Whats in my bag - Wild Camping and Landscape Photography

Whats in my bag - Wild Camping and Landscape Photography

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Oh. Hi. Guys how you doing so I know a lot of politics for how long this has taken me to do a lot of you been asking what I have with me when I do my wall camping and landscape photography, so, I thought I'd go through everything. I bring with me on my trips I want, to leave it a few months because I do keep changing my gear and I, wanted, to make sure anything I do talk about I can. Actually recommend that I've used enough to do so so okay I talked about the. Everything. I've got in my bag this firstly. Is a Osprey. Kestrel. 68. Liter. Rucksack, absolutely. Fantastic I can't recommend this enough it is a stunningly. Well-built, back soon any well designed, yeah. Not too heavy but it's very very I mean I've used it quite a lot and there isn't any signs of marks on the at all so I can definitely recommend that bag. Okay. What we've gone the outside well, I don't, this. Is kind of a new thing but, trekking poles it's, something I've only done in the last source three, to six months I used to laugh at people using, trekking poles but to be honest with you when, you're carrying a lot of weight normally. Around 20 kilos these, are a tremendous, help and I probably wouldn't be able to do half the stuff I do without, my trekking poles so they're just Leckie quantum. And. Let the quantum checking poles were particularly expensive 50, 60 quid that sort of thing I'll put a link to everything that I talked about in, in the description of the video below so if you want to click on anything it would take you through to Amazon and you, can pick them up so yeah very very good they're very I do, recommend that. Okie-dokie. What else have we got in the bag on the other side I've got my tripod, and. I just in clip this. Drop. Back down there right. Then so, the tripod II used I bought this solely for, hiking. Landscape. Photography, wall camping it's. A sim. T12. O4x. Carbon. Fiber tripod it's. Extremely. Light it's less than a kilo without. The the, tripod, leveler I've got there and without the head I think it's probably about 1,500. In total. But. It's an extremely. Extremely. Well-made tripod, it's really really strong I didn't. Expect it to be quite as sturdy as it is to be - do ya, 1,500, 1,500, grams those. So. With. The with the ball head there and the tripod, level are there so this is really really really good I do. I'm, very impressed with the the Syrah brand of, chocolate anyway value for money this is exceptional, really, really do enjoy using this tripod I do use it for my pro work because while it's that strong it's a really good video tripod because it's so light, yeah. So that's my tripod set up and this is the K 10x, Saru, tripod. Head as well. Really, really nice I like having just the one of there to control the yet to control, the movement, of the camera and I said that's the tripod, leveling system which, you can pick off Amazon for, about 40 45, quid brilliant.

With Olive do my panoramix, they're really really quick way of, leveling. The camera very very quickly and very easily yeah. Love that system so yeah put a link to that in the bottom I can highly well know a few of you actually sort, of told me that you've bought these after. Watching my videos as well so thanks for picking them up hope you enjoy them they're brilliant really really really, recommend them okay. What's next. Right. Then okay so back into the bag. Like. A TARDIS this thing is it actually contains loads so. I work through what I put where I. Always. Have my head torch this one is a pets. All tactic, call. Rechargeable. Head. Torch is absolutely fantastic, pick that up for about 40 pounds very. Very good value for money anatase, rechargeable stick in the car whatever it takes of crocodiles and it's fully charged brilliant, brilliant the power on this thing is incredible definitely, recommend that so that's the Petzl, octa-core, link, to that and that's. The perb okay, well so we've got the, next pocket down hi. This. A bit of a look tree and for my year form of the YouTube channel I always bring my drone and to be honest with you love some of the photographs I get off this as well so this is a maverick air, drone. And I do have a spare battery in one of the bugs as well but yeah, just a maverick air. Little. Tiny thing fantastic don't weigh anything what, are they way so. They Tindra grams that is yeah, good, all, right don't go anywhere without my maverick, do. Like that. Next. Thing on the back we've got my water. Hydration. System this is an osprey water bag. It. Holds two liters are normally around the 1 and after two liters, depending. You, know how much walking I'm likely to be doing and two weeks two liters is kind of a minimum for wild camping and if. You're you know going to be needing coffee or to cook your food and stuff like that so 2 liters and, then on the side here I've got another another metal sort. Of water bottle which has got a half, a liter in there as well so that won't probably be for the coffee if. I'm if I know I need to make extra, allowances, for the coffee that's there. Ok. And. Tripods. In the pocket on the front sometimes. If I'm going somewhere don't know and I don't exactly know where I'm going me camping. I always put a map in the front of the bag I'll open up the bag, there's. A compartment on the top there for your car keys I don't, intend, to use my car keys in there ok, so this is the order attend, to pack everything mainly. So that as I get to it location, if I want to take a photograph as, soon as I open my bag I can get access to my camera straight away so that's, the last thing to go in the bag is the camera bag. Ok, so this, I can't array I can't recommend, highly north this is a 10 burr BYOB. 10 so. This is a fantastic, little. ICU. I suppose they're called and just it gets it's perfect to me I've got my 70. To 200 f/4. Lens. Sony. I've got my Sony a7, 3 with. A 24 to 70 f/4. Lens on, there I've, also got a. Small. Rig out. Bracket, over, I mean, these are keys and custom for the for the sony but you don't need to get a custom one you can get cheap ones. Off Amazon and then, I've got my Tokina fearian, 20. Mil f2. So, that pops in the side there as well so I just goes in the bottom there dead easy nice. That lens out is further than football. Camping. Because it's so small and then, that will just go in the top there obvious little polarizer, on there on the top there as well so that will go in there, I've.

