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Good morning everybody and welcome to another... well another day. I'm not gonna say beautiful day, because as you can see outside... this is your typical Dutch weather: Ran, rain, rain. Either way despite the weather today we're gonna have a special day. Apparently Yolanda just took the wrong exit.

So we won't be going to our destination as we wished. Anyway, despite the weather we're gonna have a nice day out. We are gonna go to Amsterdam today. Which is the capital of Holland. Of course everybody knows Amsterdam for many reasons. There is a lot of stuff to do, we're gonna show you around.

We are gonna take a boat tour as well, on the canals. So we'll be showing you around Amsterdam. But that's not the special thing, 'cause today we got a special treat for you. Today we're gonna to have a collaboration... It's so annoying when you get interrupted when you speak. (Yolanda) You should do it on the highway.

Nice navigation! Anyway... Today we're gonna do a collab, we're gonna meet some other YouTubers that have been travelling all the way to Amsterdam today to meet us. So later on i'm gonna tell you more. So let's enjoy the ride, we just woke up it's really early. We didn't do the shooting in the house because we didn't wanna wake up Remco, but we're on our way to Amsterdam.

So... Let's wake up, have some coffee and we'll see you later! Ok, so that was my coffee! Anyway, we are almost getting into Amsterdam. It's only 15 minutes away, well it's only 30 minutes from Remco's house anyway. So who are we going to meet today? Today we're going to meet Jake and Tamara from Lockdown Travellers.

For those who don't know Lockdown Travellers, they are an Australian couple that has been stuck in Thailand for a couple of months. And they have been travelling around Thailand in that period of time. Really, really spectacular places they've seen, really really good views and footage, so make sure you check them out. And they are on their way to Mexico to continue their travels as they are also a travel channel, just like us. So they mad a pitstop in Paris and they decided to also make a pitstop in Amsterdam before they go to Mexico. So we'll be meeting up with them later, despite this fantastic Dutch weather.

Which is quite a difference then Thailand where they just came from, so they must be really cold. And we are gonna spend the day together, so...yay! Here we come,. They're already there.

We're gonna share the same hotel as well. They are already there as well. So it's only 15 minutes away, i'm gonna show you some more shitty weather footage on the way before we get there. So enjoy the music and enjoy the weather.

So, we have arrived in Amsterdam, welcome. As you can see we are already wearing our masks. A personalised mask that Yolanda has made for our channel.

It's very expensive to park in Amsterdam, so we've parked the car outside of the city and now we're gonna take the metro, public transportation towards the centre. So we are gonna meet up with Jake and Tamara in a minute. We are gonna check in our hotel first, so we'll see you later. (Yolanda) Bye! So we are now on our way to the hotel, it's a 20 minute walk.

Of course when you come down here you wanna go to as closest to the centre or central station as possible. There's busses, metro, trains. There's a lot of way of transport to get there. It's not as expensive, we payed 5,50 (Euros) for a return from the parking to where we are. i didn't really show you the stations, because of course it depends on where you are coming from and where you are going to. But it's not all that complicated and there's always people willing to help if you ask. Do note that it's obligated in Holland to wear a mask inside the public transportations, so make sure to take them with you.

We're not really gonna show you the hotel. That's because we booked last night and after we payed all of a sudden we had to pay some extra fees and i don't know what kind of nonsense. The parking was supposed to be free and it isn't. So now we had to find another parking and pay a lot of money.

So...yeah this hotel we're not gonna show you. But more or less hotels and B&B's in Amsterdam, between 25-40 Euros for the two is more or less what you pay. Some with, some without breakfast. So you have to take a good look at that once you're gonna book. Of course we don't really care where we are staying as long as we are in Amsterdam. But it can be cheap. 30 Euros is not that much for a hotel in the centre.

So we're gonna look where we are and find the hotel and we'll se you later. Ciao! Alright, so we just had a little coffee on a terrace and we've already met up with our friends Tamara and Jake from Lockdown Travellers. All the way from Thailand on their way to Mexico. And let's see if we can get all in the same shot. There we go. So we're gonna get ready to have a nice day in Amsterdam and show them around. It's going to be a great collab.

(Jake) Say hi guys. Hi guys! (Jake) Say it in Netherlands. Goeiemorgen allemaal! (Jake) Ohh, here we go. We're gonna check out this beautiful city.

And as we always say: Up up & away! So are you enjoying Holland so far? (Jake) Yeah it's awesome. The weather is perfect. Especially coming from Thailand, you must be really cold. (Tamara) Besides the cold, it's fantastic.

Alright. And they haven't seen anything yet, so... imagine! So you'd think, being Dutch, that we show them around in our country, we know where to go. But... we don't!

So we really have to be like tourists Checking our maps and trying to get to the centre. From there we will... show you around. Good luck with the translation! (Tamara) I really thought you'd know your way around. What's up! We're going to the centre. So of course Amsterdam is also known for its canals. What you see right behind me, those are actually houses. People are living in there.

