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Although. YouTube my name is Rick Carlino, and I'm. A will addict this. Is Kay talks number. 23. So, my. Guest today. I'm. Not sure but, I think it. Comes from Florida, it, lives right now in San Diego is a pro, skater for razors he's, 28 years old and started. Skating when he was 11 so. Where. Does it comes from. Is. It really for Florida, I don't. Know so let's just call John from let's see what John comes from okay. Ricardo. Yo. Are you doing John. I'm. Good I'm good I was just trying I was debating with, myself it's. Still too early for me here and that was just the bait I'm where do you really come from, is, it for Florida. Yeah. Yeah that's how I was born okay, so John from Florida. Okay, yeah. I lived there for most, of my life like. 26. Years okay. And why moving out. Okay. California. Yeah. Well. I I originally, I moved to Atlanta I lived there for a year all, right I took a job and then. I, got, promoted at that job and that's. How I got to California, okay. And, he could choose where you want to go or you had to go to or you chose, or, the. Job was in California. So. The job was in Southern, California, and I. Could, pick like it, was basically imitating like la San, Diego Long Beach like anywhere in that like vicinity, and I, just chose San, Diego cuz I just thought staying. Here just kind, of called to me and. It. Just made sense at the time yeah I love San Diego it's sometimes, hard sometimes, I feel I. Don't. Know I don't know if the word is sorry I don't want to say sorry I just. Said there's not that. Much. As it used to be going up and going down, in. There yeah that makes sense, because I guess like because the magazines, were there and everything and everyone, has to travel always to San Diego but now it feels like it's a little bit more north like it, feels like it happens more like in the LA area and. Not know definitely. Definitely. Like there's we were honest, honking, rustle, day like I stay with him all the time and I'm. We're like the only two pro skaters, in San. Diego now that's, that's kind of crazy if you think about it like the mecca yeah, there, was everything however, at. Least two at each tension that he'd stood to, do in San Diego and I would when, I would go to San Diego a few years ago right. Anyway. So, when, was the last time you're here. Wow. I think I've. Been in California. The. Last time I went the last three. Times I wouldn't I think was for riding bikes for, skating it was. For. Skating I guess the last time was like, 2005. Or 2006, it's been a while oh my. God I didn't get the last time that I was there I stayed with Michelle, Stalin, called estrogen. You know the. SA. We're in Long Beach but I, was with roller skates with the inline skates it was like I guess it was 2006. Something, like that oh. What. Are you scared already, it doesn't, say you were yeah yeah yeah no I started skating in like oh 102. And. Um. But. I mean I I didn't, go to California. Until I was like man, like 17. 18 years old I went there for the first time so that wasn't until like 2008. Or 9 okay. Yeah. How did he got into skating was getting death big in Thor. Though he just started in your street I wasn't so. Like, my. School these like kids just, kind of were. Telling, me about this skate park it was called ramp. 48, this is kind of a weird name but um it. Was like this, like you know indoor skate park it was like basically they. Gutted like a supermarket, like an old supermarket, and, they built like a skate park inside, of it and, but. Did the shut down supermarket, or or. Did yeah only partically. What it was it was like an old supermarket. And they just the owner half that you know that building and. He just leased it out to like this guy who wanted, to make a skatepark okay. And so. You can kinda. See like the you. Know the way like you, know all the poles are inside and then like even in the back it had like you know the double doors like where they're, like the air here was and everything so you can kind of see like it was it was a grocery.

Store But the, way they set it up was like super cool and they kind of decked, it out you know made each little corner or you know make. Make sense for each section of the skate park well. Other you to say was cold led just google it. Ramp. 48. They they're not there anymore they, actually the skate park around like 10. Years later to, like a church. So. It's kind of like a strange, thing it like was kind of church funded, um. But. It, was like you, know still. A skate park but. The people, who backed it were like these like super Christian. Kind of people. But. I mean you know it was the post Gator was a good skate park actually the. Perseid. I can't see it now it looks, amazing you let me tell you with the with the RET you, dead like the red right. That's like newest, part because some of that I haven't even skated, because I haven't been there in over like five. Six years just. Because I've been in, California and, and other places for so long yeah. I see the hold one had like blue, mattresses. I'm. Just looking for that it's cool yeah I was, and because the. Reason why I wanted to google it I remember, like in the old day, in the old videos, sometimes. Some of the skate parks were in really low. Roofs. If that makes sense so yeah yeah this guy I was react some of the guys getting like in really low skate party looks so sick. Sometimes. But. No. For sure it was kinda, low if you ever um have you seen BG 16, yeah. Alex brass cow section yeah so. Alex is section, there's of three Clips like, in the skate park he does like. Topsail. That. Gets I got extension. Then drops down to a lower extension like Topsail true tops liao, and then, he does like a disaster. Full cat about a porn star on like some disaster, box so, code like in the middle of his section so if you ever watch that that's. Like the RAM 48 that I grew, up skating, okay, and you grew up skating looking. At Alex bro like yeah, not looking at him not looking at it have it the. First, couple of years Alex. Actually lived in Florida. He like went to school and. Like. I'm, not sure I don't know the whole story with, Alex but I, know his mom lived, in in Jupiter, which was like a city around. Like 35. To 40 minutes north of me so, I would, see him at the skate park when I was really, really young and everyone's like oh that's, Alex Brosco he's like the, next big thing, you, know in skating and then there, was sure enough like no. They weren't wrong at all there. Enough I was I was, buying his Pro skate you know his rollerblade skate like three. Four years later so that was always pretty cool but Lebanon I mean I said back then he was on k2 right. Yeah. And. Sent, it okay, I don't know if this makes sense but, it's kind of weird because Frankie. Morales, but was, also from Florida, right and it was also skating for a k2 and, Senate, maybe, that was yes some, some. Kind of connection between k2, and, maybe them. Because. They were like I'm not the Yankee don't know, they. Had a lot of shops, back, in the day look you'd. Be even before I started skating there were like five. Six, skate shops within the South Florida area so. Not really, drew a lot of attention from. A lot of brands, and I'm guessing, k2 is definitely, like part of that, just. Give me a second I'm just at my parents house I'm just trying to find a way to see differently, no problem. It's. Funny I told, you my parents are in Portugal. Now he's just talking about mom before that before, this yeah. Portrays. Yelling like Afghan, now I'm sitting in the floor I've been sitting more and more in the floor I don't know just getting. Colder I just feel better than before. Maybe, I'm getting too scared of falling out of the chair. For. Me anyway. So. Tell, me and. Did. You I did record it erasers, you. Were like oh man you were in Florida, do you went to any event, or what how did the whole thing happen so, man. It's like you, have to go back like before I was on razors, which I used to ride for Volvo hmm. So. That was like my first skate, sponsor. So. I got. Like. He's kind of fuzzy but basically. What happened was I will to a bitter, cold showdown in. Like I think it was 2007. Or 2008, and I won the. Qualifier, or whenever. Basically. The event that gets you into the pro-am contest, say you wonder am I on the, hem thing whatever yeah. Well they didn't have like an AM contest. They just had a they called it like the qualifier, it was like a hundred. And fifty people it was worried. Like it was intense, but what, other names were there come, on just let us see like like, like my colander was in it Brian, Arnold.

