When STUFF BREAKS Middle of Nowhere - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 280

When STUFF BREAKS   Middle of Nowhere - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 280

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Oh. It. Feels, amazing. To be stocked up with some fresh stuff again yeah we got a lot of good stuff as you can see here, fruit, veggies. Cauliflower. Egg, a. Lot, of we got a lot of cheese. Somebody. Splurge. Friday. It's. Something special though when you haven't had it for a few weeks. Oh yeah. It's, like a real treat. So. One, thing I'd love to do when. Sierra. Is taking a nap is to. Go paddleboarding, it's such a great, way to get some exercise and, we do have to like hard. Pal, boards on the boat and I, might just pal around and see what's, kind. Of lurking. In the shallows because, it's, a lot of things around here it's, like so, many, rays, and, sharks and. Turtles and, stuff and, because, you're going so slow and you're so quiet you, can get really close to stuff, so it's awesome, I might. Just paddle, up towards, the really shallow part and, yeah. Just get out move around for a little bit I love. It it's like meditation you know it's almost like doing yoga or something. Oh. It's. Really, incredible. It's, just like so. Calm. Like. It's pausing, in the shallows awesome. Like. What, this is everything, is popped out it's, awesome. Thought. I might go a little bit further up the. Beach and see what I can find. No. Way so that's a barracuda, array. And a shark all. In the same spot, it's. Pretty cool. Areas. There's the shark, it's. A shark I don't know if it's a big one. Shark. An array you. See him. I. Got. Quieter. This tube just. Here a little bit of wind the, waves, slapping. Against, the Pala board. Some. Birds. She's. Amazing. This. Is the story of demos, a. Sailboat. Adventure. Izing around the world for the past 10 years and. Now. We, embark on our greatest adventure of all. Come. Join us as we take to the high seas and, travel the world with the newest member of our crew if. You enjoyed Ella's videos please, subscribe it's, a great way to support our Channel. What. We got going on today Brian well. We're. Doing some old-school moonshining. Style. Yeah. Quite fed up they have going on here today, tell. Me a little bit about the Yacht Club how did how did it come about to. Titty, first, of all how do we name it so, the. The. Tty seat I came. About because we. Are, an island called double breasted, Key and so. After. We built, this beautiful Yacht Club you had to name it and it morphed into the, - titty - to. Town as paying. Homage to the place for at so the - titty Yacht Club and double breasted key what's, he got going over here Connor can you explain the situation so, this set up the ethos behind it is minimizing. Extra, stuff on the boat that we don't need so that's. Our pasta, pot slash still. This. Hose we, use to cool, it is all, the same diameters, the water hose and the boat so to save fuel in the boat instead of trying to use. This still, on. The boat and use like propane, or, from. The generator for electric cooktop we're using the, most abundant fuel source we have which is Beach firewood, to, keep with our abundant, resource, policy, of using things we have plenty of we have lots of solar power so. We scraped here are some parts from the boat this. Is a 50. Watt flexible, solar panel, and. That charges, this little 12 volt 7, amp hour battery to. Pump the water back and forth look. At that, wonderful. Wonderful. Cooling, water, did. You choose that hot for the patients, absolutely yeah. There's nothing more American than doing.

