Why you should ALWAYS bring your A-game if you want to become an influencer

Why you should ALWAYS bring your A-game if you want to become an influencer

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Who equipment, new software all right now we are live in all places all right so welcome, to. My facebook people over in our private Facebook group, welcome to Instagram we've got three viewers over there just getting started. By, the way for those of you on, Instagram. You can see my Kido, shirt I was just gonna say that, you. Know in just over three, months about three months time using. Kido. So. I have dropped now officially. Over twenty, pounds. Which is just I'm just. That's insane, it really, really works you. Know I've also not, been doing like junk food Kido, where. You're going nuts on just like the bacon and the fat and just like like, going, full-tilt. Generally. Eating a lot of produce, my. Wife joined. Me in this process too she's, lost over, 20 pounds so she's looking really foxy right now I got to say, pretty. Cool and, so. It's exciting because I'm within like I'd say 510. Pounds, of being at my like absolute, goal weight so. I'm thrilled so not. Going to be too annoying on it but yeah I'm kind of become an Aikido evangelist. After. This experience, so that's, not what I want to talk about today because my. Audience are. They're, the, entrepreneurs. That are growing their business they're growing their brands, they, are looking to become thought. Leaders, in their, space why do you want to become a thought leader well, because if you can become a thought leader if, you could become respected, if you get more authority. Then. People, respect. You more and people, are much more likely, to do business, with you hey Sally J and Swift Andrea, thank. You so much for joining us, and. So, that's what we do it up my influence, so I'm going to give you some really great advice on how, to. Improve. Your, authority. In a, little kind, of live video today, and. So what I want to talk about is kind, of presenting, your best self at all times and so. Imagine. That, you've you've, worked your, whole life and you finally, made it to Broadway so you've you've, worked in stage as an actor, an actress, and. You, know you've you've really you paid your dues and now you've kind of made it onto a really big show. And you. Know the show is going well. You're. One. Of the you. Know maybe, you. Know one of the ten main characters, and you, get invited, to, perform on. Good. Morning America. The Today Show. Wendy. Williams Ellen, like some sort of like major. National. Opportunity. For, you. To show what you do now. You might look at this and say, well you. Know, gosh. You know we make money with ticket, sales and if. We're gonna be doing this TV like. These. People aren't paying us money Good, Morning America is not paying for us to do this, like. We're not no one's paying us cash to do this like, you know my, time is valuable you know how. Dare someone asked, me to perform for free well here's, the deal of. Course that sounds silly right because, Mama Bear green welcome, because. You know that. That opportunity, is. Going. To potentially. Bring. You a ton. Of visibility. And of course if you, get seen as performing, on a national, program, like that you, know that that's gonna be really really good for your.

