Why study Tourism, Hospitality, Cruise and Events at the University of Plymouth, UK

Why study Tourism, Hospitality, Cruise and Events at the University of Plymouth, UK

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Creates a we're live now on Facebook as well and firstly. thank you everyone for joining in and thank you Doctor Rong for taking out time on a day for us for the session. Thank you so much for that and everybody who has joined in today so thank you again for joining in today, we have a very special guest from the University of Plymouth Doctor Rong Huang, who is the program Lead for MSC and tourism and hospitality management at the Plymouth Business School in University of Plymouth. She's also.

For international Associate Head International for her school and we are extremely delighted to have you and on the session today and talk about the hospitality sector and you know give insights on the tourism and hospitality management courses in the Plymouth business school doctor. So welcome and thank you so much for taking our time. The session is all yours, so you can share your screen and you can begin the session. Thank you. okay. Good afternoon. everyone. Thank you

so much for attending the session on a Monday and my name is. Ron and I as you can see I'm an international person in Britain and I've been in Britain for since 1999 and today I will talk about the MSC tourism and Hospitality Management in Plymouth, where I have been the program leader for last 11 years, I think it's a brilliant. It's because we have very strong disconnection you can see the three. Association logo here the Tourism Management Institute because our program have very strong destination planning emphasis well, the center of Excellence of Institute, travel and tourism and Immorality. I'm on the the Executive Board of the education and training for the IT. We're also the education partner actor that means we have very strong connection with our travel sector and. Hopefully today's

session give you some information about University diplomas and also the course after my presentation, you have plenty of time to ask me a question if I can't answer your questions, I might ask my colleague Wilma and she's our office manager and if both of us cannot satisfy your question, I will take back and ask you our colleagues in central service or in the school. Hopefully I provide to you answer at the end. Okay. I don't know how many of

you know Plymouth and currently I'm in Cambria in the Lake District and in the northern part of the UK and I try to explain the Plymouth to the English people as well, The Plymouth is in South Devon coast and in the southwest England, I would say we're the the one of the largest city in UK in terms of population, we have a 300 thousand people in the city and among them why in term of the population is actually university students. and. If you travel from London to Plymouth by train the quick training service is about 3 hours an average is about three and a half hours of course, and if you want to travel by coach from the Heathrow airport to we have a direct coach service from London and Heathrow Airport and we have very convenient transport service between Plymouth to Bristol to Birmingham to Cardiff to Edinburgh and more city. We also have. And which means we have a fairy PS to the. The two

big country we have a link is France and Spain regular various between this two countries, and it's really useful and we certainly take advantage of this kind of ferry service. I take our student to Roscoe in France for the field trip. It's really enjoyable experience our students love it as well if you look at Plymouth Plymouth is world-class more than University we become. University to become in 1994, however, if you trace our history, our history is back to the school of in 1862 and Plymouth have very strong emphasis in sustainability in recent the world around impact study, we have very high ranking as well in the university. We have the three

faculties faculty of arts humanities and business where the business school locate. And faculty of health and the faculty of Science and Engineering and you will see this. is professor here. Professor Ian Stewart is our professors sustainability and he was talking about the university At this moment. I

will not play this video because it's quite long but I will come back to the radio if we have a time. If you look at the business school business school. it has a very strong business and management of focus and we have a three department accounting economics and finance is our first department and then we have a biggest department of business in this department. We include a range of subject area marketing HRM Business Tourism, Hospitality and event, and so it is one of the biggest it is the biggest department in the the school. We'll also have international shipping logistic and In our school, we have 150 staff about 2200 top student and also we have 100. 150 PHD

student Currently I supervise seven PHD students. We have excellent range of program across different disciplines. We have a traditional 3 year programs or foundation program, which is a 4 years, and also we have those kind of fast track course, which is 2 year for the degree. We'll also have a long distance. A distant learning or online learning for our MBA top up, so we have a range of product to offer and some of them. are truly in. Come to the

subject and this is a hoe and Tourism and tourism and hospitality is our tradition and if you look at the beautiful home, normally my background is the whole and as I'm away so today you see the picture and the whole you can see the ferry service just leaving Plymouth to go to France and Tourism Hospitality have very strong root in in Plymouth and in Plymouth in pre-school, we have a very successful. Subject for last few years and why are you study on Hospitality and a cruise or event in Plymouth because this is the diverse industry with the virus opportunities a range of sectors. So we're talking about Tourism, which include travels. sector tour operator. Airlines Railways coach travel, and then you have a hotel. you

