Will Dad Ever Find The Perfect Ice Cream? | Family Vacation

Will Dad Ever Find The Perfect Ice Cream? | Family Vacation

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These. Are the flower jaqen, Ben gave me last night how cute, they're kind of dead now so I'm, starting, my workout, I'm doing a 9 minute workout, because I don't when I was waste. Hours, I do want to enjoy Mexico. And, this, vacation, so. I'm gonna do a Tabata, session for 9 minutes and you don't need any equipment or anything so I'm just gonna just, gonna get, to it. All. Of, those. You. Can I kiss. And. That was a little. Quickie, and. Now it's, time to move on with the day Jackie, is swimming, okay. I'll bring you goggles. Where, are you guys going, oh. Really. Why, not baby. Thing, when is still scared. Okay. That. Was very good if you're ready now. Rock. Star. The. Baba and, the other and the kids Oh, No. So, yesterday I. Posted, the, video what, about my, nose job I was a little bit scared, posted. Cuz I felt like I'm going to get judged by a lot of people and there were some, people that they were disappointed, and all those things but, to. Be honest with you I am, in a place, with. Myself where I'm. So, happy. Fulfilled. And. She's. Truly enjoying. Life and being. Me and. My, love. What's. The problem I can take any picture. Because it's on the video you, need to do here and. Then press, press. On the picture to take it good job you took it. Yeah. You can you can tuck it inside the water and I'm just like copy that you know there were some, people that just, said that it really made. Them think about some things think, about you know the labels they put on themselves or, like how do people put out there so. I did feel. Like it, did, help a lot of other girls and, I think it's important, to say that you. Know I was, very scared to put something like that out there but, I decided to take, the. Chance to just be vulnerable and, be, and, be real and. Sometimes. You, know it's, not, something. That other people will agree with and I'm okay with that that's my life my journey and I'm just sharing it with you. Okay. Back, to. Vacation. Mode, by. The way this bikini, that I got from aces, it's, very, it's very high waisted, and, a. Lot, of support there it's. Been pretty, comfortable. Today. I'm just chilling and then it's time to I. Need. To find some pockets throughout the day to create a little bit of confidence. Work. Never stopped where. Is Benny. We'll. Be there. Where's. Benny. I. Hope, he didn't go to the, bathroom with this camera man. Where. Are you buddy oh. You're. In the bathroom, okay okay, here's a better, video. Of the swimsuit this. Cut is a little weird, when my mom saw this she's like are this is what your grandma used to wear, yes. I'm. Coming, back. To me wearing the granny panties it feels a little, weird. When, I was packing from, Mexico, a lot of the clothes that I haven't usually, wear I tried, on and it doesn't look good on me so it, felt a little weird to try to figure out what complements, my body but I worked. Out today which is awesome and I do feel pretty good not. Gonna lie. Today. Maxi, is three. Months old. That's. Awesome okay, my legs are really ten now not, that you can see but. I need to go ten the rest of, my notches arrived. These. Are magic toys but. It's like it's. Like Mario ponies. Okay. Look at Jacob. Yeah. Me. Yeah. Wow. Okay. Enjoy your soda, water. It's. Okay for now one glass is fine. Mexico. Is good, to you you look, amazing. Tuukka, long now. Bless. You. DME. Macs. And mama I want, a twist. No, I don't want anything nothing, nothing. Are you being so like what. I don't. Know I'm not oh my god babe really. Getting a value, for your dollar, in, your ass oh. My. God. Papa, is, so, funny. You don't. Find me. You. Love it. Yeah. When I the, scent is not bad right it's very soft wow. It's. Nice remember. How when we went to Miami you, were so scared of the sand and you didn't want to walk on the sand yeah, well, now you look at you oh and. In the Bahamas remember, you didn't want to be on the sand. Yeah. But now look at you because you're four years old you're a big boy, you're, not scared anymore.

