Winter camping and hiking in Arosa, Switzerland. English subtitles.

Winter camping and hiking in Arosa, Switzerland. English subtitles.

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Tell us where we are? In Arosa On the 1775 m (5 823 ft.), eastern part of Switzerland in the canton of Graubunden, we walk the squirrel trail and we will search for squirrels  Yes, we will search for squirrels, on the squirrel trail it is 5th of December and a bit of fresh snow fell yesterday as you can see But we are prepared. The lady from the tourist information told us that we can also meet some squirrels in winter, not just in summer - And if we have good shoes the snow should not be hussle  So… we are trying to shoot some video, if we are lucky enough we will get some squirrels, for sure there will be snow Let’s see for how long the GoPro battery will last and how many squirrels we get. Let’s hope for good On the right hand side the view to Arosa center, famous lake and the famous house at the lakeside, sports center Main cable car, an of course train station as you can get everywhere by train in Switzerland  - Well, almost everywhere - Almost everywhere I think i saw a squirrel We have a first squirrel, there you go. We will try to get closer so the lady from the tourist information was telling the truth, there are also squirrels in winter This squirrel is very shy We go to search for another one For those of you, who for the first time see Swiss winter hiking trails, this is the marking of the winter trail pink color means it is a hiking trail in winter Trails are often nicely prepared and of course it depends on the snowfall But generally pink sticks, pink color is reserved for winter hiking trails also on maps, paper, internet maps all information can be found about trails in pink Another example of the trail marking in Switzerland White and red strips or marks mean mountain summer hiking trail and standard yellow marks, with information about route, destination sometimes also information about time to destination is included sometime you can find numbers, there numbers are for national or more important trails Let's go further, through winter squirrel hiking trail It is a very popular tourist trail  oh, just another squirrel run in front of me  so I believe we will shoot some interesting footages today.

They have those tree houses there We have to find our own squirrel, this one is already taken There is a way more squirrels, then I was expecting. I thought if we find one it would be good.    I have a feeling, that we didn't focus on squirrels when we were here during summer. For sure the trail was full of people with kids and some small animals were around but I don't know what kind of animals This way we would go back to Arosa, right ? - Right, we go up. 

Let's go up Especially, squirrel trail goes up Is it ? Let's go. We go to find our own squirrel Here we have two more squirrels They seems to be busy. By themselves and by the lady Here is the next one, third and fourth Another one These are not afraid  As you can see, we have here a trial with category easy or even very easy, everyone can complete this trial, even small kids can do it, pulling sledges but, because recently, a fresh snow has fallen, I would recommend proper shoes, hiking boots above ankle. with a good grip, could be slippery, it is just for your own safety Here we have a great example of well prepared wayfarer Good shoes, good trousers, a waterproof and breathable jacket, backpack and gloves And poles, right ? - I guess this is the end of squirrel trail  - Yes.  

At least marking points this information Let's check details Here comes Helsana Trail as well, do we want do say something about it now ? Good, then We will make a dedicated video about Helsana Trail Here ends the Squirrel Trail, I think we go further to the mountains Of course if bronchitis I had recently, let me do this - Do you think that Arosa is a good place for skiing ? - I didn't do it here yet. Didn't snowboard here, actually. - But how do you think from walking perspective ? - I think that every place in Swizerland is good for that - Even Zurich - Well ... let's say, one hour drive from Zurich, you can have  great spot for skiing True...

- How the lady from tourist information said today, this is not a winter yet. But not any more summer season neither autumn So we are in between - Oh, take away's are open - yes, this is how mountain restaurants are managing I think this is pretty nice mountain restaurant 1866 m. above see level (6122 ft.), so we climbed around 100 m (320 ft.) uphill - We started from Arosa at 1775 m... - They have quite interesting menu today - What do they serve ? - For example... a venison burger, from deer, a deer burger. And grilled meat...., some waffels - Don't they serve grilled squirrel ? -No, they don't - Starting from today... - Wait, the trail goes that way  - new restrictions apply in this canton, which unfortunately, for next 2 weeks, close all restaurants and bars only take away food is feasible - Yes, here ladies are preparing food for take away, we have a soup for 5 CHF (5.5 USD)

- Käsekuchen, so.... How would you describe it ? - ohh.. it is similar to tart, but with a lot of melted cheese I have to say, it is really delicious. So, let me repeat, this is not winter, it is transition period. Not much snow.