Resume. Right, so. When people see, you and. Now, you can, you know if you're updating your IMDB or in the case of you know my business owner friends, here you. As a professional, you as a business owner you're, able to now put that logo. On your website, put that you know as seen, on your, LinkedIn, profile, by, the way welcome inspire, inspire, and, I assume, it's change, welcome. So. You. So. Let me ask you a question so, if you were to get that opportunity would. You just kind of phone that in because well I mean they're not paying you money directly. Right and so. I know as artists, but, and we work with a lot of artists, and creatives, you, know you can't make a living on just, doing work. For, visibility. Alone, I mean someone's got to pay you but. What. I find, is that creatives. I see, a lot of entrepreneurs kind, of falling into the same trap is, that they, don't do enough to. Make themselves, visible. And, I can't tell you how important, this is. So podcasters. For example, I've done a lot of work with a spoken, and a lot of podcasting, conferences, we've done full-day events for podcasters. And I'll. Tell you that the number one reason that most podcasters. Fail is because they spend all their time podcasting. When in fact you should actually be spending twice. As much time, growing. Your podcast, business. As you. Do the, actual, trade, of podcasting. So familiar, with Michael Gerber the e-myth, you'll. Know that he nails why, most businesses fail within a. Few years and that's because they spend all their time on the operations, of the company you should not be doing that you should be focused, as the, CEO as the founder of a company you should be focused on one major, job, and that, job is. To grow that. Company. So. What. Does that have to do with always. Making. Sure that your brand looks, amazing. Okay so Tony. Robbins and I've had the opportunity to, get, been, invited by the Tony Robbins organization. To speak to his audience, we did that a couple of months ago and is a huge honor and one thing that Tony. Robbins. Will. Talk about is how. Important, it is to, always. Present. Your, best self right, so for example let's, say you love Elton John and you get to go to an Elton John concert, and. I know he just Elton, John recently, threatened. To stop, touring so and maybe he did officially. Bad he'll be back for a reunion tour, but. You. Know if you are Elton. John and you have performed, the song Daniel. Can you imagine like how many times Elton. John has, performed, Rocket. Man or, Crocodile. Rock or, what those classic. Songs from the 70s okay, do, you think that Elton, John is sick. Of performing. Some, of those songs maybe not all of them but, maybe he kind of hates, like there's like one or two is like damn. It if I have to perform another one of these I'm gonna go not so I'm gonna go absolutely, bonkers right, and so that's a horrible British accent by the way um but, but he does it anyway and when you go to see Elton John in concert, does, he, by, the way welcome, big girl huh. Big, girl panties by you when. When. Ellen John performs, that that. Song does, he phone it in absolutely. Not when, you see Elton John perform all his greatest hits he's performed, thousands. Of times. Elton. John Bruce. Springsteen, these you know these classic, artists, that they're always you know people always rave about you know just want an amazing live performance, that they do um. They, put their heart and soul. Into it you know one concept I'm not necessarily a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan to be honest with you but, I gotta tell you that those, guys put on one of the best live shows that I've ever seen, and I kid you not it's because they performed.

With Everything. That they have and so now, as an. Entrepreneur. What does this mean for you as an entrepreneur as, someone who's looking to grow their visibility. You. Should be looking for every opportunity every, stage. That. You can by the way welcome Maria, to. Perform. On and. Sometimes. Like I do a lot of podcast, interview so I've done well over a hundred podcast, interviews all told, I've been in the media over 2,000 times and every, single time that I do I, have. To bring my a-game and if, I don't then. I'm. Gonna, suffer, from that because you're, only as good as your last performance and. I gotta tell you that there's times that I've done some pretty small. You. Know the podcast, host was pretty, unprofessional. And I but I got to tell you we're not you're not necessarily doing it for the host okay. You're, doing it for, the audience or the potential audience and so. You. Know for my CEO friends, out there for my biz so no friends out there, you. Know again if you're working to be visible you know at some point you have to you, know you have to be a little, bit thank you so much Tom I appreciate John, Drake on Facebook said Josh is awesome at getting press and media um, thank, you yeah. So here's, the deal again, you might have the opportunity to, do a really small TV, outlet, or really small podcast, but you should always bring, your a-game and just, know that even. If you're like oh my gosh this podcast host is driving me insane right, now right, and there are some good to be some opportunities, it's okay like you still have to bring your a-game every single. Time right and so, by, the way if you're feeling like Josh I don't. Even know that I have an A game I look like I'm kind, of like I can, bring a C or a D game um, cuz I've not been doing this very long that's. Okay like, if you want to feel really really good, about. You. Know creating, content, and, you're. Making, yourself visible go, find, some big youtubers.