Illegal Things what. Would be illegal in America legally. Here that's, the beauty for. Celebrating their freedom have. You never had in America. So. What what are your predictions for, how much alcohol you're gonna get well. The. Base this is why this is tough there's a lot of factors going in and. I'm. Gonna say four leaders or, leaders at. 40% I think we have four liters of 40% okay let's, get some liquor boiling, so. An his his Andes wash he's made this support his bone ended. Up this little process. Here. We go. Magic. First. Rips it up off first tips of alcohol coming through right there give. It a. What. Do you think it is it. May just be sugar water, yeah. All. Right what do you do Conner what happened we have good news and bad news the. Good news is we have properly, set. Up a cooling system that is, self-powering, we, however, the. Negative side is that we're at 212. Degrees right now the, boiling point of water and, that's. All we have so, I think what happened the way poured in here is just know how galling this, is Andy's wash he's made this aboard his boat never. Done it before how's it taste, we're. Just making distilled, water right now we're making we're making battery, acid, I, have. A batch that I'm pretty sure has alcohol in it ready to go on the boat well that is good, news. I. Brought. I've, got our batcher. Who's. Got the new mash. In there with the new liquor ready to go we're, getting a restock. This. Matches much better. Yeah. That was the weirdest, sipping technique. Did. You did you want maximum, power to file contact. It's. A success, right life you made liquor on the beach to, get an A B or C. I give, it an A for fun yeah, you. Got we got a badass. So. This is the this. Is the founding of the that's a lot better double. Russ double-breasted, Yacht, Club. We. Can just go there and do whatever we want right like we can be creative, and. Play. With things on the beach and, it's. Allowed, us together, as, a. Society. And, here. We are and, we're. Not just sitting out on the beach roasting, under the Sun we have our. Own place. A. Hotel. Is tried did. You know that for about the same price as, a cup of coffee you, can join our inner circle which gives you lots of whole benefits, like early, access to our video releases. Private. Membership, to our tribal council, you can chat with the crew and also, invitations.

For Like sailing, and diving and, crew opportunities, and all sorts of cool stuff yeah. So, head, to patreon.com. Forward. Fest SP bellows for more information, and we. Love you that's it back to the show. Brian. Going. On. Our. Freezer stopped, working, it's, so disheartening to work so hard to do. So much plane to get good. Food on the boat and then something. Like this happens it's just like I. Couldn't. Think of a worse thing than half enough do you just get, all this stuff. Now. It's. Gonna go bad unless I can get this working, yeah. And this freezer is not working, and that freezer, it's, like. Running. The. Compressors, running. It's. Running like. It's. Just not freezing. 42. Degrees, and everything, is just like mushy, and, the, chicken, is defrosted. So yeah not, an ideal, change, of situation from. Going to like yay we have all the stress food and then yay, all. The meat is going bad I guess. We, do have some friends in Anchorage, that could potentially put, some of the stuff in their freezers, just, to save the meat at least but. We have to. Wait. And see you read about, as. The. Sun rose so, did the temperature, on Dallas and our, situation. Became dire as our frozen vegetables, and meats began, to thaw. I. Think. If we don't are. Able to fix it today we'll go bad and. The. Thing that I'm, like. Super. Gutted, about is. All. The breast. Milk so, I pumped. Like, quite. A lot of breast milk out to. Have like an emergency storage in case like I get really sick, and my supply, go down or. Something. Like that it, sucks but, it's nothing we can do and Brian it's working super, super hard he was up late last night trying, to fix it troubleshoot. Read on the internet and. He's. Now gone over to. Some. Of our neighbors to, see if they, potentially have some stuff. After. Failing to find a solution on my own I decided, to take a cruise around the neighborhood and Maggie in search of help. We. Live in the best neighborhood ever. Andy. Had. A spare freezer that, we could borrow and. I. Talked about Conor and Jerry and they have like a lot, of knowledge and expertise, on these fridges, and they have all the gear to test oh I feel that everybody in, the, anchorage has some. Sort of the special skill, or, something, that they contribute, to our little society, here what, do you think yours is. We. Needed time to study so. Jerry's. Gonna come over with his gauges and he seems to know a lot about it so he's gonna show me how to troubleshoot it in, the meantime we can get this one going at least save. Our food. I. Feel, a little bit better at least tell our food is safe the. Only really thing we lost was the breast milk but. Yeah. Except. Jerry um Jerry's, our neighbor hi. And he happens to be very, knowledgeable about, boat systems, and one. Of the ones that I am not knowledgeable, about is, refrigeration. And so now I get to learn somebody. Who's been through it. 87. 87. That's not good that, measurement, did I just showed you down there and that, your heat coming out that's, all refrigeration, is this heat come out there is no heat coming out now. That can be one, of two things either all the refrigerant. Leaked out and the compressor, is just spinning, on nothing as no refrigerant, to compress but it's not a likely option because, it was working fine right, up until you, did some changes those when the load increases and, it works extra hard the. Refrigerant, if there's any even, a droplet of moisture. In the refrigerant, that will turn into an ice crystal and, it will block the capillary, tube I like. It's. My hobby I like to tinker. With things, and I'm. Good. Enough at it so that I can be helpful in that way and I like to be helpful.