Also Got, I've. Got obviously the, peak. Design left. Straps on there as well so I can wander around with that I'll keep my filters perhaps I should be doing this but I'll keep my filters just in the front here I've got, a nd, grad I tend to take one Andy Grove this is in an nd8. 0.9. Grad. Filter so, that will go in that one that's ready and so that's not going to break but in this pocket, I've got, my two glass. Nissi filters i've got. ND, 8 and a 10 stop Nissi filter these are both got rubber gaskets on that foam gasket so they protect each other quite nicely so I know that they're glass and they always go facing up so they'll be fine there like that on, the side then because don't ask me why but the sony doesn't have a intervalometer. Built in so my, intervalometer goes in the side there try not to use that if I can avoid it but. Yeah with the sony not have been built in the intervalometer. A choice, I guess and. On the other side there I've got a I tried several loads of these in every single pockets. There's just a lens wide there they actually got one in the top there and in. The top there also I've got some spare batteries spare, one for the video. Video camera, spare one for the sony and another, lens, wipe, ok, so that's that's what I can't recommend these enough I do it did actually use to use. The. F-stop, I see, I've got two or three of these as well I don't. Think the quality is comparable between the two I think the f-stop bags are good and they're, great when they're in the f-stop. And. Your bag or whatever you're using I think they're fantastic for, that but for wall camping, and just being able to they actually it's, just a standalone bag as well it doubles obviously zone bag your subject I can't. Fault it I think superb these. Are good but definitely when you've got any weight in and you're hanging them up like that I just don't feel that the field is rigid as this, so. Yeah can't rake that enough. The. Ten Burt BYOB, ten this is I've obviously got the peak, design strap, on there as well so it just means that when I get there I can wander around with that like. A standalone bag actually fantastic so, that is my camera system ID anything off oh yeah on the back then I've got my filter holder which scripts in the back there this. Is a format hi-tech filter fire, crest filter holder. Nice. Quality metal foil to hold up good so that whole system weighs, in at. Three. Point seven kilos, so. Not bad since, I've gone to mirrorless things we've got a lot lighter which it's good. Next, in the bag I tend to keep a access. Quick access to of my water so. My waterproofs, I've. Got them in a separate dry bag, basically. This is an eight-litre Osprey dry bag and I've, got my Rabb, the top I think it's called an. Drab. Waterproof. Trousers just. It quick if, you just start tipping it down and get access to them dead quick and yeah. That it's always handy to keep them at the top of the bag. Okay. That's that that. Boat looks good because it compresses down quite nice that jacket is a bit heavy to be honestly I've got a cheap one which is though a good waterproof Ramon tan which is not, as not as insulated, but it weighs quite a lot less than that so if I'm conscious of weight I will, swap out that Rab I. Do. Actually tend to keep all my bags. All my clothing, everything, enjoy, bags bio I've. Ordered. The van, Gogh dry bags because they're all different colors and basically. What though, is the, green one I'll keep all my clothes in it so, I know that when I'm looking for gloves. Or something or a hat it's going to be in the green bag I might.

