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What to Eat in Barcelona, Spain

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Welcome. To absolutely. Gorgeous, Barcelona. Spain this is not our apartment although we really wish that at what. I'm. This videos over we're gonna spend the next two weeks roaming, all over the city in search of delicious, food come, join us we're going to show you what foods you just cannot miss out on when visiting Barcelona Spain. Damn. This, apartment, I mean damn. Let's, talk about that this, has been one of the most, overwhelmingly. Exciting. Foodie, experiences, that I've ever had because I kept thinking it as like you have to go to a specific place, to get like their top us which is like the most authentic and best way to do it when really you. Just got to go crazy you got to visit as many shops as you can you just gotta stop and you got to try whatever, they have they recommend and then they usually have a similar, version at another restaurant but, it's taste a little bit different and this place is one of our all-time. Favorites. This. Place is super. Cool to us the, first time we were here we told him that we're from Japan and he. Speaks Japanese, and we were able to order everything in Japanese, the sedima Spanish because our Spanish, is no, boy I know hello, welcome. To the world I get back home through my restaurant in Barcelona okay, konnichiwa. Watashi Japan, Tiki mask thank. You very much domani got the Visayas. And, we loved it love this place highly recommended, 10 out of 10 would eat here again well I supposed to wait for you because I have already gotten halfway through my meet croquette oh yeah these little magical cookies are scattered all over Barcelona, some, are filled with carne with meats I'm gonna pull with chicken some of them have like seafood inside of them we even had cod fritters with honey oh my gosh. That. Was one of my favorite things I'll have to show you guys the cod fritters for you guys for science. Super. Smooth it's just like this beautiful tight a kind of meat taste all. That. All. Over, that fish, fold it over all, your under, dip. It a little bit more. The. Right amount of vinegar just, kind of cuts through the fishiness but a lot of bad fishing greenie fishing. By. The way. Don't. Be afraid of fishing in here make sure you try it or you will regret your trip. I. Have. To talk about this because Martina, chocolate can claim chilies but she's. Not. To. Me. 107. Allege. I'm sure all, your clothes remember, that comparing. This because that's both these those people if they know what to compare I don't know some people are like publishing Chicago, and they need to see none of this you know who, knows point. Is this, is a child. But. Better like. The. Answer will be have so much more flavor than the herring the herbs and irrigate the olive oil how straight healing on your mouth. Now. One thing we didn't expect was how awesome, the public transportation system it is in Barcelona we paid ten-year-old for a 10, pass ticket it's a t10, and what it means as you approach, the subway system you, put it inside it'll, come out you, got to take it with you when you go pass, on through and then when you leave you don't have to use it again this has been fantastic for getting us all over the city to, the Gothic quarters. To. A girl. Wow. All. Right sir. Don't. Thank. You so much live, super. Fresh, one. Look. At the steam. I. Know. That, everyone is gonna be like if you go to Barcelona you, have to have yourself some churros but more. Amazing, than that was, this bakery, that we found which it's not a secret it's a very. Well-known establishment in, Barcelona. All. These locals, in it and they have the, most amazing. Chocolate. Croissants, and Simon. And I, might. Have had one every day. They're, gonna have some valid dancing. If. There's one word of advice that I could give you when you come to Barcelona it's. Kind of for the same job and have, these amazing. Chocolate. Croissants we've had so many of us this, is our favorite. Thing we ate in all of Spain I didn't even know that they made chocolate croissant you always hear about churros, move aside, churros. These, chocolate, croissants. There. Are three, sections first. Is. This glorious. High. Quality, chocolate, right here. It's, delicious. Chocolate, with, the readiness of the croissant and in the middle you have a. Gorgeous. Chocolate oh my. God come to Barcelona go, to fall in the same shop and have the chocolate croissant, go early in the morning on the top in the middle still melty, it's.

Unbelievably. Good for, those of you that saw our livestream and, if you haven't you check it out the word of advice I gave there is very similar here this, place has, old people working in it and this, place is amazing these will people know their respect. Your elders especially in Barcelona cuisine. Mmm. Now I'm, not saying I don't love the, chocolate croissants here because let me tell you we've had one like every single day and I love them but you know what I ended up liking a lot more and I didn't even know about it it was Bruno's inside. It's like this magical, eggy French. Finish. So. The softness, of the doughnut it completely, balanced out by this like bright, crunchy. Almost caramelized. Sugar and when you dip it in your coffee the, light spongy, texture whoa. Will like absorb, the coffee perfectly, and then the sugar on the outside will balance out the bitterness of the espresso I mean it's a match made in heaven. Mmm. Try. A boonie all and every, Baker you see them in. What. I love most about this place is the. Aesthetic, it just feels like a cozy diner, full, of like local, people just, sitting at the bar I love if you look behind the counter you see all. These glasses and on top of them is just a tray of pastries you just like point to random stuff or you try it and I haven't had a single bad thing here, everything. We've had has been brand new has been surprising, to us and just, delicious, Spain, your, pastries, are out of this world or, is this just Barcelona, maybe we have to go to Madrid and see what kind of pictures they have there as well. So. Simon and I have come to the conclusion that, every. Street in Barcelona is beautiful, whether it's the Gothic quarters with its you know ancient ruins, and perfect condition. Or. If it's the downtown area which smells, good all the time it makes no sense. Telling. You like it's crazy like look at what's behind me right now. That's, just too beautiful man it's too beautiful. Girl. Girl. Zero-zero. Can. See into the shaft I mean. I know people in Europe are how lewd laughter, these. Simple, folk home regarding. How elevators, work guys every. Person elevator. Is solid human guardian Leviosa, it's just confusing we don't have to do any of this this is what steampunk is for us right girls like modern, and. That. Could house easily, magic. Wands. Staircases. Sconces. Okay. Let's talk about Paia we've heard a lot about hi Ian about how Spain is famous for it but we also heard that you're not supposed to eat Aiea and Barcelona, because it's actually native to Valencia. And they don't do it well in Barcelona but let me just say the, pie area that we've had here is, actually, really yummy even if it's made just for tourists as a little poor strapping, it's, delicious. And if they have better paella and Valencia, holy, smokes. I really, need to go to Valencia to try it out so whenever you hear about people saying oh a void, this because it's not local still, try it anyways this might be my only time in Spain am I gonna go here without trying paella, that, I'm definitely, having some and here, at blue they actually have some really good stuff.