Yeah. That's. It no more scared. We. Didn't have a beach in you oh yeah. Yeah there was a beach in New York. Sasha. You. Know I have, you. Two, girlfriends named. Sasha oh really, and - Misha. Come. Jakey. It's, designed, for snow. How. Is it is the water cold. It's. Okay. Now, what, the. Sandcastle yeah baby. So. Here's. Our time. Here's. That time to talk with max how you doing max you having a good time my. Son we're here on the beach Jake. Penn and Mama are over there Max is a little upset because you can't go play with him yet on the scene because he's just a little guy is too small for now anyways, it's really nice place we're having a good time. You. Want to say something, here. We go out grandpa's, looking. Stylish this. Yes. My. Question is very macho. And I'm, his, model that's, not a question that's a statement son. Bob. Booshka how's life. Who. Are we waiting for. Jake. Do you wait for mom a lot. Long. Time here's Jeana, ignoring. This. Guy your, son, knows. That Gucci hat you got on you. Sir are. A fashion. Icon. Gentle. Boys gentle, hey, I. Do. But, only through the door. Babe. You asked me if your dress was a little too provocative yeah. Okay. Bob. Let's go do you think you. Think it's okay you. Know it's funny I complimented. The whole family, on their appearance, I told everybody how good they look no. But, nobody. Said a word to me nobody cares about how papa looks whatever. It's, all good you know what I feel good I feel nice I gotta say we're, meeting some friends actually. Coincidentally we've got a bunch of friends here from, Toronto which, is surprising this place. Take. You to the pinata but right now I. Have to take Benny back to his room go with Baba spend I'll meet you there this. Guy is defeated. For, the day I. Like. It reminds me of when he was a baby. I. Don't know. No. I went to the room to, drop by. Okay. So. Jake. What what Jake is like who. Thank. You. So. I had to go drop off Bend to the room cuz he fell asleep well. Jake. Has. Fallen in love with, a married, woman with. Actually. Some family friends of ours from Toronto who happens to be here they're doing a pinata thing. At. The kids club so we're on our way there. This. Is the kids club. Good. Job. Good. Job high five high, five good. Job my father lost dog be familiar, with Mexican culture he just asked why are they beating this poor horse. She, wants intend to marry, ready. One two three. Again. Thank, you. You. Don't need that hot. Okay. Fine, maintenance. Look. How cool it is. You. Want to pet it you want to touch it. Okay. Come let's go. You. Don't like it so. My. Buddy. We. Are going. To. Explore, the hotel. My. Love, thank, you. No. You can do to only, one. Your. Turn. No. Baby okay, that's the point. You. Need to go to the black. Interesting. Let's. See what's today on the program. No. Today, Sunday. That's. The name. Domingo. Okay so. There's. Spanish lesson, archery tacos, and margaritas, live. Music, at the main pool we already have that then, dodgeball. Today. There's live music and. A, circus, show. It's. At 9:30. You guys want coconuts, you want, coconuts, you. Want to drink out of coconut. What. Yeah. Under. The ducklings, that. Was. A bird that was, a bird. Thank. You and you hear, yourself this one's for you. And this one's from me chair. So. Yeah Mia. Hey. Guys good. Late, morning it's already late morning here in Mexico. So I'm on my way I have to do some work in the room I'm on my way to meet. With valaria, and the boys and, Grandma. And Grandpa just putting out some fires this morning while on vacation but. It's cool we're dealing with it had some time to have breakfast had some time to finally go to the gym which. Is something I've been meaning to do it's like I'm playing like Mario, here on these stones.

