WILSONS PROMONTORY - Australia's Most Southern Point

WILSONS PROMONTORY - Australia's Most Southern Point

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It's. Just a few hundred, meters. Maybe, past. The. Entrance, to the Mount Oberyn, car. Parks where you go up there's actually a small. Town or commune. Called, tidal, river and. This is quite nice it's got lots. And lots of camping. There's. An. Information, Center here there's nice bathrooms, and toilets they've, also got a, general, store so, if you want to come here and get, pieces I don't know if they have a servo. Whether you can get fuel and things I'm not a hundred percent sure and Michelle. Was just saying it there's showers, in. The. Showers, in there, so it's a proper, campsite. We, driven, through here there's quite a big route. Around. You come in it's a very low speed limit 20 km/h, which is probably only about sort of 14. Miles an hour through. So it's pretty safe for the children there are a few play parts, there are some cabins, over, here so you can stay if you haven't got your own tent you can stay in cabins and there was also some. Student. Areas so there were some. Sort, of facilities, over here for students, schools. And, I. Guess. With. The other beaches but safety. Yeah you have to be careful in Australia where you swim it's often advised that you're only swim where there are lifeguards, on. Duty so. The beach here is also patrolled obviously, there's. A lot of youngsters who come here but just, the other side of this. Area here it's a fair way there's plenty of space as well for camping you get lots of space around you but there seem to be some sort of like permanent. Fixtures so maybe it's for, Cub. Scouts. I'm, really, not a hunter sense sure but it definitely had, a big school, group there when we were here the. Last time we visited the park very. Kerr. And Oberon. We. Wondered what this was we've just sort of pulled, up because, they're sort of what, looked in permanent, tents up here I'm not sure if anyone's staying Michelle, thinks they're probably and she's be right there glamping. No. Glamorous. Camping. So. Yes. Now. I don't think I. Don't. Think anyone's staying here there are four, or five, of. These, canvas. Retreats, so I'm, gonna take a look. Hopefully. Nobody's in bed so, this is. Marika. You've. Got a nice, bit. Of decking, here I'm. Pretty sure there are no guests here at the moment. It's. Canvas. Hello. Ever. Locked. So. Although it's canvas. This. Is glamorous, camping. You're. Right Michelle, they're. Glam ups they're. Glamping, grounds, a. Glamping. Wilderness. Retreat. Happy. Glampers. No. There they they're, empty I had a I couldn't get in but I had a little look on the front. So. We come up to mount. Over on it's really, busy today the other day when we came up it wasn't, quite. So busy, but. If you can see with. Cars going down here, the. Weather looks a bit iffy and it's super, busy we just like to set ourself a challenge every day and get out and this. Walk it around about I think a 45-minute. Walk to, the summit and back down. So it's modestly. Challenging. So. The pathway. At. The moment. It's. Almost um quite. Leisurely, busy. We just left the car park. It's. A nice incline I'm not sure my. Degrees would be probably around about sort of, eight. Nine degrees incline. So. Just read the sign it. Says it's. About an hour round. Trip. Will. Be going fairly leisurely. So. It might be a little bit longer. Quite. Easy I mean. You're. Gonna get a little, out of puff because you. Want to walk fast enough, but. You are a little out of puff. But. It's really well-maintained, look at this. Beautiful. Flora. Around you it's. A cool day today. So. Yeah I don't need to top on, but. It's not too hot either I. Would. Say if. You're in Melbourne on a day, when.