Trying. To think like sneaky. Take. Dachshund Jake. Johnson was there and sneaky yeah both of it yeah yeah no macros, for you. I. Think. I think Jay I think sneaky, no not sneaky Jake was actually like he got into the program like, he didn't have to qualify, but. I didn't, have a sponsor at the time so I had to qualify, okay. But. Anyways yeah I that. Happened, that I met you. Know Brian Chad Anthony, yes. Yes yes yes yeah so, they, were like, skating. For this or this shop it. Was called bloom Wallace, really, strange aim and. They've. Just got me hooked up with them and, at. The time they had a they, already had a shop writer for razors and so. I couldn't hide for razors like back then you know you, needed to have a shop sponsor, in order to be on razor, and friends, and all that let me explain this for some people that don't know some, cause some shops, or some. Countries, would be able to do, we have more riders, but for, some problem for some people this is art to understand, and they're. Always like oh why do you have like ten, scalars. And then my shop or my country only have one or sometimes not even enough right because, for, companies. It's. Obviously, an investment, to ever right there so, if, a shop is going to order. 1,000. Skates instead, of 15. Pairs of skates obviously the shop that or there's 1,000, skates, will. Have a lot more power, so they will have a lot, more scale, they will have the opportunity, to support a lot more skaters obviously. Because they also make more money they can put their own money if they want which, not everyone does but. Also because the companies, will also want, to support, what they do and. They'd, see it more as a marketing, obviously, so. Just. To explain and so that's probably why like maybe the the more Wallace wasn't that. Bi was. And. The, shop that we had in Florida, already. Had like a guy on razors, and there. Was back, shop. That was local in Florida was sponsoring like Frankie. Morales, John Kelso. I. Forget. Who else was on their team Chuck. Was that what was the name of the shop it was, it, was called the skate shop just the skate shop that's awesome that's actually the best imagine. If you could google it the skate if you could just get. Your name again all the website the web shop the skate shop calm, that's it it, was called the skate shop online calm, that's all that's okay but imagine if you can take the online skate, shop communist, money with that that's, for, sure he didn't he did well in his first couple years but, but anyways like so I rode for that shop and they basically. Told me they're like hey you know, we. Really like have this opportunity with valo like like we can't give you free skates but like we. Can give you them it cost you know so I was like all right I saw, I bought like the you know they remember the maroon Bailey's like the ones that look like the band of course I do yeah. That was my that was my first pair of all those and I, just, like started, skating I love this gate and, I just started filming them. Constantly. I look at just like. Was my last year of high school and, like I didn't, really have like much going on because high school was like kind of easy for me. Like. My last year high school I only took like three classes because I completed. Everything so. Oh I, was skating all the time and so you know I I love like was, this out filming and I got Alden lots of footage and I. Went, to the the super hick and. It's in Atlanta I know no buzz in Atlanta and I remembered it I and, I did really well in one, of the contests, like I got left, to the finals, or something like that and and when. I was like basically. After that around two weeks like, two or three weeks I was starting college and, I got an email from John Julio like hey, I, just want to reach out to can see if you'd like to get some skates and I was like I just.

Like My jaw dropped I was like what. It. Was like a life-changing thing, for me at the time could as I was like I wasn't really expecting it and. Then. Yeah that's just kind of how everything kind of began for me that's. Awesome let me ask you something what gates were you skating, before you. Went to pay off price, for your valise. Actually. It's funny I was skating the the. Aragon. Tubes like the first SL, I remember that skate yeah. That's, okay I look I. Loved. It I loved like every like I, just. Well soon as I saw, Aragon. In them like. At some. Contest I was like I gotta get those skates so. It. Was like a huge draw to me I guess then they made like a really smart. Marketing. And marketing, campaign, back then if that makes sense like when they explain to everyone yeah how low the skate was and, how, closer, you were you were to the frame, and how much more you could feel right Bryan and I was I think that was really smart obviously the product was remember, all the yeah. I remember all the razor's news podcasts. Exactly. If you remember of course that, was great and like it was so good and that, was a big draw to a lot of people because I was you, know pre YouTube you know pre you. Know a lot of things it was when they you had to subscribe, to their channel. On. ITunes. Mm-hmm, and so you like get that you get the videocast and you watch it and they. Just had all those videos of like explaining, the skates they had one I think of Dawn skating, it and then, Aragon, and it was, great under. Were consistent, super, consistent I don't know what happened to have such a great consistent. Do you know whatever did that project because I know that they move no, I know that they moved their wall they moved a little bit to YouTube and then, yeah. Chloe, fed it away well a lot. Of things like you know a lot of things moved to YouTube because of the Brazilian air guy when he kind of came in and started, working on game theory and that was when I was like first on raisers Elton, Ciccone I think though isn't it right, right. Right and then after like, they. They, kind of push Brazil out then it you know kind of everything kind, of faded, from. Not, from YouTube but like all the podcast. Big cast kind of thing they just kind of win in a direction, of you, know we have YouTube content, and then move to social media Facebook, and then eventually Instagram, and whatnot. Okay. But, then how did razors, happen because he went from valet. Yeah. That's, a good that's a good story so yeah. So basically what happened was is, like. Just. Me. And valo were kind of just going in different paths and like. Maybe. I was just young and just you, know I I expected. More from skating. But I just kind of felt like I wasn't I don't. Know I wasn't getting, that. Much from it and. I. Got another skate, shop sponsor, which is my current one, asphalt. Beach skate shop which is still exists it's like the only one. Of the only blading. HIV. Like all sorts of blading free, skate aggressive, quads. Guy sponsor we're, doin, surrender Nashville. Yeah. So, I was on and. Gotten hooked up with ground control, so. I was riding ground control a lot of his skating ball moves and then. Basically, what happened was the East Coast rapper brazzers, Mac McMahons hit me up and just kind of asked me you know how things were going and you. Know what was going. On in my life and I kind of told him my frustrations, with Apollo, and he, said oh well you, know hey I got the new Aragon threes you know I'll send them to you if you want to try them out and so. I was like sure you know I'll get I'll give him a go and I didn't.