And Go, watch their, first few YouTube's they, are, horrible. Right, and I, could tell you firsthand like mine are terrible go, listen to my first podcasts, they're horrible, like, and. By the way there are some really big podcasters, out there if you can go find like episode 1 2 3 4 5 like. I've listened to some really big podcasts, and it's, it's it's really. Comforting. To, go and listen to some, of those that, old content, because it's not, really. Great one. Host in particular, like I was I really. Appreciate, it because he's like at some point you could tell it like he's just getting so frustrated with, himself that you hear him like sighing. Because. He knows how bad that this is going but, he keeps at it anyway and we had one client that. When. He started a few years back at YouTube doing. YouTube videos it was doing three YouTube videos a week and. They. Were not good and he. Had like next, to no. Visible, like no one was watching his videos and even today you can go back and you can look at him and they still have only had like over just over like 100 but. Today. When. You look at the kind of views that he gets on new videos now he's. Doing, hundreds. Of thousands. Of views every, time he publishes a new video and as a result, the, dude is making tens of thousands of dollars in revenue as a result, of his visibility, so how did he get there well, I'll tell you how he got there and it's it's kind of like the three thousand hours principle, and I see this consistently. On social media cuz sometimes a lot of people will say well Josh what social media platforms, should I be doing Oh big, girls penny podcast, is a podcaster. So, good so you get, that impression, by the way I'll, tell you just because you know the so, the. One that and I've told him this it's. Pat Flynn who I respect. So much in the podcasting, space and I really gained a lot of confidence to start podcasting myself, because, of Pat but. Yeah you can go back and listen to his first few episodes of smart passive income and there's some times you're like Pat you're making me feel good man I can do this, and he'll tell you too that that. That was absolutely the case for him. So. You, know again you. Will get better as you do this more and more so if, you've ever considered doing live streaming I got to tell you like I'm uncomfortable, with this I'm really really uncomfortable like leading, up to doing this I was feeling, hesitant, I was like oh my gosh people are gonna judge me someone's, gonna say something mean I'm gonna feel I'm gonna look like a dork you know and so I'm gonna tell you that the antidote. To. That, fear, and that fear is. Going, to rob you from so much opportunity, your audience, just, wants to know you and if you feel like you don't have a big audience you will grow that big audience okay we've seen this consistently, with a lot of our clients is they just do the deal no, one shows up but. They keep on doing it and here's, the thing okay, what I don't want you to do here's the worst thing you could do is it you could you could well this wouldn't be the worst thing because it helps you understand, what you really enjoy you should pick a social, media platform Oh inspire. And change me can I read this this is great laughs. A lot this is true, the first live streaming may not be great but you get better as you do it as you keep showing up it's absolutely. True so, here's. The thing so I've spoken add social media marketing, world a couple years now I would try the love that conference, and tickets are on sale for, that show now and I would absolutely recommend if you're if you're really into growing your business using social media it's a great great show to, attend, because. A. Lot of the speakers go pretty deep, they, don't teach the Mickey Mouse stuff there they, really get very, very tactical, but, what I wanted to share with you is. Is. That. If. You want to. Go. Viral if you want to make it really big if you want to build a big audience and, by the way don't necessarily do what I do do what I say. But. What I want to tell you is best practices. Is that you, need to pick a, platform. And then. You stick, with it for, like 60. Days, minimum. So. If YouTube. Is your thing go. For it alright and I want you to follow people like Derral, Eve's, video. Creators, Tom Schmoyer. Gosh. There's some other really really, really. Great youtubers, they'll teach you how, to become really, really great at YouTube now what I want you to do is I want you to obsess. On that. One thing okay, don't, worry about being everywhere, okay you don't necessarily, need to be on snapchat you don't necessarily need to be on Twitter. Okay, in terms, of like where are you going to grow your audience but what I want you to do is I want you to pick one and I want you to obsess.

