WHAT HAPPENS ON TOURS? - VLOG - The Haunted in Spain/Portugal 2018

WHAT HAPPENS ON TOURS? - VLOG - The Haunted in Spain/Portugal 2018

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What's. Up everyone today, I'm. In Spain, and. On. The Haunted. Iberian. Tour which is basically touring. Of Spain, and Portugal. And. It's, actually our second, gig. Day today and. We. Played in Vigo yesterday, and it was awesome I just, didn't. Remember to film, anything, at all so I'm starting, day 2 and tonight we're playing Bilbao and. We're. Stopping for a coffee here and got. A tortilla. And some soda and yeah. Now we go back to the car to go drive. Some more got. A six, more hours until, Bilbao. I. Sit. Next to Marco. Related. Issues. Yeah. This is Bo our, sound guy this. Is Klaus. Sorry. What was your name again Danny hey that's Danny from niranda, and he. Plays bass so. We we piled it Asus, grunt, because. They have anxiety. So. They sit together. And. That's, yonis previous. Key member of the band not, anymore. He. Left his touring. Shirt. The, rest of us look like dorks on stage he. Just wears his own Satan's, child t-shirt. The. Guggenheim us you yes. Fly. Over, Wow. Ma'am. Now. We're waiting for the bus to pick us up, to. Go to the, gig. That's in, less. Than an hour. No. Sale yeah, we're actually, loading, in the bus right that's not because there's a car come we are out, of its nila I'm. A harvest. The other and, I'm. Only, adding to our birth there right now making. Sure that in a tank or fail anything. Goes wrong right, the. Basically does it's like Tetris but. In real life. Leaving. The venue now because, apparently, this. Infestation. Infestation. Actually DJ infestation. Oh look. At look at the line. Fuck oh here's my see how they are they. Oh. The. Cutter. Markley. Just. Emptied. A wine bottle in the bus not. In his mouth because it makes sense. Here. In Siragusa. There's. Marco and sorry Gaza that's what he looks like. The. Man. Beautiful. Morning in Saragosa. Not. That beautiful, but. Uh yeah. I'm not in the hotel room we're. Going to Madrid today and. I've. Set up my, recording. Station, here because, this is the only outlet, that works in this room, so. Yeah. I'm starting write some riffs, for, an. Upcoming haunted, of them so yeah. Wish me luck and, I. Must say I fucking hate my new, laptop that, I need to have this, in. Order to be. Able to plug in my USB hard. Drive and my a, poet. Win. Just. Doesn't. Make any sense at all stop what you're doing I don't want to buy expensive accessories. Sucks. So. Yeah hopefully that, I can turn that anger into a new cool riff so let's. See what happens. Justise. Bathroom, view. Magnificent. You. Got there tools there there's a hammer and a pick. Knife behind you escape. Okay, let's do this evil. Then, he Tamiya then you see. They're. Not in yet. So. The, cleaner that was supposed to clean the venue. No. Locks on the door. Marcus. Trying to get in. We. Just played in Madrid. Fantastic. Whites. Have white yeah. For. Us I. Take one bottle I'm the other for you huh okay so much into. The, hold. Ola. Wanted, me to you, bombed it in you know he wanted me to. Just. A feared teacher on here's, not the books. Doing. Gabrielle scored. Oh, Spence. Dig. Uncommon. Insulin. Correct. Comedy. Interest. At. The time, now. I'm in Portugal and Melissa, bone and I'm at the hotel, and. I'm going down to the lobby to, meet, an old friend it's gonna be nice. Go. In the, elevator. In. The, hotel. Filming. Myself in, the mirror let's. See who's on there. They, are scalebar that. F dumb who'd go well I'm here super sinner. Ketchup. Smock Orkut, and super Bock. So. Today we're in Sevilla, and we. Just arrived to the venue which, is down there I'm gonna show you in a bit. We had a day off yesterday in. In. Lisbon. Which, was awesome so I was, mainly. Sitting. At the hotel room writing riffs all day for. Whatever. It's, gonna be an. Upcoming haunted, um and. Yeah. Didn't really do that much more we want to have dinner in Lisbon, and it was awesome, your, job here today and so. Let's check out the venue see let's see, how it looks like I'm gonna do I'm. Currently. Sitting, here hiding, so. I don't have to pack everything up see all, this trick in the book here's. The venue. See. If I can there. It is. It's. Cool. So. We're sound checking in it as, soon as everything's set up we're gonna sound check, oh yeah. Good. Times in Sevilla we're supposed to sound check but we we're doing this instead not.

