WINDSTORM IN AN AIRSTREAM? // A crazy Marfa TX weekend

WINDSTORM IN AN AIRSTREAM?  // A crazy Marfa TX weekend

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we're starting to feel like we're living the truman show we found ourselves in when we get in we're lauren and daniel two city kids living in an airstream despite having zero rv experience before we moved in six months ago for the last few weeks we've been living in texas and it seems like mother nature has been out to get us first we got hit by the 2021 texas freeze and now we're supposed to be enjoying a relaxing fun weekend in marfa texas we woke up this morning and then this noise started yeah because i'm constantly flying the drone i'm always keeping tabs on the weather specifically the wind and in checking my apps i typically use accuweather app there's a wind advisory there right now of wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour not at all what we expected from this trip i'm gonna give you a little taste of what it feels like outside i'm gonna put on a mask because there are a lot of dust particles in the air and i want to take care of my lungs it's so windy out here [Music] well that is not fun so what are we gonna do honestly i'm thinking that today's a good day to kick up the while daniel tries to figure out why the leg rest isn't working i figured i'd pass the time doing the dishes which is pretty much a never-ending chore in airstream life and now for some reason the water isn't working either we had absolutely no plans on losing power or water so of course we didn't fill up our fresh tank i have no idea what this weird noise the sink is making when the huge wind gusts come through [Music] sounds like it's coming from back here but it's not vibrating we're officially now out of power and water and the airstream is making bizarre noises i have no idea where this noise is coming from but it just makes perfect sense to me to go turn the spigot off try to troubleshoot there so if turning the spigot off gets rid of the noise and at least i've eliminated the noise part of it i don't know what we'll do about water we'll give it some time okay there's no water pressure so i've got a water pressure regulator here and i try to keep it between 40 and 50. and right now it's at zero until we can figure out what's going on with the water it's going to turn it off now let's go check the power because we certainly don't have power and we it'd be great if we did this is a surge protector and this is exactly why you need surge protectors for crazy scenarios when you have flickering when the power goes absolutely out i've got zero reading on my surge protector right now so i know there's no power going to the surge protector i thought maybe the circuit had tripped uh but it hasn't so i'm going to try turning it off and then turn it back on that means we are now officially out of both water and power this is not how we envisioned our day going in marfa i had a stand in my eyes and i can't see anything anymore so we're gonna go back inside we're shooting back here because the sink is so loud we're afraid you won't be able to hear me [Music] our airstream rv park manager just came and let us know that the power of course is out and the water is a tank that once the power goes out will no longer fill up so that's the reason why we're out of water we asked her if this was normal she said and i quote no this is an emergency please stay safe so how on earth we are back here only a couple weeks later in emergency texas weather i am so over texas weather this is also a bad hair day and the owner just texted us so much for conserving water when i did dishes right before everything went out huh wait we have no water we have we have water bottles but that's about it but that's basically why you guys think we never prepare for things like this because this came out of nowhere we knew it would be windy but i mean seriously who the heck knew that wind could take out your water and power for real and if you knew this was a possibility kudos to you wind outages snow outages the only thing left is like uh please don't say it whatever you're gonna say don't don't say it i guess we'll just go to town because the manager told us they have power and there's really nothing for us to do here at the airstream we'll just go hang out and see what's open and go from there then we can come back for tonight or i guess if it's not well maybe not to stay at a hotel because it's not like it's going to be freezing or anything tonight right i don't think so go into my handy-dandy weather app i've honestly only been checking out for the wind because i knew that we had some really strong winds it is currently 77 degrees and then 72 at 4 68 at 5 50 at 8 41 and 11. uh boy and 29 at 8 am with the real fill on here of 15. we may be staying in a hotel after all we're prepared for this i've got an extra gas can and we have the two generators which we now know how to work so the plan is to go into town fill up the 5 gallon gas can that we purchased thanks to all the amazing feedback from you guys and come back here and and just prepare for tonight to get through the freeze what else can you do but since it's super freaking windy looks like i'm gonna be ruining my perfectly showered hair which is kind of the thing considering rv life means that you know showers are well let's just say less common than when you live in a house we are setting the airstream on away mode so we are not running down our batteries which thankfully seem to be fine after the winter freeze and off to get gas we go [Music] oh yeah get some of that liquid gold texas team you know what i mean this we purchased thanks to y'all's recommendations because we did not own a gas can before but now because of commons i've taken this out of the back of the truck and putting it all in the ground instead of filling it while in the truck bed this time so thank you all for the recommendations marpa is known for how many local spots that they have which is one of the reasons we wanted to come and i wanted to come and check out this cool