Why We Travel Turkey (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

Why We Travel Turkey (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

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I feel like we could use some seat belts. today in our last video in cappadocia before  continuing on our road trip around turkey we   take a rather adventurous jeep safari  to explore the history of this valley   good grief this is insane! mind blow. but the rest of the day was just  filled with constant examples of   how kind and hospitable the turkish people are i just want to cry. I just like everybody is just  so nice like i don't even know how to handle it   we are so excited to continue  our road trip around turkey   visiting an additional 16 cities so don't forget  to subscribe so that you won't miss a video   but thanks for joining us today for what we  think is the best way to experience cappadocia.

it is another 5 am wake up time today uh  we're hoping the balloons will fly again today.   weather can always change last minute but  you get up just to see. You guys ready? Ok let's go! we did a super cold hike to get out here  where there are no other people around us but   absolutely worth it right in the midst of all the  balloons is it worth getting up this early? No.   Next time are you going to sleep in? yeah! really? I'll  come out without you. That's why we need a nanny! haha i think it's time for breakfast and coffee. I haven't had any coffee yet today. Hey! But you're smiling!  

Of course I'm smiling! With no coffee! All you  need is either coffee or hot air balloons!   wow! tell me how you really  feel! I didn't mean for that to sound so mean. hey what are you doing in my car? It's not that dusty! is everybody cozy back there? getting warmed up? all  right there we go! the weather is very strange here.    it's like 32 in the morning and  70 in the afternoon yeah it'll   be really hot we'll be in like  t-shirts in the afternoon yep what are you making? nothing!   so that was just like the most pleasant surprise  ever we just walked into this pottery shop   we were just driving down the street and  saw it. And he invited us back into the  

room where they make pottery and he showed us  how they make some pottery and then he allowed   the girls to have a turn and oh my goodness  that was just so special we had so much fun!   She's got a little clay left on her. Oh  does she have some i didn't get it all wiped off   that's all right and then they gave the girls  little keychains that are so cute and special   and i just i'm just amazed. How much did we pay for  that? Nothing! We paid nothing! We just i don't know we just went right in and they just met with us  with such hospitality and it's just so special   so we will link the information for this place  down below because if you are coming to cappadocia   you need to come to this shop it's amazing!  good job Chloe! Can you believe that you made it!   oh man this looks so cool! wow i'm excited so we  are headed off on a jeep safari around cappadocia   this is awesome oh my goodness hang on tight oh my goodness Woah! Oh my goodness! this is like a roller coaster i don't feel like that should  be possible! that was crazy! my goodness i feel like we could use some seat belts Hang on tight, Alexa! This is crazy! This is insane! The car is  not even breaking a sweat. This is the craziest   thing i've ever done in my life! so i had i had  no idea this is how we were getting ourselves into Do you know what that means? Me either. i thought we were gonna go on like a nice peaceful  ride this evening it's like a roller coaster!   you should have known cause i was the one  that booked it but i didn't even know it   was gonna be like that! My arm is gonna  be so sore from holding chloe so tight   but oh my goodness how much fun! That was AWESOME! That's  a good find Chloe. Do you know how all of those  

structures were formed? By the wind and  water. oh man I thought i was going to   teach you something new. It's pretty big  contrast to have that roller coaster of   a ride and then land someplace so peaceful. I know it's kind of like a adrenaline and then whoo! Where did this guy get his license? So  he just gave us a warning   that things might get a little  crazy here are you are you okay i know that you cannot see this in the camera  but he's going oh my goodness he's going sideways! That should not be possible! That should not be possible. i think he's starting to enjoy himself here with  all of the children's screams and mine i guess I'm like falling off, trying to... (screams)

Oh my goodness, hold on tight! and he takes he takes a phone call i'm hanging  on for my life and he's making a phone call! it's like a workout! I think  this guy likes his job too much!   what a fun job! all right back into peaceful mode  exploring history oh man whoa kids look at this!   this whole region is covered in  just the most amazing history   you could spend years here never touch  everything. This is an old church in an old   hospital is that what he said? It's just  crazy it's beautiful. daddy do you think   that's a church? yeah that definitely looks like  a church. Girls do you see the pigeons up there?   so those small holes up top they made  houses for the pigeons they wanted the   pigeons to live in there, do you know why? So  that they could collect the pigeon poop! ew!   True story! Why? They would use it as  fertilizer so that they could grow food! Oh my goodness. Good Grief! Look at this! This is insane! This was a church. Obviously. Kids they carved this out of the rock!

oh my goodness this is amazing! i don't know  i feel like one of the most amazing things i've   ever seen! it's just like you walk in here and it's  so grand like from the outside it just looks like a cave You can even see a little person   carved up there.what's amazing is that they   didn't build these pillars they just slowly  carved away and started to make this shape here Mind blown. wow this is crazy look you can see into the  other church! that's awesome Girls this was the church. This is amazing. Can you imagine how long this would have taken to carve all of this out? This would not take just one day. This door is my size.

