Winter Camping below -30°C with an Atuk Kanguk Tent and Kni-co Woodstove

Winter Camping below -30°C with an Atuk Kanguk Tent and Kni-co Woodstove

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We're. Going camping. She's. Got up onshore looking. For a spot set. Up the tent there's a lot of deer. Activity. Some. Deer. Poop, right. Here. Little. Pellets. Do. Your tracks. All. Right let's look around. Here's. A spot, where the deer. Rested. Lots. Of, deer. Tracks. See. Where all that. Snows. Melted, under, the. Spruce trees. Deer. Would have slept right there. This. Is our spot. I'm starting to savor. It out with the shovel, take some snow out, we. Got a. Nice. Fire. Going to warm. Up if we're cold, and. Then we got, all. Our gear, to. Set. Up the tent the wood stove and everything. And. Yeah, there's some firewood for tonight so lots of work to do see, you guys later. Hey. Everyone it's six, o'clock now we got a legit. Bonfire, going on we just thrown. Some. Big, logs on the fire get. Some coals going we've got the tent set up I had. To heat up the camera. Inside. The tent for a bit. It's. Pretty, cold let's, go see, how. The thermometer. Is we're. Preparing. To, set. Up some beds. Two. Logs and then spruce, boughs. Our. Gear. I. Bought. A bigger. Thermometer. Easier. To film. Wrap. -. 31. Or. 32 31. -. 25. Fahrenheit. Soul. It's. Almost a full moon tonight. See. If I can. Film. It yeah that's the moon up there, try. To zoom it and take a few pictures. Yeah. Let's do some. Some. Beds now. And. I'm. Just using the smaller. Branches. So. That I don't have the bigger stuff. In, my, back it's not really. Necessary. Right now because we do have like our camping, mess but, at minus. 30 tonight we'll. Be happy to have that extra, layer. Of air, or isolation. Beneath. Us and plus it smells, really good, a, little. Thick in here but so, cold the branches, just, break. Just crack like if they were, really. Dry. Like. Well. I'm going, going. Down just like if I was, patching, at our roof or something I pick. A handful. And. Have them all. Facing. The same way and. Plant it, aside. Like that. Then. Keep doing that but one here here keep. Doing that and. Going. Down. Laughter. OH. And. Add some more, boughs.

