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Which 360, camera should you buy in 2018. Hi my name's Ben and I'm obsessed, with 360. Cameras in case that wasn't already clear I own, quite, a few of them maybe 15, 16 or so and I've, had the good fortune to play with a lot of these in review, almost all of these cameras in front of me and others. And I have a really good understanding of, how the overall market, for 360, cameras stands, this is an area that grows so, damn fast there are so many amazing cameras, out and it can be super confusing about which camera is best for you so in this video I'm going to tell you what all the best 360, cameras are to buy in 2018, regardless, of your budget. Three. Months ago when I made a witch 360, camera should you buy video I promised you guys I would update it every three months and that three months has come so from the previous video all the cameras are in there do not buy category, I'm not going to include in this video because they're yesterday's, news I'm I'm only going to include the cameras that made it through to the next round so go back to. So. If there's any 360, cameras you don't see here that you thought might be here go check out that video and see why they didn't make the cut the camera I want to start with is the camera that's had the most amount of hype in the last year and that is the GoPro fusion. Many of you guys have seen my first impression video of the fusion and it looks awesome doesn't it well, I've got a confession for you guys I don't actually own the fusion, I borrowed. It from my good friend Kevin Koons and we did a little review when I was in San Francisco, but I haven't touched it since my first impressions, of it were really good however a lot of people that actually own the camera and the camera is only available in the US and parts of Europe at, the moment said, that, it is less than perfect the actual camera seems to be performing, well however the post-production seems to be a nightmare, it seems to be really hard to stitch the footage to, process, it in the GoPro fusion, studio, app and there's been a lot of issues with the whole post-production, both on computer, and on mobile which is why I'm guessing, they've delayed the worldwide release I still, can't buy a fusion, in Australia, even in January, 2018, it's not for sale I reckon this is something that GoPro just didn't anticipate I mean as if they're going to miss out on all those Christmas, sales when they could have released it at the beginning of December yet, they've delayed until, or beyond for a worldwide release look I still don't know when it's actually coming out I'm refreshingly, GoPro website every single day and still, unavailable, in Australia, and it's hard to buy from the US so, we'll keep you guys posted as as soon as I get one it seems like it's going to be an amazing camera around, the six or seven hundred dollar mark it'll be amazing for video pretty good for photo but, we will have to wait and see I can't put this in the must bike category, because I simply just don't have enough experience with this camera yet it seems like it's going to be an amazing camera but there's going to be a lot of issues you're going to have to deal with with, post-production, so definitely.

Consider This camera and stay tuned for my review of get my hands on it as soon as I can and let you guys know what I think the next camera to consider in 2018, is the gear 360. 2016. Yes, this is a two year old camera now and most cameras from two years ago are simply outdated the, photos look bad the videos look bad however the, gear 360. Is one of the longest-lasting 360. Cameras in my personal, opinion that is still a word the consideration. In 2018. Michael, from 360, rumors and I declared this the best 360, camera under $100, just a few months ago and I still think it is if your budget is on the lower end and you just want to experiment with 360, this is an awesome 4k. 360, video camera, it's only compatible with Android so iPhone users unfortunately. You won't be able to use this however, this is still an awesome camera, and delivers, a very good result, look it's outdated in a lot of ways like it doesn't have six axis stabilization it. Does have a number of flaws and I did make an in-depth, review of this camera around a year ago so you should check that out however if I only had a hundred bucks to spend I would definitely, buy this camera because it's freaking, awesome that brings me to its little brother the gear 360, 2017. This camera came out roughly a year after, the 2016, model and it did improve a lot of things like iOS compatibility. Resolution. Was up a little bit however with this came a whole new round of flaws like the autocorrect stitching that adjusts, as your video plays, and the workflows is a nightmare to work with in Adobe Premiere so while this technically is a good camera and there are many awesome, features about it because of the abundance, of cameras we have it just doesn't compare to a lot of the other cameras on this table if you got it for free with your Galaxy, Note 8 or samsung whatever phone, then, you've got an awesome 360, camera on your hands however when I think about going and buying the size I I just probably couldn't do it to be perfectly, honest right now in 2018. I would accept this for free but in terms of buying it me man. I'm, gonna put this in the category, next, on the list is everything, at boot goon 1 yes. It's the insta 360 one and this has been a good camera from the times I've used it I do love, attaching, this to my iPhone and getting a really big preview of my 360, in advance, that's, really cool this is a great camera for bloggers. You can just point and shoot and do basically everything on your phone the insta 361, app is amazing. I always say it's probably the best 360, camera app out there of all these cameras, and it does allow you free capture which means you can re-edit and reframe, your 360s.

Within The app so, once you've downloaded your video you point, your phone like this move, it around and it recaptures. Your 360 video that's awesome and I love that about the insta 361, what I don't like is it's kind of hard to use this camera without it attached directly to your phone it's a Bluetooth connection, and you can't actually see what you're shooting before you shoot it so, you might shoot 50 photos and discover later that they're all overexposed, out-of-focus, or there's, some major issue with it you do need to plug it into your phone again to work that out so unfortunately. That makes it much harder to use with out your phone it's an awesome camera in many respects, it shoots raw which most cameras, don't when I compared to the me sphere and the theta V for both photo and video it came third in both situations, so, while this wouldn't be my first choice camera, I think it is a good all-around camera, for bloggers, who want a fast, workflow, and people that like to keep everything on their phone I would 100% recommend, buying. The insta 360 one in 2018, it's a great camera and you won't be disappointed, except. For the things that are, disappointing, next camera I want to talk about is rail oh and who, are Rilo they came out of nowhere a month or two ago and now they have this awesome camera that has heaps of hype and there's some awesome footage on YouTube and Facebook and, Instagram there, looks amazing, it seems to be a camera that's geared more towards extreme sports than anything else its main draw card is it's awesome stabilization. It makes insta 360, one six axis stabilization look. Really bumpy and shaky I have absolutely, no idea how they achieve such amazing stabilization. But it looks freakin cool next time I go skydiving I will be bringing Rilo along just to see how smooth, that stabilization is. Which is probably gonna be never cuz I'm never ever gonna skydive with us said from what I've seen so far this, seems to be really, the only feature, worth talking about everything else seems quite average compared. To all the other 360, cameras stabilizations. Awesome but there's been issues with the app issues. With the workflow issues with exposure, so if you're into extreme, sports this, is definitely, something worth considering, it seems like you can create an awesome moving, hyperlapse, effect with the Ryloth I saw Michael's hyperlapse with the rail oh and it looks super cool there's no denying it looked freaking amazing and that did genuinely get me really excited about this camera I actually can't wait to try out some hyper lapses, and some stabilization shots, other than that I'm pretty certain, I'm not going to use it in any other scenarios, other than movement, so this might be a good camera to consider if you like moving around a lot it has been interesting because since the release of Rila insta 360, have taken a hint and they've massively, improved their stabilization. It should be a firmware update and it should give the insta 360 one and potentially, other, instagramers, that amazing. Stabilization. With no bumps, when six axis stabilization first. Came out look, it was absolutely, amazing I couldn't believe that a camera could actually do, that from a simple firmware, update but, now after seeing the Rilo it looks pretty crappy in comparison, to be perfectly honest with you you can see every shake go to 360, room is his channel and check out his comparisons, because there's a massive difference between, the two when it comes to shake and it's someone obsessed with 360, cameras I'm so excited because I know this is going to be the new standard that 360, cameras hold having this amazing, smooth, stabilization. So while Rilo may have started it I can see every 360, camera that is made from now on taking, a hint and working out whatever it is that stabilizes.

