WEEK IN MY LIFE | Busy week at my Disney job!

WEEK IN MY LIFE | Busy week at my Disney job!

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Super. Excited, to film another we give my life video, I'm, about to pop into my Disney office, I'm actually going in the office every single day this week if, you're new to my channel hi, I'm Allison, and I am the, social media and communications, coordinator at Disney but I work from home a ton because I also do, YouTube. And other social media things on my own so it's. A little different of a week because I'll be at my office every single day well. Actually that's not completely, true because tomorrow, we have a team day and we're going to the park all day so. Yeah it's gonna, be a pretty great week but very busy, and definitely a different change of pace and what I've kind of become accustomed. To working, from home so definitely. Be a little adjustment, but I'm excited. For what, this right week, will bring and our. New interns, are starting today on my team so I'm super excited to meet them that's why I have my little, Disney nametag on because, I want them to know. My name and, you, know just make things easier, for them but, yeah, I gotta head, out right now but I'll show you my little outfit, of the day real quick before I do okay. So this is what we're working with today it, looks a little chaotic with my. Name. Tag an idea. But I'm wearing this cute princess Polly dress which I wear kind. Of all the time and I'm wearing this hair, scarf, because if you saw my. Video of my grandma dyeing my hair. Yeah. I need to wear a hair scarf, to distract, from all the orange my hair actually matches. My dress right now almost. Exactly, so yeah we're kind of distracting. And. I. I don't have my shoes on yet I definitely, will put shoes on don't you worry but, I also have, this beautiful Angela. Roy bag which I recently just. Got and I have been loving it I love, the shade and the, size is perfect I'll do a little what's in my bag later this week to show you the inside of everything but, it also has a good strap, where I can wear, it like, a crossbody, which. Is very, helpful because I, have, in full today. Me. And I'm enroute to my, office, and I'm feeling so nostalgic, because it was just like a year, and a week ago that I started my, Disney, internship. And all. These new interns, are starting today and I just. I know what it feels like and I thought they're so nervous but, I hope we can make them feel welcome. You. Friends. I just got to my car and I'm absolutely. Soaked. I really don't look that bad but you can probably see the, different coloring, in my address, in my ears, there's. Really wet but I, just, don't, think it's gonna stop raining 10:00 soon and I had my hands so full well when I forgot my umbrella in my car so shame. On me but. Jonas. Brothers is playing um. But. I just, really. Wanted to head home because my. Next meeting isn't until, 30. Minutes 35. Minutes so I have enough time to get over it and I. Figured. It would just keep raining raining, so here I am you know how I am with rain I love to be home and cozy and Oh snuggle. Up in a blanket when it's raining so that's what I'm gonna go in. So. I wanted to show you I got my new Disney. ID so. Exciting, they took the picture and it's seriously, so overexposed. But. It says my new name so that's super happy I mean at home safely and I am feeling cozier, already, it, was just so crazy I wish you guys could have seen me run to my car but, meanie I'm gonna shower soon, cuz im so wet but. I heated up some cozy banana, bread for a snack, I mean, it last night and it's so. Yummy. And cosy and company. We. Just, finished my duty work and now it's time to cook, some dinner, I'm, excited, to cook it's very therapeutic even, though it kind of is a lot of work so.

