WHL IN 30 || Seattle Thunderbirds vs Vancouver Giants – February 09, 2018

WHL IN 30 || Seattle Thunderbirds vs Vancouver Giants – February 09, 2018

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Two. Teams in the West hook up in Langley looking to solidify their, hold in the playoff picture with, much of their court moved on from a championship, run last year the, Seattle Thunderbirds have remained competitive in, the strong us division, now, they head north of the border to face the Vancouver Giants still, in the hunt for the BC title two prior meetings, two trips to extra time round. Three is next WHL. TV presents w, HL and 30 Thunderbirds. And Giants. School. You got lots of help from your school advisor billets. They're always there for you just. Everything, it's, there for you you just need to ask I chose, the WHL because uh my. Dream is to play in the NHL and I feel like that's the fastest way to get there. Whether. You're in Brandon, Prince George Portland. Or anywhere in between, you can take in WHL, action, up close and personal visit, WHL, dot CA for complete ticketing, information for. All 22, WHL. CHL. Champions, on ice in, life. The. Experiences, I had in the CHL, can't. Be duplicated by anything the people you meet the experiences, you have all cherish souls for life and need a little helping down the road - one, of the biggest things was the captain's care program we had but where we go visit sick, children in the hospital it was beneficial, for us than it probably was for them because you saw, how happy they were it made us feel good and it was good connection to the community CHL. Champions, on ice in, life. TV. Presents, WHL. He's. Bill Dan, Cooper Giants, going left to right in their home White's the, black the red the great shrimp Seattle. In their lows blues the gray the white and. The green shrim going right to left the opening period faced off. Both, times, that these two teams have, met this season have resulted, in overtime, or a shootout. Seattle's. Put a lot of overtime in shootouts as of late let's, see what tonight has in store Thunderbirds. Bring. It in along the left wing side loose, puck in the middle Benson, gonna send it to the left point not out Turner Anton bright his. Shot goes wide Riddle, scoops it up behind his net he'll play it up ice not. Forward, out to Center by the Giants, Seattle. Trying to get a head, of steam kitchen stood him up nicely at the line now clear back out to Center by the Thunderbirds, here's Wedman, bringing, it back across his shot blocked by bullets and defended, well cleared, out a play first, whistle of the game's 36.

Seconds, In tishka, behind, the goal for Ronnie running, trying to wrap it around to the left wing side he'll spin away from Lee tie, Ronning, zigs his way to the left wing circle now to the point for Parker hindrance, one go save, made by Hughes, and, now, wants along the left wing kept it in nice move by McNabb to the middle tried to make one move too many good start to this game on a Giants, in Seattle doesn't clear Vincent. Tamam, left wing side sharp, angle Shawn Hughes, is gonna glove it down and hang on, two, minutes, 58, seconds, in and an impressive start for the home team Jake. Lee behind the net for Seattle as we approach the five-minute, mark here in a scoreless first Giants. On the defense of his Seattle breaks forwardly is, bumped, hard along the wall by jarred dimitru and, now kitch tit trying to clear. The puck he's hooked up and Seattle. Keeps the puck in it's Vulcan along the left wing left, point for Lee he couldn't handle it and now the speedy dimitru his Astron dimitra's, gonna grab it wrist shot blocker save made by Hughes. Niles, the other way gets, it down the right wing side trying, to go wide on by, room he does he ran out of room though when he shot it why, yram, got just enough of them it goes for a change, Benson against Toronto Torretta gave, it up mom, looking, for riddle who jumped up in the play couldn't get a shot on target. Here come the Thunderbirds, up the ice up the left wing side Kalu ski left, wing side wide, on Hendrick, Kalu ski now wine on Holt sends it around wrapping, and ik was there Lee, now at the left with a low shot that went wide it was blocked loose at the side and a chance for McClane kicked away by tendon. Owen. Williams now for Seattle, up the left wing denials, crossing, his way in Byram, defending, him well Nile centered, in front Park Lou's whacking, at it tend to got down and made the save and, now we've got a stoppage, in play as. David. Tenex mask. Go. To the corner pitched him bumping, with his man Wedman, checked off the puck nicely, by the Giants, and, now up they come riddle, takács, tough pass cost settled it finds, a man in the middle Benson, no, off, the crossbar. Says the