Where To Go: In Vilnius

Where To Go: In Vilnius

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Lavish. Chakras, I'm standing, here in, Vilnius, the heart of Lithuania, and capital, city behind. Me is getting - tower the main symbol. Of firmness. Lithonia. Is not a typical tourist, destination, but I'm here to show you how, to have fun on a budget I like a logo. The. Power is the last surviving, part and Gediminas castle the, castle itself, is small about well fortified, and managed, to stand firm against. Many attacks, from, foreign invaders. According. To legend, the. Founder, of Vilnius grandia de minas had, a dream of a wolf on the hill, way he had been hunting that day. He. Was told it represent, the strength and we should build a castle with, a silly Aranda it proved to be true in the 1990s. Gediminas, tower was the first place of when in flag was officially reached. Showing. Morals of the castle, from different, ages it also provides, a clear, panorama. From. One side you can see the old town stretching. All the way up to the Parliament, building. From. The other you can enjoy the view to, the river nourish and the, three most central, beaches and. From the last you, can see the hill of three crosses. If. You fancies show the, five minute walk up a steep slope takes you to the top. Alternatively. Though the funicular runs, from 10 a.m. until, 6, p.m. all. Year round and until, 9:00 p.m. during. Season honors. Talking. Of viewpoints. The hidden jamming Vilnius, is the Green Lakes. Slightly. Outside the city, it's less known to travelers. And. The. Summertime, flocks of locals, can be seen here soaking. Out the warm weather, sunbathing. And going, for a cool swim, in the lake afterwards. The. Green lakes consist of six legs in total but we will focus on how to get to and what activities are, available at, one, in particular, boss's, Lake. The. Reason, the lakes are so popular among, locals, is the range of activities enough, for here sport, enthusiasts, gambeson training, for sports swimming, long distances, kayaking, around the lake or simply. The more relaxed, option, of beach volleyball. The. Lake has a spot, where, you can hire rowing, boats kayaks, and paddle, boats. Rowing. Boats only five, years in our and allow you to go deep into the center of the lake to take in the stunning. 360. Degree view. If. You're brave enough you should definitely. Dive in here to sample how fresh, the water is. There's. Even, a boat available. For hire that. Has tables, on it. Careful. Though cuz you don't need a good pair of legs to pedal it if there are many a few higher views. Can be bought from the bar for extra fuel. On. The right-hand side of the lake you can find a path put into the Tarzan swing it's fun it's crazy, and it's always exciting. To. Get to the lake from the center of the city two buses are required, from. The Novotel on Gediminas Prospectus crosses. Three to the square on, the left-hand side of the square is vilnius, gateway where you can take the bus 1 g from bus stop Vince a coudl cos h de, right. 3 stops until, you come to the premier, GU arena, stop and change, bus to the 36, or 66. Here, if. It's a nice day there, is a little just across the road from the bus stop where, you can gather supplies, for, a picnic after 15, stops get off at ver Korea and follow the road opposite, the bathtub, to the foot of the lake. Passes. In Vilnius go almost everywhere. And only, cost one year reporter, knee. Turning. Back to the city we find ourselves only, or more unusual, part of the city the independent, republic of rubies, on April, Fool's Day in 1997. Inhabitants. Of rajab has declared themselves independent, with. An army consisting, of 12 month the. Time you was seen as a way of poking fun of the recently, sought freedom left when I had acquired from the Soviet, Union.