Really Commit, to skating, for razors I just kind of said hey y'all you, know, I've, tried to Fosgate this case yeah yeah and then I went to some contests, in Florida. Like. Maybe a month later and I've met you know Jeff Akers I'd learned Jeff before that. But you know I saw him and he, was just like oh we stoked, to have you on the team you know sick and I that's. Kind of just how it it. Started, and. Just ever, since then just, and it's, like when you're dating when you're just going out with a girl without knowing, and she's like yeah I love this relationship. It's. Funny cause like I, met. Jeff, like at that skate park that I told you I grew up at when I was like 13 years old I didn't, know like who he was or anything I was just I saw, this guy skating, remedies, and he, just introduced himself as Jeff and he just told me he was the sunshine, rep, I had no idea what that was like back, then. Yeah. And, sure enough six, years later you know this isn't, a guy who's sponsoring, me so it's pretty cool okay. Can you explain to some of the people listening to these who Jeff is because, isn't so Jeff. Is like. He. Does everything for razors, I mean like he's the sales guy, runs. Operations. He, meant is just immediately. Manager, yeah I mean he's the guy like, like. When people say like sunshine has impact. Like good customer, service it's it's Jeff like, Jeff if they say life they say it's bad it's, also it's. Andy. You, gotta get fired you know that right. I. Know. But it's it's kind of its. Kind of fun, no not fun it's kind of weird that, you say. That. About you, and valo or not feeling that, support. Because what. I always, thought. About, Vala was. That. There were a lot more, strict. With the skaters that they would choose a lot more picky they would have a, lot less riders, that was always the idea that, I had and I met John it at. The beginning when he when he was looking for one skater in Europe at first, and that one skater was Gabriel, Gabriel. And, then the second, skater was, tyrant, and that was it that was they were the two skaters then, they. Also had gazebo, and they at risk areas in Europe for. A long time so, it at least the idea that I had in Europe they were a lot more exclusive. And it would really take care of their skaters, you know like when I mean take care I'm not talking about sending. Them to a mansion in a while I candidate. For a few years. But. I'm talking more about like trying. To build, their image in, a way yet, yeah, they. Could actually become pros, and, I, guess most of them gored like Gabriel became Pro even if it was for SSM, and Tyron, parent, could. Have been and still, now is so fit so everything, like that guy's just a prodigy so I guess. John always at the eye and. Somehow. What he was doing I thought it was really good but I never heard from someone, like you probably, because, like. You said maybe you had other expectations. Maybe. And you were not that close to them at the time and somehow things went in a different way. And. And again like it wasn't just like.

Like, John like I'm not saying like John was shafting. Me vile not, at all like it, was just. I think a like it was half of the fact that I was. 19. And I thought like oh I'm, like an up-and-coming, skater I just, and, the other half was, John. Was super busy and like didn't have time to like, cater. To every, single person, who he was supporting, at the time who was talking, I guess I was juggling so much and so, basically, it was just a cool, hey like I'm just gonna go my own way like, I wasn't, upset or. Anything you, know I thanked, him for everything, actually, when, I was at winter clash this past year I thanked, him you know because, with walo going out and him starting them I I wanted, to just thank it because you. Know he gave him a shot in skating so I'm always like forever, grateful then. Exit for me that, extra boost that a lot of them most of the times we're not expecting, it to happen so it's amazing. It. Makes sense it could have your. Style is probably also, a, little. Bit different, of what he was trying because I always not, always but over, the last few years valor kinda, went like to that, skateboarding. Image, yeah. I wouldn't say that you went that way you went your own way which, I, totally. See your image your way of skating your style of scaling way more. On. The, company that you are right now then valise I kind, of think you fit a lot better, in, that company, I'm gonna do more like the spinning tricks and it's a it's, a different style and it's, I guess it's not was just like in every other. Action. Sport they, tell you to have like companies, them to have the teams I don't, like a family, or saint. Of Carlisle I don't know like when you of course when, I think. This happened a little bit with USD before when, I try to have a little bit of everything it. Got kinda, lost you know sometimes, it gets lost and yeah I guess it sometimes, even happens with razors when they have I know. For for, a long time they try to have like the CD hero basically. On their side it would send skates to all, the shops they would send they would have a pro or a lucky. Guy and somehow. In every country yeah. But. Yeah, and then you end up having like kind of like a big. Fruit salad but, at the same time yeah bro team what, would they choose to be the pros are, more like the same style of scaling which in my opinion makes sense. Yeah. From that I, so. Sorry go sorry I don't want introduce no I. Totally. Agree and it's, kind of funny because I I don't even think that I like. I wasn't, drawn, to. Myself skating. By you know like my razors it was more like the. People who I was like looking up to the time which was Brian. Aragon, happy. You. Know those style, of skaters, so that's kind of and those guys yeah they were in love the sunshine brands, but that you know the brand's never kind of drew my skating it was always you know those dudes other guy I just said you grew up in you grew up going, into a skate park it's also a it's actually, different if you would be the kid like. I was. Never I was, also very good and straight but I was never really good in the skate park because if, you think or like give him spinning into tricks I I grew up in a really really tiny town I had. To make my own ramps, and like I would always be better in the little Street trail or like, I know. That you're really good in rails I'm not saying that but it was always different I guess like, where, you grow up on the top of people that you grew up skating with it makes a huge difference you, know and.

