What's It Like To Drive (And Break) A Touring Car?

What's It Like To Drive (And Break) A Touring Car?

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Hey. Guys, Danish, boy, here and well. Welcome. To Denmark obviously. So, this is pretty damn cool I've been invited to this event over here in Denmark by my. Good friend lots of sorenson so thank you laughter for the invite, called. Dream concept, and basically it's a day full, of very, lovely, cars that I can't, afford so. From what I can tell this event is just essentially, a place people with more money than me come to drive really. Fast cars, and. Somehow. I found myself along, on the guest list, hi Lassa it. Sounds a bit about Dream Concert them because I've come along a bit blind but. You can tell me a bit more about it dream. Because it is a venn, company they usually run, their track events for. Random people on coming. From the road and this. Event here is an event, for there's, a lot of big car brands coming and, then people are invited, to come here and, to try out different cars, like 4i and, Macias and everything and. Then there's two, tracks here a high-speed, track and one way with a lot of corners, and. Then it's, just all about having fun here in different cars like racing, cars and and. Also. Almost. Street cars behind, you I'm. Especially looking Aldi, tell, us about it yeah the TCR. Current the ones that are driving the the world's Yakko. This, dowdy with the 360. On power and the, front wheel drives and that's how, tGI's and some people like it some people don't, but. It's actually quite cool time it's driving, really good there's a lot of little. Things about it because they and the handling of the car is so special compared to many other cars it's not like a GT car but, it's. Pretty, similar in corner speed as well so will. Be a fun car forgive me sarasu I've never really driven a front-wheel, drive car off, a farm. We drive car before what. Shall, I be looking out for when driving this there's, some few, points you need to take care of of course when when you have front-wheel drive their rears quite light and, when. When the rear slide you it. Would be a bit snappy sometimes yeah so that's something it's, mainly into heavens so you really need to take care of this and if. You get a slide make, sure just to go full throttle all. Right ultimately. And. Give you under eyes away again or to the breakings man, you. Can, go hard on the brake just on one, once you hit the, brake mark okay and, then, you have to go a bit off again because otherwise the rear will start to lock because, you know the rear will daylight and then you have to be soft on the steering you know the front wheels are also there ones that are there, both kind of control where you're going and, also getting, you forward, especially. Just being he's, basically, is being very easy on that yeah, be nice on the frontal because if, you go too hard on the throttle will start to push your way okay. So. Some try to manage it so you don't slide and understeer, but, you know at, the same time your steering you also. Getting. Forward hopefully, I won't spin. You. Have to give me something easy to say oh I, scream okay. As. You heard, probably. One of the highlights of my time, peers I'm gonna get to drive a LD, TC.

