Winter Camping Overnight in a Portable Super Shelter, Long Fire, Bough Bed, Bushcraft, Friends

Winter Camping Overnight in a Portable Super Shelter, Long Fire, Bough Bed, Bushcraft, Friends

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Hey. Guys how's it going I'm on a little. Back route here gonna meet my buddy John he's. Already winter. Camping there with his canvas, tent and, I'm with my son Charles. He's. 2 years old so we're, gonna hang out at, his camp for today and -. To build a carlton, pass, Enda is like a it's. Like a shelter, and, you. Need like, a poly some. Kind of canvas or. Some kind of cloth. So I brought an old parachute, and, then he need a Mylar, blanket for, that. That's. The plan he's gonna show me how how to build that and. Tonight. I'm, gonna bring the Charles back home because, he's not gonna sleep with me tonight. I plan on coming, back and then sleeping, in the sleeping. In the Harlan, Enda. So. Like. To thank. The nomadic woodsman for, bringing us this lovely offering, Canadian, Timbits, and coffee to start our day I'm, on day. 9. Of my trip here to. The swamp haven't. Had good done. Alrights. Just made it the camp, show. You around some, of the setups here. There's. A. Hammock. So this is John's. With. The tarp and, over. Here there's a James. James. Is the owner of a little shop hammocks, really. Cool really, cool gear. And, it's. Made here, in Canada so I'll show you his setup. Here. In a sec he's taken, it down he slept here I think. Two nights, so, here's. James. Yeah. I just move for you down you can have a really. Better look at the hammock itself but yeah. Well. I like how he mounted. The tarp it's all closed, in. Nice. Lightweight. It's. Got some ropes they're pulling. It down three, ropes and. Then. The, ends as well. So. James. You do this all your selfie, all the tarps, and everything pretty, much a. Cutting. And marking to all the sewing yeah. I. Typically. Don't use the big. And, winner I guess. Yeah. Cuz you're here for what two nights like three days yeah. So it's worth bringing and be. Comfortable, yeah and if it's raining you got, so. In the wintertime I use the Ranger. Blanket or poncho, line or whatever you want to call it. Just. Over the top just to add a. Little bit of more heat then, you don't also don't get the. Frozen. Condensation. On the inside. What's. This like model called, like you have a specific. Name. For it or it's just uh this one is the all, Maine hammocks. Are warrior, okay, we're called warriors this is the ultralight yeah. So. All. Told up the hammock itself. You're. Looking around thirteen, fourteen ounces so. Packs up pretty small yeah and then. You. Know you go up a little bit more to, handle a little bit more of a weight limit and you go up to around 18, ounces, or or, a little bit more so they're still pretty like. Pretty light yeah. So. This is all like a down. Down. Liner that comes, underneath. And then there's that elastic. That just keeps it snogging. Yeah your suspension means of that I actually I, think. When you're here last I didn't have the under cool protector on it yeah we've, got a little windier yesterday.