When. You come to Barcelona, make sure you take advantage of the lunch specials, which give you the starter. And the, final course. And. A dessert for like usually about 15 euro boom does it for 13 with, a very hefty poured glass of wine and great pie yeah I think you should mark it down. It. Started today is. A bean stew it sounded so simple on paper but. What they should have said is, grandma's. Hearts because. This just feels like the most wholesome. Hearty. Grandma. Food ever it's a thick. Bean stew. Lots of tomato flavors and really, deep smoky sausage, in there it's so warming. On a gray day like this I love. This place today. I'm enjoying an avocado with, prawns inside of it and then I'm getting a veal and vegetable, student, for lunch I'm happy, you. Look happy girl I feel happy you, look so pretty also I feel pretty, happy thanks. For marrying me oh yeah. Now. That's not to say that all paia in Barcelona, is great because we've, tried a bunch and some, of it is really. Bad some of it is really really bad I'm evil, no Simon what was bad I mean you know like. Though, rice, was undercooked and. Super grainy sauce, tasted, very, very. Briny, and fishy the flavors, were all wrong nothing was right this place though has, a very. Well-balanced. Paia just, right amount of creaminess the rice itself, it's, cooked to a point of tasting creamy. Hmm. This. Is honestly a great, paella you could taste all the seafood eNOS has, a really, good creamy. Amazing. Taste I fell. In love with I ate from the fresh rose I think that one things we discussed about a good paella, is that. Like. Just give me a second oh my gosh oh my, gosh I love it just love, this place it definitely tastes like than a stock in this one is made out of Chron shrimp. Tails and bits it has more of a prani taste to it and it does a fish taste so if you don't like things that are fishy there, paia add bloom is not fishy or prawn, either yep and, look at those put mussels, oh my gosh, look, at those muscles I had a nickel every time touching. Simon's arms look. At that oh yeah, girl. I'm. Eating it. Are. You need all that Empire, that you wasted all the way. Clean. Up with your. It's. Clearly a super, beautiful market, and it, has just so, many things to offer you they've got meat, they've got poultry they've got seafood they've got bars you can have top offs you can have kava you can get chocolate you can get candy I mean really it it has it all, Wow. Yeah. Thank, you. Say. What I love, we. Did this in Australia as, well I. Love. Fresh oysters. Right. Shucked out of the shell yes please yes Lord. Ooh. Ooh. That. Is a briny oyster Yama, Eve. Yes. That was delicious I loved it so two more quiet your. Goal yeah. Yes. Please. Well. I'm just having a delightful time in Barcelona before, we go shopping for our livestream, video we're gonna get some stuff in the marketplace it's a packed market there's tons of markets all over Barcelona, so you don't have to come this one we're just enjoying a quick meal and I love these little fried anchovies. Greet them completely whole head, tail everything, and it really reminds me of delicious, grilled fish we haven't were in Japan that are over the fireplace. Alright. Guys. About. Squid, that's right I said shot with the heart eh I don't know why calamari. Eat, gah there are a lot of people that have left us comments on our sushi video saying how much they don't like squid how gross it is if you come to Spain you have to give the shot I've had tiny baby squid that word lightly sauteed, in olive oil with loads, of garlic and lots of herbs I had strips little, pieces with little tiny tentacles, and this is my first time in two weeks to, have another kind it has herbs it's been salted and peppered and doused, in delicious local olive oil that's been gently, we'll have a little bit of a BBQ responded, it is so creamy, and smooth, and sweet, it, is a sweet, it isn't, gross and, you guys have gotta give it a chance try some, squid, Luhan explain please. Didn't.