- I wouldn't say 'not much' - aaa... not much for locals :) - There might be a need to wear gaiters So we have a great example what kind of shoes to wear. This is official hiking trail, which is open, maintained, it is safe I assume . however, snow lenght is up to around ankle level, sometimes more, I have to say that last two years, I was doing hiking in a way more basic shoes, Adidas Terrex, up to ankels with Goretex, it is possible, sometimes you can get snow inside the shoes sometimes you can get wet inside but you can live with it however, the better shoes the higher comfort  and of course better grip and you enhance your safety - So let's go this direction, because we are here... I guess. Let's go there, 1 and 4 and turn

- So on the next crossing, turn left - OK These maps you can get in every tourist information, in every town, almost every  These information points are open and people who are working there are very helpful you can get a lot of paper maps, which might be very helpful, especially on trails, without access to Internet or proper applications I mean apps which can show you not only hiking trails but also for bikes  skiing, sledges, cross country skiing, snow shoes,   but for this you need Internet and apps roller skates mountain bikes, bikes. For summer, for winter. Maybe we will make a video about this ....  a short guide how to search different trails in Switzerland  GoPro is out, GoPro battery run out, we have to record with an iPhone. We are reaching almost 2200 m (7200 ft.)

as you can see a lot of fresh snow and we are a little bit covered by snow trail is cool, rather easy fresh snow is a hassle but in general very family like, winter hiking slopes are partially open  let's try to find something to eat, we have a first day of a small lock down  - He doesn't know, he doesn't know yet, how big this bar is, hah I know it already And here we go, this is take away bar. Finally, we managed to do 17 km (10,9 miles) in Arosa and on trails.  I my opinion trails  are easy. Especially squirrel trail and part to Weisshorn cable car middle station   We could shorten this distance by using cable cars but there was no need for this Late afternoon we felt a little tired mainly because of distance and weather conditions and fresh snow, reaching the knee level, didn't make hike easier this is the amount of snow which has fallen during the night  We will try to drive out of here so car looks more less like this We started process of clearing snow - how it is going with digging ? Lucky we have a river where we can put snow. OK, let's go back to digging it is slippery chains would be helpful - the problem is ... - yeh ? - we are slipping backwards .... - I switch off ... We had a plan to go uphill, walk a bit there but unfortunately weather is how it is we had some small issues to drive out of camping place and small issues with driving in Arosa We are worrying about the way back, because Arosa is located on 1775 m above see level last part of the road is quite steep and tricky, so we are worrying a bit. 

Snow is snowing all the time, quite heavily  So today we will do a small walk around lake, which in summer season looks really nice hopefully we will come here again with bikes and we will show you these mountains around us which are not visible today and how does this nice lake looks like  at the moment the lake plays the role of  a storage for the snow exactly in this place, trucks are coming and snow is managed by snow groomer straight to the lake OK, let's try to pay for parking let's have a walk later, clean a bit the car from the snow. And let's go back home. This is the fresh snow - Do you like the winter ? - I like it - Winter is awesome.. We don't have to go to the trial. We have the same snow and weather conditions in town Here, in background you can see how to recycle snow, I think we have turn back from this nice path - It is dead end - this gentleman covered our path with snow we can record what is happening with excess of snow today, trucks like this run one after another we won't go througth this path. We would manage but without gaiters we will have shoes full of snow

- It is awesome, right ? - excuse me ? - It is awesome ! In front of us is a trail we walked yesterday, squirrel trail and cable car one of two running today We had an idea to go with one of them but because of weather conditions ... beside that  we where there yesterday and next we walked down from cable car station, back to town, to Arosa so today we don't see the point to go there anyway, everything is covered by snow, so would be hard to walk - I see people on squirrel trail - yes, squirrel trail is easy, beaten and probably looks like this sidewalk but uphill, uphill would be hard we were there yesterday, so better and safer drive slowly home - and with this amount of snow, fresh snow, it is a big risk of avalanches, especially in higher part - correct, I guess, we heard today morning blowing up. Oh, shi... If you are asking if is slippery here. Sometimes it is.

As Magda is saying, avalanches could happen, closure of trails. In the morning we heard some blows Interesting building in center of Arosa, just next to train station which is here next to the lake Next to central square, there is a main post office Honestly I never checked why this building is so different compared to other buildings here I would need to read about this. OK, we go to the car slowly And let's go.

Hello, you have a lens covered by snow, a bit

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