Probably For you to go to a park and then going to mainly. Your way to go out would be to go to skate, events, and compete like you said right so, that will also that. Would also draw. Your future, in skating, so. Yeah in that Park that. Part that I am sorry to interrupt you that part that I grew, up skating, they. Had like, one. Of the best like. Circle. Down burnell's like down a bank that I think I've ever skated, in my life so that's. Where I attribute, like a real skating, to. Hello. Yeah. Going wait. I saw I thought I think I lost you for a second I'm just learning I think, I lost you for a second let me okay. You need to explain this yeah, so good might, be me I don't know you, need to explain the down rail again sorry, you said that it was there it, was a down rail at that Park in this is. Perfect. Down start, rail ever. That, I've ever skated like skatepark and I just, I went to that part three four times a week so, repetition. Skating, it all the time like that's what I attribute, to learning. Things, on down rails was and other rails is just because I had that rail all the time when I was younger and just, repetition. Repetition repetition, you. Know what I mean yeah of course but it's like try try try and that's how you get good at everything it doesn't matter yeah you might be really talented, but. If you don't keep doing it you lose it anyway so my god what, was that the first rather do it like, a hurricane something. No, actually, I also had a peer, a love my house and that. Was like what I learned it on first I'd my. Routine, was learning, on the P rail at the house and then take it to the rail at the skate park then, take it to Street that's I would just do like I yeah, it's, funny I had like a rail that my father built me and it was like I, don't like eight meter long it was like three, meter yeah I, would. Say. Mmm. How. High was that it was like in between your in. Your knee and your hip it was kind of high it, was like flat three meter flat and then, it would go down for three meters all the way to ankle i and then, like to me it was like 80 meters but like there was like a kink and, I remember learning completely. Learning, on the lowest, part just to kind. Of feel like if you'd be like a fast slide a back slide even, like there, was a time that I could do 450 rails, and. I could, do it like ankle high and then I would go to the down part of the rail and I could skate it just the down part of the rail and I remember there was like one of the supports, of the rail she. Said its support kind. Of like the part that goes against the ground and makes the rail stand. Up yeah, and if I if I could yeah, if I could jump before the support to the down part that was my thing you know if I could jump before, this. That, support, thing into the down part then that would be the exact same as doing it in the street rail I was like in my head no and then I could I would go to an event to a skate park or whatever or street I could try it most of the time that that was the closest, that I would have been and I couldn't do some stuff but I was never the hurricane, guy you know like I had like the hurricane swept this or it can top. Me it's true and that was it I'm done, I don't wanna speak I can't, spin anymore. I'm. Not that great sweaty, so that's, a good one how but it's a lot easier to know ones that you do mean because it's been like 90. Degrees less. You just I don't know it's it's all like I've only. A hurricane so I'd like a handful, of rails and, I've gotten so hurt like like. Just missing. My feet and just like I've heard so many times and just I don't know maybe cause like it's less, of a spin that that's why I have a problem with it I'm. Not sure I'm not sure like, I've always, struggled you're. Scared of not winning because it's like the spin to win sighs you don't believe that you're not gonna win. Okay. So. When. Are you gonna have a pro skate. Like. Me. And II haven't really talked, about it. I'm. Just, kind. Of just. My thing right now and just continue. Skating maybe in, the, future I hope you know. Let's. Talk now let's talk about that now let's talk about that bro skate now so what. Would be your dream. Pro skate will it be ass-out would, it be a shift boot or. What. Would that be a, okay. Color-wise let's, talk about the, them. I, call the caller technology. Like. A like. A light gray like, a little. Lighter than what the, ship two has like you know in the gray --sole plates like the booth and, then like the Dunkel great remember, to Dunkel order the arrogant, the first arrogance a. Little. Lighter than the first Eragon it's like a little bit lighter it would be almost, like, the dunkels, okay. And then. With with all, white, like souls and then white frames, okay.

You Got it and wheels yeah. Well. It would be some. Probably. A sick urethane, wheel because that's what I ride for six. Sixty, and then rounded 60 so sick. Is poured by undercover, yes. So that. That perfect 60, round profile, that's like my, favorite wheel, ever. Okay. That's awesome I love I would, call it ledger would your will be on that set up, they. Would probably be white. My. First pro always white with like orange, so I would make the other one probably like white with like maybe, black. And gray accents, just to kind of accentuate. The, skate you know okay, it makes sense to go with this gait and do. You are you picky with bearings would you go anything specifically, yeah. Either. Titan. Ceramics, or the Titans twists, one, of those okay. Do you skate them and often do you feel the difference with bearings or not really, yeah. Definitely, with the Swiss for sure like I mean when I'm cruising a park I can definitely feel them. Okay. So like, I'm cruising. Yeah, so two days ago so, I've just let it in Portugal, yesterday, and and I've been in him for the last few days and that, was we have Piotr and Olga from adapt and I, was okay cool and, I was, trying. Their GTO skate. Just. Testing and he had two versions of the same GTO like, which is with different colors that's. The free skate one yes. But it's the most expensive skate, on the market and it's like that $1,000. Yeah, yes. 700. Hi. Almost, 800 yen you. See it because we all made a little yeah we, made a little video but and according. To Peter again they gonna make a skate and it's going to cost more, than that from. The GTO and then they're gonna make one even more so I don't know what they want to do there but I don't know it was cooled so I. Liked. It the top of market did appealing for their appealing, to but so. I tried, to skate one of his case which. Was the prototype. And then I tried to skip his own skate and I, felt a huge difference, from one to the other I first thought it was the bearings, but. It could, also be because one, of the skates, it felt like the hill, was. Not dead. Raised. And my question I was like a little bit geeky, I know it's I don't know it's not nothing that anyone, did did, you ever felt, I don't know about you but for a few years I used this cavity with. A huge amount of shock absorbers, because I was mainly stupid, and I, thought if I had a lot more shock, absorbers, I could jump from the top the whatever. But. It's Eureka I really, wanted. To protect my heels and I thought that would be the best way which wasn't I ended up right getting. Hurt a lot because if your heel is too high you have not the same support. How. Do you feel like your skate feels better if you skate more flat, or if, you skate with your heel, a lot higher, do. You know or do you feel the skate like slower. When you get like the, heel too high with too much shock absorber, it's, just curiosity, you, know yeah. Never like. Like. That having. The heel to the hat slowed me down you. Know I've always rode the razor's like with what. The heel pad that comes with them and then, I put, do. You, ever hear the super feet, insoles. Yep I'm skating them and boom yeah in both skates that I got at the moment no what color would you use I have the yellow ones for the regular scarce with the flight when when so, basically if it's a regular skate with a liner. Where. The, shell boot is square, in the butt not square but like it's. A plastic flat pack you know like the. Sole the liner goes into a flat which, she would wear flat part which is the liner so on there one which. Is a shell on that one I use the yellow one but. The carbon one that they gave me and. On. The. Other skate, which is the power slide art core Evo which is a whole carbon, skate and the flat is more like squarey, I have, this green, carbon these grey carbon, ones that does, it's, not for flat. Shoes. No it's not when there's a flat. Not. Gonna explain I don't know man like this instead. Of being a malefic but if it's a carbon that is all rounded then you put that one and feels better. Agree. And. I. Actually, got a ski. Shot and. The guy I like um did. The whole like super, feat like it molded the, thing to my foot yeah, it's. All similar yeah. They're great like that's like like, honest, it's it, was a game changer when, I did. It cuz like I was having a lot of foot pain like with my. Heels mom, I, don't know why and then the side of my foot and I, went, in like I thought maybe like I, thought. The shift maybe wasn't you. Know like working, from get and, then. I went, in and the guy like looked at me and he looked at my seat and he's like no you're not getting proper, support, it's not the boot at all and so.