Where There's gaps. But. It's not too bad. Starting, to cut a little bit of wood for. The. Wood stove for tonight. How. About a nice bed of coals here so. Cooking. Our steaks. So. For the steaks, I, forgot. The grill so we're gonna go caveman, style I got a nice bed. Of coals there, and throw the steaks. Directly. In there I. Like. To do my steaks caveman. Style every now and then, it. Tastes great. Like it tastes, doesn't. Taste smoky, at all. And. The, ashes that stick on it like, there's not that much ash is really. Just. Blow a little bit. Get. It warm. When. You turn on the light it really looks like it's. Ashes, but it's actually really, really. Hot coals. Hard. To film at night. Steaks. Were awesome I'm just throwing out the plates. Split. Log. Plates. There. You go dishes, are done. And. Let's go see. What. The weather is. Looks. Like minus. 33. Yeah. We're finally gonna test. This a thick. Kanga tent out. In the cold. Real. Cold weather winter, camp. Right. We got all this pile, of wood to, cut. Up and, then. After. That we're going in the tent for the evening. 7:55. We're at minus, 33. Almost, minus, 34. Pretty. Chilly. Go. Inside. We've. Got lots of wood cut up. Smells. Like screw. Swallows. They're. Just finished putting order, mats. And it's gotta be close to nine. O'clock we always, try. To take our sleeping, bags out of the compression, bag in advance like a few hours, before, going to bed so that they. The. Down can have the time that fluff up a little bit dorm. Some air. See, how it's gonna. Play. Grow. But. I ordered you a vegetable. And peanut, pad thai happy. Yak express, these are. Needed. Quebec we're gonna try, these. Got. Some peanut butter in there to add. That. Smells. Good. Be. A good addition to the steak. Looks. Like there's lots of noodles. In there and stuff, for. Mine. My. Cup I just made a couple. Little chopsticks, screws, that with chopsticks. For, what, hey. We. Looks. Good. Add, a little bit of squirrel, beat. Pretty. Dark out we're just grabbing some water from, the lake. For. The. Rest of the state. About. The two teapots, and push, fought the two liter. Jug. You. Don't, know if the more splish fought. It. Should go in. Nine-inch. Drop, some water take a few pictures of the moon and then, back. In the tent. We. Could melt some snow but, it's, quicker. And a lot easier to, just have, some. Actual water. Just. To go. -. 34. Almost. 35. Do. Do. A quick tour, of the set. Up at night and then we're gonna cut some wood and. Be. In the tent for the rest of the night. Fire. Here's long, fires pretty much out. All. Right let's, cut. Some wood. Team. White oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh hello. Sir. Ten o'clock. Reverse. Teapot. Water. Just boil, we've got candles. Going, lots. Of firewood, for the night. 11:30. Already, we have lots, of coals. But. Still. Just giving out good heat. Just. Gonna put the. Water. Here in the thermoses. And go to bed see. You guys in the morning. Morning, everyone. 8:35. Right. -. 36. It's. Pretty cold I, am. Taking, a quick leak. And. Going back, in. The tent. Get. Some coffee going and some oatmeal. Look. At this sunrise. Our. Sleigh, tracks. From. Yesterday. Nice. Big, lake. Or. Hole for the water. All. Right I'm going back in the test it's. Freaking cold. Our. Little. Pathway. Going, up, the. Hill. Right. Here oh. She's. So. Look. At see. Usually. There's. A ton of frost on the tree. This. Is Jesse. My, question, is Paulo sound. I don't, know if you can see it but I have nice, blue. Faint flames. And. The coals that means it's really. Hot the stoves really effective it's minus, 35. 36, outside, and we're, really. Comfortable. It's. Nice sunny day. Lots. Of frost, in the, the. Trees. We're. Just starting. To pack up get ready to leave. Just. Finished rolling the, the. Mats and the sleeping bag and stuff. I. Say. Push away. 12. O'clock we're at minus, 26. Slowly. Warming, up with the Sun just. Finished. Rolling. Our tent. Pretty. Much. Ready. To put our main. Fire out. My. My. Bed and then. Clothes. Bad. We. Like to keep a little, fire. Going just, so we can warm, up our our. Hands, and. Feet, if if we're cold and then we put it out, really. At the last second. Took. The coals out of that. Still, over just letting the. The. Bricks, and. The, ashes cool, down and. Then, try. To empty it as much as possible put, the chimney in there. Have. Some three-inch. Nomadic. Woodsman patches, available. So. Let me know in, the comments, if you're.

Interested, In getting a patch. And. I'll. Order, some more and then have. Them available. For. People. To buy. Have. A limited, quantity right, now but if I see lots. Of people interested, I'll make some more. Another. Couple. Of bag. All. Folks hope, you guys enjoyed the video and. Make. Sure you guys like or dislike you dislike and. Yeah. Have a good one I would have liked to film. A little bit more with the camera froze yesterday. When we were setting. Up. It's. Pretty cold the. Equipment, worked really good we didn't break anything, and. Yeah. Nice to know that we're able to get, out at cold temperatures like that and, be. Safe and. Put. Your fires out and. Brush. Your teeth and. Have. A good one Cheers. You.

2018-01-09 18:32

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Great hardcore winter tent camping video! Wondering what the temp was inside the tent through the night?

Hey guys, another great vid. Thanks for bringing us along. Where are you camping

Northern Alberta

Looked like a great trip out in the fresh air !!! Thanks for sharing.

Great outing,keep warm buddy Atb Steve

A -30 j'aurais pensé que les sacs étanches aurait cassé

Oui moi aussi il était très rigide mais n'a pas cassé :)

Another good video. You made me laugh when you were singing the Stones tune. When it's - 34 she is cold! Like your ice anchors. I might buy some. Why are you so intent on putting out the fire? Are you in peat? No way would a fire spread in snow on frozen ground.around here. Burying it in snow or even leaving it burn out would be fine. Thanks for the video. Btw: cool coffee filter. Home made or bought?

The ice anchors are good in hard ground or ice but not so good in moss or soft snow. I am happy someone noticed the stones song haha ! Where I am here in Northeast Alberta the winter climate is dry and we might not have that much snow or rain in the spring so I want to make sure the coals are out when I leave. Thanks so much for the comments I appreciate it ! Coffee filter was a Christmas gift Claude had. It is from Mountain equipment co-op, kinda fancy but makes good coffee. Cheers man.