Have A thermal pair of trousers in here as well which you're just just, there but. This is pretty much all I have in here so, what you have really. Really light packable, Montana gloves and, this. Is a RAB, microlight. Think. They call them. Down. Insulated. Jacket if, we're going somewhere super cold I'll bring this one instead this, is a rabble, Ektron so it's a bit bit. More yeah a bit big as a pack down but it's a lot more insulated, than that one but this one's really good because it goes underneath my waterproof, really well. So. That is the RAB microlight, I think they call them fantastic, little coats really really good yeah. What, happened, so and. As I say we're going anyway cold I've got some insulated, trousers or put in there as well so the green, bag is for. All the clothes and. That weighs in at just. Over. 500, grams nothing, at all all, IDEs up though next. Up I've got my orange bag and in. This we've got this is all my cooking stuff so. Know that everything that's gonna be potentially - he goes into this one so. I've got metal, cup for my coffee don't. Always bring it but there's a hip flask. I've. Got, my. Coffee only. Bring a little bit of that just try and keep that weight down a new addition to my camping gear but one of my favorite additions is my Aeropress, coffee press. Can't. Can't, tell you how good that is if you're gonna if you're gonna start while camping pick that and you like coffee pick one a my opposite the, one of the best things you'll buy is that at work as well it's actually fantastic coffee, out of its stunning pot, noodle I like pot noodles because they taste great but they don't weigh anything without. Any water in so just. Keep weight down pot, noodles are really good drop any dry food is a really good way to go, I used to use the the Wayfarer and me also I found them to be a bit heavy so yeah. So we've got our hiking snack, bar, their. Breakfast bars I normally go for something like a nature, bar over you're kinda caught on and then a couple of soups if I if I fancy and. Then that's just the measuring, spoon for the coffee and then a couple of sports I normally have two of these with me one for the coffee to stir the coffee and, one then to eat so keep one clean at all times. Makes, life a lot some more pleasant on the mountain and. That weighs in at, 800. Grams. 800. Grams. Okay. Next, up I've got this little pouch this is just something I know to go for go - as soon as I get to the tent the tents been put up this is one of the things I need to keep handy, it's. Got a few handy things in there like a toilet roll for obvious reasons a little. Light which will clip on in the inside of the tent this is superb actually tiny little thing there's no way anything and it literally lights the tent up a lot of that so. This is a. LUMO. LUMO. Little thing I don't know brilliant actually yeah. Nicely, got paracetamol. I never go anywhere without power seat moles ear plugs. Just. In case it's howling will wind and a few spare tent pegs. Just. In case somebody forgets them. Okay. So this I mean, cars have just picked up one. Of these each this. Is a sea2summit, eros pillow. I've. Gotta be honest I've used it two or three times carousels, and use those yet it's, just an inflatable pillow this. Really is just a couple blow you. Know gay quite soft and blow up too much it, weighs literally, nothing and, it's, so comfortable it's about 25 pounds but I can't, write I can't rate that and off I mean that's going to be about 30 grams that thing is just ridiculous. Yeah. 30 grams, absolutely. Superb really, really really really good thing that is I'm glad I picked that up so, that's that little pouch there sometimes. I'll put another spare, battery in there for the camera or for the drone or something as well so just so, I've got batteries, in other places. Yep, so that's just a little bag that came free with allo allo Pro bag I bought ones.

What's. Next now. That the blue bag the blue bag doesn't always come with me it. Should do really because it's got first-aid stuff in it it's, got if, one goes to our hot. Sun. Tan Lotion I normally go for a fact 250 because there's nothing worse than worrying about sunburn, on the mountain, and. A. Head, net if you're going anywhere that you might get mosquitoes, or something and, lip-lip. Suntan. Lotion another, cloth for my lenses, spare. Batteries, strangely, they shouldn't be in there but spare batteries for the little light I should have been in the other bag a compass. So this is a bag that I know you, know that these these non essentials are in their pocket perhaps the compass maybe you. Shouldn't really go anywhere without a first-aid, kit I normally use that for obviously. For paracetamol. Justify that but bandages. Are in there and stuff okay, so the next thing this, is looks nothing but, it's absolutely fantastic it, is literally a kneeling, mat but. It has so many uses if you're cooking and stuff, you. Can knead on this while you've got your while you're cooking the dinner you if you're sitting outside with your friends socialising, you can you, can use this and sit on keeps. The cold away from you it literally weighs nothing it's got those uses and to be honest with you when I'm sleeping, I'll put this at the bottom of my sleeping, mat so that if my feet go off here then, they're still not touching the cold surface the fleet will be on this so it's really handy I wouldn't go any over that if, I actually take that for my long normal landscapes, over shoots a normally take that with me as well just goes in the side see, a wet rock or whatever you've got something to sit on nicely brilliant that's three pound and. Literally. No point way and that because it doesn't write anything, next. Thing I've got is this water to go but I'll only take this if I'm going somewhere that you need to try and keep water weight down and I know there's actually going to be a clean water source no point taking this up a mountain if you know that the top is not to be any water but. It's absolutely, brilliant he literally, put. A non, stagnant, water obviously from a from, a stream hasn't gotten the animals or something nearby. Stick. That in there give, it 15 minutes shake it around give it a chance for the carbon and all the stuff that's in the filter to react and then you drink out of that it's completely perfect, yeah. This is about 13 pound this just recommended, to me in a shop, when. We're in Snowdonia at once and it's been fantastic it, really has saved.