It's, Kind of appropriate thing that was kind of just announced in iRacing books I am pretty. Damn excited, than of course nervous, but. I think there's a lot of day to, get through before we get to that part so I'm. Just trying to doing the best I can so, this in front of me is the start I think of the handling. Circuit, or the circuit. With corns on as Lasser called it and that's where I'll be driving the TCR. Car a bit later on it. Just looks like a temporary, circuit made up with there's. A plastic bowl of things out there and I, think, this is the. Last corner down here, but. Of course there's also some, concrete there so I'm really hoping I don't end up in that while I'm driving around okay, so basically the. The. Event is now split up into two tracks there is the handle and drag which you've probably seen so far with a cars going around and the, high-speed track. Which you're about to go and check, out now so basically this is where all the people who buy the 200-plus bar now super cars can actually go 200, plus mile an hour if they're feeling brave. Haha. Here, is the carlyle be driving a bit later. So. You, join me inside the TV archives, that happens a bit quickly. We're. Gonna go out very quickly now just so I can learn the track and we'll go out with glasses just fitting any moment, and, we're going to just go out cruise around for. No. Just. Find the circuit and then after. The after. Lunch and after the track. We're gonna pull the cameras up in front of a proper attempt at it, so. There I was about to pull onto the circuit, for the first time in a front-wheel-drive racing. Car a TCR car no less now the thing that I was trying to get across in the last clip but ended up mumbling about quite badly, I was quite nervous I'm sure you can understand is that the reason why I wasn't wearing a helmet is because, the goal of this drive was to literally cruise around at low speed and just. Get a feel for the car and get an idea for the track. However. I ended up getting a little bit carried away. Yeah. This cruise alone see the track get them there. Start. Without a bell. Phone here because they're. Like this. Was. It. The. Cameras on. Just. Tell everyone what you just told me they're about that little run know you really wanna use. Quite. Impressive, I mean they're. So. First drive-in. Not. Quite as fast a straight line is still pretty down quicker, lots of cellar things. 350. 360 horsepower to, the front wheel speaking but no it's front-wheel drive unless you start really pushing it through, some of the cause it's really very very grippy, they're, very far didn't quite get up to full speed because then you really met to be a practice run that sat next to me was on he, had no seat belt something. We. Can really, gather kill. The cameras that are properly and have a proper runner and just well see how it goes, so that's ER it's about to go out in the TCR cars want the tires so I'm playing Marshall. There, you go. Save, me the logic just take. Care in the Bosporus. Okay. Well. Then Here I am inside. The. TCR, Cup on my own rather head out onto track got my helmet on this time so you guys haven't got give me. Right. Melody. So as you can see and probably not here I was having an absolutely awesome time, Ragan, this Audi TCR. Car around. This little test track but as time went on I started to realized, the gear shifts for getting a little bit slower and they. Weren't really engaging, when I wanted them to. To give a problem. Oh man. Thrush. What happened. Let's start playing up. But not. Today I was, shifting. Really ladies in the shifting. So. Since I never started stopped yeah. And. Then. If he I loved. You hit the brakes in them. Maybe, my my cost. Is estimated at, mother yeah. So, as you can probably imagine I was pretty anxious after, driving, back into the pit lane I'd convinced myself I've broken, this. Very expensive, very pretty, howdy TCR, race car initially, that support it may have been I have blended the throttle and brake a bit too violently, that I was being very sure not to do that it's kind of very hard to keep tabs on that when you're concentrating on so many other things so. To see, if the car was okay and if it was just something that was a little maybe a limp, mode or a safety mode the car got into him, and Daniel went out into track to see if they could try and diagnose, in right. Seems. Like it, is, it's. Probably plush, I. Don't see how you can do anything wrong because you, know when they're sad in these cars even.

