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Hey, guys I'm Sunita and. Today, we're gonna be taking you guys on an overnight trip to Hakone a popular. Hot springs resort near Tokyo, it's unique as a birthday so, it's my present to him yeah and I'm so excited it's, about an hour away from here on the special, limited Express train called, the romance car once, we arrive we'll sample some local cuisine and we'll show you some of our favorite spots in Hakone, let's go. So. Right now we are just buying the tickets, for our romance, car you. Can buy them here at the old ducky station, this, is the romance, card ticket counter. Ooh nice. Oh check. It out guys look, there's bread here there are drinks they, got like salt. Bread maple. Syrup royal sweetening bun cream. Bread and melon. Bread mmm. Well should I god it's. Breakfast, time. With. The Heike mas I think I will go with, this one this. Second. Sandwich here I think, this one is a potato, and ham sandwich. Mmm. Fresh, it's like they just made it this morning morning. Is starting, with coffee every, day. The. Inside of the sauce is fluffy soft. And fluffy. Outside, oh. This. Is a tea the English tea minam. If. See and the. Aroma of black. Tea so, this one is a, tomato, and cheese sandwich. That. Looks yummy, what. About this one is, this. Is a chicken. Chicken. Egg sandwich. Interesting. Chicken, and egg oh this. Chicken and egg is yummy, the chicken is like teriyaki, chicken imagine. Teriyaki chicken with egg salad, unlike. Soft pieces of bread. So. This is the romance car cafe this, is a great place to pick up a light snack or breakfast, right before boarding our romance car, very. Nice, righty. It's, time to go on the train this is a special, romance, car, limited. Express, - huh : check, it out. I love. This train it's a really nice sleep, train. So. We are on the romance, dream, the. Beautiful, train too huh :, let's. Check out what, they have here, okay. So in, the seat pocket in front of you we got like three things. They, can check out and. The first one is the onboard, sales menu, yeah. Let's take a look shall we, so. They have a special, event all caught while she got a bento for a thousand yen they. Also have a GSE, dental that's some that, comes in this box in. The shape of this train. They, have like heater, cuts a sandwich, they have the big sandwich, just, for an additional 250, yen you can get it with a soup. Or. A drink, then. They have the drink page alcohol, drinks to have green tea for 200, yen. Coffee. 350. Yen and they even, have beer, they. Have ice cream they have cookies. And they, have, some. Winter seasonal, recommendations. Here, they got strawberry. Chocolate pudding, and they have a gelato, a Japanese. Japanese, black, tea gelato, and. They have onboard sales, here, a lady comes around with a card where you can purchase the items on the menu, so Toshi got himself a coffee and I, got myself a, McGorry. Issue the farm's gelato, that, that. Japanese, that. Japanese, black, tea, gelato. Yeah, which, interests. Me very, much oh. That's. Nice, perfect. Perfect texture, Oh. Actually. Countries like vanilla, ice cream. It's. Very very milky. Hmm. I don't, taste too much black tea maybe that's Japanese. Black tea maybe that's why. Love, taking, this train because it's so relaxing. The interiors, modern, the Train is modern it's quiet smooth. Comfortable. Like. That you can buy food and drinks on the train. Toilet, facilities, are clean. I love, running other trains, especially. Coming, out from the city and into, the countryside because. You can see how it starts to change it's. All concrete jungle. Slowly. Rice, fields, and then all of a sudden as you, near, and as. You get closer to the Hakone it, becomes, more and more of nature. Either forest, green. Well, it's winter time right now so it's not that green but it's, still very beautiful. Here. I'm, so happy so. Happy. We. Arrived we, arrived with a hot corner you wanna. I, gotta. Say the air is so much cleaner. Today. Is a very nice River yeah I think we're gonna walk around and, we're gonna get something to eat man, just.