Me Bacon on a few occasions, so. Next I've got one. Of my favorite, purchases the lids come off it but this is my Jetboil, I, can't. Tell you how good this is it's absolutely brilliant so the Jetboil has, everything inside, a, little. Camping stove, so. That clips on there and that screws on there and, then, that goes on top of there and then it's a wind proof it but if you get the right gas seal bought it'll go down to minus 25, degrees. It's. Absolutely fantastic cook. Your dinner in it you can boil you can use it as a kettle it's you know it's just brilliant then I've seen another spork on the side there but no. These are quite expensive but they're actually I bought this I think from. Decathlon or something like that and it, was about sixty pounds so it's one of the best 60 pounds I've ever spent to, do with the wall camping it's absolute I wouldn't go anywhere without that in fact another thing I take to work with me and it's very very handy indeed so just. Remember a lot goes back in there goes on top of that. That. And, then what also should be in there just fell out is you. Can buy them with the ignition with the igniter built into and I wouldn't do that I would recommend just getting them on that without the ignition built in and just get a separate ignition thing because the ones built in do, tend to be temperamental and you'd have to bring one of these separately anyway so. They. Said this would be my option it's a tad small, but if you're going on your own this. Is these the, Jetboil, zip, I think it's called jab or zip so it's a smaller of the family they do do giant ones and. That weighs in 500, grams actually. Heavier than I thought at 500 grams. Right. Okey-dokey. Next up we've got. My. Exped, downmat. This. Is just been, a godsend this again was recommended, to me by a few friends few, shops I, know. My friend grant uses these they. Are absolutely superb there, they, can be quite expensive but if you look out for money that on a deal that I think I paid about 6070, pound for this one I've got two unfamiliar, one for carats and it's a fantastic little sleeping. Mat so, you comes with a pump and. What. You do is you you you give it the, pump ball inflate. It like that but. It's actually got down in the, top of the the it's like a lie low but it's got down in the top of it so it keeps your body heat away your. Your body temperature away from the cold surface by about five or six centimetres and. Yeah. Obviously because it's got the down insulation it's, -. We can go to about minus six I think and I'll, put accurately, how, far down in, temperature you can go but, this is it's really, really comfortable I can't. Really recommend this in office it's. Been superb so yeah very very highly, recommended, that so, we're definitely, something, you don't want to compromise on when you're getting into wall camping and you're gonna start spending money and this, is definitely one of the things I would recommend you, spend the money on a, good, sleeping system. Ok, next thing I've got is, my. Tent. So. I've got two tent options. Now. This is just kind of falling out the back so I'm doing it all properly but, this, is my Crookes x2. Storm tent this, is a four season winter, very very strong boat like an absolute tank, ten. Is an expensive tent but I tell you what I can't I can't speak highly enough of the Crocs tents. They're. Absolutely absolutely, bomb-proof and uh knowing in good strong wind this is a very. Heavy wind this is going to be absolutely rock-solid as well so what, I tend to do though is I tend to pack the tent poles and the pot and the tent separately, this is an expert, snows, will bag this. Is actually designed to inflate, the mat so you trap all the wind the air in there and you can push the air straight into the mat using. That but. I find it works very very well as aids. Wet tent back so what do because this is an inner tent in a pitch first I touched.

The Owl to put the outer part of the tent in in first and I can grab the the inner straightaway and then obviously when you're packing off it's dead easy to get it in the bag when it's wet, having. This hole at the bottom there I can just sort of push all the air through it and and. It will compress down nicely into the into the bag obviously. You wrap that around there and it keeps everything else I'm being getting wet as well this, is quite a heavy 10. It's. As. I say for season, 10 it's a very strong tent so, there's no real compromise on the. 10 off it's. Probably the most important, part of any wall camper for me I wouldn't be I wouldn't recommend, anybody goes out and by compromises. On on the quality of a 10 well. If you're going to do that you need to be aware of sort, of environments you're going to be pitched in and make sure that even if you bought a cheap tent make sure it's going, to be okay, for the environment, like the wind the rain and. It's just especially, in the UK when sister unpredictable, oh I've. I'll. Be very thankful I've been in this tent on a few occasions so. This. Tent I want. By the way in that because I haven't got the poles on it but together with, the poles this way is about 2.6. 2.7. Kilo, so it's quite a heavy ten but, it's definitely. Worth. It's worth carrying, extra weight for that okay. So next, is the poles, for the tent say. This is part the crook system I have the poles separately, so I can push them down the back of the bag and then, I can force everything, else that's not rigid down, into the bank it just means that I get to save quite a lot of space and also. It just means that I can get there I haven't got to worry about that so much I can just get the poles out straight away I can pitch the poles up and get them ready to go. Without. Anything below in a way so obviously when you're taking a tent putting the tent up on a mountain and it's blowing a gale all you want you want a little, of these. Very. Very light bags hanging around as possible so I tend to put this separate. So I've got that this in the bag if I'm putting the tent or POC and leave, the tent in the bag well then you just got this one. One. Bag to get out so yeah that's how I tend. To pitch and obviously the tent pegs are in there always, carry a few extra tent pegs as well. So. That's the tent sorted, and. I think it's. My sleeping-bag, so, obviously, there's a second part the second system is your tent first being your am out a third being your sleeping bag, three, areas of wall camping, you do not want to compromise on I I, can't I do. All their sleepy back it's a it's a rapper sent five hundred it, as you can see it compresses, down to absolutely nothing it's a, down sleeping bag and there's, an age-old debate to be debated, whether or not a down versus a synthetic, I would go down every time but, obviously it's crucial that you keep the down bag dry down. Compresses. Less it weighs less so. It compresses more weighs less and it's, a better insulator so. Certainly. I mean we in this country never really it's that cold unless you're on the top of Benton areas or something like that top. Of Snowden in the winter but, this is a good I'm quite a cold sleeper, so this, is probably most of this would be my winter sleeping system but, during the summer because I've never actually camped anywhere in the summer that's been that warm and this, has been a good bag for taking me throughout the year so very. Very highly recommended, this sleeping bag as they just compresses, down into this little bag and, yeah. It's been really good it does, actually shed off a little bit of water on the outside of, it as well so if it does get slightly wet in the night with condensation it's.