So I'll, put it on just to help keep. The wind from stealing. This. Folks rated pretty low I had. It so I figured better to be yeah, better, to have it all in there than not yeah, then. You can hang all. Your stuff you a little, kind of vestibule. Pouch. Er, yeah. Interesting, harrassing. Thing that everybody wants to know where do you put all your clothes I just hang everything, Oh bondage, life on the ridgeline yeah. Simple. And effective my, Ballack lab an extra socks there in the end, and stuff. Yeah. So that all works out pretty good I actually. Gave John. The heavy top bolt yep I was using I used, this. One which is a minus seven Celsius, and. If you got down to minus ten still, nice and toasty, warm so do you use like, another sleeping, bag inside, or it's just yours, yes yeah, yeah. Because, I always thought you just use, a regular like, mommy Kanna no soon as you try to get. Into a sleeping bag yeah. Yeah. Okay so it's like just like your sleeping bag but it's not really, knows. This or anything at the foot box at the bottom yeah. And then it just tucks around your shoulders. Okay. Yeah. So, super. Yeah, and this is one of my hiking one so it's made, later, fabric matting yeah, I think this one's around 22, ounces so, at all you know everything kind of comes down to weight yeah. In the end paper thing yeah, well it's all lightweight like you don't want embers they're like fire deer though no it's no no that's not what it's meant for it's meant to yeah, I have warm without a fire so, pillows, and pillows, and yeah, yeah I. Started. Off you know you'd come. At. Night to kind, of start stripping stuff off and I just. Work base layer and depending on then, you get really warm you start taking stuff off so you just sleep in your. Boxers, or whatever yeah, so. That's, not really good nice. And. Last night was actually a nice more of a winter camp than the native before, got. Down like, a seven minus 12 so, so. It worked out good but, yeah once I pulled a tarp off I'll, let. You guys. Have. A better peek and a sit down yeah. Show. You that diagonal Lake. All. Right. So, brew, what this is no sharp things, nothing. In your pockets like these are our. Knives or stuff, and. Then when you sit in. You. Sit over. The edge so you sit into it. This, one. Things, like this. So. First, have my top folks as a pillar right now but that's. The angle you're at. So. Yeah just kind, of sit over put. Your butt in there. Go. Yeah. Just kick your boots off. You. Know right away you can see the benefit of a hammock at times right well. You're already sitting. Up like you can AB but look at the Train you know yeah, I find a flat spot. Yeah. Yeah. So. Your corners here so what I want you to do is. And. Then go. There. You go, kind. Of. You're. Pretty close there. Once. You get the knack of it there's there's this line and, you'll just you. Just sort of fall into it mm-hmm. Lots. Of them. And. Then can you like can, you be sideways or, a little. Bit or not really it's mostly no, no really. There, are wider hammocks, that'll let you do that well, just cross Cameron but the problem what happens is, as. Soon as you try to twist this underquilt, ya sideways, oh you. Know it's gonna keep trying to pull you back eh yeah, but, once you get the knack see I'm reverse, this is a left leg, John. Max is through verse so he actually is this way oh there's, an actual way that he's. The other diagonal and it's, the way that these are cut so if you're there. You. Know like, it's just the way that they're cut so this this. Can be kind of fold out to keep the netting, off you so the bugs aren't too close. It's. Really cool. In. The wintertime it's nice everything just becomes a cocoon, and then. You can hold. That yeah. And it just kind, of keeps some heat in there. Just cozy. I. Like. It if. If. You didn't have all the layers of clothing on you'd soon, as you lay down you can just feel your heat going into the down and just. The warm thing yeah but, here. I could probably demonstrate. Oh. Really. Oh really, you got the ears on yeah out too many layers on but yeah, but actually feel the heat now like, I don't feel cold in the back at all I feel heat like I don't want to get oh that's.