Here Lined my. Whole team I was. Raining raining today you're, in Mexico, we had actually we, had a boat cruise planned for today that we unfortunately had to reschedule, I have a challenge, I have to find my family. Anybody. Seen some. Kids, pretty. Lady. Love in their life hello. Ladies. Hey. Benjamin. You. Know go get ice cream Wow, I'll take you to go get ice cream. How's. Everyone doing. All. Three of us, all. Of us okay who's gonna hold the camera okay, guys so grandpa, is gonna hold the camera I'm super excited. You're. Very tired to walk what are you suggesting. All. Right no, don't go and do my shoulders come to me. All. Right let's go boys. Let's. Go get ice cream I worked, out today so we're okay it's. Okay people, are looking up I think they're both mine it's all right so grandpa's on the camera thank you diello ska. The other fairs awesome, everybody needs it the other screw in their lives. His. Point I'm, embarrassed, to put them both down because you. Guys are gonna laugh at me if I can't carry them long enough. If. I think yes I'd say it's about 80 pounds. Like. Okay sir, you, have to walk on your own let's go. Okay. Well are you more tired or do you want ice cream. Let's. Go, what. Flavor do you want. Okay. Let's go get you chocolate ice cream. Thanks. Buddy, okay. Jothee. And, you have to get down though. Because. You're gonna put ice cream all over my life, as, I slow in your lives. Okay. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Yep let's go Cheers. All right, look. There's a perfect table for four of us here, Benny. How. Can it be possible not to have ice cream ice, cream. Go. Ask for a tissue you got ice cream on your nose go ask. Ron. Okay. Let's, go we're gonna get the hard ice cream cuz the soft ice cream melts, too. Quick okay. Yeah. Are we good. So. I'm covered in sand now cuz Jake was full of sand when you got into my shoulders that's. Cool so, Benny. What were you telling you this morning you never want to leave Mexico. Why. Do you like it here so much. But, they're swimming pools in Toronto, no. I. Think. There is. What. Sure. It's a sweet corner. Okay. Get in there get. In there run. What. Do you want you want the chocolate. In. A cone chocolate, you want sprinkles because, I think, wow. They, have sprinkles, oh. My. God it's your lucky day. Let's. Eat inside. What. Do you say. Good. Boy come, on Benny we're gonna have so much. It's. Vanilla, cookies new cream you wanna try it. Try. It. Huh. Benny, how many dimples. With, four dimples. Count. Again. No, I love you only have put them for one day morning. You. Don't have any dimples but it's okay it's not a contest. No. Dimples but I have I also have no dimples, and. Mama has no dimples. Well. You're like nipples are so beautiful. I know. I know. When. You boys grow up, we're. Gonna have all these videos, love. Us doing stuff as a family and us together then, you're gonna look back on your lives and remember. What kind of an awesome childhood you have her eat her mama, I think a good job to, give you a good childhood you guys happy dudes. Yeah. Ben, yeah you have to do. Look. Up serious he has to consider look, at it he's thinking about it are you a happy guy. Yeah. I can hear you if you said loud, yeah.

Okay. Please. Like in Mexico. Yeah. How, do you wanna stay well we're staying for Friday okay take book write it so. This is the other stuff this is grandpa, and. This. Is because husband and, grandpa to my children and. This isn't awesome dude so we've had some great times together and he shared some, pretty pretty amazing, stories. And maybe one day if I can convince him to get. On camera with me and, do, an interview, that. Would be great but I don't know how much of it is like top-secret stuff from back in the day but. Yeah. Tell me quickly. Know. Our last name is not Lippo Kokoschka it's liquid etske, these. Guys okay guys signing, off for a bit I will see you soon okay. Finally. Had, a, moment, to, run. Away from the kids there, with, nori, and Gina at the water park chillin, and joined their lives I decided. To take advantage of this moment to take care of my skin a little bit I haven't done much since we arrived I usually do like a hydrating, mask or, something like that on the day after I fly but, I didn't have a chance so I'm gonna be trying a new mask that. Is from. A company called yes, - this is the, grapefruit, brightening, vitamin, C glow boosting. Unicorn. Peel-off. Mask, so, I've actually tried yes, to a few other of their products, and a, lot of you guys I was always asking me about brands, that are easy to find at drugstores and, yes, - if I, don't store brand and it's, mostly. Natural it has to 96%. Natural. Ingredients, which is awesome, it's just like a really fun cool, stuff I also brought. This with me it's vitamin C brightening and fresh and dry shampoo wipe I've. Used it before this, mask is formulated. With a grapefruit, which. Helps to brighten and even skin tone and vitamin, C to smooth it and enhance. The, skincare let's, do it. So. Basically, this, formula. Is, you. Wait for it to dry up and then, you. Peel it off with a spatula. Don't. Know if you guys can see this but. It like turns colors. To, pink and. Blue. Purple. Look. Like a unicorn after, it okay. Now, I'm gonna wait for this to dry. There, is no parabens. Sls and silicones. In this, and his bunny certified which, is awesome, and. Vitamin. C is always good for a little boost of glow so, i'm gonna wait until it dries up and, what it tells me to do is. To. Start. Basically, taking, it off from. The sides. Okay. So. Ten minutes going, to leave this unicorn. Mask, on and. We'll see what's gonna happen after okay, so the mash dried up I'm just gonna close, this. Tada. It. Worked I have. Power. Skin. Looks good. Feels good. It. Was a very like light, nice. Mask. - just awaking, the skin a little bit yeah, yes, still. Grapefruit. Approved. Benny. Okay. We'll watch it oh. So, night, when. You see. You. Okay. I think, you need to lie down for like 15, minutes. Breaks. I break. Okay. Ready. Okay. Hi. Monkeys. Hey. Okay. That was gonna do a short, workout, Gary went to the gym it's raining. Outside, so, we decided, to, stay. In Maxie. Slept with nori and, the, boys were with us so. They. Can just they're gonna be listening to music while. I work, out. Through. A sauna Oh. Warming, up for, me. Now, I don't I don't like me. Who. Is there. It's. Our secret spot Wow. Hey it's a secret, it's a secret you're. Hiding from the rain yeah. It. Stopped, no. Oh my Oh Marcy, let's go come. Let's get out a secret, spot so we've got the kids to play with the next-door, people.