official, Benson. Let it rip and that, was merely one nothing for the Giants. We. See how good Benson is you see what he did earlier what he did earlier with his with, his passing, again he's made a couple terrific, passes, in the offensive, zone this, time right between the hash marks in front of the net he lets that great rooster, go and is nothing but iron great music, to the goaltender, Liam Hughes bullets. Back to brown and Tanner, will have a look at the left wing side and he'll chip it forward, through, the feet of tishka. And now the Seattle, picks it off they're gonna bring it back Kosh went, for a change now, to the right wing side filt, to, the right wing side in front up high that hip is hit outside of an end Noah, filt, down, low. Peyton mount in, of the left wing corner for Samuel ho clear, to the right wing side not, out Jake Lee at the left point low shot tipped on goal mounds, on the rebound 10 tik-tok across, oh mercy. What, a save, tending. Coming, to his left made it now a rebound, and a chance in front and that was denied to, Payton. Mount nearly, at his first goal in, the Western Hockey League Caleb polish has taken a penalty, but golly what a save by tending. Turner. OTT and bright he'll, drop it for Andrew dziak wide, to, the left Andrew dziak for Vulcan, picked off by holds couldn't, clear the puck right, side into, the slot, quick shot save, 10 Nick in the rebound knocked OH big. Save by David, tending conceive denied Vulcan, to the outside, at the goal line backhand. Fort ishka dishka to, Barger, back for tishka Jessica, waits goes to his left for Phil Phil, so one foot in it dip it in Hamel, look denied by tending now on the redirect end - got the blocker good. Grief, what a period, for David ten dick as he made, that save on the redirect Malm at his own blue to. The left kick forward a little pale a play from Owen Hart II Samuel. Ho for, Seattle, got, it back Williams. Checked, by James mom in on the tenacious forecheck, left, wing side Seattle. Trying, to protect the puck to me true stripped it right wing side in front from almond, just in, the nick of time was Lee to, get his stick there watts, trying, to settle it down along the left wing and he will left, point for kitchen, hitched, in check by Vulcan, putt knocked out of the air and here, come the Thunderbirds, could be a three-on-two Vulcan.

Dancing, Down the right side white on watts Vulcan. Park. Kept out by David, tending in the right pad his. Third, tremendous. Save of the period, and now a giant, halt down at the side of the goal David. Ten dick has been aces. Here for the Vancouver Giants. Watts nice, feed for awning delayed penalty coming up to Seattle, and then Ronon goes hard into the boards after, a collision with strand. 211, to go in the period and Vancouver. Going, to the power play. David, ten dick has been spectacular, fire. Him to wants, wants try to go to vironment miss, running trying to time up by room held it in what, a play Holt's, looking, to get it in the middle he's, checked, hole trying to stay with it though and he does tishka. For Seattle going to stick up on holt no call Kosh. To the left went for Ronnie Ronnie, - by room by room at the left wing point what, patients, for Bowen veeram Byram two holes left circle the low shot save rebound loosen. Just couldn't get there, caution, running provided, the screen and, ever so close for the Giants, 15, seconds to go in the period here's, blowing Byram up the middle right wing side wide. He goes wide, on aunt and bride who uses the body against, Byram behind. The net wants, to the outside, Giants. With three seconds to go they're gonna run out of time that'll, do it for period, one. WHL. TV presents WHL, in 30 stay with us for more exciting action. With. The scholarship, program that WHL. Produces. Thrust players is huge and it helps us just kind of not, worry about the money aspect of it but just focus on the school and and your hockey and makes. A lot easier on a student for sure, whether. You're in brandon prince george portland, or anywhere in between you. Can take a whil, action, up close and personal visit, WHL, dot see a perfect, week ticketing information for, all 22, WHL. Clubs. WHL. TV presents WHL. In 30 every Saturday, we bring you the WHL, feature game of the week tune in February, 17th, where there will be no love lost in the friendly City the high-flying Moose Jaw Warriors will try to defend home ice in an East Division clash with, the Regina pacts catch, all the key goals hits, and saves, from, the week's marquee. Matchup, WH Ln 30 on cha TV w HL dot CA and youtube. Welcome. Back to WHL, in 30 the action, continues, in our feature game of the week, going. Viral to, his right, riddle into the middle for caution, right-wing Ronning and now here come the Giants.

