor para los que no entienden inglés, subtítulos por favor

aprende pues huev......

well I enjoyed travelling with you guys such a nice and interesting video

I hope you were able to go to Cusco, Ica, ariquepa, and puno and everything around there including machupichu. Honestly, lima was the most underwhelming part of Peru but everywhere else it's pretty awesome. I'm kinda sad you didn't try the ceviche it's totally different from Mexican ceviche, as a Mexican it's crazy but I like the Peruvian cevich more. Don't tell anyone lol!

for us, Mexicans , food is not really relevant, i mean we dont really care others opinion about our food i guess we asume its good and enjoy it, peruvians always talk about their food and saying it´s better than Mexican, insulting etc.. i guess it is cultural

Great video guys. I know you had a great time

Oh dear, you guys are so cute and awesome. Thank you for allowing me to experience Peru through your lense. I would love to visit Peru but it's very expensive I heard. May the Lord bless your coming and going and keep you safe. Until then. Hugs. Your new subscriber

It's worse now because we are married lmao!

Mande in Spanish means, order, like to give an order. In Peru, what, is que. Que, is the correct word, or disculpe, could also be used. Chile in Mexico is a hot pepper. Chile in Peru, is a country. Hot pepper in Peru, is aji. The word chile in Mexico is from the Nahuatl language, is not Spanish. Aji, in Peru, is from the Quechua language.

Next Tuesday I am going to stay in Cancun for the whole summer! I am so excited. If I run into you guys I will buy you a drink. Thanks for you videos Tangerines...

We might not have explained that well, but we were in Lima a full day before starting the video. We are more than a salad and eggs before that. Still, good idea about the food tour. Those are always a great place to start

Nice video. I really enjoyed it. The cities in Latin America were built and organized according to the Castilian model (Spain). The streets were laid out according to a perpendicular layout and in the center stood the Plaza de Armas or Plaza Mayor, which consisted of an open space where urban life developed and social, official and religious activities were manifested. On its sides were the administrative or official buildings and the Cathedral or church of the town. That is why you will find a lot of similarities in all colonial cities in Latin America (big plazas, big churches, big buildings, incredible architecture). Actually the architecture is very similar to any city in the south of Spain (Seville, for example). The good thing about all these colonial cities in Latin America is that they have been preserved and mantained throughout the years. Greetings from Barcelona, Spain.

no, there are several diff kind of Castellano, "rioplatense", "andino", Gran colombiano" etc..

@patricia ramos You are a sad, embittered, overly nationalistic Peruvian and you represent the worst of Peru but with every comment you confirm all of my comments regarding my father's country. It's truly sad but continue if it makes you happy. The depth of your blind nationalism and fanaticism is truly astounding!

I'm glad you liked my country Peru... love my Peru

Peas= alverjas or alverjitas

Always foggy and never rains!! But I loved Peru and hopefully I’ll come back one day

Found it funny how you used the Spanish word for Shrimp while speaking English instead of the Spanish one!

Great video, cheers!!

Really enjoyed your travel video in Peru. It’s the first I’ve ever seen. I’m impressed with the food and stunning architecture. Thanks for all your effort.

Larcomar it's popular because is by the ocean

I spent 2 hours at the Premier Lounge in CDMX. Lima is very cool. Would love to go there in the Summer

Los amoooo ❤

You were very brave to take UBER in Lima. Don’t trust it there. June is the worst possible month to be in Lima. It’s historically the month with the highest suicide rate in Lima because of those gray skies and mist (Garúa). Thank you for sharing. Yes, you have to come back. ;-) Also, Cebiche, you have to eat it with the sweet potato (camote) it is served, it neutralizes the lemon a bit.

Really enjoyed your video. I lived in Lima for 10 years as a child and teenager. Believe it or not, I actually learned to drive in Lima. Love the food, all of it, the fish is like no other place in the world. You do, however, need to venture out to other places in Peru, the mountains, and the jungle are awesome. Cajamarca, Huaraz, Cuzco, in the mountains. Pucalpa or Iquitos for the jungle, and my birthplace Trujillo or Arequipa for the coast.

Saludos y felicitaciones desde Lima (ju20vi2019)-Perú-América.

Peurvians dislike how mexicans talk in their grand majority, I noticed. Also they dont like to be compared to them, just saying but dont feel frustrated, i had a similar prob and they understood and were way friendlier than i expected!

Peruvian food is not about looks guys, is about flavors and the love it was put in it, can also transport you to places, depends on how you appreciate it! beyond a ceviche or a lomo saltado, you gotta venture and try it more in a more deeply level to understand it! really good stuff!

You made an error, you would have ordered the ceviche carretillero or ceviche with squid. very very delicious. You mus visit Arequooa., near to Cuzco. The central square its really cool

Thank you for the correction and recommendation!

Japanese have been in Peru since the 1800's, hence the Asian influence in foods and restaurants.

I would suggest you to use Google Dictionary or Google Translate next time you want to explain something to someone who does not speak your native tongue and who's native tongue you do not speak or speak not very well.

I love Peruvian food!! Lima is always dark and humid.

Not during summer, it's winter now in June. I recommend coming from January to March.

peru el mejor pais de america latina la gastronomia peruana la mejor

Solo por que eres Peruano lo dices. A Peru le falta mucho para ser el mejor pais de America Latina.

Si claro solo por que eres Peruano lo dices. A Peru le falta mucho para ser el mejor pais de America Latina.

there are a lot of dishes that you should try next like papa a la huancaina , papa rellena , lomo saltado , tamales , humitas, pollo a la brasa / go to a chifa(our style of chinese food mixed with peruvian ) thanks for visiting peru!

You could go to Av. San Martin cuadra 3 ó 4 Miraflores, there are like 3 restaurants were you could have lunch at 12:00

Nice food out there

In two weeks I'm flying back to Peru after 3 years living abroad. Glad to see Lima again, I did miss the cloudy and gray days of Lima. I'm taking my wife for the first time, so I'm so excited of coming back home. Your video was really cool. You must visit Peru again.

I didn't mean to call you liars. I did have a bad experience with aeromexico so hope you understand my rage. It's pretty much directed to aeromexico. You guys are lucky they didn't try to nickel and dime you. Sorry if it came out the wrong way

You're calling us liars because we had different experiences? That's rude.

and Europe is super boooring compared to Latin America.

@Pandora Sullivan the earthquake was far from Lima, in the jungle, and there wasnt too much damage. No people died

Beautiful video guys, Jordan and.....? (I don't think I got your name on the video)! very informative; I can tell you did your homework before arriving in Lima; Congrats!

Hello My Name is Daisy! I have been watching your videos for the past days and all i can say is that you guys are amazing!!! I am from New York both parents are from Mexico and my husband is Peruvian. I will be going to Mexico in August. WE'RE SUPER EXCITED!!!

Welcome to Lima, The Food Capital of America....

good video. I just miss some places my free town district is very touristy and did not appear.

Great video

Hi guys, I was watching the video when I heard the word "mande", I ask you please do not use it anymore, it is a word that should not exist anymore in Mexico. For a lot of people, it only means, "excuse me?" or "what?" even the British "beg your pardon"; but in reality it is a word that is inculcated in Mexico as a way of answering the colonizers and that remained until today as a word of submission: "Mande" means "Order you" "Mande" is "an expression of courtesy" with which even today parents correct their children: "Do not say" Qué? ", Says" Mande "!». Some say that it is apocope of "order you to me " or "you order me," to command, that someone with authority expresses the will to have something done. Anyway, when you do not understand something in Spanish or do not listen well, you can say: Cómo?, Qué? I hope to see your adventures in Mexico City soon. Greetings from a "chilango"

Perú, capital folclórica de América , 2 mil variedades de danzas, costa, sierra y selva https://www.facebook.com/RedjepRedJovenesEmpresarios/ https://www.facebook.com/america.toursmayorista/


Nice city, beautiful views.

I’m catching up on your videos after being in Argentina for 10 days; it’s great to see you guys again!

Awesome video !! New subscriber over here

delighted that you visit my beautiful and wonderful country.

just a little correction, at 21:48 the waiter says: ''el carretillero a mi en lo personal me gusta más'' which means ''el carretillero I personally like it more''

Thanks a lot, we both misunderstood what he said there.

Great video. Thanks

Mira Flores and Barranco are strictly Tourist traps, get out to the districts for a real feel of Lima

One reason I think some of the Peruvian food may seem a bit average or even underwhelming is because Mexican food is also very good. So your taste buds already have a high palette. Mexican and Peruvian are some of the very best cuisines on Earth IMO.

Bienvenidos a Perú

Maybe better keep a photo of green peas ready on your cellphone - this eliminates any confusing communication ;)

So glad you have enjoyed Lima, despite the language barrier but you made it and had the taste of Peru. Farewell and remember that the whole Peru awaits your visit soon.

Thank you for being so welcoming of us, Esteban! We appreciate that. Hope we can come back to Peru again and experience more of the food and culture there. :)

Welcome to Lima - Peru, The Food Capital of Americas....

Thank you for coming to Lima,from december to April is the best time in Lima ...

@Tangerine Travels i Started follow you guys couple days ago,i like your videos..

Thanks for the heads up! We're hoping to come back again

Lime, has a larger China town than any other city in the Americas. Japanese also have a large influence

peru&oq=barrio+chino+en+lima+peru&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l3.15819j0j8&client=tablet-android-samsung&so Lima, & the Whole SA is my next year travel vacation... keep up the good work

Where is the china town in Lima? We missed it in our explorations this time.

In Lima the Food Review is 5 stars and the Traffic is -5 stars, go to smalls cities in Peru like Cusco, Arequipa, Huaraz or Iquitos for natural environment and good food.

Thanks for the correction! I listened to that part dozens of times and still couldn’t get the spelling right.

Nice posts

You made an error, you would have ordered the ceviche carretillero or ceviche with squid. very very delicious. You mus visit Arequipa., near to Cuzco. The central square is really cool

@Hector Campos dice el banco mundial el fonto monetario organismos internacionales del crecimiento economico peruano el mejor eso es verdad el peru puede gastar millones de millones en cualquier cosa quiera o desea el peru

@CRISTIAN RAUL CHAVEZ Y quien lo dice? haaa si tu verdad. Jajajjaja

@CRISTIAN RAUL CHAVEZ Y quien lo dice haaa si tu verdad. Jajajajaj

@Hector Campos el crecimiento economico peruano el mejor de america es por eso

Despite the long distance, we have so many similarities.

Aprende ingles

*Peru has amazing varieties of Corns that are unique in the country

You are in another continent bro

That was the joke

I don't like the Antichuchos in Mangos Restaurante. I prefer them in Estadio Restaurant, in lima center, jirón de la unión

Hi! You have to visit Argentina some day!

He actually said that ceviche carretillero was his favorite. The subtitles said the opposite

We both misunderstood him - we're still learning the language.

I’m planning to open a cafe, a pan northern California - Peruvian food that is sensitive to food allergies!

I wouldn’t eat anticuchos at larcomar! There’s anticuchos de la grimanesa and other places! Each time I’ve had it it’s been very tender!

Hey guys nice video

Peas are called arbejas in Peru. Chicharos are in Mexico and the people from Peru won’t understand you.

