What's Mauritius like? (Travels in the Indian Ocean)

What's Mauritius like?  (Travels in the Indian Ocean)

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All right this is get sidetracked if you like this channel please subscribe. We. Met friends, with the, PC. The. Islands kind, of small so it's in the, south of some probably. Get across it maybe two, three hours and. I'm just going to compare with reunion so rainy and I kid it's. More like a circular so if this was the island I could go around in a circle and then, you go inside and there's all these. Mountain. Mountain, areas it's really very beautiful rich, this is kind, of a similar size everything's, similar, but. It's about 45-minute, plane ride, away Mauritius. Is more, basically. How things go Amman more so, there's a center. The. Capital, city of. Port Louis is on the coast but it's more, like a harbor so I'll show it on the map right here and, basically, you can see that the. Waterfront is in this area but it's all collected by harbor so there's not really any peach. Anything like that. But, it is very beautiful there it's amazing there but. Basically if you go from north to south most of the tourists. At the top of the island or there over this other area clicking. Flash and. Then there's rows that go between but all the lands all the roads kind of go through Port, Louis and so very congested, so. For example it'll take just to get to the small city I think this populations, may be 80,000. But. You, know just to get through that. Actually. This. Is actually behind. Right. Here in Macau but I want to get back to them to, I'll, show you the area. Soon so, I'll show you talk more about Mauritius, so so. Yeah Mauritius the capital city in. Mauritius shirt right there so. The capital city basically you take, she takes to, expect two to three hours to drive across -. Basically. There's the. Roads everything. Kind of fills in to it and the people drive, and rush this a little bit well. I'll go into the preparation a bit there's a lot of, it's. Like seventeen percent Muslim. A lot of them come from south india. Someone. Come Africa but usually slip India. But. Basically you have so. The road rules are quite a bit different than than, weather than what I saw in reunion so basically reunion, is a French island and it's also. In the South Pacific -. Sorry. Indian Ocean and, basically, they. They. Drive. Kind, of chaotic so they drive on the left but they stop wherever they want so so basically you're just kind of going down the road in Mauritius and they might just stop flinging, open the door and. Basically there's no they, don't really obey the the. Lines. So, basically you. Know whenever they when. They come up on you they just try, to get around you as quick as possible. There's. Basically no no rules and people stop wherever they want so they so basically the traffic, is really crazy the. Capital city isn't, very big but the roads are a big mess so basically people kind, of stop whether they want the park wherever they want. There's they. Kind of do whatever they want so. So, I'm so when you're trying to get to the city and I was on the northern part in. About. 30 minutes north of this capital city and when, you get near the city it just just gridlock, no, matter what time of day but especially in the you, know working hours it's like any city but, that particular city there's only like 80,000, people so you wouldn't think that would be such a big issue there but. Um but, it is so basically when. You get into the city it's just non-stop you, just like you could walk up much much faster and the city is not that big but um, but actually the outside. Of that nice beautiful, waterfront area the rest of it is kind of like, no planning and very chaotic and you're walking in the streets and everything's in there so.

Even Though it's like much much different in India it's so much nicer the. Some. Of it has those similarities to it. You know when you're trying to walk around but. As soon as you park and then you get into the waterfront it feels like you're in you. Know a very beautiful beautiful, tropical. Island you know it's like just everything is so clean and there's people cleaning, things up all the time and so. I'm gonna be showing you quite a few these pictures I'm. Gonna be showing you pictures right now right. To the side of me. I'm. Doing my gestures now cuz you'll probably see them right now. So. Okay, so anyways so. Mauritius. The the. Capital is beautiful so when I was walking around I really like to mix some people so. I think I had some photos of some of the people so show those but you know they have kind of um there's. Kind of a Crayola culture, of French culture and Indian culture and African, cultures something. African it's like Madagascar, as well which adds a little bit of Indonesia. Malagasy. People are, mix of African and Indonesian, people so um so. That's also into the mix as well but predominantly Indian. African. And Creole out of three with French everybody, speaks French the French was there for a long time the. French are still in réunion the. Island that's 45 minutes away and they have a both, have the Creole culture. We. Met sweetie. And. He. Go. So. So basically. Mauritius. Has some very beautiful islands. I'm gonna show. Some pictures of how beautiful the oceans. Were so. Some. Of the pictures are busy, of the beaches that you can see kind. Of a setup so the first one I'll show you is up in the north and this is kind of where I stayed so I stayed in, some. Of these photos would be like from different beaches all up in that area I don't have a lot I haven't, I have a lot but I don't have them enough. To you, know signal, them all out but they're basically all within you. Know like. 15. Kilometers of each other. Oh. A. Man. From. The tax, man. Who. The public, school. Man. :. From, everybody's. Slave, I made you my slave. The. World back, what it gave. I'll show these pictures and also this is where I was staying so I stayed in that area the whole time I was in Mauritius and I would drive down to the other parts of the city right. Where I was that there was some Mauritian restaurants, and the Mauritian restaurant, I'll show some pictures but everything had the dodo bird so. That was extinct, in Mauritius, but that's um, I'll. Show you some of the menu. That I saw as well so but. Mauritius, had. Some. Mauritius restaurant I'll show you that picture as, well. But. Basically that part was kind of small so there was a, lot of tourists will stay there or the other area cuts like in black and. Where, they stay in the northern part it's um it's, for the beaches and there's some clubs, and bars around but um I walked around there's. Definitely a lot of people going to them I didn't, actually go out at night time I, basically. Went back and just slept, the. Reason being is I wanted to get up in that car just go yesterday and, if, I stayed up late I wouldn't be able to do that so um but, there was definitely people walking around there's some some, bars and clubs I don't know. I think. Refuge my hotel was a little bit in. There's a bit bit dark spot so so, I parked my car over there and. I. Didn't. Really feel like walking down that dark street because I was by myself but.

