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Miss. United. Kingdom. Congratulations. Please come to center, stage. Miss. Miss. United. Kingdom. Miss. United. Kingdom. Please come, to the center stage. Only. Those ever see Joe Hudson enormous, touching up find, out a tote she's sorry she's totally mas hala. Hala welcome, back to padding sessions, with me granny Fernando, thank you so much for clicking this video but before we start the conversation don't forget to Like comment, share subscribe and, turn on the notification, channels. Hi. Harriet, how are you I am good, I'm glad to be here welcome to Jakarta, again yes, second, time usually before, we start the conversation I, always ask people to do an opening. Number opening, introduction number, but I know there's, no opening. Introduction and missing a national right no that's not what you can do it in my pageant, sessions you got an opportunity to do that okay, yes it's currently, miss, international, fourth runner-up I am from the United Kingdom I don't know what else to say. So. This, is your second time in Indonesia yeah, it is so really, excite be back as well so what are your consideration. Until, you finally like you know you know what I'm just gonna do training in Indonesia so, I'm I was actually originally, again the dress of my, evening gown and I, was like I'm already going to Indonesia like Indonesia, have like the best like pageant, coaches, like they have so much enthusiasm towards. Pageants, so I was just like the best so like I was and I came across I'm, Tomo. I'm from, Ann as the designer of my evening gown and he's like he's one of the best he's like work with so many different people and, like, people who even gone on to miss international I'm. An also, fizzy as well and, she helped me a lot and so. I had some real miss international experience. And that I knew, exactly what. I got that so inside, information as, well because, visa was Miss international, media friendship.

Doesn't Love in it yeah okay. So how did you, decide. Of like you know what I think I'm gonna just about to say Jagger how did you encounter that training, and, I also just looked at the Instagram, and really got a feel for like how the women, walked and, like what, kind of stuff they were teaching I think he got to go I want, to really, be like that I want to walk like that and something I really liked, that no. Like, woman actually walked the same on, his page that you really must have kept that, unique, walk just someone if you walk a certain way it's, like yes you can train it to be something else but it loses, the uniqueness and I think entry is about being unique and being yourself mm-hmm, and I felt like he really kept that throughout and it, was important, to me that I stayed myself, that, and when, I do pageant, coach and I've done different coaching, around the UK that I've almost taken little bits from everyone and then got my own kind of style and like I am Harriet this is a Harriet walk rather than somebody. Else's walk but you really like brought out the best in me mmm, how long were you here in Jakarta for the trio um I, actually came. 22. Hours of flying, yes for, three nights and, then went all the way back. It. Happens to me one time yeah. I flew, from New York to LA from, LA I had to go back to Jakarta because my visa I need, to enter them America, with a student visa instead, of the, tourist. Visa so I had to leave the country from America, back to Tunisia for three nights and flew back again, how, long is the flight 24. Yeah. And, then once I got back to LA, I was sick I was just like I had a fever I'm, like you know III didn't go to school for like whole week yeah. Three. Days yeah. So. I was like so soon when I got here I was like straight, into fittings with an eyes I put on my dress and it didn't face it I was like oh my god I like, when I saw the dress in the room I just told him the color I wanted I let him have complete, free rein cuz, in my how did you know I wanted, I knew he really trusted, him because I've always loved a NASA's work for, absolutely, it's like one of my friends actually bought a sample dress for him and I was like that dress is like something. Else here's a by just like God says design like, coal dinars from Indonesia and, I was like okay and then, from then I kind of followed him and all. Of his work was just beautiful. And I think he really understood, again, miss international that, gown and, I was like I don't know what I want but I know I want my ice blue Elsa. Sauce mirela look and I. Remember just walking in the room been like I, think that's a color when, Kevin, won Miss International yes. Yeah. The ice blue and it's always been like my favorite Club to come p.m. but I'd done the Fae things and the dress-up affair I had a bit of a panic going oh my god well my gun I have. Such a little time for the file book and for. The next day I started, training I had two days of training and I, think each section. Was like three or four hours I can't quite remember how long it was and the. First date like coming over here in the heat and walking for so long was like so intense, and I'm not like so much more from home on Z's to such cold, climates. And he was just so hot as I got I'm so tired when was that, so September. Alright. It was already like fall I guess in the UK right yes, and it's always called even in 16.