That Footage and adding it to their cameras so really with the Rilo you need to ask yourself do I want amazing, stabilization, now can I wait a few weeks or a few months for new amazing cameras, to come out the rylos about five hundred bucks right now and that's more than the average 360. Camera I do have a feeling that the in statistics, you want will match the rila with this firmware updates, so I wouldn't, rush out to buy the Rilo just yet look I'll put in them maybe column and I am going to release more content with the riley so you guys can make a more informed decision by, the moment I'd say wait next, we have the Xiaomi, meteor, me, sphere and you guys know I love, this camera this is an amazing 360, camera best bang for your buck in the two to three hundred dollar price range of all of these it really just delivers so well in photo, video. Is all-around, awesomeness, you've seen me compare it against so many other cameras and it holds its own against, cameras twice the price do check out my review of the meas fair but I'm not gonna keep flattering, in this video cuz I've done it so many times it's an awesome camera do buy it if you've got two to three hundred dollars to spend because it's just going to deliver I've almost never been let down by this camera I took it to Niagara Falls it got absolutely, drenched, by the water and it took some amazing 360. Photos it's water-resistant, it's relatively, tough and if it breaks you haven't lost that much money you also have a team of dedicated engineers, working, on the firmware for this all the time Michelle Mendes from the Xiaomi Facebook, group is tirelessly, working on firmware updates for this thing to give you even more bang for your buck but, essentially, this has become three, times as good as when it was first released purely. Through firmware, updates things like resolution stitching. The apps just, the general, capabilities of the camera keep improving, significantly, and even though this is a two hundred and something dollars camera I would pay way more for it I would pay over five hundred dollars for this camera because it delivers in so many ways so do consider it and do watch my other videos, about it next we have its, new brother and that is the, med venture, 360. Which is like an orange me sphere right they look exactly the, same and a lot of people have been asking what's the difference well there isn't a whole lot of difference, to be honest they're basically, the same camera you can see if the same design so there's a company in China called, mad V who made the original Zhao me camera and they sold the design to Zhao me I think the contract was around a year and the contract ran out recently so. Matvey have taken over and they're going to continue innovating, this same design making, it better making improvements, whereas at the moment Xiaomi, maybe, they've lost interest in making 360, cameras but mad V is picking up where there's Yami left off at the moment we don't know too much about this camera it's basically the same camera other than the fact that it comes with way more accessories comes with the awesome selfie stick and a whole bunch of tripod mounts and other cool stuff so I would consider it at the moment it's in the lower $300, price range but you know the engineers, will believe definitely, be working on this camera and improving it for the next 12 months whereas it's not guaranteed, that's going to continue happening with the Xiaomi camera so until more infos announced and I probably will make a review of this camera I'm going to put this in the maybe list you should consider it definitely, it's probably, going to be an upgrade to the Jia Ming camera next is another camera I don't own and I don't speak from experience, so take it from what it's worth and that's the vu 360.

Camera That came out last year this is the cheapest 3d 360, camera and I've seen some footage from one and it looks pretty, good but personally I think 3d, or stereoscopic. 360, video hasn't really taken off yet and it's not really we're spending a few extra hundred dollars to, be able to get 3d because no one's going to watch it maybe two percent of your audience so it's not really something you should prioritize, right now when such a small, amount of people engage you with it you want the most amount of engagement possible. And you're more likely to get that through, utilizing, the awesome features and some of the other awesome cameras, so I'm going to put this in the do not buy list for now this brings me to another middle, of the range camera and it's the Garmin, VirB, this is an awesome 360, video camera and I would argue it's probably still. The best 360, video camera pending, the fusion, you guys have seen my review and you've seen how tough and durable it is how awesome, the design of this camera is and how they look at the 360 video is superior to basically, everything else this is a higher price point so if you're willing to spend over $500. For awesome 360, video but less than a thousand, and this is going to be one of your top contenders, no question its greatest threat is going to be the GoPro fusion and since the fusion was released in America this has gone down $100 so you might want to consider it check out my review of the Garmin VirB because if you love 360, video then this is going to be a camera that doesn't let you down this camera is really awesome I can't think of too many flaws, about to be perfectly honest I really wish I used it more but, I don't shoot video that much personally, I'm more of a photographer, so a camera has to be good all-around has, to be excellent in photo and excellent, video and this is more good at video not so good at photo so, for me personally as, a photographer, I'm going to say no but as a video shooter absolutely, 1000%. You should consider buying this camera Ferb. Moving, on to the higher-end 360, cameras and this is a field I know absolutely nothing about, there are quite a few contenders, like the insta 360, Pro Z, cam Kandel, obsidian, there are various GoPro rigs where they combine anywhere, from 2 to 30, GoPros, into one ball and then you stitch the footage together later there's also the year halo which has just come out which all of my professional, friends are totally geeking out over however. All of these cameras come above, 2000 dollars anywhere from 2,000 to about 50,000, and that's just out of most people's price ranges so while I'll probably never get my hands on any of those I would suggest checking out my friend shoot from creator up because he has, with a lot of these cameras, and he's the guy to go to if you're looking for a more professional rig, in terms of high-end photo other than using the GoPro method or the DSLR, method where you take photos in all directions and stitch them together there is a camera called the panono Mick from 360 rooms absolutely, loves it so check, out his channel cuz he's got examples of it it seems like an awesome camera basically nobody I know owns it other than Michael but that's alright it seems like a cool camera the workflow seems super, confusing, and complicated and I'm all about simplicity and, sticking to your mobile which is why I'm gonna focus more on these pocket-sized, bad boys I just removed, a camera from here can, you guess which one it is which camera, was right here it, was my. Newest acquisition, camera, I'm very very excited, about and that is. This. Is the Yi 360. VR my newest, acquisition. And this is a 5.7. K 360. Video camera to be perfectly honest I've only had it for 24, hours so I can't give you proper thoughts I will put out a first impressions video in the next few days and I, will make a review of this as soon as humanly possible, but this is going to be an awesome option for video if you geek out on resolution, from having a look at the previews on my phone it seems like it has issues with stitching, also, the dynamic range isn't great, so if you're one of those people that's absolutely, obsessed with resolution, and this will give you the resolution stitching, might be a bit difficult but it's under $500, so Yi is an option with stay tuned for more next we have a camera from a much smaller company, and this is the VR DL 360 camera why I haven't actually turned this one on yet it does do 7k, photo and 3k, video which is pretty good it's a $200, price point so personally.