Hey Woody: Thanks for the realistic & well executed wood craft. Looks like a lot of fun despite the cold. Thanks for bringing me along. Brian 77

Always a pleasure reading your comments. Have a good new year Brian.

great video

Now THATS cold weather! Great video

Thanks ! :)

Great trip , thanks for sharing , can you tell me where you purchased your tent , I like the style and easy set up. Many thanks. I dealt with the owner, Guy on the phone. Thanks for watching.

Great video again man

Great video brother! Stay warm! Thanks!

Quelle superbe vidéo encore une fois, prises de vues remarquables créant une ambiance qui nous fait vivre ces températures extrêmes. Les images de la lune et du lever de soleil décrivent bien toute la beauté de cette sortie de camping. Magnifique!!

I just found your channel.

Happy New Year, Wonderful video thank you :) the sun thro the trees was just magical, so beautiful.

Thanks yes that was my favorite part of this video/camp. Beautiful sunrise. Sunset was awesome too but was too busy setting up to film it. I am happy you enjoyed the video ! Always appreciate your comments.

Toutes les images sont magnifiques, et l'aventure incroyable, merci de nous laisser la vivre un peu!

Merci Teacher ! C'est du trouble à filmer mais ça fait des beaux souvenirs et c'est intéressant de partager ! Bonne année

Great start-of-the-year overnight, guys.... Here in Quebec, the temperatures sure did start the year off brutal, but always good to get out if you can. Good show, thanks for sharing!

Cheers and stay warm !

Nice stove! Definitely will have to look into that. Thanks for sharing the adventure! - Shane

Looks like a great trip. Do you stash your bows for next time? Saves a lot of work. Keep it up man your hot tent videos are my favorite on yt

Thanks so much man ! Yes If i go back to the same spot I will use the boughs again, if not the hares will be happy to eat them, they had eaten a whole bed in my wickiup shelter last winter ... lol.

Great video, Merci!

i slept many nights in -40 -30 i just sleep never feed the fire cuz im too tiered

Bushcraft Quebec my old bones don't like the cold weather I try not to do it anymore, I'll go all summer long and not come out until the fall, but day hikes is about all you get out of me in the winter anymore.

Great video brother

What i like about Nomadic Woodsman is for sure his modesty. I feel he would really enjoy nature even if YouYube was not there.

see guys like me dont watch youtube videos unless we evaluate a woodsman

Bushcraft Quebec if it makes you feel better you would have got the same comment from me if I knew you LOL.... but I'll tell you what bro I just subscribed to your Channel

i made the same video but better filmed ouch ;(

Man that's COLD...hope you kept that stove stoked!...nice vid...thanks for taken me along

Do you guys not ice fish or did you just not want to mess with it this time?

David no we didnt fish this time, didnt stay long enough to bother fishing and cold weather would of made it rough to stay out on the lake. Thanks for the comment.

coming from West Wales UK we just had a -2 cold night,I just cant imagine how cold it was there.My freezer dont run that cold .

Oui c'est tres froid

to cold but hats off to you good vid


Why not ?

MrGoosePit i didnt mesure it i stoked the stove every 3 or 4 hours. In the morning my guess it it was around + 15C at sitting height. Goes down fast when your coals die down though.

No ice fishing?

"dishes are done!" LOL. Awesome adventure and beautiful location. I'm headed out camping in a couple weeks. I like your tent! Meant to tell you I got that ice auger that you have (I got the 8" auger). Nice unit! I'm interested in the patch for sure!

22:48 actually no to correct you: Flame color depends on several factors, the most important typically being black-body radiation and spectral band emission, with both spectral line emission and spectral line absorption playing smaller roles. In the most common type of flame, hydrocarbon flames, the most important factor determining color is oxygen supply and the extent of fuel-oxygen pre-mixing, which determines the rate of combustion and thus the temperature and reaction paths, thereby producing different color hues. In a laboratory under normal gravity conditions and with a closed oxygen valve, a Bunsen burner burns with yellow flame (also called a safety flame) at around 1,000 °C (1,800 °F). This is due to incandescence of very fine soot particles that are produced in the flame. With increasing oxygen supply, less black body-radiating soot is produced due to a more complete combustion and the reaction creates enough energy to excite and ionize gas molecules in the flame, leading to a blue appearance. The spectrum of a premixed (complete combustion) butane flame on the right shows that the blue color arises specifically due to emission of excited molecular radicals in the flame, which emit most of their light well below ≈565 nanometers in the blue and green regions of the visible spectrum. The colder part of a diffusion (incomplete combustion) flame will be red, transitioning to orange, yellow, and white as the temperature increases as evidenced by changes in the black-body radiation spectrum. For a given flame's region, the closer to white on this scale, the hotter that section of the flame is. The transitions are often apparent in fires, in which the color emitted closest to the fuel is white, with an orange section above it, and reddish flames the highest of all. A blue-colored flame only emerges when the amount of soot decreases and the blue emissions from excited molecular radicals become dominant, though the blue can often be seen near the base of candles where airborne soot is less concentrated. Specific colors can be imparted to the flame by introduction of excitable species with bright emission spectrum lines. In analytical chemistry, this effect is used in flame tests to determine presence of some metal ions. In pyrotechnics, the pyrotechnic colorants are used to produce brightly colored fireworks. That being said I enjoyed the video sir