Great video, I always wanted to visit Peru,thanks for the ride.

awesome but you need explorer more Lima

the seashore looks kinda like the california seashores, cold lol

"It's like those Peruvians . . . have a different word . . . for everything."

Great video!! good information!! Blessings

Lol I had fun watching you cross the Puente de Los suspiros in Barrancp... Without breathing lol

@Globiluches Corazon We're very familiar with chicharrón only because we've made that mistake before in Mexico.

@Tangerine Travels el ceviche carretillero tiene "chicharrón" no es lo mismo que "chicharos". Creo que confundieron eso también. You misunderstood Chicharron, not the same as Chicharos

@Tangerine Travels El cebiche carretillero means the rickshaw cebiche - never tried but I guess the portion is more generous

They are not tourist traps .. they used to be top people's neighborhoods and there you can find (especially in Barranco) old beautiful houses and buildings with big flowering gardens and trees, which reminds you of life before the XXIst century. When - in the near future - everybody will live in high modern buildings, future generations will see and think nostalgically about how their grandparents and greatgrandparents used to live ....... I miss the gardens, now building corporations just think about parking lots and $$$ per square meter.

There have been two problems with the platform in here, because the company wasn't checking properly, I heard. Now I think they are more careful. June is so gray and humid, and those neighborhoods are by the seaside so they're even mistier ... actually they started as summer resorts back in the XIXth century because of their proximity to the beach, until they became permanent residences for house owners. If you come from the northern hemisphere you will find our winter rather mild and of course will love the weather in the north coast, the rainforest, Cusco, Arequipa and everywhere in the Andes. You won't see the sunlight in Lima until end of September

@Hector Campos la ocde o g20 pero que hablas hay tanto paises que estan como argentina mexico y brasil en la g20 son paises con tanta pobreza y miseria mira como esta argentina lleno de pobreza mexico con tanta delincuencia y desigualdad brasil miseria lleno de favelas estos tres miserables paises estan en recesion no hay crecimiento y tu hablas del g20 das pena el crecimiento peruano es inmenso este 2019 4, por ciento ningun pais de america va crecer como el peruano

@CRISTIAN RAUL CHAVEZ jajajajjajajaja Mira cuando Peru este en la OCDE o en el G20 hablamos...

I'm Peruvian, loved to know you liked our capital city .... Good advices, be careful, but - apart from that - we are usually warm, hospitable people and love smiling talkative people, like you. Old Latin American downtowns are not exactly the same but will look similar to foreigners because they were built by the Spaniards, often Castilian and Andalusians. And Mexico and Peru are brotherly countries (Mexico is obviously richer than us) because we had the same mother - Spain - and our fathers were advanced ancient native civilizations: Aztecs & Mayan and Inkas.

Muchas gracias, we like Mexicans a lot, think of them as brothers .. Other Latin American countries are cousins but you are brothers

As Peruvian I would say "¿Perdón?" or "¿Disculpe?" for "Sorry (I didn't understand)?" or "Sorry (I didn't hear)?". Less educated is "¿Qué?" (what?). Mexicans say "¿Mande?" (You are ordering or instructing?)

peru beautiful el peru bello

You should have tried Lomo Saltado. :D

my nephew lives there and says that the food cheap.

Great video! Just to clarify, not all of Lima is in a desert, there are fertile, river washed plains in between the coastal desert. Miraflores and a big chunk of Lima, probably most of it, is located in a valleys washed by 3 main rivers, so Miraflores is naturally "green" although it doesn't rain, it is fertile land, easy to grow. Another key aspect of the Peruvian coastal desert is that its not really a desert, its a fertile plan covered in sand (due to lack of rain) and where there are no rivers it "looks" like desert but with irrigation projects the land becomes prosperous for agriculture. There are sections of "true desert" where no matter how much water you pour in the soil is acidic and salty. So, Lima was chosen as the capital because it was located in a huge valley that has been cultivated for thousands of years, and it was close to the biggest and deepest natural port of the Pacific,"Callao".

a good video you guys similar like Gabriel Traveller anyway

Two US kids go to Peru and share their experience in a really nice video and some stupid Peruvians and Mexicans try to ruin it with their ignorant comments. I was born and raised in Peru, have visited Mexico several times, currently live in the US and love all three places.

You miss something. If you get ill while visiting Peru, don't forget that Peruvian drugstores (farmacias) are required by law to offer you lower price generics before informing you a big pharma product. Generics are cheaper but by no means less effective than big pharma products. In order not to be misunderstood, take your prescription and sample from the drug you may need. Thus the drugstore seller may know the chemical principle and offer the product you need. The local trade brand may be different, but the chemical principle will be the same.

As for the language, as you say, do your best with basic Spanish. Flatter the locals' keen on practicing their English skills. Be nice and polite. We don't have a thick accent or anything else like that. Speak slow and you'ill get understand to anyone.

Andean cities like Arequipa and Cuzco resemble more like they looked like in the viceregal. In Cusco, save the most expensive MacDonald ever in this planet, Downtown Cusco is more or less alike in the Spanish settlement times. Arequipa is a Spanish town by purpose. If you go there, you'll find yourself a more closely connection with Guadalajara and other Mexican cities. Downtown D.F has more in common with Cusco. As for other aspects, you'ill need more time to get to know the city of Lima. Prehispanic Lima is very much alive and close to us. Although the barbarian passing of urban sprawling since the 1940s, huacas (worshipping and administrative centres) remain in most of the cities's districts. If you come visit Lima again, just let me know. I'll be gladly willing to show you around.

Just a couple of things about Downtown Lima. It's is an admixture of the viceregal blueprint and buildings with a more recent French influence in the early 20th century. Save for a few churches and 18th century houses across Downtown Lima, almost nothing prior to the foundation of Lima remains. Our sysmical background and the development of the town since the 1850s literally swept away most of the old viceregal city. Government Palace was built in 1938 under French Influence. So does Plaza Martin. All its buildings date back to the early 20th century. Hotel Bolivar was erected in order to provide a first class lodging to all visitors coming to our first centennial conmemoration. One of the few remains of the viceregal past is San Francisco, which was partly demolished to open what is now Abancay Avenue.

I prefer Mexican ceviche is more delicious!

Nice video guys!! And is true how some words are different in other countries! I am from central america and use “neutral” or the right words that everyone understands in every or most of the speaking spanish countries ☺️

Yes, chicharos = aeverjitas

@CRISTIAN RAUL CHAVEZ Otra cosa Peru es muy centralizada. Lima es todo lo que hay como ciudad de alli en mas solo son pueblos....

@CRISTIAN RAUL CHAVEZ Y hablas de Argentina, Brazil, Y Mexico con pobreza. Jajajajajjajaja Señor eres Peruano, preguntale a cualquier persona de estos tres paises y te van a decir que piensan de Peru. Dices que en Mexico hay mucha insegurida el cuam acepto que si la hay, pero en el 2018 fue el sexto pais mas visitado en el mundo. Mientra Peru fue visitado por 6 millones de personas, Mexico fue visitado por 40 millones de personas con eso te digo todo.

@CRISTIAN RAUL CHAVEZ jajajaja Te recomiendo el siguiente video de Tangerine Travels donde dicen que en Lima el trafico el ruido y como la ciudad esta horriblemente organizada.. jajaja Peru lo unico que puede presumir es Miraflores fuera de eso Lima es horrible sucia y pobre. No lo dije yo, lo dijeron los weros de Tangerine Travels.

My daughter has been in Lima for two weeks now. She went to a dozen museums. The Metropolitan, and Art museum have 3D displays. The catacombs are also cool. She also went to the Grand National Theater of Lima to see the national ballet. Oh, she went paragliding by the Park of Love. Now, she is resting before going to Cusco, and Machu Picchu to see the Inti Raymi festivities. ... Sadly, she didn't have time to go to the Ballestas islands (AKA poor-man's Galapagos). .. And yes, she complained about traffic.

@Toko Andromeda , you have to try "AJI DE GALLINA", "LOMO SALTADO", "CHAUFA (RICE) DE MARISCOS", "CARAPULCRA"....... If you order "CAUSA" or "CAUSA A LA LIMEÑA" the best is with Tuna fish instead of chicken. El CEBICHE es delicioso (The ceviche is delicious). Have a good (food) trip .

Perú es mil veces mas moderno que Mexico.


El video está interesante. Les recomiendo que lo vean hasta el final.

Its Imposible.. White Peruvians..White Latinos Exists..

Hermoso vídeo

23:10 my mouth was watery

#1 Machu Picchu, # Nazca lines, # islas ballests, # 4 Manu, #5 Arequipa, #6 el cañon de colca, #7 mancora, #8 sacsayhuaman, # 9 la montaña de colores, #10 old Lima etc....

Ay mejores lugares en lima donde comer cebiche.

¿Cual lugares nos recomienda?

I really enjoyed this video!Your Mexico words don't work in Peru? Que lastima.

Thanks, Dave! We could understand most of the Spanish people spoke in conversations, but there were MANY differences when it came to food/ingredients

I have an uncle who lives in Peru, Sacred Valley. I have been wanting to visit for a long time. So, I would have a place to stay. What is the cheapest way to purchase round trip airfare? I would be traveling from either Charlotte or Greensboro, North Carolina. So glad you got to experience Peru. Love your videos. So informative, and you two are the sweetest couple. ✈

You are so sweet, thank you! We have a bunch of flight alerts set up from various cities/airports. In this case, we got the flash deal with Aeromexico. You can use Google Flights to set up price drop alerts from the cities you'd like to fly from. Also, we use ScottsCheapFlights.com to get mistake fares and price drops as well. Hope this helps!

Guys you maked a BIIIIIIG mistake. You just visited kinda gourmet restaurants. I am used to go to those places and let me tell you, the recipes there are not even close to the real flavors. To tell you the truth I couldnt watched 1 good place to eat traditional peruvian food at your video. But dont worry, thats pretty common cause those bussines are about US and European foreigners, ence the gourmet , non traditional recipes. Watch the videos from CHEF TIMOUR a french guy living at Perú. He is the perfect example of a foreigner, exploring tradition and variety about the thousands traditional dishes , Perú owns (between, main dishes, lots of different food styles, soups and desserts)

Thanks for letting us know! We did our best to find more traditional restaurants, like Panchita felt more like the real deal. Next time, we'll have to take a food tour so we taste the true Peruvian flavors.

Great video guys, thanks. I did vist Lima recently and fall in love with the city, the balconies, the super nice people and the change of guard concert..and as you know its free!!

That changing of the guards ceremony was something else, right? What a show!

That breakfast isn't peruvian. So, that far, you didn't eat any peruvian food at all. Actually we don't eat salad or ham and eggs n the morning. Anticuchos must be tender, if it isn't is just a bad chef. Greettings

Thank you. We ended up having a lot of Peruvian dishes over the course of our trip. I think that first meal at buena vista was the worst we had there.

Lima is so poor

Hey, Im from Peru, did you visit "Mancora"?

Como estafan a los turistas con esos precios se almuerza todo el día y queda calentado para el desayuno.

My family is from Ecuador which is the northern neighbor of Peru. We share similar cuisine, and vernacular. The word "mande" means order, as in order me to do something. In Ecuador mande is used by maids, or any other household help when addressed by their "patrones." I'm sure it's the same in Peru. My wife is Mexican, and she uses "mande" all the time, while I only use it mockingly when she tries to boss me around, as in: "mande, patoncita."