Not Actually a problem for the sleeping bag so yeah very very good. So. This weighs in at twelve. Twelve. Hundred grams at one point two kilo so not, the lightest sleeping bag but yeah I do really like that, that. Is everything I think I'll just check that I've missed anything out but yeah, just a little water ball on the side there 400 mil anything. As recommend. It's put in just a few sugary, snacks I've known about harrybo's or something in that pocket there a Snickers, or a char bar in that one anything sugary you can bring fruit or whatever jelly. Babies just to keep your sugar up then important as you're hiking, but. That is pretty much everything. So. That's the gear sorted, there's a few other things I wanted to talk to you about and put. Important things about while camping and landscape. Photography, and just things that you need to be aware of things you need to plan for sort. Of thing so the obviously the difference crucially, when you're buying gear is that you make sure if you're going, out for the first time you're buying gear for the right season so if you're going out in. December, you make sure you buy in winter come in gear it's very important that you know the limits of your. Gears not very many things out there that are actual foresees in gear, if. You're going to use anything that's for season it means you're going to sweat in it in the summer or if it's a suitable. For the summer you're probably going to freeze in the winter so make sure you do. Dress. Accordingly, and you do pack accordingly and, your tent it's going to be suitable for the other the summer or camping, conditions so it needs to be strong in the window needs to be insulated it needs to you know make, sure you're going to be safe as your, sleeping bag meaning needs, to make sure that if the temperatures do drop you're, going to be insulated and the sleeping mat meat needs to make sure that you're off that cold ground so definitely. Make sure you know the limits of your camping, gear everything.

Will Be rated so do keep, an eye on that when you're buying it. Always. Prepare for the worst of your obviously with Britain it's quite unpredictable. But, we never actually get that cold unless you're on the top of a mountain or top, of been nervous or something like that top of Snowdon in the winter but do be, prepared for obviously hope for the best, but, be prepared for the worst weather as well I always bring waterproof so I always bring windproof so I always bring it down jacket, just in case and. If you're sitting around outside talking to your friends you can't get called like that anyway it's never that warm in and on a night in Britain, so it's always worth carrying them close. Do. Check the weather before you go a couple days before and again on the morning, you go or the night before you go just to make sure look. At the pressure map see if you can see any storms coming in take. It deadly serious, you. Can get stuck and been, there done that so. Yeah do take the weather serious, and do as much research as you can and be prepared for it I. Wouldn't. Recommend buying, cheap gear and because. A lot. Of it breaks it doesn't doesn't I mean I started off with it with the bottom either bottom the range stuff and it did me a few times but then you don't, feel as confident, and it doesn't, seem like it's gonna last and obviously if we were mounting, off you're somewhere away from home you want to be confident, in the gear that you're using so I wouldn't recommend and it's Falls economy as well because you world. Companies addictive you are going to enjoy it so as soon as you start enjoying it you can end up going out and buying the. The better stuff anyway just so it's going to last you longer I mean that my tents and all my stuff I hope is gonna last me a long time otherwise. It is an awful lot of money to waste, so, yeah I wouldn't recommend buying cheap gear. Make. Sure you're not on private land it's. Very very, difficult sometimes to find out why the lands private, or public access. If, you are going to be on private land make sure you ask permission first.