Ronnie Looks, for cos found, him quick shot that didn't miss by much. Bullets, pinching, got through bullets, behind the net for cosh caution, front for wronging couldn't let it go and whose brawls and covers it up but that's a couple times bill Kaleb bullets has not been shy of jumping up the way he. Just continues, to play more and more confident, hockey as the season progresses well you know then he read that play well off the draw faceoff, won by Seattle strand left wing Ottenberg a shot for the points in to kick the left panel golly. That's another one for Dave 10 days and. Up the left wing here's Benson, for Vancouver up Weiss feathering, a pass forward for Mom, cutting, through dragging to the outside, autumn break couldn't find the puck multics up behind the net now Park Center bouncing. In front benson, freeze it in the left wing circles, benson, towards, the gold captain Rawdon redirected. It in Hughes kept it out running. At the circle, somehow. Kept the puck away from mounts mounts of them checked him and, was then bumped, by, mom. Tanner, Brown left. Wing side Vincent, shipped it forward mom has room let's, circle mom drag to the middle what a play by Turner, OTT and bright as he drove across and, polk checked him before he could get the shot off benson. In the neutral zone and he can fly, vulcan, up the left wing crossing, the blue looking, into the middle and drew dziak knocked it out of the air and shot it wine vulcan. Spinning, gone into the corner kitch tin first guy there played, it neatly around the right wing boards riddled, high off the glass and out, to centre watts gonna poke it forward nicely, down, the right side wants, finding the trailer cars. He's, got goals in back-to-back games. Davis. Cross no, hesitation. In the slot up, and over the left shoulder of, Liam Hughes and it's one nothing for the good guys. Well, it looks like ty, Ronning. Is doing a bunch of celebrating. Here did he tip it well, that's watch cutting, in the high slot gets, it to drug trailing, and, that's exactly, what you want you want that center, lane either with a trailer or driving, its cost driving, or rather training, rather I think I think, that might have intronic, if. So I. Think. That's exactly, the case. Ronen. Crashing, the net it went awesome, and. Ty. Ronning has, the gold now strand, in the slot, made, a move to the back end of spins and fires and there's ten dick with a stick. Ty. Ronnie. Has. Given. The Giants, a one nothing lead, forty. Eight goals. On. The season for, awning now it's heard over strand. To the left waiting it a little shot Intendant, going across to stop Phil it's, all Seattle, on this push back Giants. Trying to clear left, wing side hammered, back in around the boards by Owen Williams best. Breakout in hockey though he goes right to blow enviromental. On the left wing he'll take a bump along the boards, ooh that hurt he'll get up and. Blow in Byram kind of gathers, himself a little bit cleared out by Seattle, the center to me true. Got. It forward, what a play by to meet strip now to the right for tour Zach what a feed to mom Point Blank in his shot deflected. Wide to. The corner long right wing down a halt cutting down the right wing into the circle Holt goes, wide behind, then adding up the left side he goes down and checked, nicely, into the end of the referee what a play though by mom to pick it right back Watson. The circle looking in front that pass missed, James. Mom playing some good defense, stripped, Owen Williams of the puck and, then, the Thunderbirds, caught a break.