In that context mande means what I stated. It actually means to send. By the way, Ecuadorean device is better...lol..

Welcome to Perú ; thank for your visit!!

Cool account!

@TheMrSnyder , that's is true in colloquial language and slang, but in formal context, almost every single word you can find in the RAE Dictionary. http://www.rae.es/

The 3rd most popular place in Peru is the Nazca lines, that mall is probably 30th place, there are so many places to go including the jungles

Peru is amazing, their history, geography, gastronomy, culture, etc is simply magic. Machu Picchu and Inca trail was the best experience in my life.

Hola bienvenidos a Lima una ciudad milenaria

Llegaron en invierno mucha suerte

I just have to ask Maddie and Jordan is it difficult walking down the street looking as fabulous as you both do ???? Please check your Facebook please

Estos turistas cometieron el error de no estar guiados por un peruano que separa que lugares son buenos para comer bien y rico. Fueron unos burros totalmente. Se metieron a casi cualquier restaurante sin saber nada. Se lo merecen por idiotas.

das verguenza con tu comentario de peruano sabelotodo, anda aprende a respetar a los otros.

Can you make another video of Peru- Macchu Picchu perhaps?

Para probar comida netamente peruana, cómo se les ocurre probar en su primer desayuno algo americano y luego se van a un lugar donde ofrecen comida oriental. No se pasen amigos gringos. Mínimo debieron irse a un restaurante de comida criolla o marina. Pero empezaron mal, muy mal.

That was nice of Aeromexico I just recently flew to Virginia from Los Angeles and they nickel and dime you it's not even funny I thought they where going to charge me for breathing air and that was United Airlines never doing that again I went to see my son my grandson and my father to take pictures because if anyone notice it's a 4 generation alive and that's a rarity I took pictures pictures pictures pictures pictures and more pictures

I've been to Peru a couple of times. The obvious "must-see" destinations like Machu Picchu are awesome and should not be missed. However, a lot of guide books and websites gloss over Lima and basically tell you to spend as little time there as possible. That's BS. Lima is a GREAT city filled with incredible churches, museums and art galleries as well as some amazing restaurants and a wide variety of really cool and interesting cultural experiences.

lima la meona

asi como le gusta a tu madré y a tu hermana :V

tampoco exajeres

@Tangerine Travels OK,like PEAS! Like another poster stated,take a photo of you CANNOT eat. More corn,however.

@TheMrSnyder So you made me googled all this stuff, so I would not get my facts wrong to answer to what end up being a joke! Can I suggest reviewing the correct MLA quotation form? Thanks a lot Mr. Snyder!!!!!

Notice the quotes. It's a Steve Martin joke people.

400 million people, and 20+ countries in 4 continents speak Spanish, so it shouldn't be surprising that there is a certain level of variation. Probably no more than between England, and California.

1800's? I thought they arrived in the 20th century.

@CRISTIAN RAUL CHAVEZ Peru no es superior a ningun pais en nada. Siguen siendo pobres.

@Hector Campos no quieres endender el peru es un pais en crecimiento economico es superior a muchos paises de america por ejemplo centro america miseria y pobreza el caribe lo mismo pobreza en sudamerica quizas quizas chile lo demas en pobreza como argentina brasil y los demas canada eeuu es diferente por son paises anglofonos europeos son muy diferentes america latina el peru es el futuro de muchos peruanos claro el peru

Hello bless you from me person...i am peruavian...when you back...writte me please

The 8.0 earthquake was in a remote area, there is nothing to worry about. You are welcome to visit Peru. I'm from Lima

Its very nice that you enjoy lima. And you rwill imagine that tis city willbe the most visited part of peru in .10 years.that means more visited than cusco and obiuosly machu picchu

Que cosa dirán.

Perú is beautiful.

Thank you for visiting my county Peru

Va a merda vocês só falam não mostra nada seus gringos de uma figa

that breakfast was expensive was it worth the view

Wow welcome ....!!

If you come to Peru, you can not leave without first tasting their delicious food, these are the basics: ENTRADAS: Causa (potato, lemon) Leche de tigre (similar to ceviche but it is more liquid) SEGUNDOS: Ceviche (fish) Lomo saltado (meat) Ají de gallina (Chicken) Pollo a la brasa (you only find it in pollerías) BEBIDAS: Chicha morada (purple corn) Pisco sour (pisco, lemon) Welcome to my Perú!!!

Solo para aclarar Miraflores no es todo Lima ni es el centro de Lima

Nuevo suscriptor. Bienvenidos a Perú amigos.

pollo a la brasa


I really enjoyed watching this video, but as Peruvian I got a little bothered by you guys constantly comparing Mexico with Peru. Anyway I could be wrong about how I took your comments but I thought to let you know how maybe other Peruvians May feel. it’s just a personal opinion. Although I’m glad you guys enjoyed your stay in Lima. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceviche please if you guys can read what Wikipedia has to say about the origin of ceviche, you guys may understand why is a big deal to us the rest of cebiches everywhere are just fusions but not authentic like Peruvian ceviche.

Personal Chef I agree, Perù, the food ingredients are different because they are native Peruvians, and yes, Spanish words are different too because they are ‘modismos’ used in the big Hispanic countries and they are part of the coloquial Spanish language and by the way, ceviche is a Peruvian dish which is prepared in other countries like the tacos which everybody know they are Mexican. So please stop comparing, Perú and Mexico, they are different the only thing in common is the Spanish language and religion.

Puente de los s|usupiros es para ustedes los templadazos.

Nice video, now you must go to Cuzco - Machu Picchu, and to the Jungle, the Amazon River

Visita Parque de las leyendas, Pacaya Samiria y carga un peresozo bebe

peru. oh Pisco Sour.

the ceviche is too expensive. There are other good restautants you can get better ceviche for for a lower price, really!!

The 3rd most popular place to visit in Perú is not that shopping center, it is the NAZCA LINES in the Ica state

Y no hablas español flaca?

Ran across this video , Im Peruvian living in Venice beach CA , and can say i always feel at home in Mexico too , anywhere i go whether is Cancun , Tulum , Mexico City, Tijuana you name it ... i call Mexico my second home

El tuvo muy mala suerte con las comidas jeje

Eso es cierto hay malandros lamentablemente y tienen que tener mucho cuidado con sus pertenencias y en lima peor.

Take vitamin D with calcium to compensate for lack of son

Beautiful ... PERU.

The churros at La 73 are unbelievable! Many rave about Manolo's but this was amazing. Glad you still liked the food over there!

Good to know for the next time :)

Both Peru and Mexico were colonized by the Spaniards, so the constructions are similar, the forms of the squares are the same. But in the end, we are different, he he.

Go to Lima in the summer is a million times better.

Awesome video, i am glad you like Lima, can't wait to see you explore the other 95% of Peru you are missing. It would be amazing to watch

Excellent video ... they are spectacular ... greetings ... youseelive

Exelente video...son espectaculares...saludos...youseelive


My lovely tangerines!!!

The toasted corn, or "tostadito" Is actually from peruvian sierra ;v

i think you were in really expensive places for eating. Lima have a lot of restaurants less expensive and really goods. Why you stayed just in Miraflores and Barranco? You have lost the opportunity to discover the biggest historic center of Latinoamerica . You just did the typical visit of a tourist ( really poor). I hope you come back soon and visit the real Lima. Greetings

Eso es algo que pasa, no te enojes.

@Randy Strong chupas y mamas jaja

Que buen chiste

I believe you need to learn more and visit Perú more.You need to visit Cusco, Peru during the winter, and Lima, Peru during the summer. You haven't tried all the foods in Peru yet to be able to judge the country and its amazing culture. Also, here is tons of fun you make while visiting Peru. You have visited Peru very little to make an idea of the culture and country as a whole. However, I love the video. Thank you.

if you want to eat better , real peruvian food go to Lince, Callao , there are enought good restaurants

En Lima Perú you should definitevely contact for you tube collaboration with Chef.Timour he is living right now in our country and he Know the best of Peruvian Food is líke ambassador of our culture you must check it his YouTube Channel

Ohhh nice, i hope to visit any of your countries one day. Ahhh, i forget how racist you are, and we need a visa to go there.

Lol mande is a central and north America thing... It is used in Latin America too but the real meaning of the word comes from mandar which means to command, mandate. Like the proper way of using it would be...Cómo usted mandé patrón! Mexicans and other North/Central America countries have adopted that as saying could you repeat that. Que or cómo? Are the proper way and Perdón? Would be more polite.

Lol hmmm he actually said "personally I like the Ceviche Carretillero better

Next time you should come from January to March when its summer! The time you came now was the worst because of the cold weather in winter.

As a Peruvian myself, Lima is probably the worst city in the world lol

I got sick a year and seven months ago so I can't drink no more no tequila for me but I like seeing you guys dranking it's cool and you get funny drunk love you guys

I love how you show your stuff and the food much love to you guys

I can only see you guys on u tube but you have the best videos and pictures I watch over and over again and wait for new ones to come out love them Barbie

hola amigo soy nueva amiga aca pasando a saludarte y dejarte dedito arriba , excelente videooooo, saludos desde Peru

van a Peru y piden sushi xD! es como ir a japon y pedir tacos o paella -_- viajeros novatos :v

Disfruten su estadía AMIGOS. EN Lima...

mal muchachos, no comparen Perú con mexico. es como si compararamos EEUU con la bella Australia, Or beautiful New Zelandia, no sean pendejos, y otra cosa si vienen a comer los platos peruanos, no vayan a larcomar o sitios asi en miraflores son asalta gringos tontos, y la comida es mala en esos lugares.

The Perú is Amazing.

very interesting and entertaining. thank you both.

Good video!! Thanks guys for share more about Peru

Mérida? Chicha morada is a typical drink from Peru not from Mexico.

Yep, it was advertised as a peruvian drink when I got it in Mérida.

Larcomar the third most important place in Peru? Where the heck you got that???????????ÑÑ

@Tangerine Travels lol

Our tour guide (from Lima) told us that.

Buen video saludos desde Perú.

Greatings from Lima Peru! If you have a doubth I hope I can help :) Hola!

peas in spanish is also "guisante verde",

No entiendo inglés pero saludos

Puedes activar subtitulos en español si quieres

What a nice video thank you for coming, to visit our country, Peru is a big oais, I hope to see you visiting other cities such as Cuzco and Arequipa that are very beautiful, I imagine you are reminded of Mexico by the Spaniards, Peru was the capital of the Viceroyalty Spanishy in every widow that visits Peru the architecture will amaze you especially the churches, Once this country was so big that it covered almost all South America, and each province is like a different oais with its own food and customs, they are super invited to know my country !! welcome to Peru !!

Hola me boy no les entiendo..... Spanish..

Jesus, Mary and Joseph at 31:31

Porque yo creó en ti vamo vamo Perú !!.

Excellent video! Congratulations and thank you! Make more!!

I'm a new subscriber, I really had enjoyed this blog and you guys seem so genuine : 0 )

Hi guys! First time I am watching your videos and I wonder why you guys have been to mainstream places/restaurants in Lima? Best places to eat or explore are outside the mainstream bubble (miraflores, barranco). !Adios chicos!