Better, It's. Good weather here apparently strengthen, see bones I don't, know, your. Neck bone. Hi. Welcome. To the backstage room of the wondered here in Sevilla Spain I'd. Like to show you some of my culinary. Tips. One, of my favorites is so you think one. Parm, flavored crisp, and, then. We have this soft. Camembert. Cheese here is bread out nicely like, so and, then we, have this, blue. Cheese here it's very nice, case. As. It. Says on there like. It. Sorry. About the. Multi-language. And, then we have some brie. Cheese. On top and, then you take the, ham. And cheese flavor Christmas. You. Only want to take one at. A time for, this project. And you create. Like a little mini, chip, and cheese triple. Cheeseburger. Ready. For the gig. Right. Now we're in Sevilla and we, had a great gig yesterday. Maybe. Not as many people as we hope but it was a lot of fun still and now. It's, early, morning we're going to Granada, but. We. Just had breakfast and now we have a good, old fashioned rifts. Tuga in. The house it, basically means that we set up computers, and, studio. Equipment, Jensen, is using his mbox, too, and, we're. Just sitting around and riffing for new songs basically. Awesome. Then I don't have to play tonight see, ya. This. Is an awesome moment when. My shadow looks exactly like Darth, Vader. Someone. Should sing the song. Being, a father. Today. Is Friday and now we're waiting to hop. On the bus to go to Valencia. And, we played in. Murcia. And. Yeah. We're playing the waiting game right now this is kind of like there's, kind, of like an unspoken competition. Where. You go, you, quickly want a good seat in. The, touring van that's. Why we are early here so we get the. Good seats because, you don't want to have the middle seat. Let's. See I'm. The middleman. So. Now I'm at the hotel in Valencia, and, we've. I've. Actually been there all day with. Usually. When we. Go. To a new town we. Go directly to the, venue. And yes you know set up and load everything in and do sound check but today. Everyone. Is sick as dogs like. Every, one, of us in the band is it's, super sick we have colds, fevers and, and, it's, just so we've we've been at the hotel the old day the whole day and. No. Sound checks no anything nothing like that I mean we we we cannot do it we've just been where. I mean, we just missed slacking, on the hotel the whole day and it's, 8 o'clock, p.m.. And we're, playing at. 30. Minutes past midnight, so. It's a really late cake and I just put all my contacts. And you can probably see them I'm. A little. Bit red and yeah. I definitely have a fever going and I'm coughing like it's no. Tomorrow but. It's. Gonna be fine, I don't think we ever cancelled, a show because of a stupid. Fever, so. Yeah. Hopefully it'll. Be good I mean this is just this is just part of the game when you're out touring it when you can you. Can go sick at time so that's just how it is so I've been you, know watching, YouTube, and playing, some Nintendo and. Been. Sleeping, as well so, yeah, so. Hope it, goes well tonight no soundcheck, no nothing so let's, see Valencia. Medic. So, we've just they're finished playing in. Valencia. Everyone's. Really, excited. About. The game but, I am, very excited because I have an ice-cold San Miguel de. Salud. Cool. Over, him. Working. So. Now I'm at the hotel in Barcelona, and.

Yeah. Same, thing today, no soundcheck, we're all very. Sick and just want. To go through the hotels, and rest so. We'll. Only do like a line check ride, before. We, play. Our gig and I already have my gig clothes on I'm, playing. A little bit of Zelda. And. My. Guests just arrived so, I'll. See you in a bit. And. Now I'm back home finally. And, damn, it's. Been a long trip and it's, all. Obviously. Because we were all sick it was a little, bit worse than than. We expected, but the, gigs were great I'm happy to be back and, I'm. Gonna try and continue do these V logs of tour. Tour. Segments, like this and if you like him I'll just continue up. So. If you liked, this video be sure to subscribe, please. Don't. Be a douchebag subscribe. And click that Bell button while you're at it as well Edie what. Wait. You. Don't, want that sound which not. That's. So wasteful. Do. You want Minh I'm. Not gonna eat that sandwich. Now. I've cut open two apples for her and made, this sandwich she, has eaten none. She's. Sick too so it's. Fine but it's just really wasteful, it's wasteful, moly okay. No. She does not get it anyway please, guys subscribe. To my channel, and if you liked the video put. A thumbs up. Okay see you next time.