I Think that's a little bit too much for only 3k video especially when you have gear 360, doing 4k, for $80. Or something and when I think about it that probably is the cheapest, 360, camera that can do 7k photos, but, there's just something about this camera that hasn't demanded. My attention to turn it on and take photos and videos it doesn't really have any unique features, that these 360, cameras don't have so it's not yelling, at me Ben turn me on take a 360, photo make your tiny planet with me Ben please I'm begging you know whereas. Almost all these cameras they're begging for a tiny planet to be taken so look I will take a photo with this I know I'm being unfair, so to be continued, with the VR DL 360 camera I'm going to put this in the mail list since the release of the insta 360, Nano and insert 360, air there's been a a bunch of new 360, cameras that are mobile friendly to plug into the Lightning port or the microUSB port of a smart phone and there's, going to be a ton of these coming out in 2018. A few I can think of off the top of my head are the ion 360. The ASA hollow 360. The Motorola, 360. And the essential 360. These are mostly from already existing smartphone. Makers that thought they throw their name in the Hat and put a 360, camera out that matches with their phone time will tell how those pan out but at the moment I'm still not a fan of 360, cameras that attach to your phone only because it does limit, your photo ability, having, to have the camera physically in your hand all the time I'm going to add one more camera to the do not buy less and I'm very very, sad to do it it is, the. Theta S this. Used to be my favorite, 360, camera and I've traveled the world with this thing this is delivered, some my best content ever that's helped me grow my Instagram, account to now 18 point something K followers, was mostly because of the content, I shot with this camera and now I'm telling you don't buy it what's up with that well it's a purely because there's a new camera in town and that's called the theta V it's basically, the same as the state s to be honest however they've upgraded the video to 4k, the 4k, video looks excellent and why have 1080p, video when you can have 4k do check out my review of the theta V for a full list of its strengths and weaknesses but, this is one of the most reliable cameras, I've ever had as has, been the theta s but the fate of ve the camera I know I can rely on the optics, are so good that it's always going to deal the view a really nice photo or video regardless. Of the situation the dynamic range is among the best of all of these the 360, photo workflow, is excellent, a 360, video workflow is excellent, the tiny planet workflow, of both of those are excellent as well I can always rely on my theta and it's one of the most pocketable, cameras ever look there's basically, the size of a pocket and it fits so nicely in, your pocket and when you can fit a camera in your pocket it means you can go out and take ten times as many photos as you could with something, like this, in your pants, yeah, not a good idea not if you want to stay out of prison three, of the most popular cameras from the end of 2017, with a theta V Xiaomi me sphere and insta 361, and if you saw my comparisons, between these three cameras you'll see that the theta V basically, one in all three situations with, the me sphere a very very, close second, so the theta V is just going to have your back if you have between 350.

And 400, dollars to spend the, state of V it's just going to be an awesome camera for you however if it's less if it's more, around the 200, to 250 price range then, the Jia Ming me fear is an excellent, second best it can do the vast majority of things that the theta V can do and in some cases it can do way better so this young Mimi sphere is still my camera of choice for those on a budget if you have around $300. Get, the Med venture, if it's 350. Go. To, theta V if it's 400, you might want to consider the Yi if it's, 5 to 600 to, consider the Garmin VirB and if your budget six hundred to a thousand, you will want to wait around for the GoPro fusion from what I saw when I was in San Francisco, it was just amazing, the video look absolutely stunning there's going to be lots of amazing things about the fusion like I said it's going to have flaws but in that price range this will most likely be the camera of choice for video and potentially, photo as well I'll put links down in description to where you can find all these cameras for the cheapest price possible on, either Amazon, or gearbest.com. They're all amazing and whatever your budget is I would just say get a camera even if it's the worst one here it's better than not having a 360, camera and if it's this little thing yeah this thing that's been sitting here at the front of the table I literally don't even know what this is called what does that say, Rex, oh look. This looks like a smartphone, camera but even this some unknown, 360, cam there a gun in the mail from China it's still better than having no 360 camera, so whatever your budget is make sure you get yourself a 360, camera and you capture your world in 360, so I'm curious which is your camera of choice in 2018, which is your personal favorite which camera you thinking, about buying which, one are you totally geeking out over I'd be super interested, to hear your guys thoughts and definitely also leave a comment in the box below if you have any questions about any of these cameras if I can help you out personally I will do my best to do that don't forget I have full reviews of most of these cameras on my youtube channel so go over there and check them out see the side-by-side comparisons. And really work out which one is best for you because there's no one single best camera it really depends on so many things most importantly, what you want to shoot her do check out those other videos because I think they're going to be really helpful also, don't forget to hit that subscribe button down there because we've got more awesome reviews, side-by-side, comparisons, and general, 360, tutorials, you won't want to miss those in 2018, by the way I'm on Instagram and Facebook as well so definitely follow those pages because there's going to be a ton of valuable, content coming in 2018, with all of the latest 360, cameras like, this one and this. One and this. One and this. One. And this, one and this. One so definitely. Stay tuned for that until next time has been your 360 camera obsessed, friend Ben and I'll see you in, the next video, BAM.

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Hi Ben! My intentions are to create my 360 canal in youtube, I'm with you about the handsomeness of 360 recording, the interactivity which allow to the observers, and the plus of magic of a new technology. So I bought the Mijia, but up to now... I couldn't make it work properly, the IPhone I'm using it's the 5, and I think come a little short in hardware for processing video...Is it the case? How many minutes does FB or YT allow you to play in there platform? Thanks, and happy many 360 days!

Hey buddy- yes you will probably need a faster phone to process 4K video. Length doesn’t matter

Happy New Year Ben, love the video as usual. Had my Yi 360 for a few days now and really like it, waiting to do a review but I have already posted two videos taken with it. One I used at a funfair in 5.7K but I switched the mic off by mistake (Got confused in the settings between internal and external mics - oops) also did a video mixed between the Xiaomi and Yi done in 4K and Im impressed. Just ordered spare batteries as it eats power and also a cheap spliiter cable for sound and power to try out. I look forward to your views on this potentail amazing machine.

Awesome- yes it’s got potential!

I bought a fusion. So far, no android ap. I have an iPad though, so I'll use that..... uh, the ap only works with ios 10 or greater. My ipad won't update past ios 9.x. So, yea.

I shot some with it today. I'm about to have a look (PC). Maybe I'll love this camera. I hope I do. If it stitches well and beats my gear360, it's a win.