How many peruvians are watching this video lol

Jajaja ese sushi que dices es la causa limeña xf

nice video. Glad you liked the city. It's a shame you couldn't eat many different dishes (causa twice and other dishes than aren't traditional). Hope you can visit another time and also go to other cities in Peru. PD: chicharron doesn't have peas, it's just fried meat or fish.

@Tangerine Travels the word in Peru is alverja btw. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Welcome as many times as you want. Try yo eat un Arequipa city in south Peru. Amazing food as well

Chícharos is the word we know for peas in Mexico. We wanted to eat all of the food, we couldn't get enough! We might be back later this year :)

It's nice that saw some of Lima, but after living here for the past year, I can tell you there are more "authentic" Peruvian experiences to be had(BTW, I live about 5 minutes from that cafe overlooking the ocean in Miraflores). Next time, try Arequipa, Trujillo, or Iquitos(in the Amazon); only visiting the nicer/more developed areas doesn't give one a true sense of the country.

Chicharron was not peas, it is a way of cooking meat - stirfried with a bit of flour/eggs I guess... Next time you neeed to try pollo a la braza and chifa!!!!

Interestingly, with the Spanish we've learn in Mexico - Chícharos is the word for peas and chicharrón is pork rind. Thanks for the food recommendation :)

I love the video. Peru is amazing!!!. I will recomended ceviche!!

No conociste lima conociste miraflores .... hay una gran diferencia aparte ya no estamos en lima deberia cambiarsw a caracas

Deberian mandar mejores gringas

Lima doesn’t really. Have. Tourist places. Other than just. Food

Try cuzco

I went to Peru 5 years ago with my ex-husband. We went to Piura. He's from Peru we needed to see the landscape in the economy cuz he's returning to retire there.

22:49 the waiter dont understand that you speak about 'chicharos' that is a bean but only know by mexicans. the other its a 'chicharron' its a peruvian food like the tempura of the japanese cuisine.

No pues no salieron de miraflores

We are different and better than Mexico.....ha,ha,ha.....

You´ve visited the worst restaurants on the area.

Buena Vista? We would NOT go back there!

Lol is not a different Spanish; Spanish is the same everywhere. It is just that all those words are approved by the RAE (Real Academia Española), except for slang. For example Palta is the same as avocado, aguacate. Someone that is well versed will probably know the different words. Also you guys went to the rich part of Peru hahaha which is cool and super expensive. I've never heard of Larcomar been a landmark lol is just a mall like any mall in the US, it just has a nice view.

Buen video coloretes

If you guys were in Plaza Mayor to see the change of guard and was longer than usual, it might’ve been BC it was June 7th, flag day.

Please servers in Lima need learn to English just talk to Spanish!!

white peruvians exist its imposible

Thanks for visiting Lima... just a foody recommendation: when you eat ceviche you must have a very cold beer. Also, the "chicharo" es called "arveja" in Peru but lot of people also misspronounce it as "alverja". Finally a funny story about the tiger's milk, in spanish "tigre" means tiger BUT a male tiger, because a female tiger would be "tigresa". So, what you have is correctly translate as "male tiger's milk" and yes, you're wondering how a male tiger can have milk... and yes, is what you are thinking hahaha

Interestingly, both arveja and alverja translate to pea on Google Translate. Might have to say no to leche de tigre from now on

Beutifull video Perú

Eats in hotel: "I've found the food of Peru to be underwhelming."

That wasn’t a hotel what are you talking about lol

you guys came in the bad weather we are in winter , next time try to come on a summer

Thanks for the tip!

Cuidarse de los delincuentes venezolanos colombianos y peruanos

Actually the architecture of lima is a little bit more french than Spanish colonial but they mix also many barroco style

Por supuesto que no, pero era obvio que estando hospedados por Miraflores iban a a visitar allí o alrededores como Barranco, el centro fue como una sugerencia me imagino,pero para los días que han estado esta bien los sitios que estuvieron. Ademas Lima es aburrida, Cusco es lo mejor para visitar pero está resultando caro para los extranjeros ir hasta allí.

rosa marka Yes I agree with what you said, Religion maybe but Language? I believe in Mexican Spanish they use a lot of slangs and makes it more complicated to understand. Lastly I don’t know you but when watching the video besides comparing everything I noticed that they were converting how many Pesos they were spending when US dollars is universal and Pesos are in several Latin American countries not just in Mexico and have different value for example in Chile 680 pesos is a dollar and I believe in Mexico 19 pesos is a dollar, they need to specify that to avoid confusion unless they think only Mexicans watch their videos. Anyway maybe they use YouTube to inform about other countries just to Mexican audience.

The price is from 3 dollars or more for one person in normal quality, prices like the video are for rich people or cheated people, that's the problem of Lima

Thank you guys and I love you like my city, right now in Lima is winter so I suggest you guys to come back during our summer time which it is between December 15th and March 15th. I have been in Mexico too (Cancun, Riviera Maya and Mexico City and I love it!)

It's good that they visit us but it would be good for them to know that Lima is not Miraflores, and that out of that area things are not so pretty, that they did not have any problems. I am just determined to migrate to Canada and I hope that I am doing well, I grew up in the dangerous streets of Lima and I believe that your country, by what I see, is a paradise of security and order.


Leche de tigre is the same ingredients in Cebiche just blended to create creamy sensational sauce.

Very nice

I'm peruvian,but I live in Sevilla. I'm fascinating your videos.

You've had to go to buffet in order to try new food from Peru inside of do that you were to a Japanese restaurant

Que triste saber que no conozco todo esos lugares :’( por estudiar

Guys, I'm glad that you liked Peru! I'm from Lima, Peru. The next time you need try other dishes, like lomo saltado, arroz con pollo, aji de gallina, etc. amazing dishes !! :) Enjoy your next trip!

Thanks, Mia!

La chicha mirada es a base de maíz morado, canela y clavo de olor no lleva bayas

the girl's voice is so similar to Lily from HIMYM

Nice video, guys! But I must say Larcomar is not an attraction. It is just a mall, different than the others because it is located on a cliff. That's all. The Nazca lines are, I think, the 3rd most popular attraction in Peru.

Buen video,bienvenidos a mi PERÚ,Saludos desde Huacho

Totalmente perdids, les viern la cara y les cobraorn solo por el desayuno hasta tres veces lo que en realidad cuesta, les sucede a muchisimos visitantes no tienen la menr idea de opr donde empezar y que hacer,

The hole of places was a wrong because are pitucos places (rich people), only the ceviche and causa is tradicional nothing more look you must taste Lomo Saltado, pollo a la brasa, seco de cabrito, aji de gallina, papa rellena and much more very bad places you visited.

So far up to minute 14 you went to the wrong places to eat real good food, let see, Ok. terminó...why? why?..no fueron a comer a los sitios populares donde hay realmente la comida peruana...I'm so sad...next time call me, I'll give both of you a tour in Lima that you'll never forget...because Lima no es solo Miraflores y Barranco... is a lot more to see...

Omg you should try the food here in all the cities is different

those ceviche and other are too nice but the best tasty dishes are in uptown or "huariques" secret places where no luxury but a lot of creativity

Hola, deberian probar: lomo saltado, aji de gallina, papa rellena, y algunos postres como la mazamorra morada. Se que les gustaria.

Hola chicos disfruten de la cultura de peru

Wouuu welcome a PERUSALEN ✋

Cebiche without onions?

That breakfast is so.. white

Estos gringos patas de queso no han ido a restaurants donde preparan rica la comida peruana, no necesariamente vas a ir a un lugar 5 tenedores para comer delicioso. Deberían pedir información sobre q platos comer, como lomo saltado, variedad de ceviches, cabrito a la norteña, papa a la huancaina, ocopa, arroz con pato, pollo a la braza, ají de gallina, tiradito, arroz con pollo, arroz con mariscos, chicharron de cerdo con mote y zarza criolla, cuy chactado, tallarín saltado, causa limeña, frito de chancho, etc etc... estos cojudos toman café con ceviche

I am so glad you all tried all that good

You earn a peruvian follower! Thanks for this amazing video about Lima peru

The guy who designed the Eiffel tower? LOL. You mean Mr Eiffel?

Es una pena...tubieron solo un encuentro muy superficial con la comida peruana, imagino que por tiempo....sinembargo sería bueno que se informen un poco más cuando visiten un país

Thanks for the recommendation!


Los inmigrantes japoneses.

Dear friends Josie and Steve, I tell you that Lima is a created city, founded by the limas, who are pre-Inca inhabitants and not by the Spaniards, they (the Spaniards) invaded Lima and imposed their style on some buildings, they collapsed the buildings and houses of the limes and built on their houses and buildings, the Spaniards are not founders of Lima, hugs



As a Peruvian is so frustrating because you guys could’ve eaten so much better like in quantity like you could’ve got so much better anticuchos, but for that you also need to venture out of Miraflores and barranco like that’s honestly nothing Lima has so much more to offer

I love how there's very little understanding of the culture and language but you still are head first into it . Love you guy ❤️

Welcome to Perù gays!!

Mangos is such a shitty restaurant

Did you try loom saltado. Peru has the best food in the entire world.

No fue una experiencia completa si no te cogotearon.

llllllllllllllllllllllloved it... and, already love guys. You made me feel so proud of been a peruvian :)

a mi no me engañan estos 2 son de oxapampa.

wrong translation at 21:47. The correct translation would be "El [ceviche] carretillero a mi en lo personal me gusta más" --> personally I like more the [ceviche] "carretillero". So the waiter was actually telling you to try the "carretillero" :D

Thank you! We both misunderstood that.

The spectacle that tou saw was due to the fact that June 7 is the day of the flag of Perú, next time you guys must eat real peruvian food... just ask for "comida criolla". Buen video! Vuelvan pronto

I’m a frequent traveler to Peru; you guys are brave to travel to Lima. I only do it, comfortably too, only because I have family there.

Awesome video guys , you have a new suscriber, i want to know where did you contact the guy in a bicicle that guided you from miraflores to barranco. Thanks :)

Es lo malo de los gringos que llegan en Miraflores la comida no es la mejor tienen que ir con un buen guia que los lleves a sitios tradicionales

It's nice that you saw some of Lima, but after living here for the past year, I can tell you there are more "authentic" Peruvian experiences to be had(BTW, I live about 5 minutes from that cafe overlooking the ocean in Miraflores). Next time, try Arequipa, Trujillo, or Iquitos(in the Amazon); only visiting the nicer/more developed areas doesn't give one a true sense of the country.


Pero Qué viaje mas aburrido!!! Por Dios !!! Ustedes no han visitado Lima, solo Miraflores y Barranco y eso no es Lima. No han salido de la zona de confort, solo probando comida en restaurantes caros y turisticos (no digo que sean malos) pero los sabores y colores de un pueblo no se reducen a 100 m2. Muy mala impresión !

Go to AQP next time.


We habe sun all the year in the north of Perú, and 1 hour far from Lima you could find a little bit sun too....

We habe better breakfast, La Lucha in Miraflores, but you could visit other places in Barranco... sure it could be better...

