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King. Rama the first wanted, to make his mark. So. He decided to turn a small fishing village into his new residence. Bellicose. Neighbors, had reduced his hitherto beloved. Capital into, rubble. The. Gods were consulted. And the evil spirits, placated. Good. Advice was exchanged. No efforts were spared and high-flying. Plans, were forged. The. Wise prophesied. A golden, future a residence. For the gods they even, saw a capital, of the world. There. Was also a new name for this global seat, of government Krung. Thep mahanakhon. Never. Heard of it that's. No surprise. Outside. The country, the new city continued. To be known. You. Short-form. Bangkok's, official, name still, is the longest, name of any capital, in the world. With. More than 20, million visitors Bangkok. Took the top spot of most visited, cities in the world in 2016. Well. Ahead of London, and Paris. The. Wat arun named. After the indian, god of dawn is one of Bangkok's, best-known, landmarks and, Thailand's. Most famous, temple. It's. Adorned, with flower patterns, made of shells and Chinese. Porcelain, more. Than a million individual. Pieces were used to. Maintain, the temples, shine these. Mosaics, are polished and the stucco freshened. Up every, 10 years this. Has to be done by hand on the Wat Arun. Hello. Could we use very, traditional. Very, simple, methods, in our restoration. Works who, among, the, white stucco, is made of ground and fired sandstone. Making. It more durable than any modern paint, it. Dries in just a few minutes, you. Can wash it and it's very resistant. To rain and moisture, the. Technique, takes a lot of time and it's expensive. That's. Why it's only used for the restoration of royal temples. The, easiest way to reach the Wat Arun is, by ferry those. Who opted to come here by car will encounter Bangkok. From its least pleasant, side. The, dream of the car friendly, city for. Nearly an entire century, planning. And construction in Bangkok focused. Almost exclusively on. Motorized, personal. Transport. These, days it's possible, to cross the city center on three lines with, a sky, train or the underground, there's. No better way of getting from A to B in a quick and safe manner in Thailand's, capital. The. Greater metropolitan, area. Of Bangkok, is home to more than 15, million people with, a population, density two, and a half times that of Los Angeles. The. Two skytrain, lines are, no less reliable, than trains, in Switzerland, compared. To the chaos on Bangkok streets they, feel like a parallel, universe an, almost, clinically. Clean and perfectly. Organized, world of punctuality, ice. Cold, air from air-conditioning, units and polished. Granite. Passengers. Mustn't, make a mess and they're. Not allowed to eat or drink either. The. Problem, with this system is, that with its 36, kilometers, and its, capacity, of roughly 700. Thousand passengers a day it's. Still far too small, for this sprawling city. An. Airplane. Graveyard in the middle of Bangkok the. Shells of several, retired, planes, lie here from, short-haul craft two jumbo jets. It's. Not an official, museum and not, an actual destination. For tourists, the, compound, is in private hands and that's, why it's possible to visit it for a fee of around five, years. The. Investor, had originally. Planned to use these wrecks for, event, oriented. Dining, experiences. Alternatively. He hoped to sell off parts neither. Plan worked. The. Airplane graveyard isn't, listed in travel guides yet, and most, Bangkok, residents, haven't been here either the best way to find, this place is to look up the address online. And show a taxi, driver the map. It's. Much easier to find the white trimet the, temple of the Golden Buddha. It. Houses a treasure that 700, years old and had, long been thought lost the. Statue of the sage on whose teachings, Buddhism. Was founded, it, was hidden under, a simple stucco, coating. Covered. In colorful, glass shards, this. Coating was accidentally. Damaged, during, renovation, works in, 1955. Revealing. Its gold interior. The. Statue weighs five and a half tons and consists.