grocery store that they're kind of known for anyway so now we have a really good excuse [Music] grocery store told us in alpine which is the nearest neighboring city like 20 minutes away apparently the wind is even ripping off the roofs of baseball dugouts [Music] so that's lovely since they didn't have large water gallons we now know that that's another thing that we need to invest in so that we could just simply find a spicket somewhere and fill up our big jugs and put it in the airstream because how we're going to flush the toilet i don't really know but we figure we might as well do something fun this is the sentinel and yes even though maybe the newspaper wasn't the greatest idea since it's so windy that's what they do here they're a local newspaper except they've added cocktails coffee and snacks because well newspapers need more revenue to stay alive these days how freaking cool is that it's so indian we're officially covered in dust so we're gonna go see what we can do about finding dinner somewhere since we still don't have water it's gonna make it kind of hard to cook so yay for finding a local business to have dinner at tonight [Music] so we got to go food at this amazing place called alcampo and what's even better than that is i just heard from the airstream rv park that we may actually have power so maybe this turns out a little bit better than our last crazy winter game manager fingers frost [Music] good news we just got back to the campground and we're gonna have some power and we're gonna have some water we just heard from our neighbor and that is awesome and while we have some power that means we're going to be able to fill up our fresh tank because well we've got this impending freeze so it's better to be safe than sorry i'm gonna fill up our fresh tank as quickly as possible while we've got power food will have to wait but that's okay daniel is turning on the water yeah that's working now if you watch texas freeze you know i made a lot of mistakes filming refreshing like a lot and the last time i used a thing maduji think of a bobby whatever to call it that attached to the hose to fill the tank screw that thing it is done let's get to filling this fresh tank first i'm gonna do is turn off the water because it's currently running second thing i'm gonna do is make sure that my fresh tank valve is closed here we go that's good that's all you get okay it's closed i mean legitimately every hour the temperature's dropping like fast like 10 degrees an hour i don't know what it is but it's it's really fast so i'm already shivering i'm gonna disconnect this and based on a lot of feedback about this inline filter from now on i'm going to start connecting the inline filter closer to the spigot not here alongside the airstream and the other thing i'm going to do is i'm going to take this inline filter and i'm going to bring it inside of this night because it is going to be freezing in the last campground there were like 20 of these that were in the garbage that were just now i know what what looks like when it freezes it these things just like explode you don't want that ain't nobody got time for that okay minus the thing i'm a douchey thing with bobby we're good to go i can hear it this is how you ensure the proper alignment of the hose into the opening posture is very very important on my expertise which is obviously extensive um we've been here for about 10 minutes so i approximate that's between zero and 100 um that's an accurate assessment do you want me to just run in and check no i think we're good i think i'm just gonna like well if i pull this out it's gonna spray everywhere so i'm gonna need your assistance lauren to turn it off oh good point it's so windy i feel like i'm gonna get blown over we were told that when there's a freeze coming you should disconnect all of your hoses like don't even have them attached so because we have the fresh tank filled disconnecting everything if you don't have a set of these these are great this takes the pressure off of the hose because typically it's just sticking straight out and it puts a lot of torque on these joints so definitely pick up a couple of these and we've got a link to these products in our amazon store be sure to check it out in the description if you watched our winter prepping video you know it's very important to get the water out of these hoses and since we're in texas they're varying techniques i'm going to show you my latest technique for emptying the water from these hoses you ready like i've said many other videos we can show you how not to do things with the proper techniques you probably need to go to places like i'm not gonna get that from us but it still works there's no water in the hose so it's worth something right he was not a bartender in another life obviously y'all oh my gosh so maybe daniel doesn't care how much fresh water we have but i want to check good news 83 got the beer from the truck it's called lucky buddha and for god's sakes we can use a little luck right so i think we probably ordered with the thought process that we were going to eat our feelings when we got food today but we kept saying all this amazing food come out of the kitchen and so we ordered spicy bruschetta and tacos i guess this is a celebratory dinner for having power and water and a full fresh tank [Music] true story my lips are so dry right now they're burning but my face also feels like it's been sandblasted like i mean thank you texas for the free microdermabrasion but that's not exactly what i was looking for while we're here wind burn it's a real thing never experienced that before [Music] let's bump bellies i hear that's good luck too bumping the booty bellies [Applause] good news is it looks like it's still gonna hit freezing tonight 31 instead of 29 winning the first woman it's just after nine o'clock we figured just in case we have any kind of interrupted sleep it'd be better to go to bed we're super tired i think we have a little bit of ptsd after texas we're still in texas we're still in town we're in the never ending state we'll see you in the morning