Hola desde PERÚ

Estos japoneses , los llevan a comer sushi ... En lugar de decirles que vayan a una cevicheria o a un restaurant de comida criolla

La cultura popular peruana al igual que otros países sudamericanos, no comparten orígenes con México nada de nada,,,, no hay comparación en ningún aspecto,, dislike,,,, cuando lleguen a Machu Pichu dirán que es como las pirámides de los maya mexicanos LOL,. Fail , not nob turist

I am so glad that you like our Peruvian food and some areas of Lima. Welcome to PERU.

Es una pena que hayan llegado en pleno invierno. Esperando que vuelvan a venir en otra estación del año y puedan conocer otros lugares de Lima

Estar en Perú y comer comida japonesa no encaja.

Oh my god i just came back from peru-cuzco and i agree with you the food cant be better than that..my boyfriend fell in love with ceviche and la lucha sangucheria!great videos!

Hubieran ido a una pollería.

Active el subtitulo

What I hate is when restaurants have music so loud that you can not even talk.

Congratullations good video God bless you Greetings From NJ USA

En realidad no fueron a comer la verdadera comida peruana....se ubiesen contactado con el chef timour....él les ubiese hecho un recorrido por los mejores restaurantes de lima ....Ojalá puedan venir nuevamente y probar lo realmente rico .....saludos

Lo que tu quisiste decir fue CHICHAROS, acá en Lima no usamos esa palabra acá les decimos ARVERJAS o popularmente ARVERJITAS

If the anticuchos weren't tender they were overcooked guys. Supposed to be the most tender bbq'ed meat ever

Les falto probar lomo saltado

We had lomo saltado, it just didn't make it into the video. It was really good, though!

In these restaurants not Will eat traditional food peruvian, bad elecction for to know traditional food un these kind restaurants

yes the traffic in lime is the worst , i'm peruvian , and i like your video , and your spanish :)

I love the video...Im a new suscriptor...Greetings from Lima-Perú.

The guy is trying to eat safe, not taking any chances on getting a typical Peruvian dish, you gotta take risks if you want to really enjoy our food.

Perú ❤️

You guys should give anticuchos another try. Mangos is not the place to have them. Also who goes to Lima and orders fish fillet? I think a big part of the reason why the guys had bad luck is because he was ordering the wrong thing at the wrong spots.

24:26 con todo respeto,Puebla es una de las más hermosas ciudades coloniales de América.

vayan al cuzco ....

el pisco sour es originario de aqui y los makis tamb :) saluditos

Glad you had a great time visiting Lima! Hope you can come back soon and visit so much more, and try more food obviously, you're wolecome :)

well it's look that the name for chicharo in Perú is arverja. Somthing new for me today :) As mexican I must admit that expected Lima to be more traditional but that neighborhood of Miraflores looks quite modern. Looks like the equivalent to Santa Fe in Mexico City, the financial and modern district.

25 la leche de Tigre???!!!!!!!! "no es de cortesía???

You are beatifull

Pueden dejar de comparar México por favor , gracias

Grettings from Perú.

I'm peruvian and you guys only visited the nice part of lima, but if you go to poor part of lima , it will be execited experience , the people are friendle and they love foriegn , next time find a girl or guy than they can make a tours that part of lima, yo vivo en sanfracisco, saludos.restaurantes en miraflores o barranco , ellos hacen le ceviche para la gente turista, pero si se van a los mercados de alrededor de lima. ellos hace el mejoer ceviche in the world .

It is so interesting Americans thinks of latin America as a different Continent, when most Hispanics are taught in their countries that the American Continent is just one and that it runs from Canada to the tip of Latin America.

Bienvenidos a Perú un pais milenario, tengo sangre inca y estoy orgulloso de haber nacido frente a el nevado tropical mas alto del mundo «El huscaran»

Les han estafado con ese ceviche, está incompleto. That is not the classic ceviche, it's incompleted! there are other restaurant in Peru where u can buy it.

very danger this in PERU WARN / CAREFUL

I dont know if it is the lack of coffee this morning, or just me being a goof - but when they said that there were penguins and the water was cold I was really confused for a minute.. how can the water be cold, they are SOUTH... and then smacked my forehead.. how weird it is to think that at some point going south becomes colder, not warmer, as you get towards Antartica.

Whenever I travel to a new city I just try to trust my gut instinct when it comes to discovering it. Never with a guide or locals because most of the time they only take you to tourist-y places. And that's so lame. At least for me, that is.

@Jotarze esos makis que comieron sion fusión.

@Zoraida Peña H. el sushi no es nikkei

La comida nikkei es parte también de la gastronomía peruana. Nuestra comida es resultado tanto de lo tradicional como del mestizaje.

No, no señores! Lo mejor de Lima es el Centro Histórico de Lima. Si bien Barranco, Chorrillos tienen zonas monumentales, el Centro Histórico es lo mejor que puede haber que tristemente no es valorada como debería de ser, no es cuidada y razones como esas hacen que solo se venda lugares como Miraflores.

You went to Miraflores and Barranco that's why you believe lima is cute, i have been living here for a year and i hate this city with passion, i love the food tho peruvians sure know how to eat!!

You two are super cute, I like your honest observations of the good and the bad during your stay. FYI Chicharron (just like Mexico's chicharrones = pork rinds, in this case, the waiter was explaining those were calamari rinds, and you both were right!, chicharos = arvejas = peas. The waiter was telling you that HIS favorite (not his least favorite) was CARRETILLERO 21:47 (from carretilla, carreta, tricycle, the way they used to sell the ceviche in other parts of town and it is the best! home made, classic, so they name it after this You are brave to ride bikes in Lima's traffic LOL I was born in Lima and every time I visit my mom, the HONKING drives me nuts! Good video guys! Check out my IG Culinary Spy / El Espia Culinario

xD how is it everyone ends up in miraflores xD...

So you were for a bike ride the very same day? glad you are still alive.

Amazing video friends, I recommend visiting Marcahuasi is amazing

Welcome to PERÚ.

Are you guys Mexicans ??

Man, watching you guys go to those restaurants gave me serious anxiety. I mean, they're not bad, but there are way better restaurants where you can have better food for much cheaper prices. You should definitely give Peruvian food another try, I'd strongly advice you ask for recommendations before coming so you know what to eat and where.

No probaron nada "peruano" como tal v:. La verdadera comida peruana es una hecha por peruanos para peruanos. Ósea deben de comer en lugares donde un peruano promedio comeria. xD

Se quedaran a vivir en Perú?

never heard about holding my breath and making a Wish before crossing that bridge lol

The best prices to buy llama and alpaca sweaters is in CUZCO. In Lima is expensive.

Larco mar Is an overatead mall ITS a waste of Time. Ones you are in lima go to la Huacachina Ica AND do sand boarding, AND go to the Paracas reserves. From lima Is only 3 hours away AND ITS expectacular. AND cheap. Google it . La Huacachina Perú AND reserva de paracas

Yo your hair reminds me of Matt Bellamy's hairstyle lol

Guys, next time you come to Lima i offer myself to take you to eat really good peruvian food. Besides "La 73", you guys went to some not so good places for it.

If you want to know the Peruvian gastronomy come in the months of September where the gastronomic festival mistura is the best in the world!

You guys spent to many soles in food, next time, you should go to center of Lima or some little markets that we call "Mercadillos",they're in every district on Lima, the food is extremely less expensive there and also richer!

Because tourists are not interested in seeing the real Lima a.k.a. peripheral areas. Plus, Miraflores and Barranco are way safer for them.


Lima smells to fish innit

you didn't like the heart? lol i'd eat it every time tbh.

Guys , you are really fuck the video saying all the fuckinf time , that is similar to mexico, Go back your country then or mexico then

Yes indeed. you are in another continent my friend

There are so much food that you have not eaten that I am sure you would've love it. Aji de gallina, carapulcra, arroz chafe de mariscos, picante de mariscos, arroz con mariscos, parihuela... etc, etc,etc!!!

Y yo que pensaba ir a ese café (Buena Vista). Si un gringo dice que lo mejor de su desayuno ha sido la vista... bueno, como que no es buena la comida.

Poor in USA its Middle Class in Perú... The N Word in Perú its CHOLOS... Its normal say Negros..to Black.People.. its Bad say Brown People.to.Peruvians..For The turíst The White Peruvians are not true Peruvians..

It wasn’t syrup it was honey

Yooo was that the famous israelite in the background at 31:35

Hola, saludos desde Perú . Soy nuevo suscriptor

I spent time in miraflores and barranco, had a great time in Lima. Peruvians are great people.

Ni que decir de la cordillera que atraviesa Perú. Es lo que le da la variedad microclimas en donde crecen los productos que son base de la gastronomía peruana,, por mencionar un punto

Inculsos sus paisesjes son muy diferentes México no es tan gris como lima

Toda la razón tanto México como peru son países muy diferentes nada que ver comparar a México con peru.... horrible comparación

peruvians call the money pen. PEN.

Love this video as well! So awesome!

Should have tried ají de gallina

Two suggestions.. 1. never eat anticuchos at fancy restaurants. 2. Don’t ever compare us to Mexico or any other country. Every country is unique and don’t look upset if we don’t speak the Mexican jargon/slang. Mexican Spanish is not the legit Spanish.

OMG go with a guide your choice on places and food was really bad

Maybe we didn’t find THE best places to go, but we enjoyed our trip :)

when you are in Peru, you need to risk youself for the food. Don´t order basic things like a plain breakfast or a plain fish, you need to ask for what is custome to eat. Breakfast in Lima: tamal, chicharron, camotr frito Lunch: Arroz con pollo, ceviche de pollo, ají de gallina, fideos verdes con bisteck, etc.

I just investigated water 'shortage' two very different opposite facts: Primarywater.org Primarywater.com

Wow 22 soles una ensalada? Bueno miraflores es sitio residencial...en otros lugares la ensalada cuesta 5 soles.

It doesn't count if you leave uninjured

Es lindo cuando dicen que la gente es servicial, solidaria.. pero la triste realidad que es solo un lado lo que ven, espero algún día que todas las personas sean honestas y serviciales como dicen :). Pero bueno, fue un lindo video.

The first food what you buyed, don't is peruvian, is a "breakfast US"

peruanos escribiendo en ingles ,,jaaaa

WHat do you mean with "Their version of Pisco Sour" ? there´s only one version. xD

Learning the Spanish spoken in Mexico is a big mistake. It is a badly spoken Spanish, the Spanish of Peru is better and well pronounced,

44 soles for 6 - 7 pieces of fish!!! Go to Chorrillos o Callao, theres the true Limenian ceviche

Solo puedo dejar mi Gaaaaaa

this is not how lima really looks like. this is the rich part of lima. lima have two faces. the rich and the poor. the poor part that is mostly lima looks like a dump.

They really missed going to the real Peruvian restaurants, and trying the original Peruvian food. I did not like your video, since at all times they compared with Mexico, it's like your boyfriend compared you to his ex! Each country has its own, rich, beautiful and full of tradition. We are originally from several similar cultures. I recommend that if you are going to make a comparison, do it in another context, and if you are going to make a video of a city, then do it good or bad that comes.

Chicos hay mejores lugares en Lima para comer y todavía te dan "taipá" (Quiere decir que más cantidad de comida en el plato) Ya que en Perú se come bastante

buen trabajo

There're better places to eat! You should return, you never finish knowing a placeee!!

Makoto is one of the best restaurants of the world, top 5 or top 10 if I remember correctly, and you just happened to wander in there hahaha. And yeah its 100% Peruvian food, a fusion with Japanese ofc.