Because. This gun is. Basically, the same unit yep let's take this one gurbles, this, one's gurgling, which. Kinda, indicates. To me that it's just pressing. Air through, it no. It's not doing anything this one could, be out of refrigerant this is a good example you've got two failures. But for different reasons if we lost you there we, have two identical freezers, on Delos and, neither, were, freezing anything, for, very different reasons, Jerry. Surmised one, probably, failed because we overloaded. It with all our new food we just had delivered, hence, the frozen, capillary, theory, the. Other one probably, had a leak and over the years was, now low on refrigerant. Luckily. We had the tools and expertise, in the middle of nowhere to, begin some serious, troubleshooting. So, we've had it off for about 10 min but to mass just to let the system utilizes. And then we're going to push. In the Schrader valve yep, there. You go okay. So there's something in there mmm-hmm, we're gonna put some more in there, more in though mainly. Our goal on this one is just to add summer fur trim okay, and, the. Secondary, goal is. That. We're going to put a, the. Meter the amp, meter and the compressor, and, we're going to be looking for, around, three amps, well, that's the DC. Amperage. Gets, up to around three we know the compressor, has about the right amount of refrigerant in it. I'm. Going to allow some refreshment, to go in okay so there we go see my pressure went up yeah. 2.7. Okay. And I'm gonna shut that down we do it a little other times, it. Is in, that, nice yep, there 95. Yep. Insane. All the crazy, tools that people have on folks. We've. Expected, our neighbor to have like a vacuum pump and, gauges. And refrigerant. Not, only one neighborhood two neighbors Connor - yeah, that's. How. He's doing I think this is what we were shooting for right, here. Are. You happy now we're. Gonna fix our freezer, yeah. We. Might have a place to put our frozen goods on your boat. Fill. Our second freezer with your food yeah, I, think it's a success event. But, now we went from zero. Working, freezers to two working freezers, in one day in one day, Brandon. Said. He, was going to nickname me cheer, bear it's, better than when I called. You Jerry Jerry the boat fixing ferryman yeah. Fixing. Yeah, yeah there is that one there is that one too can. You stand right there can you stand right there. No. Can you sit can. You sit while I show gonna, show my new thermostat, I'm very proud of. Ya. Maybe not. This. Is my new, thermostat. That another. Vote gave me it's pretty cool so. Now I can dial in the temperature. In. Degrees Celsius and, it'll hold it there or, within, a specified range.

That. I set and it turns on/off and, it is cooling nicely, so, I think. We're actually a pretty good shape so. It's. Getting nice and nice. And cold in there, you. Can see the ice that's a good sign there's the new temperature probe and. If. All the tests run well, we'll. Put our food back in here huh. You. Have no idea all the, effort we go to to make sure we have food to eat out in the middle of nowhere huh takes. A lot of work and all. The energy from this thing is created by the Sun and, solar panels which is a. Bizarre concept but. It. Works. Yeah. And then, you get to eat chicken and, spaghetti if you want. Up. Next. We, do some mold both work well, we have so many helpers, out here she's, starting to get like really. Minty. The tty C continues. To grow we got invited to go into the Yacht Club for, dinner this evening. Thank. You thank, you and we. Host a Monster, Mash challenge, and the, fourth teammate is best fun underneath your legs that's why you weren't a speedo how. Do. We have. We accounted for the fact that we're probably drinking. What's, coming out of this directly, so. How, are we accounted, for loss in the, creation. Due. To the inherent fact, that we have or making liquor in the beach and it's a perfect time to drink it so. It's. Like an all-day in all day right sir so. Maybe the consumption, during production, is, going to be initiated, resizable. Him Isaac. There's 25%, loss this year I would. Say at least.

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