With The DSG gearbox they pre-loaded well it's not like this handbrake. So, even if you were to. The, difference. In my opinion but think, what we'll do now is first, of all let it cool down then. Try, to check out the days to see if there's any alarms. Or anything. But, it does change up, really. It's, like you know if we just let the clutch burn. So. Unfortunately that little issue meant no more driving on that date with the TCR, car and despite being assured. That it wasn't my fault in fact the car has, actually had a similar issue reported, at a previous of them I couldn't. Help but think that everything, was just somehow my fault but luckily on the next day of the event we came back and the Audi was pretty much back in full working order and after watching back some of the footage that I captured from the previous, day that's offered to take me out in the car with, him driving to show where I could kind of improve in braking. And cornering speed. And just give me an idea what it was actually like to attack, a course, in, a front-wheel drive touring, car. Now this might sound a little bit stupid but what I learned from NASA is that I could go faster pretty, much everywhere, it was just a case of having a lot more confidence, in the car I could brake late I could carry more speed into the slow corners and into. The fast corners getting, used to the grip of slick tire has is kind of more difficult than you think it is your body is saying when you're turning in no this can't possibly stick. But it does and usually, you're quite away under, the limit but with the lessons from NASA in my mind I was determined to go out and really make the most of my final session. Yet, unfortunately day two entered very much the same way as day one with a mechanical, issue meaning. The gears weren't really shifting properly I'm still not really sure what the problem actually was it may have been a lingering clutch issue it may be in that I was shifting a little bit too high a bit too aggressively, may, also be in that I was ball spinning a little bit coming out of the slow corners, and I had overheated, something of course it was a shame that it cut my drive short but the lamps I had out there felt. Really very fun indeed and I'm. Hoping one day I'll get another chance to drive this awesome machine again. And really, most important is is that you get some left now, it's. Not a huge buff okay. Cool not my fault. It. Does seem like it is a, class issue of some sort, I've, been I feel sure that it wasn't my fault and it. Was something, that was actually happening on the car before it came here but it seems got worse as time has gone on it's been drift before so, it looks like that's my last run out in the TCR, car but, my. Word one experience, I think I'm probably gonna finish off this video, when. I'm at home so I can kind of Cathal my force a bit and it's, something the Saatchi. Well. That, makes sense I guess. By. The way my brother with, me time in Denmark, is coming, to an end. I. Think it's a drive as many rope cars before I, was, going to that doesn't really matter too much because the whole experience of me was just dominated, by getting to drive this TCR. Car anger, to here last be I, think very complimentary. Of my. Driving to me that's really that's really important, because of course I'm a sim race that it's a dream to be able to do it realize and to hear that I'm not terrible, is is. It's. Really nice it's, a smile on my face. Structured. As maybe McLaren. Videos I did previously that was with a cameraman I did, just pretty much all on my own which is ideal because I'm. Not a cameraman I'm just, a guy who shouts at a camera so trying, to get things sorted out was quite difficult for the most part I think we've got quite a lot of decent footage from inside the Audi which is which. Is good and hopefully is something. You guys enjoy but, before I end of this video I've got to say a massive. Proper. Thank-you to blasto, Sorenson I wouldn't, be here voting for him he invited me to this earlier on in the year I thought that I wouldn't happen and yet here I was you know driving these awesome cars and getting. To be around so many other beautiful, machines it's, it's. A it's an enthusiastic, dream and I'm very grateful but. Yeah guys that was it that was my experience in Denmark's, driving a TCR. Car and sitting. Here now at home saying that into microphone, it never really feels. Normal. I feel incredibly. Fortunate to, be in the opportunity, now where I get in fights these events and get Drive cars. That I never thought I'd ever have the opportunity to even go near its. It, makes me feel very, happy indeed, and it. Always puts a massive smile on my face saying, out loud and again I am eternally, thankful to to, last and to dream concept, for making it all happen I really hope you guys enjoyed watching the video as much as I enjoyed, making it if you did of course liked it make sure to hit the like button if you really enjoyed it hit subscribe and the, bail notification, icon to be made aware of video videos like this and future, streams, and, between you and me I really hope these opportunities keep presenting themselves, because I have a driving bug simracing, is fantastic, it's the substitute, but you can not replace, the real thing Drennen the sound the smell the.

G-force, It's, something. That I find myself quite addicted to and hopefully I can do more in the future take care have an awesome day see, you all next time. Zero. We, games a lot of. Meat. Or something, hi. When I woke up this morning I didn't think I'd be raising the Mini Cooper in a retro race like. The elements fit.

2019-05-20 16:54

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Before that guy even said we're just going to take it nice and easy Jimmy hammers it haha. Never change Jimmy.

Real videos like this go to show why I challenge game developers regarding tyre grip. A lot of titles make you lose grip at stupid low speeds on warm tyres. When cars like these are designed for rediculous grip. Looks like a blast to drive.

Unrelated question: Do you have dummy frame glasses, or is it just a really low distortion profile? I've been living with glasses for the best part of 7 years, and those shadows your glasses cast are not remotely similar to the shadows I'm used to seeing. (positive lenses make a sort of orb-like artifact in the middle, negative lenses on the other hand make the area inside the frame's shadow darker, and a kind of brighter ring around the perimeter)

That Audi tcr couldn't keep up with your pace Jimmer.

I live in Denmark and have never heard of this event! Where in Denmark was this?

This car has probably done thousands of miles and the gearbox needs some service.

This is top gear track

The problem is your not racing on a simulator mate this shit is real

Simracing is unfairly harder and has less grip than real life.......because of this stupid mantra of grip = arcade........ i for one am glad that Jimmy now knows this, just wish more simracers would buy into it.......

Is the wheel/paddle shifters made by Fanatec, I feel your pain that's my experience every time I lap with my McL GT3.

Awesome that you got to do this! I love sim racing, but nothing compares as you stated to getting out and doing it. I can't imagine what it's like to drive a touring car. My driving is always on bikes and you can't push them as much on corners.