You too

I want that camera that you don't even know the name of. But I couldn't find it for sale :)

Here it is haha: https://www.gearbest.com/action-cameras/pp_675309.html?lkid=12519625

i have just ordered the xiao mi 360.. cannot wait

Great choice!

this comment is in reference to something I asked in another video, you said that you had to save up to have the dslr 360 photography gear, but given you said you are a photographer, I guess you must have a dslr camera, all you need to buy is a pano head which costs less that 200 dollars, you don't need a fish eye lense which is very expensive.

the last part sounds a bit like I'm shouting, I'm not btw ;) love your videos!

as I said, it is in reference to a comment I did on another video, you said you would wait to make a DSLR 360 tour because you had to save as the equipment is very expensive, but given a pano head is half the price of most of these pocket-sized 360 cameras, I was asking if you could do a 360 DSLR tour tutorial but without a fisheye lens (you can make 360 photography without a fisheye lens, you just need to take more pictures, besides the quality of the 360 photo will be better, but it's more time consuming, regardless, I will not spend twice the price of my whole equipment on one lens. I would appreciate it very much if you could someday make a tutorial on how to make a 360 business tour for google street view with a DSLR camera but *WITHOUT A FISHEYE LENS*

A zeiss batis 18mm lens (perfect for panos) is $1500.. but what does that have to do with this video lol

Great vid Ben , two of my 3 cams are in the dont buy cat. (Theta S & Gear 360 2017) :( and the third is not worth mentioning lg 360

+Ali I. Sidki Tip: I use my old LG360CAM as an external ambisonic mike together with my Xiaomi that only got stereo mikes built in. I made a dead cat with hole for the front lens and in that way I can easily hear AND see the sync handclap wich make the sync very easy :) I know - it's not as good as e.g. a Zoom H2n...but it's "for free" and give a reasonable good sound with the dead cat on ;)

Time for a new camera?

Thanks ben for your info, i already sold the lg 360 and buy the gear 360 2016

Great buddy

Fusion would be go to if it was available in NZ. Tilting to the Madventure but I'm holding out to see what happens next.

As am I haha

Me faz uma doação para mim de uma câmera dessa 360, meu sonho, só não tenho condição de compra. Sou do Brasil!

LIFE in 360 It makes me a donation for me of a camera of that 360, my dream, I just do not have the condition to buy. I'm from Brazil!

Why does the theta v look purple :/

It’s a metallic grey finish

omg i want those lol

Don’t we all haha

Thanks again Ben for your enthusiasm and detailed work illustrating the pros and cons of all the cameras you’ve been able to get your hands on. I’m looking forward to getting the best camera available to me to drone around at my next total solar eclipse. Your info will definitely direct my decisions moving forward. Cheers Brother and best wishes for 2018. :)

Awesome to hear-good luck with it!!!

Happy New Year


Ben, you’re the best! Happy New Year

Theta v is best one i think that

Yes it’s awesome

Happy New Year Ben. I for one have no issues with the Fusion software. The render times are long, but the quality is worth it. The new software should be out at CES in a few weeks. I still have my gear360 2017. But never use it unless I am going to live stream. I still want the theta v.. Since I didn’t win it, I am going to sell the Gear 360 and buy one after Fusion software comes out. If the mobile software makes a computer less work flow, I might not buy anything. So far I love my Fusion. People seem to really like the work I have been putting on instagram. I have gone from 3 followers to almost 200 in a little over a week. And you have even like some of it. Love that Fusion.


Yessssss obsessed we All are. #bbppPosse Hawaiian time late check in. Whew....thanks for the go pro tip. I was chubbed up for it, and if that don't beat all, B and H is still sending me backorder.norices for the You 360. We love what you do for us brah. One love peace and Aloha Brah. #BenBarkerAloha #TechJunkieOfThePacific

I just got into the 360 camera scene. I got an 'old' Samsung 360 2017, 3 weeks ago, because I got it for $50 new. I'll keep watching your videos for your recommendation when I upgraded. Thanks for your videos! I have been learning so much!!!

ayyy!! 'Offer Up' from a guy who had a couple prob got free with cellphones he bought or something like that.

william cooper where did you buy the old Samsung 360 camera?

Glad to hear it, and yes exciting!

On a side note. Super excited for the gopro 360 camera!!!

Want 1 that takes best pics above what I have already Oh happy new year Ben

Many good ones here!

Because of you I bought the Xiaomi sphere. And are now waiting for it to arrive to Denmark. Better be good...

You’re gonna love it

Hi awesome reviews, I ended up buying an insta 360 one off the back of the review due to the app. One problem I have is that when I share a 360 video to YouTube from the app, it isn’t actually 360 video but a flattened version? Is there some steps I m missing? Please help as this is driving me crazy!!!

Well it’s pretty easy for most of us but if it doesn’t work for you then that’s my suggestion. I haven’t used the camera/app a whole lot so there are much better people to ask- try the Insta360 Community Facebook group

Thanks, so theres no way of uploading directtly? The iphone app appears to suggest you can upload a 360 video but obviously it doesnt?

Hey- try sending it to your computer and injecting 360 metadata before uploading. I have a video showing how to do that if you search back about a year

which one is your choice, base on low price and acceptable quality

Omg thanks so much for the review! Following your channel for sure now!!! The focus on simplicity is huge for me since my best friend got the Vuze and said the editing and rendering process was a tragic nightmare considering the $649 or something that he spent during the November sale last year. Can't wait to get into the 360 camera world! Can't wait to see all the Fusion info you share with us :D

I want 360 3D, it's the only realistic VR experience, all others look fake in VR.

Hey thanks- stay tuned!


That 69 dollar phone is the only one I can afford. I saw your review for that and I was wondering if it can be used without a phone at all. Like if I can just record videos and photos without using a phone and then later connect it with my windows laptop to do the stiching and uploading to YouTube as a 360 video ? Although I have an Android phone with Snapdragon 625 processor (which supports 4k video capture) but I don't think this camera will support any phone other than Samsung. So it will be very nice if you could explain a bit in detail about this and if I can use it just with a PC and without a phone. Thanks.

LIFE in 360 Thanks

Sorry I have no idea about phone compatibility, go to the Samsung site to find out that info. And yeah of course it can be used without a phone!

Just got the Samsung 360 camera and I was wondering if they make a hand held gimble for it? Thanks in advance! Christopher

Hey- yes check my gimbal video about 7 videos back

Please Campare the Theta V and the Fusion Please

Only because you have such good manners!

i bought the samsung 360 2017. not impressed. in your opinion which is the best one for low light indoor on a tripod?

Easy- Theta V

Theta V.

I'm leaning towards the Garmin VIRB. It just seems like a real quality product with very good video capabilities and since that's what I'm looking for in a 360 that should do it. However for a pop in the pocket and take it everywhere camera I think the Theta V seems like a great product. I'm wondering if you can get any insight on the new Facebook Surround 360 X6 with six cameras. This is suppose to be for consumers not professionals and will be priced appropriately.

VIRB is a great choice- I don’t think the Facebook camera will be for consumers.. it has been planned for a long time now and not released yet, so I’d stick with these options until we have further info

What 360 camera do you recommend to put inside of a car to use as protection against thinks like accidents that are not your fault but under $300

We do enjoy the Fusion for some things....what do you think would work better for lightweight drone use, and live?