You can't really go anywhere with them. But just look. It's really unique, it's really nice and Amsterdam is full of it. Just imagine on a nice summer day sitting on your terrace seeing boats passing by. Really really nice. (Jake) Beer? (Tamara) Yeah i'm down for a beer. (Jake) Is that not what we were all thinking? (Jake) How's Amsterdam? (Tamara) Fantastic.

(Jake) Is it? (Tamara) Yeah. So of course on thing you have to do when you come down to Holland, is try some Dutch beer. So guys, cheers. Proost! This is the tribute for WWII for independence day Bastiaan was just saying. And they got a big ass church.

And.. i don't know. We better find out. Hopefully with a beer. So another thing you can do when you come down to Amsterdam is visit one of the local and many coffeeshops. And that's your day! Oh and by the way, don't forget to buy some sweets before you do that, because you might get the munches. Good luck! (Yolanda) That's a nice coffee! (Tamara) That's a great coffee! (Jake) What's... Bastiaan, what's in that brownie you gave me?

Now of course there is a lot to do here in Amsterdam. For example you got the Rijksmuseum with all the famous paintings, if you're into art. You can just take a stroll down the old centre, rent a bike. There is a sex museum, there is a marihuana museum.

There is also the Anne Frank house, if you're into that stuff. There is basically a lot to do of everything. You can do also have a stroll through the red light district. Now we are not allowed to film there, but of course you get the gist.

it's a bit of a window shopping experience. And there is just plenty, plenty of stuff more to do. So make sure to pay a visit to your local tourist information office and see what else there is to do here in Amsterdam.

(Jake) I think we're a bit lost... but we had a couple of spacecakes aaaaaaand... (Jake) Its good? (Bastiaan) Yeah. (Bastiaan) We're not lost, we are finding new directions.

So you got your local visitors office in front of the train station in Central Amsterdam. And you can also get a lot of boat tours here at the train station. So best is come to the central train station, you got a lot of starting points for your adventures in Amsterdam. So another thing that amazes a lot of people coming to Holland is the amount of bicycles.

So, Tony Onatsu from 3-way Theory; This one is for you! So as you can see on top of all these buildings are like these beams with hooks. Now these buildings are very tall, very small and very all like build together, So those hooks are meant for people move in or out. To put on a rope and put the stuff in and outside the house. So as for pro's and con's in Amsterdam. Con is very simple: Amsterdam is very very expensive.

So you do have to bring some money. And as for pro's, well very simple: It's Amsterdam! (Yolanda) Yay! So as you can see by the weather, this is not the best time of the year to visit Amsterdam. The best time of course for Holland would be the summer. That's the best week of the year. But there are certain dates that you really wanna come down to Amsterdam.

For example... i will put the dates down later. Kings-day, which is the kings birthday. The entire country is gonna be all festive, dressed in orange. Festivals, music and parties all over the place and of course Amsterdam being capital of Holland, it's a place you wanna be.

And with the Gay-pride these canals are filled with beautiful parade boats and it's really worth coming down seeing that And it's gonna be packed with people here, really exiting, great atmosphere. So i'll put the dates down later on and enjoy your stay in Amsterdam. So as the night starts falling we're gonna call it a day. Well at least for the filming 'cause we're gonna go into Amsterdam nightlife right now, but that's not for you.

So we hope you enjoyed Amsterdam, make sure you come down here and well... have a great time! So as we say in Holland; Doei! Good morning, rise & shine and welcome to another beautiful day in Amsterdam. So Jake and Tamara forgot to set the alarm bell. They're still in bed, so we have to wait for them. So they over slept.

Never mind, in a meanwhile there's a few things i would like to share with you. First of all i picked up this leaflet in our hotel. And there are a few more things i really like to mention, 'cause they are really worth coming down to see here in Amsterdam. As i said there are so many things to do. And it really is wise to check what there is to do before you come down here, because you can miss out on so much.

For example; Ripley's believe it or not. Play around with optical illusions and interactive mind games and a lot of other things. This one is really interesting. Body worlds. This is actually made with real human bodies. Over 200 anatomical specimens from real human bodies.

So that's really interesting. This one for example; Red light secrets. So you also have a red light work shop. I don't really know what to expect from that, but...well, while in Rome. Right? We also have an Amsterdam Icebar. Now it's already really cold in Holland, but for those who prefer a little bit more cold. There you go, the Amsterdam Icebar.

And for the people that like museums... There's a few nice things here. We got the Madam Tussauds which is a wax museum. You have the Amsterdam dungeon. Much like the one in London. And of course you got the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum and we also have the Heineken experience. And there is much, much more to see and do in Amsterdam, so make sure you get your information before you come down here.