Travel to Perú with no plans is not really nice

I really enjoyed this video! Thank so much for visiting our beautiful country! Do come back soon!

I don't know where did you get the idea that Larcomar is the third place tourists destination, after Machu Pichu and the Mountain of seven colours, seriously? Larcomar is just another mall. Be careful where or who are you getting the info from. Enjoy your stay!

3:00 your comment about breathing misting air remembered me every time I go to Lima. It is my first time I noticed this from another person and as a Peruvian, I can say this is all about the mist, the humidity, Jorge Chavez airport is just nearby the sea so you can feel that mist, it certainly extends way far through the city of Lima. Hope you enjoy your stay and sorry my English.

Oww you went through the university where I study :"/ Piura's University

There are cheaper options that are delicious too :o

Europe is much more varied and interesting than South America. The Spanish culture is basically the same all over. Europe is a much better buy for just a little more money and is well worth it.

Me alegra mucho que les haya encantado mi país , el peruano siempre está agradecido con cualquier visita ❤️

la gringa pensó q se referia a chicharos, q es una especie de frejoles haya en mexico, cuando en realidad el mozo se referia al chicharon q es la carne del pescado frito y crujiente :V

Actually is coca leaves not cocaine

soo expensive food and soo expensive restaurants.

you missed "Parque de las aguas"

Nice.However, uva torontel is not from Argentina, it is moscato bianco, originally from Italy, but adapted to Perú 200 years ago at least.

Hi! I hope you enjoyed your trip! For the next time I would recommend you to ask for suggestions to the local people as most are often friendly and helpful, i think you guys didn't get to taste peruvian food from the Best places in Lima so I Will leave you a list of restaurants and places down below, i hope I can help. Seafood(called cevicherias) : Entre las redes- located in surco district El pulpo marino - located in San borja district El muellecito- San Luis district (rosa toro avenue) Japanese food: Nakachi- Jesús maría district( ask for the Maki acevichado please and chicken yakisoba please ! ) Edo sushi bar- San borja district If you want something cheaper you can go to mr. Sushi, you'll find it in most malls. Restaurants where you can have an amazing breakfast: El chinito- surco district Manolo - Miraflores district *this category is really ambigeous because you can find breakfasts Just as good in any market stand or in any chicharroneria. And finally if you want a place that has it all and doesnt lose the flavour touch you can go to a supermarket called WONG but the one that is located in San borja district, go straight to the second floor and there you'll find a buffet that is filled with amazing peruvian dishes of all sorts, it is not the cheapest but it is worth it. As for places I would simply recommend you to not stay Just in one side of Lima and visit other cities if you can.

Thanks for all of the recommendations!

Lima is like 1% of Peru. You really ought to visite more of this amazing country. I bet you will be amazed ♡

I don't think you can experience the best food from Perú in Lima, you gotta travel to the South or the North of the country, Puerto Maldonado, Puno, Ancash, Cusco cause the food tastes best when it's done fresh from fresh local ingredients.

When going to New York do you do tourism to Queens ?

Thank you for being so welcoming, we really appreciate it!

It was a "pisake sour" A pisco sour with sake added = their version of a pisco sour.

21:48 Ceviche "Carretillero", it is most complete, he he he he you make me LOL.... CHICHARRON is not CHICHAROS !!! "CHICHAROS" = Plant of climbing stem, fruit in legume that contains different spherical seeds. But "CHICHARRON" : It is fried squid. Squids are one of the most consumed molluscs in Peru, one of the most consumed forms is in the form of pork rinds. It consists of a frying made on the basis of mollusc meat. he he he you think in Chicaros!!! pronunciation is similar. Te perdiste de comer algo muy sabroso!

I love Perú!

21:50 lol he said "for me I like it more"

Thanks! We definitely misheard that in the moment and even when listening to it over and over again while editing. That guy talked really fast! lol


you should have tried eat in a mercado, the food is delicious there

Wow buen vídeo! jeje visitar Perú en verano es mucho mejor!!

Siiiii I've always wanted to visit Perú :3, this video is probably the closest I'll ever be to Lima. (Until I have money to travel on my own) I love your channel

you guys forgot eat lomo saltado, ají de gallina, rocoto relleno, parihuela, and lots of diferent delicious dishes. Next time call me to show you what delicious food is. XD

We did have lomo saltado, just not in a video. We're both allergic to ingredients in ají de gallina so we can't have that. I'm not familiar with the other foods you named but thanks for the suggestions!

most of the places in miraflores don't know how real peruvian food is. u guys need to visit with a peruvian so we can teach u our huariques

Feel free to ask us for some reccomendations next time! I saw Jordan ordered the Aji Amarillo Trout and Fish Filet, but thorse are not typical dishes (the ones that we are know for like causa, ceviche, leche de tigre, arroz con pato y huancaína, lomo saltado, rocoto relleno, seco de chabelo y majado de yuca and many others), they are more like a generic type of food. Hope you come back! PS: Pea is arverja.

GRingo baboso no sabes de comida, ándate y come maceo al.

Mejor dejemos ese tema ahí no más, no quiero ver discusiones innecesarias con otras personas.

I was floored to see that pisco sawer was 22 .00 soles , I bought a bottle in the market VEA for 11.00 soles and l get like 10 drinks , 220.00 soles wow what a profit l had have paid about 16.00 soles in same restaurants

Visit callao its so beatifull :v.

4 anuncios en 18 min >:(

next time go to rustica so you can try more peruvian food

Actually, Peru cities are usually sunny. By the other hand, just Lima is foggy most of the year (which I like a lot).

Estamos CASADOS ':D... ups CANSADOS! JEJE xD I'm here because I said wow it's an opportunity to practice my English and I find this hihihi greetings from Peru

claro pe causa perú

21:50 "Tiene pasta de ají amarillo..."

Thanks for coming! As others said, there are more amazing places where u can eat, specially markets, next time if u get a friend or something to be a guide for you, that could be a good a idea ;) . Also, try going to the highlands and the jungle :D you'll be blown away by their food and beautiful views.

@DFEKT Official Chileans have cheated x2

@DFEKT Official men, the companies chileneas have cheated, and people like you are ignorants, the Peru win litigation and the world will know the truth, just like that.

Rabi c are you sure about that? Because I was in Chile only three months ago and had their version of pisco.

@DFEKT Official Chilean pisco does not exist, the word Pisco only exist in Peru

There is two types of pisco. There is Peruvian pisco and there’s Chilean pisco.

No hagan caso de este comentario tan fuera de lugar y poco atinado de mi compatriota, por favor. Qué desagradable.

Si, tienes toda la razón, Laura y la tigresa del oriente tienen el mejor léxico.

Do not compare. Just talk about the country you are visiting. Complaining, complaining, complaing... It's tiresome! Procession?

No sé quién les dijo que Larcomar es el tercer lugar más popular del Perú

s / .26.00 for that food? they just cheated

Seriously!!! Perú has a town named Pisco for a reason. Chile stole Pisco & make fake stuff! One of the best drinks I’ve ever had!!!

Puebla was very nice

"Mande" is a remnant of the spanish domination over colonial mexicans. It´s not that great to use it.

So happy that you two were here in my beautiful country

We visited Lima but before that we were In Mexico

22:38 he said 'chicharrón' (which are like cuttlefish nuggets or fish nuggets)  and you tried to explain what 'chícharos' was, hahah. That was hilarious. Chicharos are called 'Arveja' or 'Alverja' in Peru. Hope you had a great time and, also, I hope you go back to Peru sometime! You guys are lovely!

Hola amigos buenas tardes, primero felicitarlos por su sinceridad y por visitar mi país.. y despues decirles que son increíbles sigan creciendo en su canal, muy buen vídeo.

Es Chicharron, no Chicharo..... el chicharron es una manera cocinar alguna carne la cual es sumergida en aceite caliente y el chicharo es como un frejol en mexico.

@DFEKT Official Hola, si sucede que en Perú tenemos una Provincia llamada Pisco y es una palabra que denomina del Quechua hablada por los Incas. En Chile vivían antiguamente los Araucanos es obvio que el Pisco 100% es peruano, ellos lo usan mayormente por sentido comercial.. mas que eso son empresarios chilenos para darle sentido cultural a su bebida.

45 soles el ceviche? muy caro, en otros distritos mas rico y mas barato

I’m peruvian.. and all I can say is that you ate at the wrong place. The market is the best place to go eat when it comes to native food. Nothing like an older Peruvian black woman anticuchos

The netting is not for falling rocks. It is to catch moisture which helps the vines grow. As well, keeping homeless people from making caves and leaving in there.

Over priced food. That's ridiculous

Ok travel to Peru for EATING SUSHI...its a crime!!! seriously! haha thank god you try causa and ceviche!! Glad you enjoy this trip

La próxima vez que vengan contáctenme :3 les puedo ayudar a realizar un recorrido bien cool :3

I really like this video, you seem so much cool people.. hope you had enjoyed my country!

DFEKT Official it’s Peruvian. Chile has wanted to take everything from Peru including the Lucuma and even the Inca culture. Just taste the original PERUVIAN pisco and it’s 10000x times better than the copy Chile pisco

I'm so glad you,'ve enjoy my country.

Seeing you is sweet. You are like new travelers. Everything that is the usual for people who have traveling for years is new for you guys...

cuenta la leyenda que una mujer siempre iba a ese puente a llorarle a su amado que la abandono, los lugareños dicen que en las noches como a las 3 de la mañana se le veia a una mujer vestida de novia pasando por el puente, esos cuentos estaban de moda en la decada de los 90, no tenia idea que se pedia deseos y se cruzaba el puente sin respirar, bueno ya no vivo en Perú, asi que, que cosas mas habran cambiad en estos 20 años,

Heyy !! I'm peruvian ! xd Glad you guys enjoyed being here in Lima, hope you come back soon

So you Went yo Perú to eat japanese. ? XD

hablaa :V

Ellos no comieron bien porque no comieron en la calle

DFEKT Official it’s just that pisco is originará from Peru, Chile has tried to take Peruvian dishes as their own

Lima is a dangerous place bro, be careful

Stop comparing Lima to Mexico. Peru is unique. Go to Cuzco, Arequipa, Iquitos, Puno... You cannot compare Peru with Mexico. It's like comparing Nigeria and Egypt because they're African. Stop thinking in a post colonial way.

We compare the two because we’ve been living in Mexico for the past 15 months. So it’s the most logical comparison to make for our situation

Peruvian ceviche does actually have cilantro, it's just chopped really small. Ceviche is originary from Peru btw :)

Congratulations !!! Good video, I want something just like this omg saludos !!!

@Why yes, I fart Rainbows! On buses from one city to another with a bus company, yes they typically do. Public transport buses won't have bathrooms.

@Why yes, I fart Rainbows! I think the first flight was 2.5 hours and the 2nd was about 5.5.

Love that place! For what you've experienced

When you come back you should learn how to cook some Peruvian typical food. Just give us a heads up when on your way.

About the Main Square, yes, it is Spanish influence: Government, Local Government and the Church

That crunchy corn is called "cancha" .. food from inkas too.

You guys missed the best part of Peru. The mountains.

Thanks for telling me guys I wasn’t sure. I was curious as to why Peruvians got defensive in regards to Chileans saying pisco is from Chile. Was interesting to me while I was there. The more you learn I guess!