Hmm I’d say the One or the VIRB, depending on what you consider light

Talks about 360 kameras, shoots video in 2D :P

There’s a time and a place for 360

I've taken some shots with the Fusion. It does take nice looking videos. I'm looking forward to updates as far as the workflow goes.

Mi Sphere

I'm obsessed with GoPros. I have 16 of the HD versions since their inceptions and 12 of the 3MP and 5MP digital cameras plus a ton of other action cameras.

Now 1/17/2018. Just recently I saw some promotion info about the Vuze+. Have you heard anything more what this does to improve the camera, and would it be enough to get it off you "don't buy" category? BTW: I like your choice of a tune from the "disco" era as your background music.

Hey yeah I heard something too.. haven’t looked much into it but I will!

Hi. I am seaching for a 360 camera for photos. I would like to mount the camera on the roof of my car to make my own street view photos. I would prefer it the camera has build in GPS so I can geotag the photos without a smartphone. Can you recomend af 360 camera? Thanks.

Hi Peter, please check out my video ‘which is the best 360 camera for photos’, I think it will help big time

Thanks for the guide. Do you have a recommendation on software to fix video and photos that are not oriented correctly?

God DAYUM dude that is indeed a ton of 360 cameras :) Personally own an Insta360 Pro, so stoked they finally released updates for spatial audio and an Android app. Also the new stitcher is really boss

Yeah there’s Hugin which is free, but I prefer an app called Edit360 on iPhone which does it much faster (for photos). Videos can be done in Premiere.


He who dies with the most toys-WINS! I'm a bit obsessive compulsive. Basically have an action camera mini museum of its evolution.

Got it last night, still have to unbox it. Curious to see how I can use this with my videos.

Hi ben , i need to live stream 360 on facebook with high quality audio , i am thinking of the gear 360 and merged with my zoom h6 & processed with audition via OBS .. Will that work ? Or if you have better suggestions please help..

Panono 360° camera is life in 360° photography made easier. I am so lucky I got mine during the Indiegogo campaign cheaply.

I need a pro 360 camera for 360/180.

I probably wouldn’t do sound externally.. best live streaming cameras are the Insta360s so you may want to look into those


Some friends and I used the Insta360 Pro for a live 360 variety show which we streamed on FB, and it worked super well! 360 video is a really cool medium!

Xiaomi vs madv? Madvs only reviews on Amazon are negative

Hi! Thank you for good videos, and good information on 360.. I have bought myself a Mi Sphere Camera two weeks ago. And I had seen your video about stitch the video in Premiere that you had up in oct :) One reason way i bought this camera was because i so this video on stitch in premiere, plus the quality have locked so nice when you been shouting with it. I usually making videos in Premiere and After Effects. But now i understand you cant do that any more with this camera :( Have you herd of that there will come a solution for this any time sone ? Strange that they draw back the plugin?

Hi, do You have a video or have made comments on any of your vídeos about Kodak orbit? Thank you. I' m considering buying madventure but Amazon won't send to Brazil .

We have a YouTube channel that is primarily in the water. We've used the Fusion and it's great above water but underwater it has a hard time getting a smooth stitch. What do you recomend for underwater 360 that has good stitch and still gets 4k or better?

LIFE in 360 lol thank you sir for replying I'm thinking of buying the madv but those reviews were kind of holding me back. They said there's a watermark on the videos that's also kind if holding me back too

Well it’s exactly the same camera so those people probably have no idea how to use a 360 camera

Yes i have manage that part yesterday , bringed a video into Premiere and cut it and changed colors. The only thing that i thought was strange was that in the output window in premiere i just get it as a square smale image and not like the input format, but maybe thats because its not 4 k and the way premiere deals with it. Have not tried to export it yet ;) Keep up with your good work in here, it was you that inspired me to get in to this 360 world..and it is wonderful !!

Thanks- nah it’s not possible anymore.. the solution is stitching on your phone and sending to your computer

Hey- yeah I’ve eliminated it previously since it’s not very good. Buy the Mi Sphere- link in description!

LIFE in 360 thank you! I’ve heard good things about the virb. We’ll give it a try.

Hi Elizabeth, Garmin VIRB is your best bet here! Haven’t tested the Fusion yet for underwater shots.

which one do you suggest if editing with FCPX? thanks appreciate your work

Thanks very much for the reply and doing these reviews..never had anything to do with it so just looking at new equipment like the new iMacs compatability,,If your looking to sell your 360 content..check out Vibehub..they are anew crypto with a platform for content creators to sell VR content DIRECt to users...interesting times..thanks from Qld ;)

Any of them

I own a VRDL360 camera, the one you put in the meh list, and to be honest, it deserves to be there. There has been no firmware upgrades, the software is kinda buggy, and the camera's video can't be exported which means you can only watch it on your phone as long as the camera is connected. The photo although is quite okay. It has an output of 7000x3500 pixels which is approximately 24 Megapixels. There is a lot of noise in low light, but it does have a night mode and ISO can be controlled manually. The stitching is quite good, and the photos are really good in daylight. Do checkout my website argos360.in and I have posted a few tiny planet photos on Instagram @nelsoncsimon Do check them out. And thank you for this video. I've ordered my Xiaomi Mijia 360 camera from GearBest. Cheers from India!

Hi Ben, excellent review as usual, much appreciated, thanks. I do SLR Panos mainly for fun ( http://www.fachwen.org/ ) I started a long time ago using film and Apple's QTVR Studio!! I bought the Xiaomi MI Sphere on your recommendation and am playing around with creating single shot panos for the 1st time. The downside is of course the lack of control and the lowish resolution. Wish they'd release some

That’s great, also useful tips for me. I’ve learned much from this. See what have we done with Xiaomi Mijia Sphere (+Insta360 Studio)– tips for crazy footage during the MTB cycling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdLxrCdCGQs

Hi and thanks for info

Is there a camera out right now that can take a high res 360 still pic *inside* a small space (12" x 12" x 12") without obvious stitch lines?

Yes many of them! See my video ‘which is the best 360 camera for photos’

I am a real estate agent and fitness instructor. Can you tell me which has the best resolution to and pictures and easy easy to use and to use the app. as I am quite a computer idiot. So the app would have to be very very simple to use and be rather in expensive. Cheers

Hi Tracy, I think for great quality at a good price, the Mi Sphere is a good option

Sorry for this question, aftet i posted it i found you other ones, THANKS

Check out my most recent video

https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Resolution-Camera-Version-Warranty/dp/B01D9LVL3G Two questions, is this the best 360 camera for someone thats new to them? i want them for boardgames. and what is the difference in the US version? as its a lot cheaper for me to get it from america thankyou! awesome channel, subscribed!

and can the gear 360 2016 do live streaming with any workaround?

Do you think the additional mic for the Theta V is worth it in comparison to the built in "spacial" audio?