And i really suggest one day, two days is too short. You really wanna stay here a couple more days because there is so much to see and do, here in Amsterdam. So last night the 4 of us went for a few drinks in the city. And for some food. We didn't bring our equipment because we been around with the equipment all day, so we really just wanted to have some time out without all the filming stuff.

Anyway, we met some people yesterday. We got into some really funny and interesting fun facts about Amsterdam which i really would like to share with you. Now first of all as you see i'm sitting on one of these stairs. Funny story is that the more steps the house had and of course this is not today, this is in the olden days, when these houses were build. The more steps a house would have, the richer the family would be that lived in that house. And as you've seen some of these houses actually have two sets of stairs on each side of the door. If you had that, then you were the man.

Because those were for the really really rich people. Now another fun fact is that some of these houses are build a little bit leaning towards like this. Now this is really exaggerating, but a little bit like this. Why? Because then the rain would never touch the windows, so you don't have to clean them.

As you've seen they are really tall buildings, so it's next to impossible to clean those windows. But that's a really smart way to save a lot of work. And another fun fact.

As you've seen yesterday on the canals, we've seen all the bridges, really nice. There are 350 bridges in Amsterdam, but there are 450 coffeeshops. So look who we finally got out of bed. They're awake, two hours later. So we had some breakfast, before we ar gonna finish up. Because Yolanda and i we are gonna go back home. And the Lockdown Travellers... there we are, we just lost Jake for a second there.

The Lockdown Travellers are gonna continue doing some sightseeing in Amsterdam. Now there is one thing i would like to ask: How did you like Amsterdam? (Jake) It was amazing, absolutely. (Jake) So, it's a city of emotions. (Tamara) Don't have too many spacecakes, because you won't remember it. (Jake) Have as much as you want, it's awesome! (Tamara) It's Amsterdam. (Jake) When in Rome...

So you had a good time then? (Tamara) Yeah we had a great time thanks to our friends showing us around. (Yolanda) Yeah, great that you guys were here. We loved it. (Jake) It worked out perfect, you showed us around a beautiful part of your country.

Cool, so where are you heading next then? (Jake) Mexico! Mexico. So stay tuned for that. Lockdown Travellers being in Mexico soon. But first you got a lot of Thailand still coming. (Jake) We got our Rona road trip from our Thailand adventures, about 6 months in Thailand. (Jake) So if you don't know anything about there, come check us out too. Cool. Ok we'll leave a link. Anyway like i said we'll use the same footage for both channels.

So you're gonna have 2 completely different video's with the same footage. So as soon as their video is up, i'm gonna put a link in the end of ours. It will be a while, but you'll see it eventually. So make sure to check it out and i'm really curious to see the difference between both of our footage. So like i said we're gonna finish up here and we're gonna go home. And enjoy the rest of the day with the Lockdown Travellers.

So, have a nice week and bye! (All) Doei! Tune in next week as we're gonna show you some other highlights and stuff not to be missed on your trip to Holland. Like for example; The world famous Keukenhof... The picturesque islands of Giethoorn... And many many more things. So make sure not to miss next week.

Make sure to check out our channel of the week: Lockdown Travellers. Who are currently making some spectacular video's travelling through Thailand. Make sure to check out their adventures! Up up and away! (Tamara) Oh that's pretty good, the first time.

(Jake) We nailed it. (Tamara) One more? Up up and away! (Tamara) That was kind a fun. Up up and away! (Jake) I was getting ready. (Jake) Up up and away! (Tamara) One more time.

(Jake) Up up and away! (Tamara) Now one more time for normal humans. (Jake) Sorry sir. (Jake) Go again.....wait.

(Jake) Go again. (Tamara) Up up and away! (Jake) Now do it but look at the camera. (Tamara) Sorry, i was distracted.

(Tamara) Do you want a nice Up up and away? (Yolanda) One, two, three... (All) Up up and away! (Tamara) Oh, i screwed it up! (Tamara) I went..up up... (Tamara) I did it backwards. (Yolanda) And action! So Bastiaan, what's in that brownie you gave me? (Bastiaan) Yeah we do it again. (Yolanda) Yep! (Tamara) Jake forgot his line. (Jake) I'm coming back.

(Jake) Gotta be serious, alright. (Bastiaan) Pokerface. So make sure you go down to your local tourist afam... So make sure you pay a visit to your local tourist information office and see what else there is to do here in Amsterdam. (Yolanda) Yes So there's one... So you can find your local visitors office here in Amsterdam in front of the central train station as well as a lot of...

Wait a sec. So you got your local vivitors office... Alright, so as the night is falling we're gonna call it a day. We are gonna go into the Amsterdam nightlife, but it's not...that's not you da... What's...what's in that brownie you gave me? Up up and away! Of course make sure not to miss out next week, tune in.

Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe. Just hit the red button, it doesn't cost anything. And we see you in the next video.

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