wow i mean this is insane oh my goodness   it's every room is just more more impressive. And  now it's a house for pigeons. oh! pigeon droppings! Did you just get pooped on? Nope, not yet! Let's get out of here before we get pooped on! That looks like a grave. It is. What's a grave? Its so hard, because we don't have time. so amazing i know i did not really i did not  really expect to see something this special. Daddy show mommy the pictures! you want to show me your picture yeah why are we going sideways?? (screams) save me! i have the switch size this arm is like   so sore from holding onto her! But good grief  look at this view that we just arrived to! man wow it's a little a little eerie a little creepy  in here but this entire massive structure   is called the pigeon house because its  sole purpose is to house pigeons. All of   is this your first champagne? it's not an alcoholic don't worry, haha.

its so fizzy. too fizzy? Not so much. chloe was that so much fun?   she's fancy now i think hey can i have the last sip? No. I can feel the dirt  on my face and the sand in between your teeth. (speaking Turkish) To the bag shop! Going to the bag shop! do you have a problem with this shop? I may  have a problem it's such a gorgeous store.   it's just the quality of these bags and  they're just so pretty and I can't help myself. Which they do sell online! oh they do? I'm gonna  plug this store you can buy through instagram   so instagram link right here you you just have to  trust us on the quality oh my goodness it's just   outstanding they're amazing. You want  to make balloon? Do you want to make a balloon? are you excited? yeah. your balloon. oh that's  the one that you started on, he saved it for you!  

so the last time we were in here he was making  the hot air balloons and chloe wanted to help so   she pitched in and started learning how to sew up  the hot air balloons. He kept it   Yes he kept it right where it was. And now she's back to finish the job. She talked about this all day yesterday wanting to come back. She could not wait to get back. if you make the whole balloon you can keep  it! What do you think? what do you think buddy   you keep working hard okay? did you make that that's so cool it's amazing   alexa come here you helped too  you guys did such a good job i don't even know what to say about that because   it's you know over and over again i feel  like we're just constantly surprised with   the amazingness of turkey and  its people and i don't know the   the just kindness and hospitality that is  shown to us is something that is just hard   to put into words and it's just completely  out of the goodness of their hearts they want to   offer you tea and give you the best  experience that they can because   they're just nice people! they're just kind  people! they're just loving people! and it just   is amazing to me. We have a lot to learn from them. We have a  ton to learn from from turkish culture for sure. What do you say? Thank you! i just want to cry! I just...

everybody's just so nice like i  don't even know how to handle it oh thank you so much For me too! all we did was sit down at a restaurant  we haven't even had time to order yet   we have been here a few times we have been  here we've come here a few times because we   really like it here but it's like the best  food ever so it's because yeah i don't know   we can call Grammy and Grandpa and Mimi  and Papaw and would say please move   to this country Turkey. Turkey. And then we will all stay here and live here. so she said she wants to call Mimi  and Papaw which are my parents and   Grammy and Grandpa which  are Bradey's parents and   tell them they should come move to turkey and  then she wants to stay here. The only thing   that turkey's missing is Mimi and Papaw and Grammy  and Grandpa and some other family and friends all right so this is probably my favorite dish  in this entire region this is Tavuk Sac which   i'm a little confused by yeah the girls  got pasta they like the pasta so it's um   basically just chicken and tomatoes and rice and  all kinds of really good spices. What confuses me  

is it's called Tavuk Sac. Tavuk is chicken and "Sac" as far as i  understand is "hair" so i really don't know why   if anyone speaks proper turkish explain to  me is there two meanings for "Sac" or is it   called chicken hair like i which doesn't make any  sense but anyways it's served on this metal tray   with a candle underneath to keep it warm um this  place does it the best um they add in what i think   are italian spices which is definitely a very  different spin but it's just so delicious. We are currently exploring the underground city of Derinkuyu which  translates to deep well but this is the largest   underground city in all of turkey. Chloe says it's the  perfect size for her and all the little tunnels.  

so at its peak nearly 20 000 people lived here  and every little bit they have these round stone   doors that they can seal off in case of any  intruders. So the Christians would live here   with all of their animals there's room for their  livestock they have food storage, kitchens, rooms   it's just i can't i can't imagine having nearly 20  000 people living underground in what essentially   is an elaborate ant hill for humans. We're  going into a tunnel right now that has no light   this was used as a confessional. My head can bearly fit.

you guys were super brave! Good job buddy that was super brave.  chloe give me a high five so brave super brave Sing it Chloe! Brave but not afraid! Brave but not afraid! Here I'll get my flashlight out because its really dark. Chloe, you're super brave! when they would have a death  when they were underground   hiding then they would store the bodies here  for the few days and when they would go back up to the caves they would bury them properly What did you find? A cross! Woah! Good find! wow! good job! there's a ton  of different entrances to   the underground city this one is one of the  hidden entrances but just to put it in perspective   they must have been so small much smaller  than you because i mean this is crazy Daddy get out of there before you get stuck! No! No daddy you're going to get stuck! It looks so cool! Should we just go the shortcut? So this is a well.