have a cruise. You have an event sector so a range of the sector involved in this industry, and we always say this is the one of the largest industry in the world and then you all the carriers that can take you all over the world. Well, the good thing is we have a lot of graduates in all of the world in India in Dubai in Latin America in USA in Canada, and you know one of the things so proud is going to read it to them. To see how successful they are so the carrier from the tourism and hospitality really taking you everywhere and there's grants demand for a dining experience, travel and a cozy and yes pandemic hit us hard However you you can see people still have desire to travel and people still willing to travel and there's so many people already booked the holidays for for travel and so although the pandemic hit. Industry hard but believe me we will bounce back with confidence and there are lots of industry associations certainly prepare the recovery plan to encourage people to travel and safe travel. in terms of tourism and hospitality industry. We offer

a transferable business skills that will allow you to pursue career outside of the industry. I have so many examples later on you where I show you where my student go where my graduate student go and you will be surprised because it's not Tourism hospitality industry but in the various successful career in the. In West Bank bank and in the university in the in the sports sector and a wide range of job opportunity, why we're so successful, it's because the transferable skills of our student learned from the industry and the wide opportunity and also you were found after 5 year 10 year, they're progressing so quick because the accumulated the skills from different sectors and make them confident to perceive their career. So why

are you study Tourism Hospitality cruises and event at Plymouth and why because we have 100% of all student satisfaction if you look at the national Student student survey, we have a small teaching team, which is who specialized in Tourism and research. so we research focus and many of our colleagues published a lot of journalists journal articles books and they're also attending a lot of international conferences and. Our models are taught in the context of this subject, so we teach marketing in a tourism and hospitality industry. We

teach the HRM in the cruise sector, so we are very much in the account instead of generic teaching we all have very strong international organization presence our courses taught in. not only in Plymouth but also in the partnership institutions such as Hong Kong, such as in Greece, such as. Sri Lanka and also we'll be in Malaysia and we have very strong work based learning opportunities to develop practical skills into hospitality industry. We have a hotel school which we have a very strong relationship with the local business and our student council internship or placement there and as I mentioned our classes small so you you we get to know you and sometimes it's good because when when you're missing. We would definitely know who will find out you and we will support you. nobody will left

behind and. that because it's small class everybody get out quite well and we have a placement opportunity Our placement is about 48 weeks, which is a year nearly a year and we'll also have a short short-term internships even during lockdown during the pandemic, we have a virtual internship to support our student. We have a mentoring scheme, which is from the employer to support our students to develop which is run by the central career service. We have very strong industry partners. just now you know my first live, you'll see that we have a three association. logos that we have very strong relationship those three association. so we're

attending the original meeting the event and our students have a chance to talk with the industry practitioner through the session and also through the industry competition and. So for me, I'm very proud because of what happened is we have We are teaching our students the subject knowledge at at the forefront of the research at the same time, we have very close relationship with to make our students easily transfer to the industry and work in the industry. so Tourism Hospitality Management at the master level and our program have changed and and improved last year and we made. To our program and also our curriculum in terms of master program, you will find that you need to demonstrate your understanding and ability to implore of various. researchers

to tourism and hospitality managed environment you need to have a capacity to manage a significant Tourism or Hospitality Management research project and this is really crucial. and of course we have a two exit award post by diploma and post choir certificate. This is for students who can't proceed or for a certain. Or reason, and

those are the two exit award we are available to support student. of program is emphasized critical. understanding the theory principle and demonstrate your skills in working in the tourism and hospitality industry and also demonstrate your competence to work in the industry.