For Whoever you're whoever's, land it is they, can get really really, difficult with you and ask you to shift on in the middle of night hour so that's not very nice and you, can be faced with fines in certain instances as well, so. Yeah don't camp, on someone's land without their permission, don't. Wear cotton I'm. Wearing, synthetic, everything. I've got a mid-layer. Quite. Thick base. Later on and then underneath that I've got a sports t-shirt, on she's a nice sports t-shirt, and. That's crucial he said that if you if you're hiking everybody, you'll get into your tent and you're soaking wet because. You've been sweating it whatever the, the, clothes. Are gonna wick the moisture away from our body so during. The night because the moisture will get further away from my body and then it will dry if. You're wearing cotton cotton, doesn't wick it stays wet and then obviously when you stop moving the the moisture. Will go cold and. Then you could you, could get ill just based on them on how, cold they you're and Hulk hold and wet your t-shirts and your clothing is even, dancer underwear, and base layers you'll, notice that they're all synthetic. And try. And avoid any cotton on your body at all. Yeah. So. Trousers. Boys always bring up a pair windproof sizes from going up top of a mountain I'll bring. Some. Thermal trousers as well for the winter just like a fleece line trouser, add, a bit of extra weight but at least you know you're going to be safe this, is a great idea. As a zip on hoodie and obviously, got the hood there so if I'm in the tent at night I can just chuck the hood over my head if it starts getting cold and. Obviously then if it gets really cold I've got more work out as well but no this is all this is all good because it's all breathable, it wicks. Everything away so it's been fun it's absolutely fantastic yeah. I. Have. An idea where you're going to camp make sure you've. Researched the area even, if it's done you don't know exactly have. An idea when you're going to camp and anybody if you if if, it's. All possible make sure that somebody who's not coming knows exactly where you're going to be camping as well just in case you get into difficulties, in the Avenue they know exactly where you were and he, goes wrong they know where to look. And. Obviously you need to make sure that there's options, there for if it's ridiculously, windy when you get there you can calm down a little bit you can get out the window just have an idea a bit of a bit of preparation. So. Pack as light as possible. I've. Got, a bit obsessive over, the weight of all my gear purely. Because if I don't know how far and then we walk you know how high I'm gonna be walking every. Kilo makes, a massive difference so, our. Year I do tend, to literally, pack exactly, what. I need with, the exception of the vlogging camera and the drone. Oh. Yeah. Yeah there's even down to batteries, spare batteries, and, things like that so yeah do do take notice. Of everything, you're packing, because. It does all our job and if, you can save a half, a kilo a couple of grams here there and everywhere do, it honestly you will you all be thankful, for doing it yeah. Definitely definitely want to keep an eye on the weight of your bag. And. I'm just gonna say again don't, leave any mess, anywhere, if you're going to anything you take up a mountain bring down the, mountain. There's. An awful problem in Snowdonia and, a few other places I've been with people, while camping and leaving that rubbish there it's it's, gonna make it very very difficult for the rest of us to enjoy these, environments, if it looks like somebody's just sort of abandoned, everything there looks like Glastonbury, some parts of Snowdonia.

So. Yeah. Please don't do leaving, any litter it's it's. It's, make it's making its spoiling the environment, and it was completely unacceptable really, I don't know why people do it bring a bag I normally. Use the bag I have my food in just to chuck all my food but waste in there and then, obviously if you need to use a toy passivity to make sure you dig deep enough to. Form a toilet but yeah. Please be respectful for the land and other people that might be enjoying it as well anyway, that, is it off probably rambled on too much I hope that has been useful and, I, hope I'm going wrong if there's anything that anybody can say that perhaps I needed to add to the video feel, free to drop me a comment I look forward to that any. Tips, advice for, me that's more, than welcome to hear that as well but, yeah please go out and enjoy the. The. Environment please go out enjoy the mountains, be, responsible, have a great time. Thanks. So much for watching take a. You.

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Oh wow, that is some serious kit to lug up a hill, I think I’ll stick to the hotel

please review your sleeping bag

Well done Gareth. Some great details there. Also, layers made of wool are also a good option for the same reasons and the added benefit that they don't tend to start smelling :D

Loved it mate......can’t believe all the kit fits in that bag

Love the advice, I have a lot of the same gear too! When is the coffee review video? haha! Well here in Texas we have to take into account wildlife such as bears and mountain lions and snakes, ugh the snakes! Besides that can't wait to go wild camping again!

Really good video, liked the weight at the bottom which slowly crept up, gives everyone a good idea as to how much everything weighs separately. Btw, Montane is pronounced 'Mon-tay-n'

Great advice mate. I been last weekend up to Llyn Dulyn Wanted to photograph a propeller in the lake from a crashed world war 2 plane Here in snowdonia But typical the lake was full so could only see the top of it Had awful weather for any images in the end but really good time. Well worth checking out next time you are up here

Top whats-in-my-bag video Gareth. Best I've seen. You are really organised. I'm about to go on a trip with my brother, so this has been really useful. The earplugs will help with his snoring, never mind the wind. Though I may bring a second set to put in my nose against his wind.

Interesting video Benedict! :)

Solid advice mate....as you know, I've got some of that kit myself...and I'll probably buy more of it....for our next wild camping adventure!

I enjoyed the video and the way in which your bag weight increased with each item. Great advice for general wild camping and hiking also. All the best.

Do a search for kifaru

Hey Gareth, I don't usually watch 'What's in my bag' videos but I knew this one would be helpful for me and it was. I need to shed some weight from my camera bag too which might mean swapping my 5D system for mirrorless.

You forgot a trowel ;)


Hahaha. Depends who I’m burying. If they’re only little the dog’ll dig it

Great video Gareth, lots of good information. My Christmas list is now sorted lol!!

haha thanks mate!! bet you were looking for a schnozzle bag too! haha

Nice Vlog Garath, How things have changed as far as camping equipment over the years, everything is so much lighter today. I used to love hiking and photography when I was younger also did cycle touring, thank you for bringing back memories. You make me wish I was healthy now...

