What is Workaway ? How easy it is to travel the world for free?

What is Workaway ?  How easy it is to travel the world for free?

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So today I asked my host That if I am allowed to go out during my volunteering period So she smiled at me and said you don't have anything that bounds you here You can do the work however you like and when ever you want to go out, you can go out So guys, today again I am going out after 3-4 days As usual I was editing the videos and adapting myself according to the location So behind me is the guest house where I was volunteering And as of now my plan is to visit some iconic places of Karakol that includes a Holy Trinity Church and Dungan Mosque And you know what here you can see such locks at many old houses So you need to enter a secret code when ever you want to enter through this gate So today I asked my host That if I am allowed to go out during my volunteering period So she smiled at me and said you don't have anything that bounds you here You can do the work however you like and when ever you want to go out, you can go out So that is good thing about volunteering abroad So if any one coming here in Karakol and looking for volunteering options, You can contact me on instagram @soul.rover And for today my plan is go to church first and then I will be visiting Dungan mosque which is must visit place in Karakol I am thinking to walk all the way around despite of using Mashrutka This word Mashrutka feels really funny to me Anyways I think walking lets so see more of the town Total it is 3-4 kilometer walk So I am thinking to go walking and come back via Mashrutka or Taxi Behind me is a Magazine* It's kind of a departmental store I buy some of my stuff from here as well I need very few things as most of things are already available at the guest house So this is Karakol Riverside Park It is located right beside my guest house This river looks beautiful There is little bit of snow as well at the sides of river I guess this snow is little older as I have not seen fresh snowfall since I came here This is a beautiful place, it was just behind the place I was staying I saw it sometimes from the window but i never thought this place can be so beautiful This yellow colored building is RIver side guest house, the place where I am volunteering And the walking route towards the Holy Trinity Church passes through this park. Here they have this open health club as well So health conscious people can come here as well. This is the walking trail which i need to follow These were some local people, they are good They wanted to talk despite of the language barrier But yes we can understand the feelings and emotions Now I am moving head Things are good These small little kids were playing with a dog They were greeting me in Russian language For example In India we say Namaste or Asalam Walekum Here Asalam Walekum also very much used because the religion of mostly people is Islam "Priviath" They say in Russian Russian has a lot of influence in this country because once Kyrgyztan was part of the Soviet Union Sometimes people think me of Muslim from Pakistan So they greet me by saying Asalam Walekum And then I reply to them with "Walekum Asalam" I think there is aa school near by that is why mostly human I see on this route are school going kids I guess this is the one It looks like a public building I guess this is the school Karakol is a cute little city I am feeling good here As Bishkek is very crowded and feels like a big metro city Karakol is quiet and peaceful Here they have many such walking trails which can be used to go from one part of the city to another Karakol is not a very big city So these are the street of Karakol as of now Some dogs are also barking at me Dog must be thinking how come there are tourist at this part of the year As there are not many travelers around Very few international travelers are here in Kyrgyztan This old lady has a small shop near to the school So here this trails connects with a big road Map is showing me route straight ahead on another walking trail I guess I am about to reach the Holy Trinity Cathedral This looks like a mobile communication tower Back there in mountains of India we found mostly BSNL towers Mountains are good here, also weather is cold But roads are good in the mountains This is another big building, I guess it is another school Here it is hard to ask people about places and address You need to use any translator I am also trying to learn little bit of Russian language as well It will be helpful for me in my future travels as well I am learning it slowly and steadily Here in Kyrgyzatan, in small places or villages People don't even understan Russian. They speak only Kyrgyz language. Kyrgyz and Russian language are different. I will be taking you guys to some villages of Kyrgyztan as well And you know what, knowledge of languages never go waste It helps you at some moment of time So I keep of learning languages while at guest house or at hostels I learn like 10-15 words on daily basis Behind me you can see the full range of the mountains This is beautiful here.

Karakol also has the best ski resort of Kyrgyztan This is such beautiful city, just check view by my back Also, it's peaceful in the city as well Every one is having their own life I guess many people like walking here The architecture of houses is also nice The Holy Trinity Cathedral is also nearby I am about to reach I have arrived at the church and it looks amazing I have not seen such architecture here in Kyrgyztan yet It looks amazing, I will try if i can check some history about this cathedral And i will let you know. This church is really very cute and small I was not able to know about the history as every thing was written in Russian It is Russian Orthodox Church Also, i do not want to dig into history Also, I was not able to record from inside because camera is not allowed inside which is also a good thing in my opinion Photography should never be allowed in the holy places. It's better you guys enjoy the view from outside. Check this out. Architecture is nice and also the place is really quiet Also, its a bright sunny day I am gonna find a good place to sit and relax here. I think I have arrived at the Karakol City Center Here I got my cellphone recharged I pay 185 som per week which gives me unlimited access to calls and internet Although, wifi is available at most of the places but but i need it for navigation when i am outside.

I think it is Karakol City Center as there are many big showrooms and market here I have seen the Holy Trinity Cathedral, now i am going towards Dungan Mosque It is considered as some people in earlier times who settled in Kyrgyztan During earlier times many people from Tibet came to either India or Kyrgyztan and when they came here in Kyrgyztan they converted their religion to Islam SO this is kind of Chinese Mosque I just know this, you can check facts on internet for proper information and clarity. So now I am about to arrive at Dungan Mosque Dungan is the name of tribe of the people who built this mosque As per my knowledge females are not allowed inside the mosque So guys this is Dungan Mosque I think this was the time of holy prayers So I saw many people coming out of the mosque It is not a big touristic spot but it's a must visit place if you are in Karakol Also, I am feeling hungry, so I am gonna try some local Kyrgyz cuisine Let's see what local food is good here in Karakol Food is also a big part of travel A lot of people ask me to put in the vlogs about the meals I eat It's really hard to understand the architecture of houses here. At some places there are the big buildings where as at some places you will see rural farm houses There are no buses as local transportation here They don't have Yandex taxi service in Karakol as well Either they have Mashrutka, or they have Private Taxi They take 70 som anywhere you go in Karakol Taxi services in Kyrgyztan are not at all expensive I prefer walking over taking a cab This way I am able to see more of the city Now I am going to Zarina Restaurant where I am gonna try a local dish named Ashlan Fu Ashlan fu I am gonna try here I have ordered one of it. Also i am having black beer. Prices of food are very cheap and economical in Kyrgyztan Mostly meals range between 200-300 som Price of Ashlan Fu is 50 som only where as Black Beer is for 150 som SO guys this is Ashlan Fu It looks like some noodles with soup with chicken I will taste it and let you know the review It's tasty.

I am not saying this because I am vlogging Actually it is too good But it taste really good I can finish this I am trying to learn how to eat with chopsticks Because while traveling sometimes you have to eat with chop stick only I am learning this as well So guys I am done with lunch total bill was 230 som Good Food, Thank you So now let's take a exit from here Earlier I had plan to go to another cafe but now I am already full so i feel like going there some other time I am gonna back to my volunteer home

2021-03-18 03:03

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