I He'd, like custom. Did all the the footbed, to me and ever. Since then like, it's. Amazing, like my, my skates feel like like, pillows when I put them on can I try to explain you why basically. I was for like 10 minutes with one of the reps from from. Super, feet at a spa oh and. He was trying to explain me exactly what was happening so, basically, a lot, of times you want to softest. Inner. Sole because like, I just told you we think it's better for ankle. Support and we feel like we weren't clouds and whatever it's. Right it's not how it should be so basically, according of. Course this, could be also a selling. Strategy. Which is which makes sense to me if if. If, it is that if it's not think, about it usually. If you have something soft. With. Your weight and do it impact, you, will make pressure in a certain point the. Right there's lace that yes the place that you have to put more pressure you end up going. Through the whole insole, and you're gonna end up feeling. The pressure coming back from the plastic, like the rebound coming from the hottest part of your skate but. Because it's all like. Soft. You can still apply flash in one place only with them with the super feet insoles. Because it's a super hard, piece. Of carbon, or even plastic. Underneath. Your your, heel and it's. Usually super thinner the. What. We're what, we usually think it's. The shock absorbing, area it's, usually super, thin but, it's all it's, all in contact, with your foot, and it's, all like, super. Hard, but. Whenever whenever. You. You. Apply pressure you don't apply, pressure in a certain part of your heel but you apply pressure as a whole in. The whole back of your foot from the food hark all the way to the back if there's a piece of pressure it's distributed, by the whole piece. Exactly. And and, then if you have if, underneath, the sole if, underneath the insole, if. It has the shape of your boot then. Also the insole, applies, pressure on your skate also. As a whole so that's why there's two important. Parts in the insole. One is the top the one that contacts, your foot you need to find an. Insole, that actually. Goes. Around your foot perfectly and, shouldn't be too soft and the, other part important, part is also the, way touch is the boot like. It. Needs to have the perfect, shape. For your boot and then everything, is solid and you might feel like it's, not as soft as if you're skating 10, billion billion trillion, zillion insoles. Which you feel like skating in a cloud but you have no control. But. If you land it's still. Not gonna do anything for your body ok I think this was ready to geeky. Ok. So that, might make sense so. Ok. So you, said that you've seen, Diego because of. Ok, so you said that. You. Moved to San Diego because of your job what do you do on a daily base what's your job yeah. Basis. Like I'm I, my. Title is I'm a sales engineer. Sales. Into work for a company, yeah. That's correct. And. I. Work, for a company called Siemens. And it's. A pretty large, like electronic, manufacturing. Company mm-hmm. And. Those guys they're, like yeah. They're based in Germany, so, actually. What I do is, I, manage. The. West Coast retail. Accounts for. Siemens. Which is like I don't, know if you if, you've heard of these but it's called like Home Depot. Lowe's. These are like major. Home. And cruise. Stores. Like in the US and basically, seen, themselves like things like circuit. Breakers panel, boards. Other, things like that that basically power your house, so. I managed. Good. Not, gonna go sorry I'm sorry. To everyone listening to this please just don't complain, again it about me interrupting, I'm sorry keep good. Know. Basically. I manage. Like all the accounts. First. Siemens on the west coast from from San Diego up, to Seattle, okay. So. I it's. Kind of weird for me I think we had this conversation at, the winter clashes here the, amount of things that Simmons, does that people don't know because for a long time I thought Simmons, were. Like only like I don't, know did he yeah. I didn't even have found their home homes and stuff like that but, they do crazy stuff, when, I heard about all the airports, being done by Simmons I couldn't believe it like all the. Technical. Parts, like. When you go on there it's insane, yeah when. Is it the check-in thing those little, things. That takes her bags I recall those things that takes her bags and all that stuff. The. Whole thing like the whole system, is similar right. Yeah. Yeah. And that's like a that's a different, division than what I work in so it's, that. Just shows you how big it is okay. When they go ain't gonna make skin yeah.

Everywhere. Why not makes, case ok so. How. Did you end up in Africa I know that. Yeah. It's. A really big like video II went there for work, at first it was straight skating, because for some people that dog is skating okay, so. There's. The guard called you go okay, you want to say it you can explain okay. So. Basically. I was just on Facebook one day and I. Came across. Razors South Africa, page I'm. Just like what the is this like I. Was kind of like laughing about it and. I just kind of liked a couple of the posts, and I just wrote a comment like hey like sick to see you guys like shredding. In Africa, and they. A. Guy. Commented, on it his name is Hugo then. I. Don't. Know how to say his name I don't know go ban her Mac I think yeah I don't know anything like that, yeah. I called me Hugo so yeah anyways. It's. A. Private. Message and he just like told me that big. Fan of my skating and, he liked my opinon children, of the future which. Was the last razors, video for people listening and. I. Was, I told him thank you and I was like that's really sick you guys are skating and he was asking me like he's like like, how does it what does it take to like get like a pro, or like, Brian Aragon, out there and I'm just like I told. Him like you know I don't really know but you, know you can hit up Andy and I gave him Andy's email, and I said you know you just got a request somebody, yeah sometimes. Andy will like send somebody out you know you usually have to have like an event around it. You, know so I kind of explained that to him and then so, basically like a week, and a half later I got tagged and an email from him, to, handy basically, saying. That he wanted me to come there and. To. Like skate South Africa, and like they were he, was gonna set up a tour and. He. Was gonna have a little local street contest, and, you, know all this stuff and so I was kind of shocked and then, literally. In the next, day and he's like okay, cool yeah I'll, give. Him this much. Can. You cover the rest and he was like yeah and then. That. Was it I was I was on my way to South. Africa in, high school and and. Base. And, it got even better because I told, my friends. And. Luckily. The flight was like it. Was reasonable, it was like I think it was only, like 1,100. And. Some. Two of my friends actually wound, up booking take it's coming, with me so it, was like a three-person.