It's A bit overcast, and. A bit grey, it's. Probably the ideal time. To, come and visit something like this because. On. A hot day. And. It does get very hot, in. Melbourne. This. Would be a much, more arduous. Beaches. Were beautiful, if. It's if. It's a hot day. Come. Down here and bring your cozy. We've. Got a a choice, here there's, a fork in the road then. We're gonna go can't. Even. Get to picnic bay, okay. Okay. 1.5. K. Squeaky. Beach well I think we're pretty much on it. And. We can't go it's, too much water. But. These rocks over, here. It. So this is squeaky, beach. Behind. Me. Yeah. Getting. Nice beautiful. Some. Of the best beaches I've seen in Australia. Different. I was. Quite as, wide. And. As. Golden, as some of the northern beaches, but. Very pretty. Then. You should be puffing, if. You're strolling. You're. Strolling, up here, you're. Not gonna puff, you. Also not there the. Cardio, workout, that you need there's. Another couple, set. Off with us. They. Are strolling up and good. If you want to why. Shouldn't you. Strolling. Down, don't. Know I. Can. Highly recommend coming. To the Wilson promontory if. You're anywhere, in Victoria, particularly. If you're in Melbourne now. Many of you aren't. You're. In other parts of the world, let. Us know in the comments, if you live in another part of the world where. A great places. To. Go walking like this out in the wilderness. Not. Too complicated, may be where the. Average person is. Quite happy to come out and. Experience this. Relative. Isolation. Beautiful. Wildlife. It's. About a couple of hours, out. Of Melbourne Central. But. It's well worth it, it's. A common sand below let, us know whether. You're in Canada, or India, or China. Anywhere. In the world and there's somewhere near you that, you think's a great walk like this, share. It with the. Community I. Can't. See it now just back there. Maybe, it's halfway, quarter. Of the way up there's. A couple young lads, settled, now and I'm shouting oh no. You're. On our bench I, was. Only joking because we weren't gonna stop, but. It was nice because they, started to get off I, said. No no keep, kidding, we're not stopping they. Smiled. That's. All good. They're. Mature. Anyone. I guess, identifying. The spore I don't. Think is one back one that's sort, of squarer than that believe. It or not, so. Yeah. Guys. Yeah. Yeah how. Far up is it now. From. Front so. All those guys were from France. Toulouse. And. Three. Comparison, and. One. From the southeast and. It's quite as, exact because look we've which. Is passing down there now. I'm annoyed with myself for not practicing my French. But. How do you say how. Far. Can. Learn distance, should. Have practiced. Always. Don't. Be afraid however, bad. Your language is to. Practice. Even if you're in Australia speaking. To a Frenchman, now. The French boys. They. Said, the. Van you nicked or 20 minutes to. The top at. Least from where we were which. Is a bit disconcerting, because. Although the parts are beautiful, he, said it was an hour round, tripper at, the bottom. Michelle. And I haven't been overtaken, we. Overtaken a few people, but. I reckon we've been going 30 minutes already so a. Little. Longer perhaps, then. An hour round trip. Just. Juice. What. Are you on about Stephen just. Lovely. The. Twins and Papa. From.

Sri. Lanka. 1/2. Days hmm. It's. A lovely walk. But. It's not half an hour. It's. A lot of noise I reckon. We're near the top. We're. Not near the top we're. Definitely in a big crowd coming down. We'll. Talk to them then you worry you'll. Find out about who they are. Steve. Won't let you down a. Lot. Of viewpoint, on, this Bend a, bit. Too cloudy, today you, appreciate it but. Use. Good clouds or not, can. Definitely hear the noise Michelle and, going up that way the, throng wasn't. The top it's a crowd of students. I think music. Playing and blasting, still. They're having fun but look at this view. Yes. Oh. At. Corner super bit steep. Now. Have. We. Gone. Too early, started. To past. Pooped. It's. Been 45, minutes. Already. Pretty. Exhausted, it, is beautiful. Maybe. I get. To the top maybe there's a cable car down a 5-minute. Cable car. But. Now, okay. Update. Then it is a truly. Challenging walk up actually. When. We're not super fit at, the moment too. Much traveling this. Log. The. Hole there. That. Could be a slide down like a quick remembering snakes and ladders or, the far way tree maybe. You can come down the. Slippery slip and. Whizzed down and out of there. I. Can't, hear anyone coming though. Sustenance. Yorkshire, parking, so. Good Michelle. Running. Out of energy. Couple. Of squares a parking. Rich. Delicious. Hmm. Michelle's. Just noticed. The. Telegraph's above and she was saying who. Are you saying about Marcus, Michelle, they. Need to have a halfway point. But. I reckon if there was a halfway. Point people, would give up cuz it's a long way and we just noticed people. Cutting through, the. Vegetation up, here, so. Still a long way to go, but. One of repeating myself it, is beautiful. But. We, set out today to, challenge ourselves cuz we've had a bit of acid entry a few, weeks I said. We've got to go and do something harsh. Ah. Great. Idea. There's. The steps Michelle. So. We're going up to the top. Okay. So there steps of. A fashion, they're not they're, released stone steps have really nice steps. It's. Not for the faint-hearted. You. Don't like Heights I. Can. Hear the rabble up there. Students. A. Fuse. Are getting better. See. The hosts now. Wow. Worth. A walk. So. Beautiful beautiful. Up here shouts, a bit wary a Vig aren't you sweetheart. Doesn't. Like the edge I do. Look. At that view. We. Met met this group. Of kids, for Melbourne University they're, all pretty. Much all dental students. While, the views, keep. Getting better. It's. Quite a wind up here isn't there. Worth. A walk up. Did. You enjoy the walk up. Can. I say here. Nice. To meet you mu chill I'm Kim. Steve. Yeah. And. Look I've just met a couple of lovely couple from Germany what are your names Stefan, Stefan. Sabina. And. Stefan. Would you believe it is born in Munster that's great, which is one of my favorite cities spend a lot of time you're not commerce no. But. Anyway it's real coincidence we're, here on top, of the. Mountain, looking out at Tasmania, oh. Yeah. Very, nice to meet you. That. Was a really good trip. Up and. So now begins a. Trip. Down. So. I. Don't. Know if we're gonna film a lot more on the way down behind us just turn around so we can get that on Michelle is very wary because we are. But. It's, been a great trip, up I mean the, down trip is going to be a little easier a lot easier, and, we've met some great people on this little journey so. We'll, finish at the bottom we might meet more, Michelle's right I mean. We are motoring. Down. It's. Really no effort at all and. Yes. Yeah. The bits that we're, really steep or on the bend where the camber is quite. Tight. But, it's. Still not gonna it's even, at speed, it's probably gonna be 30 minutes getting down I think so. It's. Longer than that no I don't think anyone really is. Gonna unless a power walk all the way up but, even then I suggest. It, can't be done in, 30 minutes, sort. Of being a bit optimistic. Saying. 30 minutes. Certainly. Is, not 30 minutes but it's still a 10 probably all around is the couple of hours. Hmm. Usually. The track if it says an hour on the sign it, means the, whole trek up and down is now but, I could get the feeling it was closer to. Possibly. An hour both ways if you were going at a a modest, speed. There's. No cable park. There. Might be a cable car or, a lift down. And. I, can feel it already that tomorrow. My powers are gonna eight don't. You think Michelle. Because. Actually it's the downhill, so, down here where you sort of pounding, into it and it is quite steep it might not look that, steep. I say here, I'm. Sure the degrees but. Yeah. You can feel the, jarring, on, your. Feet. The knees and the cars are tightening. Up so, tomorrow you're. Gonna wait I, tell. You what. This. Is heaps of fun sometimes, when you walk out in the wilderness you want, however, them link to many people you know you can have a walk and just, in, the peace and quiet and secluded wilderness.

