What I EAT in a Day in SPAIN!

What I EAT in a Day in SPAIN!

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I'm. Lauren the video creator and he's Lucas the music producer we've created an online company, that helps DJs and artists start their music careers which allowed us to quit our nine-to-five jobs that we hated and to, sell everything, in LA to live around the world now, we live in a new country every. Month. I'm. The one in charge of the research travel. Food, and documenting. The whole experience, and I want to share it all with you hello. And welcome to what I eat in a day in Spain, so this is going to be a day full of me eating in Spain and also you're gonna see some sights because I'm going to be going to some amazing sights here in Spain in Barcelona and, I'm going to try to stick to eating, Spanish food or Catalan, which is Barcelona, Arab food in general. But you, know if you buy it here opposed to be Spanish right right. So, for breakfast we already had a chocolate, croissant with Nutella on the center and like a little thing of espresso Lucas. Really enjoyed that I also thoroughly enjoy that that was delicious. And now we are headed to the. First set of sites that we're gonna see today is all about the architecture, of Barcelona, which may, sound boring but it's not because Anthony Gaudi, and I'm probably saying that wrong is a famous architect that did like a bunch of different buildings here in Barcelona so we're gonna go see his work they say that when he graduated, the director of the school said we, either gave the diploma to a madman, or a genius, time will tell so it's. Up to you to decide we see his work today now he, is famous for the end Motorin. Is may I'm saying someone butchered, but it's basically like. Modernistic. Type. Of design but we're talking like modern like late 1800s, Early 1900s, not like modern now so he says his style was very organic that means he wasn't like straight lines he liked stuff that's found in nature he. Was quoted as saying his style is unnaturally. Natural, so you're gonna see that today and some other things you wanna look for today parabolic, archways, organic, shapes fanciful chimney pots colorful tiles cone-shaped, towers mosaic, covered services tree, light columns and exquisite. Details, so be on the lookout for this today, our first stop is a la Sagrada família.

Which Is the church that's still under construction today that entity Gaudi started, in 1882, so that's a few hundred years that it's been going okay. We, have made it to. Last. Second up Amelia you guys probably, butchering that cousin my Spanish is not the greatest but look how cool it is is huge, in person you have no idea oh my. Gosh well so 1882. Gaudi, was doing, this he spent, his entire life basically, doing. It his last 14 years he took no more projects and just focused his entire attention and time on this and by the time he died still only 25% was done he started, dressing kind, of like a peasant and so he got hit by a tram, actually, on his way to, the church and they. Thought he was homeless so they took him to like a hospital it doesn't like, treat you right away and he died of his injuries because they didn't know who was and he didn't have any identification on him and I thought he was born so, it's like a sad story, of ending, of his life but, anyway. We're gonna go in and Sewer it and I'm gonna find out so much more about it apparently the interiors like a forest, and the exterior is like, the life of Jesus we'll find out more that's just what I know whoa, we made it in for the tour, it's. So tough. Super. Modern you can tell just look, like a forest. I don't. Know, it's, insane, in here Wow. The. Detail, the, colors. Everything. Is insane, in here wah wah wah wah Wow what. Is it. Well. It's the detail, on this. Yes. You amazed. Yeah. Lucas had no idea what to expect this, is definitely the Nativity part oh look at that. Jesus. Mary. And Joseph cow. You can see they'll gold stone. And the. New they got the big Tower still the build but these are the small ones these. Are a hundred years old these. Are new. Pillars. Aren't, straight. Throughout. And, they go out the. Light from these stained-glass. Windows. Here. And Gaudi. Said the, light is the painter or. A light as a painter. Wow this. Is the first pillar of. The church actually. And. It stood by itself for years. Say. That how many others done and of course he's buried here but. It's, down there in the crypt if you can see it with, the candles lit by it but that's where he's buried.