2018-02-28 16:34

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There is so much gold in this video if you know swedish. Ola if you have the time and effort I would recommend putting more subtitles in future videos or simply a few words to explain the context. The clip where Adrian is talking about his "chips" is a good one for example :p Love the videos!

Adrian - Vad har du för spel Ola? Nått schysst man kan prova? Ola - NEJ haha fan vad snål du e ;)

29:21 Vsauce, Michael here!

that mosh pit in Lisbon was intense! great show, hope you guys come back soon!

Awesome video man. Now this is what you call a european tour from a european band

Ola is EVIL....in a good way !

Hahahaha "leding the arbete and making sure that ingenting går fel", made my day, thanks and greetings from finland! :D

Ketchup-flavoured crisps? That does not look appetising....

Great video!

Ola, you add a breath of fresh air into the already amazing The Haunted's world.

"Vafan äre märe. Har du mässling?"

Did you just say you were writing for a new album?! Are the other guys as well? Sorry guess I had to watch a little further for the answer lol

Love the tour videos, thanks for posting.

That drummer fucking loves crisps

Damn Ola, you’re live sound is outa this world

what's the name of the first track ?

I know how you can fix your Mac issue. Get a pc laptop with Windows 10 and most ram you can get, the Apogee now works with windows 10. I meant Apollo twin Plus a cool thing extra monies you save going with pc laptop, you could stock up on hand sanitizer & diaper wipes "Unscented". So, you can stay clean & fresh not get Tour-thrax ( Flu) Heard about these two things is a must from watch =ing Digital Bus Tour Tour tips.

That's nice how you teach your daughter to not waste food, however i wouldn't teach her to eat everything that you give her. My parents did the same to me and my sister. They taught us to eat everything that is on the plate, and now, many many years later, we both have a problem with over-eating. We're not fat, but it definitely impacted our lives and health

Please DO NOT use Apple for audio. it's shit dude.

I guess you could say they’re expensive ASSessories

Mark Holcomb cameo at 13:18

28:50 dad, pls stop... you're embarrassing me

u guys sound bad ass brother!....those engle amps... holy crap!....So ya, love the videos man...cheers from Pennsylvania, usa

First song name...?

Sup ola

nice hair flicks man :)

Great Video Ola, love to see what it is like on the road! Big thumbs up!

Wicked video man!

Brings back memories.

Your videos are great on so many different levels. Entertaining, informative, Star Wars references, tight riffing, and Marco dropping his pants.

Super Bock!!

Gotta love the tour grind.

29:17 V-Sauce! Michael here!

Hey Ola ! After so many years doing gigs have you come to a point where you prefer certain brands of Wedge Monitors, like L'Acoustic ? If so what's your favourite one ? Cheers !

Come to Guatemala.

I love that black V you have

4.24 hands up if you heared the gojira song !

Being in a touring band seems like both the best and worst job in the world.

super bock caralhooooo

I cant subscribe. Already did that when you were still using the Ibanez MTM.

Comes to Brazil, we love you here

And also, you should come to Scotland sometime, when you can!!! ;)

Kul att se!! Ser fram emot fler videos =)

I don't lie, Ola, you guys have potential!!!

Hey man nice Vlog its nice too see, I hope I can travel some time too with my band keep it going \m/

Touring has always been fascinating to me. Always get inspired to start making content anytime I watch something like this!

Hey Ola, I really dig the sound of your bassist, especially on rEVOLVEr. Could you tell me something about his gear/settings? Thanks!

Nawww mini Englund at the end. Cool vlog, sucks you all got sick. That’s tour life I suppose.

The Bass in the Band is great! How IT have to be...

looking forward too see you guys in ATHENS GREECE SOON!

Är grabben din nått intresserad av att spela gura då? :D

This VLOG is awesome! Ola, sample the "Hello" from 16:01 for some upcoming video!

Hellyeah....Bury your Dead!!!!!!!!


great to see Morrissey enjoying his ketchup crisps and a nice can of super bock. it really is good to know the material trappings of his worldwide fame don't affect his role and happiness in the haunted with their frankly less salubrious touring conditions.

