Weekend get away from Toulouse | Tarascon sur Ariège | Day Trekking | தமிழ் Vlog

Weekend get away from Toulouse | Tarascon sur Ariège |  Day Trekking | தமிழ் Vlog

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Hello guys, Today we are going to a village near Toulouse called Tarascon sur Ariège . The village is 1 1/2 hours from Toulouse for hiking and exploring the village. Come lets go and explore I am just starting for home. Metro station is just 2 minutes away from my place From there, I will reach the main station.

From there take a train and reach Tarascon sur Ariège the hiking spot. I have reached the station and looking for my friend. So we have got the train. I am with my friend Bruno.

[Bruno]: Hi guys. How are you? He's asking how are you guys? (in Tamil) We both studied together in TBS and he is the first friend I got here. The train is very much empty. I will continue after reaching our destination.

The train has started to move The train has started to move. It costed 28 Euros for the TO and FRO journey. He only paid for the ticket, I will pay him later.

This is the train ticket. It shows one tickets price. It is Bruno's phone, so everything is in French. We are travelling from Toulouse to Tarascon sur Ariège The ambience of the train is really nice. There are lights in attached to each seat, which can be used for personal use like reading.

I will show you how it works. Ravi: Ok We have reached the destination The place looks beautiful. We came here for hiking But we do not know how we are going with this fog. Lets see Now our plan is to go to the near by super market to buy food, water for the hike. Then go to a tower near by and continue with the hike. So now we are going to a supermarket named Super U.

They would not let me to film inside the super market. I will show what all I buy after coming out. We walked along those paths only. Can you guess what is that which you see? Its a restroom. Seems like a cool place for that. The whole village looks peaceful. Do you have anything to say to our Indian people about the place we are visiting now? Bruno: No, not really Come on man, give us an insight.

Bruno: Ok, so yea in Tarascon sur Ariège, which is the heart, or mother heart of hiking places Bruno: So, its beautiful and quite places its with smaller habitants Bruno: You have a lot of freedom and spaces Bruno: So with Ravi we will hike. Ravi: great, thank you man. So, We have walked from that super market only. Lets see how far we have come. we have come so far We have just started hiking and walked down this path This is the last human activity Into the woods So we have to follow the yellow lines Bruno: Follow the yellow line The yellow line is the indication that we are on the right path. I have hardly walked a short distance , but I am already out of breath I have hiked a lot last summer also. Bruno: Blabbering :P Yea, you can Bruno: Is it beautiful? (In Tamil) Bruno: How beautiful is that? Ravi: ok Thank You The cross in the tree notifies that we should not take that route.

So we are taking the other route. We walked this way, and we found this cross. So we are taking the other route What is it? What is that?? Epilepsy Bruno: Its like when you are knockout from like nothing Like when you have like a flash no Some when you reach heights you become crazy Ok There is a black rock inside to cure the disease Ah wow! Even now people come? Bruno: No I do not think so Bruno: Now we have proper medicines Can this cave cure corona? I don't know, may be! Before it was the pilgrim of black rock Now its of Covid Yea the pilgrims of Covid Its spooky The area itself is so haunted like And there is only one guy(Bruno) walking before me Its starting to drizzle its ok, unless I do not catch cold Its either going down steeply or going up. Its a hard trekking path, lets see how it is going after this.

After a rough path, its satisfying to get a view like this The view is soothing I have made a big mistake guys No one will wear a sneakers for trekking I have wore that for the hiking I was not able to find the hiking shoes So I wore this, and its full of dirt now Hard luck Its so cool dude Bruno: Yea. This is a dead guy here. There is a dead guy here?? And the remaining's of him. Ah! Can we go here? Yes, you can Oh my god! thats What does it say? Eh! This guy said Bruno Explaining: The guy has ran by foot from Tarascon! Probably where he is from Ok! A beautiful place ok 0:12:02.367,1193:02:47.295 This guy is probably from this place

Just focus on this Ok I find it fun Yea this is fun actually Look at the place, its like Out of no where, there is a chapel and a There is two bench and there is a ladder dude! What is this ladder for? Do you want to climb? I do not know Lets not risk it So everyone who has come here has written their memory here in this book See what we have written here This is what I have written - "Anbe Sivam" with cheese and ham inside Ravis bag, Yea Because you just now bought ham You can explain what ham is ok, so its basically from porc in the other zip I guess I don't know, where it is in the other zip. Bruno: Oh ok So its French specialty, ok also Parisian is this for lunch In French: attendez deux minutes - wait for 2 minutes. so this is ham So this is l'Etouffee (Smoothening meat) From porc, ok This is the texture its consumable Ok, Can you explain Its a big piece of porc They add a lot of porc in it and its cooked in water Ok! and then they slice it ok.