Down. There. This. Isn't the best angle for me but it is to see the ceiling, we just finished the tour was so amazing, I think I was able to fill you guys in with, what was going on throughout the tour because he was talking to us through our like headset so I was like thinking so, I had to repeat everything and everyone in the group was like looking at me like why does she keep repeating everything to her camera, it was so funny but, it was amazing the fact I found out like a lot more he's actually buried here in the crypt you just saw that and, the. Way the lights come in through the windows the light show and everything this ceiling, did, you guys expect this, Lucas. Sure didn't I had seen the pictures ahead of time as I researched the crap out of it but look at Epic this modern, is, what. I tell you guys to look for this church has like all the elements anyway, we're gonna go have a snack now, and. I'll show you if we eat there and then we are headed to a house of. A rich rich person, that Gaudi actually, designs we're gonna go to that after that we are here in Mari and we are supposed to get these in samanas so we're in in one of those and, Lucas is getting like a little mini sandwich, or something to excuse. Oh. Gosh. But we're gonna get that later don't worry look, at all the stuff back here and look how cute it is oh, my. Gosh it's so cute we're, gonna order this time. Front, of me in, samatha. And, that's what Lucas got okay. Where. Should we go, I. Think. Right here is perfect. So. I'm excited for this, look. This is very excited, for that. Am. I right take a bite on camera, let's see how good it is. Yeah. That's. The second croissant Lucas's had today, good. Yes. Guys see it's like a prosciutto ham, ooh. I. Remember those days and, then this is a sweet bread so we're gonna nibble. On a little bit of that we, are going to try this wheat bread this is the best I can do with my camera right now, let's. Not mess up.

Delicious. Snack really hit the spot I. Loved. Mine it was very subtle taste it was just sweet bread it was so good though and Lucas enjoyed. His croissant with the, yem. Own I think it's pronounced anyways we were on to see casa. Milà and what, is cool about this one is that the outside, looks like a stone because used a lot of stones. From the quarry so it has the nickname la pred Petra, love, it Rara I can't. Say it right now but maybe after the tour anyway, what happened was Spain. Used to own Cuba. And then they got into a fight with us a war and the. U.s. won Cuba and to Spain lost so all the rich people who lived on the island of Cuba had, to come back to Spain and so, they wanted to build awesome grands amazing mansions so they hire architects, to do so in this entire, area it's called apple of discord which means. It's called the apple of discord which means basically. A long line of like beautiful houses that like famous, architects from the late 1800s, Early 1900s built and Gaudi built this one he, built the last place we were out of the church and now he's built this, house for some rich dude so we're about to discover the inside, and. What else there is to know about, it so excitement. It's. Gonna be really cool it looks so crazy on the outside yeah already looks very interesting on the outside here, check it out it's a huge. Building. Really. Big nice headphones. Ok, you. Start the tour out at the top which is the roof and look all these different, I think these are fireplaces, but they're, like clay pot fireplaces. And they have so. Cool. Of designs, I mean, look. At this, wouldn't. You come up here if you were like living here and have a drink, or whatever it's just like the coolest place ever to have a party seriously. Whoa, don't look down though that's. Where we were before. At the beginning but I would. Not gonna look down as I'm afraid but. You can see like all the different sights actually. The. Headphones are just playing music which is kind of cool like really puts you in the mood when, it's not talking they like do music that like put you where you are this is automatic. Throughout. The entire thing, pretty. Awesome so far you, ready to go see some more I'm ready all. Right we took some pictures up here so you can check our instagrams to see, what we got there's, some good ones there were some good ones even more back.