I miss so much of the touring...ChthoniC need to get back into the game >

Yes. Yes, you do. :)

song at 3.20 sounds so great live !! full of energy/ great vlog , keep doing it, as long as it is real. no marketing shit (ok for solar shots !)

well even though this is marketing, but you get the point. keep it human

Zelda jingle at 13:18 = instant thumbs up.

Damn I miss seeing you guys live, come to Greece soon!!!!! Amazing shows as usual!!!!!I love this band!

I like how Shania Twain is playing in a gas station in Spain.

great basstone

*GREAT VOLG* Ola, just *PERFECT* !! And the end is just... The BEST Part!!! :) The pleasure of finding his family after a superb tour !!

These VLOGS are absolutely killer! :D

The venue's look amazing, the sound was great, and the fact that you guys rock like that with fever's.... Haunted love!

These VLOG's are great, good fun Ola, keep'em coming. :)

I love these Tour Vlogs!

ca manque clairement de couilles,de drogue , de filles et ...... de quoi déjà ? a oui ! de rock ! c'est moi qui délire peut être mais les membres du groupe sont vieux non ? Metallica a +50 piges sont bien plus énergiques et métal qu'eux. j'aime que ola , qui , de mon point de vue personnel devrait changer de groupe car ca sent l'ennui grave et la blague potache a 2 balles a des kilomètre ! Mais je peux pas leurs en vouloir car c'est le monde qui est comme ca aujourd'hui ! tous shootés a l’écran LCD chinois ou même le rock se vie comme une routine tel un pompiste de station service ou un plombiers de campagne ! ou alors c'est la vidéo qui donne cet effet ! .............. hmmmm peut être un effet d'optique après tout ......... :-D

Nice one, really great to see what you guys have to put up with while on tour. It's not at all like Motley Crew style touring $$$$. Look forward to seeing The Haunted in the uk sometime soon.

Ses på rock båten i April mr Ola!

You guys sounded great over just the camera microphones (I think). Does The Haunted usually tour with a sound person? Is that common these days? Fun video. More like these please.

Well my point of reference for quality tour vlogs used to be Zim's vlogs from DTP, I now have two points of reference! Awesome work with tons of awesome live performances! And any video with Fred Brum is even more awesome. Did I say awesome?

Were you using Engl instead of Satan?

Wait... he played in Nazca where i played too! this is an honor!!!!!!

You guys are awesome

Are u using Engl on this tour?

When you will come to Slovenia or Croatia!? Cheers! Nice Vlog, I liked it. :)

What's the name of the song in the beginning of the video ?

Are you playing ENGL for live shows or you where just sharing the amps with the other bands?

Ola Englund Nice. Thanks for the video, mate!

We shared their back line...

Just finished the video.  Great tour! Nobody Died and no truck caught on fire, so thats a good tour as we say in Canada.  Really enjoyed your video.  It took me back to all my touring days.  You know, quit School in Grade 10 and went on the road until I was 30.  LOL.  I would love to see more of your tours.  Enjoyed the light hearted humor also.  Sorry ya guys got sick.

so many things in such a short time - that's a real condenser!


4:16 Gojira lml

when are you coming to Germany? i would really like to see you live

Faz me um broche

Is there a The Haunted Tab book?

It's true we were few people in Seville but we tried to be as noisier as any other show. Thank you very much for coming guys. Awesome concert and awesome persons!!!

Jajaja of course, what to do better on Tuesday than going to a The haunted full show and the next day going to work leave children in school etc jajaja it's crazy but nohing is better, I was waiting this concert for years and I standed in the first line all the show and headbanging like a child jajaja

It was an awesome show nonetheless. That's just something really admirable about Spanish people, they are not afraid to go nuts.

Great video. Mooore!!

7:43 MEW!

What's the beginning song? That's an awesome riff.

Wow.  I just started watching this and am 1.5 minutes in to it.  That first tune you guys played was amazing.  Im not used to hearing such melodic guitar playing within this type of music.  Your solo and tone was incredible.  Full of taste and feel.  Very nice Ola.  I want to get back to this video now.  :)

Thanks for sharing this Ola. Awesome gigs. Looked like a good time.

Ha, we toured in Spain with my band at the same moment as you !