To. Be honest, met. So, many really, lovely. People on this walk I wouldn't. Have it any other way. I'm. Really pleased that everybody was here I'm, pleased, that we went all the way to the top. And. I'm so pleased that we have Wilson, promontory so, close, to our doorstep here in Melbourne II haven't. Been here before. You. Really must get as good as nothing anyway. Share the love be good Michelle. And I will. See you. In. The next video. The. Things we do at. The very end. The. Very end the, sun's come out just. To warm our backs at. The bottom of the mountain. Say. It's the very end. We've. Been thinking we've, been thinking it's the very end for about 15 minutes now.

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WONDERFUL!!! Beautiful views and such Friendly people! Raggy

Real friendly folk Raggy, would love to meet my Old mate Raggy Ragsdale on a walk like this. Have a great Christmas buddy..

I live in Texas and they're plenty of places to venture out


mountain goats and mule deer and antalope in west Texas ,Gators in south Texas and rattlesnake,cottonmouth water moccasin,copperhead snakes in various locations. Merry Christmas my friend

+Steve's Kitchen Deer,armadillos,rabbits,squirrels and all kinds of birds

Nice, what's the wildlife like?

I live in Miami, FL USA and while we have pretty beaches, we do not have places like this (that I am aware of). I wish we did. It looks wonderful over there and you meet so many people from everywhere.

Thank you, Wilson Prom is a special place, Miami is too ;o)

What an awesome video. Hope you and Michelle have a Merry Christmas, Steve.

Merry Christmas to you too Dwayne

There is a place about an hour drive form me called "Clark Creek Natural Area" that has many waterfalls The thing is you have to hike down to the falls so the return hike is uphill. But there is a country store near the trail head you can stop at for refreshment afterwards

That sounds wonderful BOT, I we drove from Vicks to BR and on to New Orleans some years back so I could have taken in that spot.. Next time Thanks for sharing.

It was just like that too Leslie, no colour editing ;o) Beautiful..

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It's well worth it, I would camp there and make a few days of it..

What a view! We would happily hike to see that... We found out just how unfit we are after the 528 steps to the top of St Paul's Cathedral but that was definitely worth every bit of pain the following day.

Indeed.. :o)

@Steve's Kitchen Deer,armadillos,rabbits,squirrels and all kinds of birds

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