great news last night we did not lose power we woke up it was nice and warm in the airstream after all that it didn't drop to 29 degrees it dropped to 27 and we were still okay can't wait to show you up to my game a little bit with my coffee making skills here we go [Music] [Music] thanks babe it smells delicious now that we're powered by caffeine and we've waited a little bit so it's warmed up outside aka still only like 40s 50s but i will take sunny and cool any day of the week we're gonna go head out and explore more of marfa let's do it whoa oh i'm not sure down here it was a good idea for the day almost forgot this is our next last stop in texas we gotta put our sticker on and it's a big one one of the reasons that we came to marfa is because they're known for their local shops apparently they're basically like little mini art galleries with not only art but also local goods and supplies that you can buy trying to think of a spot in the airstream where i can put this when you have such a small home every purchasing decision is a thing after a lovely afternoon visiting the shops it was time to grab some dinner which proved to be a little more difficult than expected one thing that's really important to note when you visit marfa is that it's important to come on the weekends because a lot of things are closed during the week we're running that a little bit even tonight which is a sunday evening because a lot of the restaurants are closed but as the food at hotel st george was delicious we were not disappointed while we ate the sun set which means there's only one thing to do in marfa we're on our way to see the infamous marfa lights they say that if you look to the right when you're looking out over the plateau you should be able to see some dancing lights and thankfully the wind has calmed down but the temperature is dropping quickly so our adventure to the marvel lake is probably gonna be fast as a rule of thumb with our wander local traveling because the world is the way it is today we try to avoid places that have a lot of people and it's spring break marvel lights are officially back there's probably 500 cars here so we're just gonna hang out in the truck see if we can see marfa lights and then call today i'm the biggest skeptic of all and i know it's probably just a natural phenomenon but i was looking out into the plateau area there i saw a bright red flash and i'm not exactly sure if that's what you're supposed to see or if it's supposed to be bright white or red or green but that was pretty cool or i'm just tired one or the other at this point it's hard to say after a possible sighting of the marfa lights it was time to head back to the airstream because tomorrow we begin our trip to new mexico but there's an important stop or two you have to make on your way out of bar five it's definitely still pretty windy out here but right in between downtown marpa and prada there's this awesome installation of art that is paying tribute to the movie giant because it was filmed here pretty cool right welcome to marfa prada built in 2005 it was designed to be quote a pop architectural land art project end quote it was built with a biodegradable adobe-like substance and the idea was that the building would slowly melt back into the earth making a statement about western materialism but the installation was opened full of high-end product pieces hand-picked by mucha prada herself so of course vandals ransacked the place and looted the store stronger more protective materials were added and cleverly all the handbags now have no bottoms and all the shoes are right footed today thousands of visitors come to see it each year it's an epic selfie spot but what we found most charming about marfa prada were the beautiful love locks people have added to the fence surrounding the store so when you come and visit yourself make sure to bring one but after our fun pit stop it was time to continue our journey out of texas and sadly it wasn't uneventful there are two moments i could think of where white knuckled it like this one was when i was picking up the airstream for the very first time i was terrified and two right now um we're driving through west texas and there's a sandstorm it's like the winds of texas will just not let us be we're about 30 minutes outside of el paso and we're experiencing wind gusts around 55 miles an hour according to the high winds warning this is pretty intense it's crazy visibility is already diminished because of the sand in the air and then every now and then a gust just comes along and just knocks you right into almost the emergency lane this is one of many reasons why so thankful we paid for the uh the really good hitch because it's keeping the butt from swaying as much you can see it leaning that's disturbing see the vehicles pull away and just start to disappear so this is not even remotely funny but it is ironic daniel and i were just talking about the last time we have ever seen anything like this was when we were in the sahara desert what do you think about all this and it made us look at our calendars and realized that that was exactly one year ago today we're really concerned about how much mother nature has decided she does not like us [Music] after more than an hour of driving through the sandstorm we decided to stop at a campground in el paso and just continue our journey to new mexico after the storm had passed what we learned is apparently the first two weeks in march are known as windy season in west texas so maybe avoid that we can't say our weekend in marfa was the relaxing desert oasis we had planned but we're thankful to know the skills that we've learned about camping and extreme weather while traveling through texas has made us better prepared for our journey to visit all 50 states oh and by the way if you haven't already subscribe to our channel and hit the little bell for notifications we'd love to have you join along so until next week my friend make sure you take some time to wander local in your own community it's good for the soul

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