...seeing such a raw representation of The Haunted on tour made my day, hopefully more to follow. Regards from Finland.

Adrian is the man - thanx for the chips burger recipe ...been fan of his drumming for 20 years from the 'cradle' times

Already riffing for the next Haunted album?! Shit Ola, you're prolific!

I just cant believe the small crowds!

Engel Engel Engel - where is the satan? :P

Marco is a goof, I expected him to be as angry as he sounds

Love them tour VLOGs!

Where can I download your music Ola? The haunted are bad ass! Also random question can we buy one of your vs with a quilt top cause if so I'm all over that

Haha, probably unintentional but... DOA playing while witnessing a car crash. :D luckily not that brutal accident.

your recording station is sexy

Jag älskar denna typ av videos, tack!

Nothing makes me want to make it with my band more than videos like this!!! Would love to be able to tour around Europe playing every night!! Also, I had no idea anyone other than us brits used the term "flogging a dead horse" haha! Great video Ola!

From 1:01, that ola Englund solo is what I started liking from now on!

6:30 T H I C C

Hey Ola, I notice when you're at home you play your strat style guitars, while live you use your V's. Is it because the strats are more comfortable to play doing home videos while on stage the V stands out more? Which leads me to this question. Do the Solar V's have terrible neck dive? Because they look badass and I'm probably going to buy one.

Do more Tour VLOGs, it's awesome

That Dickies T shirt & Ola playing with glasses on are the most metal things I've ever seen!

I appreciate that the cost and logistics are prob a pain, but please come to the UK!

To all haters 4:59

Damn those lives sound tight

Love the touring videos whats not to like? Awesome music and some dry humor!!!

Excellent....do you run your helix 4cm with engl?...i to play engle but only just bought helix...sounds killer...

What is the first tune he was playing??

Very, very cool video. Nice to see your work from a different angle. Best wishes!

9:23 That moment when Ola fell for the new MacBook/USB C meme.

Don't buy shitty Macbooks then...

I thought it was more like this....private chefs, masseurs and jets... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl49bcd2aVE&t=1110s

Where's the heroine and groupies? You guys are no fun.

who won the good old bus game "who farts first"?

Tell Jensen that if he's not riffing, he should at least be playing the Swedish line of tanks... :D

adrian Erlandsson

More vlogs i like it

Awesome tour VLOG Ola! Keep them coming!

Adrians Culinary tips in Sevilla made me hungry.. Definitely a top notch chef. he certainly loves his crisps haha

29:20 Hey Vsauce, Michael here

Sick man!! Looks like a lot of fun

3:11 made my day XD

Va e de med dig, har du mässling? Hahaha,, dör lite :):)

Look at Marco getting back in shape! GGs dude!

Did you enjoy some Portuguese beer?

Sagres is Better =)

Mario is super cool!!!

14:20 Subtitles: Oh Spence dig uncommon insulin correct comedy interest at the time

Great to see that Bo is still doing sound for the band!

Stackars Adrian, LMAO

post more of these!!

Is it me or did I only see engl and no satan?

U guys are excellent live! Great balance!

playing with ENGL???

I was going to inquire about how Ola found the lovely Spanish ladies, but it looks like it was dudes only affair.

Oh thats a cool idea. Thank you Ola

the tour bus sucks...

Hey Ola do you pee in the shower while on tour?

Bilbao looks like a fire hazard. After the Station night club and all the other fires I can't see how anyone can play in a place where you have to crawl under the stage to get backstage. Please tell me there's a rear fire exit. x.x

Love the tour vlogs... More please.

@ola : Great vlog ! One question tho' : the live sound audio sound amazing in this, it sounds like a proper mix... What do we hear exactly in these live clips ? Just the master stereo out of the live soundboard ? Or a mix you did (after the fact) from the multitracks of the shows ? Take care

I want to know this as well :)

Man, hope you didn't get the flu man. Hope you're feeling better..

Ola. That V your playing in several parts of the video looks cool as fuck. :).. Will you ever make a more traditional guitar such as a single cut, but with a thick neck? I am like Zakk in that I like really beefy necks. I have pretty big hands, and it actually hurts my hands to have a really thin neck. Just me though. Anyway, great video. I do dig your guitar pkaying man. Very cool. I have to check out one of those Satan amps by Randall. Especially if they have a smaller 25 watt size version or something.

