Where to buy your Meat in Mexico? ...and a Trip through Guanajuato, Mexico.

Where to buy your Meat in Mexico? ...and a Trip through Guanajuato, Mexico.

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Subtitles in English, German, Spanish and Russian in your YouTube settings. Hello and welcome to the MeatAroundTheWorldShow!  Today out of el Tule, Oaxaca.  And on today's show, we will be taking you as  promised to Guanajuato, the state of Guanajuato,   seeing our friends that we met on the Baja, in  La Paz. Yes, and just seeing all the hot spots,   and we have a lovely treat today. Yes,  we treat ourselves! We have ribeyes!  

As you know, my favorite cut and yeah, a  little consumer advice about getting your   meat here in Mexico. And actually, we have our  new friends Jason and Kara over for dinner from   the Everlanders. Go check them out! We’ll  put the link below. All that is to come,   and I can't wait to get started!  Alright, see you later... See you later!

Alright, I’m joined now by Jason from the  Everlanders! yeah! We have the same hat fashion!   Good taste! There you go! I got this beautiful  rib roast here, that we're gonna cut into steaks   and here's the consumer advice  about buying meat here in Mexico:   Jason turned me on to this of course, and  he has a Sam's Club membership card, which   we don't. We didn't know about it if you're  in Mexico and you can't find your ribeyes,   the USDA choice... go to Sam's Club and you'll  find this kind of ribeye roast! Beautiful! It’s often hard to find good cuts of meat  at local butchers. It really is! Yeah,   Sam's Club has not only fresh roasts  like this, but also really nice pre-cut   vacuum-packed steaks, if that's more your style.  Exactly! I'll take this puppy out! Now we're talking!

I mean, look at this! Haven't seen such  a meat in, well, since we left the U.S.   Okay, we're gonna cut this into steaks. And  we’re gonna have ourselves a beautiful barbecue! That's the beauty of cutting your own steaks. You  can make them as thick as you like. Absolutely!   So thank you very much for that piece of advice!  And for everybody else out there coming to   Mexico...as soon as you cross the border,  get yourself a Sam's Club membership! Yes,  

it's a lot cheaper in Mexico than in the states  too. Costco memberships too! They are 80 bucks   in Canada, maybe 50$ in the States, and like  18$ in Mexico. There you go, even cheaper!   Sam's Club is well worth it. Alright,  well, we'll catch you at the dinner table! After three weeks in the state of  Jalisco, learning all about tequila,   it was time to discover a new state; Guanajuato. We had an invitation from our  friends from La Paz. They had  

moved back to their home in Juventino Rosas. It was lovely to see them and they went  above and beyond to make us feel welcome!   With traditional Mexican food and by showing  us their town, which was quite big. We enjoyed   hanging out at the main plaza, exploring  the markets and eating more food of course! Corn juice, wow! Corn juice yeah! made from flour Juventino Rosas is not at all touristy but  is very busy. We did quite a bit of shopping.   Richie got his shoes polished and  squeezed in a fresh new haircut. Augustin and Amalia were extremely generous!  They bought Zoe some traditional leather Zapatas   and for the three of us, a lovely adobe water jug. And this is how those traditional corn  tortillas are made; single and double.  

The doubles are called Gorditas and can then  be filled with all sorts of delicious food. We skip the chicken feet but said yes to the free Chorizo, that was on offer.   And at the butchers, we bought some proper  ribeyes for the grill party we planned   at our host's patio with the whole family. Thank you so much Augustin, Amalia  and Abigail! Until we ‘meat’ again! Our next stop was San Miguel de Allende,  where all the tourists seem to be,   and where lots of ex-pats from the United States  live. The town was well maintained, very charming   and picturesque but a great deal more expensive,  almost losing some of that Mexican flavor.

Next up was Dolores Hidalgo. Although  this town attracts many visitors,   it has maintained its Mexican vibe, oh and its  prices too! We had a lot of fun exploring the   city center and sampling some of their wacky  ice creams...one can even buy a shrimp one! Welcome to Dolores Hidalgo! Where they have wacky  flavors of ice cream! We've just tried mole,   whiskey and tequila. And what are you having Zoe? She's  got strawberries and cream. Nice! Our visit to the state of Guanajuato wouldn't  have been complete without going to Guanajuato,   Guanajuato. famous for its mining days,  its colorful houses and narrow steep roads.   Oh, and the low-hanging cables too! We got  ourselves into a bit of trouble finding our   campsite but with a bit of reversing,  turning around, blocking the traffic   and going down a one-way street the wrong  way, we made it and to a room with a view! Out of all the markets we've been to in Mexico,  this one was the best! Vibrant, well-organized and   simply delicious. Good job it was indoors, because  we had picked a very rainy day to visit the city.

It was fun walking through the narrow alleyways,   some of which are so narrow that people  reach over from their balconies and kiss! The famous Guanajuato tunnels, that you see  here, haven't always been used to divert   underground traffic. They were originally built  to prevent this silver mining town from flooding. As we reached the main plaza, the rain was beating  harder and harder and it was time to take shelter,   treat ourselves to a slice of chocolate cake  and a nice hot drink, oh, and a Mariachi band!   Guanajuato, you have welcomed us with open arms! That smells good!  We've already met Jason...and this is Kara  from the Everlanders. Yeah, go check them out! We might be getting some tips  about Guatemala later. Absolutely!   They’ve been all over Mexico too! I think we best tuck into this first! Sorry! I sometimes wonder about our parenting skills! What have I created? It's all good! I'm very proud of you! She's not using cutlery yet. Aren't they good?...and Sam's Club?

Well, thumbs up to Sam's Club, man! I haven't had such a good steak in a long time!   Thumbs up to Sam's Club and to  the chef! Thank you! Very good! Ain't that good? Zoe, do you want meat? Isn't that great? That's the best way,  just salt and pepper. Yes, I think so too.  We're still in Mexico for about three weeks.  We are here on this beautiful campsite,   we keep extending. It's easy to do!  Well, how long have you been here guys? It will be two months this time. They live here! We've been here a while, yes. I can see why, but we have to leave. Our visas are  

up in about three or four weeks time, so we will  go to Guatemala. And it so happens that these   guys have been to Guatemala not too long ago,  right? Yes, 90 days there, from March to June. Oh, so quite recently? And it was wonderful! And we're really excited  about going back there, maybe Octoberish…   We might just catch them  there! We will... ‘meat’ again! If not in Guatemala, maybe in Costa Rica for  Christmas. We're heading south the both of us   and yeah, gonna have some more steaks down the road! I hope so! Well, thank you so much for watching,  and we'll catch you next time   and yeah, anything else? Just subscribe to these  guys and subscribe to our channel and yeah,   thumbs up! Thanks for watching,  ‘meat’ you guys around the world!

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