Degrees. Anyway so it's never, like this. He's yáñez I'd like it would be so rather the heatwave you might be complaining all the time of is this huh but, and I, had, the training and the next day I had training and then on the evening I had my dress to pick up and it fit perfectly. He just I don't know how he done it because it was too small for me and and. I was just like magically. Yeah magically, it was just big air and it was just perfect I, was like. So. Why only three days mainly. Because I was working at, the time and, I felt really bad as, I actually decided, to come to Indonesia just, four days before I booked the flights, so. I let you just what I'm just gonna go I'm gonna go pick up the dress I'm gonna do training super, super last-minute and, yes. So I was working and they had the grand opening of I was working on a restaurant, and and. Well. I was like guys I'm gonna miss all the opening and I know you really need me but this is important, and they're. Like yes that's fine but I could only have five days mmm, and obviously those days were also truffling days so, I only was, able to hire yes, yes. So. After, you coming on September, and in the competition, is in November, so it's about two months so it was at the end of October, competitions. It's already, so close when. Were you selected as Miss International Yuki how's that process, so, it's, a person, called Holly and, she, runs the whole pageant girl and she owns different, pageant systems like she has worn the best pageant, systems, in the UK, and it. Was around like March time and I, actually just handed over a teen, title. And I was just like I'm gonna take a break I really, wanted to be Miss Intl you okay that was like something I really, wanted to do and I. Was gonna have a year like really to prep about it think about it grow, up a little bit from being a teen and I just got a station looked. At my mom like we're gonna just do it like what's the worst that can happen that, I make friends, I enjoy the experience that's my face miss, pageant like it's, gonna be just fun I always have an amazing time and you.

Just Apply online I got through and you just go as a, selected, region. So you would just say I'm gonna be representing. Like Miss New Castle I represented. Tainan where that's just the city, I live in and so. I went as that and I went to the final and it was probably, had, some big names like it for the UK, that there's one previous pageants and some big titles, and the women were about like, eight years older than me some of the girls that came back from Miss international UK, like six years they. Came back year, after year trying, to win and I, just kind of rocked up like, just. Here for the fun experience, and I was just so relaxed. I'd never been so chilled out for an interview I was just like I remember. Everything was just absolute breeze and I was just loving, it and and, then I just managed to win. I. Think. That's one of the tips, I guess you know like going to a competition and, not thinking, too much about the crown yet. They have nothing not too much not winning you know and just enjoy, the moment and I like your you know your thoughts on like you know what what's the worst that could happen I have so many friends new, friends around the world I get to experience Japan, and. Then winning or not I'm like you know what it's. You need God's hands but yeah having, that ease in a breeze I think that's one of the biggest tips yeah, because. Like girls, these days it's all about the crown yeah like I think kind of what mic director, always say is like before the pageant star should be like this fifty girls here today and as much, as it sucks I don't want to give every girl a crown but only one is gonna walk away of that crown if, you, go only to win that crown you're, probably gonna come away a very unhappy, page yes you're. Losing everything yeah when you forget to like enjoy make, friends like I know now like I've, never really been a person that's only focused, on the crown but I've like taken, away from every pageant or something new and more and more friends, like the, amount of friends I just have through pageantry I thought it was mad having friends all over the UK that was like rare, but now I let you have every. Country in the world yeah that's. The best part because when I competed, like now every time I go to certain countries and they all have won at least one friend in their countries and I get to find out which country, that, oh. That's. That's a country yeah, you're, so ignorant about it so, who's your closest friends, during, the competition okay so obviously my roommate, mrs. Netherlands in the least and we were really close we got on really well when I was I was. So excited I'm gonna fight room. Service. So. Let's take a break anyway where were, we. Roommates, your loss the Netherlands, yeah close with Netherlands, and me and Jolene actually got on really well we actually have a lot of like group, activities, together though some like special activities, by sponsors, were chosen and, like me and Jo mean looks like picked, for a lot of them and like. She really stood out but there was just certain girls our Zimbabwe. And Zambia they, were in like