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Hi, I'm Rick Steves back with more of the best of Europe this time we're, exploring a gorgeous, region, where druids, dance and waterwheels. Turn, it's, the West of England thanks. For joining us. You. If. You like England and you want to mix its natural, historic, and cultural wonders, you'll, love the West while. Everything, in this episodes within a couple hours of London out here it feels, a world away from the big city, after. Hiking through picturesque, Cotswolds villages, will. Place shuffleboard, with an eccentric Laura. Will. Tour a striking, Cathedral and. Attend. Evensong. After. Going way back to the Neolithic Age we'll, zoom into the new image and we'll. Top it off with some hard, apple cider straight. From the farmer, Great. Britain is made of England Scotland and Wales and we're exploring the West of England starting. In the Cotswolds we, visit stow-on-the-wold, and chipping, Campton then it South to Wells Glastonbury. And the, prehistoric stone, circles, of Stonehenge, and Avebury. The. Cotswolds hills are dotted with enchanting, villages, and bucolic, farmland, and it's, all laced together by wonderful, trails this. Is the quintessential, English, countryside, and it's. Walking, country, the. Cotswolds, are best appreciated on foot and that's how we'll tour the area the. Region's made-to-order for tender feet you'll. Encounter time, past villages. Delightful. Vistas and. Poetic. Moments. You'll. Discover hidden stone bridges. Cut. Across fancy, front yards and. Enjoy. Close encounters, with lots, of sheep. The. English love their walks and defend, their age-old, right to free passage, and. They. Organize to assure that landowners. Respect, this law too. Any, paths found blocked are unceremoniously. Unblocked. While. Landlords, have plenty of fences, they, provide, plenty of gates, as well. You'll. Encounter all sorts of, gates on these hikes this one's called a kissing, gate it. Works better with to. Lower. Slaughter, is a classic, example of a Cotswolds village, with. A babbling, brook, charming. Gardens, and a. Working water mill. Just. Above the mill a delightful. Cafe overlooks, the Mill Pond. As. With. Many fairy tale regions in Europe the present-day beauty of the Cotswolds, was the result of an economic, disaster whoa, was a huge industry in medieval England and Cotswolds, sheep grew the very best according. To a 12th century saying, in Europe, that festival, is English, and in, England the best wool is Cotswolds, it's. A story of boom and bust and, then boom again. Because. Of its wool the, region prospered, wealthy. Wall merchants, built fine homes of the honey colored local limestone. Thankful. To God for the riches their sheep brought they, built oversized, churches, nicknamed, wool, cathedrals. But, with the rise of cotton in the Industrial Revolution the. Region's wool industry collapsed. The. Fine cuts walled towns fell, into a depressed, time warp becoming, Sleeping. Beauty's, because. Of that the region has a rustic, charm and, that's. The basis of today's new prosperity. Its. Residents, are catering to lots of tourists, and the, Cotswolds, have become a popular escape, for Londoners people. Who can afford thatched, mansions, like these. In. England. Main Street is called the High Street and in, Cotswolds market towns High, Street was built wide designed. To handle thousands, of sheep on market days. The. Handsome market town of chipping, Campton has a high street that's changed little over the centuries. Everything. You see was made of the same finally, worked Cotswold, stone the. Only stone allowed today. Roofs. Still, use the traditional stone, shingles, to. Make the weight easier to bear smaller. And lighter, slabs are higher up.

A 17th. Century market. Hall with, its original, stonework, from top to bottom intact, marks the town centre, hikers. Admire, the surviving, medieval workmanship. You can. Imagine centuries. Of Wheeling's and dealings, that took place under these fairy rafters. Continuing. Our walk we come to the quaint village of Stanton. Travel. Writers tend to overuse, the word quaint, I save. It for here in the Cotswolds, a strict. Building Code keeps towns looking what many locals call overly. Quaint. Village. Churches welcome, Walker's to pop in and enjoy a thoughtful break. This. Church probably sits upon an ancient pagan site, how, do we know it's, dedicated, to st. Michael and Michael. The Archangel who, fought the devil still, guards the door. Inside. You get a sense that this church has comforted, this community, in good, times and bad. Pre-christian. Symbols decorate, the columns perhaps, left over from those pagan, days and. The. List of rector's goes way, back without a break to the year 12 69. This. Church was built with wool money in fact they say generations, of sheep dog leashes actually, were these grooves I guess. A shepherd took his dog everywhere, even to, church. Throughout. This region a few of the vast domains, of England's most powerful. Families have survived. The. Cotswolds, are dotted, with elegant, Downton, Abbey type mansions. Today. With the high cost of maintenance and heavy taxes, some, noble families, have opened, their homes to the public to, help pay the bills. Stanway. House home, of the Earl of weaves is one such venerable, manor house. The. Earl whose family goes back centuries welcomes. Visitors two days a week. Walking. Through his house offers, a surprisingly. Intimate, glimpse into, the life styles, of England's, nobility, and the, gracious, and like ibly eccentric, Earl has agreed to personally show us around his ancestral, home including. A peek at some touching, family mementos, hair. Cut, off members of the family, there. Was a tradition it, was in certainly in this house it was a tradition, and, it's kept in this drawer here. For, instance this. Is uh it. Says Papa's, hair. My. Sister, gave me March the 11th 1771. This piece of paper from. 1771. I'm a mess of her hair in Silas, she's. Just as fresh, as the day it was cut off Wow and that's his hair cut. Off on the day his wife died, of pneumonia. So. This is a huge table it. Is it's 23, feet long and what's the game it's called shuffleboard.

Or Shovel, board it. Was known, in Henry the eighth's time, this. One was built, we think in 1625. Just. The beginning of the reign of Charles the first and, you. Use these 10 pieces. And. You, try and let's try get shovel them up to the far in. That's. Nice. It may be a game for English aristocrats, but this Yankee commoner, is gonna give it a try, very good very, good one, point. Very. Good. Very. Nice a two-foot, show another. Interesting, artifact is what was called a chamber horse a sprung exercise, chair from the 1750s. Ad you did. That your. Plants up and down and your liver gets shaken. For, a hundred years fine ladies, would sit on here and get their liver done and find, gentlemen, - you find gentleman - yeah a chamber. Horse, I guess, that makes sense doesn't know it's just like going to the gym notice. Lord. Weems has rebuilt, the old fountain in his backyard and, today as one, of the highest gravity-fed, fountains, in the world rockets, 300, feet into the sky it's, the talk of the Cotswolds. For. Commoners, the Lord's sprawling parkland, backyard, makes for a jolly good day out. While. Not quite in a noble mansion we're sleeping plenty, comfortably, just down the road in the village of Stowe on the wall, Stowe. Mixes, medieval, charm with a workaday, reality. A selection. Of traditional pubs, cute shops and inviting, cafes ring it's busy square. For. Centuries the, square hosted, a huge, wall market, the. Historic, Market Cross stood tall reminding, all Christian, merchants, to trade, fairly, under the sight of God and. Stocks. Like these were handy when a scoundrel, deserved, a little public ridicule. People. Came from as far away as Italy. To buy the prized, Cotswolds, wolf leases. You. Can imagine with twenty thousand sheep sold on a single day it was a thriving scene, the, sheep would be paraded, into the market down narrow fleece, alleys, like this they, were built really narrow because it forced the Sheep to go single file so they could count them as they, entered the market, and. Ever since those medieval, Market days pubs, have been the place to gather enjoy, a meal and a pint a beer tonight. We're, checking out a gastropub. That's, a pub known for its fine food while. Many things that pubs provide, like, the cozy ambience and. Community, living room vibe haven't, changed other things like, the quality of the food certainly.

Have, This. Isn't, your grandmother's, pub grub pubs. Are putting more effort into their offerings. Creative. Chefs are shaking, up England's reputation, for food and you. Won't find mushy, peas anywhere. On this menu. We're. Enjoying guinea, fowl and artfully. Prepared, fish with fresh vegetables, a. Short. Drive south takes us into Somerset. And to the wonderfully, preserved city of Wells dominated. By its glorious, Cathedral. Wells. Has a charming, medieval, center. The. Stately Bishop's, Palace is circled by a park like molten sports, an impressive, front yard. It's. A market city and has, been for a long time. The. Peaceful Vickers, clothes is perfectly. Preserved lined. With 14th, century houses. Locals. Claim this is the oldest, complete medieval, street in Europe originally. Built to house the Cathedral, Choir it still, does, this. Overpass, connects, it with the Cathedral. England's. First completely, gothic, Church dates from about 1200. The. West Portal, shows off what's said to be the greatest collection, of medieval statuary. Anywhere. In Europe, about. Three hundred thirteenth, century carvings. This. Entire. Ensemble was, once painted in vivid color, it, must have been a spectacular welcome. A heavenly. Host proclaiming, welcome. To worship. Stepping. Inside you're, struck by the unique and ingenious, scissors, arch, this. Hourglass, shaped double arch was added in about 1340. To bolster, the church's, sagging, tower. Nearly. 700, years later it's, not only still working it's beautiful. The. Chimes draw your attention, to one of the oldest, working clocks, in the world from, 1392. The. Clock does it much-loved, joust on the quarter hour. More. Medieval whimsy, is carved into the Capitals. This. Man has a toothache. Another. Pulls a thorn from his foot and a. Farmer clobbers, a thief so hard his hat falls off and. Under. Glorious, stained glass you can enjoy the cathedrals, even Somme. The. Evensong, is at Church of England choral service traditionally. Performed each evening and welcoming. Everyone, taking. A seat in the intimate central part of the church we, enjoy the opportunity, to experience, the church filled, with timeless, music. Because. We're here in July the, cathedrals, choir is on break and a visiting, choir is performing, this, one's from near Liverpool. The. Countryside, around wells is great for growing apples, and. You. Can visit farms that brew the authentic, hard cider known around here as, scrumpy. While. Cider is becoming, more and more refined and, popular, the, traditional, scrumpy, still, attracts a devoted crowd especially, here in Somerset and, lens. And cider farm, Roger Wilkins, is as old-school as it comes his. Enthusiasm. Alone is, intoxicating. Did. Your father make this thing same cider me, father did, but actually. I learned, off me grandfather, the actual, making of the cider exactly. The same now as I guess my, grandfather, done it all we do is crush them up press, the apples that natural. Juice comes out and the yeast is in the skin in the apple so I don't put nothing at all in it it's. A pure strength, your gat we, head into the tasting room which I'm guessing looks, about the same as it did when Rogers grandfather, ran the place it's. Time to sample the pure apple taste of scrumpy along. With it 6.8, alcohol, content I've. Heard when you drink scrumpy you've got to be careful well. Yeah I can't knock you about if you went used to it, gallon.