Journey, To. Africa and. Yeah. That, was like the start was insane. Dude. Getting there is really, really long I, know especially, from America, you need, to come to Europe first or something like that right it. Was like 30 hours of traveling, I know, know. Like. We flew down. And. Then, Amsterdam. To Johannesburg, so. I. Remember. When we got there I was like I was spinning like I was seeing double and. Like, I was it. Was crazy. What. Did you do. Okay. But, yes like you. Go. And yeah we did, like a week-long tour we did, so. We did Johannesburg. Victoria. And, then we went north to this, area called Petersburg, that's, worker um Hugo. I mentioned. This early you go is an airline, pilot yes, and. At the time he was a only, a private airline, pilot, now he works. For a cafe, it. Was said a move to Australia, and, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And he flies like big planes now like commercial, planes yeah so people might have been with him inside a plane did he knew it was the Inland Sea air driving to like flying, that. It. Doesn't, usually say hello are you go I'm your going to be your pilot and I'm. That. Would be I pull it so I pulled him because, I hit him up about, a month ago I'm going to Hong Kong in. October. And. It's. On that airline, and, it's the same plane that he flies and I was like you should go you, should you should see if you can fly the plane that the day I'm on I'm on it and then be amazing, and imagine if you could just do the presentation, there maybe that's how we gonna get more skaters. He's. Gonna be the blade God is gonna say blading, oh. My. God is up in the air man is in the clouds so why not. So. Back, to like back. To like we get to Africa and we. Met with him. This. Guy do, you know Neil yes, of course there's a loonie oh yeah, love monasticism. He. Saw he's great and then Eric Palmer, I'm. Not sure how much Eric skates he does a lot of photography, now I know haven't. I ever really seen him skating. Of for. Two years but I know it does he got like a set of big roomy Cape Town right yep, it's from Kiptyn yeah, and. Then the last cameras Pancho and, Pancho. Was. Supposed to come on the full tour but then something, happened and he only came on like part of it. Pancho. For the part of someone listening to this poncho he. Worked, with me moved to Cape Town about, two years ago. It's. Like. He's been he's been living there he studied design and, he worked at the shop when I first opened the shop I needed, someone on weekends and punch it was this, local. Kid that worked with me it's not working, with me anymore because he's like surely having a lot of design. Work that's what he studied but. That's, it it's. Hard it's harder to rely. On Pancho, if. That makes sense, yeah. We. Were trying to get him I guess we finally came, up one day and something. Fell through and and Hugo's. Just like putting a canvas face like. Pancho, man I love him so much but. Sometimes you just he, just doesn't come through yeah. Just not, reliable buddy and. He's. A great guy yeah it is a skater, is good, backflip, some elegance, yeah. Yeah. We. So. I'm, not I know you live in Cape Town so I'm not sure how familiar you are with Johannesburg. I've been there like two years ago but it's it's a completely. Different. Area. All right Bliley different when it comes to scaling and everything I loved it I was there, for. And filmed, something for undercover but. It's it's hot it's different than its I wouldn't. Say so it's it's not as clean if we use that make sense yeah. Yeah so. There's. A skate, park in, Alexandria. Yeah. You know where punch early yeah, right. Right so we went there like that was like the first day and. That. Was like honestly big I was like the first like real like. Pro. Experience, like I've ever had like in skating because, before. That I never really liked I traveled. But I never you, know winter baked and like people were like on just like staring at me like who. Is this guy, kicker like we're like we're so stoked and. They. Were really probably incredible. You were probably not, probably but you were one of the less pros after. Like before, that USD, had a lot of people going there like Abdul yeah I. Think a lot of people went there but it, was like 10 years without anyone, and then. Yeah. And then you show up in, a Township, for those of you who don't know like it's like it's. Kinda like a real. Ghetto ish area but it's it's amazing that's like there's like a skate park with her all the ramps made of metal, but, in.

Some Of the ramps you're sitting and you look into people's houses and you like really in a Township like some shacks around a skateboard, it's kind of scary when you get there and it can be really, dodgy. It can be really scary, to, skate those areas if you are not with the right people but. If you are I mean I, never. Felt. And. We. Have like a big barbecue. You're. Not allowed to call that man they're not gonna it's. A broad yes when, you're not allowed to say barbecue, it's the same buddy not a lot. Yeah. We. Had a bright. You. Learn Afrikaans, and some people also this isn't like this big of recons up. It's, a weird, because it's, really cultural, Hugo likes it yeah you're gonna speak same like with his family, I know. But. Like, Neal he's. Spoken a little bit but neo is up mostly English, yeah, but Neal also speaks Afrikaans a lot is family also but then Pancho would be I think Han cosa which is the other language so for, someone listening today's just for you too so it's one of. The. Countries, well where, culture. Clashes. The most if that makes sense there's a lot of different yeah definitely. Why you might have heard a lot, about these in Africa, and a lot about like violence, and it's mainly because of cultural, differences, in its it scary, sometimes. But. It. Is what it is the truth is, and. When it comes to scaling I guess. There's no, barriers. There's, no, border. Is so. Special, that. Was like gonna give me to the next part of my stories like after. Like you know we had a couple days of Street skating we. Have this like little contest, and that winged grey and, then, we all like went to just like for a group, like dinner and went to this restaurant and. Like. You know we told the people, like you, know how you know how many people we have and the guy like looked at us and he's like you. Wanted a whole sit together and. I'm like this looking, at him like yeah why, not Indian, and. Talk about the color scheme really. But. There's, still like an extreme. Amount of life, racism. And segregation in. The country, and I I didn't, know that like it still existed, you. Know like that like where it, was still separated, so like here we are all, together I have. Never seen, so many weird looks in my life like in, a span of like 20 minutes like people. Were like coming over and like like they were just like get out of their tables, and just like glanced over and I just look at us like what. Are they doing like why are they doing that it's it was crazy like I I couldn't believe it yeah, it's it's a it's a, thing.