In terms of a team you see I just need to change this. The okay just a minute. if you look at my. If you look at my screen, you will find in my team we have. a full. staff. I'm the program need and doctor wing is our. Our costly costly for their the Hospitality contemporary issue and revenue management professor Sheila Agua is our model leader for the sustainable development and the crisis and disaster management meter is our the specialist for the HRM. so we

have a full to module plus. capstone project. I will show you the detail of our program in just a. We have very strong

as I said to our staff are very strong. activity in research here, just an example to show you that recently we published a range of the books like Heritage and literary Tourism by the professor Sheila Agua researchers in tourism and hospitality and event management by Professor Paul Brandt and Paul Brandt, who's the head of school and now he's our director of Academic partnership and the other. Colleagues used to work in Plymouth University Why he's retired. Why is the industry? industry job so those are three colleagues from our from our Tourism Society Programme Special interest Tourism is a book by Sheila Graham and me because we all have very strong interest in special Tourism in reality, I wrote the food Tourism and the gram actually contributed to the tour.

Because it's our research area so we have very strong research contribution in in the school. We also write a lot of journal articles except that I don't know how how many of you know Quality assurance agency. for higher education in the UK in terms of quality assurance Doctor Wing and I was selected to be the expert reviewer for quality assurance Agency for higher education in the UK and Doctor L is associated with. The business related to this subject why I associate with both business and education subject recently, I've also been appointed by the QA to be the international quality reviewer and also the translation or educational reviewer. So we have very strong quality assurance to our program. I think that gives the

confidence to you when you study the international program, you do want a quality program and here you are you can see doctor Ali and I post the Q and a reviewer. We were sure sure you've got a quality program and quality experience We have very strong industry connection as I mentioned before we have a hotel patron conference We have the features and the special guest in our session. We have a spring ball mentoring scheme as I mentioned before we had industry speakers come to our guest session now just invite the industry come to us. We also take our students out to. Industry, for instance in 2018 before the lockdown or this kind of reality we we took our student to the residential. consultancy trip to to stay in a hotel and we're going to give the the consultancy project for the hotel in 2020. I take our

master student to a charity. organization is a heritage cottage you you can see our student take a note to the industry practitioners and also we give consultancy project for this organization. We're organized ITT Future new career event in our campus and we'll have you can see here We have a Expedia the global marketing director, I come to talk with our students and we take our students every year to our technology show in London and certainly is really useful trip and for our student take advantage of the advanced industry experience and knowledge and. Students are

very happy and very professional in organizing this kind of trip by themselves and organized the social event of the trip as well. Except the guests with it to the guest, the Wizard and the attending the those kind of professional event. we'll also take our student to the field work investigation because we have the destination planning and management module and the model leader I tend to take my student to the to the field trips and some of them are in the UK, but we always have one in Europe every year and as you can see. because the. And this 2 years we don't have the trip because there's the. the restriction in terms of travel.

However, we still managed to take our student for the local with it to the different places. some example, here is those kind of adventure with it normally at the at the end of October to make sure we have a strong team to work together and we also take our student on the photo show you is post them in. And we take a student to the world travel market and so filled with work investigating is really crucial because what happens is you have a direct link to our destination planning and management. when

we visit those destinations. We're also invite the local expert some of them from the universities some of from the tourism board to give a lecture to our students. It was really they're very. entertaining. And also very professionally organized and students really appreciate those kind of. industry. interaction and also apply the theory to the practice straight away. We also

discussed the the gaps in the gaps between the theories and the practice and discuss the the way to improve understanding so the field work visit is our characteristics in our program. how we go to as. You and when we teach you, we tend to have lectures. We have aims we have a workshops and you might want to know so what kind of things we're looking for when you come to study here we have normally we'll have a two assessment promo if you come to start with us and the assessment tab tend to be the report and essay and the presentation in infographic poster and dissertation or we have the capstone project and. Presentation can be an individual or group presentation Infographic poster is really successful of student feel they they have very strong design. talent in terms of nature as I said it can be an individual or group and so you have a full hour module. You have a free

attempt to pass a module if you fail if you fail the first attempt you have a receipt opportunity in a failed element. so you're not you're not a reset for two elements you're only. Only go to reset the failed element if you fail after a referral attempt, you will have you will have to retake the torch element of the module to pass it and for our program you need to pass the module is a 50%. and overall

aggregate is 50%. so if you have a two element and why is the forty and another one is sixty the average is fifty is still hot. The module and so you need to make sure that is that we're all postmark and for our assessment you you will be assured our handbook provide a clear guideline about assessment and assessment criteria and also we have assessment workshop to explain to you. What is expectation and how you approach assessment and then we'll have an assessment a brief session where you show your course work to your. To