I'm Gonna do that branding just got home - so he's changing. So we're gonna cook and then eat, I'm so hungry, I'm gonna need to make a little sack in the meantime oh but tonight I'm cooking, sweet. Potato and black bean enchiladas. I made a choice before it and it's so, delicious and, great, leftovers. I'm, on. The hillside. You. Goodbye. Like, everything's. Gone. Everything. That we could. Love, friends, happy, Tuesday. Today, is going to be a pretty. Fun day because, I am headed to Disney's. Animal Kingdom with, my team at Disney, and we are having just a team a bonding, day so it'll, be really fun we, are going to do a backstage, tour of, festival, of the Lion King and then we're gonna watch the show and we're. Going to Tiffin's for lunch and. We. Have a few more activities, and like some, games. I think I don't know some of it's a mystery but really, excited to spend time with my team at my absolute, favorite Park in will Kingdom so it'll. Be a good day I'm, dressed, pretty casually. Because we will be running, around the park and it's sometimes, it's really hot but, I'm waiting this cute, Mickey ball, cap and then this, shirt, from forever, 21 it's, really, lightweight which I love and then. I'm wearing these weight shorts, from Lulu's, and then, I'm wearing my Disney vien which are the absolute, comfiest, but I've worn them so much and they're getting a little hole at. The top. That's. Like where my toe is, so. Hopefully, they'll hang tight. The. Little friends, I just. Got home from our fun team day I had to immediately take my clothes off and change my cozy robe though because we. Got rained on twice. During our day well, I got, rained on a second time when I left like our little meeting room and I, want. To sit down much, better I am much comfier now but, I got rained on when I was leaving the meeting room back to my car, it poured, so, much so. My feet are so cold from, being wet but. It was a really fun day and fun, times spent, with my team and bonding. And, we went to this little, conference. Area I guess you could say called, Dino lounge which is connected. To the dinosaur ride and diagonally and I am looking down so it's kind of cool to see this little space and we have breakfast and just chatted, and mingled and then. We did a backstage. Tour of a vessel. Of the Lion King which was so fun and it feels like that was forever ago it's been a long day, but. That was really neat because I absolutely loved festival, of the Lion King it is usually. My favorite show at Disney, so, I was really cool we got chin here's. Some little secrets about the show and just see where, the, cast is in, the costumes, and all that good stuff and, then watch the show and then we had some perk time so we rode dinosaur, which was fun and took, a picture with a character, and then we, went, to Tiffin's, for lunch which was so. Yeah. It, was absolutely, delicious. It. Was one of my favorite meals I've had in a while um. But. We got but. She's bored and some bread for, the appetizer and then I got, a, salad. With avocado and, tomato it, was just so beautifully.

Presented And, all of, the produce, felt super super fresh which I always appreciate, and I. Also got the waffle which was, so fresh and so yeah I mean really melted, in your mouth which was very, very, happy, to me because I love waffle and then I, also got. Fried. Cauliflower so, it was a very good meal and for dessert, shared, a. Chocolate. Ganache a dark chocolate ganache with somebody--and. On the top which was so delicious, as well so that probably, was my highlight it was just great to sit down and relax I'm talking, really, good food and everyone. On our team. Like appreciates. Good quality food so that was a good time and. Then, what. Do we do after that then. When we were walking back to the conference. Area that's something you got really done it. Poured. It, was so funny but, then we did this thing called the marshmallow challenge where we had to like put, a marshmallow and make it as tall as we can using, spaghetti, and. A. Paper bag and some. Tape so, that was a good little challenge my team actually mine, and, we had the highest a little marginal hooks Howard so. That was a good time and then we just we, took like this little personality, test a few weeks ago and we went, over that so we have like a better understanding, of everyone's personality on a team so it was a really good day some people for that and tonight. I'm really just going to do, some self-care, take, a hot shower and. Tomorrow. Morning I have my shoe, for my job my Disney job it's, a video shoe and I, just always get nervous for video shoots for work because it's. Like a lot more pressure because if it's just for me you, know it's no biggie but. Um when. It's like a Disney shoe, I get a lot more nervous, and, I'll have to read camera I'll have a three camera setup so. Huh. I get nervous and. I'm. Just hoping, it goes well and I want to prepare tonight so it's not organized equipment, and get. Everything I need so that's. What I'll be doing tonight and, relaxing.

Because I am quite, tired and, I feel like I haven't spent. Any time with Brandon, this week so even the shower now could be went to the gym I. Definitely. Want to take it easy tonight. Good. Morning and happy Wednesday. It is the morning of my Disney shoe I'm still a little nervous but, you know a few, hours it'll all be done and everything should go well but, I'm on the way to Hollywood studios. Wow. Guys I'm truly running around like a great, uz version tonight but, I'm happy to report the shoot went well this morning it was pretty. Easy. Because the people who were the, talent, of the video were very, good on camera so that always makes it a hundred times easier and, then, I got some pictures for a campaign I'm doing and now. I'm headed to Disney springs to drop off all the camera equipment at, my office. Everything'll. Be, good. And Martine, and happy Thursday morning, it's almost Friday I'm, excited. For today because it's a more. Chill, day than yesterday and, I was absolutely pooped, yesterday, I was running around like I said a crazy. Person, so today, will be a little more tame, but, I actually have a ton of energy this morning and, I've been dancing to the Jonas Brothers new, album my, favorite song is love her from their happiness begins album, it's. My favorite but I love them all there's not one that I have to skip so that's such a good sign. That they're going to continue. Spilling. Out the best music. So. Yeah I am heading, to work now first, up I have some intern, camera, trainings I'm going to be training them on how to use, the camera equipment and all, that good stuff so that should be fun and then. I have a little bit more training and then I'm probably gonna pop to Target and return some themes that little basket if you watched my last week's. Vlog I need, to return that and I'll probably get some iced coffee on the way home and then eat some lunch and then I'm really falling behind on my emails and stuff for my personal, brand and I'm working on some fun stuff, for it so I really, need to work on my personal brand cuz this week has been really focused on my Disney job which, is great you know I'm very thankful for both of the jobs but I want to make sure I don't neglect my, own brand so that's. What I'm gonna be doing today but, I want to show you my outfit of the day I feel just like a powerful businesswoman in this pink. Blazer, it, is from Lulu's, and the. Bodysuit I'm wearing under it is from Lulu's as well I really, like it like this thick strap, and, obviously. You know got a button-up a little more for work but, I'm wearing this Cooper it from Amazon, and then I'm, wearing these white jeans from.