That’s debatable haha. I’ll try to make a video about it

Is it possible to do livestream with this camera? Thank you

If so, how can i do it? Thanks

what about nikon keymissin

If you want to go for the best 360 camera for pictures and you were between the Theta V and the Xiaomi Mi Sphere, what would you choose? The lower resolution on the Theta V seems like a deal breaker for 360 pictures.

Hey- check out my photo comparison between those cameras from about 5-10 videos back

You realize there are like 20 cameras lol

It got knocked out in the last comparison

it's pretty baller. The quality with the new stitcher is amazing, unless the object is right next to it there aren't any stitch lines. My only caveat is how heavy the footage is, but it's kind of expected

How's insta 360 pro?

1:34 when the video starts

Nope it starts @ 0:00!

Any suggestion for a cheap 360 camera that can stream live on social media (custom RTMP source)? (with android non-samsung phone though not a computer)

Maybe Insta360 Air.. although you’ll have to check their website for compatibility

I just brought a gear 360 2017 for 60 bucks (60 USD) from a guy on let-go I've had it for an hour and love it that's actually the reason I found your channel I was looking for reviews on it keep up the good work

thank you for the reply!

Going to pick the T-V here in Japan today... Just not sure if mic is "really" worth the extra coin. It's a big chunk of $ for a mic that I don't think can be really used for anything else. If I may ask....With you personal experience with it as it is so far... what's your take on it between 1-10 (10 being "a must" ) :)

I don’t own a action camera but I just needed it for vacation use in June 2018 and idk if I should get a normal action camera or get 360 degree camera

Great Reviews! I do have one question, however: I am trying to figure out the best camera to be used as a webcam with Skype. We have small (4-9 person) teams that meet to discuss software development daily, and we use Skype to connect with remote members. It is pretty lame to have a regular webcam that needs to be spun around to capture the person talking (think standing in a circle). The best case would have little distortion in the plane of the upper body of the members, and should be pretty much set it and forget it. Any suggestions?


Thanks William- there’s currently two cameras that can do 360 video conferencing.. Insta360 Nano S and Giroptic iO. It’s still very much in it’s infancy so I’d say wait a bit until they make it a bit smoother

Awesome- you’re gonna love it

Which one can I get data overlay from an OBD2 port for a Corvette

Garmin Virb

I’m confusing

Samsung gear 360 the best one???

Yes you are

I am looking at a Mi Sphere, but I work on a mac and cant find the software - is it available? Can find for PC - just not mac... thank you :)

Hey- you download and stitch on your phone then send to computer

Which would you go with for livestreaming (less than 1000$ price point) which can be hooked to a decent mic? I am hoping to do creative on the fly computer editing and will be at my house (not outdoors). Thanks in advance!!

Thanks so much for letting me know good sir.

Unfortunately those two things aren’t shared by a single camera!

Looking for one for real estate - it will boom. Gotta be good for pics and video and a large dynamic range. Your choice? Cheers!

Hi Jane, I’d say depending on your budget either the Mi Sphere or the GoPro Fusion

you wouldn't happen to have any tutorial videos for the older Samsung 360 would you? the software it comes with isnt so ... friendly.. any suggestions?

Yeah go through my vids- you shouldn’t need software though, just use the app

Samsung gear 360 the best one, sir???

Im planning to buy a 360 camera and i didnt kno u need 360 tripod

Hi Ben! I am bit confused, how well would you recommend Insta360 Nano S for average usage? Thanks for the help in advance. :) PS: gonna use that with iPhone X

It’s fine.. watch my review of it

Thank you very much! love the videos. love the enthusiasm!

My fav is the Madventure (mi sphere) followed by GoPro Fusion!

Thanks for the great video! Keep it up brother! :)

Each year something new comes about. thanks for a share

Which 360cam capture best underwater?

Would want more substantial info on the VUZE (+sw!) since there is no other (cheap/easy)setup to do 4k 3D VR, how to view it at best; S9?

I’m probably not going to get that camera to be honest..

Hey Ben! Thanks for this awesome video! I a musician and very interested in grabbing a 360 camera to capture my gigs. The wonderful part of having a 360 camera on stage is that you could grab the show and the emotions of the people in the same video. However how would it work since the audience dont have any light on them where as the stage is usually fully lit. Ix this a problem?

Thanks! Yeah unfortunately all cameras need light.. if it’s dark there’s not much you can do unfortunately

GoPro Fusion, Garmin VIRB and Theta V with waterproof housing

Boy was i waiting for 20 mins for him to review the yi 360 coz i was about to buy it a few days ago but waiting for some funds.

I own a GEAR 360. I don't quite like the quality even at 4K but I need a small camera because I am recording inside a scale model. The stabilization is really bad and the stitching sucks at close range. I have been looking around but I can't decide which one to buy. Please help me decide! I need a small camera with the best image quality possible and no stitching problems even for extreme close ups, and good 6 axis image stabilization. I'm willing to pay up to a $1000 USD How is the THETA V for stirching ans stabilization? Thanks

You have a 360CAMERA Emporium. & I aprove of your flattery, can't wait to see the firmware updates and new options to come!

Ben, what is the best 360 3D 4+k digital camera for video? Thanks

5:40 I presume that when you said "it shoots RAW" you meant raw photos only not raw video.

Well yeah.. it’s very rare for any kind of video camera to shoot raw

And did he?

Watch my review- honestly I think the Fusion is your answer

Cheers buddy, thank you :)

GoPro Fusion is the best? For video quality and low light

Yes! Review coming very soon

I haven’t used any of them but I’d say Insta360 Pro or maybe the upcoming Kansas Qoocam

Didnt realise your from Australia. What part of Australia you from?

I have the 360 fly it's a great camera an I also have the hero 6 I use the 360 a lot more then the GoPro I'm going out know to rec some of the ice in my town hogansburg ny a mohawk reservation I will use booth


Thanks Ben! I'm considering to buy Mijia Mi Sphere or Yi 360 VR.

What do you think about the matterport pro ? would like to hear your opinion,thx

Gear 360 в России можно уже взять примерно за 50$ , самая идеальная цена за устройство такого уровня)))

nice revieuw only you talking so fast that people who a not understand good English tal k not so fast

Never used it but seems kinda unnecessary now with platforms like Cupix

Turn on the subtitles and pause the video

great area. Brisbane myself


Fusion is over priced

Looking for camera to strap on my tiny drone. what’s the smallest and lightest self contained 360 camera?

LIFE in 360 Thanks for the amazingly fast reply. I was hoping to find something much smaller as my drone with battery is 78 grams and the Rylo is 108 grams. Thanks again.

I’m gonna say Rylo due to the amazing stability and nice picture quality

"If there are any cameras you dont see here, they didn't make the cut" Immediately talks about a camera that's not on the table.

I’m obviously referring to the list- don’t think that needs explaining

Ben, I noticed you didn't recommend Vuze, there is a new one coming out, hopefully you will find time to check it out https://qoocam.kandaovr.com?kid=MAZ1Z and with better results.