and then they would pour water  into here and this would become   a baptism pool. So to make wine they would  throw grapes down the hole into here   so they would squish all the grapes and then  the grape juice would go down through that hole   into a bucket can you imagine then you were  drinking grape juice that was on the floor uh so yesterday alexa asked me an interesting  question she said daddy why do we put our   videos on youtube um she's getting to that age  where she asks really good questions and um she   knows both of them know the main reason we  make our videos is so that we can remember   the experiences that we're having uh mostly  because my memory is so terrible um but also   for them to look back on when they're older that's  why we make these videos but that's not why we put   them on youtube she wanted to know why do we put  our videos on youtube and my response to her was   it's a difficult thing to explain but what i told  her was alexa did you know that a lot of people   are afraid of the world and would be afraid  to come to Turkey and her response was "what??"   it was so dramatic complete shock  it just was like her mind just exploded it was it was rather funny actually  but it was completely sincere like she was just   so shocked by that um and that's because  she's experienced firsthand the the Turkish   hospitality and the kindness of the people here  on a level that is is hard to receive sometimes   it's just unmatched kindness and you don't know  it's like when you're put in that position to   receive that level of kindness you almost don't  even know what to do um especially as an american   as an american because that's not really part  of our culture Its so far from our culture i mean yeah   we have our own versions of being nice but  like it's not i would say the same. oh Chloe's screaming. kids are fun especially in the morning before coffee so  anyway trying to focus because i know we   have no get the coffee down so i can focus it's  going to be it's going to be terrible i'm sorry   it's real life. I think going back to what i  told alexa a lot of people are very afraid of   the world and they they don't need to be um yes  there are dangers in the world there's dangers   but there's dangers everywhere wherever you live  you know there's there's its own dangers i think   that I really want to in some small way show  people that the world is full of good people   I often think about the impact  that Anthony Bourdain had on me   and he really opened my eyes to the world and he  really i feel like he had a profound impact on   my entire our entire generation of giving  us a wanderlust and a love for people who   are different than us and just seeing  the world differently and I could never aspire   to have that level of impact however like if  I could if we could have just a small level of   impact in a similar way then I would be very  happy. absolutely. And if that means we spend away   all of our savings and go broke but have  some level of impact I still would be happy. Its worth it. it's i'm still working to find the words and i'm  really not good with words i do pictures not words but that's how i explain it to alexa is we  want people to know that the world is full of   good people and beautiful places and it's a  good thing to want to explore it's worth exploring   so i guess to that end like  because of that desire to hopefully have some small level of impact like we  do want the channel to grow and we never   started the channel with that intent no but  now, now we want that because we have this   desire to have some level of impact we don't  know if that's even possible the way that   we're currently shooting like right now we're  capturing family memories but hopefully that's   showing the world something but maybe later on  in in in life the the videos will change to tell   more real local stories we don't know we talk  about this often but people have a hard time   understanding what it is that we're doing and  how we can afford to do these things and   you know we did sell everything we own and we  are living off of that right now we are hoping   that that will last us a long time um but we  don't make a lot of money off of youtube right   now i think that's like misconception. Yeah people don't understand that. Its a common misconception.

you know anyone that's doing this is like making a  ton of money and can afford to go anywhere and do   anything that's not true at all the hourly rate is  somewhere hovering around 15 cents an hour of work yeah. haha. And it is work. It is a lot of work. and we've been talking a lot about like how to  balance all of that because we're here right   now and it's like i don't want to sit inside  of a cave and edit i want to be outside and i   want to be soaking up everything this place has to  offer but at the same time like i have to you know   continue working because that's what we have you  know we've made a commitment to do that and that's   part of you know that's why we're doing this is  so that we can share what we're experiencing with   anyone who's interested in watching yeah so if you  if you do enjoy the videos like when you when you   see them if you could give them a "like" leave us  a comment like that there is this strange thing   called the youtube algorithm also subscribing if  you're not already i know some people think like   you have to like pay to be a part of youtube  to be a subscriber that's not true at all it's free to create an account and  then if you click that subscribe button   it's really the best way um and also that  bell that way you're notified when we post   new videos um it's really the best way  to use the platform but it also helps   us grow as we kind of find out what we're  what we're doing and how we move forward anyways thank you for watching  there's a drone flying over us yeah um tomorrow we are heading to gaziantep and  we have a very exciting stuff along the way   oh yeah ice cream. ice cream. we've actually talked  about um like how cool it would be if we could  

bring some people back next time like maybe next  year um try to grab a dozen people and bring them   back and and do some sort of group tour like thing  and that's probably just like a lofty idea that   would be so fun though it would be so neat to  have a group of people to show them around um   because i think i think that i mean it's it can  be i remember it being an intimidating destination   when we first decided to come here last time  um how do we get here how do we get around um   but man it's just one of the coolest  places in the whole world um so   so i don't know that's that may be something that  we work towards if that's something you might be   interested in i guess reach out to us let us know  but we'll keep that in the back of our minds.

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