There Was other tourists at work groups we, have to walk down a very dark Street and even, though Mauritius has a lot of money there's also some poverty too so. It's a lot. Of people kind of like, also. Visit Africa to South, Africa oh man was, a beacon I was driving around South. Africa there's just kind of people in. The mid of the night you know like nothing's. Wrong with them they just don't have any money so they're just like walking in, the dark basically so you'd see them pretty much everywhere and. I saw that Mauritius too so students they got dark I tried to get back to to. Park, my car somewhere and, then I would just you. Know I might walk around a little bit or I'd Park you. Know where I wanted to walk around and then I'd get back in the car cuz I had to walk through. Some really dark areas and, whenever. I was there it's he you know some people were kind of partying and some locals and I'm. Sure it was fine but I I, don't really have any purpose or reason to think. About. Anyway. So. Anyways. If I was to go back again I'd probably try to stay I think. I stayed at a guesthouse. Maybe, err our, B&B but it was kind, of like a private residence, or open place that was a little, bit removed from. Removed. By like maybe a 10-minute walk, but, is enough that didn't want to walk ten minutes in the we've no streetlights and, actually that area always had dogs so. He. Kept mite her, if I don't think I have any photos of that but I'll see if I can find some some. Photos online. The. Area where I was at it was usually, the traffic was was, also pretty bad the traffic was bad everywhere. Mauritius. Isn't, really a walkable, place there's there are walkable places but, I kind. Of thought very codependent so. You. Know there was like a nice small of show some pictures of the mall that I went to this mall was in, the, South Park kind of near sticking flak and it, was actually one of the few places that I had a really good view of the ocean I was, kind of surprised, compared, to Reunion I always had views of the ocean and most. Of places I was driving but in Mauritius, it was pretty it. Felt great landlocked you're always kind of inland a little bit and and, I drove I'll show you this area too but I drove down this one side and I was just trying to go around the island and, then I stopped because um it just hit all these massive massive, resorts, and they. Were just private resorts, with you, know people that were staying. There and expensive, places so, I drove to as far as I could and I'm gonna show you these pictures of this really large banyan tree because I took some photos there. And. I thought that was pretty amazing and very photogenic and, I think OHS probably set up for sure probably, but I just happened to stumble upon it, but. I tried to go around but I couldn't couldn't, go around the island so I had to UM they.