Cougar Just I have a really, good time here it's, Sunday many. People, coming to this, spa. Area, hakuna. Make, this blue blue blue sky. So. Right now we're walking along. The. Streets of Hakone yumoto this is like the main street. Of hakuna, probably, the most busiest, where all the shops and restaurants are, and it's. Really really fun if. You guys come here we do recommend you come early, because the shops do close early, here it, is not tokyo most, of the shops are closed by 5 p.m. we're, coming here are the own same lungi you definitely have to get that one all the Japanese people get. That it's, um it's, delicious, and I. Also, recommend getting, some cumin because all that water is famous, for their women which are quicker clumps, another, thing I love about this, street is all the shops have samples, like, this one wasabi, snack. Let's. Try. Most. Hobby snack 540. In for a whole bag oh. Oh. Why. Do I, really, feel like having, an insane Manju, and something else but we're. Actually gonna go eat lunch right now so I don't want to fill up with snacks and this is what Hakone is famous for this is one of their their. Handmade. Items and you're famous for this is all made of wood, isn't. It beautiful, so we're gonna go to this place called keinosuke, they're, finished they are famous for grilled, fish I feel like eating something simple. And although a lot of famous for their fish so, yeah, let's. Try this place out this is one of the signature, dishes this is the keynotes, k-th. Oh cool we have two pieces of Hachi and we have a Saba, and we can start lemon here with some daikon radish some pickled vegetables, because mrs. sook we, got a fish cake because what, the waters famous for fish cake and we got a nice, container, of piping. Hot rice, look. At that it's so nicely grilled I like, it when the skin is crispy like this. I'm. Not really good at eating fish although I love fish I love fish cooked this way. Mmm. So good its lightly salted, it's, so fresh, I'm gonna get a bite of this Saba pull, my chops it goes right in ha. Ha oh that, looks so good oh. They're. So good that. Chocolate, flavor nice. Nice, nice, fish no, fishy taste so. Much flavor I'm. Just so happy I want to put some lemon on my fish. Daikon. Radish on top like, that got. That bone. Oh. That's. Good that's good, I recommend, you, eat it with the lemon and the daikon you don't need any soy sauce I love what, a lot of fish take I really, really do oh. It's. So, soft and fluffy. It's. Incredibly, fluffy, fish, cake made like this is so different from. The fish cake you buy at the supermarket it's.

So Fresh. Got. My miso soup. Mmm. Yummy. I, might. Perfectly. Cooked rice. And. When I say it perfect, I mean perfect. My fish. Is. Pretty amazing. Mmm. Look. How flaky that is it's flaky, but, not dry and. That. Flavoring, that meeting that touch of meeting is, it that yep, touch of sweetness. We. Have something called swab awfully cocky, interesting. Okay. Let's put some of this sub. Up pretty cocky on top of the rice. It. Is kind of an herb each like. Some kind of herb and, also Katsuobushi, bonito, flakes it, was like the best fish, meal. So. After, eating lunch we, are going to go to our hotel, between. Lunch and this, time please watch our live streaming. We. Are in connected. On railway, we, are going to go to kora, and take, another, cable, car. Alright. So we just got off the cable car I think, we have reached our destination. I hope, so it's. Been a pretty long journey, hey. Guys so we just arrived at our accommodation. In place and, it. Looks really nice I love this building, super, super atmospheric. So. We're in the lobby we're checking in but it. Is gorgeous. Do. We finish with. Our welcome, drink I got some cool mama chai which is a black. Bean tea, after. I finished this, they're. Gonna take, us to our room. Okay. Guys so we have arrived in our room this is a room. 205. Komurasaki. The, combo da Saki room, okay. Let's, see what it looks like on the inside shall we. Wow. It's a pretty, big room guys, oh that's, this is beautiful. Beautiful. Okay. So there are two. Twin. Beds or. Double. Beds twin beds and. There's. A nice. Flat, screen TV here there's. A small little view, I love. These short just screen doors. Outside. There's, like a view of a fountain. There's. A wooden deck outside maybe. We'll go out there later and a, beautiful. Vase, of flour here, and, there. Are some. Green. Tea sets and. Glasses. Hot. Water heater hot, water pot there's a refrigerator, with. Them beer, four bottles of beer here here's, some two bottles of water orange juice and green tea. And. There's a nice place to sit down and. Yeah. Once again the bed looks so comfortable, and. There's, a view of the parking, lot but that's okay and. This. Is a beautiful, wooden plate, I think. This is handmade and. Oh, check. Out that tissue box here this. Tissue box that's. Beautiful, once, I came made of wood and you got these jars here and, our. Yukata, is inside here so this is a yukata that we use where you go in. A bath still, insane bass and, the. Door here leads to the toilet. Pool. And once again because you're in Japan it's very modern you have all the buttons you have to be gay and. You, got a toilet paper and, you got an extra toilet paper in the bag here I was. Tiny little sink and then. Here's, the bath area with a really nice modern, sink and. Got a blow dryer and you, got soap you. Got towels you got amenities, all. In all it's a very very, nice room I love it. Good. Morning, everybody so. I had a really, good sleep despite, the bad dream I had but. I had a lovely dinner last night I had lovely. Dip, in the hot spring on set water it was so nice and I, feel so chill this morning I can't. Wait to. Go. Exploring, today. So. We're taking a cable car to, our kudani, station. Which, is where the volcano, is. Hakone, we're gonna eat those black eggs they. Say if you need one egg it extend, your life seven, years very.