group act with me they were so nice we're, Zambia, and, Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe. Okay yeah to, be honest like Group F were really close together and we had like Russia and, Ukraine, and, so it was nice just like Lowell like family, cuz you were always in that group unless, and you had a rest day and they were the days that I got picked by like sponsors, okay so like, you with your group and you're like those were you super close with because, sometimes, it was harder to makes I really, just like sat around the bus came to know like some of the girls I did like start with some Spanish skills, as well they were really funny some, Olympians because good angle, so it's sometimes hard to like just have a conversation but. Like Columbia, I started click with actually during, the pageant and I thought she was really funny or like a buster and we're, like talking about food like if, every, girl just loves fishes and it was just like stop the conversation I had like brought so many snacks with me and she was like oh I'm so hungry I was like I got your back everything got out like this nut box. Like. 30 minutes to fly to Netherlands. To Amsterdam, I'm like 40 minutes yeah it's really really quick it's only quite expensive though even though it's so close, really yeah it's knowing quite expensive to fly we got like a boat but. Yeah. My, brother he was driving, from London. To the Netherlands, because he said you know I'm just gonna drive yeah, because it's cheaper to drive farther and to fly and I get to experience but, Franz and I yeah I wasn't saying do Francis stuff exactly, you roast I think it's pretty cool that you can just gonna cough unfortunately.

I Don't live that close to London so it's quite a drive anyway, just from where I live to London London me yeah probably to get to like Figaro song I look at that probably like 7 hours isn't it July, yes. Other, choice yeah the traffic, as well like you got include die if it's really bad you talk about eight or nine traffic, have you seen Jakarta good you know what like honestly the traffic, here like we'd left Vegas over a little bit layout was gonna get that for sex I was like yeah we wouldn't, even not six and then, I think we moved like 200 yards and took off and I was like dad we're gonna have to get a body right, so for us to towards the dance. I like I got, out like dad get the taxi pull over pay the taxi, stand outside I had, to grab and I was like over some those no grabs I was like oh my god and then like, I didn't know what he was doing, I was like just get on the bike I'll sort myself out, and then, I just waved little while I was like another grab came and then I was like straight my way this poor guy like he was driving everywhere, I follow me you didn't know where it was and I ran out of data so. It didn't connect properly so, he was just like he'd done it like he was like my hero that, night and he was like driving me around I was like I don't know where it is now go, in the taxi I was like don't worry you don't have to pay me any money just go and he was so kind like, but. It. Took me like an hour and a half I was almost late for like the, start I was like running it you're almost there because. You came like 15 minutes before this joke, beam emphasis, Wow. Wow. So. You were on the bike with, your dress yeah I'm. Not. The stache unfortunate, dad took massage I was not trusted, with that I let, you just have my pace around me I was in command just, like weaving in between college I was like in her egos were. You wearing helmets everything I. Said. Good high. No. I would have control it was like. You. Don't do that but I had. Pretty high I just have my hat. Someday. Somehow, somehow. Maybe maybe. Somebody needs you stood up shot, you know like shoot, you with their phones and you should go inside all right what, was it you and the bike really, yeah I had two people come to it's like we saw you on the bike I know I would love. To father sighs he's gone viral. Like a bully, okay, just say like got my phone cuz we're stuck in traffic almost got like a video of me just then I can be on the side and all the traffic like soju cocktail I, can be you. Know. A nice like believe I'm not like I was absolutely fine and Kabir and then when I got in the taxi I managed to wreck a little bit of the Kabir huh and but it wasn't on the bike or anything it was so funny but you would think if it was anyway you would be, on the side of a bike that you would like for a little bit of a dress but no it, was just getting the taxi, that I split, the dress is like oh no I like almost it was like 15 minutes away I'm like I can't go back oh. My. God that's a movie that's a yeah that's a movie itself oh that's, like a really good story but did you enjoy, it with the Indonesia though oh I, loved it it, was a team I faced throughout the whole time and just having like PA, and Zozi. In the same room and it's, really strange because I've always liked held like Miss International search, you know like, oh my god this woman is incredible, but I'm like he's my friend Vince my friend like go girl like and it was so strange a q-see a friend a plan B like so important, like I know it, was really, squeeze.