And It's sometimes. A reason. For me to. Question myself. Is. This what I want for my life because I love it there I love it because for me I keep, saying the same and it's I know. You know what what is to speak about things, I've, been doing those internet things thinking, expanding. People what they should do with the YouTube or not and usually. When you speak about politics, when you speak about races when you speak it's the worst thing that you can do it for social media but that's. The way that this is going so we need to do it anyway. It's. I keep saying the same which is I don't really care, if you are blue yellow, black, command. Exact. Same for me what languages speak as long as you have the skill and the skill can be a lot of things can be asked you for a job can be a skill as a friend, can, be a skill, as whatever you want or is whatever you need if you need someone to beat someone it's also about the skill what, I'm trying to say here it's as long, as you have the skill. You. Should have the role it shouldn't, has anything. To do with, anything. Else that's, it if that makes sense and it's something that yeah. Sometimes, it's really. Really frustrating, because, it's, it's it's it, was you know it's funny cuz like it's. The this is the first chair I've been I've been a lot of places in isn't. The first trip in. My life in the beginning like that. I can, really say like I learned, a valued lesson like it's you, know if you're a good person that's. All that matters like you. Know like I, can, connect with you you know what I mean like and that's the beauty of traveling, you know you, know you've seen it in all the places you've gone like. You. Know we all share we're, all human, you know what I mean and it's, it's. Kind of crazy to me that like I'm sharing, this like amazing moment, these guys like they've, invited, me to their country, and I'm enjoying a meal with them and then we're looked at like we're you, know like outcasts, because of what we're just because of what because of who's your friend look, yeah. I know exactly what that is yeah I felt, that a few times is horrible. Yeah. Let, me go ahead with you so no. I just wanted to like I know you don't just share that experience because, like I think. For, a lot of bladers like not many bladers, have been to Africa and this, is the one, things I was like that excited, to talk to you about is because, not. You know I know mantras been and bulla you. Know yeah, and some, other guys in other places like in Morocco, and Egypt and, things like that but like not, many people know, how Africa. Is so but, that's the thing it's not like that everywhere in Africa there's.

No. There's. Places in Africa. Yeah there's places in Africa, where yes the color is always a little bit there. The. Problem, with the. Skin color but it's not and I don't. Know of any other place where he's so extreme, as in South Africa obviously because of what happened in the past but it's. Not up to me to think about it mm-hmm. But. This. Was about the exact same time that I first, spoke. With you I remember, back, then when, you went there I've, never been in South Africa and I was just, discovering, about Africa so I went, to Africa. Once. I made a little documentary called. Remember. Something. African. In line experience. Yeah. And then I was invited to go to Angola again, and when. I thought when you began a skate parks yeah, and I was already working for the skate park stuff but when I went to Angola again, what. I thought was I'm gonna be there for like mmm. Two weeks something like that and, I might I told you I might have the time or I might find a way because. I have seen, something about you making the tour and, I said and back then I was also skating with razor skates so this Spanish, friend, of mine is, a distributed, for razors and. The. Company, that I was working for the skate park company. Was. Working, in Spain building, skate parks through the razors distribution, basically they were trying to connect basically, the razors, distribution. In Spain. Was. Trying, to work with the skateboard, company bringing the skates to the country, and at the same time the. Portuguese, company that makes skate park was working, with. The Spanish. Distributor. Basically they were trading services. Or trying to help each other and because. I was working with that company they sent me skates trying to try, to promote razors it was before I get into college right fully again, so. I went to Angola and. I. Knew that you you. Were in effort in South Africa so I told you like maybe in the end I might find a way to go to South Africa without even knowing without. Even knowing what South Africa was all about and then I looked at tickets it was a little bit more expensive that ended up not happening funny. Enough a few months, later I end up going to South Africa and, here and a half later I end up living there it's crazy with it's just like.

So. You were there way before me. It. Is different but probably the if. I would have gone to to. Johannesburg I wouldn't have moved to. Go. To because. So different I wouldn't. Say it's better at worst I can, identify it myself a lot more with it it's actually. Geographically. I always. Say the same it's the, best place what I've been on her it's, by, far the best, place where I've been on earth then. Socially. Sometimes, there's some and some. Weird, things happening, but I learned. Yeah. Of course so. You're more than invited, we had this conversation before. Sooner. Than later like I just the problem is as I keep booking myself with trips. And then, I get to the end like the end of the year and I'm like I'm out of GTO. From work so. Anything. Okay. So let's, go through the questions, we have a few questions here we, have mr., Eric, your friend Eric the, photographer, is asking, when is the si trip at it coming out did he film a lot there, did. You film a lot there. Yeah. Release some of the footage. Basically. Like I haven't like I have a hard drive full of stuff and. I. Had my. Friend was making, the whole edit, and then. He. Lost like everything, and now, all I have is, basically. What, is left. Is the footage, that Neal, filmed, and then, we're sort of missing like a whole number camera, come on so they go put it on Google Drive I light it yes I think. I'm. Gonna just I quit up I have, like some highlights. I'm just gonna make like a little Instagram. Like. A minute edit don't put the raw one when appeals, a lot of people really like to see what actually happened, instead, of just like okay, just the craziest. Streets a lot of people a lot of times you know what it's something that I've been realizing with time, kids. And. Normal. People not the process if that makes sense not that they're not normal they like to see the pros also, missing the tricks sometimes they like they, like to see like I would love to just, seemed like arrogant, missing a trick the problem that is there is that inherit. Data or the robot but, all the other guys without, being Brian, Eric and they actually miss tricks and people like to know that they miss tricks sometimes it's, actually entertaining. To see that they, also get frustrated the. Human. Yeah. I'm. So. That. Kind, of got way, okay. And I wasn't any York what are you filming exactly. So. It. Was great. I'm. Basically just filming, like I've been working on it no this is like the third bunk with. Money had, been Brent and you. Made a section, of me a couple. Sections of me but he made a VOD section, of me last year, and. Basically we're just working on like, what. Work is. Like like, a passion project like, just like, basically. Like it's, gonna be you're long of me filming and, it's just like of course, skating but also like me talking and like kind, of going through like, what skating.