Maplehouse Knives not in this one unfortunately.

TheWildYam thats awesome will you do a video on the camping trip ? I will message you in private for the patch !

Nice could adventure guys. Good job. Love to see. . .

Great video. Looks like you have a nice location for repeat visits. I'm definitely interested in getting more info on patches.

Thanks ! Yes it was a really nice spot, I'd like to try it out for fishing in the future too. I messaged you for the patch. Thanks for watching. Cheers.

Nice video but all that work for one nite? I wouldn't even bother unless it was two or more nites. You guys did all that hiking and work just to eat dinner and sleep. To each his own, still enjoyed the video.

What a great trip. I want to get one of those tents. Did you buy yours in Canada? The ones sold in the US with the exchange and shipping make it way too expencive. I am thinking about attempting to make one out of canvas. Cool patch. I like it! Great video

Nomadic Woodsman thanks man

Adventure Time Outdoors Around 900$ he has all the prices on the website.

Nomadic Woodsman whats the going price for that kind of tent,? Is there a web site I can check out?

Adventure Time Outdoors thanks man ! Yes the tent i bought is made in Québec.

Superb Video, great to try cold weather camping. I am interested in a Patch please how do i get one?

Kevin Piggott thank yoi for the comment. I eill be gone on a trip next 3 days but I will message you when I get back for the patch. :)

That sun shot at 21:38 was amazing.

Nice video. And nice day!!!

Thanks !

Send me an email at Patches are 10$ canadian including shipping.

When you both had sex that night,did you feel the cold or was it cozy enough?

ohh man nice video please do a video in a single winter camp and niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee video

Hey buddy, I tagged you in the 5 favourite items thing I just uploaded.. Would love to see your 5 favourite items list, it's a bit of fun

Your campsite is gorgeous, thanks for sharing the experience with us!

Good man, looking forward to it.

Awesome I will be up to the challenge. Hopefuly I'll get some videos up here next week. Been crazy busy. Will look at your video !

Hey man, I know you are much more winter camping and fishing than backpacking but I mentioned you in a video of mine to see what your top five pieces of gear are. I am not sure if you have had anyone tag you in anything like this but I thought it would be interesting to see what you consider your top 5 pieces of gear in general. Check out my channel the video is on there and I mention you in the end. Thanks again man and keep it up!!!!

Sod the bedding, it's -30, I'd get a fire going first.

I really enjoy these videos and envy those with these survival skills but I learned years ago that if I kept my big mouth shut and uttered a few I love you's once in awhile my wife would let me stay in the house with the central heat and flush toilet. I've never done the math but guessing I saved thousands by not having to buy all the equipment needed to sleep outdoors in sub zero temps because I mumbled something about the size of her butt.. A cautionary tale for you folks.. If your wife/girlfriend ever asks the loaded question "Does this dress make me look fat?" Never give an honest answer by saying...No the dress doesn't make you look fat...the fat makes you look fat. Follow this advice and you'll never find yourself sleeping on pine boughs at minus 32 centigrade.

good video, i am interested in a patch please

Hi Kevin, I have responded to you by private message.

merci pour le partage buddy

I used to camp at -20^c alone for 4 days, I know the feeling, -30^C, man you got balls! But eventually I would try it too ;), I love cold.

But that stove can save you from any kind of cold, it is really good.

Snow is safer to drink than lake water are you two stupid?

Hey, another fine video production my friend. I bet that you really enjoyed that in tent stove. Please take care out there. I look forward to your next expedition.

Thanks I am just touching up on my editing for the next video. Hoping to have it posted this weekend. Cheers !

Once boiled for a good ten minutes the lake water is fine. I boil the snow as well in many other videos. Thanks for the comment.

I had to put on a jacket just to watch this!!! I turned it off at 20 min. Too cold to watch.