I'm Just gonna grab, this No oh do you know yes this is called lanky. Engine. You know what we've been wondering what it is we've been like this, is how you open it, and you, gotta rip it off, yeah. Oh I've seen these at breakfast actually out of the shelf and then just spin it but, don't eat that how's this a syrup echo like stone in there um. Like. Hardback no. VG. What's BG in English. Open. Linking okay so you gotta squeeze it oh this. Could like guys yeah squeeze it I'm, gonna piss it can I do that yeah. So. What's your nails oh that, good these, things come in handy yeah that's how you do it oh here. It reminds me of them a light sheet yes. Kind of like a legend yeah I do like a light gene so expensive in the UK though you can only get them outside in timing yeah so. Is this I get pocket of fruit. Yes. And you can put it on top of the yogurt, yeah. Just. Like you gonna let you - yeah it's not linking, mm-hmm. Yeah I don't know if is, there any English word for linking. What's. The English word for nice, yeah please, please. Write in the comment section pageant crown warriors what. Is the word, ah blanking. Absolute is a pair and this is Apple so this is. So. Talking about bin, while, you were saying that oh it's so cool to see a friend you, know on stage being so important, and Jolene of course also how. Close were you to them to Jolene, and business so going, on to Bent face I only, met her on the first day and I was like I didn't know anyone else that she walking into a room and it was kind of like a rest day and you just had those the shoot done that and everyone. Had like dresses, on it was like a floral background numeral, had like a video done it was that day and she was, just there very, quiet, and to be honest so like we always kind of this of the read like hi and I think for them like I was asleep they were speaking English and I can imagine like, how uncomfortable. That, must be like, speaking, another language like, I think it's amazing that I was so just every other girl could speak another language like, if it was even local, but I had another language or, because, I'm like, no and if you couldn't learn other language what would you learn I really, like her I'm trying to think because I would love to learn multiple, languages that, like Spanish, would probably be it because I realized, when I was there there was actually more girls that spoke Spanish and I think I would rather talk to more. Nations, and, like more people. Because I was, a little, bit naive to think I don't ever, want to speak perfect English, just. How it works and I think that's quite a lazy thing that people from the UK and definite America probably have that we expect, almost when we go places to speak English and, even if people do know like another language they'll the other person will often go don't worry I'll speak in English yes I feel like even when we learn another language you're, still not as good like when, the girls spoke some English shows like Oh have you lived in America before I don't know, I'm, just like I just watch Netflix I, was.