LIFE in 360 Whew! Alright, Ben! Can't wait to hear your review!!

Those are 2 different cameras.. and yeah I’ll probably get my hands on the Kandao camera

It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. You get what you pay for- quality.

How would be the gear 360 2016 because my budget is under $100

LIFE in 360 Thanks

I think I mentioned that in this video

Eken pano 360 degree camera review please

Never heard of it

Im new into 360 Cameras. I'm looking to use these to shoot still 360 view of rooms to use on our Real Estate web-sites to better serve our clients. Which would you suggest? Being new to this Really not looking for a pricy camera.

Mi Sphere all the way

I'm a University art student looking into 360 filming so my budget isn't high. Which camera will get me a decent quality of footage within a lower price range? What do you recommend (I'm an iphone user)

Hi Sam, Mi Sphere all the way

Maaan! You talk a lot! But cool and helpfull review! Thanks!

It would be kinda hard to pull off a video like this without talking

Good job on this video but I must say I was a little disappointed that you didn't film this in 360. Not that it would have added to the quality of video but it would have just been funny. I would have watched from a different angle just because I could. Awesome video anyway.

Thanks, but there’s a time and a place for 360 and this definitely isn’t it

This guy is great!!!

Thanks! - this guy

I would like to have the maximum recording time before each camera overheats.

Watch my reviews of the cameras you’re considering

Hi Ben Im Looking for a 360 Camera (4k would be great) what would you advise for indoors possibly low light ? Im a bathroom fitter and think it would be a good idea to put pics up on my website. please help Thanks Clive

Hi Clive, go the Mi Sphere

I really want a 360 cam I can hook to pc for live stream. Any recommendation for which could so that? under $150? gear 2017?

Any tips for which 360 would be best for making drum covers with ?

Samsung j7 user

Hi there, is there any 360 camera on the market which is suitable for underwater such as scuba diving?

Yeah any of them, but you’ll need an underwater housing. I’d say the Theta V would be your best bet, with the underwater housing

What’s the best 360 camera for Facebook live?

Insta360 cameras.. One or Nano S

How's the post production?

LIFE in 360 yeah like filming myself playing the drums to a song

Drum covers?

what you think about 360 fly camera?

LIFE in 360 oh got it. thanks mate. btw can we create virtual reality with camera 360?

It’s not a 360 camera, just a wide angle lens action camera.

I'm looking for a great camera that mounts on a helmet and doesn't give you that teletubby look but also takes fantastic shots. I'm thinking Garmin might be the right choice here but the Rylo didn't look so bad either.

I like your vids

I didn't see Fly 360 4K on either video. Considering this versus Xiaomi.

love the review just tho for what i was wanting to know i did not figure out in this review maybe you can help me since you own so many cameras hehe, I am wanting a specific camera at a decent price.My requirements are 3D 360 degree video i can care less about the still image...i am wanting to shoot that kind of video for my channel coming soon and I do not know if the cameras you reviewed here do 3D? i herd you talk about the 360 aspect in them but not so much if they shoot 3D ? and since i am not familiar to any of these type of cameras ...i don't know if they are all capable of shooting both things ? because i only see one image sensor in front and i thought to do 3d you need more than one camera that is why im asking. Reason is that i want my channel to be able to have the option to be viewed either in normal 1080p video 2d and or VR 360 that is why....and i have seen some video footage with my vr that are 360 video but not 3d so the video to me looks flat 2d and yes you can see everything in 360 but i do not get the sense that i am there and that is one thing i want to do with my channel ....and let people have that sense of feeling, as well i have tried other videos that are 360 but in 3d and omg amazing so if you can point me to a hand full of cameras to review and whats the cost then that would me amazing!.

Please please some one help me. I need a 360 can to strap to my motorcycle helmet or motorcycle and make dope vlogs . I want great quality vids and be able to edit the vids easy. I would get the go pro fusion but from all the reviews editing the vids seems to be a painfully long process

Check out my other videos- maybe Rylo or Insta360 One is for you

I talked about it in my previous 21 camera comparison- 360fly isn’t really a 360 camera, just a wide angle action cam. Xiaomi is a way better choice

i seen a few videos on the insta 360 pro version and that thing looks amazing but it cost from 3-4,000 i just seen a review on that Qoocam and I am definetly going to wait after seeing the review ...especially if it hits there price range that they said of 250-350....i just still want to see an actual real life video demo video to review not just a post video edited of what they claim it can do so ill be waiting surely for that one and i think it will be my first 3d 360 camera to buy and start there thanks soo much for that suggestion to wait on that one i did not know about it.

Hey- I haven’t used any 3D 360 cameras but the Kandao Qoocam may be worth waiting for

Thank you for the video.. I'm still deciding what 360 camera I want to attach to my Mavic pro.

Hey buddy bought the go pro fusion and my pc couldn’t handle the specs needed so I took it back is the insta 360 easier to make vids with ??

Ben I dont understand why you dont mention the horrible app of the Ricoh Theta. I urge anybody that wants to buy a ricoh to take 3min and read the comments of the app in the app store. maybe one in 5 people will say that the app works and four will complain. The fact that the app continuesly disconnects from the camera makes the camera useless.

Seems like there may be an issue with some Samsung phones, this is news to me. I can’t see any of this in the Apple App Store. And please be careful about telling me to ‘do some research’.. I already work tirelessly to help people understand 360 cameras and create professional tutorials completely for free. I do more research than anyone and expecting me to know every last issue with every single 360 is very unrealistic.

Ben I have copy/paste the most recent comments from the app store, all of them 1 star. All with the same issue I have. I dont know if you see different results from what we see in europe but the proof is right there in the comments. Have a look for yourself. Dont understand why you cannot see this or state that there are only two people complaining. Do some reseach as people use your videos as one of the principle resources for making a decicion when buying the camera. Please take a look at the comments in the appstore and tell me Im wrong.

martin mayer March 23, 2018 Horrible app. Returning theta v. The camera is nice but the app is letdown. Stephani Alsop March 15, 2018 Doesn't work with the Note 8! Wrote their customer service but never received a reply! Highly disappointed David Cano March 15, 2018 Can not connect to S9+ Dylan Nicholson March 18, 2018 Not connecting with galaxy s9+ Bernie Mason App works on my old BlackBerry but doesn't on my new S8+. Wifi connects but the app can't see the camera. Seems to start the connection but fails at about ⅓ of the way. Firmware and app are fully up to date

I’ve literally never heard of that, nor experienced it. There are thousands of happy Theta users and clearly your comment is over-exaggerated because you’re frustrated. And I understand what it’s like to be frustrated with technology. But calling a camera useless doesn’t help your situation- instead of writing your complaint here, try asking in the Ricoh Theta Facebook group and finding a solution. There will be one. The camera most certainly isn’t useless!