@DFEKT Official it's Peruvian.

@DFEKT Official who lied to you there is only Peruvian Pisco others are imitacions


Im so happy you visited my country!!!! FOOD: 10/10 but you haven't even had the tip of the iceberg yetttt you missed a lot! arroz con pato/pollo, lomo saltado, arroz con mariscos, etc. I hope you consider returning :)

I love Peru. So much to see and eat there.. Food is the one thing alone is why I will be back someday

It’s so good!

Amo a Miraflores.

Amia pa kchar pe

I might get some comments for this but...I wish you guys wouldn’t compare everything to México. The Latin American countries are unique in culture and language. Remember there’s more to Latin America than just Mexico.

What do you take your dog when you leave the country (Peru)?

@Tangerine Travels interesante mezcla

Cuantos turistas tendrán la misma impresión de ustedes de llegar a miraflores que es lo mas céntrico para turistas en Lima y no encontrar nada típico, solo centros comerciales y comida de restaurant muchas veces comida muy diferente a platos tradicionales. Creo que hace mucha falta un guía de donde ir donde no comer, conocer los lugares y distritos, conocer el centro de lima. En vez de larcomar debería estar ahí el jiron de la unión o la alameda chabuca granda. Bueno en youtube hay muchos videos de buenos lugares o "huariques" donde probar buena comida peruana. Saludos

Friday, August 2, 2019. Tangerinos, you are great narrating all your adventures around the world in Mexico and Lima, Peru. And you all the times, particularly the girl "Tangerina", is no offense for "Tangerino", to say that Tangerina seems to be the star of all the videos, Tangerina is so great with all her energy and friendliness. Wish to you the best!!!

DFEKT Official please read before afirm something about an entire culture and product....

@Tangerine Travels wow, never heard of that even though i am peruvian and live in Lima! Sounds amazing. Will try it now!

Guys you paid expensive foods :( next time try going to a street market, you'll definitely find better and cheaper food. But great video :) Saludos de Perú

I hooe you can come black soon and visit Cuzco. by the way, there is much more delicious food here in Lima,

We hope to visit Cuzco someday too! If the food gets better than what we tried....I didn't think that was possible! :)

At minute 21:47 the waiter said.. 'The carretillero .... In my case I'd rather prefer that because it has ...' and then she replied saying that she prefered the other one xD it was a sharp comment. Btw good video! I'm a Lima citizen. :D

@Tangerine Travels no worries I'm 100% assure that he realised that you were learning Spanish yet. Btw, both of you should come back again to visit better amazing places!!

Thanks for the translation! I definitely misheard him in the moment. Hopefully he realized we’re still learning and didn’t think I was being rude. I still think about this sometimes

Very good rendition of your trip to my country - I'm surprised nobody recomended you for breakfast: 1 Pan con Chicharron (hot sandwich of pork and slices of sweet potatoes (fried together) and onions in lemon sauce optional a bit spicy if you like - 2 The most Amazing tamales of: chicken or pork (there are green tamales for the cilantro, cheese corn tamales and sweet tamales "humitas" 3 - BBQ Chicken at "Pollo a la Brasa" restaurants 4- Fish and Seafood Restaurant "El Mordisco" Av. Petit Thouars.

Tangerine Travels Yes, it is "logical", meaning, it is unreflective. Think about it a little more and realize that to compare is, at least, impolite. It is like if I compare every town/city in the US to NYC, the city I know the most and where I live for 7 years. Nobody will like that. And they will be right: to compare cities to an hegemonic one (or in a hegemonic way) is an usual but equally elitist and post colonial attitude. I loved that you enjoyed Lima, but I just suggest to be little more careful about comparing. It is never a good idea. Good luck! P.S. You should've tried anticuchos in Barranco: soft and delicious!

estos gringos se la pasaron comiendo platos de 30 soles cuando pueden ir a la tia veneno a comer cosas mas ricas XD


Thanks to God you two guys didn’t get robbed or assaulted. Lima is fine, you should had visit Chorrillos. Next time you will enjoy the real Peruvian food without to need break your pocket. Also, peruchos should speak English to attend foreigners in restaurants.

Peru men are interesting looking.

The plants growing in the black net actually help to join the rocks with their roots :)

Damn! such expensive dishes

Thank you for shareing. Please share more of Lima !

Who babysitting Alaska??

Can't believe that ceviche doesn't have any onions!

You guys look like Peruvians from Miraflores, no pun intended. You chose the wrong month to go there. I’m glad you had fun.

Hello If your first time in Lima Peru call me. i know the true neighborhood here all free friends

I've enjoyed this video. Thank you guys for share peruvian culture.

Just saying, you cannot find the best food in luxurious places, humble places have the best food cause there is where they appear. Next time visit other neighbors if you can c:

DFEKT Official - The drink Pisco was born in Peru. Anywhere else is imitation called aguardiente. My father was born in Pisco and he proudly tells me Pisco from Pisco is the best.

Leche De Tigre is literally the same juice from the Peruvian Ceviche. It is known as a hangover cure. Often times when one will order Peruvian Ceviche you will see them drinking the "Leche De Tigre" straight from the plate. :) :) :) Peru is such a unique place.

@Tangerine Travels i think it just depends from place to place. Most of the peruvian ceviche I get...in peru or in the states has a cloudy quality juice to it. likely because the fish has been sitting in it for many hours. from my experience its not usually clear. totally love your vids. And you guys have so much guts moving to mexico and travelling to south america. Most people have heard so many "horror stories" that they wont travel south if they're white. You're proving that it's not as bad as the rumors. But for real.... you need to do peru again. you missed so many amazing things. Def need to do a vid on machu picchu. do the 4 day hike up the inca trail if you can. its the only way to go. but also there's so much street food you missed out on.. like sanguchon... or salchipapas with all the sauces. theres really so much. Then there's the ancient desert drawings in nazca... or the jungles of iquitos. Peru is legit the onestop shop for south american culture. it has every climate and landscape. Anyway. you guys are great. keep up the good work. I'll probabl buy me a tangerine shirt soon. much love. :)

Why is it white and creamy looking vs. the clear-ish citrusy juice of standard ceviche

♥️♥️♥️⚪️⚪️⚪️♥️♥️♥️ ♥️♥️♥️⚪️⚪️⚪️♥️♥️♥️ ♥️♥️♥️⚪️⚪️⚪️♥️♥️♥️ ♥️♥️♥️⚪️⚪️⚪️♥️♥️♥️ ♥️♥️♥️⚪️⚪️⚪️♥️♥️♥️ VIVA EL PERÚ CARAJO.

Omg that u guys paid way too much for food. U should have gone to the street for food!!! Where food is les than $2

Mal muy mal chicos se metieron a un restaurante japonesssss mejor hubieran probado un pollo a la brasa y la ensalada es gratis y para desayunar trucha y leche de tigre no pues chicharrones y su tamalito les falto la papa a la huancaina en vez de causa ...

I enjoy your videos! I like to travel but always on a budget

Esta sonando cosmic love en el restaurante que fueron a comer ceviche

Great video, guys! I recommend you to visit the bar of the Maury Hotel, where it was first sold the pisco sour drink, and the bar of the Bolívar hotel, to taste the Catedral, a pisco sour variation (from the same pisco sour inventor), the first one near Plaza de armas, and the second one Is in Plaza San Martín. Maybe you would like to taste the best salchipapa allí around Lima, that you may do the Munich bar near the Plaza San Martín. Greetings from Perú :)

Great video! I'm going to Lima in December and your comments were very helpful. Thanks and congrats!

It's nice and all but to anyone coming try not leaving the areas seen here As any other country it has it's bad parts and it's very easy to step into one and get mugged and robbed,because unlike miraflores and barranco and San isidro and san Borja,not all districts has cameras and not all districts has that much officers patrolling as the aforementioned And about the food,yeah,there's places where you can eat better and cheaper but you have to be careful where you do(as in any country)last thing you want is eating in a unsanitary place Beyond that,go wild

Peas are alverjas in Peru

Summer is a million times better

Well guys, actually Lima is not Perú, Lima is only a part of Peru. To discover Peru you need to travel since Tacna to Loreto because every region in this country has its own culture (5000 years of history).

You had a much better experience than I had in Lima in all ways. Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed Cuzco and Aguas Calientes. I hope you can visit both of those towns and Machu Picchu

good to start the meal that you asked for the only Peruvian is the chicha morada the other foreign food, if you want to eat purely Peruvian food is like the cebiche, loin sauteed, rice chaufa, maricos jelly, steak to the poor, chili pepper, suck of shrimp and ect, Peruvian food is extensive, if you go to a country investigate.

what happened to machu pichu??

The 3rd popular place in Peru "larcomar center"

10:04 Wow, wow wow wow!. Stop there just a minute guys. There is a controversy generated just by Chile about the denomination of Pisco. But the following are the countries on where PISCO is recognized (LEGALLY) as a beverage exclusively from Perú. AMERICAS: Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, United States, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and Venezuela. EUROPE: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Sweden and Ukraine. ASIA / AFRICA: Algeria, Burkina Faso, China, Congo, Gabon, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Republic of Korea (South Korea), People's Republic of Laos, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia and Vietnam). SOURCE: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=es&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fes.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FPisco_del_Per%C3%BA%23Denominaci%C3%B3n_de_origen

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You went to a lot of pricey overrated restaurants :(

For the sme money you paid in that sushi place you could eat 4 times more and way more variety and better at Edo Sushi....

aww man,i wish i was there i miss peru...(im peruvian)

Thanks for coming to Peru but DO NOT COMPARE US WITH MEXICO! Are really different cultures!

We have been living in Mexico for 1.5 years now. It’s only natural to compare and contrast the two. That’s how humans work - we compartmentalize, categorize, relate things, etc. to make sense of the world.

Some of the info is quite inaccurate. Other than that nice video

Beautiful video guys .. I really enjoyed!.

The Perú is Wonderful is Amazing. ....

Your Spanish is probably fine. Peruvians have an aversion to hearing anyone foreign.

In which city of Mexico do they live?

Aji amarillo trout for 36 soles??? hahahaha I can get the same for 11 soles, I'm from Lima :D

Man, you have to go in summer, is 20 times better :D also you don't know where go for eat and drink, in Lima the expensive restaurants are not the best, for example that pisco sour for 22 soles :D WTF??? 22 soles? i can get the same for 15 soles, even less. And your fish with yellow aji, in that dish really they steal you, this dish is basic and cheap in Lima hahahaha ok, if you come back, please, go to normal restaurants, not expensive restaurants, the tasty is the same, the quality is almost the same, you were in the plaza de armas centrum, in that place are a lot of normal restaurants with full menu for 11 soles, with typical dishes :D

Next time you visit peru again yall need to go to the restaurant el villano in barranco really good food.

Ese hombre se parece a Emiliano Sala

AMO LA CAUSA!! El ceviche es de los Dioses en el Perú!


Great video guys.... and this is only a fraction of Lima!! Glad to see you had a great time in Miraflores and Barranco!! Hope to see you soon back in Peru

Is it possible to travel from Mexico to Peru by Bus ? How much time it takes ? How much cost ?

We'd have to do a lot of research to find out. It'd be a long drive.