your leader or the people who set the assessment and we will read it and give you a comment and so you are fully support to to understand and perform and to pass. of course, we'll help not just past. we'll help you secure the higher mark. We have a different grades for us to pass is 50% and if you fail, it will be on the 50% part is fifty to fifty-nine and the marriage is sixty to sixty-nine and distinction is seventy plus and I. Different country have a different pass mark. Sometimes

you will find a good me sixty that is so low believe me in Britain. Sixty is not so low. Okay. Sixty is married and because I want to emphasize several times to people because when we have international student and you tend to have a different expectation of the marks and some you know I remember quiet because when they receive a 60% and I need to tell them this is. The

market you need to be happy and for us, we're really trying to support you through the work of the assessment, workshop and assessment brief session to make sure you understand the assessment and also perform not just the past position, but also get a higher mark over the last few years. We always have a lot of students in the Marriott and the distinction category and so that you will be. I hope that give you a sort of a relaxed. Is we're trying

to support you as much as we can. Our program is full of stars. My stars really make me proud example. here is Janice. and he's our international student. He's actually from Sri Lanka and you can see here. He did a

one that paper for my module and the paper. it was really well written it is about innovation in the hotel in Sri Lanka and subsequently he submits the paper to the conference and guess what he got the best paper over all winner. He was so over the moon when he got that best paper over all because the the the attendees from all of the world and then he got the best paper all and he carry on hardworking and he will succeed in his post dissertation and he was nominated and won the Tourism Management Institute of Best Post Prize that. As well and currently Janice is teaching in Sri Lanka in one of the private universities and also doing the research continue his sustainability interest and so he is international student and succeed and to bring the pride to our program and at the same time, I'm very proud of him. We

still have very close relationship and recently he came to talk with our student talking about. How he developed from the master study and working successfully in the tourism management company now move forward to a teaching position. So this is one of the example quite happy to share with you. Another example is our Victoria and there is the Victoria Ward she is actually a mature student and she come in and in reality she's actually slightly. Me and she's

successful and doing her part time job in the Eden project, but she want to improve her understanding of the knowledge and and the principle understanding of the knowledge and the principles and she also want to do a master degree because what happen is her kids are already out of the house to study in the university and she said. It's time I go to university again to get a master degree to prove my and so she came back and she had very. Interest in the ocean pollution and the plastic and pollution and the she did it really well in her study and she also present a very successful. dissertation. She was nominated as ITT responsible Tourism student responsible Tourism student of the year in 2020 and guess what now in order to achieve her ambition. She's a Pos supremacy University doing her PHD with.

University so I give you some example, you can see international student progress really well to success at the international stage and now progress to the teaching position and they'll Victoria is our matured student to come back to achieve her dream and now doing her Phd The two examples just give you some understanding. I thought I have talked a lot. let's see what our students are graduates.

Can you hear it just a minute? Don't we are unable to hear the audio Okay just a minute Hi. I'm Bernard Alexander and I'm a proud alumni of the University of Plymouth I completed my Masters in hospitality and tourism management in the year 2009. Looking back at that time, I have fond memories of the time we spent in classes at the university. especially after the moments when we had our projects due and the time we. On preparing for our final

dissertation our best memories were in the classroom time spent discussing concepts of Tourism with professors like Ron Graham Busby Paul Brandt Mark Stone, and she and many other teachers as well. the experience and teaching styles helped us be actively interested and engaged in the classroom. Environment at Plymouth is incredibly been helpful for me and I believe for many others to broaden my horizon. and work with a varied set of individuals. The formed

at Plymouth have endured all these years and I'm still in touch with a lot of our friends from the university even though the facilities at the university are top notch and the library is extensive where I spent a lot of my days and nights searching for my projects as well as the dissertation. talking about Plymouth, it is a student friendly place with a lot of opportunities for recreation and tourism, especially for a student like me from India. Been in the hospitality industry for the last 10 years and the learnings that I received at Plymouth have helped me immensely, especially with the way I write business proposals create effective training programs. I'm a training manager right now with a five star hotel in Dubai.