Now, We head for one sit in the middle for mom walks, weights drags to the outside mom centered, just, about had holes Vulcan. At the goal line right-wing wrapping, it around papa, which hooked him up loose puck in the slot Hardy trying to free it it goes high in Y to the net and drew dziak, right side back, to the pointed strand he fanned on it loose in front and it's underneath, david, ten dick and he hangs on. 203. Remaining. In the period, Benson, try to clear the line strand, held it in Dimitra then rescued it cleared, it down the ice and icing, is going to be waved off tishka. Goes, back for it Benson is lurking jischke. Around, the net comes, up the middle avoids, a check holds on skates in across the line he still has it in a song nice. Save made by David tending. As Jarrett, tisca took it coast-to-coast, like. Butter toast. 16th. Overall pick to complain in his hometown year, of Langley looks, like to me he's even grown more 6-3. 199. 6, goals last year 6 goals this year but boy did he go coast to coast you're absolutely right, and here's. Hammerlock up the left wing for seattle why he goes shooting, it in blow, in Byram back, for it first chips, into the wall Nolan Vulcan got there ahead of Kosh Vulcan. Centered, it sends, it to the far corner strand, pinching, strand. Behind, the net centered it through and that goes to the right wing trying. To free it was Benson, held in by Hamill look trying to cut through and tendon, got knocked into ran into, play. Is stopped. And, the, giant, serve, maybe. Gonna played a bit of goalie interference here. Giants treading water here bill in the late stages of this second period shots. For the Seattle, Thunderbirds in. This period, 19, 4 I'll do two masks for you thanks hey they're on their heels there's no doubt about it always so impressed with the amount of ice time Peyton mound is getting tonight the 15 year old and I'll tell you what he deserves it off the draw shot towards, the net blocked it went to the corner and out Kosh, tying up with Niles who's trying to keep that puck free behind the net it goes 10 seconds, to go in the period Barger, to the wall Auton Brent couldn't handle it at the line and now he's got to race back forward against Benson that, is going to do it for period, number two. The, shots were, 19-4, for, Seattle, but. The score. One-nothing. For the Vancouver Giants. David. Tended putting on a clinic, and. Taiwan. Ting has his share of history, with, the Vancouver Giants. Goal number, 48. In. His. 2017. 18 season. I chose, Western Hockey League because it it was my dream growing up to play in this league, being. A player in the Western Hockey League you you get a challenge and every day I think. There's tremendous support. From coaches, to to. Staff and then trainers, equipment, managers Scouts I, think regardless. Of who you talk to in the Western Hockey League year surrounded, by a lot of really great people who I want, you to succeed not, only hockey, but in life. Whether. You're in Brandon, Prince George Portland, or anywhere in between, you, can take a WHL. Action, up close and personal, visit, WHL, dot see a perfect, week ticketing information for, all 22, WHL. Clocks. It's, been a great experience so far I can't believe how fast it's gone by for. My player development it's been it's, been crazy how far I've come since I was 16 years old so you know I can't think think the Deborah Joe and the CHL not for that. Action. Continues, in our feature game of the week. Puck. Freed behind. The goal hopping the stick and up the other side Zach. Andrews, II at first guy there by room bump some bullets. In the corner back, for Andrew dziak trying to escape trying to wrap it around try to spin he goes up top that either, went off tender for the outside, of the net, watts. To Ronon right side trying to get blind on hot and bright hot and bright stepped into him to want to battle for a puck along the wall kept, in by the Giants, tishka now behind his net will start the break up pass, to the right wing for Payton mounts and a heady goes for Samuel, hope drop, pass right circle quick shot Pat save 10 if rebound Lee that's. Blocked, by Dawson, holes day now Tyler Howe the other way one man to beat Howe trying. To go by him he found Holtz Holtz, at the side wrapping. It around, Dawson, hold finds Brown at the points in a Shawn and a save made by Hughes, skill you talk about you're 19, and 20 year olds obviously, really talented players, but here you got Jake Lee for, Seattle, 16, Payton, Mount 15, Vancouver, Bowen, Byrom's. 1616. And they're being big factors, in this hockey game beautiful.