Hi Gareth. Thanks for taking the time to give us an insight into your wild camping kit. I follow a similar organisation system (how did we manage before dry bags?) but my kit's looking a bit tired compared to yours. Perhaps your video is the reminder I need to replace stuff over the Winter !! The Crux tent looks an absolute cracker so I might have a look at that before next Spring. I'm definitely in the synthetic bag corner having ruined a couple of down bags over the years and the only other difference is having Cadbury's hot chocolate for my warm drink ;) - wouldn't set foot on the hill without it !! Really like the common sense advice following the kit review - no photo is worth putting yourself in danger for. Thanks also for raising the litter issue. Great video Gareth. Many thanks for sharing.

Ah thanks Tim!! very grateful for that feedback mate!! was worried about doing this vid! not something id done before haha! it was scary just standing there rabbiting on! lol.. i froze last time i slept in a synth bag!! same weight as the down one too! infact heavier i think! cant remember! yet a hot chocolate is amazing but i cant stand them with water lol.. and im not carrying milk up a mountain haha - hope a few take notice of the litter problem!

Good stuff Gareth. Have the same rucksack for my winter hiking and same Temba bag. Both great items. Need to put my outfit on scales as I am sure I dont carry that much, or at least hope not :) . Atb

Would love to get Julian B up a winter hill for a camp. ;)

Whenever you want bud. The only thing I change over 3 seasons to winter is a heavier jacket, winter salopettes, winter boots. Oh and ice axe and crampons. Everything else, tent mat, etc is the same.

haha.. im sure it used to be heavier!! haha it gets heavier the longer you carry it for sure lol.. thanks mate! hope i didnt make any mistakes! youd know if i had lol.. - i did see your message! what month is a good month to head up mate?

Excellent master class. Thank you Gareth!

Nice video Gareth and good tips .Succes with wild camping

That’s a lot to carry. My rule for camping is......if I can’t get my caravan there I’m not camping

Great video Gareth, I have never done wild camping while out shooting my landscape vlogs, I do think its time I gave it a go though, and now I know what to get

Great video with lots of great advice, I do more bushcraft stuff than hiking but it's all good transferable info. Just subscribed

Nice Vlog Garath, How things have changed as far as camping equipment over the years, everything is so much lighter today. I used to love hiking and photography when I was younger also did cycle touring, thank you for bringing back memories. You make me wish I was younger

always love to see what is other photographers bags thanks for sharing this great content with us! really enjoyed watching this

Great sound advice Gareth. Completely agree with you about your comments on the tent. There are cheap hiking tents that in my opinion wouldn't even stand up in the back garden let alone a mountain top/side. I think you need to approach wild camping in the same mind set as when your buying camera gear, invest in quality gear and it will last. Thanks mate for sharing.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been picking up kit for wild camping from scratch so this is perfect timing

Be safe buddy

+Gareth Danks thanks, can't wait to take it all out and get some pics!

Hey man thanks for watching.. that is a great question! and one i wish id thought to address in the video! yes its a huge advantage having anything of any weight inside the bag so it doesn't move around as you walk or pull you backwards.. i used to have my tent on the bottom of the bag but since trying to fit everything inside i find the bag to be a million times more secure on my back, not wiggling around! definitely advise trying to get any kind of weight inside the pack.. or strap to the side if not.. (like a tripod) part of the reason i separate the tent from the poles too! dam it i wish i thought to mention that!! haha! thanks for the question Andy! :-) hope you get all the gear you need :-)

Hey thanks mate. Glad you enjoyed. Yeah it’s interesting isn’t it. Often costly tho haha.

Hey rob mate. Yeah exactly right. Plus I’d be scared out of my mind in a cheap tent. Low level is fine but not up on a hill or mountain

Hey cheers Ben. Yeah start picking up bits before you need them. Expensive else haha.

hey thanks so much mate!! hugely appreciate the sub and the kind feedback :-)

Haha in one go it’s expensive but buying bit by bit isn’t so bad. I’m sure you’d look great in a rab jacket haha

Haha. Not even with a Sherpa? Boooo!

Haha. I wouldn’t know what else to say mate. Maybe I’ll try but I’m happy to run through any questions you have. I don’t have anything to compare it to either sadly. Maybe after I pick up my winter bag I’ll be able to

Yes I have a woollen Icebreaker layer from skiing trips as it happens.

Exactly mate. Take longer to dry tho. Great for skiing tho. Cheers for the kind feedback mate

Gareth Danks hahaha......will do chap

Hahaha neither can I when I look at everything I pack. Fills my room! Lol. Let me know when your up for a camp mate haha

Carlos whaaaaaat..! Man that must have been so scary. I think I’d have opted to sleep in that ‘bear proof box’

+Gareth Danks When I went camping last November in Big Bend National Park we saw 2 black bears! I don't think I got any sleep the first night! I swear there was a bear right outside my tent, we saw paw marks the next morning at our bear proof box about 15 feet from our tent! My back is feeling great! Went on a 16 mile bike ride today, thank you for asking!