That Are staying, next door that's because and, we hear everything they say they should they like kick. Garry, out of the pool so they can hang out with them and. They, keep saying like my, dad's wife. Has. Also the same stuff my dad's wife doing, this Elizabeth. It sounds like I'm not their mother sounds, like under stepmother. Jake. Has been really, adamant. To talk to strangers and meet as many people as possible which. Is awesome. That he has no complexes. And is not scared to talk to other people but, once he finds a victim, it's a non-stop. Thing he. Tells them everything. Thursday. We. Decided, to take the boys, paragliding. I'm, so, excited. Excited. Yes. Excited. For us. And. They. Told me going slow, yeah okay, amazing, let's do it call your stuff boys let's. Go. You're. Very excited is, it your first time flying, Wow. And. Then. Jake's - yeah. What. A nice memory will, be for us up. Now. When you see. Babe. He's not going anywhere. Jakey. But you have to come down because they're gonna they're gonna be angry at us come. Danny. Are you scared. Many. Many. I'm joking. Are. You happy we're doing this. What, do we need to say thank you too. What, do we need to say thank you. Thanks. Bob. Now, I decide, I really. This. Is. So. Then it's you and me okay after Papa inventonator. What. Are. You joking. Oh. Okay. So I'll go with that cool, - I'll. Go with that but then yeah you go. Yeah. No but there's not enough room for all of us I'm gonna go after and, you can come with me again. Oh. A heart, attack. Okay. I go now who's coming with me. No. You. Want out. Be. Careful, they'd be careful with the steering okay. We'll. Be careful when you're steering. Hold. The steering wheel good okay. Don't. Worry just hold it good and steer, straight. Whoa. Come. Here come here come here, Ben come here. Thank. You. It. Was so good right. So. What. Score are you giving it. Thank. You so much good morning. Okay. Today, is. Why. You doing, me one W, because. It's. You. Eat because you hungry Anakin you want the cold. You. Are taking, wash. Okay. Which play do you look how many you have to choose from, which. One you want oh. That's. A nice one. Yeah. This one's for the pancakes. Good, job how, many pancakes do you like one. For. Pancakes, are. You sure you're gonna eat for. So. Many paintings, what do you need to say thank. You you're welcome mr., America. Okay. So, today's, our last day I'm, kind, of sad but. Also kind. Of happy although we're coming back for. The weekend, that, is like the coldest, pepper, it's like minus. 90 degrees, 19. Degrees I'm not leaving the house. For. Bamboula. Which. Is Bamboula. So, Big Momma Wow. Where, I. Push. You. By. Mexico. We. Love you. When. Are you gonna see it. What. Are you kissing, this side. You're. Kissing this side. You. Don't want to leave okay baby we'll come back soon I hope. Okay. So let's go. By, trees, by, sky, by. Grass. Okay. We're on the plane and. Forgot my wallet at, the resort but. They found it so they'll, ship it to us every. Time I travel have to lose something it's like I think guys. How, did you have fun. Are. You do, you feel grateful. What. Do you need to say thank you too and. Good. Job thank you you're, welcome I love Benny. Did, you have fun yeah was. It the best time ever yeah do, you feel grateful. You.