Express. And then I'm wearing these shoes that are also from Express oh and. I can't forget my beautiful, new bag. From Angela, Roy I absolutely, love it I think it is so, beautiful, in the coloring is so, perfect it matches with every outfit. But. I'll give you a little peek inside as, well it has this nice side, pocket, where I just put, some, I. Don't even know what I have in here nothing, really that thought-out but I have this thing, from work it goes on your your, phone but, I need to organize it more but. I've been switching to backpacks a lot this week for my shoots, and. Then this is the pocket. Where. It says Angela. Roy, so. Cute, and then it has a nice zipper where I put my pens, and makeup because they don't want them to be you, know floating around the purse and. Then it has a big pocket for lots of space for everything's, so. Cute. And, it's. Gonna last a long time I can tell because it's just very high, quality, which I appreciate. Lopez, I just, got through from work, I am eating a little snack just some, carrots. And hummus and, pita chips, camera. Trini what the new interns was so fun, I absolutely loved the new interns they're so energetic and. Pew and, it's. Just good energy, to have around, so. Now I am. Home I changed, to comfy clothes and I, have to do some computer, work for, my personal stuff and then I'm gonna try to pop over to Target to return that basket, I just want to cross that off my to-do list and. Then pick up some iced coffee for the double you know net speak if with. T-mobile, which is our mobile provider we actually get free ice very. So. Yeah, I want to go grab that and. Then. Just do more work. He. Has been you haven't been on my blog on can you say hi to your pan hot. Slow. Enthusiastic. He's, going to the gym but I, don't think I have attending tonight folks, so he's riding solo. Hello. Friends, it's Friday, I am so, thankful it's Friday, it's been a super fun week but I'm just ready for the weekend, it's a little wallet eat I'm with my husband, but, today should be a fun day a hot. Day for sure it's summer in Florida and. We're.

Going To just me so yeah. It's gonna be very hot but very fun so I'm heading to my office right now got. My ID already, on and I wore this dress on. Wednesday. For half of the day but. It's just so nice to wear to the parks because it's just like a cotton, t-shirt dress, so, I can stay nice and cool I actually need to put shorts under at the home cuz I'll be like moving around a lot but. Yeah I'm excited to hang, out with interns. And teach them some. Contact. Creation and how we do it I mean I feel like I look like such a mom should hey I don't know why I just feel like I have mom vibes with my little tennis, shoes and my t-shirt dress, and backpack, like come, on kids let's go. Wow. I just, got home from the, Magic Kingdom and, my morning with a couple of the interns, doing. Some content, creation training. It was really, fun but so I Wow. It is, crazy, out warm it was but, thankfully. This dress is pretty breathable, and now I got some iced coffee to. Cool me down but, it's almost 2 o'clock and I haven't had lunch yet so I'm going to do that right now and go. Through all the photographs we took this morning and, edit them and, just. Cross off some other things I have on my to-do list but I'm gonna end the vlog here. Booooo-whoo. And I'm not even focused, but, I will talk to y'all really, soon I think I'm gonna film another week in my life next, week I just love these videos and I hope you all do too I just feel like so. At ease whenever I'm family, weekend my life vlogs or any vlog in general I feel like I'm just really, being. Myself and just like hanging out with you guys if that makes sense cuz then you, get to watch it and then we get to comment and chat about stuff, that happened and it's just really fun so I love these videos and I hope you do too and I will see you. Me.

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