A Day you keep the doctor away, I've heard some I've heard some pubs actually, don't serve it because no they won't some that well, now I serve, you a half a point and, it's pure so it's so pure, that in the morning no problem no problem at all no headache no hangover. No nothing, that. May be true but after my tasting, I'm making, sure my producer. Does the driving. Throughout, England, the countryside, is picturesque. And it. Hides a fascinating. History a, history. That goes back thousands. Of years to prehistoric, times. Mysterious. Figures carved into hillsides. Curious. Man-made, mountains. Ancient. Bridges and. Legends. That go back to Camelot, and beyond. Glastonbury. A modest, market town today has, long had a holy, aura, it. Was a religious, site back in the Bronze Age that's, about 1500. BC it's, also considered, the birthplace of Christianity, and England and the, burial, site of the legendary, King Arthur. Centuries. Before Christ, this hill called a tour marked, Glastonbury. For. Thousands, of years pilgrims, and seekers, have climbed it today. It's, capped by the ruins of a church dedicated to Saint Michel. Remember. Because Saint Michel was the Christian antidote to paganism, it's, a good bet this church sits upon a pre-christian. Holy site. Seen. By many as a mother goddess, symbol the, Glastonbury, Tor has long attracted a, variety, of travellers and seekers. And, the. Tour has a biblical. Connection as well. For. Centuries pilgrims have come here to Glastonbury, on a quest for the legendary, Holy Grail you. See Joseph, of Arimathea who, is an uncle of Christ was a tin trader and even, back in biblical times Britain was well known as a rare place where tin could be mined considering. That Joseph. Could have sat right here with the chalice that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper in his, satchel, near. The base of the hill is a calm, and meditative garden. Built around a natural spring. According. To legend, the, Holy Grail lies at the bottom of the chalice, well in the. Past people, came here for physical, healing. Today. Seekers. Still, come for healing but it's more for a wellness of the mind and soul. England's. First church, was built, here at the base of the hill next to the chalice well eventually. A great, Abbey was built on the site of that church, mix. The scant ruins of England's first Church with, the mystique of King Arthur and the Holy Grail and the hard work of a busy monastery, and by, the 12th, century plastron. Berea VIII was the leading Christian, pilgrimage, site in all of Britain it. Was huge. Employing, a thousand, people to serve the needs of its pilgrims. At. Its peak Glastonbury. Abbey was England's most powerful, and wealthy it, was part of a network of monasteries, that by the year 1500, challenged. The king they, owned about a quarter, of all English, land they, had more money than the king, to. King Henry the eighth Abbey's, like this were political, obstacles, in. 1536. He, solved that by dissolving. England's, monasteries. He. Was particularly. Harsh on Glastonbury. He, not only destroyed its magnificent, church but, for emphasis, his, men hung the abbot displayed. His head on the abbey gates and sent. His quartered, body on four, different, national tours at, the same time. Without. Its wealthy abbey the town fell into a depression but. Glastonbury, rebounded. An 18th, century tourism. Campaign with thousands, claiming that water from the chalice well actually, healed them put, Glastonbury, back on the map, today. Glastonbury. In its mysterious, Hill are a center, for searchers, popular, with those on their own spiritual. Quest. Part. Of the fun of a visit here is just, being in a town where goddesses. Go for their conventions. Where. Every, other shop has a new-age, focus, and where, alternative. Is the, norm. For. A more tangible look at the spiritual, mystery, of this countryside.

Prehistoric. Stone circles, are scattered, all across Britain. These. Circles, many, as old, as Egypt's, pyramids were, sacred centers of ritual, and worship. They. Functioned, as celestial. Calendars. 5,000, years ago locals, could tell when to plant and when to party, according, to where the Sun rose and where. The sunset. It. Still, works that way today. At, the Avebury, stone circle, you're free to wander among a hundred stones. Visitors. Ponder, the cohesive, ensemble, of ditches, mounds, and megaliths. The. Work of people clearly, on a mission, from, thousands, of years ago. The. Huge circle while, cut in two by a busy, road and so, big it contains a village retains. Its a lure and Wonder. And nearby. Stands, Silbury, Hill a yet, to be explained, man-made, mountain, of chalk, for. More than four thousand, years this largest. Man-made construction. From prehistoric, Europe is just, another edifice, from, England's, mysterious. And ancient, religious. Landscape. And. Exactly. What's it all mean we'll, never know for sure it's. Like looking, at the ruins of a medieval church and from that alone, trying, to understand, Christianity. Stonehenge. Is the most famous of Britain's stone circles, a visit. Starts at the Museum where, you'll see artifacts, from the Stone Age people who, built it a. 360. Degree theatre demonstrates. How the structure, is aligned, with the heavens marking. Both the longest and the, shortest days of the year and. Outside. A thatched, Hut Hamlet helps you imagine, how its Neolithic. Builders once lived. Huge. Stones like this replica, were quarried, carved, and then moved for many miles some, of them from as far away as Wales, 200 miles to the west they barged him down rivers they, may have rolled them on logs like this nobody, knows for sure. After. This introduction, a bus, shuttles. You to the site. Visitors. Are in awe as they ponder the continuously. Debated, purposes, and meaning of Stonehenge. The. Major stones, were erected, at the end of the Stone Age, just before the advent of metal tools it's. Amazing, to think that some of these cross stones have been in place for four-and-a-half. Thousand. Years, whatever. Its original, purpose stonehenge, still, functions, as a celestial. Calendar even. In modern times the Sun rises, on the longest day of the year in just. The right spot and it, retains its powerful, sense of wonder over, those who gather. For. Over, 4,000. Years in a row this, ensemble, of stones so, artfully, assembled, has, silently, done, its duty. Why. Here and for, what purpose these. Questions, along with many more about Stonehenge remain, shrouded in, mystery, but, there's no mystery at all about the fact that this part of England is a fascinating. Region, to explore, thanks. For joining us I'm Rick Steves until. Next time keep. On travelin. You've. Got a big one oh yeah there you go yeah. We. Read on there, considering. That Josip. Could have sat right here with. This. Is the quintessential, English countryside. And it's. Walking country.

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I have loved your show for decades. It never gets old.

100 like i thank you

Experiencing all this beauty i can understand why some Brits want to leave the EU, they mostly thrive on nostalgia and don't want to become part of Brussels' mono-cultural paradigm. But times change and we have become economically dependent of each other due to our own democratic decision making and now the genie is out of the bottle and there seems to be no point of return. Instead of stepping out the UK should convince the other EU members to retain their sovereignty and only cooperate on mutual cross border issues instead of striving to one EU federal nation state.

I'm from the Philippines. I will work very hard to reach this place. Someday, I'll get to see this in person. Mark my words.

Cotswold cheese is so good. English really make great cheeses.

How beautifull

Rick often mentions that places are good for hiking, but I haven't heard him suggest the use of the excellent maps produced by the Ordnance Survey: marvels of clear detail with footpaths, utilities, landmarks and sites of interest all included, from deserted villages and stone circles to public houses and sports facilities. They're quite indispensable for hiking in the UK (and are often praised by American travel writer and anglophile, Bill Bryson). The OS produce these maps for leisure use at two scales: the 1:25,000 Explorer series and the 1:50,000 Landranger series (the former obviously carrying more detail). Aside from their usefulness planning for -- or during -- a hike, I also find them incredibly interesting to study in themselves


How I wish to visit England someday! So lovely..

I would love to travel with Rick. He will give you history without being pretentious

Old World Architecture is awesome, and First Nations' footprints are not so obvious around here we live now.

Soon I'm in UK

Omg it's beautyfull,...