Just Like wow like that's so incredible. To like learn another language movies. In series yeah it's like it was amazing that all the teachers know all likes we're not always so great so you kind of like yourself, like if you want to be good like you, would lay in a house aside it's just amazing I think that's how I learn English in the beginning of all ice I follow how, the, film says, like they, say a line I just trying to mimic them yeah copy, what they do me oh okay that's how you say that's how my accent, started to build up yeah pronunciation. Of things yeah and but, me and Ben we didn't speak really and not. Because we were in the same room like, we would never just see each other like she would never be my side like and I never really thought oh I've never met Tyler oh it, was just one of those like out of sight out of mind I didn't, meet a lot of the girls to be honest because we're split into two buses, and we had very much like different activities there will be somewhere else we die so I'm you got mixed around but not that much you would stain like bus one bus - so those log girls I didn't get to meet in. The top five like, we've got to speak loads, like word activities, together we're travelling around and there's only five of us so we're all minibus together so we'll, be just constantly talking and she's just the kind of so like I remember. Like afterwards. And God just went she's just the loveliest so, like, I said before I asked about like that DVDs after you know five of you but how, how many countries. Were there during the competition. ATC's. Okay and in how how they sort out the group yes I think we had like it was alphabetical. And it was eight I I think this year was the largest live miss international and, I. Love. The groups I think it was like six, or something that one english-speaking, group since it was like the most common language, that I think most, Asian girls if they're gonna learn the language it was English so, they were all in english-speaking, groups, for chaperones, and stuff like that and also to communicate with the other girls and then it was I think three Spanish groups and and the Reis banishment yeah it was like a lot of Spanish girls and and. I, think that was a moment where I wanted to learn Spanish because I, didn't realize like it's actually more people that sort of manage like countries, like that that language and, for. Then there's only one for, french-speaking. Groups and it was also quite interesting, how many people like just spoke, French I most, all the different small I like smaller, islands, yeah it was like New, Caledonia. Or, Union, I Elizabeth. It's like côtes de Beaune I could code yes yeah so yeah, it was just really really interesting they had a really big group because it was like not big enough to be two but, it was like just one reading big group, and we're. Also like, with him that like I was group F so Group F kind, of like backwards was, on a bus to and then the rest of the girls were on bus one sound.

Powers Japan oh my god like it's been a country I wanted to visit for a long time and then get the opportunity, to go free, flights free. Food free. Hotel that was just like what, an opportunity. Wow like I would never have traveled, so much of Japan like, I would have gone and just went to Tokyo and little. Did I know how incredible the whole of Japan was I I went, there five times already, and it's my favorite country to visit so, far so amazing. Like there's nothing else really like it that there's so many aspects, of Japan, that I wish, the UK was more like they're like how clean like I believe that we have a really clean country we've got great health care but the politeness, and how, extreme, Levi's clean, it was like every. Street was just perfect, there was not a little bit there wasn't a little bit of pain and I know you sometimes see people need UK they'll be like it been just that and, you'll just see them drop around is. The cleanest, country, in the world I think and second will be Singapore, if I'm not mistaken I think. I'm. Eating as well okay okay okay okay you know what your grand final, is same, we're in final as my pageant mister universal, master in Japan, in Japan is yeah so yours was acting about 4 or 5 p.m. ours 8 p.m. I wanted. To go to a grand final on my god I called the Indonesia teams over is it and I'm trying to find like the station's, I'm and I'm gonna I'm not gonna make it cause it's take an hour from, my place in Tokyo as well to go to Tokyo. Dome and so also in, Tokyo, so anyway, I'll. Go next time yeah next time you know it's amazing show, like it was really, like magical, I remember you like day, before we got taking this dangerous, oh my god this is actually halfling, seen all the big TV cameras, and i think it was really weird today like going this is that national final this is like watching, Miss Universe, to me because like although like, my finals great like it's amazing, the production, but this was like it was I was just watching on TV like, it's huge here like to win a crown I'd only say for like missing Tunisia Philippines. Like, USA, that's almost like an international. On their own because of how hard their work how big pageants, are here I think it's a lot harder to get what they are missing, Genesius, yeah, I think I'll global II people hold, them almost, like an internationally. Like they're up there if they're competing from Miss Universe like that with Miss Universe, it's like Indonesia, like hold, on the same level because I think it's just a really appreciated. And like really valued as a title, so you were mentioning before we are, on this pageant, sessions, that you didn't really expect to even go to eight.

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