Really Know about this tomato bread before coming, to Spain, but, it's pretty much just like much tomatoes, on delicious. Fluffy bread with, olive oil, think, of it as like, non. Trashy, ketchup, okay. Hmm. Non, trashy, ketchup so, so good. This. Has been something that I wish. I knew about but was happily surprised remove, something that I have never, really drank before then we came to Barcelona and discovered that people have things like house remove coming out of like a delicious, cask and every, single place has like a different flavor there's different kinds of remove available, if I could describe it to you in a simple way I'd say it's kind of like the flavors of a mulled wine it's got raisins, and currants and cinnamon. And nutmeg and, it kind of like herbal. It's almost like sangria boils. Down to like a very dense liquid, but really, you just got to try yourself ask for a glass of vermouth on the rocks and I'm, excited about Tina sent you and. They'll be like what who's that I. Know. Exactly, how to describe this flavor and I'm not sure if Martinez gonna like the description she might cut this out of the video but here goes I loved. This growing up and all my friends thought I was weird. Buckley's. Tastes awful, but it works, I loved. Buckley's. Cough medicine, it was the most delicious refreshing. Herbalist. This, kind of tastes like Buckley's, without the minty, freshness, what. Are you talking, about crazy this, is just delicious. Cough. Syrup, okay so I'm, gonna leave this in I love this but don't listen to Simon this is my jam, for those of you weirdos, like me who loved Buckley's, cough syrup, you're gonna love vermouth, for, those of you that didn't love Buckley's cobster you're still gonna love them with because it's not exactly like it one of the things I notice about Barcelona is this seems like there are a lot of people, just chilling. And enjoying, what I assume, is their retirement. Like their people here in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon sitting. Down two dudes older, in their age and they just have a big bottle of wine and they're just sitting and talking and drinking I haven't, really seen that in other countries and if that's what retirement, is like I want, to live in Barcelona, sign me up this, is the good life the dolce, vita i think, that's how it said i am, so down this culture, speaks to me, on a spiritual, level. You. Have to come over. Amazing. Altogether, we spent two weeks in Barcelona, and there's. Just so much we got out of this trip we got to try new foods and, flavors we never, experienced, before we, got to see a beautiful, city and stunning. Architecture, that we Roisin we knew so little about, beforehand, but. Above all what, we got from Barcelona. Was. Fat turns, out if you eat chocolate filled chocolate covered croissants every single day you're gonna get a couple extra pounds around the waist so what you're gonna get over the next few videos is, some diet food, are you ready for some shirataki, noodles and turnips. I'm. Not, but you're gonna get it anyways this, is our second January that we spent in Europe, last year we did a food video in Rome this year we did one in Barcelona where, should we go next, year in Europe there's still so much food that we have to learn and taste. And show, you guys so, let us know in the comment section below and we'll start planning our January trip for next year. Say, Switzerland, Belgium. Switzerland. Who. Is a competitive, chocolate, country come on.

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England and go to Cadbury world in Birmingham

Where are you from

Would totally love to see some Central/Eastern Europe foodie videos! You could totally bring some love to places that are slightly less 'independently' traveled such as Slovenia or Slovakia :D/ I have watched stacks of food videos about Rome and Barcelona but there is something about the way you guys do your videos that just blows every single other one out of the park. I love that they are 20 minutes long (at least) and you both have such a refreshing view on travel that really comes through your videos. Please keep doing this! Your Melbourne video blew me away as I was born and raised in Melbourne and literally every single place you spoke about on that video is very near and dear to my heart. Sending all the love

I just watched a bud light commercial because #noskippingadsteam

Can you guys please go to Ireland? they supposedly have really good chocolate too but also super amazing bar foods!

Quickly, come visit England before it leaves the EU! Come and visit for the amazing beers, ales and traditional british food. Also come for the historical landmark and heritage. If you love oysters you must visit the small seaside town of Whitstable. For naval history and a great choice of locally brewed beers and ales visit Portsmouth. Visit Nottingham the home of Robin Hood and Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, the oldest pub in England!

I won't say competitive for chocolate but competitive for ONIOOOONS , do go to Romania!

I went to Edinburgh, Scotland for my honeymoon last year and it was beautiful. Scotland might not be known for their food, but if you were in love with the architecture in Barcelona you will adore Edinburgh. There are castles, and underground alleyways, and old churches. :)

Glad to see your enjoy my food culture guys. P.S. Yes Simon the best paella is in Valencia.

Since you are on a Southern city vibe... Go to Lisbon and get fat on delicious pastries all over again XD If you want amazing chocolat cakes I recommend: Vienna in Austria :P Sachertorte is super duperrr delicious. It was made for an empress. It's a imperial chocolat cake.

yey!!!! i got a reply! thank you guys.

Gimme a minute, ad's still rollin'.

Go to northern Europe!! Russia (st. petersberg), Norway, Switzerland

come to cologne-germany, I'll show you around :)

Im heading to barcelona tomorrow for a weak. so excited!

This is my favorite type of travel video. Is it because it's about food? Because it's with this particular couple? Is it because of the editing style? HECK, how about all of the above?? Martina & Simon, y'all have been strong and steady in each other's lives but also mine since early ROK days...and you remain effortlessly warm and dorky and charming. Y'all the best. (Martina, how the heck does your lipstick stay in place?? Mine doesn't last a bite of sandwich!)

OK I've missed Simon and Martina so much and I've watched this before but I'm going on a binge of the FAPFAP playlist I will see you at the end. I will comment on the videos that were my favorite and stuff I remember the day yall uploaded them.

Whenever I'm having a super hard time, I always come to you guys. Thank you. You make me feel less alone....and also hungry. Haha.

that elevator gave me MASSIVE Myst IV vibes. anyway, I did always get the feeling that Spain is perfect for retirement. damn, I miss Europe. the architecture, the tiny streets, the walkability of it all.

please go to France!!!

I’ve noticed that Simon and Martina use the song at 6:30 quite a bit. Does anyone know where to get it? It sounds great

first, LOVE the video, glad you guys had a good time. I would like to know where you got your matching outfits from. I really!!! like them and have been looking on the Nike website and i cant not find them :-(. Once again, I love your videos, I love the love you 2 have for each other, and i build my own ladders to keep going in my life. @simonandmartina

+Simon and Martina Ok sorry for the double reply.. but FOUND THEM they are part of their Nike sportswear NSW collection if anyone asks. Also Martina should check out Chaos Makeup, they have eyeshadow with incredible tri color shift .. I think she would like them. ok Ill leave ya alone now, thank you again.

+Simon and Martina THANK YOU!!!

Hm ...they were from the men’s section so maybe that’s why you couldn’t find them? Also, they didn’t have tons of sizes left so maybe it was the end of the season sale?

Strasbourg, France!

The chocolate croissant montage was torture, i want 12

Martina your BOOTS I LOVE THEM ♥️

come to portugal :D

Just come to South Africa! I'm Capetonian and did a road trip to the eastern part of my country 2 weeks ago. I also gained a few kg's from all the traditional food made with love! Haha

omg the way this was filmed is amazing!! I agree with the people, you guys need a whole ass Netflix special

the best place in europe for chocolate is germany. swiss chocolate is nice but it's no kinder chocolate

I love the style/editing of this video! Also I would love to see you guys in Scandinavia.