Means To me and like how much happiness. It's brought my life like. Basically. Not getting. Into like money or skate. Industry. Politics, it's about your. Like, the friendships, the. Places, it's taken me traveling, like the life. Lessons, things like that like that kind, of what we're training, it s like so, mom and, I got. A year-long you know of me filming so I'm taking my time with it, okay, that's cool more like a motivational. Thing we need those a lot, we need. Action. But yeah like in a way something. Like that yeah we need that we need people to understand, exactly, why. Someone. Which is like you just said an engineer sales. Engineer, head Zeman's why, does he actually, make. Ways for his trips to get longer to to skate why does this Kate what is yeah what does this senior what people need that people need to see why I like people that could actually be. Going. To the to. The Maldives, and all that stuff are actually going to South Africa tsk a people need to understand, right and it's. Like that's why I said it's like a motivational. Thing now, some it is well okay, sorry, good point. Basically. How it started was like I realized like a couple years ago just I'm you. Know I go to a lot of contests is like you know contests I think, you know it I you, know the fees and all that that's that's great I love but for blading but it's it's not me like, where I shine, in my life is creating. Sections visiting. Countries and just like sharing, my passion for bleeding that's always been like my, thing you know what, others kind of share that like like, tropical, like he's really good at that and you, know Ricky, is really good at that too and so I kind, of took my you. Know my reins from that I kind of like learned from those guys and try, to make it my own so like basically. That's like, you know we just hear I was like yeah let's just work on something to showcase, like how. Much skating, really means to me and you.

Know Not, really focus, on the con aspect, but more like the passion, in the art behind, skating. It. Makes little sense to me think. That's that's what I've been trying to do like I don't want to compete it's my own choice. Yeah right we, need competitions too because like when kids are starting you. Eat. It goes you like everything in life sometimes, the goal like. The competition, it's the easiest, goal. If that makes it yes yes, like competing. Was great back in the day you know I'm not back in a day but repeating. Is still great but it's just like, this. It's. So intense but like it's just I think in the, past couple of years I've just lost like the. Motivation. To kind of go out and have that intensive, and just kind of now, my motivation, is like, how. I do it you, know how, the skating, looks how the filming, looks the, portrayal - like anybody. Not just roller bladers but everybody. Who's watching me out spiders, you know my, friends, my family you know because at, the end of the day like that's. Kind, of like who we need to start attracting and. The, more they understand, the more they like, can, relate, to the passion, and like the the, love of what I'm doing like the more people, I'm able to touch if that makes sense of course it is it, basically trying, to leave a mark somehow, and I always keep the saying, the same which is I don't, have anything against, it and again we need those because that's. How people get together that's. That's how kids wanna get better the competitions, are important, but when, you win a competition you, are near oh I keep saying the same year in a row for a week whiny. Yeah and. When, you put like a good section you. Can be in Europe for five minutes no not a lot that I'm saying that that knows five but, those five minutes or, whoever, they, stay forever that's. The main difference which, is like if you do it right if. You film a section it will always be there when you usually win a competition. You. Win that competition that's, really strong that's a really strong. Moment, for you for the ones around you're like a hero but, then the next the next weekend there's another event and, nothing anymore even right. That's it right when you make like a proper section that you're actually proud, like you just said you're talking about the children of the future the racers video. The, some. Of those they mark your life way more than winning a competition because. Sometimes. It's going to be there forever and that's, what I believe, that a lot of the skaters, we time they, want to do it I have a conversation with Ricci, and he's gonna talk, with me about the flip video or, about the video you made in Canada and people loved or if. It's. Easier for skaters, when, they talk about their. Past to, speak, about the video sections, if you speak with a pro then. To speak I remember. When I won days or when I want that unless, if you was like I am yta that, we don't have that many and that would be like a million videos about it if there would be one now, but. Other. Than that I, think. It's, going to light more the other it's it's. It's crazy how like you know the video sections, so even photos like, really. Like it's, crazy I still have this image, in my brain it's, I don't know if it was a different brother it's a bee maggot - it's a. Ad. You, did I think it was for us teenagers, for a job well it was a it, was a power slide your, turn is doing like kink lens. Right so, old thing crazy like a hole Pinkertons, in the dead yeah yes, I think so yeah. So. That, like touch like like, that image, kind of like always, is stuck with me you know I'm sitting. There. Like really important. It's. So much about like. Portrayal. And expression. Now that I think it you know that's just what I'm basically. Trying to get out just repeating yes thank, you so much I was there was such a way thank oh that was that was shot in Stuttgart, and I, remembered that day I went out with a clip, shirt and it was a pink shirt and we were like and I was at a photographer, which is actually, still one of my favorite skate photographers, I don't, think he worked it skating anymore he was a k2, what's. His name Alec Snyder I think. He was a he, was just I don't know if he was a skier or snowboarder it, was Pro, in Germany, for k2 I think, it was no boy okay two snowboards I'm not sure, but.

His. Vision was already ahead, of his time there. Was like early two-thousands and I remember we went out his house because I stayed with him and it, was like we need to do something with that shirt like, we need because I like a really, really bright pink and then, we thought and, I was with mark Moreno and I don't know who else was a team from blackjack. Tim Robert, that's. Him wolf okay yeah and we. Were talking about like doing something indeed and then we end up realizing there was a kink. Rail also in Stuttgart there was the exact, same pink so, let's do something with it when we got there it was starting, to rain so the true mizu was actually if you look at it was. Actually done in the rain there's like, the you can see the water yeah, it was cool it's just I don't think it's nothing crazy was just it. Was mainly like color matching. In. My, kryptonite, so, that just was like amazing to me I remember seeing the clip was it in clip 2 or 3 yes. I think it was clip 3 I had, like that tree tonight and, I had like a sweat a rough sweat stance in the intro something like that I think that was it or. Maybe in the beat like, yeah, tell me. Do. You remember how sick like so. Clip to like they gave you like a like, a lens cloth and, then yes of course the degree I think was like I, think Clips 3 was like you, opened, it and it was like you. Know something, was inside the DVD cover and then. The, more, you could feel like you could you could paint it you designed it yeah yeah yeah so basic more stuff like that and you know makes who, made you mate, the clip video magazine right. You. Have heard of it it's like it, was a girl okay, so there's this German guy his name is Lucas. And Lucas right now he's like big in. Filming. Industry, I met him like not. Just with the flesh the. One before and it was just tell he loves been surfing and he comes to Portugal quite often to in surf buddy. Was just telling me that is because it got so. So. Hard on him because he has so much work that slowly. You. Start losing not I wouldn't say it lose the passion but yeah it's not the same anymore it's just like it's it happens with some of us with skating it happened to me like. Skating, that became, more like I I wasn't enjoying it anymore I was just like being the clown not needing to skate for people so maybe. That was a reason for me to slow down on skating a few years ago but. Basically, this guy Lucas he was the one weird, like the main guy at. Clip, and it was your coach mooted owner of of you, can and those guys yeah. Yeah y'all can and Lucas. These guys did dis, division, an

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