Cool Isn't. Yeah. That's just three verse to shift your butt around and put your boots on, mine's, a little high you, put them a little lower, coming on your situation you. Pretty. Much use it as a chair and. Coffee. In the hammock, yeah. Like this terrain here we camped, over. There and that's the thing there's rocks everywhere and, there's yep, you. Know in the slough and there's, the other difficulty, twos with, a hammock because, certain. Areas like this have a lot of scrub so just, not to find the right trees for it yeah, I. Think. It's your turn. Least. I NEMA, stuff. Sacks are, totally, waterproof so, I don't mind putting, on the snow. Sometimes. The hardest thing takes the longest time is just like a tent trying, to find the right spot, yeah. No the right location. Sometimes, it's not because there aren't trees it's like. I. Want. To have the perfect. View. Of the lake, you. Know I'll see ya so you just sort of Mickey Mouse thing a little bit. Man. That loft it up nice when. I first sent. It up it was a little clunky, looking. And then you, know give it a couple hours and it all they just fill right up it fluffs, offi. So. That so. It's not nice with real guarantee it just yeah. Takes the shape you, know and that's gonna go into this right. So, it compresses, down. But. Yeah, good down is. You. Know something. You can hand hand. Down to your kids. That's. Not too bad so. And, that's a you, know - 20 I. Think. It'll go a little further than that but I'm. Pretty conservative. Little. Guys awake. Good. Morning. What. You. Want us to find the dogs. Now, the thing, you have to not forget. Molly. Everybody's, tarp is a little different the hooks are different. Thanks. Dave. Nice. Meeting you and have. A good drive home yeah, I'll be back yeah so fun you have a website little, shop of hammocks, yeah little chop a hammock on little shelf a hammock so I'll come check out his stuff and thanks for showing me your setup and next, time I'll bring a few yeah I'm ready else crash. For tonight yeah, I'd, be cool I'd like to try, lad I have back eventually yeah. Yeah, all, right well thanks. Cool. Stoked. On stool. Possibly. Ragosa. You want to get it up over something. Now. Yeah sure, let's. Get it up. Thankfully. The Carlton. Hacienda, I took John like few seconds. All. Right, hi, Ramon. Yep. Basically. Just. Slip this over, okay. Cuz. That's underneath okay yeah and, you go on from like this once and twice. Once. Twice. Okay. And. Then once. You. Can go three times but once. Twice. Okay. Then. You just bring your loop into here. Okay. And, to Snug this in. I. Don't. Get to just pull that how. Do you get it snug. That one in. All. Right we've got the Carlson, Hass the end up while. Our black in in the back the parachute, and the poly. Pretty, much a super, shelter, but. With a Ridgeline. All. We need is some boughs for the bed to. A bush bed. Should. Be enough to do a reasonable. Reasonable. Bed. Perfect. Hey. Guys what, is up I just. Got back to the camp so I left. From. 4:30, to. Now. It's about 7:00. So. I went to for supper with the wife and brought. Charles back and. Then. Let. Me find the right. Over. Here there you go. Yeah. So I brought. Charles back and eat supper with with, my wife and, I'm, back in the Carleton. Hacienda. For. An overnighter, here so. I gotta. Try. To make this area straight, it's pretty, it's. Pretty bad, it's not very straight so I'll use the boughs to kind of fill in the, holes and then I'll chat with you guys as I, go. Hopefully. You guys can see a little bit up. My pack here, and. Then I brought a wool blanket. So. Guys. Might be wondering why I have. A really, nice canvas tent, that I'm sleeping in this the. Shelter, here it's just nice to try something different and I. Wanted John, to show me how to build, this I'd, never done this before and it's. Very safe to try something new because John's. There with his his canvas, tent and then the, vehicles, are right there so if there's anything I'm cold or whatever I can, go and, get. In the tent, so. Yeah. See. Here. How. To figure out where I want to. The. Bed. Too. Bad. Ooh. So, what I want to do is I want to cut these ranches. You. Keep just the smaller pieces and get rid of the big branches. Just. To make a nice nice, bet so I'll just use my knife. Cut. Them like that, and. Just make a nice. Nice. Bed I don't. Really need to use the knife I could also. Snap. Them off. Hard. To film. Inside this. Carleton. Hacienda. It's pretty small little shelter. If. We would have had more, people. Here, I would. Have came to John's event, well there's a lot of people who came but it was like. John said today's. Like his day number, nine. Or. Eight so. A lot of people kind of came and went but, this. Is the end so he's leaving tomorrow, whenever. There would have been people, who have been, here. Maybe I would have brought my bigger. Tent and then let. Some people sleep in it or if I wouldn't have been by. Myself if clothes would have been here I would. Have brought the tent.

That's. Fine, it's. Really cool to try something, different. This. Shelter. A. Mix. Super. Shelter, and like a and. A. Ridgeline, you kind of set up. They. Gotta ask John a few questions this, easel knows more about the history about it and. Came. To plea. Hey. Kelly Carlton, kind of came up with the idea but. Worse, Bohan. Ski super. Shelters, and things like that influence that. The. Design. Once. I get this this. Bed all done up then I'll go, and chat, with the guys inside the tent you're, all hanging out there. It's. Really fun to camp. With other guys and John, - there's a lot of knowledge. That I don't know about but that they know about and. To. Share and. Even. James's. Hammocks that. Just amazes, me like how small. And compact it is. And. He uses a lot. Of like. Newer stuff, like the technology, so. The thinner tarps. The thinner lighter. Weight materials. The. LD. Yeah. I would like to do like. I usually do to Marva. Backcountry. Setup, where I have hi Kim and. Then I stay for a day. Or two like I usually do with that with. Cloade, but. Didn't, work out this year and like. You saw I had Charles Aldi which. Is awesome I like to spend some time with them you well. This is kind of a good mix at least I can. Come out camp and hang out and. It's. Easy of. Course it's kind of like less, hardcore. You. Know backcountry. But. Still. Very awesome. To do this stuff I'll have. A new shelter, that I tried under myself, this. Past. The end us super. Tilt. And. We got a lot of those no. Good. I'll be comfortable and I'm. Not only you cannot like I said I have my sleeping bag and my, sleeping, mat okay. There you go I got some more lighting. She's. Gonna show you my setup so. I just finished putting all the. Evergreen boughs in there and then. I'm. Gonna. Have. A fire right here. Fire. Right there between those two logs and. Then. Lie, on there so I'll unroll my sleeping, bag and everything and that'll. Be really cozy. Should. Be pretty good it's pretty straight. Maybe. A little, bit less where the head is when I got my big down jacket, so, I'll use that as a pillow. Well. Therm-a-rest. With. Reflectix. On the one side and then just, blue. Foam on the underneath. So. I use. It with the, reflective. On, both. To the body. Special. Thanks to Marcel. And for. Lending me his big head lamps so I can film. I usually, bring a big flashlight right. Got. It I. See. Fine just with my headlamp but you. Can't really. John's. Here. John. I have a question for you. So. Like. This, what's. The history kind, of behind like the the, Kelly. Carlton. Cassie end up like. This, based off of the Super Shot was based off with more Skowronski super, shelters yeah and, Kelly. Carlton. When. Teaching alongside, of, the Moors.

