WHAT A SCARY PLACE (Philippines)

WHAT A SCARY PLACE  (Philippines)

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[Music] welcome to the agent guys you guys welcome to the new vlog guys today we have plant go to cave i forgot the name but when we get there and we will show you the name and so make sure when you visit the hall you can also visit the schools yeah it's actually like quite like park under the cave and we will see what's in there we've never been there a way so hopefully you will enjoy uh our video before we start our day guys please consider to subscribe if you did not subscribe yet and don't forget to uh write the ring button so you will not miss any notification in any video exactly also yesterday we get some new subscribers from damian's vlog wish to say hi to all the subscribers and yes you're asking us to translate videos to polish also so you will you will find the translation of what we're talking about in polish so let's do this [Music] we get here guys maybe we can ask we are there [Music] only k for something else uh you have also horses here 36 22. sir ah have a look have a look ah here we go really how many horses do you have ten then we have camp lucas we have a bar they're available in dragon fruit shake and lump yeah ice cream is 150 each bro did you pay look at this guys they have also this one i'm not sure what is this but it's like maybe this is cara balma oh i see it's a carabao somewhere also here they have gold for sure this is goat a little one this is a goat and of course i saw the feet i oh yeah i see a rabbit's here hello hey do you guys still have robin tesol here okay so where we need to go okay hold on drive motorbike okay thank you very much thank you it's nice here guys look around yeah it's beautiful we have lots of dragon fruits here oh my god yeah but there's no hot fruits it's not i think this is the this is not the month to make fruits but there is a road yeah because this is they have farm as well here guys and i want to ride a horse but there's nobody maybe i can tell girls we always there we already pay a ticket and we just need to give it to the tour guide there so this could be more fun we're here in the flower farm now as you can see around me and lots of flowers and also same as well there they have also bunch of flowers they have also table you can still see it it's over here alexa edit flower palm welcome to alexa flower part yes this is it we have a bunch of flowers different colors a how you call a bit we call no it's this is not bumble guys no see this is nothing wow look at somewhere here it's beautiful oh my god it's nice wave and they have tank water tanks yeah it's beautiful this is what i like the cooler include red and pinky pinky oh my gosh we have also a lot here guys there wow they have vegetables also as well here this one guys we call this i'm not sure how you call this in your country but this is good in the mountain before we always make noodles mix with this one vegetables like otan visaya like knitted vegetables with soup a lot of it and it's really healthy guys this one of course chili we call this aloo bhatti we can put this in the vegetables if we cook it this is a flower garden but there's no marihuana here boy mario don't say that see flowers somewhere down there as well this is a huge flower farm here guys it's the foot cover of the look at this we put plastic for the uh yeah the girl see and somewhere here look we put um plastic and or paper so nobody can touch it and this is it nobody can touch it this is with purpose to grow flowers in this place i think maybe or either in other hands as well so if the kids come over here so they can touch it so let's go to the next guys next destination have a look guys we get here to the cave but before we show you cave classic from german very nice this is my favorite car i like it wow margie okay guys now we're going to the cave in how many steps is this sir 67 step 67 and then the distance of our cave is 150 meters from from the mouth until the end someone is there inside oh no no no nobody's there have so guys can caramel cave in the hub somewhere dwarfs okay so let's go so here's our third guide now start hiking mario one two one two one two [Music] guys we use it for world war two that was sir what is your name sir oh sorry gary that's what sorry gary said he was hiding here keep some stuff here yeah so this is the entrance guys see they have water there if you want to drink and if you're thirsty come here baby so this is the place watch out your head here we will bring coco for all that oh my god come on you're flying thousands of bars you can go there thousands of this bus as you can see oh my gosh i look guys a lot of bugs um actually leaving somewhere here and replying on the way in the other side here oh my god look at that huge spider where's the can you take the life like under a little that okay that one is [Music] that one foreign [Music] is everywhere so guys i mean this is not the end there is more somewhere there um but we need to crawl first and mario would not love to do that and there's another way somewhere here but it's a small school i'm only the person who can sit there for sure so as of now we're just going to stay here and going back there now we're getting back here yeah in the same way um and mario was like he's really sweetie guys he's look like swimming here we're going back and look at this here i think it's not we are not flying anymore but you can hear mario gekko's here they're looking at you a little bit be careful will be not right there hmm a lot of bugs look at this one okay what is this [Music] jesus hello and that's the dance over here and i'm in the top and that's the entrance oh so guys we get out from the cable as you can see bunch bunch of but their cockroach there is a different kind of spider there is also different kind of but in here now all viruses in the one place don't say that yeah because about spreading viruses really all thickness is what you can catch this is the perfect place so look at this guy somewhere here yes and now we're gonna try to we're gonna try the dragon fruit mix i'm so sweaty yeah they're like it's really hot like getting to the swimming pool there yeah that could be nice if they have swimming pool there but it's not good because there is bunch of but yay i wanted to catch one but but i can reach it it's so high they have restaurant as well here guys and maybe since you can i'm gonna order big one and you can hop it you can share it and you can fly drone who is this mario you no what is that no that yeah this is about okay so now we're going to the restaurant guys that's the restaurant somewhere here around it's quiet here actually guys so guys this is the restaurant somewhere here uh they have wine as well you see a different kind of wine it's good it's a small but it's look like unique and i think they also have event here because as you can see around somewhere here there is a table with umbrella and it's a table and there is also somewhere right there it's like a tearing part i guess and yeah it's surrounding i think there is a room somewhere down there that part there see they have hammock here as well [Music] and actually guys the three guys say that the cave there is not finished yet uh it is still in the process to boil that and the owner of this place they say that he said that he wanted to put a swimming pool somewhere here that could be nice so if there is people come over here they can swim since after the cave because in the cave it's really really hot as you can see mario he hubs street all over like he looks like he's taking shower or he get wet from the rain so that could be nice maybe somewhere down there that a green part area there maybe that's that that green area right there that's already going to weld the swimming pool for sure and me while waiting at dragon throat shake i'm in the hammock but it's worth it finally we visit one place today and we didn't waste our time because it's finally open not like enough previews that we visit how many for poor places to try to see i call a them um python snake but then all of them are closed i smell like bad now so guys this is the mango shake i know sorry this is the um dragon fruit shade we have it we separate we put it into the dough glass because i cannot drink they're calling also a miracle fruit you know the dragon fruit no it's not it's good very good it's good guys delicious cheers we're done here guys and now we're going back there so we guys drink a shake from this fruit yeah from the street you have one fruit starting yeah here another one look at this guys starting but it's still bb i really really recommend this place when you are in the ball come over [Music] foreign

2021-04-18 02:29

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