Greetings from Kenya, Africa! This video makes one really want to visit West England to experience the beauty of this picturesque place

you already know why fine ladies used chamber horse

OMG! This is so beautiful. I wish I could visit one day (have only been to London).

Love these places


This is my dream place....

That was an awesome video

Wow! Jaw fully dropped. I never knew such beautiful places existed in my own country! I'm a teenager who really needs to leave their bedroom; now I have the perfect reason to.

So awesome mr. Rick steves...im from philippines..i feel like travel on that place...its just only on my dreams..im always wishes to travel that place but i cant afford....thankz to shares this beautiful videos

The scenery is so beautiful ...

It sure would be peace of mind to walk around the places. Greatly enjoyed...

....'gallon a day keeps the doctor away'

love the countryside in movies such as Sense and Sensibility & Gosford Park

I love it

God I love the countryside so so much...I love the life which is away from the crowd.Ive read in books about the moors and this is how I picture in my mind...Thankyou so much for this beautiful video.

England is the most beautiful country in the world.

Hello I injoy your program so I'm glad to see it on YouTube yes now I can watch more of your program thanks for sharing..

Amazing place !

Hello everybody is there any one help me to learn English ?

I hope I can go there soon. I wish I can live there too ❤❤❤ such a Beautiful place

I wanna stay there... Forever.

Awww like a fairy land

Lovely video

Nơi này thật đẹp

What was with the blooper at the end where you told the prized medallion, Roger Wilkins "AKA Mr. Scrumpy" "You have a big one." ?

Negeri yang indah dan damai senang kalau bisa jalan jalan ke Inggris atau keliling Eropa, semoga suatu saat bisa terwujud amen


Woooow..... Really awesome.....

Beautiful place

Desire to reside here n d soul of england. ... lv it frm kerala.. gods own country

Wow đây đúng là một chỗ lý tưởng cho những người yêu thích bình yên

The winter is cold and windy and rainy, yes. Summer is really nice, it can get to over 90 at times.

I am from Bangladesh ..I love England. I want to visit England village.

Helo you

I live in the UK and travelled up north and south multiple times but I want to travel to Asia , africa and south America I guess we have different dreams

New subscriber here. Live it

Ahhh!!! Someday

I love UK....

Very good and informative documentary.

exotic journey

So beautiful

Ugly dirty mexicans are all over usa its nasty

god is great beautiful people n beautiful country clean n need l love so much English people cause no racism

beautiful place... Love from Saudi Arabia

C'est jolie

I wish I could live in a small town surrounded with peaceful nature and seemingly nice people and weather the way it looks on this video. Life in the city is just too chaotic and polluted, especially a city such as Bangkok where I'm based at the moment. Not to mention the weather that hits 90+ degrees almost all year round. Winter doesn't exist here. :(

umm that would be the West Country, in England, which usually means Devon and Cornwall......Great Britain also includes Northern Ireland as well as Wales and Scotland........it is not west England!

Great story & place, all of you can visit my village in Sipahutar city park (Indonesia area). The place is nearest with Lake Toba.

This Beautiful Country.

Cotswolds aren't in the West Country mate.

Where are you come from or belong Rick ? You're so loyal and observer and I like your all videos ,,I also want to travel west England ..and I hope that I will meet you ever in my life ...be happy Rick Steve...yay...

England is so beautiful.. I wonder why English people left England for America or Australia

I want to live in England

wow, nice.. from Bangladesh

This place is absolutely breathtaking. Awesome presentation Rick Steve

Because they got promised to be given land bigger than entire towns to farm on.

It referred to the relative size of their drinking glasses.

I need family from england

One of the best channels on YouTube. Thank you for making these episodes available to us.

Fairytale town

I also love this city views. It is a peace living and cool culture and classic buildings.

I love to drink a cup of beer in this video .

Children can grow better here with less Technology

Jolly good show old boy! Ah, to reminisce the old country, before the really bad pollution set in!

i wanna live there (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾

West England looks so Celtic

The ancients build it, and this generetation is destroing by free borders and beleving in free stuffs. Bring more muslins, they will love to destroy those beautys

I like it your all video

Dreaming to go there

But remember ,here in England it is often cold and wet even in Summer .That is why most English people go abroad for their holidays .

Sir, you are an ignoramus with a camera. You know nothing of the history of the Cotswolds.

What upset you? All his videos are that bland national geographic rubbish.

Thank you for showing us this gorgeous region. Everything is so breathtaking

The Glory,culture,traditions at its height. Really amazing to see West England the way it is. I am nostalgic now...

hai! if my country is look like it

It os my dream to have a vacation in some of these places. Awesome place!

I've only been to London, but would love to visit this part of England.


Aha, my home and local area. I’ve lived here all of my life and yet even now I’m still learning things from this video. Mind, I already knew about the excellent scrumpy by Roger Wilkins! I can highly recommend this!

very nice vedio..... love from India

Beautiful outstanding amazing

So nice

Wowwww jealous of people who are living in that heaven

I wish I can go there so beautiful

I wish I could get marry to and Cotswold guy ....

So beautiful and refreshing I would love to go there

I miss England 3 great years i will hope to go back for a visit.

sumit mishra English criminals were FORCEFULLY sent to America and Australia, they didn’t choose to, and also what the person above me said.

15:16 I must get his tailor's number...

My brother and I are traveling to this country in 6 weeks ......after seeing this video, I can't wait!

I am really happy to see this one country. Hopefully I can set foot in an English country, I love

Its beautiful. Nice place to live in.

1:25 - Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

No, that's the UK. He's right about Great Britain. :-)

Wow very nice place i love it

very beautiful place,

Medieval homes were used to be very beautiful

I dont want your video to end..so fascinating..thank you for sharing


England according to Pure natural way of Life on this planet. Great work Sir I appreciated

So why is the Earl eccentric,he seemed well adjusted and a good host

For centuries Stow-on-the-Wold hosted a huge Wal-Mart. I couldn't believe my ears. Wool Market. ha ha.

Thank you very much Rick

"Glastonbury - Religious site in the Bronze Age, around 1500 BC; also, considered the Birthplace of Christianity in England - And, the burial site of the Legendary King Arthur in 1191 and his Queen on the 19th of April; Century's before Christ - this hill called a "tor" marked Glastonbury".

"Lands End".

"Orson Wells".


I have been there three times. England is wonderful.I love England. I want to go back.

Thank you youtube for recommending this video, England is my dream country since 12 years ago. Hope oneday i'll go there

Fairy land

Bom domingo a todos

I was blessed to be given the opportunity to visit Wells and Glastonbury ( hiked up to the TOR ) during my working trip in Street. Love the English countryside. So , so beautiful. Thank you from Malaysia :)

oh wow! i felt in love with the places

I really most impress.. I love nature...

So beautiful. Place nd your body language. About Old history.. Good Sir.

I love the place really beautiful,,

Beautiful ...love to go ...

West England is most beautiful place on the planet, i strongly like this documentary.

I love the sheep there

Such a beautiful place. If only i could live thre

The place is so clean

Are there africans and islamics ?

Love it.

west England is very beautiful

Really amazing....enjoying the place sitting in one corner of India....Assam.. Thank u.

i love for europ it is very peaseful no rush no trafic no extra population very nice sir

ภาคเหนือของไทย ช่วงหลายเดือนมีแต่ควันไฟ เผากันอยู่นั่นแหละ เอาไงดี ประยุทธ?

anyone else noticed the horse shaped waterbody at 16:30 :o?

Thank you Steve for sharing the video. I love the reminicense of another era.

Lovely west England and lovely anchoring....


Glad to see your video Lovely video thanks alot dear

Que belleza

Mashallah indah sekali

Tommy Robinson is the best!

So nice sir ji

Wow beautiful,love it!

Nobody can beat or win the Englishman's building structure

I want to come but I have no money for the tour very beautiful england

My God...I didn't know such a beautiful place existed

This place is like heaven. Someday I will visit this place.

Glad these places survived ww2.

First time seeing you after many years not watching your t.v. show . I havent watched t.v. for several years now. But your program pop up on my tablet. Good thing ,now I can enjoy your videos as before.


Wow,,,sangat indah dan cantik

Awsome England

What a beautiful and wonderful place. Very magical.

Beautiful fantastic nice view. Good location great video..

But We did not see Your mustache

Gargi Shukla same here,but england is really jolly good

What is there to dislike? There is apparently a 1000 who do, must be town and city people ,still makes more space for those who appreciate it lol

11:14 Ok, as an American if I had to guess, those plates should cost about 25-30 pounds each. What kinda money do they actually cost?

Nhung vi o cua ban nho dịch ra tiếng viet nam(cam on )

Nho ban dịch ra tiếng viet toi moi hiệu đuợc cam on

I was born in the South but all the same I long to be back because I only lived there for 5 years

Amazingly beautiful fabulous place on this planet love it xoxo

I love England

we,re not Europe we are England & everything in England is a couple of hours from London !!

Wooow naturally nature beautiful England...My fevorite Country

Thank you for sharing! It like another world.

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Yo quiero conocer pero soy pobre

Wow it a great to see england sir thanks

ILoveyou uk cityes

Great commentary well done!