On That one thing and you know what's gonna happen everybody, quits this too soon but. I want you to keep going when. Everybody else of you. Know goes on the wayside it's why diets, right and so how did I lose 20 pounds just, now doing my Aikido program, is because I stuck with it for, a long period of time and by the way it's not just Kido its Kido intermittent, fasting and I've lost 60, pounds before, and, that. Did not happen, in 30 days and there were days when I felt frustrated and I wanted to throw in the towel but I kept at it so, similarly, as you're building an audience on social media I promise you there's going to be days where you be like okay, nobody. Showed up nobody. Watched this I feel, like a fool right now but, you listen, you got do it you got it'd you just keep on doing it keep on producing the podcast, listeners. Will show up you keep on doing it you keep on collaborating, with other social media people you find ways to serve, others, who have larger, stages, and larger, audiences, than you and you try to find ways to make them look good which is a great ninja hack for, how to attract, new listeners, and. I could do a whole I'm gonna do it I'll do a whole separate training all about like how to work with influencers. But that's just like a little sneak preview of that alright. So there you go last, thing I wanted to talk about about, always, showing. Up and you. Know making sure that you're bringing your a-game is has. To do with your branding, and and, and, so if. You have if, you're on social media or unlinked in your on Twitter you're on Facebook, you're on Instagram, it's. Really, critical, that, you invest. Appropriately. Into. Your. Imagery, so. For. Your. Headshot. That you use on all your social media you're, using it on your bio your press kit on your website, etc okay. Don't. Go cheap on this please, don't. Use, a picture of you at a New Year's Eve party holding, a cat on your head you know drinking a margarita and, you, know it's just it's all blurry and fuzzy and you got redeye okay, that, is not the, picture to, use okay. And here's, the thing you might, also feel, pressure we just had this conversation in, fact with. Yes got some laughs on that one, you. Might feel the pressure to. Change up your headshot. Because, you've had it for more than a year and you're like man I'd just like to keep it fresh I like to change up my headshot every 30 days. So. And. I'll answer that in just a second inspiring change, and. Change me, yeah, so don't, worry.

It's, Like for, those who show up to the out in John concert, and they want to hear Daniel, okay they, didn't hear it the past 100, times that you performed, it cheap. Probably okay, so when, I go and I do podcast, interviews, I will. Say a lot of the same stuff over and, over. And over, again, I mean are you kidding with savings, angel my other company, as many times as I've been on TV I mean I can. Cannot tell, you the number of times I've said the exact, same thing about. Couponing, okay, it's in, my wheelhouse, and so, you'll. See this like when actors, are promoting, a movie and they go out on the media tour you'll, see them say the, exact, same. Thing. As the exact same questions, it's the exact same answers. And they say it do over, and over and, over and over again okay does it make you want to pluck out your eyes, and ears yeah and pull off your yes yes, it does but you have to do it anyway so on the. Thing with your head shot okay you don't need to change it every day okay maybe, if you got you know some sort of special thing and you've got you know you've really got your audience built and that sort of thing and and you use that as a means of communicating, to, your, tribe, that's fine all right but generally. You want to pick your best head shot and you want that same head shot to be everywhere. Okay, you want calls to action, to be consistent. Okay you want your logo to be appropriately. Placed where. It would be placed, you want to optimize your social media profiles, including. Your personal, Facebook. Profile, like all this stuff okay this is what we call brand integrity, and we can do a whole nother video all about branding, Hey but just suffice to say go. Get a darn good headshot and then, use it everywhere, you, get even if you're like I'm, so sick of that you know same picture, everything okay, it's okay like ID we, just had an internal conversation about. This about like Josh you've been using the same headshot for like six months I'm like yeah, I know it works, it's a good headshot you can see by the way you look at my social media profiles you see exactly what the headshot is right it's it's good for now all, right now. Should. You use the same headshot that you use 10 years ago because you felt like you looked a lot better I don't think so I think you should be you, should so a little bit of integrity and.