Terrible. Oh. Did you back there check it out oh we're. So lucky you. Know you see all the sulfur, gases down down. Down below. A. Little. Bit scary the winds are strong and our gondola is, swaying. From. Side to side it's, so scary. But. This came out. Well. We have arrived safely, at, our kudani and, yeah. You know I can't, even remember the last time I was here but. This is a spectacular. Place, I think. They renovated. This place in very. Beautiful, vidiian yeah um and. Um. The, second floor has a restaurant right now oh well, there was a restaurant before by, thinking yeah it just looks so new at moderate right now yeah, we're gonna check out the gift shop later ready for now we got to go eat those eggs because. I have to extend my life because I'm not young anymore guys. So. Check. It out. Here's. A normal egg, it's. Actually kinda creamy, it's. Already cold. You. Know I haven't been back here for many many years and, I, remember, many, years ago you used to be able to walk around the, the, rocks you, know amongst. All the the. Sulfur, gases. But, I guess it's a little bit dangerous now, so they, are refurbishing. It they are they're putting up some safety measures. Etc. And they're improving it so they're. Supposed to reopen it up again in the near future but. Anyway it's it's still a very interesting. Place to come is very rare at least for me to be so near to mother nature, like this and of, course to extend your life by, seven, years by eating one egg I mean where, else can you do that right now, we're gonna take the rope way down to talk and die we're gonna board of college hopefully. It's. Operating. Because they just need an announcement, because of strong winds the, roadway may be suspended, I don't want to stay here by the volcano wanna go through they could I see please. Right. We. Are talking debut, restaurant. Rotten. Rice nothing, on rice isn't, it the people with, the, migra sauce and um, rice it attacking us I. Like. This I, like. This fluffy, type boom, rice maybe, it is the Japanese a unique, style. It's. So smooth. Glory. To news it's. Like a cream. Of. All this, fluffy, omelette is, good. This is the most popular dish, in this restaurant I on. The other hand did not order anything, because. Unfortunately. I'm, not hungry, yet we had a pretty big breakfast, and, we. Didn't do anything active, all morning so yeah. I just got myself a matcha latte and, that's. It I think, I'm gonna wait until we get to the other side of the lake and maybe I'll get something over there. I'm, afraid of the water for. Some reason I also get seasick, but. Suppose, she assures me that this. Boat is okay this is a lake it's not the ocean so, there's gonna be very few waves hopefully. I'm okay. Your. Idea how can you watch it all this is like. Nice. Little town with restaurants. And shops I like, this place one of my favorite places in the. Last. Ship, of today it, was yeah so we just made it in time what. Should we do here let's, walk around walk. Alone okay, now. I mentioned, that there are a lot of shopping and, restaurants here, and there, is like, for example this, building, that were entering. Right now this, is actually a new building, and, there's. A lot of these shops, here that's, selling, specialties. Of the area like, this shop right here they sell the, famous Oda wadda kamaboko, fish cakes, and here. They have a really cool restaurant, on the second floor that, sells things like much, of Pancakes, and dangal. Like. This Dongo dish it looks so good for 1,100. Yen you get like, one two, three four. Four. Sticks of dangle with. Three, different, flavorings. And, a cup, of whole GT that looks really. Good the shop here that's selling a lot about Japanese, snacks and, seasonings. And there's a little coffee shop here, as well, as a gift shop oh they. Have ice cream too and this place is located right in, front of the. The boat station, that pirate boat station, so, what we can do in Hakone, town, coney much you, can ride a boat look. That's one boat or. You can walk around and, you. Can, buy many, souvenirs, here of, course, you can eat a delicious food. And imagine. Omachi para checkpoint. Or the checkpoint, place called, the hakuna, section, and, in, front of this section, there are so many shops crafted. So, cheap there are sticky rice sticky, rice. Sticky. Rice. It's. Really, windy and cold, and well. I guess the shops are kind of closing, up so we're. Gonna start heading back into town now, we did manage to enjoy. Ourselves some, traditional, Japanese, sweets and there, really is a lot more to see and do in this area but. Maybe because of the weather and because it was a weekday and perhaps, cuz it was already 4:00 p.m. all. The shops are closing up so it was time for us to head, back into town. So. We're back at Hakone yumoto station, all we gotta do now is go back on the romance car and head back to Shinjuku thank. You so much for watching thank, you so Tony for the wonderful birthday my pleasure.

If, You guys are interested in visiting happenin, I left, some useful, links in the description, below so, check that out thank you for watching see, you next video bye.

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THIS is what I would LOVE to have for my next birthday!! Sato-kun is such a good bf!! Shin-chan, you're SO lucky

Saved in my favourites to have ready for November

Hakone is so lovely!! It was my favorite part of visiting Japan :) Thank you so much for sharing, and happy birthday!!

Hakone looks like fun! Thanks for the video !

Starting a birthday trip right with the romance car haha


I’m only 2 months away from my dream trip to Japan! I’d like to go out and have dinner with you guys. Facebook: Mário Dezerto da Silva Junior

I just went last month. You guys should get the hakone free pass for 2 days. It was freezing when i was there.. I miss this place. :(

What an AMAZING place. I would love to go see and do everything that you guys did. I love the hot springs and the beautiful atmosphere of the town. So refreshing to see after being in the city. Is it tourist friendly, meaning are there are lot of signs, menu, etc in English? Do many of the shop owners speak English? I have never traveled out of the country so I"m always nervous traveling abroad. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place!