Oh, that would look so much nicer with a huge mosque and lots of Islamic doctrine.

hello from USA

Many travelogues are really grim but this is excellent, very professionally shot and narrated, and informative. If medals were given for videos of this type, THIS one would be awarded gold.


Beauty eveywhere

Do a video for Norfolk

I'm so lucky and proud to be from the West of England.

My dad lived in England for two years. I have always wanted to go.

Diversity and open borders will make this unrecognizable in a few decades. Better to have it documented now.

Typical American ignorance. In speech you said it correctly, so could you not have had the correct video header. It should have been "West of England". The English never refer to "West England".

Very interesting Report

Hi Rick! I met you through channell 11 and I always watch tjis cjannell becaise your videos. I don't watch TV anymore and I am so happy that I foud you in you tube, bravo! I always enjoy your videos!!

Wao great

Why am i watching a documentery about where i live?

Lindo lugar...encantador.

Wow!! breath taking, look so peaceful and beautiful.


I have lived in the Cotswolds for 50 years and before that in the east of England in a place called the Broads (Americans titter now) and met my wife there. You could do a video on the area called East Anglia. Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. This is very good informative video.


There's a man who's read the phrase "mushy peas" but not heard it said :) I do like the atmospheric background music

Wonderful video, i subscribe

Lovely country side. Thanks for sharing. I only wish I have an opportunity to visit such places.

That Lord Williams Estate was awesome. Those antique tables and furniture.☆☆☆☆☆

It’s good view and good weather beautiful to live.

Don't leave home without heart missing West of ENGLAND hundred years history keep eyes on it changing lots so much indeed as time goes by through life???

How is the church from a pagan site just because its “St.Michael”?

He lost


What a great video. Thank you

love from japan ❤️

Magnífico este tu canal !!!!

Beautiful !

Hermoso lugar

Woow I like it very beautiful ❤️

Fantastic buildings

The profile picture made me think it was him in the thumbnail too...a classic Norman Bates case

Wow so beautiful praise God


Great villages of England, very very beautiful, lively and charming.

Maybe shame on Brits. as their proud of historical stuff was just uncomparable million miles long behind that in Rome in the nine class weak Italy as well as the even five to six thousand renown and high cultural historical China?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is the place Glastonbury or Cotswolds?

Lovely. (Although England is not in Europe) -

First video and a great channel very interesting love this kind of thing. Subbed

Love it wish I could live in such a place seems like crime would be very low

Long live England and it’s culture! Beautiful.

I like your style Rick


Nice place


David Warwicker no England is very much in Europe

Omg ,I just loved it , amazing, feeling so fresh

Europe is so overrated

i also upload nice video plz help me.....

Your smile makes people want to watch more of your videos,really.

Are you a real TV program host? You sounded so professional.

Your videos help me to learn english. Thank you.


You told mostly about the churches instead of villages

Whole presentation was very pleasant

Brilliantly portrayed

England is the very beautiful country I like England

The most hilarious thing, is that I grew up in Stow on the wold and have family in surrounding villages including Camden but I’m learning more about the town in this video than I ever have in my whole life living there

Abhijith U Vishnu The Cotswolds is the district with towns such as Stow on the Wold and Chipping Camden inside. Glastonbury is the place, however is further south and not apart of the Cotswolds.

tyroneuniqua lalala same

Wow!!! Love at first sight. Very nice and beautiful. Keep this as it is forever.

Now I want to go to Glastonbury. Joseph of Arimathea was my 70th great-grandfather. I knew he and Anna the Prophetess went to England but didn't know where, then to Wales. Guess now I need to find out where in Wales. I've been drawn to England most of my long life, but knowing this intensifies it.

1 of the places is called lower slaughter. Hahaha

Wow... very nice place, thank you.

not may diverse faces, why is that?

Amazing, Such a beautiful Place. Love to see this.

My dream country I wanna go there

I love england

Let's visit it someday

You can visit but don’t move in. Stay in your country.

Well your relatives are destroying all this mate

This place is blessed of God


A beautiful part of my country, love from Cambridge

Christianity has such rich culture in England.

Nice organ at 13:56. If only Jimmy Swaggart would allow Evensong in his church.

Really enjoyed a bit of nostalgia there. I've been in Wales nearly 10 years but used to love going to Glastonbury and especially avebury many years ago on the solstice. Truly magical area of England.

That's what I'm thinking. Looks like a nice place to live

7:19 what are they tryin to do

Look so cute and cozy ❤️

Beautiful place

Hi Rick

Jacob Reynolds yeah it’s everything


Shredded with the blood money from colonies. Nothing has hard earned in England

This is the beautiful place !..heavenly place!..

needs about 50,000 more Syrians there

This is beautiful England.

I watched Rick Steve's shows all my life. And with today's society over there in the France, Germany, other European countrys,....how is it for him now, or does he still travel?? I live for these places to view, as I wish I always had went to explore them. Yet I never left America.

I watched Rick Steve's traveling shows on PBS.

I love Christianity

@Cristina Diwata I hope someday I can visit places like this in Europe. Where I live is in the country side but I don't get to drink hard apple cider lol

Wonderful,thanks! Can you piease tell me if it is possible to do your tour with public transport?

NWO Globalists want to drop about a thousand Somalians there...OK ?

It's beautiful, awesome

One of the best travel documentaries I have seen!

I love England.i have desir that i will go there one day.oh god plzz help me

Lots of places like these in the uk.and people are friend except like birmingham

They were built to last for centuries no floods earthquakes no need painting!


@Karl Pilkington die

@Karl Pilkington you are such an awful person

Indians like my comment let see how many people come here

Who is there enjoying this in 2019 Like

There were people living there Before the celts and vikings

Fantastic places

Love the old boy who runs the Cider Farm. No teeth lol, Scrumpy, it rots your bones and teeth. In the early 80's i Weymouth in SW England, there's a pub there called the Duke of Cornwall, it's got to be a few hundred years old that serves scrumpy, none of its regulars have few or no teeth. The scrumpy they serve there has got stuff floating in it, i think is apple skin. Have a few of them, you're feeling around the walls to find a way out. I'm not sure how true it is that you don't get an hangover after a session on that stuff, how the old boy said. What a character.

Great Job Rick. Expat living in RI. My wife is American, everytime we over that side of the pond, after each trip visiting family , we tag a few days on visiting different regions, the SW and North Wales are top of her list so far. We are doing the Cotswold in July.

I love London, my dream is to visit London one day, really amazing channel and place

A title of just two words "West England", and it pulls in 3.2 million views in only 1 1/2 years! Behold, the power of Rick Steves!

кто тут русский

@Cristina Diwata You know that's sad. I can only imagine also. Like you said "dream"

Jacob Reynolds who wouldn’t. The best for walks and making memories even to settle down. I can only imagine.

@Cristina Diwata Wouldn't you like to walk around places like this? I can only imagine how nice it would be

Big up the Stroud posse! SOUTH WEST ALL DAY

Wait until the starni get there you won’t like it then

I was there few weeks ago...I also visited Bath...it is beautiful!!

Please, stop the bs. We are turning into a dump and have been for the last 20 years.

The smart ones left for Australia

DofE wankers


Fantastic!! Beautifully maintained and preserved culture, after plundering the rest of the world!

Watching from bangladesh

Can I rent a morter bike in Stanton? How much will be the cost for a hostel?

Viva the beautiful Europe



En.g.L.an.d E.ng.L.an.d

Will they let an American retire there? I PROMISE I am NOT your typical American. I would LOVE to have a relaxed retirement and I PROMISE to leave the American attitude on this side of the pond...I've never had an American attitude, anyway.

I can look at a church in 2019 and still not understand Christianity.

Sab chor hote ho.

I hope to visit London and some parts of Europe someday.

Wow Beautiful great country UK .

At 25 min a boy wearing Brazilian soccer national team shirt. Salutations from Brazil

I love it, my dream place,, Malaysia Chinese

Hola! No entiendo nada pero me parece muy bonito tu video, ojala le coloques subtitulos en español. Mientras tanto: Suscrita! Sldos desde Colombia

Please don't watch this it's horrific shite at its finest

Northern Ireland ? This is an American outview. Cringe to the max

bhadva chodu laude you are doing good job

It’s such a relief to find a foreigner saying nice things about England, usually all we get is hatred which we take on the chin but it does hurt a bit. We all have pasts of good and bad. This man has such a lovely, kind, positive voice, he’s a joy to listen to. Thank you so much for looking at our more positive sides

I love it

Me too

Vow..I would like to be there... very nourish ING to mind..

The history in Europe is just beautiful. Nice video

The shuffle game looks fun

my destiny


Very good vídeo beautiful

Thank you for providing the deep knowledge of any country in such way it's like you let us to touch it's soul keep it up Sir

I like video

Wow nice place ❤️❤️❤️ I wish to visit

How I wish I can go to england,,,my precious dreams

I love the people

Сказочные места!

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom but is not geographically part of Great Britain.

When I was a kid this video seems like something a substitute teacher would put on and I'd hate it. Now I wanna go visit England

I really enjoy this

May the light of Christ keep shining upon England ❤

Love all his vids

What is that lol

@Moonflower D. What's up

I live in England but in London so it's very different.