So Go ahead and use the head go ahead and update this yeah I just got a hurt for that go. Ahead and update, that. Every. Two years is, is. Generally. What we sets a good pace, and, so that, should give you motivation, by, the way if you're, like I've put. On a few pounds over, the past couple years great. There's, good motivation. Because you, know that though his head shots are coming up in. April. Or May of next year, so maybe now's the time you know join me like, I'm always, doing, something that you know try to keep healthier, and you, know always wanting to make sure that you, know what. I communicate. Externally. Matches. You, know my message, internally. So we're, in integrity, and and, listen I used to be a heavy dude I was, pushing, way over to 30 and for, my height not, real good and. So, he. Was creating. Some success with savings, angel were starting to approach that seventy seven figure your territory, and you. Know what I was representing, a brand that I'm like man if, if I'm telling people to shop using coupons and, to you know to you, know to buy, make your buying decisions, in the grocery store and I'm showing up and I'm not representing, a. Good. Vision and again this is no, way this, is only Josh talking to myself, okay and so you can have your own conversation with yourself and whatever that is so I just want you know this says no way has, anything to do with me looking at other people and making a judgement on that but, I can tell you that, what I have seen consistently. Is that, I. Based. On stupid YouTube comments, and other stuff I was, absolutely, getting some, super. Super judgement and. So, when people do that and, we could by the way will do a whole video about, the psychology. Of your. Presence, and judgment and NASA and why it matters and this gets into whole like media training and stuff there's some things you can't change like I'm not I'm not gonna be an ultra, attractive, dude like I got, a weird big forehead, and you. Know my emotion, you know I'm like I'm a little too. Hyper. At times, there's. There's just some things that I can't change alright. So it is what it is. But you know for the things that I can change you can do that and you can always improve and you can always get better, so there you go there's, guys there's a bunch of stuff Oh live streaming so, here's. Here's, the thing you. Need to commit when it comes to consistency. Commit. To, something, that you know that, you can do right, and so, if you're talking about, building. Up an. Audience, space you, want to be reliable. So for. Podcasting. Generally. The norm is weekly but you don't have to if you want to up daily show you're welcome to if you want to do a monthly program you're, welcome to do that too okay. A lot, and live streaming it really. Varies so what I want you to do is just like when I say you know pick your social, media platform, you have to pick the consistency. That is going, to work for you what can you commit to because, what I want you to do that is I want you to communicate that. To your audience and, I, want you to say look every. Thursday. I'm gonna, be here so, that. Being said, Instagram. Instagram, come. On to. My Instagram, feeds I promise. I'm gonna get much better and, at. The very least I'm. Planning. On doing something, live or posting, video on a weekly, basis, and so, um, I like. Weekly, but. There I know that there are some people that they do love they do love, love doing daily, three times a week listen, you got to do what you're gonna commit to and what your audience can come to expect and that you could develop and serve that relationship, patty Olli say Oh patty, Alizee boy do I appreciate, you. Consistency. All, across, the board with your brand image on all social media platforms to avoid confusion. Yeah. And so consistency, is really. The it's it's honestly, it's it's, the secret sauce to success, with, social media with branding, with traditional, media with building your visibility, with. Building, this Authority, and guys we'll talk all about in a future video about. Why, Authority. Is so, critical, it is honestly, it is the magic, wand that, can bring you almost anything, that you want in business. And beyond. So there you go guys thank you so much thank you to muffin peeps, thank you so much my Instagram, peeves Instagram. I got, you I got you I really, listen we've got over 10,000, we've got about 10,000, fans on the Instagram, so I know I, have a moral obligation to, bring more value to you guys so guys. Thank you so much for tuning in either, live or on-demand, if.

You Want to go back and look at our archives you could join our Facebook, group or a Facebook page and we've got probably. About, 20, ish videos, there I cover specific, topics, and it's all about helping you increase your visibility or, authority your influence, so you can have a bigger impact in the world we fundamentally believe that everybody. Has a message that can positively impact the world and the bigger you can grow, your audience, the more stages you can get on the more impact, that you can have in the world and the, more change, that, you can make in the world and of course the more success, that you'll have in business both. With you know growing your operation, and growing. Your, income, so with that guys thank you so much for watching and I. Look forward to chiming. In thank you so much Patti oles hey, I'll. Comment I'll jump in afterwards, and comment and anybody that has, made. Some comments, below so thank you guys so much have a great day all, right so and.

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This was good info. Lot's of nuggets and things that spoke to me!

THANKS, @Principles of increase!

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