Beautiful Display. Of young talent, in the Western League tishka. Backing, up those rink wide for strand right, wing to the blue line here come the Thunderbirds. And up, the right wing side puck will be shot in. Behind. The net left wing side back. To tishka, at the left went through traffic that's blocked by holes and cleared nicely, what a play. Strand. Backing, up now for Seattle, right side Vulcan, puck, gonna be shot in in a race for it in front of an ant Byram couldn't, quite get there now wrapping, it around his Hamill look right circle drive it's, in the glove of David tending, and he hangs on with. 1143. Remaining. Here in the third, period, of, playing The, Vancouver, Giants. Lead one-nothing. 3437. In attendance, watching, this one nothing Vancouver. Lead obviously. Watching tend to do a wonderful job in his own zone nice, play on strand. Kosh, tied up with strand along the wall strand gonna win it free but it goes to wronging at the left wing Ronning, what a move through the feet of Barger in front watt spins it a little shot that yes miss posh towards. The net it's covered up by Liam Hughes and that's a nice answer for, the Vancouver Giants. As Liam. Hughes has to stop playing I agree with you you know they get that puck in the in the Seattle zone and hasn't been there a whole, lot Vancouver, is still with, only 16, shots on net that, means one this, period, for, for, the Seattle Thunderbirds but, you know their anticipation, it seems like Vancouver just, a half a second behind but what a move by Ronny 20, feet inside the Seattle blue line through it right between the lights while the Seattle defender, chanson net faceoff left side of Hughes good, faceoff, win now for Kosh back to the put four bullets just shot sails wide to the far post Payton. Mount gonna spin gonna clear in now Sam Howe down. The ice for Seattle, bullish, spins. Away from a check but van lost it and cleared. Towards, the front of the Vancouver, goal Tanner Brown behind the net I just got to come out Dan this has to come out I know it's a one two to four. Check right now because Vancouver's, got possession they do that good work by Brown patiently, behind the net now, and after it goes Watts ahead of Alton bright bouncing. Puck behind the seattle net trying to poke it free is Ronning he we'll it'll go to strand, who I don't think has left the ice here in this third period for Seattle Mouse nice pass in the middle point-blank film scores. The, 38. Shot, of the game for the Seattle, Thunderbirds and, it's Noah filt down the right wing we're, tied 1-1. Yeah just off to rush a good shot by paid mount I mean what what a game this youngsters, having he, gets that buckle, the blue line finds that Phillips you know in a good position one, of those Center lean drives good Lee head men's stretch puck pass, out of the zone and he just loses his check Phillip doesn't you, know just a good quick release. Noah. Phil has, quite, the shots yeah, he does and he showcased, that even back in this building on November, the 28th, Noah. Filled, his. 12th. Of the season. And it took 39. Shots. But. Dave attending. Could, you grab that one and now game, on here in Langley Durant. Behind. The, goal for. Seattle. As. He, looks, up the middle finds Niles. Donovan. Niles wide, to the left leaves, for Andrews diakonos shots, ticked away by tendon, strand. Right, point trying, to go wide on fly room was stripped him but the puck comes back now Barger, a high shot cosh blocked, it right, wing Niles trying, to avoid the check he'll go to Andrews, iax 30 seconds to go strand the high shot that deflects wide Giants. Are caught in their own zone rotting, those freezing up the right wing side and he's gonna clear it aunt and great though Polk checked him and here, come the Thunderbirds, Andrew.