Depending. On the body part of up to 99%. Gold, the. Material, value of the gold is around 300. Million euros but. Its spiritual, value, is immeasurable. Chinatown. Unmistakeably. Starts, right behind the temple long. Before Bangkok, became the capital there, was already a large Chinese, community. Here. This, immigrant, community, has maintained, its traditions, and faith to this day just. Like Chinese, architectural. Styles, and a, portion, for bright bold colors. Houses. That look like film, sets and nighttime, crowds. To rival airports, at peak travel times, anything. With between two and eight legs lands. In the pots and on the plates here except. Of course the tables, and chairs. You. Need a bit of courage but, not a particularly. Robust, stomach, to eat your fill. The. Where's spilling, out on to narrow sidewalks. Further crowd, Bangkok's, bustling, pavements, the. Tourists, love it and the locals have learned to live with it. But. Many street vendors, don't pay proper, taxes, at, best we're told they, make unofficial. Donations, to the police. That's. A thorn in the side of the military, junta that, seized power in 2014. And a, problem for its state coffers. If. It were up to the government all this trading would take place in the regulated. Monitored. Context. Of organized, markets. Some. Street vendors have already been, cleared a. Good. Compromise, between the chaotic street food stalls and the polished. Night market, is a hearty, Thai barbecue. Diners. Help themselves to as much food as they can eat for, around five euros, then. They cook off riot at their table, to their taste. Tourists. Should definitely, try more than they're served in typical, tourist restaurants, the ingredients. Are fresh and properly cooked, that's why everything here is very hygienic I. Would. Recommend you to not, go to the regular places like cows, on all these tourist, places but, to go into the Sai side. Roads we go they're, cooked soy and. That's. Where you can find the real Thai Street food and. You. Will have something different than the path I. From. Herring, fillets to, masam, encourage, this. Duck chef and his colleagues get plenty of inspiration. From Thailand, Street kitchens, even, after years in Bangkok. That. Inspiration. Takes the shape of fresh shrimp tartare. Seasoned, with chili for the typical Thais spiciness. With, mango, for a touch of the exotic and, avocado. To, turn it all into a swinger salad, a. Very. Small salad. The. Park society, restaurant, prefers, to boast with the view it affords. When, dining, on the roof terrace the gourmets have half the city and Bangkok's. Biggest, urban green, space Lumpini. Park at, their feet. Speaking. Of park. You. Everyone's. Allowed to train spontaneously. Without, a contract. Those. Who come just the one time pay fifty cents the. Monthly price is roughly five euros.

Whipping. Yourself into, shape is completely. Free if you use the many other apparatuses. In the park and then. There's stretching, and jogging too but. Beware there are rules there's. A designated area, and joggers, have to run in a counterclockwise, direction. There's. More exercises. Have to keep an eye on the time because. There's a daily 42nd. State-mandated. Pause. In the park that's, strictly enforced. That, was the national, anthem wherever. It's played people, are expected, to stop in their tracks, it's. Frequently, confused with, Thailand ii anthem which also brings public, life to a standstill. But it's dedicated, just to the king one of the richest, men in the world. On, October, the 13th, 2016. A, world, ended, for millions of ties this. Film footage was taken minutes. Before, the death of king rama the ninth the, oldest, male monarch, in the world. At, the time people were praying for their king whom they venerated, far more than his successor, but. Nobody, would talk about that publicly because. Insulting. The monarch is a crime that carries a sentence, of up to 15, years in, prison. Beloved. Venerated. Idolized. The. Mourning period for the dead King was set at one year, after. 70, years on the throne many, people, in Thailand feel, that that's too short rather, than too long. Public. Life is now back on track except. On the roads of course that's. Why for our trip from the historic, to the modern centre we've, chosen a mode of transport. That's definitely. Congestion. Free the. Clong boat. Over. The past century, almost. All of Bangkok's, canals, have been filled in to, create room for roads. There. Are speed boats in regular, operation on, one of the few remaining waterways. When, the water in the clong Fester's, after, long dry periods, the, stench from the canal rivals, Venice, at the height of summer. But. Never mind a ride, on a clong boat is an experience, nobody, should miss. The, trip on the canal is a trip along the city's Future past. Properties. Are classed as premium locations. In Bangkok, if they can be reached by skytrain. By, underground, or, by one of the major arterial. Roads that's. Not the case for the area around the canal as a, result, property, prices are more reasonable, here and the, pace of urban, densification, is, slower, too. When, money speaks, the, truth is silent. Entire. Neighborhoods in Bangkok, often, have to make way for new construction. Projects. Heritage. Buildings, Town Planning they've. Heard of that here but such, things tend, to get in the way of development. We're. Visiting, an area that so far been able to withstand the, construction. Boom at, least in part, located. By the embassy quarter. The. Starting, point of our tour is Somerset. Park one, of the few private but publicly, accessible, green, spaces in the city it's. Right on the attractive, Swan blue road to, get going we choose not to walk instead. We opted for a mode of transport, whose characteristic. Engine, noise gave. It its onomatopoeic. Name. Chuck. Talks are a symbol of Thailand, most. Tourists, have never taken a tuk-tuk before, and they want to try at least once, no. Wonder it's fun and you sit in the cool breeze in. Contrast, to taxis, tuk tuks don't have a meter prices. Are often too high, that's. Why it's best to get your hotel reception, to organize the tuk-tuk and negotiate. A good price for you in advance, Lea high support, America. It's, worth looking at the ground in Bangkok, from time to time because. That's where one of the city's biggest problems. Becomes, apparent, Bangkok. Is sinking. If. You pull the plug in a bathtub full of water and styrofoam beads, they, sink to the bottom, something. Comparables. Happening, in Bangkok, because, vast, quantities. Of drinking, water are being depleted, from the ground beneath the city.