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Jeremiah 33:6 - Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth. 1 Peter 2:24 - Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

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GARY killing me

Valeria, you and your fam are way bigger than a "nose job". love you even more!!!!! #Emma #Nory #Gina # Gary # Kimmy... More people to thank and love. No room to shout it out to all. I LOVE u

Кто русский?

Doesnt matter what others might say, dear Valeria as long as u are happy and content in ur body! And if u are confident in ur looks, then the rest will also see it that way and I think most of us think u r drop dead gorgeous anyway. The boys have me giggling - drinking soda with grandma and not scared of the sand anymore, love u guys

Fave part...everything! But when Benny tried to throw away his dimples...cuteness overload. :) Your vlogs are so amazing! You have such a beautiful family, Valeria. Much love. XOXO P.S. Gary is doing an awesome job vlogging too!

Love these videos!

Sad to hear some people left negative comments on your nose job video because I actually felt like people were generally really understanding while I was scrolling through them. All I can say is I always thought your nose was perfect and fitted your face so nicely. You are gorgeous inside and out and this « confession » doesn’t take anything from you but only makes you even more inspiring. Loved the vlog and I hope you had the best vacation !

Omg i love gary filming!!! I'm so glad you liked my country:)

Writing down my fav part of the vlog: 6:57 jake and baba dating scene 9:30 'no more scared of sand' scene 11:14 - 11:18 so cute omg 11:45 19:56 so relatable, Ben 24:22 Ben is soooooo cute 37:15 when jake hugged ben 44:25 and 45:00 jake is so handsome and can we appreciate gary's effort on vlogging and how natural he is with camera (not all guys can do this lol) hahaha thanks Valeria!! Love you!!

You guys are the best!

Jake and your mom clinking glasses by the pool is a mood

Love love love the vlogs! So relaxing and funny. Dont stop everrrrrr ❤️

I felt like a went with you on this vacation, love you all every single one of you.. love to you from Saudi Arabia!

Привет вам со Львова, Украина) Смотрю почти все видео) Очень интересно наблюдать за всей вашей семьёй) Здоровья и любви Вам!)

I laugh a lots when the boys said “ my dad’s wife”

I loove your vlogs, seeing gary with the kids was so fun!

You have a very cute family Don't get me wrong but honestly I watch these vlogs and I'm like "I don't want kids, or at least until I'm like 35". Am I the only one ?

Benny we love your dimples you are so cute honey :)

Your body looks amazing

8:17 That was always me at the beach

I really love Gary, he’s a great hubby to you, super daddy to the children & baby! Just a great person

Benny is the cutest! ♥️♥️♥️

My fave part is when Ben was like "Our name is Lipo...Kakaschka" they're too funny hahaha

How old are you ?

No i dont i have to dance like me

your positive energy, everything about you is 100% genuine keep being you :)

Valeria Lipovetsky Benny throwing away his dimples one hundred percent lmao

You telling that Ben is gonna have heart attack

Jake is like the reckless ones and Ben is more careful. They both adorable!

Thank you for showing your drugstore skincare products ❤️

I love these mixture of your and Gary’s part, it’s like boom of two personalities but both of them are so good ❤️

the fact that you gave birth 3 months ago..you look amazing!

Malaya parasha

I love how real and refreshing you are... please never stop sharing with us.

why did not they go out to see the city?

Max looks sooo much like your husband!

My beautiful country

They are both mine, it´s alright. Omg, Gary is a genius

Benny "breaking" his dimples is the cutest part!!! No, Benny, your dimples are the best!

What a great video it makes me want to book a trip now but only if your beautiful family will be there !!

Little Maxi looks so much like Jake! So cute!