That look realy awesome! Can you get me also invate to drive these real racing cars

You've been doing a lot of cool driving recent months! That's awesome.

Why doesn't dodge do a touring car for the challenger or dart

must say thou iam happy for you pal

here i am, looking forward to getting my thrustmaster t300 rs your driving real racing cars am crying here

awesome u lucky swine

that audi is a very nice looking car. very nice

im on the train of thought that the world has become far too safety conscious and common sense should win out against silly safetly laws... but still.. first time driving that race car, on a race track, with a passenger without a seat belt, with the guys job on the line if something happened and you werent wearing a helmet... you really should have just 'cruised'... or at least put a helmet on... i know it wasnt really dangerous per se. but still. it just seems smart to do things by the book in that situation..

ok, i should rally eat some of my own words right there... at 15:20 the guy takes jimmy out for a drive in the car, racing it. pushing it.. and he didnt wear a helmet either :-P i hope his boss doesnt see this and get angry with him...

1:40 .... that RACECAR is FWD???

We have this car in AC.

you re driving the sim with gloves but not driving a real racing car with gloves..

Look at the seatbelts when he’s braking


Please become a touring car driver jimmy

Denmark Denamrk Denmark

@Ty S. It's okay Ty...some things youll never get ;)

@Chris ScarsWhat side of the pond are you talking about lol I've never had an issue

If something does not break, is it really an Audi anymore?

Daniel!? I went to school with him!

''Yeah we'll just cruise around'' 2 mins later 150kph

its a good thing he broke it during testing, not when the team doing races

Thank you!! I love it ❤️

Uses gloves all the time in simracing, literally wears a full racingsuit and be a sweatboi... Get's to drive a real racing car, wears none of it.. Nice.

Amazing jimmy you are getting used to this stuff that was amazing for your first drive.

Usually when something is wrong with the car you don't keep givin her hell

2:05 *NECKBEARD ALERT!* what a glorious neckbeard. Only shedbois can grow a neckbeard like that!! Well done jimmer. Well done..

Your exit power delivery out of corners won’t help that clutch.. I noticed you were aggressive with that. Not saying you caused the issue, just saying you didn’t help it. Easing it on helps the box and clutch to work less harder

lucky git, my dream job from as young as 14 (20 years ago) was to be a BTCC Driver! Man that looked fun. Doesnt seem the same without Xtrak gears though, Id love a go in an older one with the big stick you yank on :D

One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of sim racers is that the car’s exhaust note is usually very quiet from inside the car. In most sum racers, the only thing you can hear from inside the car is gearbox whine.

i would bet your tapping that shifter way to lightly and messing it up , its no light weight sim

11:24 I thought it was Tiametmarduk driving xD

Every time Jimmy says Lasse, I hear Nasa :D

Not your fault mate, there isn't anything to do wrong in these modern cars. They'll have a rev limiter so you can't really over rev it, you have the paddle sequential box so its not like youre clutching on each change and can mess that up and yeah as for riding the brake and the throttle.. thats not going to kill it. Hey when you do the driving, I'd like to see a bit more of over the bonnet and perhaps some data. So a GoPro will automatically take the GPS data and then you can use free packages to put a speedo and even a track map on the video. I have a video I made of when I drove in Aussie Driver Search last year.. if you want to see how I did it, tell me and I'll send you a link

Good on you, Jimmer. Enjoyed this one, mate. The smile on your face when you put the boot in hehehehehe love it mate

Amazing jjmmy watched and enjoyed every second

That joke at 3:12 absolutely killed me

JIMMER IS A FAST BOI M8'S!!!!!!!! :):):)

looked so much fun, i want a go!

That noise is insane...

I really hope you can get the opportunity to drive more cars. I like the way you cut your videos and to see how you evolve yourself. Greetings

Never stop making videos!!! You are my inspiration for everything racing related

The clutch is bad. Let me just drive back in 3rd holding 8000 rpms

wow i dont think ive ever seen a professional racing driver's face while putting the car close to its limits

The swinging of the dicks has began 15:26

Jimmy, that last lap will be deleted for cutting corners

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