If you want to go to Switzerland (DO IT) I recommend going to Interlaken! It’s a tiny little village on the edge of the Jungfrau mountain, quiet and beautifully peaceful during the off season. There’s a restaurant/cafe called Schuh that has incredible cakes and desserts. And then there’s Funky Chocolate that has the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE YOULL EVER HAVE IN YOUR LIFE!! There’s also a restaurant that specializes in delicious Swiss mac and cheese, it was the best that I had during my entire time in Switzerland. Highly recommend, Switzerland is absolutely gorgeous. I just spent 3 months travelling across 8 countries in Europe, and out of all of them Interlaken was my favourite


Always got you fam :3

*knows Swiss food culture isn't as exciting as other European countries but I live there and want to see Simon and Martina* COME TO SWITZERLAND!! The cheese and chocolate is genuinely awesome and the old towns and mountains are stunning

You should check out Prague. From what my roomates said it has fantastic beer, food and architecture! A castle famed for being the inspo for Hamlet's castle anyone?! Yaaas plz. Also a long time fan. Been with yall from the start! Love you nasties!

You guys need to go to Napoli!

"Ancient ruins in perfect condition. Smells good all the time and makes no sense." My Tinder profile, stolen from Martina, 2019

Wait did they really say they’re from japan?

Yeah. We live in Japan.

Come to Madrid!!

You should come to Munich and I will show you all the good places and you will have a loooooooooooooooooot of super good beer ;)

All I know is, I need Martina's backpack in my life.

Go to Croatia!!!

Martina please share your red lipstick secrets. You were eating and it didn't even smear!

Come to İstanbul

You should also visit Portugal. We have a lot of really delicious food! ;)

Fried squid tastes buttery to me. mmm I haven't had it in a while...

As one who's been to both countries. I would say Belgium. Belgium's chocolate is amazing. plus the food and history is awesome.

Go back to the Netherlands but leave Amsterdam for more regional dishes! Try the fresh water eels in Friesland.

I would say for your next adventure to go to France or Belgium. Everyone knows how hyped up Belgian chocolate is, but is it really worth the hype? Inquiring minds must know! I say France because they are a very popular destination so many people might want to know what to eat there to have a truly awesome experience. Thank you for this guys. My heart goes out to both and seeing you guys enjoying this trip to the fullest despite many challenges always puts a smile onto my face, and brightens my day. You guys are amazing please take care

I had a simple question. Isn't Catalan the official language of Barcelona? In Barcelona, where the momentum for independence is strong, don't you hesitate to speak Spanish? From Japon.

i'm so happy you loved my city

you should really come to belgium for our chocolates but also al the beer you can taste :) and all the fun places you can visit :)

i hope someday i can find a love like what the two of you share .. truly an inspiration.

I'm so glad that you were able to explore Barcelona! I was able to go there on a study tour last year, and your video makes me miss it :( I actually recognized some of the side streets that you were walking on during some of the montages. I may have gone to the same market as you did for a couple of meals. The older gentlemen sharing wine and just talking for hours at a time, seems to be pretty typical there. The people working in the restaurants know that a meal or drink shared with others is going to consist of talking with each other for long periods of time, so they don't really mind people staying there for hours at a time. I'm glad that you had such a good time there!!


Hi Simon and Martina! Loved your video, I always get so hungry whenever I watch the food vlogs but it’s so worth it (#foodieforever)!! I live in Victoria Canada but I’m originally from Vienna, Austria. Check it out maybe you’ll go there next year? It’s definitely a major chocolate country! Cheers thanks for your positivity you always make my day! Emma

Guys you have to come to Ireland

Damn, Martina keeps looking more and more beautiful!

Come to Argentinaaaa pls!!!! ♥♥♥

I loved your video last year & was super excited to see you make another!!!

Go to Greece!

European Trip= Put a Map on the wall and throw a Dart! I'd love to see that

I hope you snuck the Chocolate Crossaints in your Luggage home or mailed them to yourself.

Hated Buckley's when I was a kid... now I don't mind it. It's preferable to Dayquil


Go to Portugal! It's gorgeous and has delicious food too ^_^

I am not allowed to eat wheat products. Watching this I hate my sad life T—T

Ahh. You guys are killing me. So much yummy food. I had to eat some Mexican food while I watched this so I wouldn't feel so hungry and in need of yummy food. I'm glad that you guys had such a great trip. Its so nice to see you so genuinely happy after everything you've gone through in the last few months.

Finna help y’all out and watch the ads

You are a kind soul :)

I'm eating mostly vegan, but I still love all your enthusiastic food videos

Christine Lee it’s always difficult for us to say where we’re from. We haven’t lived in Canada for over a decade, and I grew up Polish. Most of my adult life was spent in Korea (and that shaped me profoundly) and now for three years we’re in Japan, which has also changed me, probably more than Korea. So, I don’t know where I’m from. My answer always changes. Right now, I’m literally writing this from Japan. My answer will change in a few years. Sorry for that weird hippy answer. Identity is a confusing idea for us.

Simon and Martina I live in Japan too but I won’t ever say I’m from Japan because I was born and raised in America. So when you move to different countries, you will say “I’m from _____.”? No bad intentions because I’ve followed you guys since 2010 and I’m just curious if foreigners who live in a country say that even if they’re not from there.