The. Country, itself tells him like a Australian fun its own identity and, the population, across the river thought it would be fun to turn the small area, into, its own community allowing. For activity, to flow naturally. But. Is still unclear whether, the Republic, is actually, a joke or, a serious, matter but regardless, the, events, promoted, by Josephus are encouraged, by members of lithuanian. Parliament. As. They declared, their own currency. President, cabinet of ministers and, even their own work with, a different one for each system. Discover. Together password stand by the waitress. They. Even wrote their own constitution. With some unorthodox examples. Included, for, example number. 12, a dog, has the right to be a dog. Number. 24. Everyone. Has a right to understand. Nothing. Hilarious. Nature, of these laws proves, just how artistic, and free the people of YouTube are attempting, to be. Artistry. Is demonstrated. In every, part of the Republic, of Rodriguez, wherever. You go, the. Area can be entered, from different, sides of the old town with, the most popular, entrance, show, in a map of how to get to all the main art work. Some. Notable, pieces, to go see is the, angel. The. Hidden mermaid, under the bridge, and. All on display in, art workshop. You. Can even see some boobies, in the trapeze. Don't forget to look under the bridge when you're coming back across the river to the city. Right. Underneath, you'll find, a swing attached to the underside of the bridge oh. By. The way your. Shoes wet. These. Amazing. Swings, you can find in many places and there's, a top-secret, community. Behind it which hangs them all around Vilnius, a. Great. Way for getting, around the center of the city is the cheap City bags for hire with Vilnius. Have been virtually no heels, these, bikes are easy for everyday usage, -. Short term options, are available to, use these city bikes. You. Can get a three-day subscription. For 2 euro and 90 or a 30 day subscription, for 3 year and 90, this. Allows you to use the bikes freely, for, up to 30 minutes don't. Worry though, as you can easily change bikes at the same station, after just a two minute, break there, are a total of 37. Stations, around the city many, of which are in the center be, sure to familiarize, yourself. With the location, of a few though as to, exceed the 30 minute freebie, and you'll find a service, fee added to your monthly belt all. The stations, can be found on the second, city website where, you can also sign. Registration. Get out a set where George, Easter go to Cyprus alt. And, fill in an application for. Subscription. To the service will, be connected, to your bank account and works, with, any across the world after. Signing up you'll receive your password - email address, you entered and then. He can get your bike after picking up your three cyclists, it occurs there, are places to add the city we can get your card, but. We recommend, the Vilnius, public, transport, information point, which, is located directly across, the road again, from the Novotel, in the kiosk. Every. Time you are going to new city it's always an issue to, find a place where to eat up streets. An endless with many after, menu and promoter, standing, at the doors try to explain why their place is better than the last we're. Not going to show you the best place to eat because, it's generally done to taste well show you a, little trick on a place where you can save some cash. Dalian. Food is now one of the largest markets in the food industry and in, Vilnius, it is no different there, are two chain restaurants. You can find throughout Vilnius, can. Come and chili, pizza most. Of the time both of the restaurants, have special, offers for, many types of Pisa and even. More discounts, for takeaways. Some. People looking, at the menu. In. Camden, pizza, you. Have to flick through to the middle of the menu to, find them advertised. Whereas, in chili pizza you must ask for a separate, cut out deals many they, can sometimes be found at the front door. Pieces. Here come the at cheapest 150. And conveniently. Both of this restaurants, allocated, opposite, each other small, distance, academics. Prospectus. However. If you would like to try out for any unforeseen there. Are many restaurants, of Fernet Tavares is one of the better ones in our opinion, but it has one of the main ingredients in, Lithuanian, food that, it can find it and many of the DS. Alternatively. If, you can afford it or simply, aren't in the mood for dining out there, are number of cheap supermarkets. Around the, city each, can be found within walking distance of, each other although there, is not much difference in tracks the three are maximum.