Thanks for the help

Dope i ordered the insta 360 1 I’m stoked



I want to take a timelapse (hyperlapse?) of a road trip I'm taking in a couple months, with a 360 camera on my dashboard for up to 8 hours a day of driving. Any opinions on the best camera for this? I'm currently looking at the Madventure, or the Ricoh Theta V, given your reviews of both, but am open to other suggestions. Thanks!

Hey- I’d say Fusion for that.. you could shoot it as a photo timelapse, and plug it into your car’s power adapter

Late last year, I went against many recommendations and upgraded to an LG R105, after the initial problems with software connection, I had a firmware upgrade which resolved all the problems, and for the 'Now and Again' user, it is a great camera for the budget conscious, although I hope to upgrade again later this year.

You mean LG 360 cam? Yeah it’s fine.. there are just so many options that are better in every way lol

Yes I do, and I have asked on various forums. I am gonna buy the Mi Sphere. I didnt expect you to have a solution I just thought that it being such a big issue for the Ricoh it should be something you can look into and mention during your videos. Thanks for the great content anyway!

Do you have the latest firmware? I’d try that, and again ask in the Facebook group.. they will help you get to the bottom of it.

Ben, I did not mean do research in general, I and everyone here knows that you do. I meant to do some research regarding this topic, my reason is as I said before, you established yourself as the go to guy regarding everything 360 and people spend money on your recommendations. Its not just Samsung it must be Android in general. I just think that you are able to do more for the community than we can as Ricoh does not respond to anyone. This issue is in the comments for the camera in Amazon spain aswell. It would be great if you could find out more and warn people about it as suppose to tell them to buy the camera with the app in the current condition.

LIFE in 360 The GoPro? Cool. Thanks for the recommendation!!

I totally agree with you, but unfortunately here in Colombia, the Government put so much duty on imported items, and importers crank up the price, that what is reasonable for most, is downright expensive here

Could you please make a review of the best 360 dash cams? I'm a cab driver and am responsible for proving fault in the event of an accident. A 360 cam is critical for my job. What cam would you recommend in terms of reliability in tough conditions... Heat, always on, ease of usability, shock protection, data recovery, video quality, customer service and support, et al. You're the best and I love your videos! Keep'em coming please!

Hey- I don’t really know anything about dash cams.. i think I saw a Xiaomi 360 dashcam on gearbest so that might be worth trying

What 360 camera will you recommend under $300 that has a water proof case?

I have vuze and the 3d effect do a huge different, it is not the same without 3d. You do not know what you are missing. Not taking of yet? What difference do that make? Audience? Well I buy for personal use not audience. Do not really understand that argument? is this video about which 360 camera you should buy for youtube videos? Well then i am sorry for misunderstanding that, but maybeyou could have been more clear about that in the title or in the beginning of the video.

Actually it’s massive.. if 99.9% of your online audience can’t view a 3D video then that is extremely limiting. And most people are shooting content for an online audience.

Very informative. I will need to take a look at the Theta V. Not happy with the image quality on my Gear 360, but it's a good start. Thanks.

I guess it depends on your needs, yes if you buy it for online posting it is one thing, but maybe it just me then. But the allure for me when it comes to 360 cameras is not online posting where people mostly just scroll the picture with their finger on a phone. For me it is about capture memories and watch it in a vr headset so you almost can travel back in time and be there again, and then the immersion that 3d gives is a huge benifit.

you didnt speak about LG 360 cam. and its on the table . i was waiting

Like I explained at the start, if a camera isn’t here it’s because it was knocked out in a previous video

Great- I also have an updated version of this video coming tomorrow so stay tuned for that

Which is the best 360 video camera for underwater??

I got the LG 360 cam ages ago and it's been great! I am way more interested in small form factor cams like it, but with an improved resolution and UI. Mainly for still photos.


Glad to hear it- you’ll definitely want to consider an upgrade as they all have small form factor and improved specs to the LG

Good on you mate. Subscribed and looking forward to seeing new great clips. Well done.


Did you disclose any free products You received? That's huge info

I pay for my cameras.. this is why I’m so poor lol

Great video!

Hi bro I m using one plus 3t and my budget is 20 k suggest me should I buy insta 360 air

Mi Sphere

If you could only have one camera to shoot 4K video, which one would you choose?

OK Thanks


Which of these can do an HDRI sphere for 3D modeling? I know the Theta can, what about your number 2 or 3 cameras?

Sorry I’ve never tried that

What about the 360fly?

LIFE in 360 alright! Thank’s a lot for these videos by the way. They’re so helpful :)

I eliminated that in my previous video as it’s not actually a 360 camera

Hi! Can you make a review for samsung 360 round?

Probably not because I don’t have $10k lol

Yo Ben looking for low to mid range action camera. Ive recently lost my go pro

Check out the more recent comparison I made- that should hopefully answer your question

Hi I want a best 360 camera for virtual tour..with 360 images so which should i will buy?? Plz suggest..

Please watch the recent video I made about this!

I saw your review on the gear 360 2017 which you said you liked so much that if you would lose it, you would buy it and re-buy again. And I bought the bloody damn thing. I think your review deserves a MEH !

You do realize that technology evolves right? That’s an old video and that’s exactly how I felt at the time.. none of these cameras were around when I made that video.

ben can you let us know when a small 360 helmet cam is out there, thanks

All of them can be attached to a helmet.. just gotta find a mount on eBay/amazon

what is the diference between gear 360 -theta v VS matterport pro3d ? please make a review!!!

4100$ PLUS A YEAR PLAN 1500 $?

Matterport is $100k.. can I have a loan?

Hi, I'm gonna buy one of those Samsung cams, but I'd want to use it with my Huawei Mate 8 (modded manager app). Maybe does the 2016 one require a less powerful phone than the 2017 device? Or do they both require the same minimum hardware?

Check the Samsung website for device compatibility

I have a question. I'm a motorcyclist and I love mountainbiking so I'm think about getting a 360 cam to shoot some vids. Which would you recommend for usage in wind, speed, action and atleast are a bit durable.... Anyways thanks!

Hi Freddy, I’d say either Fusion, Rylo or Insta360 One. The more you can spend, the better the results will be

Is there one that has good audio from 40ft away... or a way of using a mic? Thanks!

Not really.. all 360 camera audio is average at best. You’re better off using a lapel Mic or sound recorder closer to the action and syncing it up with the video

Clearly a balance issue between "giving loads of information" and "yapping to fast and to loud beyond belief". I just couldn't make myself listening any more after half of the video.

You’re literally the only person who has said that so it’s probably best you stay off my channel if you don’t like the way I talk.

Very informative video. I just got the Theta V a few days ago. Hadn't really heard of 360 photography until I saw a friends Theta S. He'd been talking to you for advice. I thought Wow this is great. He's now upgraded to the V too. I've just been playing around for a couple of days. Do you think I should certainly invest in a selfie stick. I know you can get rhem pretty cheap.

Hey thanks- yes you should. Check out my video ‘what’s in my 360 camera bag’ for more info on selfie sticks

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