Gary is a natural vlogger hahahaha

Oh I want to give this yes to mask a try. I love their yes to coconuts makeup remover wipes. They do the job but they have a light pleasant smell which is what makes them a go to for me. I’ll usually use like a cleansing balm or oil makeup remover then take it off with the coconut wipes. Minimal effort but twice the effect. Anyway can’t wait to try the mask

Omg this is so precious. I laughed so hard when benny thought your toe was a snake

Gary is an amazing vloger

Dimples:D I think I have three, but if I smile one specific way, I get get five.

Gary's such a good dad

I actually laughed out loud when Ben grabbed your toe in the sand

ohhh your kids are really full of love

Why do you need TWO nannies though? I find that pretty crazy

I feel so bad for laughing so mcuh when Ben was scared

Loved when Gary was talking haha

Gary u luk vry handsome

LUIGI!!!! Hahaha

gary is annoyng

Best Vlog ever ! So happy to see more of you every time ! You’re such a nice and beautiful family

I love you!!! Thank you so much!!!❤❤❤

Your 2nd nose suits u.

Ben and the sand is just the FUNNIEST and cutest thing I’ve ever seen

ugh i love Benny’s spoken poetry piece at 9:28!

This gives me major mini me vibes

"they're both mine it's alright"

I am sooo in love with Jakey and Benny they are the sweetest little boys on the entire planet and Jake is so thoiughtful!!! Valeria and Gary, you guyd did really well!!

I love you all so so much

lugar de vlogeras fantasticas

I love watching your videos,you are not fake or pretend to be something you’re not. You show yourselves with good and bad and that is so important,because we are sick of Instagram perfection☺️

Thank you.

*i love ice cream..* GOD I LOVE THIS KID

Ya, he’s the best

*i smell french fries* ben is such a mood!!

37:23 „we will be okay“

Awwwwwww to 37:14☺️


Thank you so much for your support and attention.

I ♥️ u 2

Not the ads :(

11:49 The baby's head! :-/

What you've created is amazing

You are such an amazing and loving family! I really enjoy watching your vlogs !

I found out your channel yesterday and now Im trying to watch all of your videos haha, your family is goals Im so happy

Valeria Lipovetsky when your husband carry your children to get ice-cream

I love you all n specially mother

24:54 . On the background

Gary is an A+ vlogger!

You guys are like the best family ever your kids are so lucky they get to travel such pretty places

I love your videos

“They’re both mine, it’s okay”

Lipo ...kakashka

I love the way your little boys are

привет. у тебя веселая семья

can I ask what workout app you used in the beginning of video?

Mamãe de 3

When Ben “took his dimples off”

What song was it that was playing in the beggining?

The kids and the day before the wedding are

Papa his dimples are still there

OMG ...no one will believe that you are the mother of three children....amazing salute to you ...and your hard work ...I saw your each and every video's they all are amazing ...

loved every sec of this video, jake ans benny are love :* Big - love to u and your beautiful family

"I don't care I don't want anymore" That's it, that's my senior quote

I WANT hear the story of Dedushka

This is fam goals

omgg the ice cream struggle in this vlog is real hahahaha

I just realized how strong and funny Gary is!!

I Love you

Your kids are so cute. I also had 3 kids by the age of 30.

Oh my god I’m dead! Benny threw his dimples away

Ok ill watch it for a second time

Ymäretekö suomea en osaa kirjoittaa

You guys are so amazing ❤️ I love your hat! Which brand is that ?

When Dad tells Jake to go swim to the boat I started cracking up because it reminded me of a time my dad did something similar to me on a lake in northern Minnesota, USA, but I just said ok and TOTALLY jumped right in and swam to the other boat. My dad was laughing and my mom was panicking xD good memories.

"I know theyre still there, dont tell him" LMAO oh that was cute xD

Ben's love for Luigi tho

Love your family

My dream mama


The best lines “Anyone seen some kids??....pretty lady?...no?...” “Ohhhh ur full of sand” “No one cares what daddy looks like” “Why are they beating that poor horse” “Because you’re gonna put ice cream all over my life”

Love the vlogs ! Does anyone no where her red maxi dress is from ? It’s so pretty ! Xx

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