He. Had. Figured a way to make. It more portable and that was really where it became. To is he wanted to have a much, more portable, super shelters yeah cuz if you look at how a super, shelters, built. But. Yeah, it's the same like it's built the same way ah yes the. Principles are all the same and the big thing is the. Is. A bubble right so if, you think of it like a greenhouse and, big loop had a baby it'd, be the super shelter and then if, the super shelter grew, up and started to drive a Porsche, around we'll be at the Carlton Hacienda. Sighs. You know it makes it be able to travel more and get around quicker yeah. Oh yeah. That's, pretty good yeah. That's. Photo worthy. We. Did lots out here at the, camp. The, winter camp, nice. To see somebody finishing, off the camp. In a Carleton Hacienda, super, shelter it's a good ode. To, Moore's. And Cal God I'm happy, Marcille. Came and you, decided to stay. The full length. What you see was this night number eight or not number, what the night would be number number nine number nine yeah. Yeah. Yeah I like it well. And I think they're for, next year it's, gonna be longer I think we'll be in a more austere. Area. This, was a tryout and it worked well yeah. Well. Different angle. And. The Mylar, blanket in, the back and. See. That mylar, there that's that Sol, one yeah, when we open it up and put it on today I thought you, know and these big ones are more reflective. More. Reflective, yeah. It's not really near it, doesn't like a lot. Of like sheen yeah. That's a, lot of people. For. The heat is actually for the light yeah, I mean this is gonna be a very cherry, well, lit shelter. More's. Would talk about when, he was younger, going out in the bush and building, one just like this the. Thing about it was having a candle it should, be able to make it you know cherry enough that you'd be able to sit there warm enough that you could sit and read. Alright. So that was one of his favorite things to do in his yeah, super shelf was the gold read, it yeah. Like, I did one in, another. Video, like in come back and we'll use the cheaper, Mylar blanket yeah, and yeah, it was definitely more. Like. Reflective. Like you you know put it up and it'd be really like a mirror. And this one it's honest. No, it's your yeah. Kind. Of like sky. Like yeah, flat. Calm, yeah. And. Then as you get playing with it and you decide, oh I like this a little bit better but. I just you, know this is the first off this is a pretty good Carlton, Aussie ended for your first one yeah. It's. Blah well, yeah I couldn't, have done it better. Really, I had. All the stuff but, for like a year but, then yeah. I want, it John to help me build, it because I was like I, think, how do you put this together. And. It really doesn't, go together hard, is, a couple pieces and, bang. Bang bang moon yeah. This one was gonna be really nice, I'd like to see it up on our raised bed though well. Yeah, I mean limited, time and then with but this is Purple's is like I can't, really chop and use my action. It. Was happy to have a. Great. Give. It taste to the outdoors, early, push that stuff in when the heads really soft yeah. Maybe it will stay yeah I think that's it work for me. You. Got it all pinned down. Alright. We got a long fire ready, to go we got three big logs and. A big pile of.