In, The second half of the 20th, century, the growing city sank, by up to one meter per decade, if. That had carried on at the same rate parts, of the city would already be below, sea, level. How. Can you tell by looking, at the streets which, are often in perfect, condition, easy. While, the houses, and private, plots are slowly losing, height the, road level is regularly, raised with a new layer of asphalt or, concrete. This. Road here was recently, resurfaced. Even, in heavy rain visitors. Hardly, get wet feet in the covered food stalls of this side street of the, Swan clue. Unfortunately. This only moves the problem because, the water finds, its own way on to. Other roads and properties, as well as into the now lower, lying ground, floors, of nearby houses. 27. Years ago that, time the. Footpath, was lower, than the much lower, than my shop and the road was even lower than the footpath and now. They. Have raised the road, by nearly 70 centimetres so, the road, is higher than the footpath, by, nearly 35 to 40 centimeters. Wild. Mountainous, landscapes, and untamed. Nature this. Cannot, be Bangkok, one might think but. It is. Admittedly. The, rocks are all miniature, and the natural setting is styled, rather, than untamed. Even. The fog that wafts, mysteriously. Over the grounds, is not real. But, everything's, real in the turtle pond including. The powerful, jaws that's. Why it's important, to bring the correct tools to a private, wild, beast feeding, session. Towering. In the middle of the lake there's a rock that, looks like it's been cast out of wax the, many small buildings. Are dedicated, to the spirits, of the Dead their. Memorials. Not, temples. The. Small haven of green is located, on the grounds, of the wat lion, it's. Bell shaped building. Is a JD, the. Thai version of, a Buddhist stupa. Buildings. Of this type originally. Housed a relic of Buddha but. Since the number of relics, is limited, JD's. Are primarily. A religious, memorial, symbolizing. The founder, of Buddhism and his teachings, their. Places of quiet prayer. The, bell-shaped building, style originated. In Sri Lanka like. A walled burial, mound it isn't suited, to be a self-supporting, dome. And, charities. Are therefore usually solid. That's. Different, in the white crayon its. JD is hollow and can, be entered to pray, meditate, or will leave devotional. Offerings, such. As the gold leaf on the walls or religious. Objects.

Visitors. Can also marvel. At the simple, trick the builders, used to, give their dome the necessary, stability. At. The end of our film we, return to the beginning the. Naming, of the capital. 250. Years ago there, was just a small fishing, village here with, a relatively. Unimaginative. Name, plum. Grove on the river, bangkok. King. Rama the first decided, to build his new residence here, bigger. And more beautiful than, anything seen, before its. Glory, was to be summed up in its name. Many. Suggestions. Were made and in, the end almost all of them were adopted. Pick. Up a karaoke. Microphone and, sing, the whole name, with us. A hundred. And sixty, nine letters, without, spaces. In tie a. Superstar. Among city names, City. Of Angels and, of the Emerald Buddha. Impregnable. City of God great, capital, of the world rich. In palaces. That resemble, the heavenly, home of the reborn, God and that. Were gifted, by the god Indra. That's. The very free, quick, translation. Of this mouthful. To, learn the name by heart there's help in the form of this 1989. Hit by. The group asani. Wasan, many. People, in Thailand use, it as a memory aid. The. Best time to practice, this musical, brain training, is, probably, a trip, in the child prior Express. Boat. It's, the breezy astray, of crossing Bangkok, from north to south. And, features. Spectacular. Views of the Capitol which, holds the record for the longest place. Name in the world. You.

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