Don't spend your money in England. They refuse to Brexit. #

classic england so fancy and amazing for me i dont know why

If you like this watch This Country, the BBC documentary about the Cotswolds.

Ohhhh my God... I lived all there, all wonderful

So beautiful, thank you for sharing.

Everyone across the world is welcome to immigrate to england,we love you all,bring all you're family and friends :)

wonder if the Scottish highlands might be akin to the cotswolds today if the population had not been exiled for sheep farming. which proved a failed venture against new Zealand lamb

Wonderful video, with details and references which touches every mind.

i love uk really beautful places

beautful towns

I love this show! It makes me miss the UK so much

@Fatur Lukman why lol?

Thanks Rick for sharing all of these amazing experiences. Will be indebted to you.

Sending love from Philippines!

Chamber horse. Really? More like lady toy from the 18th century

This looks surreal. Do people still live in those medival city houses?

Ragnar Lothbrok should certainly visit this place. He would love it!

What a beautiful place...

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood location and comentary.

Rick your video is very beautiful and this place is amazing like heaven on earth people's lucky who live there best wishes from Pakistan

OMG Akko from Little Witch Academia is from Glastonbury & the tore is the entrance to Luna Nova ! :o

The property is very expensive there.

London is full of pickpocketrs and UK police doing nothing that's is reality of London..

Who mentioned London? London is not England any more!

@Peter Day Its a beautiful place waiting to be plundered. Usually a nice target for viking raiders to pillage.

@Peter Day That was a reference from Vikings!


Most want to but are prevented by those elite who fancy theirselves more knowlegeable and intelligent. They want us to be ruled by unelected people in Brussels. How intelligent is that?

But too many spoils it for many of us.

Thank you!

I noticed the omission at the beginning. Surprised at him, he's usually accurate.

Many think so, yet many want to give it away to anyone who wants it.

Paradise on the earth

Watching as we pack to gooo!!!


I love europe.Streets are awsome

I’ll be in Europe by next year.

I love these beautiful natural places,england is a awesome country

Paixão instantânea por esse paraíso! Glória a Deus! ❤️

Look like paradise


In my last birth i surely belonged to england. Glimpses of past flash in my mind. Foggy weather, rain, rose, themes, country side, ice, cold, english culture, language, literature,each and every thing seems to be very familiar to me. I possess a profound love for england. Hail from india. ❤❤❤❤❤

Gorgeous land....♥♥♥♥

I want have husband from eropa someday.... Eropa is beautiful place

Very very beautiful. dream to see it live.

หน้าดานสวยเรืองงามใจกลางเมืองความเจริญก้าวหน้า ฟ้าสีสรรงดงามทองผ่าภูมิสุขอบอุ่นไออุ่นรักกลิ่นไอดิน สายธารสวยเด่นเลิศนภางามกังวาลความเป็นถิ่นชลสุขคลุมเครือรัก ดอกไม้เรือนงามกลิ่นหอมหวนยวนรักอริยธรรมใจ เลิศธรรมชาตินำพารักโดดเด่นไกลความอุดมสมบูรคองใจรักทุกสายชลมั่งมีศรีสุข ดีงามนะครับความเป็นผังเมืองครัวเรือนงามโบยบินงามรักเส้นทางนำ5555

I need England of Visa

Wow !

My paixão end you como e paixão en inglês??

คนมองเห็นค่ามากประสิทธิภาพความเป็นมาตฐานใจ ความสวยงามไม่ได้เรื่องยากบังเกิดใจ ต่างคนต่างมีของดีทำคุณค่าให้มีความหมายมากสรรพคุณความเป็นสายชล ปลุกปั่นพื้นฐานที่ดีมากวิชาหลากสีสรรความเป็นอาชีพจุดยืนอนาคต คุณค่านั้นดีอย่าดิบดีแต่ใสตนศูนย์กลางเป็นหลักดีวันดีคืนสิ่งที่ก้าวไปข้างหน้า ผู้นำที่ดีต้องรู้จักยับยั่งชั่งใจอะไรควรทำหรือไม่ควรคงความถูกต้องผลประโยชน์องค์รวม บ้านเมืองเจริญการวางระบบที่ดีการทุ่มเทใสใจไม่หวังผลใสตน พื้นเพย่อมมีดีมีร้ายความเข้าใจและแปลพร่วน ความหมายที่ร้ายจับใจความได้สิ่งจับจ่ายคล้องตัวร้ายติดขัด ทรัพสินมากล้นคุณค่าอันมากมายแต่ร้ายสรรพคุณความเป็นสายชล เลิศวิชาเคมีสารชีวภาพเผ่าพล่านสูงบารมีเพื่อนผ่องตนรวยเด่นงามเกมคตโกง มีผู้นำแย่บริหารไม่เป็นสร้างแต่ความเดือดร้อนสุขเด่นงามเส้นทางใจ ผู้นำดีสมคำกล่าวขานคำสวยคำงามเด่นงามเส้นทางนำสิ่งต่อยอดอนาคตไกล ตัวอย่างมากมายถ้าคิคลงมือทำจริงๆคำเดิมๆคำสวยคำงามเด่นงามสวยแต่ปกวาดร่างแต่จินตนาการความเป็นจริงไม่มีจริงใจแต่ใจตน จิตสำนึกที่ไม่มีน้ำใจร้ายการไหลรินความเห็นแก่ตัวพรือใจตนเป็นที่ตั้ง5555

sayeree ganguly hi how are you thanks for a like


I wanna live there! It looks like paradise. I wanna escape this chaotic city.

O jeez... So much greenery n so natural.... So beautiful...

So beautiful the town as I never see before.Thanks a lot for shared.

I love the place

Очень приятное видео , спасибо !Так и кажется , что сейчас просеминит мисс Марпл !

Yes they’re everywhere in England.

Like a mysterious fairyland it is ..nice composition of vedio ..will love to visit there someday..love from India

I heard lots about Glastonbury

Beautiful countryside.

احبههههههههها كالوثية

Beauttyfull eniggaland

wow Rick I love the video it is awesome to feel like roaming when sitting at home sofa I luv u gud day and days and days steven

I wanna go here!

These places looks like fairyland. Sadly in the not too distant future it may turnout like Birmingham.

Beautiful plece , when i can go, I will go visit here. I love the Peaceful and beautiful nature

So royalness everything is made on looted money.

Wonderful indonesia, let's go....... amazing

far away from disturbing city crowd and irritating city light, this is absolute heaven and dream place of mine, would love to spend my whole life there. xxxxx

Wish to visit there someday ..im learn to listen English from your channel also thanks a lot .. BTW welcome to Thailand country^^

Everything in Europe is simply and effortlessly splendid and beautiful and you feel like you're travelling back in time.

lovely. I wish I could be there. thanks for sharing. cherishing from your eyes.

my favorite country is england guys what about uu if yes then like here

Just lovely

People are so blessed to live there

I love to watch these types of houses and countryside which reminds me of beautiful olden days , they preserve the authenticity of their country which is what I like.

I would

Nice plece

Superb. Thanks for sharing

England is not England any more ............ this is dead today.

Simply out of this world ; would be quite exciting to visit places like these in Europe !

So peaceful !

Its a Somali town these days... where knife attacks are 3x higher then Detroit acid attacks are daily....

I’m vietnamese!

Love from india

it's full of old people !

wowwwwww nice



Thank you for sharing best traveling vidio... Incredible place... let it be for everlasting.. let next generation see it real


ayyy im from Wiltshire

I'm sorry but the Cotswolds and all those other places in this video is not.....i reapeat is not the west country....... Cornwall and devon ...are west country....!!!!!!!!!!!!

สวย สะอาด คลาสสิค

yes so do I, I wish I was living there now I wounder if the people are nice

When you do what you love, you are never old. This was beautiful Rick

Feels so weird to see an American in England haha

It is really gorgeous home quarters and setting!! I'd love to see it for myself

nice one

Is it wales ?

aww, these countrysides are so beautiful. i want to enjoy england this way.

actually called the west country

AAAAAAnd the winner is GB ... always

Best show best of Europe

What a beautiful country

There is no region in England call west England the region that you showing up it’s actually Southwest England

Lived here for 2 wonderful years.

Very good introduction

Beautiful country. I hope some day i can go there.

I would love to live there

I'm Thai and I was born in Thailand.When I was 3 my mom got a scholarship to study abroad----England. I lived in London for 3 years then I had to come back. I really want to stay their.It's a very special memory that I'll never forget:) I hope I have a chance to go their again~

wow amazing beauty

But remember ,it rains about half of the days in the year and cold winters

Those gates, LOL

There is a ‘highway’ that runs past Stonehenge, I’ve driven past a few times. The traffic slows right down as everyone stops in awe and drives past really slowly.

truly amazingly beautifull


Hello sir may you help me for the Kingdom of God Youhanabad Lahore Pakistan. I have kids but I don't have place for them. May you help that I can buy place for these kids.

Glastonbury is also home to the world’s greatest music festival !

There are few countries as Beautiful as Britain (yes, I know it isnt a country, but bear with me). Japan, New Zealand excluded. And oddly all three lie is similar positions in relaxation to nearby continental sized land masses, are of similar size, and straddle warm/cold zones.