Barcelona Demands Simon and Martina aka BDSM

Belgium: Bruges ofcourse! Best chocolate in euroooope woop woop

Finland has THE BEST chocolate, so of course you have to come here! :D

I wanna know which one is that lipstick! It looks super long lasting, even while eating

I was in Barcelona for 3 days back in 2014, it was part of a bigger trip that covered London and Paris too! It was absolutely beautiful and though I didn't explore the food too much the architecture was amazing!

14:53 "thanks for marrying me" I WILL CRY AND I MEAN IT

Omg you have been in Barcelona and I haven't seen you!!!

Go to amsterdam and try out the coffee shops lol

I miss you guyssss


GREEEEECE!!! Some of the best food in my life and I’ve been to over 60 countries. You’ll love it

Paella is considered a dish of Valencia (and the word means the pan it is made in) but the rest of the Mediterranean coast region of Spain will make a similar dish and they just call it "arroz" of some sort and it's basically the same. One of the best I had was in Manovar. Love the video.

When you go to germany then I am able to point you out some exquisit stuff :D like Mettbrötchen

13:45 totally agree...... same as sushi or ramen in japan...... just randomly go into one and they'll be much better than what we have in Sydney.....

Dang if I could find a guy who loves me as much as Simon and Martina love those chocolate Croissants

Its time to move again.

If we did, Barcelona is high up on our list!

I think you would enjoy Denmark, and then you could visit Germany since they are so close to each other. Danes do it all the time ❤️


please go to belgium next! my home country. the waffles are my favourite dessert. of course the chocolate is good too. and the beer, but im not a beer drinker myself. and the mussels are famous in belgium!

Switzerland or Ireland



OMG MEXICO! guys!!... have you ever been?

Bruhs , you both need to come to Sweden for pastries. We got that thing on lockdown! Not saying Spain is bad pastry wise...just saying that Sweden takes the word "fika" to a new level

GUYS I was just about to propose Switzerland! It's such a gorgeous country and SO easy to move around in, so you could see so many wonderful spots from the comfort of a panorama train or travelling on a beautiful ship across gorgeous glittery lakes, with mountains towering high above you... all the while, you could enjoy some hearty Swiss cuisine (you're gonna get REAL chubby trust me) and nibble on some delicious handmade chocolate. Guys. Just, please. I would LOVE for you to discover Switzerland, I'd even show you around in Berne if you wanted someone to (though I prefer people discovering things on their own). Nothing like having a local to show you around :D! PLEASE CONSIDER IT AAAAAH

Switzerland or France!!! Ooh or Iceland! Iceland has some bomb chocolate that more people need to know about

Barcelona its a beautiful city, I don't live there but been a lots of times cause we have realy cheap planes to get there. The video was awsome, its makes the people wanna go there!


Oh my god ive been trying to figure out what bunyols where for years. But I never could. God bless you

I mean you could go to Switzerland (I'm from Switzerland) but brace yourselves for one of the most expensive countries in the world... I know that for a lot of people the prices kinda take the fun out of it. I would definitely recommend Southern Germany or Austria! If you wanted to narrow it down to one city in particular maybe do Vienna? Austrian food is incredible and the people are so friendly and the city of Vienna is absolutely stunning. In southern Germany its a bit harder to narrow things down to one city because part of the charm is all the really stunning smaller towns and villages that all have their own alcohol's and food specialities, etc. I mean Munich is nice, but then you also have palatinate which is really underrated but so gorgeous! And all sorts of other places!!! From southern Germany you can also easy make a detour to Switzerland for two or three days (If you do come to Zurich :) )!!! If you need any recommendations what so ever for Germany/Switzerland/Austria I am always willing to help :). This was such an incredible video! I have been meaning to go to Barcelona for ages and am planning to go soon. I will definitely incorporate your recommendations!!! They look freaking delicious!!! Keep up the hard work, we all appreciate every second.

Omg I totally want to go to Barcelona! That food looks fantastic!!


When Simon tells Martina "Thank you for marrying me" ... *trynottocry* *cryalot*

I'm ashamed to admit that the most glorious moment I got out of this video was Simon's cough syrup confession. FINALLY, a kindred spirit! When I was a kid, whatever disease I had (mostly a stuffy nose or a slight fever) I would always pretend to also have a bad cough so I could get some of that delicious medicine. I remember being disappointed that the recommended amount for children was only half the cup compared to the adults portion. Which is why in turn I tried to argue with my parents that my cough was SO BAD that I had to get the adult size. Of course, my parents were soon onto my superb acting and blew my cover. Anyways. Now I am a reasonable grown-up woman and know better than to give in to my childish urges and be a responsible person. *Takes giant spoon full of cough syrup*

Now I want a chocolate croissant from Portos :O

Kraków, Poland! Or Montpellier, France !


My goal in life is to travel and do foodie tours as much as possible, like that’s all I’m asking for!!

We absolutely LOVED Barcelona when we went a few years ago for Chris's birthday. You have reminded me of so many good memories. We will have to go back :)

go to turkey if you like to try tasty food

Germany or France?

"ancient ruins in perfect condition"

Xurreria!!! I spontaneously went there while in Barcelona and I absolutely fell in love with their churros. If any of you go there, get the original! They are by far the best ones :)!!

OK, I'm sorry to be that guy, but this is my grandma's language, so I have to, plus I love you guys and I don't want you to sound ridiculous. It's not pronounced "Barthelona". If you've heard English speakers say it that way, ignore them; they were trying to sound like they knew what they were talking about, and failing miserably. Either you use the normal English pronunciation since you're speaking English, or if you want to use the native pronunciation, you just roll the r like you would in Japanese. The c is only pronounced as a laminal voiceless alveolar non-sibilant fricative (as in the English word "think") in some regions of Spain, and only in Castilian, not in Catalan.