understand how the hospitality industry works and changes. through the years and keeping myself up to date with the new practices in the industry. I'm happy. That I chose Plymouth for my education and I'm pretty sure that you would do. go for it and all the best. Okay. So this is our Indian

alumni back in 2008. Come to join Plymouth and now based in Dubai pandemic certainly hit the tourism and hospitality industry in Dubai, very hot and the winner is brilliant example of resilience and successful. graduates. We have guess what he transformed his job to a dairy company as training manager within a very short period of time he set himself up as a very successful training manager for the dairy company and We successfully keep in contact with each other. We're talking about what he wanted to do after the next 5 years he want to be a professor in the Indian University he want to return to the academic circle and we're talking about potential PHD together and a wingnut is for Indian student to come to UK and now working in Dubai as I said our subject provide international opportunity to our graduate. Kimberly is our

mature student and her experience is slightly different compared to win, but again she is a really interesting and successful. hi from Dorsett. My name is Kim I studied my masters in tourism and hospitality management at the University of Plymouth, The course was absolutely fantastic. We did modules like

disaster and crisis management a strategies, marketing and innovation competitive advantages things that you would take to the industry with you and be ready to go it. Gave you such a good insight into operational aspects of the business being in University of Plymouth with the see on your doorstep and the more on your doorstep, It's absolutely great place to learn because you've got so many different aspects of hospitality and tourism. We're really fortunate that we got to go to ins, I was awarded free travel and free accommodation, so I can present my conference paper at the IS Contour 2019, which will then subsequently published. It's the also in our cohort I had five five different nationalities. It was just fantastic because we've got to sit. have our lectures, but then learn about each other's cultures and how things were.

Where they lived and where we lived and how we did things and it just you just learn so much about different people and our lectures were really fantastic, especially our course leader who would actually actively push you to socially engage as well so that you're learning about international issues and. things like going to the Chinese new year, and that's sort of thing just fantastic. So if you're thinking about doing this course, I can thoroughly recommend it it really. And I hope that it is a life changer and I've achieved things that I never thought was possible. So all I can say is you won't regret it? Bye from Dorsett.

Hi from Dorsett, My name is Kim. I've studied my masters in Tourism Hospitality. Sorry and the king is our graduated from the program now and they're also working a holiday company and based in Dorset at the same time, he's our guest session speaker for our school student because she has done quite a lot of course and work in the company and do a lot of training and the students are very interested in what she said. and she certainly provide those kind of industry insight to our student of course. King

is my student and she always joke with my our undergrad student or be careful. Rong have a very certain requirement for course, work and all that sort of thing and certainly we have very close relationship with our student and the Kings regularly contacted me through the Whatsapp through the Facebook to ask me ideas for a career progression and also she was talking about potentially I would come back in next. A 5 years time to do a PHD to improve my understanding of the industry and to develop different career paths and the two example why is international student? Why is home student? Why is a student finish? The university and a Masters degree. Another one is mature students have worked around the different sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry and I come back to get a master. Hopefully they give you an idea. It's not just me say that the program is good and I will graduate. Alumni

certainly back up this idea as well. Hi from Dorsett, my name is Kim. Hi, I'm Bernard Alexander and I'm a proud alumni of the University of Plymouth. I completed my masters in I just need a technical. As I said, we have a very strong focus on the career element that this kind of focus is not just talk, but it's action if you look at our program arrangement we arrangement of the career discussion at the start of the induction week so basically in our induction week, we'll have a whole morning talking about career and I will start to say well, okay after your master degree. What do you want to do

and what kind of things I can help you each of our students and in the develop their profile and I will then give you the idea what kind of things we have and what kind of things that you need to do. To develop your skills so we start from the induction sometimes students say hey, I'm just come to do your program. How can you ask me already this kind of discussion is really make our students think because 1 year can be very troubled. the time passed so quickly so we start from the induction to get the idea of career development plan and our regular send them information about the different event they can attend to develop the career, according. We're also student develop the induction essay and at the first week and and then I will give the feedback about the induction. I say about their writing skills academic skills to ensure they are capable to progress to our program and if they have some difficulties in certain skills, I can recommendation what kind of training they can do and there we're also provide a different support to our student for let's say the student develop their career. In the induction

and then every month, I will send them an email about what kind of job they can apply what kind of things they can do to improve their see me by the end of June. If you your September entry student I will be working with our university career service and our actually provide different opportunity and workshops, which are student need to prepare the interview or prepare the assessment because a lot of because a lot of those kind of. The management training programs have assessment centers now some assessment center actually in Plymouth for others in different places with our career service. We help our students prepare those kind of assessment center activity.