Ooooofffffff.... now then!!! I forgot to mention shot gun haha. Dayummmm I don’t think i could deal with that mate. I wouldn’t sleep!!! I’ll kip in the car haha. Hope your well mate

Hey thanks for the kind feedback mate. Appreciate that. And thanks for watching. Yes I know but I feel silly saying it like that on video haha. Partly why I like rab haha.

Gareth Danks that’s the location on google earth I’m definitely going go again there Next year some point .

Hey paul. Thanks for your comment mate. Where was the lake? Not sure I’ve heard of that. Shame you couldn’t see it. Wait till next summer now then I guess? Is it in the llyn dulyn lake itself then? There’s so much I’d love to explore up there.

Haha. Can’t wait mate! Knew youd get the bug! It’s amazing when the weather plays ball. Hope to catch up soon mate

Perfect mate. I would love to do a camp with you my bag is 27kg with 2ltr of water. Can you tell me what the lighter is I am going to try to shed some weight

+Gareth Danks yeah it was crazy! Yes I'm so happy my back is doing much better thanks!

Great video Gareth, especially the advice on what you take up a mountain you must bring down. Cheers Adam

Hey thanks for watching Adam. Yeah litters driving me nuts! It’s a HUGE problem atm.

Gareth Danks Google Earth Link https://earth.app.goo.gl/Lr8XUh#googleearth

Great advice cheers..

Your welcome

Paul,you need to take a "Bootneck" with you mate, 27kg wow,just all those little bits add up. next time out make a sort of list of what you carried but didnt use and take it from there.I'm murder at taking stuff and never using it, work in progress for me as well mate.

+Gareth Danks No worries, Gareth and you're welcome.

hey sorry Olly! i swore id replied to this!! thanks for watching mate!!

hey Andy! sorry mate! thought id replied!! you'd be surprised about the weight difference mate! my xh1 wasnt much lighter than a D850.. which i really want lol

hey William! i thought id replied to you mate!! sorry! yeah were very lucky! but too light is a huge compromise! :-) im sure you can still escape somewhere mate! :-)

Thanks Rick! sorry for the delayed reply :--)

An interesting video, thanks for sharing. A noticed you carry toilet roll, but I saw no mention of a method for 'digging in' your human waste. Do you just leave it around for others to find? I carry a small plastic trowel. Only weights around 30g...!

Please don't rely too much on a fancy equipment, learn some skills to survive in the wild, you never know when you'll need it. I don't know what's the situation with bears in Britain, but if in the wild for more than just a couple of hours, it's wise to carry a gun. Or a torch or something, anything to repel that bully. Course you can maybe negotiate with wolfs, not with bears...

An invaluable episode! Utterly insightful. I wished I’d watched this before I bought/spent on camping gear on my recent Europe road trip (mind you, i was glamping in a VW california for 5 wks- Germany Italy Austria Norway Dec/Jan 2019 8k Kms). Rookie mistakes: over packed, lots of cotton/wool, including camera gear lens etc. You learn to live & live to learn. Would recommend it to anyone! That said as you mentioned, it’s addictive! Photography & freedom! Back, this time, dedicated to Norway in the summer for the northern lights! Now I know how to pack! Keep clicking keep inspiring & be well x ta

Pickles!! how are you mate!! thanks so much for the comment mate! glad you found it useful! my apologies for not creating it sooner for you haha.. yes we've all made them mistakes! i forgot my coffee the other day i was distraught haha! hope you have a good trip mate! sounds perfect!! :-)

One of the best kit videos around, loved the running weight total. Although i am surprised how little food was carried, even for just one night. :o

+carlb-photography Well, here too, but there's special laws involved if you are a hunter i.g. you can get a permit to carry gun into wilderness. On the other hand, even a gas gun, perfectly legal across EU to my knowlage may help you against the beast ☺️

No bears in the uk or wolves i think. Although they do want to reintroduce wolves back into parts of Scotland. As to guns in the uk, getting one is hard enough with our licensing laws, carrying one in a public place is a criminal offence and carries a jail sentence.

Basically agree with everything you've said. A bit of duplication of items, watch the metal weight, that stoves heavy. I'd only carry water in a dry area (chalky soil) or where there is agricultural run-off. Those blue bottles are worth their weight in gold. I'd probably go with a larger first aid kit and smaller suntan bottle. Resealable freezer bags weigh less than stuffsacks for smaller items. Carry two lighters. Compass with map in a freezer bag. I'd definitely get a smaller/lighter tent (your body is heating a smaller cubic footage of air inside it) and a bigger sleeping bag for the colder months. Down is great but loses nearly all its insulation when wet, dry cold its fine, chucking it down I'd go synthetic, and extra dry socks! Glad you got the wild camping bug, there are parts of the UK that you cannot get to if you have to keep getting back to a car at the end of the day. Try a long distance path during the summer. I hear the Welsh Coastal one is superb.

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