Simon and Martina, Im planning on traveling Italy, Spain, and France this summer can you give me any recommendations of websites or apps or however you find all these amazing places and even where you stayed? was that airbnb?

Love how you guys are like little kids inside.

Pallella Pallella Pallella xD

you should do belgium, or prague!!

Does anyone else question where they get the money to travel so much lol? Theres no way YouTube pays that much

+Simon and Martina You guys are so lucky :3 I personally enjoy watching you guys with my daughter Aerith ^^ tbh, the entire time I was pregnant I just binge watched you guys even into labor

We just do YouTube. And we’re pretty frugal otherwise. We just save money for our trips :)


I couldn't watch this for a long time because Spain is so emotional for me. Barcelona is amazing and I'm so glad you could experience it! Thanks for making me smile! Lot's of live from Slovenia. Keep buikding the ladder grrl #buildtheladder

No ads now

I've been following you guys since I was 13 and i wholeheartedly supported every word you guys said................. until Simon aid Buckleys tastes good.

I wanted to suggest a place you hadn't gone to or made a video on yet for your next European adventure, so maybe Greece? Or Austria?! Or Portugal? So many options... ... I really want to travel, but don't really have the time or money to do so, so I kinda live vicariously through you guys and your travels. So thank you, Simon and Martina, for allowing me to do so. As always, best wishes and safe travels

Wait is Simon a Barca fan? Say it ain't so!

@Simon and Martina GERMANY!! GO TO GERMANY!!!!

I was in Barcelona three years ago and now you guise made me wanna go back and discover all these nice places again. As for a city you gotta visit some time in the future: Vienna! (Totally Not biased but) it’s a beautiful city


Made myself a salad and went to watch this video, and boy did I feel miserable lol All jokes aside, I never really thought about going to Barcelona, but after watching this video, it's definitely on my top 5 places to visit, and you guys look soooooo happy there!

That it's not paella

you guys are just too pure and i love you, the end.

Go to Estonia next year.

Please come to Switzerland next year!

I love you guys


There are a few elevators in hotels in Atlanta that have elevators kind of like that. The Omni hotel is the first one that comes to mind.

I lived in Spain for 6 months...Unfortunately, the Spanish food did not sit well with me at all :( was too greasy and heavy, I was feeling unwell all the time and gained alot of weight. After I left, things got back to normal for me.

Would you guys ever live in Spain ?

CROATIA unless you been there...

Кто делал русские субтитры?! Оторвала бы вам руки за такой перевод!!!

I to love the taste of Bukelys

Thanks for the great tips . Going in a few weeks.

Jesus Actually Fck!!!!!! You guy been like 50 meters away from where I work!!!! Come back, come back PLEEEEAAASEEEE! I must have a caña y un chupito with both of You!

It’s on our list of contenders for where we’ll love after Japan.

Martina I love your bag!! Where did you get it?

Oh hey I think it’s my first time commenting on one of your videos lol I’m just a silent fan. I know that a lot of people are scared of coming to Mexico, but lemme tell you how amazing of a country is lmao (someone hire me as tourism advertising or whatever it’s called lol) We have all types of ecosystem, we have different and unique fauna, you can find pyramids and mommies. And let’s not talk about food lol Mexico’s gastronomy has been named a national treasure. Plus we are definitely a competition in chocolate YAY And I’m just saying this for people to know and if you ever want to come here I know It’d be a wonderful experience just like all the other places you’ve been. So if you decide to ever come ;-; CALL ME lol jk Just it’d be awesome to see you guys enjoy. FYI I have no clue if you’ve ever been here before you started to make videos and sometimes I miss a lot of them cause life so excuse me if you have and I’m just here rambling lmao Live Long and Prosper

Please come to greece for the summer guyyyyysssss!!!!!!!!!

Paella !woow


Chocolate country next please!

who sings the move your body song?

Go to Sicily!! So much different than Rome!!

I have a question. How do you stay in there (like hotel?) if not please let me know, I want to go so bad also a dream for my mom and dad to go, but my father does not like too much luxury like a hotel room, he is humble. So what options are out there? please help :/ I really want to give them that trip they always wanted I'm saving for it and they are not getting younger. My mon is 60 since forever and dad is 72 ( they just have 5 years of difference, but mom is always 60) .

I just got back from a trip (not abroad, though!) and after watching this, I regret not trying more local, smaller places and hitting the chains all the time but unfortunately, we were on a bit of a tight budget! Regardless, y'all continue to inspire me to travel more and try more than I usually would. I'm just now catching up with y'all's new videos and am enjoying every moment of it. Love you guys!

Also, the lipstick


I'm loving that couch tho

Gonna sell my own country here but - IRELAND! You'll probably have already been sold on Dublin but if you really want to try more authentic and show stopping Irish cuisine get your butt out to Country Clare. The seafood you get in Clare is unbelievable, you will never have had crab meat or prawns so good, Vaughans in Liscannor is great for this stuff - http://www.vaughans.ie/. The Wild Honey Inn is another great place to visit this time down the road in Lisdoonvarna, the Irish may not be treated well internationally on the culinary stage but when you see what good Irish ingredients can do here you will be amazed - https://www.wildhoneyinn.com/. And finally, you said chocolate, the best chocolate I have ever had in my life comes from here, the Hazel Mountain Chocolate Factory - https://www.hazelmountainchocolate.com/. Before people have tried to explain to me the undertones in chocolate and I never truly got it but here I did. You can have a factory tour where they show you how the chocolate is made but also a explainer in how to identify the different flavours in chocolates, they also have a cafe where you can enjoy treats in the now but prepare to buy hoards of the stuff to bring home its so good.

I love making food and watching these. It's like eating with you guys, even if your food is on another level

I love the teal and brown sofa!!