We'll also develop the internship opportunities to help our students to secure relevant work experience because what happen is if you only have a qualification have no work experience, you have found it is difficult to get a job. so why in the first week. Find out what you want to do What is your CV look like I would try to actively to ensure your two different type of work experience to demonstrate different skills you have. and by the end of the July, I normally developed a tailored reference for each of my students and the student can use the reference to apply different jobs in reality this year, we had a general entry and September entry. Our students had a very. A good relationship do different things and get the jobs. So

what kind of job you can have, you will find that your range of job opportunity you can have in the industry and you were working the operation Management you can work in the food and drink Management room the Management and the comforts and event management guest relation revenue management and HR talent management. the marketing or business development the range of job opportunity you can think in the tourism and hospitality industry you and if you look at. I just show you an example our student and where they go you will find there are some of them working. some of them

working married some of them working in the Mandarin oriental in the country. Echo Hotel group is typical hospitality industry Atlantis and as you heard that the we are talking about he worked in the five Star hotel training as a a training manager at Atlantis, he worked in the Atlantis as a. And training manager and subsequently, he moved to another five star Hotel to to be at the training manager where student work in the tourist attraction like a Oxford Golf resort in India and Royal collection of trust and we have a student as a visitor manager in the Windsor Castle and we have a if you look at the the cruise company. as I said, we have very strong connection with the cruise company. We have a student who work in the carnival Cruises Royal Caribbean and US to Princess Cruz and those to a few cruises company regular come to our University to recruit our students and we have students working in the airlines you see they're working at Atlantic United Emirates Singapore Airlines so those are the key airlines our students have a jobs in the student I think he graduated she graduated the 4 years 3 years ago now and she worked as a. Did a 1.° in psychology? I want to be a hostess for three and three Middle Eastern airlines and after 10 years we work as a host of the host, he decided to go to do a master degree and off the Masters degree, he said. she said I

want to work in the hospitality sector. I want to work in the hotel. Yes, she went back working in the rest of the hotel for 6 months and then decide I still want to work in airline you then. Job as a supervisor for the Service Center in United in Hong Kong, so we have very strong airline industry relations and we as I say we also have a student working in the university and we have a student working bank like. Bank. This is the first private bank and the Bank of Montreal and in reality, I can still have a really good memory of the student who are not working in the Bank of Montreal Beijing Branch because. just

be. Before she finished her dissertation, she start looking for a job and they we give her encouragement and you should be looking for a job or you are doing your. project she her project is about the hotel finance so she talked about different hotel finance auction and here you are you work in the Bank of Montreal and that was a really interesting option for her to develop and. this is just job of our graduate and a master student doing and to certainly provide a wide range of opportunities. Wider range of variety from our master student. Of course, we'll have

the ones want to be their own boss and we have a student who used to work in the. in the hotel sector in the bank and now they have their own training company for the. the Shard. have her own have his own training company. They have

his own training company, the guy who went to work in the bank developed his own travel agent and a center. You will see the full student in to one used to work in the Marriott and now become have her own training company for the hotel staff. Another person I've run successfully of the advertising agency and all the students provide your idea You know you know just need to work for people. you can be your own boss and then you can be successful. in terms of a tuition fee if you look at a tuition fee. Post grad program

is 15200. We also have the scholarship I was three tag of scholarship is for the master student One is international academic Excellence scholarship. This is a year we give twenty in the business school about the student who have very successful academic profile if they have distinction they can apply our academic excellence scholarship this scholarship means a 50% off the tuition fee for this you. Apply and you need a filling the application for separately and when you submit your application if you have a distinction profile or admission service, we invite you to apply this academic excellence scholarship. We also have a international student scholarship. This is for the

student who got two one and that if you go to one, you will find that you're automatically a war to sound off from your tuition fee and you don't need to apply because we just you automatically. On your academic profile we. we emphasize the academic Excellency, so we give the students the to the scholarship based on the successful academic performance.