Here. Yeah. My. Legs are kind of sore from that walk up the, stairs. No. Leg day indeed, I spun. Yeah. You. Just whisper espana you can see the sea Lucas you see the ocean back there, can. You see the sea oh. My gosh. Lucas. Hit his head on the roof that's how voluminous are we gonna go back up cuz I didn't get to say goodbye oh, you, didn't know Lucas. This. Is the Attic. Whoa. This. Is cool attic servants, did the laundry and hung the clothes up to dry hair this is the house this, is a model of it that's where we just are up here. See. So, gaudi love nature, and wanted everything to look like nature and that's why you. See like, designs. That he used like corn, on the cob pinecones. Skulls. These. Gourds and he built, things, to look like this this is what he believes, to be the, best. Way possible apparently. I think, it looks awesome so, can't. Disagree. Shells. So these are different furniture. That. He had designed. For different places these. Were designed for the house we're going to next so. Remember, these. This. Is the children's room. Nearby. The maid's room so, that the maid could take care of the kid of course. There. There. Yes. It totally does this, is the servants area this is where they used to cook we are now in, a wealthy, attendance, area. This. Is their apartment, this is their dining area. Wow. So. Cute. Wow. About. So many balconies. Down. To the street or you're just on bedroom, right here wow I love the bed frame. That's. Really cool this is a sculpture of the, Gaudi, so. He looks like guys this, is the genius you've been seeing today, is. The man that's Lucas. On. The side oh is. That how it is kind, of how. Was Casa that's. Crazy me, laughs I think it's me laughs is Mila. This. Is crazy opening staircase, what was your favorite part of this whole place the, roof when we're up there that was pretty cool the staircase is also pretty yeah, it's. So cool look, at the coloring and stuff oh. This. Is where they used to drive in their buggy horse and buggies and then. They could walk up to their apartments, oh. Look. And, then they would go park their buggies down there Wow. How do you thought of it all you guys. I mean seriously it's, really cool I love the apartment oh I want like that, decoration in my apartment I'm so also listening to the tour at, the same time I was talking to you it's confusing, okay I have to like show you guys the staircase even more look how cool that is I. Mean. Really. But, yeah this house was amazing how, do you did a great job it's very like whimsical and like interesting. As this most was stuff very like curvy and like everything. Was place really interestingly there, was actually a lot of drama when he was making this because it looked so different, and interesting on the outside everybody the neighborhood hated it there like it doesn't match with the rest of these you know these, are like very like an upper-class you know families, that lived in this area and they're kind of like ugly, and it's weird we don't like it but they, had a lot of tenants that lived here actually so it was one person's, mansion. But they rented out different rooms different families that were like either visiting or still you know pretty, rich families, and that sort of thing and, an entire servants quarter as you saw at the beginning of this where all the servants lived and did all work and then they did all the laundry in the attic and then that chimney.

Pots At the top are so cool I'm. Sure you guys saw a lot of the modern and the motor. Needs may like type of design. Is all around but really. Cool can't wait to see the next one but right now we're gonna have some lunch we're gonna get tapas, there's, nothing more Spanish than tapas. There, probably is but that's how I feel right now I'm hungry and then. Maybe so dessert and then on to the next. Tapas. Of the day so. Many choices. This. Is when your Spanish comes in handy, also we got house wine we got the red safety. Ways since, we're not really wine people but. We thought we needed wine to have topic so. Larger, small. Bunch. Of edgy ones for me we, got a couple meat. There. Probably. So, far we have the Greek salad as you guys saw and now we have the calamari, absolutely. Delicious how's your croquettes, it's really really good do. You wish you got more you, can still order more but there's a lot coming so I don't know candied, artichokes. Candied. I. Mean. Sound. Like an oxymoron. Sitting. On a bar a tapas bar I mean. Can't. Get better than wine. Lucas. Got, this percolating. Sandwich. By, I think. What's. It like. This. Is mine asparagus. Mushrooms. They're. Gonna be delicious I know it are. You gonna eat any of this he. Says he's gonna eat some vegetables. This. Is. Classic. Those are the first vanished fish I've ever tried this is Spanish omelette it's just potatoes and eggs basically, well, yeah, very, good as I'm using it to but hey. Hey, I didn't pick picture of on Instagram you are lucky you, are Blacky hero. We. Also got another glass of wine you. Have to I think Oh, Lucas is trying it. We. Just finished with the tapas how are they good, it's, great they're like little tiny dishes of deliciousness basically, is what it is although, some of them were larger, than others, larger, deliciousness. So, you get a variety of deliciousness, not like order menu an item with sides usually science, basically now, we're on to. Chocolate, right. Here, this. Will be Spanish talk for a little dessert you know I have a little dessert it's. What I eat in a day in Spain you have to Lucas, is already in Wow, he's already in a look back there they have the espresso machines, you're talking about all, the, bars of chocolate and, got some truffles. Swach. Shall we. For. Dessert we decided, on a lemon tart and a, milk, chocolate hazelnut, Claire as well as one baby, shot, of espresso Lucas, needs it for the next class. Alright, let's dig. In please, yeah, I think you should this. Place is known for their chocolate, so. The. Eclairs are so cute really big players are the right size here. But, in America eclairs can be like. It. Was stuck by chocolate. Hmmm. Favorite. Lemon, delicious, desserts and now we are on to Casa thought to go which, is another one of the county's masterpieces, another family, that told, him to do a house.