Yes they actually do speak some English. Also most signs are written inEnglish.

Did you see the trolley lady had a leather holster with a gun??

i just got back from a 4 week trip in japan, and your videos were really helpful! thank you :)

Hope you enjoyed your time here!

i love the romance train for couples! thats sweet of Satoshi still ur b-day...ty for sharing ur winter video in Hakone. nice video, great camera person

We love your videos. Check out our review for Fuunji Restaurant in Tokyo. This restaurant serves the best dipping noodles. I hope you guys check our video and visit the restaurant as well :)

You two are the cutest couple! Happy Birthday and wishing you many more happy trips!


thank you very much, great video and really useful

Is this Dango Unchained? :P

I love to watch your videos and you are both so adorable together!!. I love the food ideas that I see on your channel!! Thank you!

Fascinating travelogue thank you for sharing

Hey, I love fish too. In fact, I'm lesbian and I have a girlfriend.

Man i wish the food at transportation places was as cheap here in America as it is over there /(TxT)\ anyway good vid cute as always

Great video as usual. My group of friends and I are planning to go to hakone and this video really helps.


I still want to know is the top.

hakone was very peaceful. stayed at a ryokan there and it had a private onsen....its was a well needed stop on our trip. beautiful in the fall.

We took the Shinkansen XD from osaka but we did saw the romance car was quite a good alternative from Tokyo :) have to agree owakudani is a spectacular place :D - not the easiest to get to with all the diff transport to get there :D but the views! :D was sooo worth it! - i didnt get to explore hakonemachi soo much :D except for the pier to take the pirate ship :D, thanks for the food tour! wew that dango looks heaps yum guys! :D next time im gonna explore down here haha

Was just there last week and I loved it

Omg is it just me or does Satoshi sound like the voice actor of Cooking with Dog??

You are my new favorite youtube channel! You two are SO sweet and wonderful, you are a treat to watch and I just love all the great Japan-related content you have. How cool! Keep up the awesome videos!

Aww you guys are a cute couple I'm so happy for you.

I was really surprised with the volcano part, that's definitely a view you would never see often or at all! So cool and lovely trip =]

Lovely trip you had, well done Satoshi!

You guys are adorable!!! I wish i could take my girlfriend for such a nice trip in Japan... the only thing I can do is keep learning Japanese and cooking Japanese food and keep dreaming :c I had a lovely time watching your video! ありがとうございました!!!


What beautiful warm people, keep making people smile guys.

Oh, Shinichi san, your Himono breadfast is ultimate. I love Himono esp Saba Mirinboshi...I envy you. You two had a wonderful Hakone trip.

トイレも綺麗だしって言ってた時に映ってたトイレットペーパーがべローンってなってたのは面白かった(´∀`)笑 とってもいい動画なのに、お箸の持ち方が残念です(>

New to this channel. You're the cutest couple. But also wonderful guides. I was looking up the places on google maps as I watched the video, the whole place looks so wonderful, with so many museums and galleries, shops, restaurants and so much more. Amazing to have that so near to Tokyo. Need to save some money and get to Japan!

Dope Video! Sending blessing your way, Keep inspiring!

hanging above a literal steaming pit of brimstone on the side of a volcano, that's pretty metal.

DON’T EAT AT KINOSUKE IF YOU’RE A FOREIGNER!!!! I tried to have lunch there with my girlfriend but were treated horribly. They served all the Japanese locals who came in and ordered after us. We waited 25 mins while the restaurant cleared out and still didn’t receive our food. We walked out, pissed. This is not the first time we’ve experience this kind of treatment in Japan and is extremely shameful being that I’m a Japanese American. Makes me ashamed to even be Japanese.

Shops closing at 5pm would be a pass for me, I can't get anywhere til the early afternoon!

Did a Fuji/Hakone tour and it was awesome! Glad I found this channel

Satoshi for boyfriend of the year

Oh Hakone looks awesome!!

I am so homesick for my time in Japan. Thank you so much for the delightful memories of many, many happy trips to Hakone. From the Romance Car to the Hakone switch back train, cable car, gondola, ship, and I took the bus back to Odawara to catch the Odyku line to Hadano. Awesome memories. Great reminders of the black egg, Hakone wooden items. I even have my tea ceremony items made of Hakone wood. I can watch this again and again. Domo arrigato.

Swan boat!!!

hi i plan to visit hakone in september and do i need to prebooked the hakone free pass from shinjuku station online or i can walk in to get the tix?

2 things I wanna try thanks to this helpful vid: Romance Car Hotoriya foods Much thanks

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