Dziak Left, circle fires and, tendons, falling. Backwards, got just enough of it he hangs on. 47. Save well Dan you know as good as Ronnie's played as well as he's played and you know that, he leaves the the, ice with his gas tank empty when. He gets to the blue line on that last rush the Seattle blue line can't, turn it over there you can't make it a short ice surface, he's got to get it deep he failed to do so, the t-birds, come up the ice and another shot on that 210 deck face off a won by Seattle Auton break and a skated, in in front on a backhand, ending, as it in the glove. Turner, OTT and bright had all, the, room in the world at the left side. And. David, ten dick said. No well yeah faceoff goes back thought right and, what he does is he goes from that yeah Vancouver, blue line down left-wing in at the faceoff, circle cuts, to the front of the net eight. Point nine seconds. Has got to be a faceoff, win for Vancouver and the Giants. Do, not clear it left-wing, corner four seconds, to play in the period the Giants, are gonna grab the puck they're gonna protect, it and for, a third, time, this season between, these two teams we. Are, going, to, overtime, how about the Seattle team, they've been to overtime, now six, of their last eight, games their. Last four wins as Seattle Thunderbirds are. All shootout, wins and they hold they've been all at home I mean that's nuts for the fans he's got to love that, and guess what as we said before this. Seattle, team hasn't won a, regulation. Game in their last seven make that eight there's, been nothing but over, times. I don't. Know, look. At the shot total dad. You, tell our listeners you. Know when the dust settled it was he and Scott and. When the dust settle after all of that thing we've taught, Scott to Edmonton we'll be back in here you know relatively. Soon and brought up Trent minor and. He's getting a perfect view of this to 60 year old miner from the bench and probably, is the biggest fan of Dave attending. 4919. The shots, Seattle's, record in overtime, this season is one and five their. Shoe that record to your point is six and two, Giants, and over time were four and five, one of which therefore, overtime, victories came against Seattle back. In this building back on November 25th. It, is going to be Benson. And. Byram, again stranded. Miles and. A lot and bright, Giants. Right to left it. Over, time. And. Let's do it Giants. Are gonna get possession, off the opening draw. Blow into Byram gonna, calmly, back, it up behind his, net, and, viral. Will, start, slowly up the middle of his own zone and, he'll. Drop it for James mom mom, at his blue now the red up the middle to the blue line crossing, the line, yram, who has a look to the outside, running. Out of room his mom he'll go to the corner for Benson as he bumps with Austin strand strand. Says, give me that pluck any, will and now here comes strand up the ice could be a three-on-two is Benson tries to get back strand, point-blank, tend Nick made, the save and, now grabbing. The rebound is Niles Niles at, the blue finding. Aunt and bright he'll fake the Shawn he won't let it go, Turner, rotten bread is gonna circle, back all, the way out to the neutral zone waiting for fresh troops Giants. Have the far change in overtime as. A, play. Lon the wall is going to be intercepted, by Byron now, Byram gonna circle, he'll take it wide on Vulcan Byram. Down the right side gets in behind then, a chance, save, made by Liam, Hughes now. Trying to protect the puck his mom he lost it here's tishka, down, the side with Phil Phil, put the circle across at a great play by Ronning defensively, to, get that tuck free and here comes running, one man to beat racing, down the row inside, a little, shot and just getting a piece was, Vulcan. Nolan. Vulcan, in his, own zone. 20, to play in overtime tishka, lost it, Roddick steals a chance for history. Oh. Chinese. History. These. Singles. Season, record, holder. For, the Vancouver, Giants. His, 49th. Of the season, is, the game, a winner, in. Overtime a. Minute, 42, in and, an unbelievable, victory, for. The Vancouver Giants. On tie Ronnie's, historic. Rule on, home ice. He plane. That. Shift, like. A man possessed. Wasn't. He the guy that came back and broke up that pass yeah, cross-ice. Pass right. In front of tending, guess. What that. Was as good as you could play defensively. There you go give this solicit, folks. As. The play went up the ice, tile Roddick says I am, going to take this game into, my own hands he, will never ever, forget. His 49th. Goal his record-setting, goal, for, the Vancouver Giants. Went in tight and it went to his back in a pillar up under the crossbar that, was.

Impressive. Turnover. He creates, the turnover. Daddy. Took that puck right away, from Jarrett ishka breaks, up to play the zone in goes. The other way and. Finishes. It off oh my goodness. We. Hope you enjoyed this week's WHL. In 30 game of the week tune, in next week when the regina pads head west on the trans-canada highway for. A showdown with the Moose Jaw warriors the WHL, in 30 game of the week has been brought to you by WHL. TV. You.

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