Eat Eat and renew. When. You'll be in one of the shops don't forget to try the last, national, snack. These, little sweet cheese filled snacks are so, light and delicious that too good to be cheese and taste enough they like it there are different flavors to choose from the, cheapest one starting, at only 11 cent. If. You'd like to go further into cultural food you, can buy when you take Socrates, this. Big cake is designed, in the shape of a tree and made, through a very careful, layering, process in a special, oven. This. Reminds, me something like a local. After. A good dinner it's nice to go for a relaxing drink or two there, are a lot of pubs, and clubs and pubs but, our course takes us to smaller lesser-known, filled. With locals, spending. Their evenings, enjoying, a cool national. Beer, here's, a lousy life. The. Place is decorated in, a wooden style given, a de cozy homely, atmosphere of. Traditional. Houses the, pub itself, is special, in Vilnius due, to the wide range of local, and imported beer. On offer here. You can find the most popular brands, of Lithuanian viewers, ranging, in price and, alcohol, strength the, many is vast and has, beers as low in price as, 120. They, even have ears on tap here. Alongside. The, beer menu you might also find the menu for food. On. Friday, and Saturday night the, pub is open late until 3:00 a.m. and. They generally, have music, play make. Sure you don't get the new labels mixed up with your friend drinking the stronger, beer or you might end up having had, two too many and find, yourself dancing wildly, along. To the rock anthems, they play. Allows. The - translated, to the beer house and can, be found by following the river and eros which runs parallel to give the meanest hour it's probably the easiest option as the, pup is just by the riverside and all it takes a short 15 minute walk, to get there. Alternatively. Though you, can get there by walking I've get Amenas prospectives. Turning. Onto the river at the Lukesh garage to square. Time. To relax to. Have a nice walk and some. Relaxation you, can come to Bernardin part this. Part is, especially. Beautiful in autumn when the leaves fall however. There, is a different, alluring, atmosphere, all, year. The, park is between, Gediminas tower and Anubis, so it's really easy to find. In. The summertime people, are gathering in the center, of the park for the musical, family, in. The evening, when the Sun starts, to go down, lies come on and colors start to change, desynchronisation. This. Is just one example of, all the water around the park Little. Ponies can be found throughout and the, river vernal, runs, along a path from, the zippers to the tower. In. One corner of the park, giant. Just. Play. The game of chess if. There are a few pieces missing you, can grab the nearest trailer, xx to use as a prop for now, I guess, I'll just use myself. Start. To to the tower.

With. A comedian. From. The Soviet Union. Primarily, a Christian, country. Churches. As places of course, mr. Peter here, is the largest, place of worship for all Korean, Catholics. During. The soviet union's, rule the, main body of the cathedral, was used as a warehouse for, storage the. Crypts of the church were always kept, intact though and contains, some of the key figures of vilnius, history, buried there. The. Crypts can be visited by booking, a tour in advance the, prices, for Euro 50, per person, however to, get the tour in English, unfortunately. Costs an extra 20, liras. To. Take part in, the church's Sunday Mass as. We already said the cathedral, is the largest, place of worship for, all the women Catholics, and. People. Campus, in coming, here every, Sunday to sing along to the massive, organ. The. Ceremony, can be quite a spectacle. The. Grand palace is located just, behind the Cathedral and in front of it is the main square, of Vilnius, this. Square connects, the old town. Different. Events take place here, which, makes it the liveliest, part of the city. Now. That we've shown you what, to do and where to go in public about where, to stay, we'll show you a couple of cheap places around, everything, we've talked about so far and, we'll live in empty. Right. Opposite the Capitol, Square religious, talking about is the Cobra hostel this, is a great location as, it puts you right in, the center of the tower Cathedral. For Judas in the park the doorman here starts, at 12 us pray night this. Is a little pricey for your things, right. Round the corner, is the conveniently. Named hostel. Phileas. 16, you. Can get lost here, as the name of the hostel, is its address and for, our sixth, series a night it might be worth the extra - water another. Option, we recommend, is the Opera House hostel. Santa, the address for this is Jail Olivier, of God for, this, house L is just off get amoenus prospectus. And almost, right beside the bus stuck to the lake and the, kiosk you can pick up your bike card prop staying. Here will set you back nine, years, and I. Get. All the tips and tricks many, more hidden cities, will explore. You.

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The main symbol of Vilnius is the Iron wolf, not the castle! Please read the story carefully before spreading a message.

We appreciate your correction and will keep that in mind :) We based it on the fact that the castle is the most promoted subject in the city, which means, Lithuanians want it to be "a symbol" for the visitors. And as a result, the castle is the most recognizable for travelers out of all.

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thanks for the advice, Clemente, this can be helpful.

brava maftuna, i told you you are cool



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Visiting Vilnius right now and this guide will come in handy! Thank you so much :)

You are most welcome, Rupert! We hope you will enjoy all that Vilnius has to offer :) Feel yourself like a local :)

Very nice introduction to our beautiful Vilnius. Thank you

We are glad you found it interesting, Tama! Vilnius is indeed beautiful

Don't go to Cili pica! Shittiest food in town, unless you are teen and don't have a taste.

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