You guys switched to engl amps usually its you on the Satan and Jensen on the 5150 iii

--> 4:20 : GOJIRA !

I don't know for sure but i guess the answer is no : "they" (Ola i guess) took the original tracks from the live set (and maybe the kick was both mic + trigger, or one of these only), which were very good to begin with, and just remixed them (without using samples for drums, and without reamping guitars, but maybe sending the bass DI to an amp sim) to make it sound good for people who weren't at the show.

djabthrash are the drums triggered, guitar/bass reamped?

Answer from Ola for those who wonder : "multitracks from one show"

12:19 - Ola says he's not a lead player! Pfffffft!! And that he forgets what to play....then proceeds to melt faces with some of the sickest solos ever \m/

What happen on tour , stay on tour !! (btwb nice video)

29:20 Hey, Vsauce, Michael here.

120 bpm xo


Your kid loves you so much. So great. Nice video! Always interesting to see everything from the inside)

Living the dream. I've seen you on Portugal at Vagos Open Air back in 2014. Awesome concert!

Love how theres shitty country music playing at that gas station.

99... awesome (15:11)

That's Daniel Makosch, great guy, he came here to Azores - Portugal for a launch of a band of mine. Cool. I guess all the underground heavy metal people around the world knows everybody. I relate with this tour of yours, you have obviously more gear and more fans (a lot more) but I toured in Portugal with one of my bands (Morbid Death) and it's like that, a van, some small venues or bars, tents, or cheap hotels, and sandwiches. Thanks for the video Ola.

25:10 What band and song is that? PLEASE!

Swenglish on fleek.

love videos like this one, real life. No commercial message. Thanks Ola! Greetings from Ireland

Cool shit man, thanks


Jensen in World of Tanks 31:55, can't see his ingame name :-(

Explosia is such a good song

thank you for this vid man

still my metal heroes after all these years. Awesome work, I never took Marco for such a lovely dork. That´s the righ attitude to keep the things light on the road and the pack together. Super stocked for your videos, Ola. Keep it coming, please! Salud!!

Marco dropping his pants....funny as hell!! When I do it, it just looks weird. ;-(

What a adorable kids! Congratulations for the tour, was sick. Cheers from Brazil.

my home country Portugal

Besviken att marco inte har grov finsk dialekt

the haunted is the shit! I cant remember the name of the album but I went to a store and bought a cd and when I got in the car there was no disc. I even joked to my friend and now wife that i have such bad luck that would probably happen. it did! i couldnt believe it. I went back in the store and they of course thought I stole it and would not give me my money back. i was kinda pissed. i went home and smoked a bong load and felt really mad. then i got the fuck over it cool story bro i know



Spanish KKK in the beginning lmao

Ola, are you using Engl heads on all your live shows these days or was it just for that tour or? Just curious if your still with/using Randall live?

What kind of bass cab is that? The only one that comes close concerning looks is a Behringer cab (at least as far as I know)

23:05 Crazy Frog? Really??

Hold on... you were in my city three months ago and I didn't know a thing? Goddammit!!

I'm so happy I'm Swedish, it makes this twice as fun to watch..

4:00 watching a video where everyone is talking in Swedish or English and then hearing the radio in your mother tongue (Spanish as well as English) is trippy.

Great video, thanks for sharing! But did you guys really tour Spain and Portugal and that shitty van instead of a bus? I love my friends but I think I would lose my mind after 3 days inside this toy bus :-)

Whats the song at the beginning?

13:17 why did that guy make me laugh so much

What BPM is this? Around 100


What was the first song in the beginning of the video?

Ola was in Portugal and I didn't know about it... Some one just end my suffering pls

Great video. What a bunch of fun fuckers, but I know there is a dark side. You can't be this upbeat all the time. Maybe, show Jensen more.

27:30 editing made me laugh my soda off my nostrils...lol

Your solos Ola remind me a Chuck's ones. Good luck, don't sick, and btw you don't need laptop for just copying files to HDD.

4:57 actual friendship

It's incredible how The Haunted can't get out of the underground zone... It's a top notched band, with massive metal hits and outstanding performers. I cant help but wonder why so few people go to the show... You deserve so much more recognition !!! But hey... it's how it is. Thanks for the hardwork and dedication.

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