Please fight to keep your culture and ways of life before it's too late.

amazing this location. love you England from Bangladesh

Great Britain

Use to picnic as a child at Stone Henge when it received very few visitors, now you can't get anywhere near them. Excellent video, its nice to see some parts of England are still England unlike London which isn't English any more.

how i wish to be there amazing places,,,love love love

You guys already lost London i would hate to see lose the rest of England..is beautiful!!

I'd get there pretty quick, it's gradually being ruined and is becoming unrecognisable.

But people travel west when they are visiting that part of the world i.e the West country.

Splitting hairs, he said the West of England.

What about Northern Ireland? Get your basic facts straight mate!

So beautiful...hope one day I will visit...

Country side England has always been fascinating me wish to visit one day

GOOD audio quality is the key to a good video.

I really love watching this kind of video, it seems that i also part of it,

natural palaces. England is culture beautiful

Stunning! Will love to visit West England. Love from Bangladesh

Rick Steves is the best! I use his travel guides whenever I travel. His books are good reading, even if you aren't traveling. Wonderful video, wonderful country.


13:58 'near Liverpool'

That greenery made may day

Thank you. This is my country and I have been to most of those places but even so the reminder was good. I love the old cider man.

Shaun the Sheep village

it would have been nice if Chedder had been included


I love this beautiful places I miss you

my dream to visit ther

Very beautiful love from Pakistan

What a wonderful creations of God., give thanks to Him..

God gift Europe very nice place in the world

The place that I wish to visit.

England is also enjoyland.

I wish that God will bring me in a place like this one day in life .God is great . from Naigeria

Vão tomar no cu inglês

Bando de maçônicos.

What a classic video.

God World is really Verry Beautiful ... Love From Pakistan


I’m from north-east England :)

It is a good country and beautiful place another time if I have time go to visiting place , awesome scinary place and looking wonderful place.

people in Devon will stare u to nuts, they hate foreigners

So full of history - my favorite was the 14th century jousting clock. Too cool!

Congratulations to New Cricket World Champion -ENGLAND. Love from INDIA.

wow, the sheep aren't camera shy.. Look straight into lenses. So cute!!

Only the rich can live there now days.

Onyedika Victor - careful what you wish for, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

Bangladesh athlete tea Gardner

I love England I hope to visited @ I'm from iraq

Heaven on earth

This is real European history and grand culture, hard to find in cosmopolitan London.

So beautiful, beautiful country!!!! Doomed to become all islamic with che globalist program handed out by our nice european politicians. I'm Italian, we are under invasion, so.....

My dream.

Back yard? Front yard? Its garden and front lawn!

This is England that all international tourists need to visit

Loved it! Thanks a lot, love from Pakistan

It's a dream to go to England and see the countryside.

I want to live there

These idyllic places are crying out for a nail bar , an Aldi’s, a charity shop , a drive through McDonald’s, B&M , and a mosque.


These places in Europe and the UK are so beautiful. But, for us in Australia and the New world in general, probably, it is almost impossible to believe they are real, like people actually live in such picture perfect little villages etc. But I have seen pictures of family and friends from Europe lounging around these famous historical places, statues etc as if they were just sitting at some local bus stop or park bench etc here, totally oblivious to all the history, art etc they just take for granted. And when they visit Australia, in turn, they get fascinated by the nature, the scenery, the sheer vastness and space here that we take for granted and get a shock when we tell them a train journey is not long, only a few hundred miles, like I travel often, just to get some cheaper, better fruit and vegetables. They just cannot imagine the great vastness and space of places like Australia and how everything, including nature is on a bigger scale. I sometimes see pics of English or European accommodation, beach resorts etc that are supposed to be prestige locations and wonder how any humans could possibly live or be in such tiny, old, crowded, tiny spaces. I would go nuts if I had to live there but it is nice to look at the pictures of such quaint villages, ancient fine buildings etc.

I wanna get out of europistan and go to England so bad


Yeah, Thor did good.

Be careful waiting for unproven beings to grant your wishes. No god has ever done anything reliably.

I live in Britain, and my son has emigrated to new Zealand, so am familiar with both. New Zealand has natural beauty, but not much man made beauty, as not that long ago it was unpopulated. Britain has both. I can't comment on Japan.

Space invaders? I love that game.

Thanks for making some day i will go england , i love the county area so much

Very nice like documentary

Lovely. From Philippines

Can someone take me hereeeeee


It's not Glaston-Berry it's Glaston-brie like the Cheese! Love your videos

I know here is different topic but reality is Random result of worlecup final match we don't accept this victory...sound like Fun

Words r nt enough t describe this place

Plastic should not enter I these kind places .

Build a house like British and in joy life like the American.

WOW...nice country there....take care and GOD BLESS❤

It's a wonderful documentary. Thanks for taking us to rural England digitally.

I want see Edinburgh

Thanks Rick more about west England really I like that little town and castle in Wells

You are a nice guy, Rick Steves, with an endearing smile and gentlemanlike attitude.

Wonderful movie, I m glad, Thanks everyone.


Love England

Ask england to marry you!

What is west of west West of England

which country you belong?

Shout out to the cute cat chilling on the lawn at 12:15

White mans land...

This all places looking like Disney dream places.

Give Thanks to poor Indian cotton farmers during 1857-1947 which English East India company looted and coerce them to farm indigo and cotton instead of food crops. England Industrial revolution is built on the blood and deaths of 4 million poor Indian (great famine of 1943 Bengal). While England was busy in world war 2 ( 2.5 million Indian soldiers fought from British side) Britain was sucking Indian wealth to fund their war which India had nothing to do. They looted our kohinoor Diamond and brags about their noble caste.

I'm not a British citizen but I love and respect every corner of England

Ask every corner of England to marry you!

Excellent I lived it

nice docu, but 17th century (the market place) was long after medieval times

*south* West England

Tnq... Mr Rick steves

IWill come very soon

I am from pakistan but not welcome


Perfect place to live no pollution no crowd right ambiance....would really love to settle

Ask the videos to marry you!

Amazing....being not so wealthy, felt as though I was touring England myself.

Only part of UK that is left the way it was I know someone nearby that his house was built in 11 hundreds his house deeds are in French but the property is well haunted

Wow...history is soo mesmerizing to hear..across the otherside of the world

It's look like so beautifull

beautiful tourist destination, it's amazing to have a vacation there

Until watching only , imposible for me to come... so interesting place

England is a really beautiful country!!! - From the Philippines!!!

Many of these beautiful towns are too small for handling masses of tourists. So by going there one destroys their attraction.

best place ever.... love from India

Saba plz cum to pak

What a beauty...

What a beauty.. Love it

Liking from South India

Wts d level of oxygen there?



Will u mary me please

Hi steav

I wish to go to england and live for the rest of my life...!england❤️

It gets a bit tedious Europe this and Europe that.....from Mr Rick. I love the UK but European it isn't. Thank goodness many UK People have stopped saying " In Europe we.....". It takes more than a weekend skiing in Austria, to become European. No disrespect intended.


17:40 just amazing view..

M i watching a fairytail

Hay Ric i am from Bangladesh

How wonderful

So beautiful town....love it

Beautiful England really

Jimp Zee

not english but i buy clothes at primark

Thank you poor indian catton farmers.

This is not fany

Such villages are destroyed by visitors. They are too small. When you go there and see tourists like yourself you realize that they become artificial. That kills their charm. But they need or want your money.

fat free health recipes bahi donu sath jayegai mera wait kariyo .... akalai mat jana

How I wish to be there

I live in the West of England. It is very beautiful here but not if you're young as it's very quiet.

Unless u see it.. So beautiful

wowww sirrr greatttt

It's my dream to visit English countryside.. Hope it comes true soon. Nicely picturized and edited with fine commentary by Rick Steve.

So beautiful, it's on my bucket list and i already claimed it

Somebody please answer my question.. may I live there forever if I wish to...??? Or is it difficult to get residence over there...???

The Cotswold- where we called home before moving Downunder! We’ll be back one day!

I love English men! Lots of love

Firstly love the.comments as.much as the beauty of the west country i too live english men of a certain sort my husband wss from somerset. I am indian besutiful coutyside quaint villages so.much history if those walls could talk what srcrets they would tell a glass.of scrumpy.would be nicexxc

Who wants to go get their liver did after watching this?

We never say West England. We say 'The West of England'. Scrumpy is not traditionally served in see through glasses. White pottery mugs. Cider is served in glasses. Nice video sir. Thanks

I wish to live in this village....

Wow! What a beautiful place

I bet this is where they shoot the beauty and the beast

My god.... this is not the real England. For one thing, they hate foreigners.... even tourists. I have been living here 20 years, and they still call me a foreigner every day.

Awesome speechless

Woooowwww ...really amazing....i loved it hope to be here one day.. In Gods well....Beautiful England...

Seems like Heaven...

Do mention the winter & summer months & their length also what are the maximum temperatures in summer & winter

Very nice video thank you for video

23:54 artfully done...that's a joke.....come to India will know what art is...anyway liked West England..

That chalk mountain could be treasure let's dig it...

Awesome video n views. Sajan Thomas India.

German Beer bread and old Wein blackforst. Nearly every german speak different languges (Italien. Freanch englisch )Even lahore is much more clean then London.