And all the French loves this ok. And you can find it in all the super market and its good. Go ahead, and stuff it in your bread.

So this is a French opening Do you have this in India? A knife? Bruno: Like this opening in? Ravi: No! Should be a French brand ok! So seriously you will like it! So, I do it in the French way I cut and open it into a half! I take my cheese and I cut it. [ding-a-ling]: Chapel Bell Oh that is from the chapel bell its already noon Yea Time passed And then I fold the porc slice and place it in. and here is the Parisian sandwich Bonne appétit monsieur : Have a good meal sir So my baguette is also ready. We are going to eat it now.

Bonne appétit Bruno Bruno : Bonne appétit This cheese is really good. I have eaten a huge variety of cheese. He only choose this cheese. Its really good I started eating ham only after coming here. Mom is gonna scold me for this, But what to do, have to fill your stomach No other option Yea This is our lunch for us today.

After this, we are returning back on the same route see another chapel then go to the train station. That's the plan. So, lunch is over Cheese was excellent Ham was a bit salty both were salty salt was higher for my taste buds, the bread was nice He is having a cookie I am full, so I will have it later as I am full How is the cookie? Tres bien - Very Good There is only two flavors in French food One is salt and the other is sweet It will be chocolate mostly or salty If we give them the the minimal spicy food they will start saying its too spicy for them that's what I was talking to him now He asked if we add salt to our food. I said, yea man, we add salt to our food in our food. and now we are going to continue our hike. Bye bye So we came to the next chapel, but it is closed So we are going to return back lets see where we are going With the pressure in the city, It feels like I should not return back, but what we have to return back If we start returning back now then only we will be able to reach the station on time before the curfew.

We have also purchased the return journey ticket 4:40 PM is our return train So, Yea We got down at 9:15 AM, and ever since then we are walking its around 1PM now. So its gonna be enough if we start going back now. He is making me to climb the same path as we came. Im already tired. I am climbing holding my breath.

Now we are walking towards the chapel, then take the connecting road from there It too steep, so I took a trees branch for support using it as a balance and walking where ever I find a flat path, I try to take my phone and start vlogging. if I feel its slippery, I lock my and keep it inside Because phone is a important part of life Its just been 1 month since i got it if something happens I will have a heart break on our way there is a unrooted tree see how he is going We have reached the foothills Now we have to walk towards the train station Seems like we will reach the station early. Its just 2:30 PM now. 4:40PM is our train from here. We should figure out what we are going to do until then Majestic look The look when the fog hits the hill top is just majestic While walking to the station, I saw this falls It was really pretty to see So I came to show share it with you guys. the sound of the water is giving so much peace to the brain It also reminds me of the time I have spent in Marina or Bessy beaches in Chennai I am not able to hear them, so I have to settle down with some river sounds here.

So we have reached the village now. We thought we will go to some super market nearby and buy something for dinner and go to the train station Thats the plan We still have an hour left before we have to board the train So that we can take the train and reach home around 6 before the curfew Lets see how it goes. I am in love with this view, I want to keep showing you this view for a longer time So I just came out from the villages main chapel. It was very crowded in the morning when I came Again one more snack Take the train and go home is the rest of the plan where are we going?? we are going to Toulouse(Happily) Oh no! The station is closed. We have another half an hour Yea! What do we do. we stay here? Stay in another road? So the station is closed And they have a separate entrance for the platform alone He is searching for a washroom for a long time As it is closed I think he has to wait for another 1 1/2 hour till we reach Toulouse.

I have reached home I didn't use my phone for vlogging as I was editing images. Next is to go home take bath and sleep is the plan See you guys in the next video, As usual stuff, Support us by liking the video, sharing it with friends comment your views and subscribe to our channel. Until next time. Bye bye

2021-03-21 21:33

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