Oh my god I’m living for the matching fits all the way down to the Air Force ones

We practically lived in them for the two weeks we were there :D

You have to go to Portugal too!

That's definitely on our list!

how come you guys still haven't been to Scotland yet ?

Barcelona is the worst and fakest part of Spain, they should just detatch already. Spain doesn’t want nor need them!

Oh really?! I didn’t know. Can you elaborate? We really liked our time in Barcelona and thought it was a beautiful city and the people were very nice. But maybe there’s something we’re missing?

Next Jenuary come to Athens, I VOLUNTEER AS A FOOD GUIDE :3

Shout out to Martina for somehow magically avoiding getting red lipstick all over everything while eating those pastries! #Skilzzzzz


If you want a best steak and blood sausages make sure to visit Tierra Del Fuego. You won't regret it.

If you want chocolate - come to Cologne, Germany. They have a chocolate museum and an amazing chocolate fountain where you can try freshly made chocolate

Have to stan my own country, go to copenhagen, food scene there is super innovative, but it is freezing cold in january, so I also have to say greece, fucking love greek food

try Philippines.

Yum! The food there looks freakin' awesome! What a beautiful place!

Come to sweden in The summer!! ✌

WOOOOOOOOOW I didn't know there was Salsa Valentina in Spain :O that's awesome!!

+Simon and Martina ❤❤❤

Ooo, go to my home Ireland!

Привет,народ! Если ищите недорогое жильё в Барселоне,заходите ко мне в группу в вк «Бюджетное жильё в Барселоне для хороших людей» или в инста sweethomebcn. Всем добра!

Dio porco 20 min di video fa tutto cagare.. VIVA L ITALIA stranieri teste di cazzo

go to porto! me and my boyfriend live in the netherlands and travel a lot in europe. Porto has so manny cool places and a great local foods

England with Dan Have him show you guys around.

Someone should make a compilation of all the times that Simon has ever said “creamy” & “creaminess”

Next month I'm going to Valencia. Thanks for telling me about paella. Imma let you know how it was!

I'm in Barcelona right now and I went to Bloom restaurant just because it was in your video and seemed worth checking out. Thank you so much! You're right, their paella is on point

I've been watching your videos for years. So awesome to see you both in my hometown! I used to eat all those things when I was younger. Best pastries in Barcelona and all Catalonia for sure (the French influence, I guess). Tapas are even better in the south, Andalucia, and also in the Basque Country but they're called pinchos. I also lived in Valencia for a couple of years and can confirm the paella there is truly the best (except for my grandma's paella). Each region is known for its specialty dishes, some are quite strange. I live in the US now, and I miss those churros so much! Looks like you had a great trip :)

Y'all need to come to the Philippines. Edit: Dear Lord they replied. Probably the high point of my time on YouTube.

I agree!

I know that you've been to Sweden before but GO THERE AGAIN!!!! Visit northern Sweden... even though there might be less cool food compared to Stockholm but hey

Well... as someone who is moving to Barcelona in the next eight weeks this video was a massive help...and yes those Chocolate Croissants are awesome.

Go to Greece! :)

Martina's look this episode was so aesthetic This is my fashion goals

I'm equal parts surprised and sad that Martina is having a churro for the first time 1) Surprised that she's never had one because... It seems like one of those snacks you can get relatively easy? Not to mention the fact that it's reminiscent of the sugar donuts she loves... 2) Sad because her first churro is in Spain and it's setting an unfair standard for all the other churros in the world XD

Heading to Barcelona this May and definitely going to try the places you've recommended. Especially the chocolate croissant :))))

Eat those croissants EVERYDAY!!!

Absolutely loved this! You guys are hilarious!

Yummy video and a great way to promote our Blue Jays

Recommendation: L'olla d'el Torrent. Super great crêpes and the people are great. It'd where i love to have my "merienda"

I second the Switzerland idea for next January! Or maybe Simon should visit the motherland (Poland)?

stop hahahaha love this :L:L:L:L


ohhh make sure to visit portugal at some point for more delicious pastries and an overflow of everything cod!

this video got dark... >

"They could be Polish in Chicago and they ain't never seen seen none of this shit" - Simon ....OUCH. MY PRIDE. (Also top notch Chicago-isms there Simon.)


sorry but I couldn't take more than 5 minutes of this video... what's up with those clothes ?? fashion emergency !!

It’s called fashion honey look it up

Ok. I need to go to Barcelona. Immediately.

Yeah. It’s dope :)

+Simon and Martina just a second... HAHAHAH !! nice one :)

Its commendable how Simon keeps from making his beard dirty!

+Simon and Martina Lol

He is so wrong

But seriously, I know we dress in a very peculiar way

Croatian cuisine next year?

Switzerland Geneva

I highly recommend visiting Tirol region in Austria! Specifically the town called Mayrhofen! It’s a foodie heaven

Im on a diet... This was not a good idea :(

can u guys have more stable video coz it's making some of us puked .....

We'll try better next time!

If you want to combine beauty, tasty food and cheap prices go to Albania!!!

Go to Greece

Prague....please go to Prague.

@Lexie Lyn high five! ✋

@Jess Dee yeh!

@Red Blue oh, I'm sure you can find ANYTHING in Japan XD

@Lexie Lyn Hahaha, ANOTHER! Do super expensive bananas exist ?

@Red Blue It's ALWAYS that time of year lol

Guys what's the details of amazing accommodation you stayed? Can you share please?

@Simon and Martina Lol

@Simon and Martina just a second... HAHAHAH !! nice one :)

@Simon and Martina ❤❤❤

@Simon and Martina You guys are so lucky :3 I personally enjoy watching you guys with my daughter Aerith ^^ tbh, the entire time I was pregnant I just binge watched you guys even into labor

@Simon and Martina would you please tell me how I can live a lifestyle like yours. Eating everything and traveling. Please respond.