Can Only get so far and then I had to come back. Just. In general I drove around quite, a bit in the island and there's a lot of sugarcane, fields, and different different. Things like that. I'll. Show you some of those pictures too so this is kind of some of the pictures when you're just driving around randomly. And. I a lot of times you can see that the houses are very close to the road as well. So. You can see so. Basically the houses. Are closed and when you're walking you. Or, when you're driving you, basically have a house and then you have a sidewalk and then you have the street right there and. Then so, basically if people stop there you, have to get out of a car and you have to kind. Of get around them really quickly because I roads are quite narrow. You. See action, also the dust was there it was. Also. In Mauritius there's, a really. Beautiful temple. And that temple is. For. Shiva. So. Basically there's a there's a massive massive, parking lots and you can actually walk I think it's like a kilometer, I can look it up later and put it on your video here but. I think it's like a kilometer of people, would just met walking massive, you, know to certain times of the year you just walk to these giant Shiva's and I guess the water comes from the gadget like some regionally some very, holy water now it's in Mauritius probably, because of the large Indian population, and they. Planted, this water in the same area where this giant Shiva is at and. The sheath is quite impressive and now they have some. Temples and they have the lakes and they have you know lots of people come and do a big pilgrimage. Pilgrimage, I. Think, they also come from as far as India and other places as well, so. I'm going to show some of those pictures too I. Really, like this area because it was like so peaceful, so beautiful, so colorful, the, people that were there were so friendly so you know a lot of people would say hello to me and just. Give me a lot of appreciation. That I was appreciating, that, area. There's, also. The. Shiva was there so the, giant sheep and also this smaller area so I'm showing all the pictures there right now. What. Else do they see there it was also Mauritius. There was also I'll. Give you the name right here so the name put it on the screen. But. This is a very colorful Rock area so when I was driving up here it was basically. When you walk around if there's some lots. Of tourist stuff like the giant tortoises, people, will get those and they've been there for I don't, know how many years however, long tortoises, giant, tortoises can live a thousand, years baby. But. Anyways they have, this. A kind, of red rocks it's kind of different colors and as you walk around there colors change a little bit basically off the reflection of the Sun. And. It's. A pretty big tourist site so I'll, show you some of those pictures right here, and. As. I was trying to get up here there was also some really beautiful roads. That were you know very green and lush with a Red Rock, so.

I'm Also gonna show some pictures of that too so, yeah. Some of the driving mauritius is quite, amazing and. I tried to get up to some different spots so like as i was driving around i'm, gonna show. The flow show some portal photos over by port lewis again so i was. Trying to get around to, the top because the city is kind of near. The ocean and there's a mountain that's kind of nearby but. There's nothing there's no easy way to get up that mountain so I kind, of took a lot of time to get up there and the city is so, hard. To drive to anyways so, much traffic. So. It takes quite a while to get to the top but, when I was up there I found this other kind of tourist site so I'm going to show some of those pictures too and where I parked. So. This is kind of a some. Kind of now it's kind of a museum that they show show, off part, of Lorian, history. Let's see so so actually what I'm going to do is um show. You more pictures of. This. Random stuff. Second. Flag so I went. Over to this spot and I was just trying to walk around recent pictures and there was it's, kind of funny because I saw this one Indian guy way way way in the distance and. He was kind of walking right towards me and I had my camera and. I, was basically trying, to take some pictures of, that area and he was and nobody else is really around but, he was coming directly at me so I. Kind. Of hung around take pictures do whatever I want to do and it got up to me and then he was trying to sell something and. It's. Kind of hard to get rid of him but I got rid of him but he kinda reminded me of another, India, element of Mauritius you know just kind. Of fell like that so that could happen in India as well and I have spent some time in India I've been there twice. So. Actually it's not that Mauritius. It's. Still so. India, light you know it's not even India's you know very, India. Meets Africa meets France but. Actually you know rainy and Ireland is all more French if, you want the French part but. Mauritius. Is actually, quite amazing, quite beautiful but um. But. There was certain things, that happen there that kind of remind you of Indian. Element and, that's not a bad thing I like that actually I like I like India, I like the people, and and, I like that. Hindu. Element that's mixed in with everything - and. I was also going to say there's also a 17% Islamic. One - so I just wanted to, show. You some pictures of some mosque so I had a couple pictures of some, anyways but I see quite a few and the when, I was driving around there's, also this one photo with a big net around the tree so seem, like that kept meeting lost and they kept going through. That many. Times you kept seeing like that landmark over and over or. I was thinking that could have been you know they maybe. They did it with a lot of trees but you, know and I just, seen. You know, the large, netted, trees. See. My spell voracious what else did I want to share, basic. My main purpose to show the so, the pictures, so I hope you like the pictures. Maybe. I'll just play some music and I just plays. Many, random mauritius photos as I can and then you can kind. Of see what you think and if you can make some comments maybe if you. You. Know just kind of support support, the station support, my channel, I'm gonna try to create, more content, and, if. This kind of stuff is interesting to you the photo stuff, Elson Oh put, more up available, the future I've. Been to quite a few places you. Know. I've been I've been living outside the states for almost, 20 over 20 years just 1996. So. I've been to a lot of places I don't have a lot of I have certain I have a lot of photos of the life of the places I've been to the last 10 years or so but not too much of the. Of. The ones from back. When I was in my 20s, and traveling I didn't I, didn't really. Appreciate. The importance of taking pictures and cameras I have, a lot of memories though which I might try to share with those and some of those few photos I have of those times too.

There's. Anything else you want to know about ratios percents, of comments below.

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