For Them but this one he said he, was inspired by the Mediterranean, Sea so. Yeah, it's, very colorful, I've, seen pics and I'm very excited. There's scaffolding. Outside of, this one oh man. You guys might not be able to see it but at least you try to be fun well I know. There's scaffolding, but if you guys could just imagine, what it's like behind. It, I think, the inside well, tell us a better story and there's a lot of restoration going on but you know it is low low tourist season so this is when they would do the restoration. It's, a virtual reality. To see what it looked like back in the day. This. Way still now we are outside, admiring. The back end of the building, which, isn't covered in scaffolding but. It is cool out here. All. Of these people's. Backyards. Face each other, this. Whole place is like the Mediterranean Sea it is definitely, like sea themed like, the walls are curvy, and crazy and, like the, colors, are super like, beach themes, like, the. Doors. Look, at the windows, like, seek help like oh my gosh it's so cool, this, would be like the trickiest house ever to live in and I can't believe it's from like the, early 1900s. This seems like I don't know something, not that old, you know he. Was before it's time for sure yeah imagine if you lived in this house and, these people were like what the when. You were out on your balcony, here's. The roof. Interesting. Touches. He. Made. Sure everybody's fireplaces were in the similar areas so that he could put all of the chimney tops all together to be like more of a bigger, like artistic. Object so check it out there's 8 fireplaces. Here a whole. Bunch there a whole, bunch there and these are everybody's. Fireplaces, so that it can be more of like a artistic. Aesthetic. And. It is it really is cool so this is where he kept the water tanks, secretly. In here and. Then these, are the fireplaces, and of course he had to top it off with a cross because he, was very religious, ready to go downstairs. Let's, do it. That's. What I think that was the point to didn't. Say it thanks. I think it said that. That's. Your new bedroom in there go. Away bars.

Better, Yeah house these. Are cute, I, like. The little flower tiles I'm gonna take a picture my phone here's some more furniture that he designed for this house this is a sewing, chair. Check out this double chair I told Lucas this is what's up because you can like face several directions but work on your laptop I love. It alright that, was awesome, just, finish secure what you think this, one it's. Almost different than the other one too yeah they're, all different but they all have similarities, concerns, like, maybe pay attention just like the tiny little details, there's so many in fact they said that like he handcrafted. All the furniture, to match the place because he. Didn't think furniture, would go well with like how I designed, it so he like did the furniture, and then he, handcrafted, the doors and the door handles, and right he didn't want to do numbers on the doors we. Didn't think it like went with the theme so he like made. Yeah. Instead, so you knew where you lived based, on like the symbol on the door easily lift, the elevator, was. Like. Eisley it's, from the early nineteen hundred's and how to lift Lucas said it reminded him of Disneyland. Plan, if you go to like Ariel's, Grotto and. And it was very similar to that it like definitely, like something from under the sea yes, even, area like oh we're making pipes, but. It's really really cool and I'm. Through it thoroughly the epic Gaudi what do you think of them Gaudi, people win right next, to Doughty. Is another, architect, of the time who did this. House. And it's funny because. They're. Kind of competing against each other who have the cooler design so what do you guys think scaffolding. It's, hard to tell but. I love, that also a third architect, is they. Did that one down there so these are all motor. And is may if, I'm saying that right which we probably know that I'm not it's. Really cool I. Love. It aren't these just all so neat, it.

Really Is an epic day of architecture, so I'm pretty full and we had a lot of snacks and food out about so that'll wrap up the what IE today I think we're going to attempt to take the Spanish subway for the first time for, the metro as they say, probably. Won't be that big of a challenge, we'll, see sometimes, it is with like getting a ticket you know cuz yeah language. Sometimes just hard to find English there you gotta buy, the ticket and yeah so that's gonna be the next challenge and then we, are headed home it was a very fun filled day, he's, full of stuff he's busy yeah, whose event filled we. Are buying a ticket. For. Happening we're taking the subway it's quite easy what he says your hair's awesome hey. Processing. Tickets. We. Can take the stairs. You. See.

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