Conor McGregor make videos about things you like making videos about. We didn’t have a good channel for a long time (I’d argue that we still need a lot of work). We’ve been doing this for 11 years now and didn’t make a penny for the first two. But we did it (and still do it) because it’s fun. So, the only advice I can give from our experience is to do the same

@Simon and Martina what kind of channel? I cant afford to make good videos.

Step 1) Make a YouTube channel Step 2) ???? Step 3) profit

Denmark for the pastry!! and of course the beautiful city and countryside hahaha


You guys didn't go to Vila de Gracia? That is my favorite neighborhood in Barcelona. As for chocolate extravaganza you also have Belgium and its world renowned chocolate, Switzerland is more about watches... You should consider Luxembourg though for your next year trip. Rarely have I been so starstruck by a country! Absolutely stunning and lovely for a 2 week get away.

were there a lot of pick pocketers while you were there? I hear that barcelona is one of the top cities for it so i was just curious if you encountered anything. thanks!

I just watched your channel for the first time. You guys are hilarious in a good way. Love your interaction with each other. The editing is spot on. Can't wait to watch more of you.

Welcome to our channel! Not all of our videos are like this one. Our next one is on how to make Japanese pudding (we live in Japan by the way) but we do food guides like this from time to time :)

I've been watching you ever since I've visited Barcelona for the first time back in 2013! Now I'm in the city again as an architecture intern, watching your videos from my apartment to get the insights on what to eat here in my free days

One word: Belarus! I'm very curious about Belarus - please go there.

I hope we can one day!

I wish you guys tried Arume they have the best Duck Paella ever

The market looks like St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto!

what month were you guys there? intend to go next year early april.....just wanna know how the weather would be....

WOW you guys are just amazing! Looking forward to every video of yours and never once disappointed. I'm just going back to re-watch these once and once again.

What about the cereal at 17:00?

14:31 that actually looks similar to the fabada asturiana lol 20:10 Chipirones!! :D

After living in South Korea for a few years I gotta admit that I miss Spain's pastry... You've made miss it so badly T_T Madrid has good pastry too, but you gotta make sure you go to the right places ;) And in other areas of Spain you can find specific pastry from those regions, most of the times homemade. Some times, if you go to places such as monasteries the nuns sell homemade "rosquillas" and other kinds of pastries and they're so good! I am really glad you had a good time in Barcelona, your videos are amazing!

Hi from Barcelona... First of all, here in Catalunya, we are really happy to be on your Youtube Channel... Thanks a lot. I must tell you that our culture is enormous and it contains one of the best gastronomies in the world. From popular food to the highest class gourmet food. Thanks for coming to my Country, Catalunya.. (NOT SPAIN) Catalunya is not SPAIN...

Please go to Switzerland

We would love to!

So animals basically.

I love their relationship. It’s so unique haha

Son Ostras lo q as probado !

I want to move there

la valenciana lleva muchas verduras y pollo

Me alegro os guste mi ciudad pero os aconsejo que vengan otra vez a españa cada ciudad es muy diferente y sus comidas tambien el caracter el mismo solo hay pequeños matices que nos diferencia

Os puedo decir que en toda españa se como de lujo navarra y sus lechezulas de cordero asturias con su fabada andalucia su gazpacho malaga sus espetos galucia el pulpo etc

De que pais son

La comida gruega es fabulosa....pero en españa el pais vasco unn maravilloso

Just in case you want to correct it there is no Xiample neightbourhood, it's called Eixample

Found your Rome food video, stayed for the Barcelona video because that's the start point for our cruise next April...which also stops in Rome. Literally a couple of minutes into this video I hit the subscribe button. I can see how you got 1.4 million of us watching you travel and eat. Really great channel, thanks for all the tips I'm definitely taking notes for next year! I don't see how we're going to eat anything on the ship with all this great food to be had...

Thank you for subscribing! We’re working on a video of what to eat in Malmö next. Hopefully you’ll find that useful as well :)

Maybe a place in Central/Eastern Europe? I know you both have mad love for Poland (BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING) but there's also Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Ljubljana, Vilnius, Tallinn--so many wonderful and unique places!

Why do you guys not have a show on food network? You’d have diners drive ins and dives QUAKING.

Why do u go in January the coldest month in Europe ?

Because we much prefer cold over hot. And it wasn’t even that cold. Above 10 degrees is fine for us. Also, less tourists in January ;)

Forget Switzerland, go to Bruges in Belgium for chocolate. But I think a place you would like for their amazing diversity in food is Marseille.

If you’re going to Valencia for paella, you need to go to the Basque region for proper stew/fabada. Also the best tapas are in San Sebastián

Thank you for the recomnendation, eating @bloom right now

I was not expecting to see so much pug butthole today, but it was an incredible video all the same

France ? is resisting development of Spain?? They just want old Lazarus.

God I’ve loved chocolate croissants my entire life. I always get one at Starbucks.

If you liked the 'bunyols' come to Girona and try our xuixos, but I worn you guys, you might never be satisfied with croissants or bunyols again


OMG, I am planning a trip to Barcelona, and I just thought "Hey, do you think S&M ever went there....? It's very plausible, let's search for it." and OMG YOU DID. and you made a video about foods. and and and. OMG. I'm gonna stop typing now and actually watch the video. but because I know you guys, I know this video will be great, and that I will go to all these places :D :D :D :D #I Trust Your Food Advice With My Life

Enjoyed your Barcelona food vid. Question. Is decaf served? Or is it silly to ask.

I honestly don’t know. I didn’t see it there clearly and I never asked...


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