Big. Pile of twigs, hopefully. Shelter. Doesn't. Catch on fire. I'm. Gonna go sit inside. Warming. Up yeah, it's comfortable. Yep. And. Feel the heat like even outside and, there's I gotta be twenty-five, thirty. Now. The branches on the, other side of the big log are starting to catch now and. The. Coals on the fire, are. Underneath, the, big. Logs so we'll have a nice bed of coals. For. Later tonight when we're in the shelter, when. I'm in the shelter. Good. Little setup. It's. A nice like drawing, fire to just dry all your clothes and. It. Wants to. Watch. Out you're gonna break. Oh. Yeah. I. Don't. Have a temperature gauge but he's like are. You. Like. Don't. You got it try it out -. Why. I might have tried one of, ya. Right. Now make. The whole bag is pop this, thing is pop tickets, now, if, you really want to get, going on that oath the back you. Make a little tail yeah. You lift it up with a little triangle and, it. Will look like a dryer vent pushing the moisture. Man. It's like unbearable. Heat now holy, crap. Forty. It's. Like sweating, now I gotta. Get out. I'm. Good but here's the thing now okay so get, your log. And. That's where if you build it off there like a baker. So. I mean this is only. Well. We'll let the fire. We'll. Let the fire die down a little bit and. Go. Have a beer with. The friends in the hot, tent, then, we'll come back out later and sleep. For the night. All. Right guys it's 12:06. So. It's just past midnight headed, to bed got out of the tent and just, rekindling. The fire like, you can see there's a, there's. Just some coals left so, throw. Some logs, then. Head. Into my shelter and, into. The sleeping bag. I. Want. To get a good. Bed of coals before, I go to bed so might, as well throw everything we got on got. Laughed and we're leaving tomorrow - you still. Don't. Want to keep wood for. The. Next people cuz chances, are, nobody's. Happy, cap, it here for a while so. It's. Like 12 20. Buddies. John and Marcel, helped me build up the fire and it's really comfortable, oh. Really. Nice. It's. Really cool to get in the sleeping, bag and have the sleeping bag all all. He didn't all warm before it get in you know. Then. I got just enough space. Down. Here. Yeah. Block off the bottom with my boots and. This, right here the back, got. My backpack. That's, kind of blocking, this end and then. My camera a little tripod and some stuff and. Then I got, my. Down jacket, there. For a pillow and. It's really really. Bright with. The with. The mylar on this side. And. Then, with the fire there I, don't. Have any, any. Other light than the fire really to film, it's. Really. Good I see car like in the D. Ya. Ask. Those. Guys they're still there I'll. Have to ask him to get. A shot from outside or something while I'm in here. Don't, open up, but. Like the heat is getting hotter and it's certainly you get a bubble above. The. Confirmable. Parachute. Starting. Like a bubble, above it and you. Can see on the outside, that everything's. All eased up. So. It's quite, it's. Very very, much ourselves. Coming back right now he's gonna light this off so we can start to see how, much is actually bubbling, on, the back. Well. Apparently it's. Apparently. It's making a bubble on the back with steam and heat but I'm. In sight so I can't see it I'm just freakin, cozy. I just open it up. The. Whole. Wall. I wish, I had a thermometer, it's, got to be, 25. 30. It's. Like the Goodyear blimp it's really just. Puffing right up. Well. Good night folks we'll see you tomorrow morning. Should. Be good. Yeah. Okay so the guys are seen it's really pumping off now. You got to get out to look at it and, document. It film. It for the viewers so. My. Long johns splitting my brains back on, they, love the drab.

All. Right. Now. I gotta crawl out. Throw. That camera. Puffing, oh yeah. Oh. Yeah. Just. Kick that whole thing a little bit ahead just, give it a little bump and make it hotter and this. Thing will just pop out like it's, like. The Goodyear blimp look, the wind's blowing is making it super hot. Whoa. Frick I'm comfortable, like it it doesn't. Need to be I'm, just yeah. It could be. Yeah. Sticks. That needs to be burnt. There's. Nothing, there that was like primo. Would know. Yeah. I wouldn't even say. Now. If, you've made yourself a raised bed right now yeah, you'd be so oh my god laughing lucky. Well. This is just the, this. Is just the top here the shelter. I just push it down and it just comes back up and that's from the the. Heat basically. Yeah. I'll come back off. And. That's not from the wind that's just from the heat. It's. Breathing, it's. Alive. Yeah. Everything. Cool if it was time laughs. Well. Good. Morning folks. Good. Morning folks its. 817. And. John. Just want, me up brought me a coffee. Good. Service here. Breakfast. In bed, so. Yeah that's the 17. It is I. Just. Checked the weather on myself. It's. Minus 9 Celsius. Had. A really, good night I, learned. That I. Should. Have put my. I should, have put my. Little. Black head on top of the mat, that. Always feels cold but the wool blankets, warm. But. Ted I'll be for next time with. This sleeping bag is minus, 30 so it's bomb proof. And. Yeah. Slowly. Drink. The coffee and then. Back. Up and head out I think, my. That. I gotta change the battery on the camera, - yeah. This. Is a fun time I'm. Happy I came out. Good. Way to finish off the, Christmas. Holidays. And. The New Year, January. 4th. Yesterday. And generate, 15a so Happy. New Year everybody. Thanks. Again for watching. So. I'll head out for, this. Sheltered. Coffee. Cheers. Happy new year. Good. Coffee. Yes. I'll get dressed. That's. What's left of the long. Fire. Bird. Pretty good. All. Right I gotta take, this down it'll be pretty quick quick. Release thought on that side, and. Then some quick release lots there to. Beautiful. Valley there. In the back that's where there's. A beaver. River, that. Comes down here and. Down and. The. Wind was kind of coming from that area and then. Going, right out, there in the open so. So. The. The. One was, parallel.