Didi you like lima

next time try " Pan con chicharrón" (pprk) for bteakfast

Welcome to peru...

Porque van a lugares caros q sirven poco:v les ven la cara jajaj

Only some tourist destinations in Peru: 1. Machupicchu - Cuzco 2. Máncora - Piura 3. Las Islas Flotante de los Uros - Puno 4. Punta Sal - Tumbes 5. El Cañón del Colca - Arequipa 6. Parque Nacional del Huascaran - Ancash 7. La Ciudadela de Chan Chan - La Libertad 8. Complejo Arqueológico Kuélap - Amazonas 9. Baños del Inca - Cajamarca 10. Lago Titicaca - Puno 11. El Alpamayo - Ancash 12. La Ciudadela de Caral - Lima 13. Parque Nacional del Manu - Madre de Dios 14. La Huacachina - Ica 15. El Callejón de Huaylas - Ancash 16. Bosque de Piedras de Huaylay - Pasco 17. Pacaya Samiria - Loreto 18. Cavernas de Guaguapo - Junín 19. Ollantaytambo - Cuzco 20. Las Líneas de Nazca - Ica 21. El Huascarán - Ancash 22. El Cañón de los Perdidos - Ica 23. El Cañón de Autisha - Lima 24. Lunahuaná - Lima 25. Cañón del Cotahuasi - Arequipa 26. Coordillera Azul - Huánuco 27. Laguna Azul - San Martín 28. Laguna de Pacucha - Apurimac 29. Islas Ballestas - Ica 30. Señor de Sipan - Lambayeque 31. Rupac - Lima 32. Cerro Baúl - Moquegua 33. Gocta - Amazonas 34. Centro Histórico de Lima - Lima 35. Cueva de las Lechuzas - Huánuco 36. El Castillo Real Felipe - Callao 37. La Fortaleza de Pachacamac - Lima 38 . Pampas Galeras - Ayacucho 39. Toquepala - Tacna 40. Duna Cerro Blanco (2080 Metros) - Ica 41. Parque Nacional Cutervo - Cajamarca 42. Valle de Urubamba - Cuzco 43. Santuario Nacional de los Manglares - Tumbes 44. Acueductos de Cantalloc - Ica 45. Huanchaco - La Libertad 46. Fortaleza de Sacsayhuamán - Cuzco 47. Andenería en Moray - Cuzco 48. El Valle del Colca - Arequipa 49. Las Ventanillas de Otuzco - Cajamarca 50. Huancaya - Lima 51. Reserva Nacional de Paracas - Ica 52. El Misti - Arequipa 53. Vilcashuaman - Ayacucho 54. Lomas de Lachay - Lima 55. Pisac - Cuzco 56. Oxapampa - Pasco 57. Gran Pajatén - La Libertad Good Luck!!!!

Donde está el lomo saltado, su Ají de gallina, la carapulcra, un seco de frejoles, una pachamanca, su mazamorra morada!!! Dónde?!!

Cual es el nombre de la música que suena en 0:45 ? PD: Excelente video, no hay nada mejor que la comida peruana, amo mi pais

Hey guys! Hit me up whenever your back in lima, ill show you some other awesome eats and bars :)

Thanks, Victor!

Larcomar have a great view, fancy stores, not any restaurant can be there, you can do some air extreme sport( human size kite??? Forgot the name)

Ups peru

Awesome video guys!! Thank you for your visit. The waiter was telling you Chicharrón de calamar

Thanks! We thought we knew what chicharrón meant because it’s common in Mexico - there it’s like a fried pork rind. However, we did misunderstand him - we thought he said that he liked that dish less so we went with the classic ceviche. We feel kind of bad because it might have come across as rude when we just misunderstood him. Anyway, thanks for watching!

Shame you did not visit in the summer, Miraflores is spectacular with sun! Also I would not recommend the anticuchos at Mangos, it is ok for the view. I would have recommended Anticuchos de la Tia Grimanessa, or even Panchitas (for Anticuchos and a wonderful selection of Peruvian food from all over). Glad you liked Lima! Peru is an awesome country, please come again!

Peruvian food is Amazing

Hello guys welcome to Peru

Es bonito viajar ahi.se ve muy bien thank to show us...congratulation

Suggest going back to Peru in the summer Jan.- Feb. Mar. You really did not cover the other 2 thirds when you talk about food and drinks. It is heaven talking about Fruits that you have never heard and much less tasted.

Glad you enjoyed your stay,

Where are you guys from, Poland??

You asked for a traditional ceviche, thats what they serve you... why would you expect tomatoes?? .... sorry but you need to read more about Ceviche then make a video, both of you.

Chicharros is a word from Mexico... hello, you are visiting Peru !!

By making these videos I think these two young kids have done so much for Central and South America.......in essence all these countries need is some money...God gave them every thing else in practically untouched land. Since the Muslims have infiltrated Europe I am no longer interested in going there.......its suppressed, dark and dirty looking.....third world.... France is trying to keep them strangling their original cultures.... Who knew that South and central America would be a fabulous place to go for a vacation.....and if the tourism trade caught on every citizen would have a job. Sometimes I wonder if those grandees who run these countries don't have vested interest in keep them down. Nothing changes for the people who are in charge there. Most are white from original Spanish stock. I didn't see much interbreeding among them and the common people. .......same as the Princes in Saudi Arabia et al....... Don't they just love to look over here and call America racist. Life goes on even better for the rich.......they still get the cheap laborers , maids,etc. if one peon dies another takes his place as long as the show goes on for the original landed gentry...... People say I am way of base...but why hasn't anyone capitalized on tourism. I was ready to join the kids on this video this afternoon. Who has created the false and outright disgusting image of these countries....What America is Paradise? Maybe the "grandees" would be intimidated by American and European tourists...did start to come......they might give the people too many ideas.......hmmmmmmmmmm

When you go to peru only ear peruvian food. If you try anything else it might not taste as good because it is not pur speciality, thats why he was dissapointed with some of the food

So I was researching Vegas and came across your Vegas vid and now Iam hooked on your travels. You both are so adorable, aside the fact you give real good info. Good luck on all your travels, will keep watching. Be safe, y'all!! (I subbed) :*

That is awesome! Thanks for being a Tangeriney, Sonia! :)

11:11 puro candado forte :v

That's where the beans come from...right?

Lima is way better in summer (jan - apr); and yes, it is one of those cities where you can eat, eat, eat and eat for weeks and you always discover something new and more impressive than what you just tried the day before.

I noticed you hold hands more in Peru. Cooler weather perhaps?

This is a good summary of the Miraflores/Barranco districts. I was in Lima for two weeks just after you this year, and your information and impressions are quite accurate. I recommend La Lucha Sangucheria Criolla for the best sandwiches in all of Peru.

Please travel to Morocco or Ethiopia.

Perú is much better than Chile.

Lima is the worst city in Peru so much pollution!!!!!!!!!

Im so glad you tried Ceviche in Peru as its authentic from my country

One thing I noticed immediately was the utter lack of advertising and billboards. I was afraid it might just be unique to the first post - airport scene, but it held true, all the way through, except for the small amount in the mall. So, so refreshing.

You definitively paid a lot of money for those peruvian dishes, It was a robbery. Lima has so much cheaper places.

Maybe the bridge should be called the Bridge of Gasps.

Soy peruana y los felicito. El video es excelente gracias por hacer un vídeo tan lindo de Lima.

Don’t use “mande” in any Spanish speaker country except Mexico... it sounds like you are slaves talking to your master.

About your allergies, is it actually an allergy or maybe you don’t like certain things, as anion. Anion cures allergies, did you know that?

I didn't se any reaction to Peruvian food......sad

Lástima que el primer día lo que comiste fue un desayuno americano para turistas... Pero cambiaron de parecer mientras más comían cada día

Look like you were in the safest place in lima ( Miraflores,barranco, San Isidro ) but out tourist territory isn’t safe, danger is sometimes around the corner

Chícharos = arvejas

It looks so cloudy and cold. I think this winter (august 2019) it's been one of the coldest and humid. Peruvian food is very diverse. Peru had different groups of People coming from different continents, arriving and settling in Peru. Africans, Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Germans, arabs, Spanish, and recently Venezuelans and Colombians. So Peruvian food is as diverse as the people. Also the different ethnic groups coming from the highlands and the jungle.

What technology do you bring with u?

@RedSpiralHand no cocoa leaf in Peru, says who! I had that all the time I'm on long drives

Like your vid, but I don't see you visiting other places but Lima. My wife and I always do some traveling away from the big annoying city I learned there's places where good food at ridiculous prices it's served. On your next trip you should try eating outside of Lima my wife and I love food and is what with usually do, eat at different places and you'll notice the difference in taste and presentation.

I just saw the Peru video, i really enjoyed it! I love your hair when it humid out!


Fish fillet for real???? GOSH Peru has over 350 famous delicious plates and you choose fish fillet hayayay

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the video. I like when my hair gets more curly too

why didn't yall go to macchu picchu??? and huaraz?

could you guys make a video on how yall met? :)

I never feel bad if I need to rest the 1st day of a trip away. It's so much better to be rested and alert traveling abroad and I love that moment waking up in a foreign place. ❤

It's funny that you said "Spanish Influence" in this part of the world........


What you guys did is really just kind of roll the dice and that's what you get.....some awesome, some good or less than......but you could have done some way better research and found some mind blowing spots outside of Lima...... but I think you two are charming and I enjoy your travels.

If you ask nicely they always. Almost always restaurants give you more of that corn. If they say not, at lest you try. But, as far as I know you can ask for more of it.

Thanks for the tip! We’ll definitely have to try that next time we visit. That corn is SO GOOD!

_buen nivel de español, hablas muy claro y sabes formar las oraciones muy natural._

Gracias por el cumplido


Y agradece q es un puente corto, q tal si fuera el puente Golden Gate de San Francisco sin respirar...

@Kasia Kochanowska que tal nuestra casa sin pintar nuestra combi y nuesta mototaxy pep y nuestro ambulante de la calle es hermoso no pep coman nuestra gastronomia la mejor de latam caldo y fideo de paloma que ricu peo

Turistas no se van a quedar pobres por pagar $20 por un ceviche (dije turistas, no Peruanos tacanos pobretones de espirutu, nosotros sabemos como es, ya no lloren) pero oigan tenga dignidad , no rebajen el valor de nuestra comida, ni de nuestra cultura (marinera, NUESTRA MARINERA en la calle y por unos soles de porqueria, por eso digo tengan verguenza y dignidad) que les dan comision por llevarlos a los barrios altos a comer? Ni siquiera reciben un platal por eso.

Yes, tomato in ceviche?...yak......a sin. "well that is Mexican ceviche" . There is not such thing. I mean there are not Peruvian tacos. Just tacos, we all know are from Mexico. But apparently not everybody knows that ceviche is Peruvian. There is ceviche and the rest (probably or maybe better , sure, depending of what you like) sea food. Good Mexican sea food, or Colombian seafood, or Ecuatorian, etc but that is not ceviche. Somebody says that we Peruvians defend and fight everybody to defend our food? well.......yeah. Same way others would fight for their Mariachis . I mean, keep your music, your colorful cars, etc just don't steal our culture and food is a big part of it, or I (we) will hit you :) Nice kids except for the "mande?"....WTH? :)

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