Looks like fun but a lot of work. I live in the wrong place

Thanks for answering my questions. I know that they sell what they call “dry bags” that might keep them from freezing but if they are already wet it may not help. I really do appreciate you taking the time to video your trips. I know it takes a lot of time and effort. Thanks again, have fun and stay safe. I’m going to catch up on past videos and look forward to your next one as well.

Thanks for sharing. I’m in Louisiana and can’t imagine cold like that. Just wanted to say thank you it was a good video.

Thanks so much ! I can't imagine the kind of heat you would get in Louisiana ! Cheers :)

this is nuts, but you got some amazing footage and really enjoyed it. Thanks

Enjoyed the video. What was the comfortable temperature inside the tent most of the time? It’s hard to imagine that kind of cold. The scenery was beautiful. Thanks for sharing. On another video your boots were frozen. Could you put hand warmers inside the keep them from being totally frozen? It wasn’t as cold as this trip but I think it was at least -1. Thanks again for sharing it with us. I just subscribed!

Temperature inside the tent varies alot depending on how much we heat the stove. So when heating good with lots of coals it would be around +20C at 6 ft of height but at 3 ft of height around 10C or 15 C. While as ground level stays pretty cool around -5C or 0C as the heat just rises right away. Also depends on if we open the door or not, air flow etc. So pretty tough to say how much exactly. I would need some thermometers to set in different areas and actually test it out. Maybe in a future video next winter. For the boots and the hand warmers, yes it would work for sure. I personally don't use them but I have camped with people who did and they are really handy. Also good inside the sleeping bag in the evening/night. Thanks so much for watching/subbing and hope you enjoy my content. Cheers.

cut the video short so you can get your real sleeping gear out

Do you like amreeka

Lay Zay comp etant

Excellent video! I have only camped out at temps below -20f one time. It was -25f at 9pm (didn't check again, I imagine it dropped more). We were in Northern Vermont and we didn't have a tent, we made beds using pine boughs to keep us off the snow. We set up our fire about 10ft away from where we slept. We also didn't have any cold specific gear; I had a 30f rated bag and a comforter to wrap up inside the bag. It was very scary because you can really feel how dangerous it is to be doing something like that. This was a year or so ago and I have invested in some better gear for the cold. Again great video.

Nice that is an awesome story. First time I did an overnight winter camp, my sleeping bag wasn't the greatest and had to stay all dressed up in it. Definetly need good sleeping gear for the cold. Cheers and stay safe !

Good stuff. The coldest I've camped out was -9C. (Australia)

Not wanting to hijack your great vid with another vid, but this is a pretty good clip of the Brindabellas where I do a lot of camping. Mind you this was shot in summer when it was about 40c :) But it gets cold up there and we get a bit of snow. I lived in Toronto for a year back in 1992 and visited Montreal, Quebec City etc, so I know how cold it gets there. That said, there are parts of Oz (snowy mountains) that can pip -25C, but that's pushing it.

Which part of Australia and time of year was that ? That seems cold for Australia ! Would love to camp there someday !

Even more amazing in the Victorian High Country, about three hours from here.

That's some nice country !

Great Video/ you need to put a baffle in that wood stove so all the heat isnt just going up the stack.



-32 wow, I went camping in the winter here in the UK and I was frozen to death at -5. How much does that setup cost the tent and the woodstove? Also are they fairly light to lug around?

Thanks man :)

Tent is a 10ft by 10ft costed 900$ canadian and stove 320$ canadian. Both weigh around 20 pounds each so 40 pounds for both. Easy to lug around in a pulk sled on the snow you can see in the videos. I wouldn't be able to carry it around in a backpack though. The comfort provided by a hot tent is well worth the weight though. As it allows you to dry up your clothes and gear etc. Plus easier to get out of warm sleeping bag in a warm tent than a cold one. Lots of advantages for sure. Thanks for you interest cheers !

when the snow make that sound at 14 min you know its very cold

j ai souvenir d avoir été en Norvège en 85 avec l armée -50 c la nuit c étais vérifiant haha

on étais en haut du cercle polaire et très peut d humidité mais 10 gars dans une tente fanal coleman et petit poel 2 rond coleman et on pouvais etre en tshirt sans problème .

Oufff -50 !? on a pas eu aussi froid en camping encore, -38 c'était le plus froid. Peut-être cette hiver !

Oui les images sont magnifiques et ça donne le goût d'investir dans une tente Atuk!

man' i wish i had places like this, with this much snow in my country. oh well.

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