Except the university in the business school, we have a range of learning services that are run by the student service and to support students study and living in the UK, The study learning service they support students to start to learn and they have a pro. writing support to support students to write, especially the dissertation They also run the peer support and also writing Cafe to support student develop their. experience. The UK and if you need the language training, you will find because for our course you will find we ask for our 6.5 if you are not get that kind of mark, we have those kind of language courses available if you go to our five point, you will find that we have those kind of 11 week training courses if you have a 5.5, we have eight-week

training courses, which are. And if you got a 6.00, we have a six a week training course and if you go to our 6.5 but

your writing is not that up to the level, then we have a 2 week training course, so we have a range of training courses available if you're if you need those kind of training courses, make sure you apply our language. processional language. courses. You will find the application form available from our website if you need those kind of application form, please do let me know or like the API now, I'm sure they can help you to support to get our processional language application form. I'm

sure Wilma from our regional office my office will support you as well so that is for language processional courses and in session during your study here, you will find you have a language support courses as well. To support you to to develop your course, work and those courses are free and you can take it during your time and also they have a Idaho workshop to support you as well. when it comes to studies have range of accommodation whether it's halls resident within the university, which to walk to the classroom or at the university. one of the things you shared in the university if it's University recommend. Did prior to accommodation University will be check those kind of places and ensure it's safe for you to live if with it on Plymouth University website accommodation site you will find a list of a list of options. from our website of

our different horse restaurant outside the university. You can book and so it's really convenient and it's really close to our business school. the most important service in the university for the international student, I would say is international student otherwise they have a lot of. Up to date advice for our international student in University One thing for academics is we do not give any Edm to the immigration matter. so if you have anything in relation to immigration, we're always recommend you to you to the our international student otherwise and even during the lockdown our international Rong the zoom session every week every day for our international student they have the up to date information. The study we

about the visa about the post starting work visas or student. student route or you can find the information about the visa issue in relation to work during the study or after the TRD or during the holiday as I said if you have a question about research you the best place to ask is our international student advice. They're really supportive and approachable, and that is most.

I always say this is the most. Important service for the international student in the university. Okay, I think that's all for me and hopefully I give you a sort of a brief introduction to my program to the university and it's the floor is yours if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer you as much as I can. Awesome Thank you. Thank you.

Doctor Wong I am just going to check if you have any questions guys if you have any questions, please feel free to post it in the comment box. I see Wilma already put my program page there. thank you so much. that's very helpful. There was also a question on Facebook which I have answered regarding. I so thank you so much you're the best. supporter. I have and we give

you a medal of. any questions. I'm very happy to answer your questions if you have questions regarding to a study, that's on Hospitality program and also one thing I forgot to mention is how about part time job some of the international students when they come to to study in UK, they really want to know how whether it's easy to get. Part-time job What kind of part time job that you can find in our career service. We normally run to at least the part time job Fair in Plymouth and to introduce a range of part time opportunity in Plymouth or surrounding area and also our students have very strong group connection and they tend to support each other, for instance in my. January entry, we have a nine internationals we have. International student and within the first month five of them get a part-time jobs and it was a really interesting because within 5 weeks the within within 2 weeks, I received an email to ask me to write a reference for my international student because they already got a part time jobs and so we have the essential service to support you on a part time jobs and also we have a local links among the student group to support each other to get a part time job. So it's easy and

relatively easy for our. International student to find a part time job if that is what you want to do and I, of course also range in 2 days so two or 3 days, it means you have all the days you can do study work and and the combination of pleasure as well. Great so I was just checking the questions as Wilma Wilma has already answered the ones on Facebook. This was regarding

scholarships and ILS requirements so that has been answered I don't see any questions here. Doctor so probably we can bring the session to an end. Yes and thank you so much for you know, sharing the insights about the SC program and tourism and hospitality management and thank you for the detailed information on all the students who have studied alumni and students that is really helpful. I'm sure students will be able to you know relate to it and you know find more answers to their questions through this video and through your session doctor. right and also thank you so much Wilma for taking our time and organizing this session coordinating with. Doctor I'm happy to do that. Thank you so

we'll bring the session to an end I will just. Stop the life.

2021-07-25 04:17

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