Like. In the same sense as as my, shelter. Was. Good it wasn't like straight. On or, straight back there just coming sideways and, that's what you want all, right, let's start. These. Small logs just to keep it weight it down so the winds wouldn't bring it up. All. Around. This. Paulie. Like. John said we did. It bigger, so. It's longer and, it's uh it's. Longer and it's bigger than it necessarily should, be but you don't want to cut it down too low so that you don't have any room to roll your, roll. Your your. Tarp down and bring it to the ground because. If it's too too, short then the wind they'll come underneath, and then, it'll lift. Up. And. I like we were saying yesterday. We're. Saying like first day you. Don't want a situation you'd, probably do this we'd probably do a small bed on the ground and then, if I'd be stay in the second night what I do is I do a raised bed just. To be more comfortable, and. Gather more firewood. All. Right so just for them in the video I'll do a quick gear. Loadout because everybody always asks, what. Gear I brought, so. Good. Winter boots sorrel, boots good. Jacket Beck down, jacket, my. Sleeping bag is like I said minus 30 degrees, Celsius, it's down it's. A Thor for. Mountain Equipment co-op. Th. Are. This. Had a extra. Wool shirt, from. Houki. Wool. Blanket, this actually, I don't think it's actual, wool it's kind of a synthetic, wool, kind of thing. My. Camera, that I'm using as, a z6. Nikon, camera, with. The kit lens. 24. To 70 millimeter, and, this. Is a just, a Joby, little. Tripod. Headlamp. Really, important, I should have got new batteries for it before. I came out the batteries are kind of low and it was hard to film at night. You. Uh backpack. That I got for Christmas elf, fjällräven, 38. Meters. High. Pack I. Didn't. Really hike out so I didn't really need, the pack really because I have my my. Vehicle. But. Yeah it's nice to have everything in there when, I'm planning a backcountry, trip this summer so I want to get used to my backpack. And, get, used to packing. Stuff inside of it. I've. And, all knife. Kydex. Sheath. Nice. Knife love, it. Hasta. That's. A little fairer ought to. Gotta, put my bag in the, compression. Sack I. Also. Have a -10 sleeping, bag it might have been and. Off, with extra, clothing that I have. But. You. Know okay. Good, money for this fine is 30 back so, miles. Well use it and, enjoy it, I mean, it is the month of January, here in. Canada, so you never know, what. Kind of weather you're gonna get especially at night. Nakta. Well I'm not sponsored. By any, of the gear anything, is just people ask what. I used so I show, it so. Quick. Disclaimer, I wish. I was sponsored tool. John's. Uh, making. Some pancakes she'll. Be good so. I'm making some, some. Banana. Bread. Pancakes. So that should be good. It's. Like a five-star, hotel buffet. Compression. Bags you got the floor or. Straps. And then you can just. Tighten. It like that. By pulling on the straps. Compresses. Your your, bag. It. Looks like a little. Jelly bean. So. That's the, ruffball. That, you get I'm. A, unfolded. At home just to try it out and then I'll fold it a little, bit better. It's. Pretty light it looks big but it's it's. Not compressed, or anything around. My ridge line well. Guys, that's. It for the video I'm gonna eat.

Some Pancakes here, and then had. The road got, some things to do with the family today. So yeah. Thanks for watching make, sure you, guys subscribe and, like. The video yeah, you. Know like the video leave. A comment I try to answer all the questions and. Yeah. Check out little shop a hammocks for those hammocks. And. Johnson. Got a page as well his company's called Bear Lake, bushcraft. Company. So. Thanks. A lot everybody who were. Here and participated. In the video. And thank. You guys for watching. You.

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