I dont like England because Germany is Million times beautiful .Speicaly Baden-Württemberg. Bayern Hospital school universty are one of the modern and latest in the world. Even small children go to school in the age of Six not four and half.Uniform is not necessary.I spend few months in south of London and West London very dirty.I miss every day beautiful Freiburg .Even highest catholiec church tomb of the world in Ulm.Thats say every thing.Come and See Germany.

Simply Fantastic.

From tamilnadu ,India ,247 hydrocarbon project in agricultural land,soon my state will be Deserted bcoz of this politician,

Hey Rock you are doing great job man

my dream place


The west is great lovely my auntie lives there xx

Wish to live in england..

I'll go there shore

I couldn't imagine how the place is beautyful, amazing! I'm looking forward see the places and know history of them!

Hy how can I see the England.. Me frome Pakistan

You are an amazing host Rick Steves❤️


I like this atmosphere. Love from Pakistan

Nice city man I am watching you


Mai big wish i want to live these type of places

Thanks a lot really enjoyed views.

I'm from Nepal

I have request... Mr Steve to visit Pakistan... Waiting for ur videos of Pakistan traveling

What a beautiful place..hope to be there someday

я в шоке.. такое умиротворение

Am first time seen rice with chicken

thank you

Nice one Rina

Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland wales annndd northern Ireland

Very beautiful

4:35.... It looks like so so much to South West of France !! OMG ! This is Périgord in England !!

So so nice beautiful

that game also originated from Manipur besides polo. Manipur is a beautiful princely state in northeast india.

If there are fish and vegetables on a plate. Dont only mention that the vegetables are fresh.

Happy lm want goo คะชอบอิงแลนท์มากอากาศดี

Oh wow!!! I'd like to visit this beautiful place very soon.

Que lugar lindo

Thanks for sharing. Wish i can visit there someday. I love England place.

Before I die I want to see England

Enjoyed the "Why did they build castles near airports?" moment at Stonehenge :) Another enjoyable video.

dont let asians ruin it

@Spencer Wilton yaaa that's the basic formality which every country has...

bobduvar You still need to apply, you can't just move here, we have fairly strict immigration rules too!

@bobduvar happy to know...

You live wherever you want girl !! I do not see the point of your question !!England is not USA !!!

Europe is so beautiful and exciting. Some day I'll visit some countries there, like Portugal and Italy.

I have been there Love from Indonesia

❤️❤️ İ LOVE ENGLAND ❤️❤️

Everything seems so clean,clear,calm,planned,greenery all around.English have rich heritage culture.

Truly natural beautiful in the world. I am from poor country but I never gave up my hope and pray some day I will be there even just a day

I lived in Bristol for many years and enjoyed many day trips out to many of the places shown here. I live in Egypt now. It's been lovely to enjoy this video, it's brought back many lovely memories. I really miss it.


Whilst I can't stand the way our major cities are going now...down the gutter, I thank God each day that I live in this breath taking country. I've been to many of the places in this video, and many, many others in the south, east and south central. There are timeless villages and picturesque beauty spots hidden away as gems in England, off the tourist radar, if you're willing to look. I love the beauty of my country. Sadly not ventured further north past the midlands, I'm sad to say. But I certainly plan to as there are also incredibly beautiful areas in the north too. Most younger English people don't even know the insane beauty practically on their doorstep, and it saddens me (people my age, I'm not that old).

Such a nice place England I can suggest u can visit india and u will find whole 7 continent in 1 place diversity all sense u can enjoy no country can have so much diversity like India..

Always I love only one country in Europe more than others in Europe The Great Britain England lots of from India

Muito lindo,parabéns pelo belo vídeo.

So beautiful

Rick Steves is loved everywhere , because he is great at what he does..

Wow i am a filipina from philippines i imagine this kind of place in my dreams only its so beautiful❤️❤️

I love how Rick Steves isn’t afraid to show things like modern pagans

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Beautiful country love from india

I love England watching from Phils

its makes me happy

After watch this video, i decided to flight to the England from Japan.


I love visiting Europe, want to end up there, maybe England. Great vid. The Avebury and Glastonbury stones were put into place with advanced technology. Our modern day tech is pitiful in comparison and the elite hybrid controllers still use this tech for themselves. Just sayin'..

It's official....no YT comments thread is safe from dumbarse conspiracy theories.

i really like Rick travel show such a pure authenticity.

It is really impossible for me to go to UK. Hay. :(

Ang ganda. Gusto ko nang magsettle dyan.

I wish i would be the citizen of England.

Feels like Hogwarts( my favourite place of all time ).....

Amazing England

english is a language we are british get it right

Look like home of Teletubies

Ahhh it'll knock you about a bit if ye arnt used to it

What a beautiful place ❤️❤️❤️

i wanna live there

I love england..warm regard from jogja..indonesia

same here

Fantastic clock in church❤

Hope u visit my channel & subs...

Just fantastic

You should see Turkey... Gobeklitepe. The first temple of the world. That is time traveling. Before Stonehenge,  it dates back to 12 thousand years ago..

21:45 Brasil


love u Stevie! Kiss from Kortedala

I wish I lived here

@Blue Snail Don't worry brother everything will be okay soon

Thank you from an Englishman! It's very nice to see a more friendlier person between our two countries rather than yet another someone who hates us for our wrongdoings in the past.

I want to watch this video again and again. what a beautiful video and what a beautiful country.

This is my first watch. Congrats. It seems Mr.Rick Stevens is doing this presentation lovingly.

So beautiful.

Seriously very beautiful place

Such a beautiful country but I've heard immigration has ruined it.

Very expensive place...oneday!

I want to live there, is a serious girl for friendship

super information

I moved here 5 years and love it, from Amsterdam.

Aldrich Abrea Greeting you Too from Kuwait


@Aldrich Abrea hi

I hope i can travel with you sir.....

I'm new I wanna visit west England some days

South west

How i wish i can enjoy those kind of scenery that refreshing in our eyes,,i am a nature and lover and earth wonderss..

Shala chor kothakar!

Soon to be Englandistan.

Is this where star dust movie was made?

It's just wow only. ..

There is more and limitless greenery than anywhere in the World. I Really love Europe.


Thank you Rick, I am happy to see West England. thank you

Beautiful country but the best loves to find any more

Thanks very much more than this

Canım sizin ülkeyi Okyanus yutacak diyorlar

rude english !

Beautiful country of the world

Angeles lived here!

The royal beauty in nature, love from India

I think is very good

i wish i had a lot of money so i can travel the world especially europe.i really love the landscape and grass of europe.

I love it

What about Lower Uncton and Upper Uncton?

Rick come in Pakistan. I heartly invite you Lahore. By the way awesome knowledge to introduce countries. Love from Pakistan.

Breathtaking... hope to be there someday.

the stones are waiting to me

i love to visit there

I reeeeeeeaaalllly want to go your beautiful place......but how could that be happen......impossible dream for a poor one like me....

I feel as if I was living there ..really I've loved this experience ..wish to visit this place one-day

Wow very beautiful church ingland God help Those Sam who helps Them self

Finally something to like about England

Marvelous Rick! Thanks again for another fabulous video. It would be so cool to travel with you! I love how you go into depth with the history, your commentary is on point! Thank you again Steve Martin, I mean Rick Steves Haha I bet you get that quite a bit. Jolly oh, til next time

My dream land

Adorable. Love it


How I wish living here..peace peace peace

Suka suka..

i hope I can go there someday :(

Hey mr!is it in heaven...if i were here....

beautiful city

MAY God protect your beautiful country/territory from Enemies. I covered this historic place in Jesus mighty name . Remain blessed.

this video makes me go to the place i want even without a passport

oh my GoD whats amazing place! i hope one day i will vist this place

Same as Scotland so nice

should have traveled more when I was there

I need to visit these wee villages, towns asap in the fall..locals do recommed local eaterys, dishes, chesses to dine on, things to do, please, thank you. Any one else visiting asap?

Good morning, I advise you to visit proud Kiev in Ukraine, this city is more than 1000 years old, a very rich history.

I can smell looted Indian Money.

England is built on INDIAN MONEY


I loved ❤️I loved

this makes me realise I haven't been home for 21 years, I need to go back.


I want to go soon and stay

The greatest country the world has ever known.


Awesome place....cant imagine this realy exists...outstanding work...lovely voice..good explanation

So beautiful! I need to live there!!

Glastonbury/ oasis

Wells! The town in which the comedic mystery masterwork Hot Fuzz was filmed.

It is great

Yes i gess there is some

That's where I live

Who told you that? Auntie Jackie's sister's brother's boy?

I am afraid western people are afraid to visit Pakistan because of the violence we hear about.


I love to go and visit the words' beautiful places. O God, please help me and also help all the human beings to come out of troubles, miseries, sorrows and grieves. Aameen...

Wow it's amazing

The Shire.

Bán thân.Ai cần liên hệ.

I wish i could get there

I AM A GILL...with ancestry from ENGLAND..LONG LIVE ENGLAND!!!

همينو ميخوايما

Rick's commentary is superb! Makes me want to visit and I live here lol!

hay im.from india and in studing in college england is so so.beautiful and my dream is in my life one day i will be here dream lots of love from india

Sooo cool Love it!!! Wow Thanks Pops Steve! Ur the best! Ur like the ultimate coolest travel guide ever!

i just want to go there...

for me who living in tropic dirty dusty animally place call Palembang, that west England town is heaven, someone please take me there , I wanna feel clean air from that garden

Mubashir karim it didn't look like this last summer- 12 weeks without rain in some places, the whole place turned yellow and brown! It was a freak summer though. I did wonder what all the tourist thought- were they expecting daily rain showers and lush green countryside?

Andreea Corb On what do you base that statement?

Andy Burton Parts of it, yes. But not really the parts tourists visit. Fortunately most immigrants have confined themselves to the bigger cities and poorer areas, meanwhile housenprices have soared in the best parts as white British residents flee the cities having been outnumbered by other cultures.

Very similar to the Netherlands, I might visit these sorts of places in Europe one day, why not.

Hello! Shufflebord is common with American bars.

WOW.. it’s magical.. just like places in fairy tales

I lovely England . Can I tourish .

Whoa! England is soo beautiful

British countryside is beautiful, love watching it from above when flying but it's big cities are eyesore

Thanks,so gorgeous!!

Nice view

Oh no..I love that place of Europe.There are many interest place and so peacefuly..i love go there..when i was a child i dreamt England but how i can go there..i can't go bcoz my life to take care mommy on the bed.Thankyou so much for you video.GOD bless

Amazing n informative viduo, frm pakistan


Beautifully photographed and presented video of the "West Country". This is a part of the world I visited 50 years ago, and is, for the most part, just as I remember it. Thank you.

Just like a fantasy world... Mind blowing


I love to visit this places

i would love to live there,, but ill never get that chance,, still beatiful

Beauty of English countryside.❤

"Honey coloured limestone."

nice place to live... i used to think europe is covered with ash gray coloured cloud i mean it's always dark and gloomy place..

I'am from Italy. I like watch beautiful country

Video in Germany Please

Do you think the USA not having this history around them all the time makes a difference?

Life is unfair..

I’ll take a positive traveler on a trip to the beautiful places of the Carpathian Mountains, as well as introduce them to local people and their customs, cost $ 250, travel period in the Carpathians - 3 days

England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales are so pretty. I love the rainy weather. Hope to visit all of them one day.

THANK YOU ... For All these precious information. I love this area so much which i visited. I love PEOPLE there. Proud of their identity and history, and close to NATURE. The universities are famous too , worldwide. Thank you again ...

Roger's voice sound like Walder Frey' voice, lol

Love England from Wisconsin USA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I dream of visiting the U.K. one day. The older I get the more I desire it. Beautiful country. America is amazing but I want to see where my ancestors came from. I’m

So so so so beautiful!!

Это красивейшей место на земле!!!' Сэнкью!!!

Добрый ден!!! Хочу выразить вам благодарность за ваше видио !!!!!!! Англия!??? Супер!!!спасибо вам!!!

Beautiful places, towns and villages, thanks for the video

Omg,, what's a beautiful place it is,i fall in love with this beautiful place, hopefully I can be there someday, greetings from Indonesia

One day Jesus... one day...

May I know which city is it under west England?

One question, how is south WEST? If Wells is west then London is in east which means the country doesn't have a south at all which is weird

Wow scenery beautiful just like in india

So wondeeful city

Wooow that's the super great ✌

The hill at the end has to be covering something buried. Maybe someone should do a laser scan and see.

Wuow is mooie Inglaterra

nad shig um medersen humuus l end irsen baih

I wanna go there and just sleep

This country has too much peace.

How far is it from London? Is it possible for a day trip to cover them ?

9:29 why would older man tape little girls in bathing suits.....weird and creepy!

Great for the film makers especially from abroad, not so great for the original serfs still living there.

Donat please!! Payeer P1016106490, VISA 4276050026822191 ! Dream Honda X4!!! Help)))))

Do they have a cup of tea there thats because we have coffee here

서부 west 영국 England

Ah Rick...gotta love you’re positive American spin on the West Country Lol it’s hilarious from this side of the pond. It’s sweet... so so sweet. We kindly thank you.

Love from Malaysia

i like eropa man

Wow! Fences and gates! Sounds fair enough!

England is my dream country to visit.unique,amazing and fantastic beautiful.castles /houses. Hope travel in england...ha ha.

Remonds me of Peter Seller's immortal video "Balham - Gateway to the South!"

One question, how is south WEST? If Wells is in west then London is in east which means the country doesn't have south at all which is weird

Not according to him!! Lol

Fiona Heartfilia London is in the south.

@julie Wallis thank you very much Julie, we are a couple who love history. Do you know how much approximately it will cost for train tickets per person ? Thank you in advance.

Lan Anh Hoang Thi about two hours by train, so it is doable but will be costly.

PragaMaterUrbium they were running around, playing in the sunshine by a pool. It was to show a lovely family day out. I think _you_ are the weird and creepy one for thinking children playing is anything but sweet.

lolipop245 there are a number of cities in the west of England. Check a map for a more precise answer.

Pure Somali not all cities in England or the uk are ugly. Bath, York and Lincoln all have some truly beautiful and ancient buildings. Birmingham, where I’m from has stunning old buildings, fantastic park lands and miles of canals where you can enjoy a drink or food whilst watching the narrow boats. Glasgow and Edinburgh are gorgeous, Glasgow has some wonderful architecture with design by the likes of Rennie McIntosh. Please don’t insult my home when you haven’t got a clue what it’s like.

Jyotirmay Dey don’t kid yourself! You plank.



What an amazing place..

Mr.Rick steve I had been in England twice in year 2007,2008.all memories are stillin my mind. I love England. I am from India.


MashaAllah Beautiful place

Desa aj sangt bgs..andai didesaku sperti itu

england is beautiful waw

I want to improve my listening skills that's why I am here.

15:19 Oh, that authentic West Country accent which has become synonymous with "pirates" thanks to Robert Newton's portrayal of Long John Silver in 1950's "Treasure Island".

It looks so beautiful and peaceful

I wanted to watch this as I live in the cotswolds but the titles were so long I got bored and turned it off.

Sir I I'm from Kolkata , West Bengal , India I want to go to London plz... help me sir ..

What a laid-back, beautiful town.

Thank you

you country is vary Beoutiful i like i italy

This is what god wanted for us, but we complicated our lives. Enjoy nature look at this beauty

wow love it thanks for sharing

I was hopeful and searched west england with a fresh interest (from Việt nam)

Why do britons leave their extremely beautiful country and come in Africa?

Fascinante...casas, hogares tan antiguas , muy bien conservadas..naturaleza, historias.....con esos paisajes imposible de no acordarme de los cuentos de Beatrix Potter....

Ahhhh England is always been my dream country

Hope travel in England...

I am hairstylist

I wanna come there

Sir i need visa

At the peril of being called an English grammar-Nazi, I was surprised to hear Rick Steves use the term "hung" rather than "hanged" when describing what Henry VIII did to the abbots of Glastonbury. Other than that, a wonderful tour!

Beautiful climate an everything so so so pretty

If you avoid the cities, it is very nice.

Love this exploration. Greeting from Jakarta..

i love

ماشاء الله على هذه الطبيعه الخلابه

Hi uncle nice video

Reason why i love Europe

everything out there is looted from India.. the quality of life out there is made out there from Indian wealth.... the world knows the truth i hope the video maker too..

Competitive W.B.C.S do not go to London. There are too many Indians in London and it’s revolting.

Excellent Video! Great Britain is really a Great Country! Thanks for visually introducing the beautiful and calm, nature and heritage of countryside England!

I was adopted with No family History. I have always love European everything just about. My Daughter for Christmas did the DNA thing for me. It came back 98.2% European & 1.8% Algerian. I would love to visit someday but dought with my health so I enjoy the video's & try to imagine the Wonderful Smells. May God Bless & Be With us Eachday. xxx

Waoo it's amazing.. wish to go here once

Hi there Mr. Steve Great view and tour of West England Thank you for sharing these to the world

Beautiful country

England is and always be my dream country. I wish I could move there forever

India se loot k banaya hai nah


Wowww so beautiful

Great great really, thanks

Beautiful landscape!


If you liked this location in England check out the 'English Riveria' in Devon has some claim to being called the 'Shire'. @ @ @

I would love to visit this place in future, so peaceful, mesmerizing. This people's are really lucky.

Finally found this channel, cause i really want to get a glance of Europe before going there soon.


@ryan mass in kenya, we have rows and rows of beach houses occupied by nothing but white people...its as if its ment for them.... So i usually ask myself why come to such a country when you have a beautiful heaven in Europe But i guess your answer justifies it

It would be very rare to live in an area like this in the video, as wealth is inherited here in the UK, so if you aren't born into a rich family you will often only be able to afford to live on a housing estate near the city, struggling to pay bills and tax etc in an underpaid stressful job, alot of people are depressed from work. Also the weather is usually cold, cloudy and rainy. Basically living here is not as appealing as it seems, very stressful, alot of people leave for a simpler life

فيديو راءع،،، الحياه في انكلترا

So beautiful country.

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